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“I really hope you’re honestly okay..”

“No, I’m completely fine.” Tony was quick to say reassuringly, eyes wide and honest. “You saved my life.” 

The worried and curious crowd had disappeared after knowing that he was out of harm’s way and not in need of any medical assistance. There was also loud words of praise and claps on the back for the savior of Tony’s life.  

“It was nothing.” Steve replied, cheeks slightly flushed as he brushed it off. “I couldn’t just let you get hit.” He found himself momentarily stunned by the grateful smile that Tony gave him and found that more warmth flooded into his cheeks. 

“But it’s not everyone who would have reacted.” Tony said before sheepishly rubbing the back of his head. “I shouldn’t have been texting while walking across a busy road. I would probably be dead or seriously injured if it wasn’t for you.” It was then Tony’s turn to blush but he held his gaze as he earnestly said, “So thank you, really.”

Steve took in the endearing sight before giving a soft grin. “You’re more than welcome.” 

They stood in silence for a few moments and Steve was about to blurt out some excuse to (reluctantly) leave when Tony looked up at him. 

“Hey, there’s this really nice pizza place like five minutes from here.” Tony began, sounding almost shy. “It’s really good and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me as a form of thanks from me?” 

There was hope. 

“That sounds nice, yeah.” Steve agreed immediately, glad that he didn’t have to part from him yet. This man that he had saved and was now drawn to like a moth to a flame. 

He couldn’t put a finger on it but there was just something about him that Steve wanted to find out. 

“Awesome.” There was that smile again that managed to send tingles down Steve’s spine and he almost shivered in pleasure with it. “It’s right this way.” Tony said, pointing in down the street and the two of them began walking slowly, getting to know each other. 

This would be the story of how they first met. 

Thank you to everyone for kind words.. my brains a little scattered i dont think i can reply directly to everyone but thank you, ur all so sweet and it means a lot that any of you would bother paying any mind ; ; 💕 ily

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So, I try to remind myself that I am a complete beginner on the ice, and that I have never skated before, but how often I fall can get upsetting. Do you have any tips or advice on how to not get too disheartened..?

My tip: Remember that absolutely everyone falls, in fact the better you get the harder you fall, falling is part of how you learn. 

A beginner will fall doing, say, a glide or a dip and learn ‘oh I shouldn’t lean back like that next time’ and a pro will fall doing a triple or a quad and learn ‘Oh I shouldn’t lean back like that next time’.

No matter who you are here is a fact: On the ice, you will fall, you will always fall, what matters is what you learn from that fall and how you pick yourself up and keep skating and hopefully not fall for the same reason next time.

Don’t be discouraged when you fall, strike a pose, have a laugh but get straight back up and keep going.

Don’t let yourself be disheartened by a fall, it’s how you do better next time.

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Service online OR print at this point to continue to help the industry. It's hard to help an industry when the people running it in the US aren't bringing much of any titles over, and then complaining about piracy. (C)

This may provide you with more information: https://officialshojobeat.tumblr.com/post/88689997354/about-manga-acquisitions

And here: https://officialshojobeat.tumblr.com/post/113315759344/about-manga-acquisitions-part-2

I think sometimes that it’s easy to forget when we are online and among people with the same interests to gauge true demand. Demand is based on sales.

We have over 100 series that we’ve licensed, and we have been publishing shojo manga through a dedicated imprint for over ten years (even longer if you include the old shojo imprint). You can find a list of our published series here: https://www.viz.com/any/shojo-beat/section/20237/more

I am answering everyone honestly in these replies, and I know some are angry when I bring up the negative impact of piracy. But I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t exist.

-Editor Nancy

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Ahaha, this probably isn't helpful at all, but why not write about dirt, nails, or even moss? Maybe even write about skin- any kind of skin, like even the skin of a bruised apple or something? And maybe this is even more stupid, but why not make a prompt out of your own question that you just asked? I think that would be quite interesting!

These are actually really helpful. Keep ‘em coming. I’m making a list.
(that’s for everyone who’s replying to the textpost and sending asks too)
Also, what exactly would the piece be? I’m confused. “There’s so much more to the world than these few elements I write about in poetry”?

Note to all ace/aro people: my post about how all of you are inherently LGBT (if you want to be) has just hit 3,000 notes.

Of these, roughly 100 have been negative. I have gotten numerous replies to it from ace/aro people stating that they’ve faced exactly no “discourse” in real-life LGBT communities. Every single one of the ~2,900 notes remaining were purely positive from people standing in solidarity with you.

Don’t let any of the assholes here on Tumblr make you feel unwanted or excluded. We want all of you here. Every single one of you. Yes, cis and “het” a-spec people included. Those trying to stand against you are a small, insignificant trend that will fizzle and burn just like everyone who used to stand against me and mine being in the community.

All of you count.

All of you matter.

All of you are welcome.

All. of. you.

Non-shipping bloggers from BBC Sherlock fandom, where are you?

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, so let’s update the list!

I am a non-shipper when it comes to BBC Sherlock. It’s important to note that’s not the same thing as an anti-shipper–I don’t care what anyone else ships. I just want to be free to sit here not shipping things while everyone else does whatever they like.

There are a lot more non-shippers in the fandom than people realize, probably because communities don’t form as organically around the thing you’re not doing. We don’t have a tag or any other obvious place to meet and mingle. That’s where this post comes in.

If you’re a BBC Sherlock non-shipper who’d like to meet other non-shippers, here’s a chance to speak up!

Reblog or reply to this post & let us know if you’re:

A) A Sherlock non-shipper who regularly posts about the show on your blog.

B) A Sherlock non-shipper who doesn’t post about the show much (or ever), but would like to find other non-shippers to follow or talk to.

C) A shipper who is signal-boosting this message. (Thanks!)

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Sorry but: "Everyone’s been asking us if we’re going any further with the relationship between John and Sherlock, and I’m thinking, well, why not? I really don’t see the problem with it, and Mark (Gatiss) has already asked us if it would be an issue if we were to kiss on screen. Of course he was joking, but I wouldn’t mind at all.” — Martin Freeman, June 2012 Like… do we need any other confirmation ;)

I adore you for bringing this back into this blog at this exact moment!!!! 😚


Hi. Sorry used your “fan-comics” for the alien universe and alien characters, the rights to which belong to the French and Koreans, without your permission.
Any fan work is in the notebook, without the permission of the authors published are not eligible.
However, if the authors of the series Miraculous Ladybug is not against fan works, it does not mean that everyone now has the right to assume the authorship of the characters and the universe, Miraculous Ladybug.

I beg you to withdraw the complaint on the video “Love And Punishment adriana - COMIC LADY BUG AND SUPER CAT RUSSIAN VOICE - Любовь И Наказание Адриана - КОМИКС ЛЕДИ БАГ И СУПЕР КОТ РУССКАЯ ОЗВУЧКА”, otherwise I will be forced to go to the end.
1. Fair use.
2. The video is reinforced by my author’s voice.
3. I will defend video court at my residence.
4. In court you have to prove that the world “Miraculous Ladybug” belong to you, and you can use them at your discretion and desire.
5. As evidence, in court I will ask you to draw part of the comic that will serve as your protection.

For the protection of video I will go through and make a complaint only the creators of “Miraculous Ladybug”.
Thank you for understanding. I apologize for the inconvenience.


YouTuber who used my comics without permission.

My Reply:

Actually you would need to attend court in the United states to represent yourself, due to YouTube being an American entity. Or hire a lawyer to represent you.
Furthermore ‘fair use’ only refers to parody or criticism. Your work is a direct reading of my script and use of my art. Therefore a direct violation of copyright. Copyright law covers individual works. Meaning I don’t have to own Ladybug. I just have to own my work. Which I have evidence that I am the artist and writer.
This message is now proof that you have attempted to threaten me with legal action over my own comic. 

See you in court.

So @bloody-bee-tea sent me an IronPanther prompt and here I am replying to it. :)

Please excuse any inaccuracies. Most can be explained with hand-wavey comic book/movie logic, I think lol.


Tony Stark was being sent to Wakanda by General Ross for something concerning the Accords. T’Challa did not panic, but he did make sure everyone knew to not allow Tony or anyone without clearance onto the medical floor where Barnes was, and bustled the former-Avengers off to another city to keep out of sight and trouble.

Keep reading

Hello everyone! I’m opening commission for 20 slots for December!
I can only do sketches type commissions, due lack of time, but I will really appreciare if you want to give me an hand in this hard period ;u;

(sketch type: the lineart is pencil and the colors have basic effects. No background. Example:

Please submit your request at: ticcycommission@gmail.com with your request and references, if you have any! You will get a reply as soon as possible!
(note: do not send me aks or private messages here on tumblr asking me to save you a spot, because it will make harder to decide who sent it first. Only email will count as place holder

Update: There are 0 slots open for now! I will update this post as soon as it’s full! Hurry up, these actually go out really fast!

SLOTS ARE FULL! Thank you very much oh my god you were all super quick, aaah, bless you all and congratz to who took the spot! Sorry for who didn’t made the cut ;u; next time lucky!


“I know girls like the bad boys, erm, girls, but did you seriously have to fall for a fucking assassin, Y/N?” Tony said.

Natasha smirked. “C’mon, Tony,” she said. “You know you love me.”

Tony rolled his eyes dramatically. “Yeah, yeah,” he mumbled. “But I don’t love you dating my daughter. I don’t like the idea of you two… fondling each other.”

“We’ve been dating for a year, dad. We’ve been ‘fondling-’”

“Nope!” Tony said, walking away. “Don’t want any details.”

“She could’ve done a lot worse, Stark,” Natasha replied.

“I know,” Tony replied. “You’re… a good person, Natasha. But I still don’t like my baby girl dating everyone.”

“Aww,” you responded, placing a kiss on your dad’s cheek, then walked over and placed a kiss on your girlfriend’s.

I am so sorry to my American frens and indeed everyone else mourning the loss of any semblance of progress there might have been in ending the gross mistreatment of marginalised groups. POC, Muslims, immigrants, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, you (we) matter and can only rely on ourselves to be the change we want to see now.

I feel very fragile at the outcome, but if you do too, and you don’t feel quite stable please don’t hesitate to talk to me. I am here for you and will be ready to reply and offer support as soon as I possibly can.

I love you all so much. You matter.

I’m looking for my blogs to follow everyone :D

So please reblog/like/reply if you post ANY of the following

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Aesthetics based on ANY of the Above Fandoms

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Or if you’re a Roleplay Blog. My roleplay blog is @zootopiahustle


How to Draw : Hairstyles Pt. 2

Finally sat down and completed part 2 of the hair tutorial. Here I discuss how to draw hairstyles for female characters, although I think it can be applied for male characters as well. I mean..hair is hair xD

I didn’t cover how to draw hairstyles that are tied or braided or styled in a special way as I thought the post would be way too long. So I’ll be saving that for another day. If you have any questions just drop me a message or leave a reply and I’ll do my best to get back to you. Hope everyone has fun learning to draw hair as much as I did putting this together :D

And I just want to say a big thank you to all of those who checked out part 1. I’ll leave a link in case anyone needs it

How to Draw : Hairstyles Pt. 1

I am asking for a favour but please know I will I have no hard feelings to anyone if this doesn’t go over at all. 

I am asking people to like or reply to this post if they are OK with everyone in the LGBTQ community and also in the AoS fandom. 

By OK with I mean you think that there is nothing wrong with us. That nothing we do is bad or worse than anything straight or cis people do. 

I mean you support equal marriage rights, equal social and financial security, recognition of gender identity.It means you support us having children. It means our love is beautiful and good, as good as any other. It means you don’t think a woman loving a woman is wrong in any way whatsoever. 

It burns, being in the Fitzsimmons fandom and wondering if that cute little story about Fitzsimmons or that cute little picture is only fine and the person is only able to be excited about them because one is man and the other is a woman. I love Fitzsimmons, but it’s not fair that they are good and pure and my love won’t be to some people. And that is not fair to them or to me, and I hate doubting people’s intentions. Because they could be perfectly fine with my romantic future. 

It’s no secret I’m gay. It’s no secret I have feelings. I just would really appreciate knowing if people are safe. But there is no pressure. If you don’t like this post I am not going to assume you are a homophobe. I try to assume the best of people and that will not change. I know of course likes are public record and I would not ask you to put yourself on the line for me. I am not asking you to cut ties. I am not asking you to ship the gay ships or understand every single thing. I am asking for bare minimum equality. 

But please know I do not want to be tolerated. I do not want to be forgiven. There is nothing to tolerate and nothing to forgive. There is no wrong, no sin, no mistake, nothing that needs to be corrected. And if you do not believe that, you are not safe, and please do not like. 

Thank you for time. And enjoy the rest of you day with these wonderful spoilers :) 


“James,’ Clarkson said briskly. ‘Have YOU got any ideas to discuss?’
‘Well, yes,’ May replied, without missing a beat. ‘I was wondering if we could get a dog …’
Never has a room been in such instant and unanimous agreement. This sounded like a brilliant idea. Blue Peter had a dog. Doctor Who had a dog. Sort of. Why shouldn’t Top Gear have a dog? I can’t remember a single other idea that came out of that meeting in the swanky central London club. Perhaps there weren’t any. All I can remember is that James suggested we get a dog and everyone agreed that we should get a dog so that was that; we got a dog.”

Excerpt From: Porter, Richard. “And On That Bombshell.” Orion.

Ok so this year really sucked something fierce. There’s no denying that fact. But ya know it did have its good moments for me and a lot of it had to do with you guys. I’ve made a lot of new friends this year and I’ve started opening up more and talking to more people (even though I’m hella late with replying rip) and that’s really great for me. And there are a few people I really enjoyed talking to that I sorta lost touch with that I’d like to speak with again. I’ve also been branching out with what I watch/listen to and trying to open my mind to new things. I believe it’s really helping me grow to become a better and more accepting version of myself.

Somehow I’m a little under 200 away from 4k and honestly I can’t believe you guys decided to follow and stick with me so long. I can’t tell you thank you enough. I still struggle a lot with editing and whatnot, but I really enjoy it and you guys motivate me to continue to try to improve.

Anyways, none of you want to continue to read mushy shit, so without further ado… here’s my follow forever for the end of 2016~

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What is a typical day of work like as a game designer?


Arrive at the office, get a cup of coffee. Check emails for any news that is relevant to me. Reply to a few regarding the thing I’m working on, or point out a potential side effect to a proposed solution. Make sure to update my local build with the latest goodness from the depot. 


Go to standup meeting(s) for the design group(s) I am part of. I tell all of the other developers in the group what I’m working on today, and what I got done yesterday. One by one, everyone else does the same. I make a mental note to talk to relevant designers if they are working on something I know about, or if I need assistance with something that they have expertise in. I go back to my desk and resume work on what I hadn’t finished from yesterday. This usually entails placing spawners, placing trigger volumes, creating events and encounters, adding abilities to monsters, writing scripts to govern enemy behavior, editing the attributes of specific abilities, or testing the content I just put together. Sometimes I use the tools to adjust ability values or numbers in a big spreadsheet to rebalance some player abilities to be more in line with what the leads asked for.


Go to a meeting about a specific feature that I’m designing for. Listen to the engineers working on the tech side of the feature talk about the issues that have come up. They say that they can’t do X because of technical limitations, but can do Y. I point out that Y won’t work in these cases, and can they please do Z in addition to Y? The engineers talk about how Z might work, but they will need to do some research on it. We talk out a solution that is technically feasible, and still meets the intended design goals within the scheduled time.


Lunch. Possible gaming (video, board, or card) with coworkers.


Carla the engineer sends me an IM, asking me a question about a quest I checked in recently - she’s been assigned a bug for this quest, and she’s looking into it. I open the quest up in my local editor and look it over. We talk about the particulars of the quest for a bit, she then explains that the script I wrote to complete the quest doesn’t actually do what I want it to do in this situation. Instead, I need to do this other thing. I make the change to the quest. Carla assigns the bug to me; I mark it as fixed after checking in.


Todd from QA comes by. He says that they just found a new crash bug in an encounter I checked in yesterday. I load up the level and Todd tries to reproduce it on my development machine. He is unable to do so. I shoot Carla a message to ask if she can get it to happen on her development environment. She is able to do so. She comes to my desk, we spend some time figuring out why it isn’t broken on my machine. I have a specific file nobody else has on my drive and forgot to check it in. Whoops. I check it in and everyone is able to play the encounter without crashing. Crash bug is marked fixed.


I’m back to working on the thing I started doing at 10am after the round of standup meetings. I make some progress, creating the framework for a new encounter and scripting some placeholder bad guys who will be replaced when the animators finish with the new monster animations. I also continue work on a document about a feature I am working on and write down some details about the ideas and implementation.


Kelso the producer sends me an IM, asking me to come to a meeting room. I enter, finding the meeting room full of other people - mostly artists and designers, but also all of the discipline leads (including my boss) and the executive producer. Kelso is concerned about how long it will take for the animations to come down the pipeline, since we have that big E3 demo we need to put together and the animations are critical to showing off feature X. I say that we can do it without the in-progress animations, but we’d have to do this other encounter with the other monsters that are already rigged and have their animations in place. I join the meeting.


I return to my desk to pick up where I left off. Todd from QA is back, this time with a new issue - something weird happens in this branch of the Slagathor quest. We talk it out, then he shows me how it happens. It happens on my machine this time, just like his. I check the related assets for anything out of the ordinary, but everything seems kosher on my end. I send Carla an IM asking her to come over. She comes to my desk, and Todd and I show her the issue. She asks to see the assets too, so I show them to her. She looks confused for a moment, and says she’ll take a look at it on her machine. She leaves. Todd and I talk a little bit more, and then I get an IM from Carla. She says there’s a bug in the code, and that Todd should assign the bug to her after adding the asset information I brought up. 


I go by my boss’s desk and mention to him that I thought of some new concerns about the E3 demo that I didn’t think of at the 4pm meeting. I explain two possible options that I could do for the demo. My boss thinks about it, and suggests a third option - similar to the second option I offered, but with a different take on the execution. Boss asks me for my guess on how long it will take. I give the boss an estimate, the boss agrees with it. I ask what the priority is on this task. It takes precedence over my current task, but not any high priority issues like crash bugs. I head back to my desk and begin work on this new thing.


If I’m not crunching, I go home. There I play some other games, or possibly watch a movie or some shows and spend time with family. I occasionally play games with friends - tabletop, card games, board games, or games online as well. If I am crunching, I get something to eat from the overtime buffet and continue to work. Typically crunch schedules will have me leaving at 9 or 10pm.

Sometimes I don’t get as many interruptions, and I can just work on my own stuff all day. Sometimes the interruptions and meetings keep coming from all sides, and I don’t get to see my desk at all. Most days there’s a mix of both. But this is pretty much a normal game designer’s work day on a AAA project.