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So, this is a good way to show subtle pride if you have long hair that I’m doing today- (this is a horrible picture so I’ll probably replace it later)
1) buy a pack of multi-colored ponytails
2) braid your hair to the side but don’t go for very long. The idea is to have a little bit of braid and a lot of hair left over.
3) use the ponytails to make your pride flag (may be difficult for people with a lot of colors, but you can buy thinner ponytails and it should work just fine)
4) have pride.

Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
  • Save Me [Music Box Ver.]
  • BTS

The trees look like they’re on a conveyor belt, traveling to their new home.

In other news, I’m replacing all these individual pine trees one at a time with trees in three different colors and sizes because I thought it was a good idea for some reason. :’)

Here is the finished cover!  I’m still messing around with the three Reptoids in the back but it’s done other than that.

I already posted this on the Kickstarter and Patreon but I forgot to mention that that is the old barcode and ISBN; I’ll be replacing them with the actual factual ones later. <3

The Second Son of Gaster

A fancomic by Sansybones

Part One: You’re Blue Now 

Part Two: Cool Dude

Part Three: The Skeleton Brothers

Translations:  Korean (thanks @riverj17!) Complete!!

Spanish (thanks @foxqik !)

Polish (part 3) (thanks @sansaytoyou)

Fake Chats #49
  • Yoongi: what, what, what is that?
  • Hoseok: it's a kitten?
  • Yoongi: where did you get a kitten?
  • Hoseok: it's that noona's! Isn't she cute?
  • Yoongi: I though we were going out
  • Hoseok: she's adorable! Pet her soft ears!
  • Yoongi: so, you're not coming with me to get food, then?
  • Hoseok: *pleading glance*
  • Yoongi: yeah, no biggie, I'm fine to have been replaced with a cat
  • Later, Yoongi: *cuddles the same kitten and kisses its head* you're lucky you're cute, or Hopi would be dead by now
  • Hoseok, from across the room: aw, hyung!

I was going to draw this last night when in bed… when my intuos pro decided to act out and have its usb connector die on me =_=;<

now it only works wireless and my macbook kind of hates it, let alone trying to use Parallels (the program I use to run Windows and SAI while on MacOSX)… So I spent all day and half of the afternoon trying to fix things without avail and I had to resort to use my boyfriend’s unused laptop (he has a newer gaming desktop).
Poor macbook has been relegated to reference holder and online/social media hub for the time being ):

And because I was upset about it, fist thing I sketched on the laptop was this >:T



tbh I’m v mad about this update. just ughh my phone and lighting wasn’t working with me so all the photos are faded and blurry. and overall it seems so messy ugh i’m seriously thinking of replacing the pictures if i can get better shots later i’m lazy af so that change is 0.5% lmao. ugh… i just.. wish i could get a proper scanner or smth

Part 25

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He’s tired after a succesful day of crime.

This is the last drawing I coul dsketch on digital before my tablet died for good, I managed to slap some weak plain colors into it with my laptop’s trackpad (which is why it took me so long to post it) and then covered it with terrible photoshop “filters”.

Anyway, I won’t be getting a replacement for my tablet until 3 weeks later so, no fancy coloring until then!