i will repaint this later

Portrait study Of Rey (Daisy Ridley). I really liked the force awakens, seems to get better every time I rewatch it aswell. Wish I could find more stuff on the costume designs.

Been working on this Portrait for a while.  Far from perfect but I’m very proud of it personally.

Finshed it a few months ago with the purpose of sending it for a critique from Jon hardesty at Schoolism (Who’s course is excellent btw). He gave me some really great advice and pointed out things I Totally hadn’t noticed I was doing.

So I took his advice on board then went awayt for a few months, studied his course (among other things) and came back to repaint it a few months later and I’m really pleased with the progress I made on it if I don’t mind saying so myself lol.

I’ll post the before and afters another time aswell and maybe some of the WIP stages.

I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 4

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 1,656

Warning: Smuuutt

vine credit: shut up ho (you gotta check this account out it’s amazing)

“So, Mister and Miss J,” Our new client says as he sits across from us, “Nice to finally meet you two famous criminals.”

J and I smirk with confidence. I play with my fingernails on my left hand, taking note that I need to repaint them later.

“Oh I’m sorry, Misses J.” Our client corrects himself after seeing my very sparkly ring.

“Miss J.” I correct, “It rolls off the tongue better.” I explain, using hand gestures to add emphasis.

I lean on the bar counter with puppy dog eyes. “Whiskey, please.” I adjust my all diamond necklace J and I stole the other night as I wait.

“I got it.” The client from earlier pulls out his wallet as he sits next to me. I turn to him with a judging look as I get my drink. He places a $5 bill on the counter for the bartender. “What? Don’t accept mannered men?” He flirts at me.

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