i will reblog this tomorrow morning hahaha

florabells  asked:

I've been checking out your ANIDALA ART AND STAR WAR ART AND I JUST JFSLDKFJSLDF WOW THANK YOU FOR ARTING. LIKE YEAH MAN. KEEP IT UP YO~ but no seriously omg you are fabulous. I've reblogged some of your art on my secondary blog and i'm like 'damn i think my life is complete. jesus you can take me now' hahaha -hyperspaces the hell out screaming 'YOU DA BEST'-

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’m so sorry about the belated reply. So much has happened during the past two weeks and the exhibition starts tomorrow morning with a FREAKING PRESS CONFERENCE <__________>

So here’s a little Anidala thing to make up for my absence + lateness of this reply. I was practically flailing all over the place when I saw your ask, so THANK YOU!!! It totally made my day ♥♥♥ ;3;