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i finally felt motivated to hang all my haikyuu art up and here’s the result (no surprise most of it’s iwaoi)! i didn’t even realize how much i’d bought, but i feel beyond honored to be able to have pieces from so many unique and talented artists, and i thought i should share.

special thanks to the following people for continuing to be sources of inspiration and joy:

@yaboykeiji - mars… i will always be one of your biggest fans. your style and growth never cease to amaze me, and i really, REALLY wish you the best in anything you decide to do in the future. you’ve served as such an inspiration for me, and i’m just rooting for you in life in general. you’re wonderful and loved.

@kevinkevinson - you have by far one of my favorite blogs of all time. i share a lot of the same interests you do, so i enjoy pretty much everything you draw and talk about and reblog. your style just.. the freckles.. all the characters glow and having them surrounding me on my walls makes my day. also, i wish you the best with your run!!

@cousaten - your postcards are some of my favorite things i’ve ever purchased, and i definitely will be returning to buy more from you in the future. you’re so quick to produce such astounding art, and i love the more traditional route you take sometimes. all the iwaoi and daisuga makes my heart happy, so thank you!!!

@kittlekrattle - the iwaoi zine’s not pictured, but you should know that i ADORE it <3 you did a wonderful job organizing and getting them out in a timely manner, and the amount of effort you put into the project is evident and so so appreciated. your art is beautiful and smooth and makes the whole zine something really special!

@radio-silents - BECCA, you’re so brilliant and your style is that of actual comic books, it’s magnificent. i wish i could afford to buy every print in your store because those dissected bags and their headcanons are the best. i love that you’re into marvel and spideypool (bc.. me too, lol), and i will probably be following you and your art to my grave. you’re such a lovely person!

@eicinic - your art is some of the most distinct and breathtaking i’ve ever seen; in fact, i just ordered more from you a couple minutes ago, ahaha. it’s so atmospheric, and the style is just so recognizable, basically a brand. it’s going to be so neat to see what you’re able to produce next!

i can’t wait to continue following and supporting all of you in any way i can, and i hope you’re doing well!! thank you so much for sharing your abilities and allowing me to own and cherish your work.

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heey ive got a question (<== cpt. obvious) what are the reblogs for?

I’m guessing you’re asking about when I reblog the comic updates, right? I actually have a few reasons for that. I update at weird times, usually realllllly early in the morning, like between 4 and 8 am, and even though I know everyone’s got different time zones and all by reflagging there’s a better chance of folks seeing the update at a time that is more ‘normal’ for them, like during the middle or their day. Also, if I reblog once or twice on the day I update, it increases the chance of people seeing it on their feed at some point during their day, which benefits people who might have been busy/at work/at school/asleep when I originally posted the update. So for example, a person at work who missed the first two reblogs might be able to see the last reblog I do for the day :)

I do try to be considerate and not reblog too many times, usually just twice on the day I update, and maybe three times if I think it’s particularly important for folks to see (like the final part of the prologue, for example). I really hope my reblogging of the updates isn’t too annoying, because I certainly don’t mean them to be D: BUT if they are, let me know and maybe I can change things up, like just reblogging once during the week or right before a new update comes out or something. I don’t know, but I’m sure I can figure something else out if it’s problematic :)

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okay so can i just say your blog confuses me. I love it cause it has leaks and shittt--- did you see jasper??--- but srsly i'm confused i have no idea who dafuq anon is, or how this blog works

Oh lordy, you came at about the worst time because there was a lot of things going on that had nothing to do with each other. . 

My blog is primarily for leaks and theories ! A lot of the leaks I post/reblog have a huge chance of not being canon so read everything cautiously and you should decide on you own whether to believe it or not. I won’t post leaks that have been debunked (unless I believe there’s a possibility it may be true) or is obviously fake.

Anon, tagged under #prayforanon, is an anonymous leaker that answers questions regarding the future of SU via my blog. People submit asks and I’ll post them for him to see, then he will send answers and I will post them. There’s no proof, so we’re all waiting to see if these upcoming episodes will follow what anon claims will occur. I have a youtube video you can watch here that may explain it better.

And holy fuccccck yeah I saw Jasper :0 the Cheeto Puff is coming soon !!

I hope I’ve explained things well! And welcome to my hell :^)


aeipathy: a playlist

idk its like 2:40am and im feeling sappy and i always make posts about how much i love people like ewan mcgregor and michael fassbender but idk i feel like words can only go so far so i made a playlist of songs that kind of.. capture that like warm fuzzy feeling i get when i talk about them or anyone else i have feelings for so yeah, like/reblog if you listen or save. xx

tracklist; i. bite - troye sivan, ii. fools - troye sivan, iii. smitten with you - nicole dollanganger, iv. - true love cafe, v. summer wine - lana del rey & barry o’neill, vi. wayamay - lana del rey, vii. suck it and see - arctic monkeys, viii. no 1 party anthem - arctic monkeys, ix. oh to be in love - kate bush, x. feel it - kate bush, xi. chances are - johnny mathis. 

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"Reblogging" is different to "reposting", right? What's the difference?

Yes it’s different. Reblogging something means that the source post is my own. I see every note in my notification box and there’s always a way to get back to my blog. The source permanently leads back to me.

Reposting makes it so the source is YOU instead. There’s a chance I may never see that post, never see those notes, never see anything because I would have no idea that it exists. Even if you tag me in it, it will get lost in my notifications. The tag can be removed as well by people reblogging it.

It would be silly to repost it here on Tumblr anyway considering all of my art ends up here and it can just be reblogged instead of reposted. A few years ago, someone reposted my art and sourced it back to my blog in the description and I was like “Wtf??? Just reblog it, ya fool!”

Basically, it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Why do that???

So yes, reblogging and reposting are different. You can reblog my art a million times and I won’t care a bit, but repost something of mine and you can bet I’ll get it removed one way or another. It doesn’t belong to you.

               ( Crowned Reveries - Event Party Call )

       So I figured I should set up a second party for the dragon event as people
       missed the chance to sign up at @wyrmbloodx‘s party which capped really fast.

       Like this post and I’ll write up a starter later which also initiates after party
         members have used their given traveling stone. This will also cap at nine
         people so that there will be a ten person group.

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hello hi! i was just wondering if you could give me a little shoutout? i'm a new resource blog and having a bit of a hard time reaching an audience. xx


Please, go and follow this great blog and if you can, reblog this post so more and more people will have the chance to see it, thank you !! The blog looks really great and I’m sure that it will be very useful to everyone in this fandom so let’s show our appreciation, shall we ?

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Hi ya, you're an amazing writer and I was curious/wondering if you had to decide between getting a nice comment/ask on your fic or getting a reblog(without tags or added comments) which would you choose? I know it's best if everyone did both but I wanted to know what you would choose if it was between the two :)

That is a hard one because I really love reading comments and tags. They inspire me to draw or write more. 

However, reblogs means more people have a chance to see my work, which increases the likelihood of comments.

So I guess if  I had to choose, comments. 

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(Thank-you for the ask!)

i love how pokemon go is bringing communities together and fostering cooperation between neighbors that might not otherwise have a reason to interact. in my city downtown, there were no rivalries, only togetherness. when a rare pokemon was sighted, people would shout it out to let others know what they saw so they’d have a chance to catch it too. there is nothing like seeing a 30+ person flock move in a swarming cloud formation to another lured pokestop to capture a golduck. all because of teamwork. people young and old were gathered around. friends and couples out on a scenic walk that they might not have otherwise taken. bartenders were genuinely interested in the pokemon that u captured. this is a positive thing and i’m happy that this game exists

I do this every time Steven Universe makes a return but I keep gaining followers between episodes so I always figure I should tell them how I do things with new episodes.

I tag them as “SU Spoilers” and the episode name. If there a character that isn’t a letter and number I leave it out because going to a tag with those doesn’t always play nice. So I’ll be tagging Mr. Greg as “Mr Greg” and so on.

Screenshots and GIFs get reblogged after 8PM Pacific, same for fanart. If the fanart has a number of Notes that makes me not want to put it in the late night slot I will Queue it for the appropriate time the next day.

This is so people who are on mobile 90% of the time like I am will have a fighting chance of seeing the episode before I spoil stuff from it.

But usually I just reblog cute stuff and nothing terribly major.

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Oh wait, you're basically saying that there are people out there who are rebloging the ollicity ship just so that Clexa doesn't win?? We're all rebloging because Lexa died like the lesbian she is (cause that's what always happens to lesbians!) and we want to show that we no longer want that because our lives matter!!! But people are so homophobic that they'd rather anti-vote for the sake of seeing us lose what is most precious to us lgbt people??! How sick and selfish are they?!!

Yup. O/icity never stood a tiny chance in polls against Clexa, remember? They always ended with like 10% or something. So how come suddenly they’re 1,2 M reblogs ahead of us? They got lots of help from the most petty parts of the Be//arke fandom, and also from the Ma/ec fandom (who want their revenge because Clexa stole the E!Online Best Kiss award away from them at the last minute). I also heard about some Sh00t fans but that’s not confirmed (I thought they were friends with us, what with their show being cancelled…)

@golbat Sure, I will try! Tbh I am a fan of that magazine. My main objective is to look for my current obsessions Assassination Classroom and Gintama, but I watched Hunter X Hunter too so I will surely take pics of anything I find interesting. In fact, if I have ever reblogged something of a show, chances are I will try to take pics of it.
But also don’t hate me if I don’t! Now that I am here, I see there are many places here that do not allow pics or videos. I guess they still want to keep some things exclusive for the people who visit.

Listen Up, Claypollos!!

As you may know, one week from today, July 20th, has been designated as Claypollo Day!

This means several things. I, and a good number of other people here, will be doing our best to reblog plenty of art, fics, etc that people are putting out – in addition to the designated @claypolloday blog.

In other words, you have the chance to make something that will be getting noticed! Draw a doodle, write a ficlet, make a playlist, do anything you care to do! There’s going to be a lot of hype all around, so I promise no matter what your estimation of your own skill is, we will be so so so very grateful for your contribution!

And, to whom it may concern, if you’re a fan of my Claypollo fics, you can look forward to seeing some new ones next week. I also have a great big announcement I’ll be making, so be sure to check by!