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Holy shit! So last night, I hit 5.5K followers, which was a big moment to me and I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really celebrated a milestone before, so I decided I wanted to do blog rates this time! I just… I can’t believe so many people would want to follow my blog at all, and support me in what I do on here, so thank you so, so much. I appreciate every single one of you, and I just wanted to do something that might make you guys smile!!

100% stole this format from @snow-phan whose awesome and sweet so go follow them <3 I will be doing these based on desktop themes!


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the worst thing abt there not being a lot of abo verse victuuri fics is every time i feel whiny about it i'm like 'then go write some' but very,, very quickly i realize i am a terrible writer. someone stop me before i start.

i mean, i’m gonna go back to that dan harmon quote i reblogged the other day: 

You end up making good stuff by making a bunch of bad stuff, which is why everybody who’s blocked, the reason they’re blocked is because they are committing the cardinal sin of assuming their job is to make something good. You’ll never make that. Your definition of good will change as you get better. It will always be something you’re not capable of. Whereas you know you can make something that sucks. You live in terror of it. So, do that.

like!!! for all you know, you could be an incredible writer, but just need to stretch out those muscles, or maybe hit the ground running and say fuck the fear that keeps you from creating the amazing stories you want to read in the world.  i know the fear of not creating something perfect can hinder me a lot–or in the case of LHC, i feel stuck because i’m already frustrated with it not being up to my standards.  and i still have so many wonderful people subscribed and asking about it, and it’s like… we all need to get out of our own heads and stop letting our fear consume our own creativity.  years from now i’m going to think the best thing i ever wrote now is garbage.  you will likely feel the same way weeks from now or months from now or years from now if you start writing now. but don’t let that stop you, because years from now, if you start writing today, you’ll be at a place you used to think was untouchable.  

i will never tell you to stop.  write the shitty ABO fic to the tune of your heart’s song.  you’re likely a lot better than you think you are, and you’re going to be a lot better than you ever thought you could be, you just have to take that first step.

It’s been a bit of a week here at Casa de Me, so I haven’t been able to do much new writing for Raul Appreciation week. BUT, you all should totally be following @yourtropegirl who has been doing such a fantastic job of compiling goodies for us every day.

My participation today will be limited to reblogging some of my Rafael Barba faves, so enjoy!

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The collage above appears to be from @justraulesparza and it’s pretty fantastic (hope she doesn’t mind I shared it here :))

i spend every day in an intense fear that either tumblrs gonna mess up or im gonna mess up and somethings gonna get reblogged onto here instead of onto one of my 4000 HELL sideblogs where i catalogue my embarrassing ass interests and everyone will know my secrets

hey there friends! soooo i just hit 6k (literally
h o w i’m just a meme with bad posts but ily all 💕) and i thought to thank you guys i’d try something new!

as we are all well aware i love music more than literally everything so i’m gonna make name playlists! send a name to my ask box and i’ll make a playlist with one song for each letter of your name! it’s gonna be funnnn

((fr tho, thank you all so much for everything, every single like and reblog and tag on my posts makes my day and y'all are actually hilarious i love reading your comments sm))

I went off in the tags on a reblog of @girls-not-rey‘s post about AFI’s best songs not being the singles but I feel like it bears its own post:

I love how drastically they’ve changed sounds over the years for a lot of reasons. One of them is that bands who release albums that sound the same over and over get boring. We’ve heard it before. I mean, it’s solid and reliable, but what’s gonna make me want to listen to the new album versus the last one, or the one before? (Dropkick Murphys are a solid example. Like, I know I’m gonna like anything they put out but I also know exactly what it’s gonna sound like so I’m rarely in a rush to hear new music).

But I also love the wildly different sounds, and the period of several years between albums (they seem to be on a pretty solid 3-4 year album cycle) and each one sounding different to the one before, they’re like little time capsules of where they are as a band at that time, where their influences at that point are, but also I have very time-specific associations with them. Sing The Sorrow is strongly tied to 2003 for me, who I was then and what I was doing (finishing high school, going to college and falling for a guy with a massive AFI tattoo of the Art of Drowning artwork lol I have questions for him based on that + the path his life took after college but we don’t talk sooooooo). Same goes for Decemberunderground in 2006 (I very distinctly remember asking to put off my first day of work at a job at a record store because they wanted me to start the night of the Five Flowers show here and I was like… but… no….) and Crash Love in 2009. Between 2009 and 2013 my music taste was kind of all over the place, it expanded in weird directions. And then Burials came out and it was like… instantly familiar, like My Band was back. And 2017 is like… my life totally derailed by AFI tbh and I’ve listened to The Blood Album a frankly unhealthy number of times.

tl;dr I feel like I can tie AFI’s sonic identity at any given period in their career to a specific time in my life and I really, really like that about them.

every single person who reblogs this will get at least one lockscreen in their messages made by me, based on your blog. every. single. one. EDIT: I’m hella sorry but I didn’t realise there was a limit on how many new messages you can send a day so it will take a while but I’m gonna try! also if you message me first I’ll be able to send you the lockscreens ^-^

This is your daily reminder that this is not normal. Donald Trump is unqualified, racist, misogynistic, ill-tempered, unintelligent; he has no grasp of how our government is supposed to work; he has conflicts of interest so numerous that two presidential ethics lawyers have bi-partisanly teamed up to combat them; he’s been sued so many times I can’t list them all here; he’s still being sued by a multitude of people, and will continue to be long into his presidency.

The Russian government blatantly interfered with his election through email hacks and wikileaks: this has been confirmed by multiple national intelligence agencies; he has no regard for the truth, or facts, or scientific data; he gets into fights with people on twitter at  3am.

He called Mexicans rapists and criminals; he wanted to create a registry for Muslim Americans; he doesn’t take no for an answer, whether its coming from a woman or the President of Mexico; he refuses to attend security briefings; he’s costing the government millions by refusing to leave his office in Trump Tower; his cabinet is as unqualified and uninformed as he is.

He lost the popular vote by over three million (3,000,000) people.  The American people did not elect him.  Donald Trump should not be President of the United States.

This is not normal. Don’t ever forget it.

Why I Stopped Posting Pictures of my Top Surgery Results

On December 14th 2015, after many years of waiting, I had top surgery. Like many people in the years leading up to my surgery I scoured the internet for photos for people who had had surgery with my surgeon. Being in Canada and mostly only operating in one province I wasn’t surprised to not find a whole lot. 

I also looked for results from other people of colour, other South Asian people, and people with body types similar to mine. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much. I found that the spaces dedicated to surgery results weremainly dominated by white, slim, and muscular folks. 

I was frustrated because I knew that that my results would look drastically different than theirs. Despite my best efforts I found myself feeling frustrated with other POC. I knew that slim, muscular white people would be celebrated and get more traction than POC but there was so little out there. I didn’t need the posts or Youtube videos to be popular I just needed them to exist. I thought I understood why those results weren’t as out there, and partially I did, but now I really get it. 

When I first saw my post-op chest eight days after surgery I was elated. My partner took a couple pictures of that moment and I happily posted them on the internet (even if I felt a little self-conscious). In the days and weeks following my reveal I kept posting updated pictures though I was more and more hesitant to do so each time. Every time I did I got negative feedback about my results, weight,and body shape; reblogs, messages from anonymous people on Tumblr, and comments on Facebook posts (almost exclusively from other trans folks) left me feeling shitty about my body and results. 

Before those comments I felt good about my results and while I had issues with my hips and stomach and lack of muscles I was working to feel better about myself and my body.  So I stopped posting about my results. When one type of body is the only type celebrated in a community anyone who looks different is going to feel excluded and self-conscious - when they are then met with negative comments it’s no wonder they stop posting. It’s not a coincidence that it is hard to find top surgery results from non-thin, muscular, white people.

Does posting these pictures mean that I am over my body image problems: hell no. In fact, I have been feeling pretty self-conscious for the last little while (thanks grad school for meaning I’m too busy and poor to work out or always eat right) but I want to share my results. While I know that I’m not plus sized and don’t really consider myself fat (and benefit in society because of that) I’m also don’t super thin or cut. I want other people who look like me to know that there are other people like them in this community. I want to fight the dominance of white people in these spaces by being present. 

I know that I’m opening myself up to those comments again but I hope that people reading this will realize this it is not okay to make negative comments about others people bodies - even when those people aren’t super thin, muscular and white. 

Been seeing depressive kinds of “forever alone” things given that it’s February and I was thinking… Does Valentine’s Day only have to be about romantic love? Because my family has always given each other chocolates and gone out for ice cream together every year. As a family. No romance, other than between my mom and my dad. Can’t Valentine’s Day be about all kinds of love? Besides, wasn’t that what Saint Valentine was originally about?

HEY GAMERS who wants some free game packs
i have some monedas saved up+ i got extra this month, so im doing a giveaway since theres a sale rn!!

RULES pleas read them all
- u can win: either two stuff packs of ur choice, OR one game pack OR one expansion pack! (i cant afford to give u the base game tho so u gotta have that already)
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- thats it! i’ll choose a winner in 3 days! (the 14th)

Incorporating Witchcraft Into Everyday Life

Let’s face it, many of us modern witches don’t have time in the day to be hanging out with elder witches and doing rituals with our schedules. Because of this, we may feel disconnected from our craft over time. These are some simple ways to work your magick into your everyday life!

✨Using Sigils:

Sigils are one of the most basic fundamentals in your craft, and eventually will become a part of your day naturally. Draw sigils onto everyday objects in places people don’t typically notice and charge them. Just be sure to either remember where they are or make a note so you can recharge them at a later time. Sometimes I will actually skip this bit and leave a crystal that charges sigils on its own in the room instead!


Make some of your own bath salts in larger quantities on your time off (given they will not spoil) and store them in jars. Make sure you have something that will not break to store them in. Having a glass jar hit the tub floor probably won’t end well. Make the salts with ingredients that correspond to your desired intention, then label the jars with that intention so you know which salt you want to use later!


Create some blessings to say before meals. They can be quick, simple blessings consisting of a few words or long, planned out blessings. Be sure to write them down!


Studying practically consumes my life at this point, so taking time to practice my craft is a pretty big sacrifice for what little time I do have. I work witchcraft into my everyday life by blessing the materials I study with (such as pens, calculators, paper, etc.) so that I all of my hard work pays off! It’s a great way to save time.

As always, feel free to reblog and comment how you guys work witchcraft into your every day life. Blessed Be Dearies!

Happy International women’s day!! From...

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My micro cage is coming in today, and I can’t wait to have my cocklet finally locked down with only 1 inch boners (for what I hope to be for another year)!  So, lets see how long we can keep me locked in and fully submissive to real cocks! 

For every like I get I’ll add a day and for every reblog I will add a week. Also, if you can get me past the 1 year mark I will ask my master to weld it down for the rest of my life ;).

This is going to seem like a weird post but Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who brought themselves up. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who didn’t have a mum there to help them for whatever reason and so had to grow up too fast when they should have been messing about and being children. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone whose mother isn’t perfect, but made mistakes and is learning to be better. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve decided to give their mum a second chance. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve made the decision to cut contact and stop hoping for a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day to the people who are scared of being mothers themselves because they never had a good example set and they’re scared of repeating the same mistakes (you don’t have to be like her, you can do so much better). Happy Mother’s Day to the young mothers who didn’t plan on being parents at this age but are dealing with that huge shock and doing their best under difficult circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day to those who are being made to feel guilty for not loving their mothers at all. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids that essentially brought up their younger siblings but will never have that acknowledged. Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost a mother and miss her every day, but are pushing on regardless, trying to hold things together. I care about you all very much.