i will punch you in the tit

Tanking Bigots

So, I went and got my Bitch Planet tattoo today, and someone in the shop asked, “That’s pretty… Visible. Aren’t you afraid of being that obvious?” And I replied, “I’m pulling aggro.”

But the more I think about it, the more this metaphor fucking works. I’m a white middle class woman with low expenses, no criminal record, and I live in liberal-ass New England (or at least, I thought I did before the Trump/Pence signs cropped up like fucking forsythias but that’s a whole other post.) I’m safe. Even if I get in a knock-down-drag-out, I’m not going to be seen as an agitator, or a troublemaker, or the “problem.” I have money for bail. I am privileged.

While I have physical disabilities, they actually don’t get in the way of me feeling like I could get in a scrap. If anything, the opposite. I have this whole other post (yeah I think of more all the time like this) about the genetic evolution of Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome but suffice to say, you can’t hold on to me and you can’t break me easily. I have martial arts training, but I look harmless, so even if I did get in a scrap, the cop is going to go, “You got in a brawl with a 35-year-old fat woman… Yeah… whatever.”

I have mental health limitations, but they actually don’t get worse from being exposed to this shit - I’d feel way worse and more anxious if I didn’t step in. I’m the kind of person who would just second guess and eat themselves alive in thinking of how they should have jumped in to help someone. 

I’m a tank. I’m tough, I’m bendy, and bigots aren’t going to shock me or hurt me.

Not everyone is a tank. This is super fucking important. Some people are healers. They deal with the fallout when someone like me comes home shaking and breathing in a paper bag because holy shit I just took a picture of a guy in a CVS who tried to grab my tit. Some people are DPS - they leap in and fucking maul people with cited facts on Facebook arguments and are physically imposing and probably could punch a bitch out. 

It’s okay to be what you are. And it’s also okay to take care of yourself. If you’re a tank, you gotta heal up. You need downtime, or you get hypervigilant and debuffed and you’re too fucked up to help anyone. If you’re a healer, you need to get your resources back so you can do what you love without taxing yourself unduly. It’s like that. 

So I’m a tank. And I’ll wear my Non-Compliant Genderqueer tattoo with pride. I wear my “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance” tattoo the same way. I wear them so that the girl with the neutral gender haircut who just wants to fucking ride the bus isn’t as inviting a target as I am. I pull aggro. I don’t want a fight, I won’t start a fight, but you better fucking believe I’ll step in the way. 

Taunt, pull, peel, sustain, rest, drop your stacks, and fight on.

  • Marlene: Please tell me the rumors are true!
  • Lily: Yes, yes, I am a big fat slut.
  • Marlene: No, not that one... The one where you got suspended for calling Bertha Jorkins a dick, and you punched her in the left tit.
  • Lily: I worry about the way information circulates at this school.
Realize--Chapter One "Mutual Nerdery"

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 … this is the first chapter of the story monster it created.

Chapter One - Mutual Nerdery

You sneak up behind your co-star where he is stretched out on your couch, a beat up copy of the play and your cat settled on his lap, and take a quick picture with your head on his shoulder, both of you making faces. You looked a little ragged after working for hours together in your cramped living room, going over the different versions of the text and other insights into your characters. You posted the picture on twitter for your modest fan base, “Hours discussing Shakespeare? I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday night. #MutualNerdery.” When he’d suggested these little “dates” to help develop your character’s chemistry and to research together, you half thought it was just his way of flirting, being that smart and charming, but it wasn’t, it was just wonderful conversations, food and kinship with your co-star, you were getting use to it now, you were friends. Less than ten minutes after you posted the picture, you look at your cell phone and can’t help but laugh, you knew that your best friend would not let the selfie you just posted slide by without a comment.

Please tell me you did not just post a no-makeup selfie with your hair in pigtails. – Lou

She would focus on your hair. She seemed to miss the point of the tweet. You had been keeping your next job underwraps for weeks, not even telling your best friend, Lou, that you were headed to Broadway. You shoot off two texts in a row.

No comment on ANYTHING else in that picture?

You’ve been begging me for weeks to tell you about the next project, well…

“What are you giggling about?” You show him the texts and he laughs too. “I’m looking forward to meeting Lou, by the way.”

You wave him off playfully, “You’ll love her, everyone does, she’s me, but younger, prettier, and put together. We always say I got the brains and she got the looks.”

His head tipped back in laughter as my text alert went off again.

Yeah I saw, Tom Hiddleston, that’s no excuse for pigtails. – Lou

You start to reply when Lou’s ringtone, The Pet Shop Boys, Opportunities, starts playing and Tom just laughs harder as you pick up and put her on speaker. “Hey Lou. How’re the kids?”

She launches into a mini-rant, ignoring you entirely. “Why was Tom Hiddleston wearing your glasses, in your living room, looking like he slept there last night? (Y/N), I swear to God that if you were wearing those damn pajama pants when you took that picture, I will find a way to teleport to New York just to punch you in the tit.”

Another, frankly adorable, round of full bodied laughs shake Tom as you look down at my outfit, an oversized Steven Universe T-shirt and grey flannel pj pants that were easily a decade old, and shrug. Tom piped up, “Your guess is spot on. Tom Hiddleston here, I am guessing you are the notorious Lou.”

“(Y/N)! Am I on speaker?” You can hear her start to shift around. Only Lou would primp because she was on speakerphone with an attractive man. “Hello, Tom, Yes, I’m Lou. I am the woman who is going to punch your co-star in the tit for posting a selfie on twitter looking like she just rolled out of bed with you.“

Tom’s eyes went wide a moment before another boisterous round of laughter started up.

You choke a bit, “Jesus, Lou! So classy.” “Hey, at least you can’t see her stripey socks in the picture. Small miracles.” He kept laughing.

Lou’s light and pretty laughter rings through the room as you bop Tom in the back of the head with a throw pillow before he follows suit and almost knocks you onto his lap with the pillow next to him. You shove his legs off the couch and park yourself next to him.

“(Y/N) I swear to God. Can take me off speaker, Darling?” You just shake your head, and put the phone back to your ear. “Are you trying to repel an attractive, single man? Wait, have you already slept with him and that’s why you are comfortable giving up on looking fuckable? But wait, Shakespeare? What show? Why are you two researching in your apartment? What is HE wearing?”

You answer in order once she’s wound down a bit. “No and God no, not yet anyway.” Tom raises his eyebrow and you give him an innocent look, ”Yes, Much Ado, Because I live in this city and he doesn’t, hoodie and trackpants, and to the answer the first question, we have the same prescription and didn’t notice for an hour that we had accidentally swapped glasses. Did that cover it all?”

You could hear Lou shaking her head, “You’re going to marry him, just watch.”

That made you laugh and Tom raised an eyebrow at you as you put up one finger and shook your head to get your breath back. He just pats you on the head, standing to answer the door buzzer and fetch the take-out you had ordered. “Never, Lou, I will always be yours. Now, we need to go, our food is here.”

“See, you’re already we and our, it’s curtains for you and me (Y/N). Just make sure my Matron of Honor gown is pretty, I want to look good in the pictures next to Benedict.”

“You’re cute, shut up and call me later, love to Max and the kids.”

You hang up and grab plates and utensils from the kitchen before settling in again with dinner, Shakespeare, and Tom.

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@theartofimagining13 trying again to link the inspiration blog to this.

Dear Straight Girls,
Shut. Up.
It’s nothing personal, really, it’s just that us gay girls get fucking tired of your bullshit sometimes. I know that you’re not trying to be rude, really I do, but it’s been a long day, and you jokingly calling me an abomination because “you have gay friends who say it all the time” doesn’t make it any shorter.
Dear Straight Girls,
The last thing I want to hear about is how un-fucking-fortunate it is that you got the straight end of the stick. That you wish more than anything that you could’ve been gay, because god, that would just make your life so much easier.
This may shock you, but moaning about how hard it is to be a heterosexual, does not get you a gold star in my book. It tells me that you only think of being gay as a lifestyle: an edgy, hipster choice that all us cool kids are making that you feel left out of. Well, guess what? If me and my future girlfriend can get kicked out of bakeries, kicked out of our homes, kicked out of our jobs- then you can handle not being part of this.
Dear Straight Girls,
Fuck you. Fuck you for thinking I’m always looking at you, for thinking I always want you. You are not the center of my universe. You are not some irresistible vixen just because my attraction to girls like you exists. You’re a girl. And I like girls. But that doesn’t mean I like you. Get over it.
Dear Straight Girls,
If I have to hear about how amazing your gaydar is one more time, someone’s getting punched in the tit. Don’t look at me, I don’t make the rules. Besides, I already knew they were gay five minutes before you. You’re not special.
Dear Straight Girls,
I know you’re probably pouting at my letters this very moment because I’m just the angry motherfucking queer girl with too much to say, but if you want to be as accepting as you say you are, shut up and let the gays talk every once in awhile. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to have this conversation every other day.
Dear Straight Girls,
Having a gay best friend doesn’t make you a queer activist. It doesn’t give you permission to call people dykes or fags because you are now an “honorary gay.” It makes you a person. With a best friend. Like the rest of us. Who needs. To shut. The fuck. Up.
Dear Straight Girls,
I’m not.
—  Fuck you for thinking otherwise
My Spellbound Heart

I actually finished it! Soulmate AU for the first day of trope week @jilyfest

word count: 5.2k 

ffnet | ao3

“What kind of person could they be if our shared mark is a pair of antlers on my arse?” asks Lily, craning her neck to stare at the ink, stark against her pale skin. No matter how hard she glares at it, it remains there.

Behind her, Marlene snickers. “It’s not on your arse,” she says, barely managing to keep the laughter out of her voice, “It’s right above your arse.”

She directs her glare to the blonde who still had tear tracks down her cheek from the initial bout of laughter. “Because that makes things so much better,” she snaps, “Who the fuck thinks ‘hey a pair of antlers as a tramp stamp is great idea for a soulmark’?”

“Maybe it’s a symbol for something,” she says, winding a lock of hair around her finger before prodding the mark once more. Lily squawks and jumps away from her while the other girl just grins wickedly. “Maybe you’re soulmate likes it up-”

“If you don’t want me to cut off your tongue you’ll stop right there,” she warns. Lily glances back at the mirror, bemoaning the appearance of the mark. “If I ever meet this fucker I’m punching him in the dick.”

“Or the tit,” Marlene chirps, “Don’t let heteronormativity rule your life.”

“Shut up Marlene.”


Soulmarks weren’t rare, but they also weren’t exactly common. It was like a sunshower, a blue moon, a six petal flower on a four petal bush. Different, unexpected, but not rare.

It’s a topic tied into all their subjects; historians told the stories of those who shared the bond, the power they held when stood side by side, waging war and ruling men, the poets spoke about the special brand of intimacy shared only between lovers of the kind, a bond that ran deeper than anything else, while science tried to prove it with fact, a genetic anomaly, perhaps natural selection taking place, making it easier to find a desirable mate. For centuries they’ve been attempts to explain them- platonic, romantic and in between- but no one can ever agree and soon it just became a thing, accepted just like that.

(It falls in between questions of why do you taste like heartbreak and ash?how does a person manage to have galaxies in their eyes? what is that pain in my chest when you leave me?)

(There’re no answers and one answer. Love, the most dangerous thing of them all.)

They all learn about it, but learning and experiencing are two completely different things. They never tell you that you feel the pain of it appearing, like a million needles pressed into your skin at the same time, the place where it grows warm and irritated, and it leaves you feeling as though there’s a gaping wound in your chest for days.

They never tell you that remain hurting and raw, craving something that you never had in the first place. A kind of want that drives you mad.

It happened while she was in class, carrying out a chem lab with Marlene and the wave of pain hit so hard, so intense, that she dropped a beaker of sulphuric acid and felt like her spine was being cleaved in two, from the base up. She told a lie about cramps through clenched teeth, and Marlene helped her hobble out of class, almost collapsing on the cool bathroom tile as another wave of pain passes.

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Percival: Please tell me the rumours are true
Tina: Yes, yes. I am a big fat slut.
Percival: No, no. Not that one. The one where you got demoted for calling Mary-Lou Barebone a dick and punched her in the left tit.
Tina: I worry about the way information circulates in this department.

Easy A (2010)

for anon

Now for something completely different

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Unexpected Bonds Chapter 8


Chapter Eight

Amren sat at the large table in the House of Wind hotly tapping her feet. They had been in the middle of a meeting, discussing Elain’s imminent kidnapping, when Rhys flew over the edge and winnowed to cauldron knew where with a lunatic smile slapped on his face. As if dragging her here for this meeting wasn’t tedious enough on its own, he had left her here with Cassian and Nesta. The pair had twined themselves together in a flamboyant display of affection that made Amren want to vomit. It had been a century since they had discovered that they were mates and they still managed to repulse her. She watched them with pure distaste showing in her steely eyes as they groped and fondled each other in front of her, Nesta’s lilac chiffon gown rising dangerously high around her thigh.            
“Do you two ever stop?” She asked letting the revulsion drip into her every word.            
Cassian pulled away from his mate long enough to give Amren a lazy male smile before his lips found purchase on her neck again.
“You two are worse than rabid animals.”
“I never had you down as a prude” Nesta exclaimed laughing.
“I never had this down as a brothel either.” Amren retorted bluntly.
Cassian stiffened around Nesta, a snarl rising from deep within him. Amren snorted at the challenge that the sound issued, pleased that her words had hit them.
“You do have a house you know, with a bedroom.”
“Are you asking for an invitation to join us?” Cassian asked as the brief anger he felt subsided.  
Amren urged. “Disgusting male.”
Cassian bellowed and the tension in the room eased as Nesta casually slid from his lap looking flushed from the contact.

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Realize -- Chapter Thirteen “Rabbit Hole”

Sebastian StanxReader or is it Tom HiddlestonxReader?

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … I don’t even know what to say anymore… Sorry? but yeah… here’s Chapter Thirteen!:)


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves

#TeamTom (Sorry you guys, I love you!)

@foureyedsiopao, @frenchfrostpudding, @t-w-hiddlestoner , @moonpoetsasylum,  @marvelbase001​, @the-craziestone

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten | chapter eleven | chapter twelve

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anonymous asked:

UH...No. the reason why the girls are skinny and the guys are stacked is the same reason all of them have big tits. Fma is just as sexist as any other anime and you trying to justify it with some 'body style' diversion only helps the idea that women are weak.

Been a while since someone sent me hate mail. (Cracks knuckles)
1-You obviously didn’t read the damn thing since I showed a reference to a real life weight lifter who honestly looked like a live action version of Paninya. So nobody is trying to say ‘women are weak’. Especially when it ended with me claiming Winry could punch harder than Ed.
2-Ed has gotten bitch slapped by Paninya, Lan Fan, May/Mei Chang, & Izumi Curtis in fights. Izumi being the one who taught him how to fight as well. I seriously doubt the show is sexist toward women in a ‘the men are stronger’ kind of way.
3-Sexist is how a show treats women. Dressing them really skimpy in a situation where that’d be stupid or having the camera on their ass for no reason without giving the men similar treatment. That sort of thing. I’ve fucking praised the anime in the past for not sexualizing the girls. So yeah, some of the girls are busty. Shockingly, big boobs do exist. And unlike other anime, they don’t jiggle mindlessly at a gust of wind. They move realistically and the camera angle is at a way where your focus isn’t directed toward their chest.
Also, as mentioned previously, the girls get just as much fight time as the guys. Hell, I think they get the better scenes. Oliver ran a fucking tank over a mother fucker!
4-The author of the FMA manga…

Have a nice day.

First thoughts playing Mass Effect... 10 years since its release


  • kaidan i’m gonna punch who i want calm your shit why can’t you be more like williams
  • he’s probably still salty about jenkins
  • can someone explain to me why spider-bitch has her tits hangin halfway out of her getup
  • these form-fitting armors can’t be that protective, can they? where do they put the shield gener-… oh… oh
  • directional arrows in the citadel aren’t directional enough srsly where tf am i?
  • garrus what makes you think you’re gonna convince anyone with textures as shitty as yours (finally installs texture mod)
  • i want that eyepiece
  • yes keith david whisper sweet nothings into my ear. you’re so precious talking about intergalactic peril
  • do the council members arrive with those sticks already up their asses
  • … wtf
  • i’d pay good money for dlc letting me punch harkin in his fucking mouth

anonymous asked:

Should we play tit-for-tat in the culture war? Normally, I'm for free speech, non-violence, and all those good liberal things for everybody, but when I hear about a group of PoC artists wanting to crack down on "white free speech" or people on Twitter wanting to punch "white male libertarians" I want to escalate to their level. If they punch people whose views they hate, why shouldn't I? If we keep being nice even when our enemies are being nasty, where's the deterrent?

Couple points:

The equivalent retaliation to ‘someone says they want to punch you’ is to say you want to punch them. It is not to actually punch them. There’s a horrible dynamic where some people say unendorsed or pseudo-endorsed-but-they-wouldn’t-do-it and then some other people take this as escalation and actually do it and then the first group perceives them as having escalated and punches right back and now you have a fist fight when what you had in the first place was an online posturing contest.

That doesn’t make it okay to call for violence on the internet; if a form of violence is bad, encouragement to do it is also bad, and there are ways to indicate you’re joking or venting which you ought to use if you’re saying things that people might take as serious calls for violence. 

So, uh, sure, if someone says “I want to punch white male libertarians” you can say “I want to punch people who want to punch me!” Is this a good way to accomplish anything you want? (I assume here you want to live in safety from being punched over political disputes, and that you want the same for other people, and that you want calls for violence on the internet to be understood to be unacceptable). And it does not look like adding more “I want to punch people whose beliefs make them terrible” to the mix accomplishes any of those goals. 

(What about punching people who actually punch people? Of course self-defense is justified; beyond that, no, now you’re instigating violent confrontations with strangers because you want to convince them that instigating violent confrontations with strangers is wrong. Stop.)

So what does accomplish those goals? I think there’s something to be said for a straight, uncomplicated public “that’s not funny” or “what do you think that will accomplish?” or ‘friendly reminder that blunt force trauma can kill people and accidental falls can kill people and violently attacking strangers can easily escalate and hurt you and bystanders; punching is not a harmless expression of anger” or “if the winners of political disputes are the people more willing to violently attack the other, we will lose”. I can’t promise that these work. I don’t think anything always works. But I do think these do at least as much as “yeah well I’ll punch you back”, and they might reach observers even if they don’t reach the original speaker.

Listen this is all I want from a ship okay.

You have:
• childhood friends
• flirtin (if that wasn’t flirting w/ the holograms and “I don’t look like that” “yes you do” *poses* then someone needs to punch my tit)
• meeting years later.. both having matured and changed over the years.. both familiar and different at the same time.. building a new relationship on the foundation of the old one and relearning everything about each other
• please someone smite me

all my bras are so stuffed to look like i have tits that if you touch it you’d think im wearing an armor and if you punch it I won’t feel a thing

The signs as things Tyrion Lannister says
  • Aries: *thrusts his dagger in the table* Then you'll be fucking your own bride with a wooden cock.
  • Taurus: That's what I do. I drink and I know things.
  • Gemini: When I was seven, I saw a servant girl bathing in the river. I stole her robe and she was forced to return to the castle naked and in tears. I close my eyes, but I can still see her tits bouncing...
  • Cancer: Oh, Lancel, tell my friend Bronn to please kill you if anything should happen to me.
  • Leo: I am the god of tits and wine. I shall build a shrine to myself at the next brothel I visit.
  • Virgo: I don't pay you to put evil notions in my head.
  • Libra: I have a tender spot in my heart for cripples and bastards and broken things.
  • Scorpio: I will hurt you for this. A day will come when you think you are safe and happy, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know the debt is paid.
  • Sagittarius: Next time I have and idea like that, punch me in the face.
  • Capricorn: I'm not questioning your honor, Lord Janos. I'm denying its existence.
  • Aquarius: Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.
  • Pisces: A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.


❛ ¡lo siento! ¡lo siento! ¡lo siento! ❜
❛ hey, have you seen my ph —— oh. i’m holding it. ❜
❛ this is the healthiest i’ve eaten, like…ever. ❜
❛ we have to lock the doors so the monkeys don’t steal our shit! it’s costa rica 101! ❜
❛ oh, no…we’re not gonna have wifi…what a shame…i guess the only thing we have left to do is enjoy the scenery. ❜
❛ just make sure to lock your door at night so it doesn’t get in. ❜
❛ not the answer i was expecting, but it’s true nonetheless. ❜

❛ don’t judge me, but i’m making soy sauce cookies. ❜

❛ i just ordered ten chicken nuggets at mcdonalds and they accidentally gave me twenty. i’m so happy right now. ❜

❛ my kinks are financial stability and joseph stalin. you could not be more of a turn off right now. ❜

❛ i’m smart, like, ridiculously smart. “drunk white guy in a horror movie” smart. ❜

❛ wanna die with me? ❜

❛ is that a knife in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? because i’m really hoping it’s a knife. ❜

❛ you can’t degrade what has already been degraded. ❜

❛ i heard that you were talking shit and didn’t think i would hear it. ❜

❛ tits, its, same def. ❜

❛ i just used two different inhalers, i feel so alive. ❜

❛ my cat’s pretty cool, but he doesn’t pay the goddamn rent. ❜

❛ cut off their hands. no weak links in the family. ❜

❛ wait —— i tried to kill you in my sleep? shit. unconscious me is a riot. ❜

❛ if you’re going down, please take me with you. ❜

❛ punch a wall. maybe that’ll help. ❜

❛ are you disappointed or do you secretly approve of my life choices? ❜
❛ now, i’m not saying i’d suck his dick, but he’s my best friend and i can’t just leave him hangin’. ❜
❛ oh god, we’re gonna get fuckin’ jumped, aren’t we? ❜
❛ i’m a vegan —— but only on weekdays. ❜
❛ look. you hog the bed, and i sleep talk. let’s both just agree that we’re awful bedmates. ❜
❛ what? what did i do? i’m scared. should i be sorry? i am. i’m sorry. ❜
❛ i’ve never actually smoked pot in my life. i’m just naturally tired and stupid. ❜
❛ bet! those are empty threats! you aren’t gonna do shit! ❜
❛ i’m not gay or anything, but young joseph stalin, man… ❜
❛ in hindsight, playing with knives may not have been the smartest idea. but it’s also kinda your fault for not stopping me sooner. ❜
❛ i’m gonna memorize the whole pokérap and you’re gonna be real fuckin’ sorry you ever said that. ❜
❛ i just want some pizza rolls and a summer body. ❜
❛ swear to fucking god, play that shit one more time and i will curbstomp you with this fucking bible. ❜
❛ oh god, i think i’m gonna throw up. and this time i’m not exaggerating, so like, if you could be awesome and get me the trash can, that’d be great. ❜
❛ do you ever just wanna be eaten out? not, like, sexually. by a cannibal or something. ❜
❛ sometimes i cry when i see really good cinematography! leave me alone! ❜
❛ no, no, no, no, no —— it’s fake blood, see? fake! please stop yelling! ❜
❛ ever fought a bear? ❜
❛ not my fault you’re a dirty, illiterate werewolf. ❜

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happy Hour- Pt 2.

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Words: 2,587

Summary: Captain Pierce suggests somewhere to go on a run, and Simon walks her back to her room.

Warnings: Flashback with gore, Swearing, Kissy kissy?

Author’s note: Thanks for all the notes on chapter one, this is longer than the first, and I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it.

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A different side

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Tama Tonga x Reader for @lclb12 @bizclizbaybay

Request: Fluffy Angst

I love Japan. I love the atmosphere. I love the culture. I absolutely love everything about the wrestling promotion that they have there, NJPW. The promotion has built a platform for many wrestlers and they are creating future legends in the pro wrestling world and its amazing to witness that. Not only that but they also let wrestlers express their creativity and not shut down anyone’s ideas which is beautiful. So when Adam Cole and I finally got the opportunity to go with The Young Bucks we didn’t second guess it. We wanted to experience what past and present Bullet Club members experienced.

We had finally arrived and even after the long exhausting plan ride I still felt this high from excitement. We were finally in this beautiful country and I couldn’t help but have this joyful bounce in my steps as I walked along side Adam. Gazing around the beautiful airport I started sipping on some water when a camera was suddenly shoved towards my face causing me to momentarily stop walking. Focusing my attention to the person who was holding the camera I noticed it was Matt. He had this expression on his face that I had grown all too familiar with. He was about to be a little shit and it was going to be on tape. Closing my bottled water I waited on the older Jackson to speak.

“-Y/N how does it feel to just be a few minutes away before you are face to face with the love of your life Tammma Tongaaa!!” Shit. Fuck! I was so caught up in the excitement of going to Japan that I forgot about that insufferable man. I am fucked.

“Hey Matt! Maybe we can save the teasing for later? It is waaay too early for this shit! How about you film something else?” Thank you Adam you beautiful beautiful human being. Matt letting out a soft laugh and a quick apology decided to catch up to Nick who had slightly wandered away from us.

I started to panic. How was I going to survive a week with the man that got under my skin instantaneously. He was rude. Being the only female member in the Bullet Club made me a target for his crude remarks. He was cocky. Fuck was he cocky! He believed he could get any woman to get on their knees for him. He was the bane of my existence. Yet I was stuck between wanting to hit him as hard as I can or just fuck him to oblivion. Yea I was soo fucked.

My thoughts started to drift and I was starting to get hot when I pictured having my way with him in the middle of the ring. Or maybe in the BC’s locker room. Better yet it should be in Los Ingobernables de Japon locker room just to fuck with them further. God I wanted to do many many many things to that insufferable man. But I can’t…he is an absolute vile man to me. I refuse to be another notch in his belt. He has to earn me. Show me that there is more to him and that his crass behavior is merely a facade. Feeling an arm around my shoulders caused my internal battle to cease. I tilted my head up and noticed the sly smile on Adam’s face almost as if he knew what I was just thinking. I wouldn’t have doubt it either; he was my best friend after all. He has heard numerous rants and conflicting thoughts that I would spiel about our fellow BC member. He has heard it all. He made a slight tsk sound muttering how I needed to just make a move already. Giving him a slight shove and ruffle to his tied up hair I started to relax under his arm as we started walking again trying to catch up to the Jackson brothers.

Japan please be good to me because I know that Tama Tonga will not be.

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Anonymous said: soldier 76 with a reader who was captured by talon? pls i love pain

Originally posted by cablesdepiedra

Warning: Torture scene and coarse language ahead

((Anon I love pain too. I’m very extreme with these so i’ll have to put a warning up. I’ll have a small torture scene and there will definitely be some coarse language. considering how i saw a movie today in school about war i got this -Mod Tez))

It has only been four hours since the soldier had found your watch and weapon on the ground, but the watch had stopped eight hours ago. Eight hours since the enemy, Talon, had caught you and they have been attempting to pry information from you. Such things as where Overwatch agents resided and where they could get information themselves was definitely what they wanted.

But you always kept quiet, your lips would’ve remained sealed and the lions craved for their prey to scream. Jack knew that. He knew they’d try to break you, make you scream in pain and Talon doesn’t mess around. If you didn’t budge, Jack would lose you, and he has lost too many friends to Talon.

Jack Morrison would’ve waited for back up, but Jack Morrison was dead. The soldier gunning down the enemy with no back up and leaving no Talon member alive is nothing resembling the farmer boy from Indiana, or the young man in that soldier enhancement program. All this soldier had in mind was to save his partner. The one who held him close every night when he dreamed that he burned to hell with Gabriel, that neither of them arose from ashes as old dogs and monsters. The one who told him he still has a heart of gold and that he mattered. Now he finally had to pay back for all the times you saved him from harms way.

You ended up waking up sprawled on the cold floor, feeling numb and at most, forgetful. You didn’t know where you were until you felt the grip on your hair tighten and the static in your ears buzzing out to yelling and sirens wailing, “I said. Where is the fucking soldier you stupid cunt?!” the man looming over you roared, wincing at his voice, you groaned and finally felt how numb your body was. But you wouldn’t give up any moment soon. You snarled and spat blood on the Talon mercenary, “Go suck on your mama’s tit you fucking ba-” your insult was cut short by the Talon soldier, who punched your face hard, opening your already busted lip further. His grip on your hair was iron tight as he dragged you over to a wet patch on the floor.

You suddenly felt dread as the mercenary cackled above you, “Enjoy your bath shit stain…” he sneered and slammed your head underwater in a small tub. Your head hit the bottom of the tub harshly and suddenly your vision was growing blurry and the ringing came back as you felt your body growing limp. In a weak attempt as your head was pulled up you screamed, “76!” and your head was once dipped in the tub again, the cold water making you panic as you started losing your breath. Everything went black.

You awoke to something hot falling on your face, “…e…se, d….. ne” you heard fragments of a broken sob and you groaned. Opening your eyes you came face to face with beautiful, but bloodshot, azure eyes. You felt a warm hand gently grace your cheek and travel to your head, lingering over something that made you wince, and finally move to the back of your head, “J-Jack… You came… You came for me…” you sleepily said as you saw a small smile grace his aged face as he closed in and rested his forehead against yours. You felt him rub small circles on the back of your head, “You’re the strongest soldier there is (Y/N)… And I never want to lose you again. I love you so much…” he whispered as he pressed feather light kisses around your face before pressing a lingering and loving one on your lips.

Marry Me, Negan - Chapter 5

Title: Marry Me, Negan

Synopsis: Being tired of constantly having to fight for your life, you decided to offer Negan a proposal. A marriage proposal.

Characters: Negan x You/OC

Warnings: SFW, swearing, eventual smut


Note: Took me a while to get this done, hope you all would enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 5 - Moody AF

Negan finally stopped teasing you in the car, he must’ve noticed how extremely off your mood was during the ride. You had caught him stealing glances at you a couple of times, probably to check whether it was fine for him to open his mouth and talk to you. The truth was, you were still pissed off at him for what he did. Sure, he wasn’t all to blame since it was technically you who decided to be daring out of the blue. However, that didn’t mean he could just walk out on you like that and leave you all embarrassed for failing at Seduction 101. His rejections made you wonder what his real reason was for not wanting you to become one of his wives. Whatever it was, you were sure it’d hit you. Most likely in a negative way.

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