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5 Ways to Feel Better in 5 Minutes

I know at least one person who has lost all motivation now that summer has begun. There’s something about not being in a regular, structured environment full of like-minded peers that just kinda brings people down, you know? However, you don’t have to succumb to feeling gross now that summer is here. Here are five tips that can be completed in five minutes to make life feel a little better.

Wash your face.

It doesn’t have to even be a full wash. In summer, sometimes a facial wipe-down with a damp cloth can do wonders. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, and it can help energize you to do whatever you wanna get done.

Put away three items.

Right now, look to your right and put away the first three items you see that are out of place. You can keep going if you want. It’s not required, though! Just three seems to be enough for me to feel useful but not put-upon. Plus, now your living space is three items tidier, which is good for morale.

Light a candle and watch it flicker.

Meditation is boring. That’s fair. However, watching a candle burn is similar, in that it allows your mind to empty out and focus on nothing. I could watch a fire burn for ages, lost in my thoughts. Plus, most candles smell nice. Bonus!

Change clothes.

If you’re in a summer funk, I’d bet money you’re wearing at least one article of clothing that you’ve been living in for about a day too long. Go change, now. I feel the most human on days where I dress nice and wear my fancy linen cardigan. You probably have a similar outfit. Go wear it.

Drink a glass of water.

I have once again lost my good water bottle, so I have a new one coming in the mail. Until then, and for the past few weeks, I will be and have been dehydrated. Dehydration can mess with your head in a bunch of ways, none of them good. My willpower decreases, I get lazier, and I don’t sleep as well. So drink a glass of water for me and maybe we’ll both feel better.

Obviously none of these are cure-alls or quick fixes for something more than a minor slump. But for a quick mood boost, there’s few things I’ve found that are more effective. Go kick that summer slump’s butt. You got this!

Random Lloyd Headcanons

Because I can. 

  • Has the biggest room in the temple, like no one, can fight me on this. He definitely went ‘MINE!” when he saw it.
  • Needs glasses, I mean c’mon. His original design had glasses, he probably refuses to wear them to the point that none of the Ninja actually know he needs them. So he wears contacts instead.
  • Gets called ‘Kid’ by Nya and Ronin, and doesn’t mind it one bit.
  • Wasn’t ok with his Mother and Uncle dating (ANDREASON CAN MEET ME AT AN IHOP PARKING LOT!)
  • Definitely, has a tabby cat called Fritz cus he’s a nerd and I love him.
  • Counts the days until he’s eighteen so he can adopt all the orphans in Ninjago.
  • Intelligent as fuck, like he probably got A’s in the non evil subjects at school.
  • Genuinely interested in Nya’s projects.
  • Was crushed when he found out Samurai X wasn’t Nya again.
  • Finds Ronin surprisingly easy to talk to.
  • Sick of not being taken seriously by the team other than Zane and Nya.
  • Has definitely worked out how to kill them all and get away with it.
  • Knows who he’d save in a fire.
  • Makes weekly visits to the hospitals and Orphanages of Ninjago.
  • Has his expenses worked out.
  • Asked Ronin to teach him how to drive REX, and didn’t get shoved out the door like the others sans Nya who knows because she worked it out.
  • Lloyd hates his middle name, and wants to know where it comes from but Misako won’t tell him.
  • Investigates everything in Wu’s room after the Time Twins incident.
  • Always takes Wu’s words with a pinch of salt, and never really believed anything his uncle said.
  • Needs a holiday and a best friend.
  • Please.
  • Definitely got a book on how to prank the Ninja.
  • Misses his Dad more and more each day.
  • Plans to find out everything he can about Garmadon’s life.
Let me tell you a story about being an out lesbian in the 90s, and how it relates to Overwatch

I went to my first lesbian bar in 1999, a day after I turned 18. 

I was so excited. I’d never been to a lesbian bar before, and as all my friends were straight I was really excited be around people like me and be with ‘proper’ lesbians. I’d seen all the movies. I’d read all the fanfic. I’d been imagining what it was going to be like: I was going to my first lesbian bar!

I dressed up. I put on my best dress - pink and blue floral print - did my makeup and my hair, and I even painted my nails. I agonised over what shoes to wear (because I thought I’d probably do a lot of dancing) but settled on heels anyway because I liked how they made my legs look. 

Then, I got in my tiny old beaten-up car and drove for an hour to Collingwood, which is where most of the lesbian venues were in Melbourne back then.

I found a park ages away and walked through the dark towards a big old pub in the middle of a suburban street. A rainbow flag was flying outside it. It was so exciting to walk underneath it and go inside. I showed the bouncer my ID (which he scrutinized because I always used to look really young), and then stepped inside my first lesbian bar!

I… didn’t get the reception I’d hoped for.

Everyone did look at me, but I quickly realised it wasn’t with warmth and welcome like I was expecting. Not at all. 

There weren’t too many people in there yet because it was reasonably early, but there was probably at least 20 and none of them looked anything like me. They all had short hair (or long hair very perfunctorily tied back), and at least half of them were wearing Blundstones, they were drinking beer and honestly looked like the roughest bunch of women I’d ever seen in my life. I could see on their faces that none of them approved of me. Their eyes dipped to my dress, my heels and especially my nails, and silently said, “Oh, honey, are you lost?” A couple of them leant in a whispered to each other - snickering and glancing at me. 

It was plain as day: I wasn’t welcome here. I turned around and rushed out again, ran to my car and burst into tears. 

I’d waited 5 years to do this, to be allowed in there. I’d come to this place to feel part of something, to feel part of the community and like I’d finally found my people. Instead, I felt rejected and isolated by the people I was expecting would welcome me with open arms. 

Because I wasn’t butch, I was treated with suspicion. Like a lesbian tourist. Just like straight people, lesbians assumed I was going through a phase and would eventually end up with a guy.

My depression got pretty bad after that. 

This suspiciousness is something that until about 10 years ago I came up against all the time: constantly needing to prove my queerness because I didn’t look like a stereotypical lesbian. For years, ‘butch’ was the only reference for real, legit lesbians. We weren’t allowed to be any other way without being punished and treated with suspicion by the lesbian community (or told we were slaves to the patriarchy, that we needed to ‘liberate’ ourselves from the oppressiveness of feminine clothing, and if we didn’t then we were still trapped in a cycle of trying to be attractive to men etc). 

Now, butch lesbians were only trying to protect themselves from all the shit they face from heterosexual society (because they still are denied their womanness today, and are still considered ‘ugly’ and a comical stereotype, even these days, and even by other lesbians) - but I was collateral damage in that. 

So when I say ‘I don’t want Zarya to be the only lesbian in Overwatch’, I hope you can see why that doesn’t come from a place of butchphobia, it doesn’t mean I don’t like her and I’m not omg super attracted to her (BECAUSE HELLO LOOK AT HER OMG), but is based on a long history of experiences where butch was the only reference available to me for how to be a lesbian. 

I recognise butch lesbians aren’t well represented in the media, but they’ve been overrepresented in my life and were a feature of me feeling very isolated in high school. So yeah, if she’s going to be gay, my personal hope based on my personal experience is that she isn’t the only lesbian, because I spent a decade of my life feeling like she was the only way I was allowed to be a lesbian. I don’t want that reflected in my favourite video game. 

I completely accept and recognise the assertion that there is low positive butch representation in the media, but please don’t delegitimize my opinion by dismissing it as butchphobia. 

Get to know me

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Nickname: Hajimama, duh ;P

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 165 cm

Last thing You Googled: ‘Tarte flambeé’ (Because I was super sure it got it’s name from a place for whatever reason)

Favorite Music Artist: Hard to tell… Probably Placebo

Song Stuck In Your Head: None, for once! 

Last Movie You Watched: Phantom of the opera (I didn’t like it but @assistent-official made me watch it)

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Oh that’s kinky ;) Ripped jeans, a grey hoodie and a black muscle-shirt

Why Did You Choose Your URL: Because shitposting is funnier with an important sounding URL lol

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Well, I fucked up and this is only a sideblog so….

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: T.A.L.K!

Religious or Spiritual: I’m not really feeling religion for myself, but I’m kinda interested in them from an outsider POV, I guess I’m a tiny bit spiritual, like I kinda believe in something like ‘What goes around comes around’ and ghost stuff sounds pretty fine to me too, so does reincarnation, but then again I’m still skeptical of those. 

Favorite Color: Orange, Blue and Pink!

Average Hours of Sleep: 8-12

Lucky Number: Don’t really have one, I hate numbers tbh lol

Favorite Character: Wiccan, because I feel him on a deeper level, I too, am otherworldy, depressed and gay as fuck

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: two, because assistant hogs the warm blanket :’D

Dream Job: Working at a helpdesk for queer folks

I tag everyone wearing a striped shirt when they see this!

🔮What is Magical and What Isn't?🔮

I hear a lot of baby witches talk about how they aren’t sure if something is magical or not. This makes a lot of sense because the line between magical and mundane can be kind of blurred sometimes. What works and what doesn’t? Can your everyday food be magical? What determines if something is actually magical? All of this stuff can be kind of hard to figure out, and many types of witches will give you different answers. 🌞

Lucky for you, the search is over. The one thing that determines whether or not something is magical is purely you. A lot of witches forget that they alone have an immense amount of power, considering how easy it is to get caught up in all the herbs and flowers and crystals. Although it’s always a good idea to stock up on various magical supplies, you and you alone have more power than all of that stuff. 💡

Something is magical if it is special to you. That’s literally all there is to it. Nobody has to tell you that it’s magical or that it’s going to work. If you have an intent and a purpose, then whatever you will to be magical is instantly magical. That necklace your mom gave you for your birthday? Magical. The weird-looking rock you found in your backyard? Magical. The note your friend wrote you when they were away on a trip? Magical. Because you yourself are magical, you can magic-ify whatever you put your “aura” or power or energy into. ✈️

Yesterday I went outside. I was looking for anything unusual or pretty or unique. I was looking for anything I could use in a spell or ritual of some sort. I found a couple shards of glass, a walnut shell, some stones, pinecones, and leaves. All of these things fill me up with witchy vibes and I truly enjoy just staring at them. I can burn them or spray them with moon water or enchant them or anything I want really. Now, if you asked most people, they would probably say that, no, none of those things are magical. However, that is 100% incorrect. All of those things are magical if you put your natural magic into them. 🌊

Let’s say I have a hair tie. This hair tie is one among the hundreds of other hair ties I have floating around. But one day I decide that this hair tie is better than all the others, and that I’m going to wear it around all the time. Bam. This hair tie is now magical because I have leaked my magic and energy into it to give it meaning and worth. That’s all there is to making something magical. 🌈

However, there are more traditional and in-depth ways to turn something magical. You could do a ritual, you could bless it, you could go out into a forest and bury it under a tree for forty days. You could cast a circle and create a sphere around it to encase the object in a ball of magic. You could soak it in your favorite herbs or lay it out under a full moon. Whatever method feels best to you. I mean, you could even wear a long robe and go out into the middle of the woods and start chanting weird phrases in a foreign language and dancing around the object while pouring blood and moon water over it. That method is not very highly recommended. ⚗️

My point is that magic is where it is created, not where it is thought to belong. Anything works if you wish it to be magical. Everything works. You don’t have to use salt to keep your home safe, you could use your collection of magical hair ties or dried mushrooms or gravel from a road. Just cast a spell or say a chant that gives the object the will to do what you wish, and as long as you’re alive, that magical connection will last and flourish. 🎀

So, in the long run, yes, your daily food can be magical. Your favorite pair of shoes can be magical…also, you are the only true thing that determines if something is magical or not. If you wish magic to be somewhere or in something, cast a spell, say a chant, sprinkle herbs, do your thing. Have fun and happy bewitching! ✨


So, real talk. 

I’ve read a lot of books in my day, but Abarat is probably the first book series that I’ve really, obnoxiously nerded out over. To like Harry Potter fan levels. If merchandise existed I’d probably own everything and I’d wind up on a buzzfeed video about “this ultimate fan who owns every single Abarat action figure what is her problem.” If there was an actual midnight opening for the upcoming book I’d probably be first in line. If Hot Topic sold Abarat t-shirts I would wear them. 

Fortunately none of that exists so I can maintain some level of sanity. 

But anyways thank you Clive Barker for making a book series I can finally get behind. Your welcome. Please release Kry Rising. 

Have a problem with jackson's hair..?

Then leave.
No one is begging you to stay.
No one cares if you leave.
More Jackson for us to actually care and appreciate.

No I’m not a racist nor do I have a grudge against any colored people. I have friends of all races and I love them all. Never once has it ever crossed my mind to think of any of them differently.

Now, I just find it ridiculous that this hair style has caused such problems in the first place. This fandom was peaceful and fun before this situation ( which shouldn’t have been a conflict in the first place) was created. This hair style is something that many people find interesting and fun and want to try for themselves BECAUSE THEY FIND IT GOOD LOOKING! not because they are bashing another culture. Which some might seem to forget.

Jackson isn’t someone to bash another person. This man has accepted all his fans, no matter size, shape, or skin color. He has welcomed all of us with wide and open arms without failing to show how much he truly values us. Yet some of us are threatening him and cursing at him for a style he probably didn’t choose in the first place. Either way it’s wrong and disgusting what some fans are doing to him and I feel ashamed that those people claim to be part of this fandom.

Some might argue that his “apology” was what went wrong but really he must feel betrayed by some of his “fans” for causing this to begin with. He sounded irritated which is understandable considering he is being bashed for something he didn’t cause. He took a picture AND WE created the problem. NOT HIM.

Before you see my profile picture and say “ur not black therefore you can’t speak”

Well even if Jackson had worn a poncho and sombrero talking bout some “let’s go eat some tacos” I would encourage him into taking deeper interest in my race and culture and even educate him further on how amazing it is to be Mexican. Maybe even explain that Mexicans don’t really wear ponchos and sombreros and that it’s just stereotype someone created . However I would not go as far as telling him how wrong it is to take something from another culture and trying it out for himself. He is representing me and my family and I would feel proud! Someone like Jackson, a kind and honest person, showing his fans how cool it is to be Mexican! What an honor!Could you imagine?
Wait, probably not, bc someone might take that opportunity and instead turn it into something it is not.

And I just Don’t know why you are now noticing this trend within other races…It’s a popular thing..
I’m from California and Ever since I was young I have seen many skater guys wear them!!Go to the nearest skate park and count how many people wear this hairstyle. Then count how many conflicts there are with the colored skaters.

I’ll help you out.

Go ahead. @ me and yell at me but it won’t change what I have said. I have an opinion and I understand that everyone might not agree with me. I will gladly read your explanation as long as you see my side of the argument as well, and I will do the same. There is nothing wrong with Having your own opinion and sticking with your beliefs. What is wrong is acting ignorant and threading and cursing to get your point across. Nothing good comes from that. So if you are a colored person who found my argument insulting and would like to speak to me then of course I will listen to your voice and have a well behaved conversation with you. Even if I don’t agree I will not bash you bc I might not understand your view point but I will at least hear you. And who knows? Maybe we could end up feeling the same way afterwards? Whatever it may be

Big Bang Reacts to You Showing Up at a Fan Meet Pretending to Be a Fan Girl

Hey guys! So, this is the second request I’ve received. I have some background to establish with this one, so it would probably make more sense if you read that before reading the reaction. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES OR GIFS USED, I SIMPLY FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


     Anonymous:  Bts and Big Bang react to you going to one of their fan-sign events pretending to be a fangirl

     Background: For this reaction, it is going to be assumed that your relationship is public. The staff of the event are all in on it but none of the members know. You are wearing a Big Bang t-shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask. The order they’re in will stay consistent so that I can keep track a little easier, so from the starting point of the line the order is: Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang, TOP, and then G-Dragon. It is also assumed that you are good friends with all the other members.

1. Top

     “Oh my gosh! I’m suck a big fan of your music! Saranghae, Oppa!” You would say, making a heart with your hands, your voice coming out higher than normal. 

     “Thank you,” he would say, making a heart back. Before you move on, you would raise your sunglasses and wink at him. His eyes would widen in recognition as you moved on to G-Dragon.

     As you watched TOP’s expression, you would probably end up saying something sassy to G-Dragon, causing him to instantly recognize you. He would burst into laughter. 

     When you were about to leave the stage, TOP wouldn’t be able to stop himself from running up to you and pulling down your mask. He would press a quick kiss on your lips before pulling your mask back in place, shocking everyone but G-Dragon, whose smirking. G-Dragon would grab a microphone and gesture to you both. 

     “Seunghyun-hyung’s girlfriend, Y/N!” he would announce before sticking his tongue out at you. TOP would laugh and pull you into a hug. 

     “Sorry, Jagi. I tried not to but you just look so in Big Bang gear,” You would roll your eyes at that as you leave the stage, knowing that he did it to embarrass you.

2. Taeyang

     “I really like your music, Oppa,” You would say as you hand him a copy of one of his albums to sign with a small note on top. When he shot you a confused look, you would motion for him to open it.

     “I love you, Oppa,” the note would say. He would recognize your handwriting instantly and look up at you in shock. His expression would morph into one of his famous eye smiles as he quickly signs the album. His fingers would brush yours as he gives it back, slipping the note into his pocket.

     “I love you too, Jagi,” the writing says, causing you to smile. You pull down your mask to blow him a quick kiss before moving on to TOP.

3. G-Dragon

     “Your so handsome, Oppa. It’s really not fair,” You would say, smiling behind the mask.

     “Thank you,” he would respong, a flash around your neck catching his attention. He would recognize the ring on the chain, blowing your cover. He would look up to see that the sunglasses your wearing are also his. He would grab your hands and pull you close, a smile on his face.

     “What are you doing here, Jagi?” He would murmur, raising an eyebrow at you. You would just laugh in response. 

     He would kiss the tip of your nose before taking off the sunglasses and sitting them on the table. Once he sits back in the chair, he would wink at you as he put them on. You roll your eyes and squeeze his hand one last time before heading off the stage. Of course, we all know he wouldn’t let it end like that. 

     “I love you, Jagi!” He would yell into the microphone, causing you to blush and duck your head, hurrying away. 

4. Daesung

     “You have such a pretty voice, Oppa, and you’re so handsome. That’s why you’re my favorite,” You would lean forward on the last part and lower your voice like you were telling him a secret. 

     He would blush at your words. He probably wouldn’t even realize that it was you until you took off your sunglasses and lowered your face mask to mouth the words,” I love you.”

     He wouldn’t want to draw attention to you, so he would probably just make a heart with his hands and do a dorky little dance in his seat before you had to move on to Taeyang.

5. Seungri

     Now, this little shit would know all about your plan. He either overheard you talking about it or someone let it slip in front of him. He has a knack for finding people’s secrets. The second he sees you approaching, he recognizes you. He would grab you and pull you up on stage with him. 

     “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? I just thought everyone should know that my Jagi decided to come and visit, so be sure to her as well because she will be here for the rest of the fan meet,” His main goal will be to embarras you as much as possible. He would strip you of your hat, sunglasses, and mask, sitting you in a chair next to his.

     His hand would be touching you the whole time, either holding your hand or resting it on your knee. When a fan asked him to sing a song, he would sing a cheesy love song to you. At the end of the meet, he would give you a quick kiss.

     “Thank you for coming, Jagi,” He would murmur, hugging you tightly.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. My inbox is open if you had any requests!!

Something I noted about the S2 Matsu announcement picture (that I may or may not be looking too deeply into) is that the boys aren’t wearing their standard hoodies.

…Okay so Ichi probably is, but the others’ outfits have caught my eye. Oso and Kara are wearing hoodies, but they’re not the hoodies. Meanwhile, Choro and Totty have completely new looks. And Jyushi isn’t wearing anything lol but seeing the stuff Choro’s holding up for him, none of them are Jyushi’s regular hoodie either.

In fact, none of their regular hoodies can be seen in the announcement picture (again, with maybe the exception of Ichi). There are various clothes on the racks behind them, but none of them look like the regular Matsu hoodie.

I may be completely wrong and might be looking too deeply into it, so don’t quote me on this, but… Maybe the boys’ default outfits in S2 won’t be their hoodies anymore? Maybe we’re looking at (for some at them, at least) their new default outfits?

I mean, we’ve had photos of the boys changing into different outfits outside of their default hoodies before, and we have so many alternate outfits for them already from official apps, merch, etc. So it probably isn’t anything new… But at the same time, that they’re doing this for the official S2 announcement has got me wondering if it means anything.

Tbh in my opinion, I really like the idea of their default outfits not being their hoodies again - and I also really like the idea of the boys’ default outfits being different from each other! It breaks the monotony of the almost-six same hoodies haha. Also in a way, it could symbolize the boys slowly finding their own identities completely separate from being identical sextuplets - Oso included - and that they’re slowly but surely growing up…?

…But of course, again, I could be wrong and the new outfits here might just be for promotional purposes :P (That or they actually will be new casual outfits for the boys in S2, just not their default ones.) It’s still a nice thought, though.

The Writing’s on the Wall - part 3

part 1 part 2

“It was long.” She told Finn, as she shoved a few chips straight into her mouth. “Mostly I just remember being drunk and hungry.”

Finn laughed as he nicked some of her brown sauce, “You sure it wasn’t all glamorous? You didn’t meet any handsome, young men? None of the Best Men do it for ya, girl?”

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BTS REACT: To you being really tall

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
Hey!! Would you mind doing a BTS reaction to you being really tall for a girl, like 180cm? Thank you so much! xx

Thank you for the request <3 

Slightly difficult to make this varied because I’m sure none of them would really mind, but they might have been a little shocked when they first met her because 5′9″ isn’t the average height for women in Korea. I tried though! 

As a reference (this is by no means official or correct as I can’t go and measure their heights exactly xD)

Rap Monster: 181 cm

Jin: 179 cm

Suga: 176 cm

J-Hope: 177 cm

Jimin: 175 cm

V: 179 cm

Jungkook: 178 cm

Rap Monster: He’s still taller than you by like a centimetre so expect him to use that against you when he can. Although, when you wear heels he’ll probably feel the need to shut up. Not only does he find your height extremely sexy, he makes sure you do too.

“You’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Jin: He isn’t that much shorter than you, you’re roughly the same height and honestly he just doesn’t care. He loves standing out, so even though his handsome face is more than enough, he’s got a tall girlfriend too.

“Just think of all the couple photoshoots we’ll be doing babe.”

Suga: He’s probably like Jin, he just doesn’t care. He likes you for you, height included. Not much else to say really. If you were ever insecure about it he just wouldn’t understand, and it might even annoy him a little that it bothered you enough.

“And why is your height a “problem” again?”

J-Hope: I don’t think he’d have ever really thought about it. If you ever brought it up he’d probably just laugh it off because it honestly never crossed his mind.

“It’s all good jagiya cause I’m still -J-Sexaaayyyy.” (This living meme I swear xD)

Jimin: I’ll be honest, Jimin might just be a little insecure about the height difference. It’s roughly the same difference between him and Rap Monster, so he’ll definitely be looking up most of the time. But he wouldn’t let that stop him from liking you, because at the end of the day you’re still his favourite person to be around. Although he might ask you not to wear heels.

She’s wearing heels again…it’s okay Jimin, she’s still that girl you fell for, the height thing is just another number. Maybe I should start wearing taller shoes.

V: He’d be a bit like Hobie, he hasn’t thought about the height thing. It doesn’t define you, it’s just a part of you and he loves every part of you. As cheesy as that sounds.

“What do you mean do I think you’re too tall for a girl? How tall is a person supposed to be?”

Jungkook: He’d be fine with it as well. In fact, he’d be really cheeky about it too.

“Even my girlfriend is taller than Jiminie-hyung.”

Meanwhile, in Park Jimin’s head: “JEON JEONGKOOK!!!”


(Tim Drake x Reader)

Summary: When Tim introduces you to his brothers their reaction was not what you were expecting

Requested: yes, by a beautiful anon

Request: So I’ve been stalking your blog for a good two hours 😂🙈 honestly your imagines are so good! So I was wondering if you could write one where reader is tim’s gf and his brothers keep bugging him about having a beautiful gf so she removes his doubts and kisses him in front of them? Can you make his reaction surprised and blushing? Thank youuu

Warning/s: none

The first time you met the famous vigilantes was when you just wouldn’t stop bugging your boyfriend Tim to meet them. Big mistake on your part.

You first met Alfred Pennyworth, the good butler Tim spoke highly of. He was the best man you have ever met and you two got along pretty well.

Next up was the Batman himself, Bruce Wayne. Bruce was, in a word, stiff when he met you. But he soon warmed up to you and the thought of you dating Timmy.

Next it was his brothers turn to get to meet you. You thought you would meet them one by one but were actually greeted with three guys standing in the middle of the living room, smiling kinda creepy at you.

You recognized the one on the far left as Dick Grayson, the first adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the police officer of Blüdhaven and a mayor hunk, as told by your friends. The dark haired, blue eyed sex icon was very well know around Gotham and Blüdhaven by many media. Also he has an amazing ass.

The one standing in the middle and the tallest of the four brothers was Jason Todd. You’ve never actually seen him before but know what he looks like from Tim’s stories about him. He was a very handsome man with a white streak in his also dark hair and amazing blue eyes.

The one on the far right and the last brother of Tim was none other than the Gotham Prince himself. Damian Wayne. Now Tim told you that Damian is a complete copy of his father. Not only in his looks but also in his attitude. The little angry one had a nice combed hair and beautiful green eyes.

All four of them were wearing nice suits, probably ordered to wear them by Alfred.

“So, you’re Tim’s girlfriend?” Dick stepped out and asked you.

“I don’t buy it. He probably paid her to pretend to be his girlfriend.”

“I agree with Todd. There is no way that Drake has such a beautiful girl.”

The three of them continued to discuss the probability of you to actually date Tim. “Are they always like this?” You asked Tim. “Pretty much.” He sighed out. You knew he was feeling doubtful because of his brothers and their stupidity. 

“Hey guys!” You yelled which caught their attention, “You say there’s no way I’m Tim’s girlfriend. Well you’re wrong.” You said and turned to Tim giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. 

You two stayed like that for about ten seconds until you pulled away. You looked at Tim who was blushing furiously and surprised at your sudden action, much like his brothers who also had their mouth hanging open. 

“The dinner is ready.” Alfred said to the five of you.

homoorc  asked:

A question for all of you. Which Overwatch males would be the best partners for you. Reaper you have to answer or I'm running Hot Topic out of business. Doomfist could not answer if he wants since he is new.


Reaper: hot topic is already out of business

Reaper: i bought out everything they had before they did

Sombra: Probably “Soldier: 76″, right?

Reaper: he doesnt count

Reaper: hes a vigilante

Reaper: thats different

Sombra: Sure. Well… Doom, you don’t have to answer, but Widow?

Widowmaker: Do they have to be alive?

Sombra: YES.

Widowmaker: None of them.

Sombra: Oh come ON! Guys… well. Genji, I guess? He’d probably be the most likely to help me prank everyone else. That and I could hack him easily. That would be fun.

Doomfist: …I suppose I’ll answer. I don’t particularly like any of them, but I suppose I’d get along best with McCree.

Reaper: damn ingrate

Sombra: …why? He’s a freaking cowboy two hundred years after that was cool. HE WEARS A BUCKLE THAT SAYS BAMF ON IT. HE’S NOT A BAMF.

Doomfist: I won’t argue with that, but

Doomfist: he isn’t afraid of what others think of him

Doomfist: clearly

Reaper: doomfist youre dead to me

Doomfist: Funny you’d say that. You’re dead to all of us.

Monsieur D’Arque

Okay.  I noticed something really interesting during the scene where Belle comes to Maurice’s rescue: Monsieur D’Arque, the one in charge of the asylum, is the only one who’s wearing a wig.  And this got me thinking–where exactly does the asylum rank in respectable businesses?

There is one definite difference between the residents of the castle and the villagers: with the exception of Mrs. Potts and Chip, all the residents of the castle wear wigs.  None of the villagers do.  I don’t know the definite reason behind this (I tried looking), but I can make a guess.  

I think that wigs were worn by people in high places, or by people of power.  This might be due to them being expensive, or just because.  This would explain the musicians’ wigs–they are incredibly well-known and probably very rich.  I think the servants wore them because they were in the presence of royalty and to some extent represented the royal family; they had to fit in with the decor and beauty of the castle, where one thing out of place could result in the whole picture being ruined.

Now to me, D’Arque is definitely one of the villagers.  In BatB 1991, he runs the village asylum and doesn’t exactly look like the most respectable of men.
And his actor is the same guy who voiced Frollo in Hunchback

But in BatB 2017, he makes much more of an entrance than he does in BatB 1991.

He straight-up rolls into town with a carriage drawn by four horses with a really authoritative expression on his face.  This doesn’t seem like the man that conspired with Gaston and LeFou to wrongly accuse Maurice of lunacy–he actually looks a lot more formidable than that.  You could totally believe that this man ran a well-known mental hospital, especially after seeing what the inside of the carriage looked like (it looked like a lot of thought went into containing the supposed “lunatics” that were to be sent there):

From this, I conclude that:

  1. The asylum is a lot farther away than it is in the 1991 version; D’Arque may not even hail from Villeneuve if he needs to come to them rather than they come to him.
  2. The asylum has a lot more money than your average madhouse (or, it wants to appear that way). 
  3. Because of this, D’Arque chooses to make a good impression on…the people he’s carting off to the asylum, I guess. 

But there’s one thing that still makes me question exactly how respectable this whole asylum is, and it’s a line from Gaston: “Ever see the inside of a madhouse, Maurice? You wouldn’t last a week.”

Gaston is fully aware of the horrors that go on behind those closed doors.  I know for a fact that back then, asylums weren’t exactly places where “troubled minds” could heal.  They were terrifying.   So maybe the real reason behind D’Arque’s appearance is the whole “making people think things are going to be alright when they’re really not” shtick.  

I don’t know.  I guess I just found it to be really interesting that this man, known for his terrible position and treatment of “madmen” seems to be in a higher position of respect/power than Gaston, who’s been named a war hero.


Make a wish..

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I ask myself difficult questions when I see him. But I still find myself walking after his footsteps, hoping that he’ll take me to the answers.

My first encounter with Yongguk was on a Sunday afternoon. The skyline has cut the sun in half, redden the sky and the clouds. The atmosphere was fresh but every creatures seemed to have gone back to their home. They were too tired to enjoy this. You might ask why am I here, walking along the bank of Han river with my uniform still on. I’ve always been one of those people who would take a longer route home just to listen to one more song. I didn’t feel like tucking my headphones back into my book bag and returning to the real world yet. So I kept them on and put my playlist on repeat. At least I could still see the beautiful outside world in my own tiny world. Both of them harmonized so well, making me want to stay there for the rest of my days. But something came between my own world and reality that day. A boy with his camera, grabbing every moment of this beautiful sunset as much as he could. His curly hair twirled in the gentle wind. He has on himself a black tee and ripped skinny jeans. He has that bad boy vibe, which is made more obvious by the tattoo on his wrist. He took a few then check his progress, occasionally bloom a smile showing his gums. I didn’t blush, I didn’t smile, but I stared constantly. He fascinated me. Every single movement of his held back a beat of my heart. My feet didn’t hesitate to follow him. The view of his back, wide and thick, exerts a curiosity in me. If I leaned on it, would I ever fall?

“You’ve been following me a whole lot often.” He suddenly turned around, stiffened my feet and glued them to the ground. My head processed quickly all the excuses I could make to not creep him out, at the same time explain why I was following him in a reasonable way.

“I’m sorry… I was just curious about what you were taking?” I stumbled over my words, talked like a five-year-old child who just learned how to pronounce decently.

“Oh really? Here I’ll show you, this is what I’ve taken so far.” He started showing me all the pictures he took. By the skills shown through the pictures, I could tell he was not a rookie in photography. The pictures he took mainly did not include people. They were just pure landscapes, from skies to stars, from flowers to rains. The common calm but thoughtful auras caught my eyes. Joyful was the most positive feeling out of them. He had his name carved on his camera. Yongguk. Bang Yongguk.

Since that day my route back home became longer. I continued to find myself looking at his back as we walk from and to different locations. I wonder if my love for Yongguk’s passion ever ends? The way he looked so happy when he took those photos full of sadness, or even just the pause when he became the photo himself, they all made so much sense to me. He didn’t have to notice me, all he needed to to was just staying there so I can immerse myself into him.

“Hey an you help me with something?” - It’s the first time he asked for my help.


“Can you hold this dandelion and blow it?”

I took the dandelion from his dry hands. Dandelion confuses me. At first they grew as these beautiful golden flowers, so strong and bright under the sun. But after times they changed themselves to something weaker, something more vulnerable until they eventually die. I took a good look at the dandelion on my hand until Yongguk was ready with his camera. I blew on his queue. As if it was something so familiar, wind instantly took all of its pieces away. Who knew where they went? They just float without any concerns of the destination. I heard the sound of camera. He must have taken a lot.

Yongguk put down his camera and stared at me for a long while, long enough that I could sense something abnormal. He approaches me until the distances between us is smaller than the length of my fist. His face lowered to the same level as mine. His breath was hot against my lips, causing it to tremble uncontrollably. He looked deep into my eyes, there were hardly any blinks. My fingers dug deep into the dress of my uniform as I felt my body tensed up. He reaches his hands up and place it on my hair. Then he pulled out something on my hair while giggling. I didn’t understand, my body was still trying to digest this tension down my throat.

“You had a piece of dandelion on your hair.” He laughed, again showing his gummy smile. What could he have been laughing at? The fact that I had a piece of dandelion on my hair or the fact that I was stiff and blushing while he was just inches away? Again, I saw the view of his back and again, I followed.

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He was the highlight of my day, the person whose heart so pure that sometimes even my heart takes advantage of.

I laid my head on Jungkook’s lap, letting the sun run through the leaves and blind my vision. He took his hand to shield the sun away from my eyes. His eyes looked down on me gently. Moments like this sooth my mind, they remind me that happiness is not something complicated.

“You’re going to sleep? - Jungkook asked me just as how the routine should go.

“Maybe.” I closed my eyes, not to sleep, but the feel everything around me better. Somebody once said, not that I remembered who, you feel more if you lost your eyes. When closing my eyes, I could feel the waves of wind brushing against my skin so loud and clear. I could feel the warmth of the sun running through Jungkook’s fingers. Suddenly the world seemed so small, so attainable.
Jungkook is somewhere between a friend and a significant other. We never say the word love to each other romantically, but our relationship screams that we’re a couple. For example, lying on Jungkook’s lap and sleep is something so common for me. Our dates were as much fun as lovers could ever have. We share the same cookie, the same umbrella, the same sweater. Still that doesn’t mean the idea of being more than just friends never came across my mind. I’ve thought of us dating, holding hands, kissing but they were all dust on a surface. They flew away as soon as I swept them. A relationship without destination was how I liked us to be, so that none of us can hurt each other.

“Jungkook can you help me with something?” A female voice awakened me. I turned my head to the source. A girl probably about our age, wearing our school uniform also. I might have seen her somewhere before, but who knew, I was never interested in remembering the girls who were running after Jungkook anyways.

“Okay so what do you need help with?” I got up from his lap and stood straight. My hands fixed my dress and my little red bow tie. My face showed no interest in her and it frustrated her I could tell, more than that the scheme wasn’t just asking for help.

“I was asking Jungkook, not you.” She glared at me, giving death eyes like bullets but little did she know, I was bulletproof.

“Jungkook injured his wrist so he can’t help with anything now. If you need anything just tell me.” She was taken back by both my lifeless expression and my response. Then she looked at Jungkook, waiting for a disagreement but as expected, she got none. Her back turned towards out faces and disappeared into the distance. As for me, I returned to my previous position - lethargically resting on Jungkook muscular legs.

“Hey what if I was really going to help that girl?” He leaned back, propped his hands on the green sharp grass.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m still here.” I spoke with my eyes barely opened.

The sun brightened the darkness under my eyes. The sound of leaves collided like thousand claps. My forehead felt as if someone’s lips printed on it. I still kept my eyes closed and used every other senses to analyze these lips and my emotions. My heart races faster than horse, louder than thunder. Did he hear it? Did he notice how unstable it is?

The next day Jungkook became shyer near me. I could see his little blushes whenever our hands touched, how he sometimes laughed when he looked at me. Unexpectedly, I found these actions cute. I wanted to see more of this side, I wanted to see the Jungkook in love, the Jungkook who gets embarrassed over tiny things. I wanted him to stamp my forehead with another kiss. It was strange. I was changing.

Lately these days, I stopped going home with Jungkook. My destination was Han river and his wasn’t. Jungkook seemed bothered by the fact he didn’t know where I was going and why didn’t I tell him. But he never followed me. He still respect my decisions and show me the attention I want. He always try so hard not to be bothersome to me but he could never hide the truth that’s dominating his emotions. Slowly and slowly, he was bursting out.

“Hey, I have something to talk to you.” Jungkook yelled as he ran to the school gate.

“I have to go now so maybe later okay?” I didn’t look at his face and answered like a habit.

“Can you just go home with me today?” His voice got more serious.

“No. Sorry.” I turned my back to him and walk away. One step… two steps… three steps…

“I like you”

I stopped.

For the anon (who I knew who) requested a Yongguk fluff and @lifehurts-everday (sorry I don’t know why I can’t tag you in) some fluff-ish one shots. I’ll be getting back to smut more in Christmas break so read these to sooth your mind first.

The Last Light: Chapter 5

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

Previous Chapter

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You waited. The noises of his wrath tormented you for minutes as he destroyed the other room and lots of stormtroopers came to check on the situation. The first group immediately ran off when they noticed it was their commander. After that, no other stormtrooper appeared until Ren was over.  

The knight approached you again, followed by stormtroopers. He stopped right in front of you, silent. You waited, your nerves getting the best of you and the shields around your mind started to crumble. You felt him shift, aware of the change. He pushed in, passing through your now feeble mental walls.  

He searched slowly, careful. His presence was soft and calm, the monster didn’t intend to hurt you. Ren gently looked at your recent memories, your meetings, dinners with Hux, the entire incident with FN-2187… And Bucked. When the image of your friend popped on your mind, you felt Ren’s presence flinch. He had done something to Bucked.  

Fed by anger, your mind snapped back at him, throwing Ren’s mental energy away as you entered his head. His shields were down, he weren’t expecting defiance. He thought that, like him, you wouldn’t use full strength. The monster was wrong. You went on him with all the boiling anger you kept deep down, being messier than necessary just to cause him more pain.  

Ren groaned, he tried to chase your presence rather then to shove it away. You stumbled across memories of him destroying things, killing stormtroopers and technicians… Joy. In the middle of all that anger, you felt joy. You searched for the source of it and found a rather dark memory.  

It was an interrogation room. Cold and uncomfortable; the smell of sweat and blood just made it worst. You were seeing the entire scene by Ren’s eyes. He was pacing back and forth, feeling happy, but conflicted. He didn’t know what to do. He turned to look at the interrogation table, the  mutilated body of Bucked laid there, immobile. Dead. Ren called a trooper and ordered something. Incinerator.  

The shock and grief made you fall on your knees, abandoning the monster’s mind and vomiting your breakfast at his feet. You couldn’t take it. Not again. After what happened at the temple, you promised to protect the ones you held dear. You had failed again. You were angry, but not at yourself. It was all his fault. Ren’s. The evil creature. The monster.  

“How could you?!” You yelled at him, hitting his chest repeatedly. He didn’t react at first, shocked by your little outburst.  

“Ayn…” He said with the characteristic robotic voice, holding you still with a strong grip on your arms.

“Don’t call me that!” You hissed and fought Ren’s iron grip, kicking violently. “Let me go!”

“The sedative, now.” The knight growled at the troopers.

You yelled louder, kicking those who tried to approach you. Unfortunately, Ren held you firmly and you weren’t able to avoid the needle much longer. It touched your neck and you felt dizzy, weak. As your vision started to darken, Ren whispered something to you. Calming words. You felt like a padawan again. A padawan mad in love for her master, falling asleep on his arms.  

You woke up on a smooth surface. The strong smell of cleaning products would give you a headache later, but at least they helped you to locate yourself. The med bay. You tried to move your hands, but they were locked at the bed. The sound made by the chains called the nurses attention. They made weird scared sounds and run to call the doctor in charge of you. When he came, the monster came with him. They stopped by your side and you heard a clicking noise you couldn’t identify.

“As you see, commander.” The doctor said. “She does not react to the light, she’s completely blind.”

It was one of those small lanterns, then.  

“Is there any way for her to be able to see again?” He asks, no emotion on his voice.  

“We could buy artificial eyes.” The doctor said calmly. “The Old Republic used them on their clonetroopers during the clone wars.”  

“Can you do the surgery, then?” Ren’s hand touched your arm.  

“We can’t, sir.” For the first time, the doctor was nervous. “The budget team ranked artificial eyes an non necessary expense.” He made a brief pause. “We have none on board and none of our sources are specialized on manufacturing them.”

You wondered what happened to the stormtroopers who came back blind from the battles. They were probably terminated, you were sure of it.  

“When the sedative wears off completely, send her to my quarters.” The monster comes closer to you, its mask touching your cheek. “I have to go on a mission, I’ll be back soon.”

“I hope you die.” You whispered as he walked away.

When he left the med bay, you asked the doctor if he was going to do any more exams. You received no response. Asshole. You closed your eyes, deciding that sleeping would be the best option.  

Until someone decided to storm into the med bay with at least ten stormtroopers.  

I bet it’s Hux.

“Well, resistance scum!” It was Hux. “It seems like you have fooled me, Anahita.” He says with disgust. “Is that even your real name?”

“No.” You murmured.  

He hissed, but said nothing. The stormtroopers surrounded you and pulled you out of the bed violently. You did not react when they put the electric collar around your neck, just remained emotionless, ready to accept what Hux planned to throw at you.  

“Won’t you say anything?” The general spet.  

“I have nothing to say.” You answer, your face turned to him. “Just like your soldiers here, I was doing my job.”

“Your job.” He hissed. “Take her to the detention center, lock her up away from her friend.”

Oh. Mara was alive. You held back your tears. No crying. No weakness. You had to stay calm.  

You needed to rest if you wished to save Mara.  

The cell you were in was rather clean. You had an awful bed, a toilet and a simple table for you to eat. You remained there for hours until someone came to give you food: Rice, peas and water. At least it wasn’t just bread. You ate quietly, not stopping to use the Force even once; you wanted to know everything everyone was thinking.  

None of the First Order workers had any type of protection around their minds, so it was an easy ordeal to listen to them all day long. You found out that Mara was going to be interrogated soon by general Hux himself by listening to the trooper’s gossip. That’s why you had decided to act as soon as possible.  

You were now at the second day of your confinement, waiting for the stormtrooper who bought you food. You had a plan and you hoped it worked, because you could get yourself and Mara killed if it didn’t work, but it was worth trying.  

The door opened and you turned your head towards the sound of it. The trooper was scared of you, the blind Force user who tried to kick Commander Ren to death. The trooper placed the plate of food at the table and you made your move.

“You will remove my collar.” You said, your voice heavy with the Force.

“I will remove your collar.” No defiance, good.

“You will take me to Mara and set her free.” You continue as  he removes the collar.  

“I will take you to Mara and set her free.” He answers obediently and opens the door, rushing you through the right path.  

Since you were being escorted, no one on the corridors dared to say something, allowing you and the trooper a rather calm trip to Mara’s cell. Apparently, Hux ordered her to be locked up as far away as possible from you. The trooper stopped and inserted the password, oppening the door.

“My lady!” Mara said loudly. “I thought you were-”

You used the Force to shut her mouth.  

“We must be silent now.” You whispered and pointed up. “We most flee using the air system.”

“I need a weapon.” She comes closer. “If we find any trouble.”

“Take the trooper’s.” You use the Force to open the vent. “We most be quick.” You jump into the air system, holding your hand down to Mara.

“Fucking Jedi jumps.” She murmurs as you pull her up. “I wished I could do it.”

You smile.  

“Let’s go…” You carefully crawl. “I will follow the pilot’s thought until we reach the landing area.”

“You are coming too, right?” She followed you.

“No.” You whispered, knowing that she wouldn’t like it. “If I go, they will follow us and I want you to be free and far away from these people fuckery.”


“Shh!” You stop and so does Mara, someone was walking right below you.  

“Take the handmaiden to the interrogation room, I will talk with the Force user myself.” It was Hux.

“Yes sir.” The trooper answered.

“Fuck.” You hissed as they walked away. “Hurry.”

Mara remained silent even after the sirens went of, warning the entire base that you two escaped. It became easier to move with all that noise and you didn’t need to stop moving even once. You stopped moving at one point, unaware of where you were, exactly.  

“Mara…” You whisper to her. “Do you know where we are?”  

She moves before answering.

“I see the starfighters.” She whispers back. “But there’s too many people…”

“Shoot something that will most likely explode if you do so.”  

“What?” She kind of yelled and whispered at the same time. “It will cause a commotion.”  

“Exactly.” You smile at her.

“If you’re saying so…” She stays silent for a few seconds. You hear de blaster, followed by the explosion. “Just wait a minute, everyone is still running.”

You waited, listening to the despair bellow you.

“We can go.” Mara says and opens the vent, jumping down. “Come on, I’ll guide you.”

You fall graciously, making almost no noise.  

“Lead the way.” You whisper.

“The closest starfighter is this way.” She holds your hand as you both try to reach the Starfighter without being seem.  

“They have trackers.” You remember suddenly. “Mitaka told me all First Order ships have trackers in case they are stolen, you’ll have to remove it before you leave.”

“Shit.” She cursers under her breath. “It will take a while…” She stops walking. “Since you don’t want to come with me, stay here and distract them when I am ready to go.” Mara hugs you. “I’ll miss you.

"I’ll miss you too.” You hug her back. “Now go, and don’t forget the tracker.”

She hesitates, but runs towards the starfighter as fast as lightening. You know she’s already inside of it as you can feel her frustration while searching for the tracker. You hear footsteps approaching and you mentally rush Mara, afraid she wouldn’t make it.  

But of course she did.

The sound of the starfighter being turned on was music to your ears.  

“They are trying to escape!” Someone screams. “Shoot it down!”

You use the Force to throw the man away, drawing everyone’s attention to you. Good. You quickly hide behind boxes as the stormtroopers start shooting at you, but one of the blaster shots hits you leg. You yell in pain, grabbing your injured leg with one hand and using the other to throw things at the troopers using the Force. You were loosing blood, which was no good.

“Hold your fire!” Hux voice cut the air and the blasters were put to rest. Ren will have your heads if you kill her!“ His footsteps were the only sound. "Ayn, isn’t it?” He asks you from afar. “Surrender, we have no desire to kill you.”

“My. Name. Is. Not. Ayn!” *You practically bark at him. “And you will kill Mara.”

“Your friend has gone into hyperspace, we can’t find her now.” He comes a little bit closer. “Just surrender, Ren has already been warned of your adventure and is on his way back.”  

“Like that is going to convince me to follow you!” You yell full of sarcasm.

“If he finds you here, he will lash out at the troopers.” You felt the soldiers fear rising at those words. “Is that what you wish?”

No, it wasn’t. You chewed on your bottom lip.

“They shot my leg.” You cry out. “I can’t walk like this.

"We shall carry you, then.” He answers and two troopers go near you, rising you to your feet.  

I can’t give up now. You think to yourself. If I look back, I am lost.

R.I.P Bucked.

I took the “if i look back, i am lost” from game of thrones(i remember something like this from the books, but i don’t know if that’s how it was in english because i red them in portuguese. 

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I feel sure that there will be found many graceful and charming girls ready to adopt a costume founded on these principles, in spite of Mr. Wentworth Huyshe's terrible threat that he will not propose to them as long as they wear it, for all charges of a want of womanly character in these forms of dress are really meaningless; every right article of apparel belongs equally to both sexes, and there is absolutely no such thing as a definitely feminine garment.
—  Oscar Wilde, More Radical Ideas Upon Dress Reform

If I become some sort of activist in the future I know I’m going to use my privilege as the stereotypical nb person to help those that don’t fit the stereotype. I use they/them pronouns but I will say how a nonbinary person can use he/him or she/her or Neo-pronouns, or multiple sets or none at all. I am white, but I will say to listen to nonbinary people of color, say that my experience also includes white privilege and was probably very different from any nb poc. I am (want to be) a vaguely masculine androgynous person, but it’s important to know that there is no one way to “look” nonbinary, that an afab person can wear dresses and make up and long hair and an amab person can wear suits and have short hair and grow a beard and that doesn’t make them any less nonbinary than someone like me. I think the most important part of being an advocate is to look at what privilege you do have and speak out for those who don’t have it, without speaking over them. I hope I can do that.