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Everyone complaining about no diamond and pearl remakes

Plz. Calm yourselves. It’s too soon for gen 4 remakes. ORAS literally came out 2 years ago. It was 5 years between HGSS and ORAS. We probably still have a while to go. Everyone cried wolf when Ruby and sapphire didn’t get remakes in generation 5, saying “OH NO WE’LL NEVER GET THEM NOW DX”, but then they happened in the very next generation. So it wouldn’t shock me at all if we had to wait until generation 8 for diamond and pearl remakes. Don’t get me wrong, I want diamond and pearl remakes as much as anyone else, given generation 4 is my favorite generation, but we’ve gotta have a little patience and faith in gamefreak. HGSS came out 11 years after gold and silver, ORAS came out 12 years after Ruby and sapphire, and diamond and pearl only just turned 10 this year. So we’ve probably got at least a year or two to go. But they’ll happen.

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JUNE 2017

This is my monthly page for this month, centered around namJUNE and peachy-pink tones. At the end of the month, I’ll probably add some mementos I come across through the weeks, but for now, this is what it looks like. 

The process of making this photo set probably took an hour and yet I’m still not happy with it….(・・。)ゞ (will probably remake this soon lol)

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What do you think of the idea of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 being completely remade from scratch?

I really do not see that happening any time soon, for several reasons:

  • Sega/Sonic Team has already tried to “””remake””” (a term I’m using very loosely) Sonic Adventure in 2003 and look how that turned out. After that mess they’ve pretty much chosen to “de-exist” the original version on the Dreamcast and use that other turd as true representative of the game, and that is a shame.
  • The localization: they will still be using outdated and badly translated tripe from the past decade and you know it. Contrary to popular belief, localizing games is no small matter. You’d have to pay for the translation, ADR script writers, directors and editors who would work together to create a script that matches the mouth movements in cutscenes, the use of the recording booth, bringing in the voice actors (Roger Craig Smith and co. will be the ones brought for this, by the way; Ryan Drummond and co. wouldn’t be brought back), sound mixing, and all legal mumbo-jumbo to worry about. If dubbing an average anime series costs more than 10,000$ per episode, imagine how much it would cost for a game. That’s way more money than SEGA is probably willing to spend, so I don’t see them making an accurate translation of those games any time soon. I’d rather youse watch my subbed vids because I want views and fame.
  • Completely remaking the games from scratch is not as simple or cheap as one might think. It will still cost millions upon millions of dollars. You may argue that because the games are so popular people might be willing to dip in for the remakes, but do we really know that for sure? There’s always a risk of them not selling as much as SEGA wants or expects to recuperate their budget.
  • Looking at how they remade the levels for Generations I probably won’t be all that thrilled either way because I don’t care for 2D sections and boost gameplay.
  • Not to mention, I never liked Sonic’s model from Unleashed-onwards all that much and I doubt they’d take the extra effort to imitate his SA2 look.
  • The Dreamcast is rolling in her grave. Please let her rest in peace.
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Sadly the Shingeki tour will continue until this december, he has been working on the cd’s remakes/new songs and in 2018 there will be another Attack on Titan anime he might make an opening for too, so it will probably take some time before he has time to work on it :(

It’s not that I don’t like Shingeki but… Give us our King back dammit :’(.

((…I might… Remake this blog soon. I’m coming back into OFF sorta + Quinn is sort of a comfort characer to me. If I do that I’ll probably wipe the blog and start over, give it a new theme and everything…))

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I’m so jelly you have the Crash remakes. I want to replay the third one so bad. ;A; (well… I never actually played it that much I had a friend who played, while I rp’d Coco and she rp’d Crash, so Let’s plays help with the nostalgia too) Anyway this reply was completely off-topic, don’t kill your wrist! :P

Aww when you come visit next time you can play as much Crash as you’d like!!! Honestly as soon as I found out they were out I instantly opened PS4 to buy them… They were practically all my childhood haha~ And yeah!! I’ll try to take care of my wrists ;v;

Hello all! I’m sorry to say this blog will be closing down. I just don’t have the time to commit to an indie right now. I will probably remake in the future (likely under a mumu since I really want to branch into other characters). Feel free to unfollow, and I will probably softblock and clear out this blog soon, as it’s still a main blog for some 1x1s. ILY GUYS!