i will probably reblog this again tomorrow

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again


1. My birthday was today but it’s too late now so you can’t wish me happy birthday HAH! The only things I’ve wished for are money, weed and sushi. The latter two I’ll have tomorrow (hopefully).

2. Saki has an ear infection that we’re currently treating because she loves being a total money drain even though we barely have any. I need to take her back in a few days to check if it’s cleared up completely.

3. My grandma is coming over later this week so I’ll probably take some photos of food and stuff and reblog them here. She also says a lot of good shit, that might make it on too. My grandma is good.

4. Donut is eating and digging as usual and has gained weight again. I suspect he’s eaten every single adult male roach I’ve put into his tank. Rude.

5. Cannoli will only ever either eat or wank, he won’t do both during the same week. He’s very dedicated. He also has a newfound love affair with a small tree stump I gave him.

6. Sorbet is refusing to eat her roaches so she’s currently on her 3rd skipped meal because she’s too fat for me to give in and let her have superworms. She’s pretty grumpy

7. Flan is an eggplant as usual. She’s still trying to climb the image of a column on her background. The other day she got wedged and tangled stuck from it. She perseveres.

8. I’m convinced Biscotti is getting dumber every day with all the launching head first into glass he’s doing. He seems to prefer waiting until one of us is looking before jizzing or taking a shit.

9. Bagel has been up a lot lately but isn’t too interested in food so she’s probably getting back to ovulating again. I’d like it if she didn’t lay eggs everywhere all the time this year but she’s a grown gecko who makes her own decisions.

10. Thanks for comments and messages about Eclair, we really appreciate it. She’ll always be missed but we talk a lot about the good times with her. She was pretty goofy.

On a side note, I had to leave a group chat today because this one person wouldn’t stop being casually racist and generally ignorant so I thought I’d take the moment to say: I do NOT tolerate racism. If you think racism is OK, you’re probably better off somewhere else.

cosette était une condensation de lumière aurorale en forme de femme

FINALLY I FINISHED IT. Well, this started out as like. A doodle. So that I could practice face shading (and in the end, i literally just went FUCK IT i like that background and then turned her into the literal dawn and stars and i think hugo would probably be proud of me)

so i have learned nothing about shading faces, but now I have a painting of cosette as light and stars and dawn. 

Hey guys

Two days ago, I posted banners for all inclusive blogs to use. However, I’ve been informed that including ‘kidheart’ on the banner with cgl and littlespace gave the impression that they fell into the same category. Personally, I don’t know much about any of those groups, but I didn’t intend to label kidhearts as kink, and I’m sorry.

I’m going to delete the original banner post and contact everyone who reblogged it, so it doesn’t spread. I’ll probably make another post with altered banners tomorrow, because I just got off a seven hour shift and lordie I’m pooped.

Again, I’m sorry for my ignorance, kidhearts. I hope you guys can still enjoy my blog :)

so guess who’s probably gonna stay up until 4 in the morning again because she has no self control

anyway here’s a sketch of Nick’s semi-new design for my “author draws often 2k17″ thingy. ill get back to digital soon but my hands arent Ready. i’l color it tomorrow

also im so sad…the new zelda games looks so good but here i am…super broke..rip me

YO guess which print is done and is probably gonna be available at this upcoming MizuumiCon~? This took a lot of work and messing with effects and repainting stuff but I honestly enjoy how this came out! I’m just hoping it’ll print okay. After MizuumiCon, keep an eye out for this at my Storenvy!

Commission Info

Oh also my blog gathered some attention fro 2 pokemon sun and moo posts and my dash lately is kinda slow or filled with things Im not interested in, plus I have a queue which eats posts and need to make this blog slightly more active (properly again) and maybe make new friends soo

If you post

  • Pokemon
  • Haikyuu (kagehina especially omg)
  • Bayonetta
  • Zelda
  • kid icarus
  • video games and anime in general
  • or anything on my tag list –> castaform.tumblr.com/tags <–

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So, it’s still yom tov now, so I know a bunch of the jews on tumblr won’t be able to see this until tomorrow night, but I’m liable to forget I wanted to post this by then.

I really like learning about other families passover traditions, whether something that comes from wherever you’re family comes from that isn’t in other seder traditions, or a family specific thing you do every year that doesn’t happen in any other seder you’ve ever heard of. 

My family, for instance, reads a family history when we get to “בכל דור ודור” (in every generation). We also have a family custom that holds all year ‘round but that a lot of people only experience at the seder which is to serve soup after the rest of the meal. I don’t know where this one comes from, but the explanation is “if the mashiach comes in the middle of the meal, and all you’ve had is your soup, you’ll be hungry all the way to jerusalem, but if all you miss is the soup, it’s no big deal.” Which is just about the most yiddishe explanation i’ve ever heard.

Anyway, I’d love to hear the fun things at your seder!

Hi Taylor!!😇

My name is Meg and I doubt you’re ever going to see this but it’s still worth a shot. So earlier today I got logged out of my old account taylor-boulevard which you followed me on. I sadly can’t get back into the account because of a long story that no one cares about and basically ends in me needing to start writing down what emails I use and the passwords that belong with them!! Anyways I was wondering if your cute little self could follow me again? It would make me soooo insanely happy (and I actually wrote down the correct information this time so this won’t happen again). Again I know you probably won’t see this but just in case I wanted to post this. Also, if anyone else took the time to read this and reblogged it thank you so much! You deserve a gold star and homemade waffles for breakfast tomorrow! ⭐️

P.S. Taylor if you wanted a better reason to follow me again I would just like to inform you that the day 1989 came out I played the album straight through and danced to all of the songs using a giant doughnut raft as a prop. Love ya! taylorswift