i will probably never wear this in public

what I go to school for

     { spencer reid x reader // wc: 807 }
Spencer Reid is good at a lot of things. Not dating a student from a class he once guest lectured for is not one of those things.

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Getting to be a guest lecturer is one of Spencer’s favorite parts of his life. Sure, it’s definitely nerve wracking to stand in front of an auditorium of judgemental college students who rarely ever laugh at his jokes, but there’s something about enlightening the youth of America that makes him say yes to every guest lecturer offer.

Of course, there’s also the fact that he met you while lecturing your Criminology course three semesters ago that makes him very partial to teaching, especially if it’s at your college.

“Are you nervous?”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

You guys threw away your trash and walked out. There was a ruckus across the street so you all decided to go check it out. “What do you think’s happening?” You asked looking at the boys, who just shrugged. 

“The clubs having a half off.” The woman next to us said in between smoking her cigarette. 

“A half off you say?” You asked her. 

“Yeah but you have to be on the list.” She answered. 

“You don’t think they’ll make an exception?” Your eyes got big as if you were a kid who just got told no. 

“Hehe uhm well,” she looked down at you,“ I am a bartender here. I’ll see what I can do…" 

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Smutty Emoji Prompts

Some of these are pretty NSFW, you’ve been warned.

👗 “You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you..?“

💃 “Wow, I didn’t realize you were that… Flexible.”

😏 “I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever even met that asshole.”

😐"Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?“

👄"You better shut that pretty little mouth before I put it to work, baby doll.”

😯"I wasn’t expecting it to be… THAT big.“

🖕"So what if I do wanna fuck you.”

🍬"You taste like fucking candy.“

🦄"I know they’re just stuffed animals but doesn’t it feel weird? It’s like they’re watching us.”

⛓"Are the chains meant for… Me?“

🚿"Baby, I know you’re not trying out the new shower head without me.”

😅"That’s probably the fastest I’ve ever done that.“

🌲"Please, remind me again why we’re having sex behind a tree?”

🎶"I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you moan… It was like a fucking melody.“

😳"I-I just, I wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

🔊"I know for a fact that you can be a helluva lot louder than that.“

🤐"You make a sound and it’s game over baby.”

🐇"We’ve been at it like rabbits, how are you still so horny?!“

🤕"It was so worth the injury though!”

🐎"Saddle up baby girl.“

😉"Did you just look me up and down and then bite your lip? ‘Cause if you did we’re having sex. Right now.”

😠"Your ass is gonna be seven different shades of red after that little stunt.”

👀"You want to watch me do what again?“

👖"Baby, that was my favorite pair of pants and now you’ve ruined them!”

👔"The only reason I wore a tie is so that I can tie you up with it later on.“

🍦"Fuck, all I can think about right now is you licking my cock like it’s that ice cream cone.”

🍸"I can’t help it, martinis make me frisky.“

🎮"Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least 3 times.”

🚙"If I have to pull over, you won’t be able to walk for the next week.“

✈️"Are we really about to fuck in the bathroom of a plane with our parents just outside?”

⛺️ “Do you think they can hear us through the tent?” “Yes we can.”

🏥"Are you sure there’s enough room to do this in a hospital bed?“

💰"That much will get you more than just a lap dance sweetie.”

🎁"If you thought that was your birthday present, then you’re in for a treat.“

📑"Babe, I’m never gonna finish this work if you keep doing that.”

🇫🇷"You want me to speak French against that sweet pussy, baby?“

🛥"Probably gonna have a sunburn on my ass from us screwing in the boat.“

🍀"I have a feeling I’m gonna get lucky tonight.”

👙"I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would even notice.“

💋"I love your fucking lips.”

💄"Baby girl, you know how I get whenever you wear that lipstick, are you trying to kill me?“

👠"Leave the heels on, baby. Just the heels, though.

👮"Isn’t this considered public indecency? We could get arrested!”

😛"Open wide for me, baby.“

👰"I don’t think we’re supposed to be fucking before the wedding.”

a week has passed.

- I used to go to bed every night thinking about how I didn’t pray and will probably go to hell if I died at that moment. I don’t do that anymore.
- I sometimes still say things like “alhamdulillah” and “astaghfirullah” out of habit, then laugh at myself afterwards.
- I don’t care about the “proper” hijab and I’m back to wearing skinny jeans because who fucking cares anymore? I used to feel frustrated whenever I wanted to go out because everything. is. haram. I couldn’t care less anymore… I remember my mom laughing at me because of how strict I was with myself.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I’ve been living in a bubble this whole time. Leaving islam was never an option to me. Growing up, I never dared to even think about it. Living in a country where openly leaving islam probably gets you jailed/killed, I know that I’ll never “come out” in public. But right now, I’m happy, because I finally know what I believe in.

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omg please give the taeny sugar mommy headcanons

OH well since you asked 

fun fact  i had to look up a lingerie glossary to make this lmao 

- Tiffany would send you those lacy bralettes, pink of course, with matching panties and she’d spend lots of time browsing online lingerie stores deciding what would look best on you 

- since they’d usually be on tour or having schedules, she’d ask you to send pictures of you wearing the things she bought you 

- Taeyeon would do the same but with more ,,,, mature lingerie 

- i bet she’d buy you corsets or bustiers and leg garters, probably black 

- they’d also buy you normal clothes too though probably, like massive fur coats and heels that you’d never wear in public, you only wear for them 

-fly you out to wherever they are when they have free time to spend time with you 

-pay off your student loans lmao 

-tiffany would literally buy you anything you asked for if you pouted 

- Taeyeon probably buys you a car like a nice fancy car

- them treating you to fancy dinners and spa days and hotels 

- Tiffany probably would just send you clothes without telling you and like pick out outfits for you to wear 

-idek im not good at this omg i regret 

-sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I am very closeted for safety reasons but I got a lesbian necklace I ordered in the mail today (interlocking astrological symbols) and I will probably never be able to wear it in public but I felt so happy and so beautiful wearing it in my room. being a lesbian is so hard but these little things make me forget for a little while and it's nice

I’m really happy for you!

Missing: Self-Esteem

Ooooh, girl.  Nothing is gonna kill that self-esteem like trying on swimsuits.  Which is a thing I did last night after having my nutritionist meeting.

I have not worn a bathing suit in public in probably more than 10 years.  I live in a landlocked midwestern state, so I don’t get to the beach often.  And the only swimming I have done has been in my grandmother’s pool in Florida during vacations.

I bought a new top and two new bottoms before our wedding a couple years ago in hopes of wearing them on our honeymoon, but I never used them.  I also had a one-piece in my stash from years ago that I loved but never fit.  It should be a size or two higher than what I actually need right now.  Anyway.  I tried on all versions of them last night.  And yikes.

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Y’all, it was bad.  I did not feel cute.  I did not feel confident.  I wanted to cover up with a giant t-shirt.  And I can’t blame the suits.  The suits are cute enough.  They’re not too small.  I mean, they’re not baggy, but I can wear them.  I was really hoping that the progress I’ve made mentally and physically in the last year would carry through to this.  That I would feel confident wearing a swimsuit in public.

I wanted to be Leia.

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But I looked and felt more like Jabba.

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I would have settled for something in between.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty crushed about it last night, and I still haven’t shaken it off today.

Fashion Headcanon - The Grievance that is Leg O Mutton Sleeves

So… I have this super funny headcanon that when Pris is in her… 40s-50s? she is SUPER OPPOSED to the 1890s Leg O Mutton Sleeves:

Like I mean, absolutely REFUSES to wear them. As much as she’s reluctantly relieved to be rid of waddling in 10 pounds of fabric in bustles drapery and hoop skirts, she justifies she still had reasonable arm movement (how would ladies even hug their husbands and children in those balloon-sleeves anyways?). 

So, most probably instead you’ll usually always see Priscilla wearing stylized oriental gowns like Japanese Kimonos and Indian Saris - even in public

She never seems to stop being a scandal even in her golden years, does she?

So in conclusion…

“After looking like I have the behind of a hippopotamus in the name of fashion for 30 years of bustles, I’m not going to be seen now with giant meringues on my arms!!”

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Just... please write Tamaki, the twins, and Kyoya walking in on their S.O wearing their sweater and having major sweater paw syndrome. I would love you so much. 😢

I hope this is what you’re looking for ^^  


“Are you cold, princess?”

You had been unconsciously burrowing into his side, and while he liked it, the tip of your nose was getting redder with every step in the Suoh mansion gardens.    

“Only a bit.”  Already expecting your answer, he swiftly lifts his sweater over his head and hands it to you.  “You should wear it until we get back to the mansion.”

Before you can protest, he shushes you with hand on your mouth and claims “these feeble gusts of cold could never quell the fire in my heart when you’re near.”

“Oh Tama,” you sigh, shaking your head with breezy laugh.  You pull the sweater over and rejoice at the immediate heat it provides.  Hi scent is still lingering in the fabric, which you can’t help but nuzzle your nose against.  It’s big enough to shield your arms and body down to your thighs.  The sleeves, particularly, hang past the tips of your fingers and billow in the wind, which you can’t help but point out. “Perfect fit, don’t you think?” you ask, holding them up to him.

A blush immediately envelopes his entire face and he brings his hands to his mouth to control the impending outburst. He stares at your, burning the endearing image of you in his sweater into his memory.  

“You’re being weird again,” you say, quite used to his panic attacks.  

“Apologies, dearest.  I was just captivated by your exquisiteness.” He tilts his head to get a better look at you and smiles.  “A perfect fit,” he agrees.  


“Hikaru… what are you staring at?”

His eyes narrowed at the sight of you.  “… Is that… are you… wearing one of my sweaters?”

“Well, yeah…I got cold and you have a ton of clothes,” you reply, settling onto his sofa.

He walks around you, scrutinizing your choice from every side.  His sweater is tad long; it goes past your mid-thigh and the sleeves hanging loosely past the tips of your fingers.  The shoulders are too broad so it falls off one shoulder, revealing some skin.    

“Okay, I know I look a little ridiculous but-

“You look good… very cute and adorable,” he announces, giving you two thumbs up and an ear-to-ear smile. “In MY sweater,” he continues, smirking at you while waggling his eyebrows.  

“Oh, get over yourself,” you say, waving a hand dismissively. The motion causes a portion of the sleep to whip you in the face.  You scrunch your face in response and Hikaru snickers, covering his mouth from being too obnoxious.

“Real smooth,” he manages between fits of laughter.  He plops down on the sofa and stretches out, laying his arms behind your shoulders.  “But as much as I love you looking like a fool because of me, there is something I’d prefer.”

You let out a deep exhale, followed by a wary “what?”

His arm pulls you closer to him and he whispers in your ear, “If you took the sweater, and everything really, off.”  

You hold his devilish gaze for a few seconds before holding your arm up and repeatedly smacking him with your sleeves.  “You’re such a perv, Hikaru.”  



“OH WAIT, THIS SWEATER; THIS SWEATER WOULD LOOK GREAT ON YOU!” Kaoru yells from his inside his closet.

“No, this one’s warm and fuzzy on the inside; it’s too late to take it off,” you yell back lazily.  “We’re going outside for a walk, not your mother’s winter fashion show!”  

Kaoru saunters out of his closet with a couple sweaters in tow.  He hadn’t heard you.  “You look cute in everything so it was really hard to narrow it down but-“

“I’m not changing,” you interject, sitting up and crossing your arms.  He finally stops inspecting the clothes to give you a proper retort but it gets stuck in his throat when he looks at you.  

His cheeks light up with a rosy flare as he takes in the image of his sweater on you.  It’s very loose and doesn’t flatter any of the curves that he loves so much about you, but he couldn’t care less.  “Looks a bit long, doesn’t it?” He points to your fingers that are being cut off by the sleeves and gives you a lopsided smile.  

“It’s comfortable,” you reason, pulling at the sleeves.  “It kind of feels like a paw,” you remark, curling your arm like a cat would.  

He grins, and walks over to pinch your cheeks.  

You shirk away, flapping your hands at him.  “What was that for?”  

His smile doesn’t waver as he answers, “You’re just too cute.  I couldn’t help myself.”


“Kyouya, why do you have sweaters stashed in a cupboard in your living room?”

Without turning around, he replies, “… those are… clothes that I’d prefer not to wear.”

You pull them out, gingerly refolding each article after a moment’s glance with a raised brow.  “They’re quite… colorful… and patterned… not exactly what I’d expect you to wear.  And this one’s shoulders look rather lumpy.”

He plucks them out of your hand and gives them a slightly exasperated look.  “My sister knit these a few years ago.  You know how she is when it comes to these sorts of hobbies.”

You hum in agreement, holding up one that isn’t as colorful as the others.  “Aw, this one looks pretty decent.”  You hold it up to his shoulders, gladly proclaiming, “and it looks like it’d fit!”

He frowns at it.  “To be perfectly honest, I would probably never wear it in public.”  

“Oh, then mind if I take it?  I think I could make it work.”  He shrugs with indifference and you pull it over to try it on.  “How does it look?”

Kyouya turns around and studies your appearance.    His hands are drawn to the sleeves that are just a bit too long and stop inches before your fingertips.  The seconds of silence to such a simple question is disconcerting.

“It’s too long…” he comments dryly.  

“I could roll them up?”

“No need.  You pull it off well,” he smirks, tossing you a flirtatious smile.  “You’ve never looked bad a day in your life; a shoddy sweater could never diminish your beauty.”  

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totallynotapumpkindonut replied to your post “It’s super awesome when your favorite author has the same viewpoints…”

i can imagine him wearing skirts and being lazy about wearing clothes in general but ONLY around the house. NEVER in public.

welllllllll yeah, i can see it but i don’t think he’d really have a reason to buy a skirt just for being lazy around the house, he’d probably just steal kuroo’s shirts or something.

I hate those people who, after all these years are still angry with Freddie for not going public with his AIDS to ‘help people and raise awareness’. 

Why should he? He was private…can you imagine it? Him coming out onto some balcony like the Queen of England to make an announcement? ‘Hello darlings come and look at what this hideous virus has done to my body? Wear condoms dears!’ NO.

Why can’t people get PRIVATE into their heads?! It was against his personality type to do that and I can’t believe people expected that of him, a man who didn’t talk to the press that often to just come out and open himself up to public attack, ridicule and shame like that. The stigma must have been awful. If you think he should have gone public, then you know nothing about him as a person.

Some people have never forgiven him. Give him a break! He wasn’t obliged to do that for anyone. And his death probably did a lot to raise awareness about AIDS/HIV. Well we know it did. A new charity grew out of it. He also anonymously donated to AIDS charities in the 80s. He did help, he just didn’t make a performance out of it.

Victor: ah yuri, here, I brought you some medicine

Yuri: what medicine?

Victor: for your fever of course!

Yuri: … I dont have a fever

Victor: are you sure? you’re looking pretty hot to me ;) 

Yuri: *blushing* victor I-


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thoughts on prince with regard to Inanna?

I’ll answer you, as you were first. You may imagine you were not alone.

Heavy WicDiv spoilers, obv.

As I said on twitter, I was genuinely creeped out. 

Jamie and my first response, in separate houses, across London, was to rush to find the nearest copy of the second trade to check the dates. Bowie died the calendar day before Lucifer died - as in, the day we were responding to Bowie. If the date of Inanna’s fate was even vaguely close to today, I really have no idea how I’d have responded.

The weirdness has backed down a gear, but is still so weird. I’d like to write something about Prince, and will try and do a little at the end, but I can’t write quasi-real WicDiv fic about Prince because of the aforementioned weirdness. Equally, it’s kind of pointless, as it would be an almost identical story. Prince was Prince and Bowie was Bowie, but “you were my inspiration” is still the key thing you’d say.

Of course, it’s weird for everyone. To be honest, people expressing how weird it is has made it even harder. People expressing how genuinely bizarre it is that a book has foreshadowed real world loss, in a real world order is entirely understandable. People messaging Jamie and me, blaming us for the death is actually upsetting. We know people are joking - I hope they are - but right here, right now, that particular charge directed at us is not easy to laugh at. The strangeness is so intense that there is part of us that is thinking maybe it is our fault

(”Magic wouldn’t be magic if human beings  weren’t irrational. That cuts all sorts of ways.”)

Of course, it’s there, and is always going to be connected to the book, and it’s going to be mentioned forever. To stress, anything aimed at the book feels a lot different than anything aimed at us as real human beings. I’ve smiled blackly at all the “Someone stop WicDiv before it kills again”. “Kieron Gillen stop killing people” creates a considerably different response. We’ll be hardened to it in a few days, I’m sure, but right now we feel like shit. 

Don’t worry about it if you did it, as we get the response, but we’d appreciate it if you didn’t.

(I suspect if I was doing a fourth Phonogram - we’re not - I would channel these feelings into Emily, giving her the reputation for being the responsible of the death of The Plot Relevant Pop Star in Immaterial Girl, despite it being nothing to do with her.)

To flip that around, thanks to everyone who has reached out actually concerned for how we’re feeling. It was appreciated.

Back to Prince and Inanna.

He was the second-to-last god to be added to the Pantheon. When I was rounding out the Pantheon, I asked him if there was any other pop star he’d like to use as inspiration. He answered back, instantly, “Prince.”

Of course, I thought.

I worked a few other people in there and worked in a lot about current fandom there, but Prince is obviously the primary inspiration and that never goes away. Matt’s idea to add streaks of purple into the rain in his entrance is probably my favourite single addition Matt’s brought to the book. Or at least the one that made me smile.

As WicDiv was just about to come out, I’ve talked about being in a bad place. After one spilling of my-woes DM conversation, a friend gave me a prescription: “I think you need to get in touch with your inner Prince.” She then bought me the nail varnish I wear at public events. I thank her for the nail varnish, and I thank her for the single-line core of Inanna.

Early on, I said that the Pantheon were all parts of me… but also a selection of people who I would have killed to have been at various points in my life. If I could consciously choose one of those people to be, I’d choose Inanna. If I had a chance to relive my life, I would try and be more like him. As I don’t get a chance to relive my life, I’m trying my hardest to be more like him from this point out.

In short, I consider getting in touch with your Inner Prince to generally be a route to the best, bravest parts of you. Prince existing was like a dare - why not be like this? 

The world is sadder for his passing. The world is so much greater for him ever being alive. 


When we first met, when your partner was sarcastic and said, “yes, ma'am,” you instinctively reached for your detective shield, as if you were protecting it.
That tells me you don’t like him disrespecting the chain of command. But you’re also loyal, so you didn’t say something to him. I’d say you were military, probably an officer. Praise in public, censure in private, right? You’re right-handed, but you have two different color pen marks on your left hand. I’d guess you have a toddler at home just learning how to draw. You don’t wear a ring. And you were quick to flirt with me, so you’re happy to let people think you are a player. But if i took you up on it, you would run for the hills, because you love your wife and you would never actually cheat on her.

Yesterday something truly awesome happened. For the first time since I was 16 I wore a bikini. I’ve been suffering from my psoriasis for so long I still never had the courage to wear a two piece and expose my abdomen to the general public. This probably sounds weird considering my modeling, but shooting with someone one on one or a small team is a lot easier to handle that anxiety and comfort level than hundreds of people you don’t know… It’s a strange insecurity to have but I feel like I got over it yesterday. (I also went in the water a little bit which is horrifying for me) !

Remember a couple weeks back when I was ranting about how we never have female characters like Hancock? It’s okay if you don’t. My crazed rants are easily forgettable and should probably be ignored. Especially when they’re full of typoes at 3 in the morning.

I said I was tired of female characters never getting to be bad girls with good hearts. I also said that Isabella (DA2) was almost ideal for the kind of character I was describing, only she failed for me because they haaaaad to make her wear her underwear for ten years in public.

I realized today that Cait is yet another female character who alllllmost fits my ideal of a perfect female badass. Only like Isabella, Cait is also selfish. But at least she’s wearing pants with her corset …?

Characters like Cait and Isabella might be Neutral Evil at best, if they had an alignment. They are out for number one, plain and simple. And every other “badass” type female character I can think of (Jack from Mass Effect also comes to mind) is some kind of obnoxious, self-centered bitch.

Why can’t a woman be a badass without being selfish or a total bitch? Why does being a badass woman require meanness??? My character Freckled Nora is a badass, but she’s still out helping settlements and risking her life everyday for other people. She will blow your fucking head off if you’re doing wrong, but at the end of the day, she’s still a good person and not a bitch at all.

I find it really frustrating that there is basically never a female version of Hancock in the video games I love. I wanna see a bad girl with a heart of gold. Hancock is a “bad boy” type but he would never be a slaver (Isabella) and he would never be selfish (Cait) and he wouldn’t bite off your head or mock you or call you gay for trying to be his friend (Jack does all of that to FemShep). Hancock is basically Chaotic Good.

When a female character is a badass, she’s depicted as selfish and/or a bitch. When a female character is good, she is usually sweet and nice and/or generally polite, basically Lawfully Good (Josephine and Cassandra from DAI, Curie, Piper …)

Leliana might be the only Chaotic Good female character I can think of. In Origins, she was arguably Lawful Good, but by Inquisition, she has become Chaotic good, and I really enjoyed the change. She was no longer playing sweet and nice. She was a badass mofo and was still a professional, polite person. She was a badass woman without being selfish or mean or over-sexualized. it was perfect.

I want more Chaotic Good female characters like Leliana. 

A female character who is “bad” without being a selfish bitch.

Can we have more of that please?

I've had enough time to form an opinion.

I said I would say no more about otherkin, but apparently I’m a fat liar. So here we go. Keep in mind that this is my rant blog, where I make people feel hurt. 

Alright, so otherkin. Pretty cute little dorks, as far as general standings go. They seem really sweet and accepting for the most part. However, I’ve found some really huge problems in this community that need to be stopped. 

Firstly, the notion that this is ‘doing no harm’. There are limits to everything, and otherkin are infringing in some areas. While I don’t really mind that you identify as a wolf, or a tree, or an alien or whatever else, there are some people (certainly not all) who have become accustomed to equating that with transgender/genderqueer folk. This is 100% not okay. There are cases of murder, rape, oppression (exclusion from services, etc.), harassment, disowning, and almost every other case imaginable for transgender people because they are transgender. They’re going through a real, genuine struggle. The worst that happens when you tell someone you identify as a fox is you get laughed at. You aren’t oppressed, you aren’t in danger, you’re just playing the victim. What harm is there in that? You’re sapping credibility for those who really struggle. Harsh as it is, otherkin are constantly nullified for their identities. If this leaks over to transgender as it has been, it’s only going to regress the metaphorical battle front farther for them. 

Secondly, fictionkin. I’ve mentioned this in a couple of my previous rants, but fictionkin really make me angry. Why? It’s actually very simple. You do not own the character you identify as. Now, I understand that a good deal of fictionkin don’t try to dictate what happens to that character in canon or in the fandom. And I appreciate and respect this. It’s still creepy and unnerving (coming from a character developer’s standpoint), but not completely harmful. What really makes me angry is when a fictionkin goes off trying to restrict a creation in the aforementioned ways. 
You have, as I said earlier, absolutely no right to that character at all. Ever. No exceptions. I don’t care if you feel like ‘you are that person’. You aren’t. Someone spent a lot- a lot- of backbreaking, emotionally exhausting, grueling effort to create that character that likely took years. I’m not exaggerating at all. So for you to waltz in and say ‘ooh, that’s shiny, it’s mine now’ is completely unacceptable. You can relate to a character on an emotional level without claiming it like a spoiled infant. In fact, that’s what they’re there for. To be related to. But not to be stolen. 
“But some creators take it as flattery!” Cosplay is flattery. Fans in general are flattery. Creepy, weird flattery that sometimes goes a little too far, but flattery all the same. Plagiarism on any level is not flattery. It’s a dangerous cancer in the creative world, and no one who understands it well is going to be okay with it. 
“But that’s an important part of my identity!” I really could not care less. If you are deciding that your petty little personality quirk is more important than a hard working soul’s life effort and career, you deserve the emotional trauma that comes with reinventing yourself. Please go camp in a ditch for a few years to reconsider your priorities and values.
As I mentioned earlier, not all fictionkin are necessarily plagiarizing. There are those peaceful little doves among the greedy trash heap who very quietly integrate pieces of a character to themselves, which is how I feel any fan interaction should be. Quiet appreciation, instead of grabby paws. I still don’t agree with taking the character’s name on, however. I probably never will.

And that leads me to my third point. A lot of otherkin seem to believe that because they enjoy or relate to something deeply, they instantly must be that thing. While not necessarily harmful, I must tell you a thing.
People can enjoy things without being that thing. As a furry, I relate to a lot of what you guys feel. I very often find myself ‘feeling’ wings on my back, or a tail swishing behind me. I would wear claws or collars or tails out in public in a heartbeat if my parents would let me. But that has never ever meant to me that those were extensions of my soul. To me, this is nothing more than a vivid peripheral imagination (that is very much an enjoyable blessing). I’m somewhat concerned, because I have a feeling many younger ‘otherkin’ are just confusing the two.  
You can enjoy something and have a lot of fun without trudging through all this muck that comes with trying to take it too far!

Back on point, celestialkin. This one makes me groan a little with pain. Now, demonkin and angelkin aren’t really an issue. In fact, some of them are kind of cute. However, I’ve come across some people claiming to be things like Godkin or Jesuskin. Just. Stop. As someone who is religious, this is very offensive and sacrilegious. Those two entities in particular play a very deep and significant part in literally every aspect of countless people’s ways of life. For you to waltz around flinging the name left and right casually is hurtful. 
Also, I haven’t seen much, but godkin tend to use their identity as an excuse to be pretentious and elitist, which only furthers a bad image of our sacred holy father and his son. (Or whatever else you may believe in. I’m LDS, so you may see things a little differently. And that’s completely okay.)

Other kin types such as culturekins or racekins: there isn’t any other way to put it. You’re outright disrespectful and ridiculous. These are where the real attention beggars come into play, as far as I’m concerned. Do not go off claiming to represent a culture or race you were never ever apart of. Back to the whole enjoying things thing, I don’t care if you like the culture. I don’t care if you love learning about a culture, or a race, or trying their foods/clothes/whatever. But don’t take it this far. This is just cultural appropriation at this point, and if you know me at all, you know I don’t just fling that term around. You’re embarrassing and disrespectful. Stop. 

Now that we’ve past most of the issues I’ve found with the actual identities, let’s move on to my second problem with this community. From what I understand, many otherkin have a habit of self-diagnosing several disorders upon themselves, both mental and physical. They then snap at any haters’ heels, telling them how they’re ableist. 
Let me tell you a thing. These are real, severe, crippling problems that actual people deal with. You cannot, under any circumstances ever, go off trying to represent that group of people off of a self diagnosis. I’m not saying you don’t have a disorder. I’m not saying you never will. What I’m saying is, unless you have been diagnosed by a professional, you cannot use this as an excuse.
Why? Firstly, you make a mockery out of people’s struggles. Deep, significant struggles that I’m glad I can’t even imagine. There are many who throw around horrid mental disorders without an inkling of an idea what they are. I heard a rumor of a post of someone complaining because something was ‘triggering their asperger’s syndrome’. It’s embarrassing, it’s wrong, and it’s appropriating completely incorrect impressions of both the disorder itself and the people who suffer through it. In an ironic way, it’s the most selfish and ableist thing I’ve ever seen. You have no idea at all. Please stop. 

With all of that trash and hatred finally out of my system, I have some words the community will probably find at least a little refreshing compared to the heavy tar of truth I just laid out.
You guys are adorable. The clothes you wear, the way you speak, how you deal with haters and hatred alike. This is a very peaceful and laid back group, and they have a demeanor I think some people could really learn from. This doesn’t nullify that things need to change, but it does mean that you guys are a lot farther along than some other groups. If you could just fix some of the toxic habits that seem to hang around this group, I would feel so much better about interacting with you guys. (And I would be much more upset about the hate going on.) 

I would 100% love to discuss this with you guys. If you agree, or disagree, or just want to chat. Whatever. Just please, keep it civil (not that a lot of you will have a big problem with that anyway). I’m trying hard to remain neutral about this. Convince me I’m right in doing so, and a small fragment of my faith in humanity might just be restored. Might. 

Edit: I’ve had a couple people getting upset about a couple common things. The first is self-diagnosis. Don’t be mistaken; I totally understand trying to find out what’s causing you problems. I also understand not being able to afford going to get diagnosed. What I’m upset about is when someone who’s self-diagnosed takes it upon themselves to represent an entire group and ends up doing it falsely, or worse yet- using their self-diagnosis as an excuse to misbehave. 

The second thing people are a little fired up over is my assumption that those with mental disorders are suffering. I totally understand if you’ve embraced this as part of yourself, and I even admire that you’re able to do so! Good on you! I’m just concerned that people are taking things too lightly; there’s no arguing that with certain disorders, some things are more difficult. That doesn’t make you any less intelligent or important than anyone else, but it should still be considered in some situations. 

I apologize for clarifying these issues so late. I don’t often check my inbox.

knbaes-n-bakas  asked:

AM I TOO LATE FOR THIS MINI EVENT?! If I am just ignore and delete this. Takao + Oversized Sweater. Thanks in advance waifu~ ouo

WAIFU. YOU’RE NOT TOO LATE AT ALL!! Don’t worry!!!. And YAY! TAKAO! This precious bby who I haven’t written in a while!

He’d received the sweater for Christmas one year, from an uncle who thought he’d wear it. Now, Takao wasn’t a picky person in the slightest, but it was one of those sweaters you’d never catch anyone wear in public. It was more of a thing you wore indoors when no one was coming over.

So when he’d come home after practice, remembering you were coming to study with him, he was stunned to seeing you wear said sweater, a happy smile on your lips. Honestly, laughing when he first saw you was probably a stupid decision.. But he really didn’t expect it. 

You pouted at him, arms crossed as a huff left your lips, a slight blush on your cheeks.

“W–What’s so funny ?”

He stopped, biting his cheek as he walked to you, throwing his backpack in the corner as his arms wrapped around you, pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“Sorry.. I didn’t expect to see you wearing this of all things.. It’s really big on you!”

Blinking, you raised an eyebrow,

“So? It’s Takao-kun’s right? I would’ve asked you first but when I got here, I was soaked from the rain… Your mom told me to find the first thing I liked and wear it until my clothes are done.”

Now it was his turn to blink, a bit shocked.

“Wait.. so… You have nothing on underneath?”

You should’ve heard the slight change in his tone, but you shrugged, looking back at your notes.

“I still have my underwear, idiot.. but that’s - T-Takao! What are you doing!”

He gave you a feral grin, a hand reaching to take the sweater off your body, lips pressing several kisses to your exposed skin.

“I’m going to make you feel good… So just be a good girl.. okay?”