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not to start dumb ship discourse™ but when people think not wanting some relationship to be canonized because you just don't like it is equated with homophobic deniers of canon gay relationship... how can people even compare lapis/peridot with ruby/sapphire

yeah, that’s… just plain wrong of them. if it was the only “canon” relationship and the show just had to be that subtle, it’d be one thing, but that’s not how su works. rupphire and pearlrose are not subtle. 

su intentionally distances itself from “will they-won’t they” by establishing romances in early seasons and basing their existing relationships on a longer history of mutual affection (pearlrose, rupphire, to an extent gregrose). 

i don’t think any non-canon ships are going to become canon. su is not a romantic comedy, and i don’t think it would be in the show’s best interest to spend a lot of time developing a romance or love triangle in the present - yes, i like some ships, but i don’t really think they’re gonna be canon. the show has never really posed the question of who is gonna “end up” with who. 

there are times where i can see where you would get romance from this, but that’s probably not going to become explicit. rupphire and pearlrose are, and they both say something about what meaningful lgbt+ relationships can be - one is loving, fulfilling and makes each other better, one is grieving, complicated, devoted yet perhaps less ‘complete’ than one of them would like. 

i think the lack of new canon ships is a good thing. not because the romances in su aren’t good, but because establishing one in the present would take an awful lot of time and energy and…  frankly, i don’t think it’s necessary at this point. all the relationships in su are meaningful, for better or for worse, healthy or unhealthy, just as they are - and the nature can change, but i don’t think we’ll ever get to the point where it’s the last episode and two characters “finally” kiss. 

Best tumblr spam 10/10

Thank you so much for everyone that sent me your lovely bday messages. This makes me open my eyes and realize the amount of people looking at me and my work. Probably I forgot to add other asks, but I don’t want to spam your dashboards, and some of them have other questions I’d like to answer very soon!
So THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was a nice birthday today. It was the first time my parents and I went to eat something together and also I’ve got a better chair for my desk and calm my back pain :’D.

I hope to make a shorty special stream on Youtube in a few minutes…or hours… cus I want to spoiler you drawing any Underverse 0.4 scene. (It’s the least thing I can do for ya since I’ll be focused in other proyects these last months of this year) 

Here the amazing lovely and beautiful spam from my inbox <3

EDIT: Oh and also checking the submissions :’D they are so beautiful


HEYYY…so here’s some stuff!

Those of you who’ve never seen my 2011 SVA thesis film “Balancing Act”, go check that out. Super-long-story-short, it’s my “magnum opus” IP that I really wanna do something with someday. Alternatively, it’s that “I made this in Elementary School and created a bunch of characters based on me and my friends and wanted to make my own animu idea that usually goes nowhere and has been in development for 20+ years while I work on other/newer/better ideas” IP. Y’know, one of those. You probably see ‘em on DeviantArt and Tumblr all the fucking time; hence why I don’t really post stuff about it online much these days. That said, posting this art here isn’t a confirmation that something’s happening with it. I’d just stocked up SO many doodles and sketches I felt like putting them out there eventually. Some of these date back as far as 2012 and this isn’t even half of them since I have plenty from various sketchbooks I’ve never scanned.

“What the fuck is this shit, Kirb!?” WELL KIDS, it’s the adventures of self-insert-I-wish-I-was-a-superhero-character and his friends as they go through their trials and tribulations of forming a makeshift superhero team and fight bad guys and learn valuable life lessons about being different, self-acceptance, dealing with deep personal issues and eating healthy or some bullshit. It’s gone through countless re-iterations as I’ve grown and learned and expanded my life views. I want it to be a story that’s really deeply impactful and meaningful, but it’s not something I’m ready to do yet. I need to get better at all aspects of film-making and storytelling. There’s a lot of basic things about “what am I saying?” regarding the story that haven’t been fully fleshed out. Might be years before I ever get to that point; or maybe I never will. Who knows. But once in a while, I’ll draw these four kids and experiment around with shit.

“Frost” (the skinny fuck who looks like ani-’me’) has various blue and white hoodies, is generally awkward (I made him way too “””cool””” in the thesis film; I was emulating Yusuke Urameshi’s sarcastic attitude) and a massive fuck-up (JUST LIKE ACTUAL-ME, HEYYY) and I’ve spent the last year on the story side of things researching a lot about various mental illnesses and how to apply them to him in ways that benefit his development as part of a team he fits into (or not).

“Ilaqua” was previously the character based on (and who looked like) Mike Luckas, that I decided…now I think well over 3 years ago, to change to a girl. I debated back and forth which character to switch (because I wanted two guys and two girls on the main cast) and thought about changing the Earth-elemental guy, but decided to gamble on tossing her in with the many, many Water-elemental girls. (a.k.a. I felt it was easier to differentiate Girl!Mike from the likes of Katara and Korra than seeing Girl!Nick get more-easily compared to Toph.) Mike helped me re-design her (which was also tricky to make sure she wasn’t too similar to Grace Liu’s Enna) and “Mikaela” has become one of my favorite characters to draw.

“Nico” (now re-named in tribute to TwistedGrimTV) is mostly the same. Honestly, getting a hat shape with him that I don’t despise has been my biggest difficulty with him. I also wanna try giving him way more exaggerated anatomy (something like Sajad Gharibi); a body he’d be picked on for having even though he’s not violent at all by nature (he’s actually meant to be more paranoiac and anxious), nor is he “the big dumb one”.

“Kathy” is also mostly the same, but there’s been some minor things I keep trying to fix with her design that I can’t quite get right. I wanted to go more gothic with her choice of fashion, which lent itself to her mysterious demeanor. My biggest aggravation is finding a hair-shape that isn’t a pain in my asshole. It’s evolved a lot from the Rumiko Takahashi-style cut, but I’m still not happy with any particular shape yet.

I also had some help from Mike Luckas and Xander Mobus on trying to design some practical, yet “we have no money or resources to get really efficient ones” superhero costumes. Most of their superhero nicknames (invented by Frost, which the new TMNT beat me to the punch on with Michelangelo’s nicknames for the bad guys, whoops.) are still WIP. Currently I like “Cardice” for Frost and “Landlord” for Mantel. Previously Ilaqua was “Firefighter” and Kathy was “Brightside” but those both may change; they might all change. Hell, ALL of this might change in 15-20-30 years from now if this ever gets made.

On that note, I GREATLY appreciate all the interest in it! I’ve had many folks from time to time ask if I ever plan on doing something more with this concept. It is my every intention to someday; in fact I THINK about it every day. Maybe I’ll do it as a movie, maybe it’ll still be a series like I originally thought, or maybe somehow it’ll be a game or something. Maybe it’ll be none of those things. Maybe it’ll be a hologram projected directly into your brain stem. Who the fuck knows. Here’s a bunch of drawings about it. Enjoy. Or not.


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JaehyunxReader (Drabble)

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 700 words

“I don’t think I can live without you”.

“Lord knows I can live without me” you giggle, snuggling closer to him. You hate how cheesy he gets sometimes. And unfortunately, he hates how self-deprecating you are most of the time. You feel him clear his throat uncomfortably, but you ignore it. He should know better than to take your humour seriously.

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Good evening. Hello​, could you please recommend your best evak fluffy fanfics, with HEAs. Your personal favorites maybe? Thank you.

Anonymous: halla!! i was wondering if there were any fluff filled fics that are too good and too pure for this world? thanks <3

Hello to both!

Okay, I’ve never done a fluff rec list before (which is kinda shocking, considering fluff is my speciality), so here we go :)

Mind you, this will probably (most definitely) get pretty long and it’s all pure (most of the time tooth-rotting) fluff, so if you’re not into that, this post definitely isn’t for you. 



  • That Time With the Body Paint by wordsarelifealways 
    Summary: Even finds body paint and convinces Isak to let him use it. 

  • Loving Isak by Tintinnabulation_of_the_Bells
    Summmary: Five of the people who grow to love Isak Valtersen, and one who’s loved him all along.

  • The Way He Looks at You by anna_sun 
    Summary: It first happened in the safety of Isak’s own bed, the cluster of butterflies that seem to clog his lungs when he really looked into Even’s eyes. They were laying mindlessly, limbs and hearts tangled into each other’s, the only effort required of them being when they wanted to kiss. Though, even that, in itself, was effortless. When Isak looked up, he was welcomed by the sight of Even’s full lips ready to be kissed, and he wasn’t about to kiss them good-bye. Every single time, he did it only with the promise of more. The lingering touches, the fingertips softly drawing patterns on warm skin, the kisses. They all meant the same to Isak. They all meant infinity. 

  • Angel Face by monaesque
    Summary: Or, five times Even failed to get Isak’s attention, and one time he succeeded. 

  • your love is my turning page. by carryonmalecs
    Summmary: Isak is drunk in love. Even loves to tease him about it. Fluff ensures.

  • Nights in the Snow by iamjustakiddo
    Summary: All the infinite sadness, the desperation. All the breathless nights, the rush to the sky, reaching for the stars. Ink-stained fingers, bubbly laughter and a single tear. The taste of marijuana and sweet Rooibos-tea. All the ludicrousness and sensibility- that’s what Isak tasted. That’s all Even was pieced together from and what Isak wanted to drown in.

  • doing strange things in the name of art by ufologies
    Summary: “What’s your favorite thing to draw about me?” He asks, resting his chin on Even’s chest. Even looks up at the ceiling, furrowing his eyebrows like he’s deeply thinking about Isak’s question then moves his gaze back to Isak, staring at him for another few seconds. Then he leans up and kisses Isak’s nose, a sudden movement that startles him. He makes a face at him and Even laughs. “My nose? Really?”

  • The Hot Muffin Thief by Bellakitse 
    Summary: There is a magical muffin at the café where Isak’s buddy Jonas works. It’s Isak’s lifeline, he has it every day and then one day some hot art hipster steals his muffin.

  • True or False by iriswests 
    Summary: childhood best friends!au; Seven moments between Isak and Even (+1 with Sonja), ranging from the ages of four and six to the ages of seventeen and nineteen, respectively.

  • Love Me Harder by tech_ftw 
    Summary: In which accidentally being added to a group text has unexpected consequences. Like falling in love. 

  • the one where they don’t study by Schedazzle
    Summary: Bringing his breathing under control again, Isak smiled. “I love the way your face changes when you draw,” he said softly, hearing the dreamy sound of his voice but didn’t care at all. 

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.

  • Something Like This. by LostInAdmiration
    Summary: A drabble about a sunny morning with pancakes and dancing in the kitchen, and soft boys saying ‘I love you’ to each other for the first time.

  • sugar spreads happiness by Bellakitse  
    Summary: Isak and Even try to bake cupcakes for kose, this time no one interrupts their time in Isak’s kitchen.* Set after the almost kiss of episode three.

  • Confess by eiqhties
    Summary: In retrospect, it probably wasn’t something he should have said when Even had a toothbrush shoved in his mouth.

  • Better With You by iriswests
    Summary: Isak and Even don’t know what they’d do without the other. Eventually, they realize they don’t really need to find out.

  • Please Know That I’m Yours to Keep by pressurerin
    Summary: hogwarts!au; “Remember how I was making amortentia for my final potions project? Well, Isak ate some. And now…” Even gestured towards the way Isak was currently trying to lick his neck. OR; Even accidentally gives Isak a love potion.

  • the region of the summer stars by thekardemomme
    Summary: flower shop!au; Someone keeps sending Isak flower bouquets and Even happens to work in a flower shop.

  • Did you hear oxygen and magnesium got together? OMg by sugarbeat24
    Summary: Isak and Even are chemistry partners. Fluff and chemistry jokes ensue.

  • a letter to isak by alltimemarrit
    Summary: Even is going on a trip for a week and leaves Isak a letter. Or: Even loves Isak a whole lot and is a massive sap.

  • Make a spark, break the dark, find a light with me by LostInAdmiration
    Summary: Isak can’t sleep, so spends his nights wandering around the street. Even works the night shift at the store around the corner, and they bond over their mutual insomnia.

  • friday, i’m in love by bbyfruit
    Summary: Five times over the course of one day that Isak falls in love a little bit more, plus one time he talks about it.

  • Stop the world I wanna get off with you by LostInAdmiration
    Summary: “Sometimes, it felt like they were worlds away from the people they were when they first met, both lost in their different ways and searching for their places in the world. They had come so far from that, become so much stronger, and finally had both feet firmly on the ground most of the time. But then sometimes, on a day like this, where they were curled up together sharing slow, lazy kisses, with Isak’s fingernails leaving half-moon imprints in Even’s skin, and Even’s hands buried in Isak’s hair, it felt as though no time had passed at all.”
  • and i thank god i’m alive by thekardemomme
    Summary: 5 times Even looks at Isak and 1 time Isak calls him out on it.

  • in the place of you and me by DarkBeauty_890
    Summary: “Can I tell you a secret?” Even murmurs, tracing mindless patterns- zig zags and hearts and stars and infinity signs- up and down Isak’s bare back. He circles freckles and counts them, adding them to his never ending tally of things to know about Isak. Isak snuffles sleepily, “Mmhmm.” “You have made me happier in less than a year, than I think I have been in my entire life.” Eyes flicker open, hazy green; beautiful and open, “Ditto.”

  • the boyfriend experience by diamondjacket
    Summary: The point is: Even is great. Even is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that the alarming and ever-growing disparity between them, in terms of boyfriend-ing, has become impossible to ignore. Try as he might to talk himself down, Isak can’t quite stop that ugly fear from gnawing at him—the fear that Even will wake up one day and suddenly realize, fuck, why in God’s name am I doing all this work for a smelly, socially awkward slob with no money and no skills and Dorito crumbs in his bed? Or: Isak decides he’s gonna boyfriend the hell out of Even. It does not go to plan.

  • take my hand (take my whole life too) by eatthatup 
    Summary: Isak loves holding Even’s hand. 

  • You are in Love by pressurerin
    Summary: Even is so in love with Isak. Isak feels the same.

  • blow out all the candles by tarjeiandhenrik
    Summary: It’s Eskild’s birthday, Even works at a cake shop and Isak doesn’t know how to make tea.

  • you’re the one i wanna grey with by cosetties
    Summary: They’ve only been dating a month, so Isak shouldn’t be pathetic enough to miss Even this much when he’s only gone for a weekend. They’re taking this completely chill, but Isak is starting to realize that he has no chill when it comes to Even.

  • Intense by nhasablog
    Summary: Even’s hand found his chin and then his cheek, pulling his head closer so that their gazes met again. He was smiling. “Stop turning away from me.” Isak didn’t reply, because he knew Even wasn’t expecting it anyway. He bumped their noses together instead, relishing in the way Even looked at him, for while it made him want to run away it also made him want to never look away. (Or, Even’s gaze is almost too intense for Isak to keep looking at him, but he never wants it to stop.)


  • possibly (maybe) i’m falling for you by boxesofflowers, Eeyoreneedsahug & safficwriter ✓ 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even tries to get Isak to smile with coffee. Every time he buys Isak coffee, he becomes more determined to find the perfect drink (and falls in love along the way). 

  • in better light, everything changes by TimeInABottle ✓
    Summary: wrong number!au; “I just checked the revue website and blackmailing people for smoking weed wasn’t listed under the Kosegruppa description"… Isak accidentally texts a stranger (Even) while trying to text Sana.

  • i guess that’s destiny doing it right by allyasavedtheday
    Summary: The alternate universe where Even originally went to Nissen and became friends with Isak and Jonas when they started first year but moved away after his episode at the start of second year only for Isak to never hear from him again. Fastforward to the summer before Isak starts college when he’s travelling around Spain and bumps into a certain someone in Barcelona.

  • the city of illusions, the city of yearning by elisewin
    Summary: The whole point of going on a student exchange program is to meet people from different countries, learn about different cultures and so on. Isak, of course, falls in love with another Norwegian while in Rome.

  • Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday ✓
    Summary: roomates!au & uni!au; “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  • I’ll Be Coming Home, Wait For Me by dahlstrom
    Summary: The diner AU. Even and Yousef open a 1950s American-style restaurant together - Even is the creative genius in the kitchen, Yousef keeps the trains running on time, and Isak, Chris B, and Magnus are all along for the ride. Falling in love over food while Elvis serenades from the jukebox. Welcome to the Throwback Diner.

  • will you share your soul with me? by hippopotamus
    Summary: There’s a school camping trip at the beginning of Isak’s second year. He’s not sure why he agrees to go, especially when he remembers how difficult it is for him to sleep anywhere that isn’t his own bed. It turns out he’s not the only insomniac on the trip. 

(✓ - completed fics)


Pearl Jam

“The way I look at it is this. On average, we have maybe 50 to 60 years on the planet. And we probably have 20 years when we’re a vital presence, when you can actually do something with your life. So what are you going to do with that time? Are you gonna enjoy it, not get involved? Or are you gonna try and do something to make some other peoples’ lives better than they are, even if it means going through hell? Even if those people don’t even appreciate what you’re trying to do. Even if you’re not sure yourself that what you’re doing is going to make any bit of difference.

I go through cycles thinking about this. I mean, what do you have to do to remind people that one of the best things you could hear in this life is the laughter of a child? I’m always trying to understand what’s happening in the world … When it comes down to it, you can’t turn your back on what’s happening. You have to do something. Jesus knows, it’s tough, because you never really know if what you’re doing is going to have any effect. But what’s the alternative? You walk away, pretend it’s not happening? Can’t be done.”

- Eddie Vedder on the song “Indifference.”

War Drabble Series: Part VII (for tumblr)

It was entirely too soon that his mother’s house elf, Tilly, was requesting his presence. He sent her away and began the task of waking up his daughter, who was still fast asleep in the crook of his arm. “Rhea,” he gently jostled her, “It’s time to wake up.”

The tiny girl yawned and stretched her arms above her head, hitting him in the face with one of her hands. “Sorry.” she giggled, and he couldn’t find it in himself to be upset. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Morning.”

He smiled and fluffed her messy hair. “Good Morning.” He was surprised she hadn’t woken up crying for her mum. Perhaps she was still in shock? Or maybe she still viewed this as a temporary thing?

Either way, he was grateful that he hadn’t needed to deal with tears first thing in the morning.

“I’ll be right back.” He said, getting up. “I’m going to get your things.”

She just smiled tiredly. “Ok.”

Draco returned with her bag and set it down next to her. “You need to get dressed. So pick out something to wear. We have to go.”

She opened the bag and started ruffling through it. “Where are we going?”

“Do you remember the lady that we saw last night?” She nodded. “She is your grandmother and she’s asked me to introduce her to you this morning. We are to have breakfast with her.”


“Yes, my mother. Did you ever meet your other grandparents?”

“I have a gran and a pop but I haven’t seen them in a long time.”

There was probably a rather depressing reason behind that. “Well, she is kind of like them.”

“Oh.” She hummed thoughtfully to herself and pulled out a teal blue sweater with white stripes and began the process of getting dressed.

Draco sighed and went about shedding his own night clothes in his large walk in closet. He quickly put on his normal brand of trousers and grabbed a dark gray button up. He headed back out towards her as he pulled an arm through the sleeve.

“What’s that on your tummy?”

Startled by her voice, Draco stopped and looked down at her, then at the silvery scars along his stomach. He traced over them with his fingers. “They’re scars I got a long time ago,” he told her honestly.

“Uncle Harry has a scar. It still hurts him. Does your hurt too?”

It does when I think of your infuriating uncle, he wanted to say. “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore,” he said, quickly buttoning up his shirt. “But listen, Rhea. I know you love your uncle, but it’s best that you don’t talk about him anymore.”


He had to tread carefully. He didn’t want her to slip and say anything but he also didn’t want to scare her. And the last thing he wanted to bloody do was obliviate her. He’d avoid that at all cost.

“Daddy doesn’t have very nice friends and they don’t like your Uncle Harry. If they knew you liked him they would very mean to you.”

“If they are mean then why are they your friends?”

He sighed in defeat. “Well, they’re not exactly my friends….more like… co-workers…people I work with.”

“Like Uncle Ron and Harry?”

Salazar, grant him patience. “No, it’s a little different than that, so when we are in the presence of other,” he paused, rephrasing “When there are people besides me and you there, you mustn’t talk about your Uncle or Aunts, even in the Mano- er- the house.”

“How come?”

“Because it’s very important to keep them a secret. They have to be a secret here.”


Oh no. More questions. Did they ever end? “Because as I said earlier, people would not be happy about it. They’d be very nasty to you.”


That’s it? Just ok? “So they’re a secret.” he reiterated.

“I won’t talk about them. Only with you.”

“Good girl,” he smiled and finished dressing and helping her put on her shoes. Looking at her jeans and sweater, she reminded him so much of her mother, especially the curly mop of hair. He figured he should probably do something about that before going downstairs. His mother was already sure to have a conniption with what she was wearing, so he quickly magicked her hair into a messy bun. It wasn’t perfect but it would do. “Let’s get some breakfast.”

Narcissa Malfoy was already seated at the dining table when he shuttled Rhea into the room, though his father was notably absent. She didn’t look at her son when he entered, her eyes were firmly set on the little girl he was helping into the chair nearest to her.

“Oh, Draco.” He raised a brow at her soft tone and teary eyes. “She looks just like you. She’s beautiful.”

“Yes, well I did try to tell you last night. Though, I suppose the lighting is better here.”

She frowned at his snippy response but let it go, turning her complete attention to the girl looking around the room in wonderment. He realized that she probably hadn’t seen anything as big or fancy as the manor before.

“Rhea,” he said, sitting down beside her, “this is my mother, Narcissa, but you can call her-”

“Grand-mère.” His mother smiled brightly and reached out her hand, “It’s very nice to meet you, Rhea.”

She nodded and gently shook her hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“How old are you?” she asked.

She held up four fingers. “I’m four. My next birthday I’ll be five.”

“And when is that, dear? Do you know?”

“June twenty-three.”

That was pretty damn close to his own birthday.

“Oh, that’s coming up soon. A couple of months.”

“Mummy says I’ll be a big girl.”

“Indeed you will,” the older witch agreed and began making the girl a plate herself, instead of relying on Tilly. “Do you prefer jam or butter?”

“Jam, please!”

Draco watched his mother smother a croissant with blackberry jam. It had been awhile since he’d seen her so attentive.

“Are you going to eat, daddy?”

He moved to grab his own pastry. “Of course.”

“There you are,” Narcissa motioned for Rhea to take a bite.

Her eyes widened as she chewed. “This is the best ever!” She exclaimed after swallowing. “Almost better than daddy’s scones.”

His mother just smiled and sipped her tea, watching the little girl eat her croissant and jam. For being so young and living with Potter of all people, she actually had decent table manners and always said please and thank you. He shouldn’t be that surprised though. Granger wasn’t rude, despite being raised by muggles. Obviously, even they’d had decent social protocol it seemed.

After they’d finished eating he decided that he needed to speak with his mother but was hesitant to do so in front of Rhea. He was equally as hesitant to let her out of his sight though. “Would you like to go outside?” he asked her, knowing he could keep an eye on her from the terrace.

“Yes, please!” She screeched excitedly.

He put on her coat from the night before and then led her out to the back patio overlooking the first garden. She bounded down the stairs and ran right up to a lilac bush, fingers lightly touching the tiny petals. “Flowers are pretty.”

“They are,” he agreed, coming to a stop behind her.

“Mummy gots me white flowers for my birthday. We made flower crowns with Aunt-” she paused and looked up at him and his mother, eyes widening as she remembered her promise, and started the sentence over. “We made flower crowns. Mummy looked really pretty. More pretty than the flowers.”

A vision of Hermione with long bouncy locks and a ring of calla lilies atop her head entered his mind and he couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. “I’m sure she was.”

“You think Mummy is pretty too?”

“Of course,” he insisted, “She’s the prettiest witch I know.”

His mother made an unflattering noise behind him but he ignored it.

“Next time we sees her, you have to tell her that.”

The thought of seeing her again made his stomach flutter. Merlin, he’d love to see her again, but the world and fate itself were cruel. “I promise. The next time I see your mum, I’ll tell her how pretty she is.”

“Good. She would like that.”

“I need to talk to your grand-mère now, so why don’t you go play in the gardens? Tilly will go with you.”

“I can play outside?” He nodded and a happy grin took up half of her face. “I never get to go outside long. It feels nice. And it’s bright and lots of colors are here.”

Now his mother made a noise of distress at the notion that her granddaughter had most likely spent all of her time inside, what she would assume to be, a brothel.

His heart clenched with the truth. Even the bastards that lived in whorehouses probably had more freedom than what his daughter had had.

“Yes. You can play outside. Just stay where I can see you.”

She didn’t answer, instead, she took off running, stray hair falling out of her bun behind her. Of all the things to inherit from her mother. No, he was rather fond of her hair, to be honest. Perfection was overrated.

“Little Miss!” Tilly called, chasing after her. “Wait for Tilly!”

He turned back towards the house and walked up the steps, following his mother until she stopped. Wistfully she looked out over the terrace and watched the girl frolic through the flowers, the elf only two steps behind her. “She’s wonderful, darling.”

“I’m glad you approve-” he began.

“But what in Merlin’s name is she wearing?” she asked with distaste.

Leave it to his mother to be concerned about that, not that he hadn’t already known. He was surprised it had taken her this long to comment. “Let us not forget where it is she came from.”

“Just because I know, doesn’t mean I’m still not startled by the lack of attire befitting a girl.”

“I give you free reign to dress her however you want, mother.”

“There was no question to that, dear.” She chuckled quietly. “Sometimes I feel the need to still dress you.”

“And what’s wrong with the way I dress?”

“Absolutely nothing. It’s just rather…drab, isn’t it?”

“I don’t suppose you’ve noticed but we are in still in a war. It’s not like we are hosting galas and going to Opera’s.”

“True,” she replied, “Though your complexion may look a bit better if you’d wear something other than black.”

He rolled his eyes. “I’ll make sure to add some green and blue to my wardrobe if it so pleases you.”

“It does.” She smiled, and he could tell how relaxed she’d become talking about something so simple as clothing. It had probably been a long time since she’d spoken so freely with anyone. It made him feel a bit guilty. Especially because he was about to make things uncomfortable again.

“I couldn’t help but notice father was nowhere to be seen.” He watched her mouth tighten.

“I wanted to meet her first before I spoke with him. I’m sure you understand how delicate this situation is.”

“I do. That is why I will let you handle him. It might come down to a duel if you left it up to me.”

“Why must you fight with your father, Draco?” She asked rather curtly.

“I don’t know,” he lied, “He irritates me on the best of days and is downright loathsome on the worst.”

“If this is about the Inner-”

“It’s not,” he insisted, “At least not on my part. He may be cross that I’ve outranked him, but I don’t let that get to my head. I’ve never goaded him over the fact.”

She sighed, no doubt upset that her husband and only son seemed to always be at odds and there was nothing she could do about it. “In any case, we must approach him cautiously with this news.”

He agreed and was quiet for a moment as he watched Rhea hiding from Tilly. The morning sun shone brightly on her blonde hair, making it almost glow as she jumped out from behind a rose bush. The elf actually smiled and chased the girl around the stone bench closest to them. The sound of Rhea’s angelic giggles drifted over to him and he lost his senses for a moment. Everything took on a dream like hue as he stood there, transfixed on the happy scene. Looking at her now, he could almost forget that they were in the middle of a war. He could almost forget that he was planning the fall of his lord. He could almost forget the sad cry she let out when she realized she was leaving the only life she’d ever known. He could almost tear tracks that had lined Hermione’s face as she walked away from them. He could almost forget that he’d only known this new love in his chest for 12 hours. He wished he could forget. Maybe then it would be easier to believe in the fairy tale that they’d be a family one day.

“Darling, what’s wrong?”

His mother broke him out of his thoughts. Obviously, he’d been quiet too long. “Can I speak freely?” She motioned for him to continue. “I’m worried,” he admitted. “I told her mother that she’d be safe with me, and part of me believes that. But are any of us truly safe?”


“I have to protect her,” his hand rubbed at the mark on his arm, hidden by his shirt, “I have to protect her from them, from all of this.”

“It isn’t as daunting of a task as you’d imagine.” She replied, patting his arm. “You’ve lucked out with her countenance. She is the spitting image of you so no one can question her paternity. The only thing we must keep information control over is the maternity. I can fake a birth certificate and I owled your cousin Irene this morning to see what we can do about naming a mother.”

He was left speechless. He knew his mother was clever and resourceful, but he hadn’t imagined she’d be so quick about this, or that she’d want to help. It still shocked him that she wasn’t angry with him. She even looked rather fond of Rhea, which was understandable because she was bloody adorable, but she was a half-blood. It was unthinkable that she’d be so accepting. Perhaps she was more like him, and less inclined to dismiss all those outside their pure-blood circle. “That was fast.”

“We have to get ahead of this, darling. You never know who will be sticking their nose in your business. You’re an important player in our Lord’s game. You don’t need me to tell you how dangerous that makes your life.”

“No, you certainly don’t.”

“Your father is our first hurdle, after that, you will need to focus on his group of friends, and yours. Eventually, you will have to introduce her to the Inner Circle.”

Fear shot up his spine at the thought, but he knew it was inevitable. “I’m aware.”

“You just continue doing what you’ve always done. You keep your back straight and have confidence in your abilities. The only one with any authority to do anything would be the Dark Lord. As long as we don’t make a great fuss about it, he should have no reason to question it further after we present him with proof.”

Circe, he hoped she was right. He didn’t want his daughter anywhere near the evil wizard.

“I guess we’ll just have to take it a step at a time.”

“It will be fine, Draco.”

“I hope you’re right, mother.” He clenched his jaw and swallowed down the dread that was quickly consuming him. “I hope you’re right.”

thefloatingstone replied to your post “[[MOR] i really want to draw but i can’t concentrate and everything…”

Keep drawing even if the drawing ends up being bad in the end. one finished bad drawing is better than a bunch of unfinished bad drawings that just frustrate you. And even if the end drawing is bad. You did it! You finished a drawing! a bad drawing is still a thousand times better than no drawing! (and I bet it’s not even as bad as you think)

i’m trying, i’m just having a really hard time concentrating for some reason - i keep getting distracted by other stuff! and on one hand i’m thinking “okay, i guess i’m just not in the right headspace for drawing, i should probably stop trying to push myself and do something else and try later”, but on the other hand not drawing makes me feel so guilty, like this little voice in my head’s going “you haven’t drawn anything proper in so long you useless fuck, don’t you dare even think about doing anything else

mas-quecoisa  asked:

Did you already spend time without drawing absolutely nothing? Like, like you quit? Like me, for example, I was a drawing person for almost 9 straight hours, and now I can not stand 5 minutes. If you've been through something like that, how did you get out of it? And I'm sorry if my english came out bad, I'm not fluent x-x

Of course. There were months I didn’t have time to draw anything or even think about it xD While I was studying (taking two courses) there wasn’t much time for art. I drew during summer.
Now I draw very often, even when I don’t have time for that (which is bad) and I can’t imagine not being able to draw. When I don’t draw I think about drawing or dream about it xD I just need it to function.
But I understand you. There are times when I have no desire to draw, when I don’t need it because it makes me more frustrated and nervous. Nothing turns out the way I want but I don’t want to spend time on it so it looked better. And I feel guilty not drawing which makes it all worse.

I think you might burned out a bit. Drawing 9 hours a day (every day) is… not a good idea. On one hand you improve (probably very fast) but on the other hand you’re just killing yourself artistically.
That’s why you should have some other hobbies, something that will help you recharge, stop thinking about drawing for a while.
Then, after some time, you can go back to drawing. I can see you really want to draw again. Is it because it’s your job or you miss it? Either way, if you want to draw again you need to force yourself to do it at first. But maybe try something you haven’t tried yet. Art can be interesting once you find something new in it.

Recently, I don’t like drawing very much because:
- I feel I don’t improve
- I think I stuck a bit in one style
- I feel like people are expecting me to draw particular things I don’t feel like drawing.
But I fight it, I try to draw full bodies and understand anatomy better, I try new styles, I try to draw what I like and not to worry about what other people would probably prefer to see. When I don’t feel too patient I pick something that requires a lot of effort but I also do everything to make it pleasurable (e.g. I choose the subject I like).

I don’t know why exactly you don’t draw so it’s hard to give a nice advice. Just calm down, get rid of art from your head for some time and try not to feel like you have to draw. Then be gentle with yourself, try to get excited again with something you love :)

au where magic and witches are real and it gets yoongi into some shit.

yoongi wakes up in his bed, alone. jimin must have stayed in his own room last night after going out for drinks with taehyung. 

its cold and he feels uncomfortable, so he pulls the covers up closer to his chest, shutting his eyes tight. his chest feels a slight bit heavy, almost like someone’s pushing on it, and as he rolls around his bed trying to get comfortable he notices his sweatpants feel a bit big. 

Yoongi waves the thought off, though, too tired to concern himself with anything other than sleep. 

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You know the basic dungeon you see in fantasy tv/movies? Underground or with tiny window, and metal bars? If a person were kept on their own in a cell like that, but no other prisoners around, and visited once or twice a day for food or interrogation by the same 1 or 2 people, would they suffer any short or long term psychological effects? Or be ok-ish? Also, probably cold and damp. For how long would you say a situation like that could last? I'd meant to have it go a few months. Unreasonable?

Well if you don’t want them to have any long term problems it’s not very reasonable at all. It is survivable though so it really depends on how open you are to the character having long term physical and mental health problems.

I have a Masterpost on solitary confinement here, which you should have a look at for the full list of effects and symptoms. But the upshot is that if someone is kept in solitary confinement for longer than a week they develop serious psychological problems and if they’re confined for a really prolonged period (ie months) those problems could become permanent.

It’s also worth pointing out that the tv image isn’t exactly how historical prisons worked.

In England at least prisoners paid for their food and board, so the treatment they received could be very good. But even without payment prisoners were rarely kept isolated and so far as I can tell prisoners regularly received visitors.

The conditions you describe could lead to a lot of pretty serious physical effects. Hypothermia springs to mind, and prisoners did freeze to death in these sorts of cells. If it’s winter frostbite on their extremities is a very real risk and could lead to the loss of fingers or toes.

In one of the cities I used to live in a prisoner drowned in a cell one winter when the river rose. An underground cell would be particularly prone to that sort of flooding.

Lack of any hygiene facilities would also be a major problem and the risk of disease is pretty high.

The bedding available also makes a big difference.

If there’s no bedding then the character would probably develop bruises sleeping on the floor which might eventually turn into sores. These sores would be incredibly prone to infection in the damp, unhygienic conditions of the cell.

If there’s communal bedding used by the previous occupant there’s a good chance of ticks and fleas. Aside from spreading disease the bites from these insects also represent another possible site of infection.

Fresh straw is probably a lower risk, but in damp conditions it would probably start rotting and might well soak up any human waste. Again this increases the chances of the character catching something nasty and fatal.

How long this could last without the character being permanently changed depends a lot on the character.

Children and the elderly were imprisoned in conditions like these historically and they would definitely be at greater risk of death. If your character is in either of these categories, or has a chronic condition that makes them more prone to infectious diseases, I’d say the survival time is in the realm of days. Perhaps a week during the summer and less than a day during a bad winter.

A healthy adult could last longer but the longer they’re in the cell the greater the risk of death from infection or disease. And as an entirely separate factor the longer they’re in the cell the greater the damage to their mental and physical health caused by isolation.

Eye problems seem more common when a solitary cell has dim lighting, so I’d expect a character who’d been confined for several months to have long term problems with their vision.

The poor living conditions in the cell would make the character’s mental health problems much worse and the extremely long confinement period means you’d be talking about multiple, serious, long term mental health problems. There’d also be an extremely high risk of self harm and suicide.

You’re talking about giving your character several mental health problems that will last the rest of their life.

You can embrace that. In which case I suggest consulting the solitary confinement Masterpost and picking symptoms that you feel fit with the character and the story you want to tell. I’d suggest at least 3 symptoms, 5 would be better. You’d then have to commit to showing the character dealing with these conditions for the rest of the story and any future stories.

The other option is that you drastically reduce the amount of time the character is imprisoned to something like a week. They’d have an absolutely terrible experience and they might well experience some of the mental health problems associated with solitary confinement. But they’d probably make a complete recovery once released.

I hope this helps. :)


Kiss & Tell ~ Tom Holland x Reader (part 2)

“Tom!” You yelled, trying to find your dance partner. You had been forced into this against your will. The fans wanted to see you kiss Tom. Zendaya had forced you to choreograph a dance with him, as he had promises the eager fans. “Ugh.” You threw your head back, rolling your eyes.

“Yes?” The light British accent from behind you made you jump.

“You asshole!” You yelled and slapped his chest, earning a laugh from him.

“Let’s get to choreographing.” Tom said, walking farther into the dance studio to begin warming up. “I was thinking a rumba, maybe a Viennese waltz.” He said, spreading his legs straight and stretching to the side.

“Really?” Your face scrunched in confusion. You cocked your head like a puppy, which Tom happened to find adorable. “No hip-hop number?” You asked. A Viennese or Rumba was rather far from his norm of hip hop or break dancing. He nodded.

“I-I mean, only if that’s what you want.” He said. You nodded.

“No no, that’s alright. It’s just, you’re always so, jazzy. Hip hop. Break dancing. I didn’t really think slow and intimate dances were your style.” You said, cocking your hip out and folding your arms, while a smirk formed on your face. Your raised eyebrow and sassy attitude only went straight to Tom’s lower region. You took notice of that, and tried your hardest not to swoon on the spot. He hopped up, offering you his hand.

“May I have this dance?”

“You may.”

“What song are using? What dance are we even doing?” Tom asked.

“Uh, Viennese waltz?” You asked. Tom nodded and started a song.

“A Thousand Years?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Ah, but by the Piano Guys.” Tom said. You smiled. “Ready?” He asked. You nodded. You stood on opposite sides of the studio, your back to him. You drove and rose forward, curling your arms before yourself as if you were wrapping your arms around somebody… Like Tom. You spun around gracefully, taking your time to make your way over to Tom. His arm wrapped around you as the other held your hand tenderly in his, as if he could break you at any moment. Your hand held his, stroking the curve of his wrist with your thumb. Your other hand rest upon his bicep. He spun you around, being sure to hold you tightly against him.

“Classic Viennese?” You asked. He nodded in response. You smiled. Amidst the driving, rising, and falling, he still managed to spill his heart to you.

“Y/N?” His light British accent was music to your ears. You looked up at him with your big, hopeful eyes. “I-I have something to tell you.” You said nothing, only nodded while staring at him with your intoxicating gaze. “For the longest time, n-no. When I found out th-that I would be in this movie with you. I knew that I loved you. That I had to make you mine. I-I know that you probably don’t feel the same, and there are so many are guys out there that you’d rather be with, b-but I figured I’d tell you how I felt before you went and found some other guy who loves you better than I ever c–” Tom’s ramble was cut off by you pressing your lips to his.

“It’s okay,” You placed your hands on either side of his face while he held your waist, elevating you slightly. “You’re the only one I want.” You said, resting your forehead against his and closing your eyes. He sighed in contentment. As if naturally, the two of you resumed dancing the rest of the steps, the quick Viennese movements seemingly taking over your bodies as if you were celestial beings. It was almost as if you were dancing your worries away. The song ended with the soft ‘plink’ of a high piano key. You hadn’t noticed you were airborne until Tom set you down gently, resting is forehead on yours. “I love you Y/N.” ·· It had now been weeks since the request for Tom and y/n. It was now time for horror press conference part 2. You were seated rather close to Tom, with Zendaya seemingly third-wheeling to your right. “So, last time you were here, the fans wanted to see the two of you kiss,” The mischievous smile of the Hollywood reporter only made you want to punch her in the face. Tom nodded. “Well, we planned something a little different,” Tom said as he stood up, offering you his hand, which you gladly accepted. Zendaya was next to speak into her mic. “Yep. And if this isn’t a completely Thomas Stanley Holland thing to do, then I don’t know what is, frankly.” She said, laughing and clearing the indoor auditorium’s stage of the chairs the four of you sat in. The place was packed, and, quite frankly, you couldn’t be more nervous. Sure, you were with Tom. But that didn’t help the fact that there were probably critics just sitting in the crowd, waiting to judge you. Tom, sensing your worry, grabbed your hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “Hey, hey,” He said in your ear. “Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. Just follow me. I’ll lead the whole thing.” His comforting words sent chills down your spine as you nodded. “Ready?” Zendaya’s smirk was evident in her tone. You could almost feel it from across the room. Tom nodded, queuing the music. He took you into his arms, you looking left, (the proper way, actually) so as not to have to face the crowd. And while your attempts to dance all your worry away were futile, they were all in vain. It seemed like hours until the moment you were meant to kiss Tom. You had completely forgotten, the fear and paralysis of the stage fright freezing you on the spot. But when you felt Tom’s lips on your own, it was like nothing else mattered. The crowd of fans exploded into cheers, applause, wolf whistles and cat-calls. You melted into his embrace, the feeling of his soft lips on yours creating a feeling like no other. You reached up for his hand that cupped your face, stroking the back of his hand with your thumb. His other was rubbing circles on your waist. Your other hand reached up to tangle itself in his luscious brown locks. You moaned softly into the kiss, Tom momentarily forgetting he was on stage and in public when he dipped down to kiss your neck. Zendaya stopped the song before things could go any further. “And that’s all that we have for you tonight, folks! Goodnight everybody!” Zendaya waved at the fans, the two of you doing the same. The curtains closed and Tom smirked wickedly at you. “Want to finish what we started?” He asked. You smiled devilishly in return. “Gladly~” °>

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(oo, would you wanna draw some aran/joe stuff? you dont have to, im just glad there r other ppl in this fandom who think its a cute ship too bless 💖🙌)

i made this one kind of a while back but i haven’t posted it on here yet so yknow

thats pretty gay

plus since im a sucker for flustered aran i drew this too just now lmao

it’s probably some icons for you and your s/o idk

i was thinking of fireworks while making this ok

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what's your deal with deleting posts seconds after making them

It’s just kind of how my thought process works? Like I’ll post something and then anywhere from 5 seconds to 24 hours later I’m either like ‘I need to articulate that better’ or ‘it wasn’t funny/engaging enough try again’ (which isn’t attention-dependent; I’ve deleted posts with some notes and reblogged others that have 0 notes multiple times.)

Other times it’s something that I just made like 17 posts in a row about that I think can probably be re-condensed into one or two. 

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Sarah jane Smith adventures didn't have an ending because the actress passed ): and i agree with what you say but also nostalgia goggles are also a relevant thing to consider here

Its sad they couldnt do a Last Shepherd and sort something out :( probably too difficult since they were midseason (or midseries as we call it here)

And thats what i mean, nostalgia goggles make us think this stuff is better than it is! Heck, i was watching some of the original teen titans series the other day… The last time i watched it was in 2012 before i got obsessed with Adventure Time,and i can see why; TT’s pseudo-anime humor and mixed quality storytelling doesnt age well at all. Ironically, i think its CN-killing parasite of a parody has more longevity (or it would if it stopped referencing the original series)… But you know what? I LOVE the teen titans. I wouldnt change anythimg about it exceptmaybegivestarfireastorylinebutthesourcematerialwasnevergenerousinthatarearegardless

anonymous asked:

Hi. I have been following your blog for a while. I just wanted to say that I adore it. I used to have an ut rp blog myself and loved the game a lot ecause it showed something better and offered hope. I left a while ago since the community proved to be toxic, elitist and just interested in feeling special. Your blog... it reminds me of the beginning, of what happiness I used to feel. It actually does make me happy at times, seeing you post. Thank you so much

//I see. Im sorry that happened to you. That thankfully hasn’t happened to me, but its probably because I have little time to interact with others..regardless Im glad I can give you some happiness! :)

My life as a transexual, Pt. 2

Continuation of my life story.

So, this was the first time I actually came out to someone, in hope of being accepted. But instead I got the reaction I was afraid of and that confirmed for me that this was something that wasn’t normal or even okay according to alot of people.
This led to me shuting it in even more just to fit it, since this was the first time in my life that I actually had some friends, and I didn’t want to ruin that. I did however get help a few times with makeovers and such just to feel better, even though she hated it. It probably sounds a bit weird that something such insignificant could make me feel better, but it was a way for me to return to a normal state where I could atleast feel somewhat comforable. It looked like shit, but it was something!

So after her reaction it took quite some time before I dared to open up to anyone else and I did go back into my bubble, but this time with anxiety making it’s way through.

The next person that I opened up to was an other close friend of mine and she took it really good and gave me the support that I hoped for the last time.
She supported me so much that she even gave me half of her wardrobe!
Soon after that I opened up to alot of more people who all took it really good and gave me more support than I ever dared to hope for.

This came to be the turning point in my life, I had people who accepted me, no one knew the whole truth yet, only that I enjoyed being dressed as the ‘opposite gender’. But atleast this gave me the strenght to break through my bubble and open up more and more.

That’s it for now, and here’s a picture from about that time. Where I actually started to be a bit more comfortable with myself.

Take a break!

Studies show studying is more effective when taking 5-minute breaks every 30 minutes of work. Sticking to your phone is not probably the best way to unwind. Your body needs movement and your brain needs a change. So what can you do?

  1. Go out and take a breath! Oxygen, oxygen and even more oxygen!
  2. Take a nap!
  3. Meditate! Use this time for some breathing exercises.
  4. Exercise! How about dancing?
  5. Laugh! Laughter oxygenates your brain and relaxes your muscles.
  6. Listen to classical music! Or the one that will energize you!
  7. Call your friend!
  8. Move your place of studying! Brain likes changes. Every time I take a break I move to the other place of my house. It’s important to not choose your bed though, since your brain associates it with resting. Studying in bed makes you feel sleepy and unproductive!
  9. Eat something! If you like eating while studying you probably noticed it’s hard to pay attention to both of these actions. It’s better to eat something right after studying. What more, your brain will treat it as a reward for doing such a hard work!

Remember to take care of yourself!