i will probably fail but lets forget about that

Also in that same sort of note i’m doNE WITH MY SEMESTER…… I survived somehow.

Probably failed a final, probably passed the other 3. Had one really great art class, had one not so great art class. I drew an actual 11 page comic? In a manga style?? About a bird samurai???? Might post that someday.

I’m just happy to be done and I’m ready for what will hopefully be a nice break and a nice upcoming semester in the spring.

I love Jonathan.

He could’ve walked away from what happened in the school hall like it was nothing and forget all about it which was probably what poor Sherwin was thinking as he was sitting underneath the tree alone, but he didn’t. 

He went out, found Sherwin, and helped him put little Shirley back together because there was no way that Sherwin could’ve done that by himself. Then he possibly skipped class just to stay and sit with him for a bit to let him know that he’s accepted and if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever then I will sit here and wait until you can prove me wrong.

This scene never fails to make my heart feel all soft and fuzzy. Jonathan is a good person. More people need to be like Jonathan. 

oh and lets not forget that yixing is probably the most upset about this. he literally loves exo so much and never fails to bring them up even when hes doing china schedules. he CRIED bc of how bad he felt about missing exo schedules. he no doubt would love to be a part of exo’s 5 year grand comeback….so anyway i hope lee soo man chokes really hard for putting us, exo and yixing through all this crap

Just Some Jongdae Love

Today is going to mark a lot of different things. EXO’s grand comeback, as dubbed by fans (and staff?) represents new beginnings, the start of a new era, and with it, the end of another. It might be their last huge comeback (with promotions, variety, and the works). It might be their last full album in awhile. It might mean the start of new solo endeavours (ma boy Chen? My babe Baek?). But most of all, it will be a new age of EXO’s legacy. Today, they will establish themselves as the best selling artist in Korea. Period. PERIOD.

I sit here, only hours until this comeback, both anxious and excited for not only this new album, but this new …music experience. I can’t help but think about the past 5 years for EXO…but particularly the past 5 years of Kim Jongdae, otherwise known as EXO’s main vocal, Chen.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Jongdae has almost always wanted to be a singer. His father was also a vocalist and it’s something that he was clearly supported for. Cast by SM, a trainee for less than a year, Jongdae debuted as the main vocalist of EXO-M in 2012. As the Mandarin singing twin group to EXO-K, EXO-M naturally promoted in China at its debut. But as we know Jongdae is Korean. I can’t even begin to imagine the hardships he must have faced. This is the thing. For new fans (and even old fans, now that it’s been so long), it’s hard to imagine EXO not as the sensation they are today. But everyone starts somewhere, and when Jongdae started out…he was at a pretty low low. The thing is, as an artist, he was a stranger in his own home, but an outsider to the country he shares his voice to. He could barely communicate with anyone, and despite him vocally carrying the team in Mama (you really can’t argue it :P), he was so evidently the least popular. I still remember that time at the airport where everyone had fans give them gifts, but it was only Jongdae who was empty handed. Yet, he kept smiling.

After a year hiatus, EXO made a comeback as 12 with Wolf. If you watch the MV (which you probably have…100 million views woo woo), you’ll notice that he’s basically non-existent until his part towards the end. My cousin always talks about how she didn’t even realize he was in the group. That’s how Jongdae was treated. It wasn’t a personalized attach on him, but as a group that was popular but hadn’t made it big yet, they didn’t promote Jongdae the way they did others. I’m not bitter about it, but my hearts to think about how he might have felt. That he can be giving it his all, but that it wasn’t enough. That he exists purely as a vocalist for this group, but even then he’s supposedly just not enough. Growl made them big, and during this era it was hard not to make comparisons. Here he is, in his home country, but he is still perceived as a stranger. Nonfans always assumed he was Chinese (I mean, I don’t blame them) it was the pure isolation of China revisited, but in a more diluted form. Because for some reason, in China he was an outsider, but in Korea he was too. I can imagine just how that may make a person feel. Homeless. Identity-less. Just disregarded.

Something I think about a lot (maybe too often) is his reaction at MAMA, after EXO won Album of the Year. He didn’t cry. He just laughed and cheered and hugged his members. I will never forget the way he hugged Baekhyun, who was trying to hold back tears and failing, so solemnly. Like he understood exactly what Baekhyun was feeling (and probably did because they had a similar trainee story), but didn’t have it in him to cry and let it out. They talk about this moment rarely, but when they do, they talk about how they felt bad to the members who had trained for years, and they had debuted within a year. But I’m sure there is more to that. I wonder how Jongdae, specifically felt, at that moment. A part of me thinks he feels like he doesn’t fully deserve it yet…that despite being a member of EXO he doesn’t have as strong of an ownership to the award. I don’t know. I just think he’s the type of person to not give himself that benefit.

After that, we all know what happened in 2014. As members left, I’m sure he was scared. Unsure of the future. Worried. Lonely. I think all of EXO suffered, but Chen (along with Xiumin and Lay) literally saw their group get disintegrated. And if that’s not disheartening I don’t know what is.

I’m not saying any of this for a pity party. I just want to highlight where he started and where he is now. And the sheer amount of willpower it takes to stay positive and seemingly happy through such an experience. I know I don’t have it in me to deal with that kind of negativity. I would take it to heart. I would be discouraged. But Jongdae fought and worked hard and slowly but surely gained the love and respect he deserves. And that’s really inspiring. It was an uphill battle, but his passion and determination genuinely earned him the world. He’s truly a role model.

I think Call Me Baby era highlights this so well. The way he practiced dancing and completely reinvented himself. To someone who was already a Chen stan…it was something I was expecting to happen. If you follow Chen, you’d have noticed how he was improving his dancing comeback after comeback and how it was particularly good for overdose…so Call Me Baby was just something that I knew was coming, but something I thoroughly enjoyed anyway. The tenacity of this man still gets to me. That he realized his dancing was an obstacle to his success, to his goals, so he worked to push past it.

Because this is the person Jongdae is. He is ambition and passion in human form. He plans, and has goals…and it’s a beautiful thing. He is slowly checking things off his bucket list and I can’t help but admire that. He wanted to collaborate with Dynamic Duo. In just a couple years, he manages just that. He wants to write and compose his own music…since then he has slowly been building his song writing resume. He wanted to break the stereotypes against idol vocalists….and he’s doing just that. You know that video roaming around by Korean Bros asking who the most handsome idol is, and this one random guy says it’s EXO’s Chen? Well, everyone is obsessing over that part (and I am too tbh), but what he said next is what got to me. He randomly heard Chen sing in Masked Singer and based on that he said that our Jongdae…uri jongdae broke his stereotype of idol vocalists. I kid you not I teared up. This is just some random guy. He’s not even a fan. :’) :’) :’)

Something that also stood out to me is his desire to pursue education and specifically what he is pursuing. I can see that he already has goals he hasn’t even spoken about yet…something along the lines of promotion and content creation or god knows maybe he wants to be an entertainment company CEO…but he’s getting his masters in advertising. That’s so different from the classic idol route that I’m sure he has definitive plans. And that’s inspiring. That he is filthy fucking rich and sure to have a successful solo career…but he still wants to take that next step to prepare him for even further in the future.

Let’s talk a little bit about his kindness. People will see this and think about his hot packs on showtime. I think that’s more personal branding than actual personality, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that Jongdae is truly just…nice. He’s always there to comfort the members…but he also knows to keep his distance when they need space. He jokes around and is loud…but is very aware of his surroundings and how people feel. The fact that he would never sell out any of his members (even in small cute ways) for laughs…remember the SM show online broadcast with Xiumin that was boring AF because they wouldn’t share actually juicy stories about EXO. Haha

We can’t forget about his charity work. I think what stood out to me the most was the actual causes he supports. He is very community oriented, donating to his church and home town. I was amazed when I heard about the foundation he funded to spur youth entrepreneurship. It’s not just blatant donations…there’s a thought process behind it that’s so much deeper. I respect it a lot.  

There’s still a million and one other things I can say about him….but I’ll leave it at that today. Next time I’ll probably gush about his singing because I’m way to exhausted now today. Haha (did I really spend 3 hours writing this????)

Lucky to have You (Tommen Baratheon x reader imagine)

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Fandom: Game of Thrones

Chapters: One shot

Warning: None

Summary: Imagine stopping Tommen from jumping out of the window

A/N: In 6x09 I’ve lost Ramsay. One episode later I’ve lost another two favourite characters? Really? What the fuck? They deserved better. So let’s at least save Tommen in my fanfic. Enjoy!

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Exo Reacting to you doing the hip thrust (and failing)

This goes for one sweet anon who sent the request! I hope you like it! 


He would probably find it hilarious but incredibly cute, so he would try to contain his laughter and just giggle a little bit while he tries to show you the right way to do it. 

“Nooo jagi, it’s more like this…” (Of course after watching him do that you would probably die) “Jagi… are you okay?” 

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(Now you know how that lucky nurse felt tho…)

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if no one has already asked, James for the headcanon thing?

You got it! x

What they smell like:

James smells like lime shampoo and also, very faintly, of salt thanks to his sweat. He spends a lot of time running around and waving his arms maniacally, gesticulating to get all his points covered. His skin produces its own kinda light, bathed-in-sunshine salt smell for all the times he’s been caught lounging on the field when he’s meant to be getting some extra quidditch practise in and for all the times he’s been staring out of arched windows, waiting for Transfiguration to be over, wistfully wanting to be set free outside.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

He sleeps anywhere and everywhere he possibly can. His ankles are crossed under outstretched legs in lessons, mirroring his arms across his chest, head lolling forward or backward depending on how much he cares about hiding what he’s doing. He mostly likes leaning backward though: that way, his glasses don’t go sliding off his nose. In bed, James sleeps like a baby, foetal position, or otherwise on his front, one arm raised over his head as if to block out some hypothetical daybreak. His hands are easy, flat across the mattress. He’s completely at peace.

What music they enjoy:

James likes wizard rock ‘n’ roll. He’s a dancer when he wants to be, slicking his hair back and sliding around in his socks as the Gryffindor common room is filled with the sounds of Heebie Jeebie Joanie and her band.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

James is slow to rise. He brushes his teeth with his eyes still closed, grimacing at the sound of people calling his name and answering in unintelligible groans when he absolutely has to respond. He washes his face, pats it dry, tries to heat his uniform with a warming spell (and once actually burned everything in his tired stupor) because he hates the cold that comes with moving from your bed and having to dress for the day. He’s a slow coach and he’s usually the last one down the stairs, tying his tie with unfocused eyes, brow set in frustration at the fact that he’s cost himself his own eggs on toast for being so bloody slow. Again.

Their favorite thing to collect:

I think James would like to collect things that made him perform better at quidditch games: from the quidditch card Peter gave him for good luck to the bullshit article The Daily Prophet published on ‘How Losing Helps To Strengthen The Minds of The Wayward Wizard Youth’ Sirius places on his bed to the bottle of broom polish McGonagall slips into his hand with a wry smile as he leaves her class, all pre-match nerves and excitement. These things make him feel good before he’s even done anything. James is a firm believer of omens. He’s recklessly optimistic though. He takes every omen as a good one and these items aren’t received differently.

Left or right-handed:

Left-handed but he rides his broomstick as though it were for a right-handed person. He just never saw it as anything different and yet, when people see him scratching at his paper with his too-pressed-down quill, its matted feathers and his upside-down handwriting, they aren’t too surprised. It suits him.

Religion (if any):

James doesn’t believe in God or any kind of religion. He knows some of his family members, way back, were interested in the idea, and he very faintly remembers hearing words like Vishnu prop up in conversations he couldn’t be bothered to engage in at family functions when he was a child. But he wasn’t around his distant relatives for long. He believes in destiny and luck and the idea of there being some kinda equal balance in the world but mostly because he wants to be master of his own destiny and tempting the fates is very fun business indeed. He likes knowing his choices are his. No matter how badly judged they may be.

Favorite sport:

Quidditch. He loves it.

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

James is strange because his favourite thing is the journey itself. He likes the time it takes to get somewhere. He likes magicking sandwiches together and using port-keys knowing they’re squished like a lump in his bagpack. He likes restaurants and quaint little shops, looking inside of them, and appreciating their charm and, of course, he likes the locals. He talks a mile a minute. He likes their recommendations, their stories, their comments. He likes what they share with him. He always remembers them, linked to the memory of a place so vividly he could call them up and chat with them, like old friends do, if only he knew how to work a telephone.

Favorite kind of weather:

James Potter likes sunshine. He likes squinting in it, a fist-full of grass at his fingertips. He likes sun spots when his eyes are closed, too. The sun warms him up inside, makes him feel like he’s growing. He vehemently feels it’s good for the soul.

A weird/obscure fear they have:

James double-knots his shoes because he is terrified of tripping up on the moving staircases and being splinched by gravity. He knows Dumbledore probably wouldn’t let it happen, or someone in the hospital wing would stitch him back up, but he doesn’t take any chances. He double-knots his shoes every morning. He wouldn’t know how to forget to do it.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

James has a great arm. He can throw balls into tiny hoops without any effort. It’s his balance that’s terrible. But he can catch anything, throw anything, and he doesn’t think a thing of it.

Tsukkiyama winter drabble #2

Feeling the winter spirit, so I’m writing some short Tsukkiyama things from this prompt list. If you like feel free to request something.

Prompt #6 - Snowed In

“You’re not going home tonight.”

Yamaguchi raised his head from the textbook in his lap and looked at Tsukishima. He was standing by the window, one hand pulling the curtain aside so he could see out. The muted light from outside reflected off of his glasses and threw a fractured line of light onto the wall.

“What?” Yamaguchi asked, scooting himself off the bed and walking across the room to stand by Tsukishima. He pulled at the other side of the curtain to see what he was looking at.

Outside the yard was covered in snow. The divide of the street and sidewalk was was no longer visible, and there were mounds of snow piling up atop of the parked cars and mailboxes. The sky, a brilliant grey, was busy showering the world in large, thick snowflakes.

“Oh wow! Look at all that snow,” Yamaguchi said, trying to follow the path of a single snowflake as it drifted past the window. It quickly got lost in the mass of others swirling in the wind, and a strong gust blew them hard into the window. The soft thud of a build up of snow falling from the roof to the ground snapped Yamaguchi out of his losing battle.

He then realized what so much snow meant. It might be pretty to look at, but it was not pretty to travel in. He turned away from the window in a hurry and walked back to the bed, reaching for his bag and textbook.

“If I leave now I might make the train before the snow shuts it down.”

“You won’t make it,” Tsukishima said. He let the curtain fall back into place in front of the window and the room dimmed slightly.  “Just stay here tonight. You can go home in the morning.”

Yamaguchi shook his head while shoving his book into his bag. How long would it take for him to walk from Tsukki’s house to the train station? His feet would probably be frozen by the time he got there.

“Oh no, no, that’s okay,” he mumbled, too focused on his travel plan to notice that Tsukishima had walked up behind him.

“Stay here,” he said, and Yamaguchi suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. Tsukishima gently turned him around, his right hand reaching up to join the other. Yamaguchi let himself be pulled closer, immediately forgetting about making the train.      

“I don’t want to have to worry about you making it home safe.”

Yamaguchi could feel the slight pressure of Tsukishima’s long fingers on him, a sensation that never failed to send a warm wave up his spine.

“You’d worry?” he asked, tilting his chin up to better meet Tsukishima’s eyes. His glasses no longer reflected the snow outside, but mirrored Yamaguchi’s face so he could see the fresh blush of pink covering his freckles.

“Yes. That’s obvious.”

Another muffled thump of snow shifting came from the window. Tsukishima was right - he wouldn’t make it to the train, but not because it was too far. He wouldn’t make it because he was not going to try. Instead he took half a step forward and closed the gap between him and Tsukishima, his arms wrapping around the taller boy’s middle.

“Well, I don’t want to make you worry,” he said, still looking up at Tsukishima. He considered the expression on his face a moment, noting the gentleness that showed only in his eyes. A flutter spread through his chest when he imagined falling asleep looking at this same expression, closing his eyes only to see it in his dreams.

Yamaguchi tilted his head and kissed Tsukishima on the cheek. “I’ll stay, as long as you make us some hot chocolate.”

“No,” Tsukishima answered, already disentangling himself from Yamaguchi, who flopped back onto the bed, laughing. It had been worth a shot, but it seemed he couldn’t have everything.

Calum - Betrayal Part 8

Here’s a long part for you all. I just want you all to know that I appreciate the support and the requests that have kept this series going. I do appreciate. Request for the next part to find out the drama that happens at the party. I’ll add the links of the other parts tomorrow!


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

‘Shit.’ I mumbled, completely forgetting that I had stayed out the night before and didn’t contact my mum at all.
‘What was that?’ She asked, crossing her arms.
‘I stayed at a friend’s house.’ I shrugged, attempting I walk pat her but she blocked me. She wanted answers and I wasn’t free to go until I answered them.
‘Whose house?’ Her voice was stern as she narrowed her eyes, making me feel uncomfortable. 'Well.’ She said, but I refused to answer.
'I’m an adult. Honestly I don’t see why I have to tell you everything.’ I no longer wanted to be treated as a child who had to do everything perfectly. I was finally living a little and it was great. I was happy and after everything that’s happened I didn’t think that would be possible.
'When you skip college and stay over at random people’s houses, not bothering to text your father or me then yes I have every right to know who you’ve been with because clearly they aren’t a good influence.’ The anger in her tone was new to me. I had never witnessed her being this angry.
Immediately I was confused, being hung up on the first thing she said. 'Wait, how did you know I had skipped classes?’ I asked, furrowing my brow.
'When you didn’t come home this morning or leave a text I was worried, so I rang college to see if you had been there. They said you had attended a few of your lessons.’
'You rang college!’ My pitch increased to an octave higher.
'Of course I did! Anything could have happened.’ Her voice raised, but it was a mixture of anger and concern.
'Well I was fine.’ I said bluntly.
'We didn’t know that!’ She exclaimed. 'Now why are you skipping college? Is it because of this friend?’ She asked and I could literally see the mocking air quotations around the last word, Duce to the scepticism in her voice.
'I couldn’t stand being at college. Everyone was whispering about me. Lies that Ashton had spread and I couldn’t be around him. Calum has done nothing but help me. He’s not a bad influence. They were all my decisions.’ I raised my voice, angry that she was blaming this all on him when I had chosen to do everything that had happened.
'Calum?’ My mum asked. 'The guy who’s always in black?’ She asked, slightly confused.
'Yes. Him.’
'He’s trouble Y/N. I don’t want you being anywhere near him.’ Her voice filled with sternness once again. 'You’re grounded.’
'You can’t ground me!’ I exclaimed.
'I just did. Go to your room.’ She pointed up the stairs. I stormed past her as anger filled me and I slammed my door shut.
Quickly I plugged my dead phone in and waited for what seemed like hours for it to come back to life. As soon as the screen lit up I sent a message to Calum, telling him that I was grounded.
Immediately I got a text back. How long for? It read.
I don’t know, probable for the rest of my life. I replied, sighing.
What about tomorrow? He asked.
I groaned, forgetting about the party. No way would she let me go and she would definitely catch me from trying to leave through the front door.!looking at my window an idea hit me.
I’m still coming. Wait further down the street and text me when you get there. I rapidly sent him the message.

Without fail my mum came to my room to check on every hour. Sometimes she would just pop her head in to check on me an extra time if she had gone to the toilet or was bringing up clothes.
For the past few hours I had resigned to my bed with my back facing the door, refusing to look at her or answer her.
'I know you’re angry at me but I’m doing this for you.’ My mum said, sitting in my bed after I had ignored her asking if I was okay or not. 'I don’t want you to be angry at me but you need to know that what you did was wrong and that has consequences.’ Again I ignored her, leading to a sigh. She stroked my hair and my breath froze, praying that she wouldn’t tuck my hair behind my ear. She retracted her hand and I let out a quite breath of relief. After a prolonged time she got up and left my room, closing the door behind her.
The rowing the covers off me, I walked to my mirror, fluffing up my hair and checking my newly put on makeup that I had managed to hide from my mum.
My phone buzzed. The text from Calum told me that he was waiting down the street out of view from my house.
Waiting by the door, I heard my mum’s steps defending the stairs. Quickly, I grabbed my bag and ranover to my window and tugged it open. Slightly to the left there was the roof to our garage. Taking a deep I climbed onto the windowsill, gripping onto the edge tightly. My hand found the pipe next to me, transferring the tight grip from the windowsill to that. Slowly, I moved cowards, stretching out my leg towards the roof. The toe of my shoe touched it. Closing my eyes, I pushed myself off the windowsill and jumped onto the garage roof. I paused, waiting to see if I had disturbed my parents but no one came rushing out, so I slowly edged towards the edge of the roof. I sat down and pushed myself off onto the grass with a thud. The pain faded and I punched myself up, edging around the perimeter with my back against the bushes. As long as I didn’t make any sudden movements, my parents wouldn’t see me, since it was already getting darker. As soon as I made it to the pathway I sprinted down the street, spotting Calum’s car. I fell into the back seat laughing.
'I can’t believe you jumped out your window.’ He laughed, shaking his head.
'You saw?’ I asked, partially alarmed.
'Yes, I thought you were going to break your leg. I was ready to get out and check on you.’ He turned around, facing me. There was a smile playing on his lips, but his eyes held concern as he scanned over me for injuries.
'I’m all good.’ I beamed at him, as I held my thumbs up.
'You’re wearing that?’ He raised an eyebrow, looking at my muddy, grass stained leggings and baggy top.
'Of course not. I held up my bag.’ I said, making him chuckle. 'Now keep your eyes on the road.’ I stared at the reflection of his eyes in the mirror, seeing them crinkle until he looked away.
Quickly I pulled off my top and tugged on a black dress. Then I sli there out of my leggings and threw them in my bag and exchanged my converse for a pair of heels.
I climbed into the front seat, pulling down the visor to reveal a mirror. I fluffed up my hair again.
Glancing at Calum, I caught his gaze running across my body.
'Eyes on the road Hood.’ I smirked, causing him him to chuckle as he turned his gaze back to the road.
He drove the familiar route to Luke’s party, as we turned into the car park, only one car was parked there.
I reached into the back, fumbling around the back to find the little bad I had brought with me. I grasped the little strap and checked my phone and purse was in it. They were.
My door opened and turned to find Calum’s arm stretched towards me. This was the first time I really saw how he looked good and oh man did the boy look good. He was wearing black skinny jeans with a white shirt and thin black tie.
My hand found his and he helped me out the car in a gentlemanly fashion that pleasantly surprised me.
'You look so beautiful.’ He whispered into my ear.
'Oh shush.’ I laughed, playfully hitting his chest as a faint blush spread across my checks. His hand squeezed Ming briefly as we headed towards the venue of tonight’s party.
He held the door open for me, smiling. 'Ladies first.’

Part 9

Tiger Millionaire Rewatch. 

So I’m re-watching all Amethyst and Peridot centric episodes in preparation to analyze every single moment between them for a post. Figured I might share some thoughts. 

This is the first Amethyst-centric episode we see, and it deals with her relationship with the Gems. She’s in a rather subordinate role compared to Garnet and Pearl - they all follow Garnet, but at times, Pearl also have some say in what Amethyst (and Steven) should be doing. 

It’s not until much later that we find out she’s the youngest of the Gems besides Steven. She’s never been on Homeworld. Everything she knows and learns about being a Gem is through Rose, Pearl, and Garnet. To me, it always seemed like an uneven power dynamic - them deciding what and what not to teach and tell Amethyst about Gem culture. I’m biased here, but I believe that one has to right to learn about their heritage, even if it’s not pretty.

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I get that everybody is happy that Vex survived, but let's not forget that Keyleth (probably) almost died as well! Imagine what would happen if she had failed that Strength Saving Throw against the Black Hole Orb.

How about we not imagine that?