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NCT (All Members) Reacting To You Having a Crush On An Another Member

mimi-kiti said: Hay Could I have a NCT (all units) reaction what would they do, if you tell them (you are his secret crush and best friend) that you have a crush on another member?^^ I’m sorry for my bad english.

A/N: Hey love I’m sorry this took such a long time


Taeyong would be heartbroken and become really cold and closed off. He would ignore you the whole time and make his jealousy really obvious. He would probably cry himself to sleep and binge eat ice cream and watch studio ghibli movies to get over you.

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Like any other best friend, he would push aside his feelings for you and will help you get it with the member you like. He’ll sometimes want to cry and scream at you but he’ll keep it all inside and smile like he’s having a great time.

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He will also be like Jaehyun and conceal his feelings. Instead of helping you, he would distance himself from you till you guys become strangers.

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Johnny would be annoyed. He would instantly leave and ignore all your calls. He’ll then feel bad for being petty and apologise to you, confessing to you in the process. He will be so heartbroken.

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Doyoung’s face would give away his pain and you’d have to ask him what’s wrong. He’ll say its nothing and just move on. He’d often spend his nights thinking about you and listening to sad songs. It’ll take him a while but he’ll get over it the fastest.

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Winwin will smile at you and listen to you carefully and will break into tears when he comes back home. He’ll seem distant during practice because you’ll occupy his mind most of the time. He’ll feel himself slowly getting over you.

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Yuta will be so annoyed. He will probably say many things to hurt you like “He won’t like you back” or “you aren’t his type”. But that’s all to conceal his burning feelings you. He’ll keep on hurting you on purpose to make you feel the same pain you made him feel. He’ll feel bad about it but it’ll be a satisfaction for him.

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Ten will laugh it off and try to change the subject. He will spend most of his time in the practice room, dancing hard enough to keep you away from his thoughts but you’d always creep into his mind and he’ll find himself breaking down in the room. “Why couldn’t you love me instead Y/N?” He would mumble.

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“Oh,” was all he said and then he smiled at you like it was nothing. He will try to deny his feelings for you. “It was nothing, I felt nothing.” He would say over and over again in his head.

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Haechan would be surprised. He wouldn’t even mind confessing. “Him? Why him? Why not me?” You could clearly see how hurt he is. He will leave and you’ll never hear from him again.

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Jeno, like Jaehyun, will smile and help you through it all. Even if it hurts him.

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Jaemin will help you through it but will judge the other member harshly.

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Chenle will threaten the member not to hurt you because you are his angel and he’ll confess to you accidentally and probably never show you his face again.

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Renjun would help you get it with the member and will conceal his feelings as much as he can.

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He will be heartbroken and will want comfort but will end up staying up several nights trying to get over you.

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i’m really glad that so so many of you seem to like my small thank you’s in form of those url graphics so much   💗💪🏻   i’m happy to say that my inbox has never been fuller and that i still have about 23 graphics to go  —  so far! 

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Kaz... I really gotta ask you this. I debated about at all day and I am going to do it.. Are you ever gong to have Viktor and Yuuri experimenting in the bedroom?? If so what kind of Experiments?? And if someone (me) could suggest something kinda odd to do for a extra scenes fic? Since you said they would be willing to try "almost" anything... could you have one of them try eating poprocks (a type of american candy) while giving a blow job??.... *Shrinks into a corner*

Sex scenes are really challenging to write so while there will be more in the extra scenes fic I probably won’t be writing any involving any really specific kinks, although I do think that they would experiment in the bedroom

Thomas sanders head cannons

Great at hugs, his slogan is “play nice,” anxiety is secretly his favorite, his laugh is like sunshine, did I mention he’s s great hugger,

Secretly likes the dad jokes, freaks out and think he’s sick if he just gets a LITTLE BIT sad,


Can cry on demand. Probably also really good at hugs. Has a shelf in his room entirely dedicated to stress toys. Secretly wanted to eat the yogurt but THaTS noT IN chARActER.


Even better at hugs. If you seem even the tiniest bit cold, he will take off all his clothes and throw them on you. His sole mission is to make Logan laugh at his dad jokes. He will cry if ANYTHING happens to his precious Logan.


Basically all my head cannons of him are already cannon soooooo

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look it is my headcanon that Prompto would've been top of the class in stuff like Science and Math if he didn't get distracted easily and wasn't overlooked by education. Also even if he can only lift that Great sword just long enough to slam it down he's still hella strong okay? He could probably smash your kneecap by kicking you if he wanted to, he's just too sweet and gentle to go all out like the other bros do-Tea

I feel like sometimes Prompto’s MT side shows itself, because some of his lines make me pause whenever I hear them. For example “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something dead!” or “Ooh a headbashing!” and I just sit there for a few seconds like whaat? Because like you said he is more sweet and gentle then his bros but then he says that and I get so confused, so I’ve decided that’s his MT side kinda sticking out.

But can you imagine Charles Vane as the father of his and Eleanor’s little baby girl? I’m not usually one for kid!fic, but that’s an idea that makes me squee. 

Charles Vane, with a tiny baby on his chest. 

I mean, of all the pirates …  Jack? Completely overwhelmed. Flint? Hell no. No babies for Fint, he’d probably eat them. Silver? He’d find someone to babysit for him, but that’s about it.

But Charles. Charles Vane as a father. Imagine that. 

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wooho, boy, this is like starving for 6 years (probably like only 2 or 3 for me tho) and then eating yourself dead in a single day. oh boy. BOY.
imma just grab the opportunity of this ask to actually talk about what i think of their comeback and such.
the saturnz barz video clip was SO GOOD - let me be sentimental here for a sec, but seeing them all get out of the car and just WALK to the door gave me chills. the boys are back in town, people, that’s final. it feels so good to see them animated again.
allowing the band members to have speaking roles in the beginning (well, except for noodle for some reason, the heck’s with that?) was also a smart and good choice, considering how confusing gorillaz videos ARE if you don’t do your reading beforehand.
ngl, i was confused at first, because the video looks weird if you go into it without knowing it’s sort of an interactive thing - but even before i realized that, i already felt like it had some serious gorillaz webpage-y feel to it. like the creators would want to give us that interactive, part of the story experience, but on an existing and popular platform and not their own website.
i am 100% behind this decision too, the interactive video is awesome, because it’s experimental and tries to give an experience to the fans - just like their music.
ABOUT their music. ngl, out of the freshly released singles ascension would be my current favorite. we got the power has a very demon days-ish feel to it, and it just FEELS as gorillaz as it can get. saturnz barz struck me as odd at the first listen, but it’s also grown on me fairly quickly. i have no big opinion on andromeda just yet, but i’m sure i’ll get to like it after a few listens.
tl;dr: gorillaz are back baby and i’m lovin it

Ok, But Like...

Bitty doing the “My Boyfriend Does My Voice Over” tag on YouTube with Jack narrating him baking a pretty basic pie and Jack still manages to fumble most of it like:

  • “Okay, now I’m just throwing in some…salt?…NO, SUGAR! Sugar! You don’t put salt in pies.“
  • “You’ve got to cut this doughy bit into strips so that you can…weave a basket cover for the pie…I don’t know, it’s called the crust, eh.”
  • “I don’t…I don’t know what I’m doing…”

And then there’s him just gently chirping Bittle throughout.

  • “I never use pre-canned fruits even though that would save me loads of time and I could actually leave some cherries in the house for Jack to eat…”
  • “Oh I’m dancing now…probably to Beyonce.”
  • “I don’t like these pans I’m using. I complain about them all the time but I think I’m being slick.”

But mostly it’s just him being totally gone on Bitty

  • “That’s not my shirt. That’s Jack’s shirt that he’s been looking for for three weeks…it looks better on me though.”
  • “I think I’ll be really excited that Jack got me the new pan set I’ve been talking about for my birthday…but it’s a surprise.”
  • “I look really good in the light in our kitchen. That’s why Jack has so many pictures of me in here…cause I’m beautiful.”



So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.

rmr when that kid tried to teach 1d how to whip and nae nae and it was literally the whitest they have ever been and harry was just like “…i don’t know how to mayonnaise, so i don’t get what…” and then to liam was like “here come my nips, i don’t eat mayonnaise” and liam just said “nice i like it the remix” as if that was a completely normal thing for harry to do and it honestly probably was??

ot4 things
  • group chat has to remind mari to eat/sleep/stretch if she’s been designing for too long
    • alya: hi mari this is your hourly reminder to fucking get up and stretch oh my god you’re probably crouched over that chair like a shut in go for a walk gdi
    • adrien: ok so…..i texted you four hours later…..like you told me…..i hope you’re eating. lunch is important.
    • nino: get some h2o up in that bitch or i swear to god dude
  • alya has to call a fucking intervention every time she loses more than ten ladyblog followers overnight
    • one day, just to fuck with her, the three of them all unfollow her the same day and she bursts into class screaming 
    • “we’re not mutuals anymore ????? who the fuck why the fuck ???”
  • when someone’s sick or having a bad day, adrien stops by their house and drops off little care packages bc he’s literally perfect
    • photocopied notes from class, homework, water bottles, snacks, medicine, candy, a get well card, you name it
    • alya takes pictures of all of them and keeps an album
    • mari keeps the cards in a scrapbook for her shitty days
    • nino cries almost every time he gets one
    • the three of them pitch in to do one for adrien when he’s sick but he somehow manages to outdo all three of them consistently
  • nino starts an instagram account that’s literally just videos of mari and chloe fighting. alya and adrien both help moderate it
    • mari has no idea it exists so like sometimes the three of them will be cackling over nino’s phone and try to cover up what they were doing when she walks by
    • she thinks she missed out on a meme or something
    • everyone in school follows it
  • they rabbit a new anime every week bc adrien just keeps finding new ones and he always says “no trust me they’re so good” and they can’t say no to that face, he’s so excited, literally how adrien
    • kid has a good taste in anime, so six hour binges on saturday night are at least entertaining 
    • yuri on ice left mari and nino crying and adrien recorded it for posterity
  • adrien and mari make gym days a thing on sundays bc for some reason they’re fitness freaks and when did that happen they’re also so ripped like how ? ?
    • mari and adrien go through the whole shebang: cardio weights, machines, stretching, you have it
    • alya just stays on the elliptical the whole time watching reality tv on the televisions above her
    • nino stays on his phone the whole time walking on the treadmill instead of actually running
    • adrien: they’re working up to it. 
    • mari: we’re going for a run next week. no technology allowed. 
How to make explosives 101

(First time doing this and this was a little while ago so the details are sketchy)

So me and a group of friends started playing dnd and we were off to a great start. Our team consisted of a Ranger (me), a rouge that duel-wields crossbows, a sorcerer, a barbarian, and a paladin that kept looking at her reflection in her sword.

We met up in a library, left a city without a fight, killed a bunch of goblins, and convinced the new goblin leader to provide protection to travelers instead of killing them. 

So, after all that, we camped for the night and an old lady came over. She asked us to help her with a ‘rat problem’ and, while I said that it was probably a trap (and that she was probably gonna eat us), we went to her house anyway. Long story short, we get stuck in the basement and find out that she was a necromancer. The last thing you need to know is that our sorcerer had cast several fireballs to destroy the door and failed every single time.

[Rouge] “Hey Ranger! Do you have flour on you?”

[Ranger] *Surprised by the question* “Uh…yea why?”

[Rouge] “Can you give me some?”

I said sure and gave them the pack of flour. Their turn comes up…

[Rouge] “I put the pack of flour by the door and set it on fire to blow it up.”

Our entire party goes silent for a moment before we all start to laugh.

[DM] “Wait what?”

[Rouge] “Look it up. Flour is explosive.”

Sure enough, flour was indeed explosive. So the dm allowed it and the rouge blew up the door with the flour.

[Rouge] “See Sorcerer. That’s how you blow up a door!”

[Sorcerer] “I swear I’m gonna kill you.”

Afterwards, we killed the witch and, from that moment onward, the ranger (me) and the rouge weaponize the flour into explosive grenades and arrows. 

     I get that Buster wearing an over-sized shirt is  “ cute “  but I’m a bit tired of people ignoring WHY he’s wearing such a shirt and saying how ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ this scene is because of it. The creators said Buster ‘dresses to impress’ and I believe this symbolizes a few things here.

     If you take a look at the room, you can see Moon probably was there for a bit. Eddie appeared to have bought them a pizza to eat, and even made a little bed for his friend. Sounds like a typical thing I do for my own friends! I’ll even spare them clothes to wear. But consider this:

                  MOON HAD NO HOME TO GO BACK TO.

     When the theater crumbled down, Buster lost all of his belongings … plus the only place he counted as his “house”, for he was sleeping in the drawer. Probably couldn’t afford his own place, AND the theater at the same time. All he got to take back with him was the clothes on his back, his father’s old car wash bucket, and the picture frame of when he first opened the theater.

     So, the shirt Eddie offered him to wear, deep down, is kind of … sad. Moon is probably washing the ONLY outfit he himself owns, but he probably doesn’t even care that much at that point. There is no reason to dress to impress anymore. Eddie is a good friend for letting him wear an old college shirt, even if its a bit big on Buster. 

     The whole scene when everyone comes to help Buster, and he tells them “NONE OF THIS IS OKAY” says a lot, really. He isn’t lying anymore. He isn’t going to pretend. From this moment, we can see the amazing character development the characters have went through so far —— and how despite Moon lying, and that there is no prize, and that there is no theater … everyone still comes around to SUPPORT Moon, and wishing to do the show. 

     He ignores any sort of help, for he is hopeless at this point. He doesn’t CARE how someone sees him at this point. This is so against his character beforehand, so we can tell how broken Buster is in this.

     Hell, even when he’s reading the newspaper, and what they said to him … do you know what he does? HE BOWS. As if he’s like  “this is me. this is all i am. this is what my life is.” and he does later say this! Admitting how AFRAID he is. Well —— wouldn’t you be in his situation? 

     So, I don’t find this scene cute at all. It’s really sad really.

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Maybe the RFA and a sick!MC, like maybe she has the flu and passes out because she didn't eat enough or something? (I've got no appetite when I'm sick lmaooo)


  • he’s really surprised when he finds mc literally passed out at the park near his dorm.
  • and with all his skinny boi strength he probably ends up carrying mc back to his dorm and sets them on the bed with a towel over their forehead and digging through his medicine cabinet (and by medicine cabinet, I mean just a small box shoved in the corner with cold and allergy medication.
  • probably tries to wake mc up and when he does he’s a kicked puppy ever so concerned about the love of his life passed out and he’s frantic. 
  • he plies with questions and will be cooking at the same time his famous omurice to feed to mc 
  • will cling to mc for the life of him until mc feels better, but then he ends up getting sick too and a newly recovered mc has to babysit a snot faced yoosung. good job, yoosung. 


  • he gets a call from jaehee that mc passed out while buying groceries and immediately demands them to be at a hospital
  • driver kim takes two minutes getting ready and jumin is already furious and ready to run to the hospital himself 
  • he’s cancelled all plans today and poor baehee kang needs to reschedule meetings with the oil prince and others 
  • even though the doctors say that it’s just a flu and that mc needs to stay hydrated and eat more jumin is convinced they could die and once they release mc he plys them with medicine
  • mc basically gets babied throughout their entire sickness save for jumin having to move his meetings from C&R to his home desktop through skype conferences
  • but even then that’s one room away and jumin hovers over mc 


  • when jaehee comes home to mc passed out in the most awkward position she panics 
  • mother hen mode is on
  • she’s so sweet she’ll bring u pastries when she comes home from the bakery and comes to check up on u during breaks by calling
  • sends takeout to the house and whatever mc wants expect it by the door in under fifteen minutes
  • once jaehee comes home though she’ll baby the fuck out of mc and even throw away tissues or take out the trash or disinfect the house
  • sprays down the whole apartment to keep things fresh n clean and even though it smells like chemical warfare in there jaehee makes warm drinks for mc to keep them feeling pleasant
  • probably succumbs to the cuddles even tho she knows she’ll get sick
  • surprisingly doesn’t??? jaehee’s immune system is A1 because being jumin’s assistant was a twenty four hour job. there is no sickness.


  • drags mc everywhere after seeing mc pass out on set
  • doesnt trust anyone with mc but him and mc’s doctor
  • will literally bring mc on set and come in tow with blankets and hot chocolate mix he’s so extra
  • will literally visit mc every time between takes to check up on him and he’s very dramatic about the whole process 
  • he’s just so damn hovering over mc throughout the whole sickness he literally needs to be surgically detached from mc but that’s his whole life so he’ll be as extra as needed even if mc objects???
  • basically his trailer becomes a sick bay filled with cold medicine and headache medicine and making sure mc is cared for properly because if mc isn’t he’ll literally throw the biggest fit
  • deadass. gets food delivered to set every day for mc. it’s a problem. he gets mc’s favorites too so mc feels more inclined to eat.


  • if mc passed out he probably thought they were just sleeping at first
  • saeyoung is very accustomed to sleeping on the floor sometimes when he’s too lazy to reach his own bed so he just collapses on the floor
  • but he then realizes mc is actually knocked the fuck out and he’s p a n i c k i n g 
  • he places mc in bed and puts hot towels on their head and props them to sit slightly upright and paces around the room until they wake up
  • drowns mc with questions until he can deduct that mc passed out because they didn’t eat and honestly would offer honey buddha chips.
  • he just wants mc to eat so he just tries baiting them hard af by cooking foods that smell strong af like bacon or smth 
  • when that doesn’t work he literally just tries offering food every 30 minutes and it’s just??? the weirdest way of checking up on mc but he wants them to eat so e a t goddammit and as with most members in the rfa he’d hover like a mom with a preteen child
Harry at the Weasley for Christmas
  • <p> <b></b> -Harry celebrating christmas with his sort-of family for the first time<p/><b></b> -George and Fred arguing over what spell santa claus uses to get through the chimney (”George he probably just shrinks himself”) (“Fred, you and I both know he uses a transportation spell”)<p/><b></b> -Harry convinces Ginny to go with him to santa’s village “for presents” (yeah right)<p/><b></b> -Mr. Weasley being The Master of Wrapping Gifts™<p/><b></b> -Bill totally puts up cheesy holiday decorations all over their flat<p/><b></b> -Fleur totally tries to take them all down whenever he is gone<p/><b></b> -it totally becomes a competition between them<p/><b></b> -Ron eating 1000 tons of Christmas cookies<p/><b></b> -he and Hermione make scones to leave for santa claus<p/><b></b> -Ginny lowkey hates holiday clothes<p/><b></b> -so Harry likes to dress as festively as possible to annoy her<p/><b></b> -we’re talking light-up ear muffs and ugly christmas sweaters<p/><b></b> -”i swear to god, Harry, I will crucio all of santa’s fucking reindeer if you don’t take off that stupid elf hat”<p/></p>
BTS as things I've said during finals
  • Jin: I've been in this class for two years and the only thing I learned was that Ethan can eat a whole lemon in two minutes
  • Yoongi: I stopped studying once my Spotify free trial ended
  • Hoseok: *had two weeks to do an essay* *started the night it's due*
  • Namjoon: I should've listened three years ago
  • Jimin: If anyone gets 100% I will hunt them down and I'll probably cover their doorknob in Vaseline so they know what it feels like to have victory slipping away from them
  • Taehyung: The only thing I did to prepare myself was watching all seasons of Haikyuuu in two days
  • Jungkook: Why get an A for 'awful' when you can get an F for 'fantastic work keep it up!'
sneak peak of i’m not ashamed

SCENE ONE: long haired Rachel holds an fruit longingly while Token Goth Girl in a Christian Movie twaddles her fingers. They all have apples and nothing else. Just apples at this table. And everyone looks miserable.

OwO what’s this? She looks to the side and sees Rat Boy, Dildo Ebola, eating an orange. That’s the orange table, Rachel. We’re the apple table. We don’t associate with them. Why are they eating so much fruit? Why is he looking at her like that? Why is he looking at her at all? Why does he care?


fLUSTERED dylan suddenly turns to his orange

Yes… orange, very peely and orange. he is looking for anything to distract him from his boring red-shirted friend, who is staring lustfully at an apple, a probable symbolism of the girls at the Apple Table . 

“get rid of all the fat ugly retarted gross stupid weird nerd star wars fans old people nickelback fans bronies twihards people that arent i eric har” wAIT, this red shirted, hairy-armed chap must be Eric Hairless! Wonderful. He has a glass of apple juice, and an apple. What a rebellious choice from someone outside the Apple Table. Must symbolize what will happen to the people at the Apple Table. Eric you cruel monster….. you devil…. I cant even look at him and his ham sandwich. 

Dildo and random guy who i’m assuming is some sort of Brooks Brown character look at ranting child Eric with distaste. Is he done? Will he ever be done? Seems, upon closer inspection, Dylan is the only one eating an orange. Is every table the Apple Table? Does this symbolize how Dildo Memaw had no sense of belonging in the world? What the everloving fuck is Brooks Brown Guy wearing? 1950′s Grandpa pajamas? That’s not grunge at all. We have our first glance at the pristine white hats in the background. Our eric finishes his rant and looks at Dildo for validation. W-Was it cool, Dylan-senpai? OwO?

“y-yeah.” He stutters. Oh god. I can just smell Dave Cullen. What the fuck is he wearing??? Is that some kind of bondage harness? Or it could be just a keycard or something but to what? Weird design to it also.

Eric, finding validation in the y-yeah, continues on with his rant, looking up from his beloved apple to his gay lover. “Nobody is deserving of this planet,” he says “just me and who i chose.” FUNNY because I think i remember the quote being “Give the world back to the animals, they deserve it more than we do,” but of course they had to satan it up so people hated him more.

“send them all up to space”

“dude we can’t send them to space”

TWO trenchcoated figures appear in the background! We weren’t looking at Dylan and Eric the entire time! These inaccuracies weren’t actually inaccuracies. Thank you Dave. But they are. 

“look at these F AR T K N O CK ERS!!!”

alright, i’ll admit i lost my s h i t when he said that. Whhhhat? is that a slang for gay… because like, anal? Probably not. Probably a Christian censored version of ‘fag’ or something. So… it could be? I don’t know. It’s easier not to think about it….. they never said it…………………………………… they never said it….

“what’s up? F O U R E YE S” he pushes the trenchcoated chap into a table. 

He kinda just nudges him into the table, but he flies across the table, knocking everything over, breaking his spine and rendering him immobile for the rest of his life. Not really. But i’m sure Dave asked. By the way, yes, I’m sure Dave Cullen is involved with this movie. He can call me a dirtbag, but I know.

he gets up?

and falls to the ground, his trenchcoat goth friends dragging him away as Jock Stud over there kicks him. He has been rendered immobile for some reason. Everyone watches, amused. This always happens at 12:00. Same time every morning. It’s a spectacle.

come on bro, we gotta be gay somewhere else…. these heterosexuals don’t accept us.”


thanks, jock? is that even an insult? thanks for the motivation,

The jocks laugh in triumph, they have belittled another Goth. They’re so fucking cool, and they know it. There are many ways to wear a white hat, but they’re all wearing it at a 90 degree angle, pristine white like they soak them in bleach before they go to school, and backwards. 

they have this really long pan on this black kid. Eric’s face is wrinkled in distaste. I think this is the moment trying to signify that Eric is racist because he’s looking at the black bully distastefully. Alright, Christian Movie. Thanks for that.

Rachel giving the Lanza Stare™ to the Jocks. 

Who is this and why are him and Rachel making intimate eye contact? He looks like Dennis the Menace. Like who the fuck is this supposed to be. Also what shampoo does that other jock guy use? Damn


What I’m assuming is he’s one of Rachel’s friends that is trying to relapse and recover from his Jock Asshole ways but he can’t seem to quit. Rachel reminds him and he feels shame.

Back to the Sin Table, Dylan looks expectantly at Eric as he continues peeling his fucking orange. He expects him to be like I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY IF YOU EVER TOUCH HIM AGAIN ILL FRICKIN KILL YOU ILL PULL OUT A GODDAMN SHOTGUN AND BLOW YOUR DAMN HEAD OFF DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAAAAHP but no, sadly, because that is not Eric’s true colors. That is his mobster alter-ego, Reb.

He looks like a thirty year old christian youth leader that’s newly married with a baby on the way. But he looks angry also… i guess?? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

he violently bangs his apple on the table. Damn, does he want to bang someone from the Apple Table on the table?/?/????? Where does his violence end

ooh dam, it got a broose. Also he’s fucking shredded. Why.

-the scene fades to black-


“I lose weight easily”
- a request

This will help you lose weight. Yet again, please remember sigils can’t do anything if you work hard against them. If you lay around all day, eating junk food and not doing anything, it probably won’t help. But! It will make your workout or your diet more effective.

Have it on your skin while working out, keep it close to your body, have it as a charm or draw it on the cup of your drink.

My dear aromantic and/or asexual children, 

It’s a myth that being asexual and/or aromantic means you’ll spend your whole life lonely, cold and bitter. It’s a myth that you “miss out on so much”. 

“But sex/romance is what makes us human!” also lives in the kingdom of myths and so does “But without sex/romance, how will you ever feel true happiness?”. 

The last one probably sits on the throne in said kingdom as it is so ridiculous. Eating cookies, playing with dogs, feeling sunshine on your skin, hearing a good pun… There are so many happy things to experience that have nothing to do with sex or romance that i could fill a whole book with them. 

And yet, sometimes you may feel like they’re right. 

Sometimes you may feel lonely, sometimes you may worry that you’ll die alone and unloved while all your friends will have a married partner and three kids.  

Sometimes you may hate being ace/aro. Sometimes you may feel like you do miss out or be jealous of people who are not ace/aro. 

That’s okay. You don’t need to swallow your feelings like a bitter pill, you don’t have to be perfectly happy all the time. just so you don’t give them the satisfaction that they were “right”. 

The truth is that everyone feels lonely sometimes. Saying “No aro/ace person feels lonely” is just as ridiculous as saying “All aro/ace people feel lonely”. 

But loneliness is in no way proof that your orientation is not valid. It’s just a feeling. And feelings are okay. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

if i could have one wish, it would be to look at Ten’s camera roll because i just know that he has a ton of super cute pictures with himself and Johnny

like cute pictures of them eating food together

pictures of Johnny sleeping and Ten pretending to sleep next to him

pictures where they are just looking at each other and you just know how much they love each other, 

probably a bunch of Johnny spam pics

videos of them dancing or doing something stupid or slightly illegal 

and probably a lot more pictures like the ones they are taking here

sm do us all a favor and please release their pictures