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Yo so would anyone be interested in doing a tinychat (it’s basically like Skype? But online? There’s an app. It’s good because you can stay anonymous if you want) session with me and talk about idk ghostbusters and Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig and other random things. It’s a group thing so you can just join in??? Um….probably in around 3/4PM EST. Idk if no one appears then I will probably end it HAHA. I’ll update you guys again…? THIS IS RANDOM BUT I WANNA GET TO KNOW U GUYS. Maybe just PM me if you wanna join in?

I’ve been toying with this idea for a little while, and yesterday I decided I’d finally give it a shot.

But only if you guys want it.

If this post gets 150 notes, I’ll post a survey for y’all to choose a song for me to sing and then I’ll give you a video of me singing it.

If it doesn’t, sorry but no lol. Maybe some other time if I’m ever feeling confident again.

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can you write something where it turns out MC is like super young and the entire RFA is like "Oh my god i must protect this small child" or develops familial platonic feelings for them? maybe MC is an orphan? idk. I just want some platonic fluff really. like a Friendship route. a Found Family route. If you don't wanna do it, it's cool just delete this ask!!

oh my god yes. (i’m including V because honestly I think his reaction would be the most amusing of them all.)


  • He’d be delighted to no longer be the youngest RFA member. 
  • Finally there was someone that looked up to him and it would be great. 
    • That would definitely help motivate him to play less LOLOL (he probably wouldn’t quit completely, but he’d want to be a good role model for MC and couldn’t do that if he was constantly playing games)
  • He’d love to help out with their school work even if it were a subject he was not at all fond of, he’d work hard so that they felt good about what they knew for the assessments that their school had
  • He’d be really protective of them and honestly wouldn’t really mind Seven teasing him as long as he didn’t tease MC 
  • They’d honestly be the little sibling he never had but always desperately wanted. 


  • She is not the most comfortable around children. It isn’t that she dislikes children, but she really has no idea how to take care of them or how to play with them
  • When she heard that MC was only a teenager that automatically made her uncomfortable simply because they’d be loud and annoying and irresponsible, right? 
  • She’d be shocked to see how hard working and diligent they were
  • She’d also be really protective of them in the sense that nobody, especially Jumin, would be allowed to give them a lot of work. 
  • Jaehee would be insistent on stressing the necessity of sleeping and eating well since they’re still growing 
  • Also if they were ever struggling with school or anything, she’d probably drop everything to help them out because she hates to see them stressed. 


  • He’d be pretty uncomfortable dealing with a child as well (Even though they’d probably be like a teenager he’d still be a bit uncomfortable) 
  • He’s never really spent any time around kids before, even when he was a kid he was more than a little strange and didn’t have too many friends his own age 
  • He’d be shocked by how determined and hardworking they are and how efficiently their work is. 
  • He’d be so nice to them
  • He’s sarcastic and rude to most of the RFA but the moment he realises that they’re so young he becomes super patient with them,
  • He’s so kind If the others are being loud or annoying or if any of them dare to tease MC, Jumin will be so protective 


  • He’d be in total shock and would definitely try his best to help them out with their work, both with getting guests for the party and any school work that they could be having trouble with
  • He’d probably feel pretty bad that he couldn’t be more helpful with the schoolwork thing
  • Still he’d definitely be the one to cheer MC up if they were feeling overwhelmed or stressed out
  • I’m getting this feeling that MC might have been a fan of his before and would totally freak out that they were talking to him every day and Zen would find that to be absolutely adorable 
    • I feel like they’d probably cry during the first phone call because like “omg I’m talking to someone famous” and he’d just be so amused 
    • They’d probably be like “I HAVE TO TELL ALL MY FRIENDS”
  • He’s definitely the reassuring friend though


  • He already knew that they were young from the background check so because of that he’d definitely try and stop them from getting too stressed out. 
  • Even with him being constantly stressed out himself, he’d constantly check to make sure that they were sleeping enough and eating well and just taking care of themself in general. 
  • He’d still joke around with them a lot, but he’d be really careful to make sure he didn’t make them uncomfortable
  • I’m not sure if he’d tell the rest of the RFA how old MC was 
  • I feel like he’d probably leave it to MC to tell them, just so he didn’t embarrass them
  • He’d let them know that he knows how old they are either through a phone call or a text message just so they’re both on the same page
  • Honestly I bet they’d already know that he knew how old they were because of the background check. 
  • He’d tease them. He really would try not to and the moment he noticed that he’d upset MC he would stop, but they were just so cute and easy to tease and they always went along with his jokes and pranks and they really understood his sense of humor
  • If they were struggling in school you bet he’d help them out
  • Especially if they were struggling in math or science he’d be the best tutor because not only is he really good at those subjects, but he understands them well enough that he can teach the right stuff, but in a way that’s more fun and easier to learn 
  • He might teach them some programming dependent or not on if they showed any interest, he wouldn’t want to force it upon them, but if they were curious he’d be really excited to help them out. 


  • He would be horrified. 
  • There is really no other way to put this. 
  • He would be absolutely horrified. 
  • He hired a child to almost single-handedly run a charity party. Sure he could blame Seven for not telling him that MC was so young, or find other circumstances to blame, but he knew, in all honesty that it was his fault that he could not blame anyone but himself
  • He’d be so apologetic to them, honestly to the point where he’d probably visit the apartment himself just to express how sorry he was for putting them in this position 
  • He’d give them the option to leave at any moment (and would probably offer to tell Seven to not restrict their access to the messenger either because really, it wasn’t their fault that they were young and stressed)
  • When they said they wouldn’t leave however, it made him smile
  • He’d definitely offer to help them out in any way that they’d need 
  • “Do you want to work from home?”
  • Done
  • “Do you want to get time off school?” 
  • Done
  • “Do you want this to count for some sort of service hours?” 
  • I’ll call the school myself 

i’ve always been so upset about people calling mark boring and how he isn’t deserving of any attention or own opportunities.. mark has literally expressed how nervous he is of doing some things alone because he feels like he is awkward and boring and when he does some antis keep on shutting him down and joke about got6 like gtfo he genuinely thinks his presence isn’t important to the group at all because of this..

I have not been in my comfort zone all bloody day, but Stuff happened today. Like, lotsa tons of sTUFF. Some school/career related, others not so much and by far the most troubling. Do I feel good? No, but I don’t feel bad. I feel….cautiously optimistic. About a lot of things. I’m very tried now, and deserve some sort of reward for not dying today. I didn’t even die ONCE!

Yikes ok!! I was tagged by @earlymorningbonghits because yea!! I feel like a super awkward human bean in this but I couldn’t just NOT do it after being tagged 🙊all of the wonderful people I follow on here are amazing and if I’m in your notes 24/7 (which I probably am, here and my side blog @positively-toasted ) ily all so much for just being awesome people and super dedicated to photography/blogging/da weed lyfe

Idk who else to tag to do this but uh basically if you smoke and are feeling brave do the thing and tag me in it!! I promise I will love it!

Friendly reminder that I’m making a new blog and discounting these two URL’s when I graduate 😎

A   LIL   FLASH   GIVEAWAY   FOR   MY   MUTUALS   !   in   order   to   celebrate   nearing   my   first   hundred   and   also   because   i   love   making   things   for   y’all   ,   the   first   five   people   who   like   this   will   get   a   video   made   for   them   !   it   can   be   a   muse   aesthetic   video   ,   ship   video   (   canon   ,   crossover   ,   roleplay   ,   or   otherwise   .   )   ,   or   something   else   .   ,   and   i’ll   contact   the   first   five   in   the   morning   !

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I'm not sure if you're steering clear of character customization stuff or not? If you are, please delete this! Anyway... I'm a little worried about the skin tone options? I think it's amazing that we finally have Asian presets and lots of dark skin tones!! But I'm sour cream white and I don't want to be racist or disrespectful by playing as another race/building off a poc preset. I know a lot of other people have explained way better than me. Idk. Probably being irrational but I'm worried;;;

Oh anon…. I mean, you do realize how bad this sounds? 

Because the fact that there are options does not mean you /have/ to pick them? If you don’t want to, don’t play them. You said it yourself, it’s amazing that it’s there, there is no need to be “worried” 

And you’re not going to be racist if you use a poc preset. I don’t know where that comes from, I don’t follow the reasoning. What would be racist is playing this poc character with a lot of harmful stereotypes and not considering them as well as you do your white characters.

Also, I understand wanting to be respectful, but can you imagine how many times people who aren’t white actually had to play a white character? They were forced to do it because they were no other options and they did it just fine. You are not in this position at all. I don’t know why you would put yourself there. 

Anyway, I’m white myself. That in itself means I am biased. I’m going to publish this and hope whoever comments and clarifies things can do it so we can both learn from all this. 

EDIT: Follow up to the question here. I didn’t fully understand your message anon, sorry.

THE F@#! I’M DOING ** Justin Bieber Imagine

It wasn’t typical of him, Justin wasn’t an introvert by nature at all – Justin was a competitive kid even on the simplest challenges but y/n wasn’t surprised to see him being quiet, distant and minding his own business because that’s all he was doing lately.

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Wanted to make my big return because I started feeling better and now the rp is on hiatus- my luck. I never experienced a group hiatus so this is new-

Ah, I’m so sad. This has been one of the nicest rps I have ever been in and you all are so amazing (admins you too you are the sweetest bless)

Your characters are all so beautiful I don’t want to miss them. If you guys ever wanna talk or continue something or whatever I’m always here. Just hit me up in the dm’s. 

I might finish my replies because I don’t like abandoning them in my concepts but who knows.

 And again if you guys ever wanna do something I’m here- 

Ahh, *is too attached to Noeul to let him go*

Thanks everyone for help with The Situation
Hopefully things will be okay and it’s not, a w f u l, and I’m gonna delete the posts because it’s kind of probably not something I should be blogging about? idk thank y’all tho

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Maybe not really necessarily a culture headcanon, but an interesting thought none the less? I always had this idea that boss monsters, before becoming the de facto monarchy, were farmers (hence Asgore's weapon being a pitchfork, plus having fire magic that doesn't actually burn anything makes it so they can farm at night too). And since farming is super important when it comes to a civilization, that got me to thinking that monster society probably was built upon the ideals of utility.

[I’m a weenie and deleted the culture post because I thought it might’ve sounded lame (idk), but yes!! This is definitely the kind of stuff I find interesting!]

That makes quite a bit of sense, considering. I’ve never really thought about monster life before the underground, so this is a cool thing to think about. The utility class system idea is one of the few things I feel monsters could’ve had in common with humans.

One thing here that is definitely right up my alley is considering the origin of specific types of magic, like with the flames and the trident, but also attack magic in-game (blue, green, purple, etc). The only type I have any idea of its’ origin is yellow magic, as it was probably manufactured by Alphys, just because it seems more mechanical/its’ function in game is much different.