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ok so i normally have a nice and pretty image to go along with these chapters, but this time i do not. ao3 was not enjoying my chapter-title images so i had to remove all of them except the first. eventually i will redo them, but i wanted to get this out there into the light of day.

anyway, against all fuxking odds, here’s chapter 9 of what’s real or isn’t.

“You,” Hux says, pausing to gasp when Kylo grinds roughly down against him, “act too much like a lap dog.” Hux growls, though the sound is nothing up against the noises Kylo can produce. Though, he feels as if his own anger, his own desire, is just as palpable in the room as Kylo’s. “And you treat me as if I’m made of glass,” Hux spits. “When I am not.”

“I –” Kylo makes a noise of argument, a sullen and aborted sentence, before he snarls like a trapped animal and goes for Hux’s neck. Hux feels teeth at his throat like a vice, like hundreds of needles, like a choke-collar on a rabid mutt. The satisfaction hits him like a rush, alongside the pain of the bite. Even though Kylo doesn’t break the skin of Hux’s neck, it is still infinitely rewarding, having him ease off and then lick over his trophy like a claim. Kylo is finally acting like what he is – a monster. And he is no longer treating Hux like a delicate prize. The thrill of that is intoxicating.

My heart always melts at the thought of Nerdanel always referring to her family as “my boys”. Like, I get that she may have hoped for a daughter at some point and I probably would too (just to change it up a bit, lol), but the fact that she had the most children ever and all of them were sons, I just can’t help but see her referring to them all collectively, even Feanor included sometimes, as “my boys” to whomever she’s speaking. And long after they’re all grown up.

NAME: Sinaka Kyralih - Birth Name: Sina Kirimid

AGE: 28

SPECIES: Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)

GENDER: Female


BIRTHPLACE: South Shroud

BIRTH: 1st Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

BIRTH PATRON: She wouldn’t even know where to look

CURRENT PATRON: Menphina, The Lover

CLASS: Brd/Pld/Whm

PROFESSION: Adventurer

RESIDENCES: Lavender Beds, Gridania with Free Company.


HAIR: Starlight grey with amethyst streaks; has been steadily growing since she started adventuring. Reaches mid-back when let down; often wears either down or in a pony tail; occasionally reverts to pigtails.

EYES: pale blue and green

SKIN: pale peach

HEIGHT: 5′2″ (tall-ish for a Miqo’te!!)

BUILD: Slender, with a nice round bottom and medium-sized breasts

OTHER: Has a tattoo between her shoulders to commemorate having been present at the Calamity. Fresh bandage on her cheek covering a wound that completely healed ages ago. Beauty mark under her right eye (skin discoloration). Pleasantly long and fluffy tail, cuffed ears. 


SIBLINGS: Mori’a (full sibling; 2 years younger); Sona (half-sibling; 11 years younger)

PARENTS: Mori Kirimid, ruling Matriarch of the Kirimid-Tyr’a’naa clan; Sami’sae Tyr’a’naa (deceased)

OTHER RELATIVES: Seda (grandmother); two great-aunts, 1 aunt, 2 uncles; several cousins

ACQUAINTANCES/FRIENDS: *In the Pretty Guardians FC: Cae’saries “Cae” Songbless* (the drive behind the operation), Adelpha “Delphy” Loukas* (favorite person to annoy), Alannah “Lannah!” Corvaine* (fun to tease~), Sieg Tal’zherin* (occasionally absentee partner in crime); Kaladin “Kal” Stormbless* (Cae’s mate; dependable and driven); Stephan “Steeeeeeeve” Adams (dirty flirty pirate!!); Khiarna Kha “Khi”* (the full name rolls off the tongue so well, could not be interrupted with nickname. Younger sister type); Sona Morisana* (…actual younger sister); Nine Outway (srs cool dude); Keldion “Kel” Duskwander* (the crafting brains of the outfit); L’luana Bhel* (sweet/scary?? XD fun!); Iris Zaldaria* (newbie, hmmmm); Yvaine Aradia* (also newbie… maybe too helpful for her own good? Keeping an eye on); Khit’li Mewrilah* (what in the world.); 

Enemies/Rivals: None

ANY PETS?: yes [X] || no [  ] (Derp, the baby raptor; Chubbers the fat cat; Wheeze the fat chocobo chick)



• Strength – Average; she’s no weakling, but she wouldn’t be participating in any strong-man competitions or anything. She prefers to let others do the heavy lifting and just smiles and shrugs it off if any comments are made when she rearranges jobs to take herself out of manual labor. She’s as strong as the situation demands, and if she could pretend to be less, she’ll take the opportunity XD

• Dexterity – High. Her quick reflexes have saved her life multiple times in the past and she continually tests them in dangerous situations.

• Constitution – High. Kyra is used to long walks and enjoys letting her feet lead the way; she doesn’t often tire and enjoys teasing others for needing a break, but hardly ever refuses one. She’s hearty in that she doesn’t often get sick.

• Intellect – Above Average; Kyra is intuitive and intelligent - she picks up on things quickly and reasons through situations with sound judgement. She’s never attended formal schooling of any sort, but she pays attention when people smarter than her are talking and asks questions to understand things she ought to know when it could pertain to something she could encounter.

• Wisdom –  Average; intuition takes her a long way, especially when it comes to interpersonal interactions. She’s been through a lot ever since she started adventuring almost ten years ago and its given her a wider perspective. 

• Charisma – Average - Kyra is generally happy and energetic; she’s confident, and cheerful and easy-going towards others, yet driven and purposeful and so can attract people to her; however, she is terrible beyond terrible at making small talk, and so doesn’t easily connect with new people unless it’s through an activity with some sort of goal in mind in order to break the ice. Whether a hunt, contest, or even a ridiculous game, once she’s been tested alongside a new person, conversation comes more naturally to her - even if she tends not to know basic information about a person say… a year down the line. 

• Comeliness – Above Average - to her, anyway. Kyra’s confident and likes the way she looks; she’s not exactly stylish and doesn’t pay a lot of attention to clothing, but she rather likes her starlight-silver hair with it’s pinky-purple highlights and her mismatched eyes that were always praised by her family. If others don’t find her pretty, she doesn’t care (she may kick their ass (figuratively or literally…) if they were trying to belittle her by saying so, just so they got the point that it’s not okay to do that to people, though XD)



• Confident
• Brave
• Intuitive


• Impulsive
• Impatient
• Stubborn


COLORS: Blues, Browns, Greens

SMELLS: The cooler scents of nighttime in the Shroud, the evergreens of Coerthas, the sweetblooms of Camp Tranquil (despite the otherwise swampy aroma), the northern desert at high noon; clean laundry, fresh baked sweet goods, campfires, savory meat cooking over a campfire…

FOOD: Sweets, red meat


DRINKS: Water, hot tea

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?: yes [  ] || no [  x  ] (if others are drinking she might take something small, but she’s a lightweight and knows it)

GIFTS: She’s not comfortable with receiving gifts, but will value anything that she gets; Small, ridiculous gifts - like gag gifts, private jokes, or stuff like cookies or fireworks are fine though.


COLORS: N/A; she doesn’t feel strongly negative to colors in general; colors on her, maybe, but there’s not one area of the spectrum she particularly dislikes.

SMELLS: Intense body odor. Gross.     Brimstone. 

FOOD: N/A - if it’s edible, she’ll choke it down.

FRUITS: Citrus


ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: N/A - doesn’t drink to know

GIFTS: Expensive things make her the most uncomfortable.


SMOKES? yes [   ] || no [ X ]

DRUGS?: yes [   ] || no [ X ]

EVER BEEN ARRESTED?: yes [  ] || no [ x ] 

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My father and I havent spoken in years, something that probably wont change but I have learned to accept it. Now my father has three other kids, they are half white, and I feel sorry for the kids. My father was never a fan of white people and now he has three young, impressionable half white children. Like why are you making babies with someone of another race you dislike? It is horrible, I pray they find a way to love themselves. I wish I could be there for them because that is some BS.

The Misadventures of Emma & Emily

So I was greatly inspired by @neopixiesims and her little toddler Jules (AKA Gremlin) and wanted to do my own toddler adventure story.   If you haven’t read about Gremlin, then get over to her tumblr and do so.  It’s awesome!

Emma & Emily will be exploring everything it means to be a toddler and probably getting into trouble along the way.  I will probably change up the way they “speak” as I go so bare (or is it bear?  I’m honestly too sick to care…lol) with me till I find their voices!

Hopefully, I’ll feel up to it by the end of the week because it really stinks having all this inspiration but not the energy to actually do anything with it!

Meanwhile…..here are their banners.


I don’t really have interest in this blog anymore? So changing it up and linking my main blog is probably better than abandoning it completely.

So I’m probably going to change it to an rp blog for a voltron oc I’m working on. 

So uh here’s my main blog (please don’t send nsfw asks there) @thatforestprince

Yes my name is Matt and not Keith. Keith was second on my list of names when I was picking names for myself when I realized I was trans. 

ok so here’s the plan i’ve come up w/ for the semester…………

i decided i’m gonna continue working but only a little bit like i updated my availability so i’m only available to work on mondays and wednesdays after class and then open availability friday and saturday. this way i’ll have tuesday, thursday, and sunday to devote to schoolwork so i’m not stressed every week about what my schedule will be and if i’ll have time for homework.  

idk how happy my manager is gonna be about this tbh especially since i’m going from completely open to only 4 days a week lmao……….i’ve only been scheduled for 4 days a week anyways but the times are gonna change now and i probably won’t be getting very many hours

but the good thing is that i’ve paid off my part of the coachella package which is what i got the job to do in the first place and i still have a good amount saved like i’m proud of myself for not spending ALL of my savings the last 5 months without a job. so anyways now any money i make will be for weekly expenses food gas meds doctors appointments etc as well as application fees for universities but some of it can be put in my savings for shows and stuff lmao…….localchella and/or arct*c monkeys where u at………and also i’m dog sitting for my brother for 3 weeks and he’s paying me so that’ll be good and i always get my tax return right before coachella so that’ll also be good……….so like even if i’m not working very much 1) i’ll have something saved to fall back on and 2) i’ll at least have some sort of small income every week just in case

i feel so much better abt this now than i did like a month ago lmao……also big love to my grandma for continuing to let me live in her spare bedroom for free like she is the Real MVP in all of this i’m so grateful…….its literally bc of her i’m able to like spend money i’ve earned on fun music things and still feel secure that i’ll have some place to live god……..i’m taking her out to see jackie and get dinner tonight as like a small thanks for everything which isn’t nearly enough but i love her!!!!!


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs

Professor Lupin


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 1

ep 1 | ep 2 | ep 3 | ep 4 | ep 5 | ep 6 | ep 7 | ep 8 | ep 9 | ep 10 | ep 11 | ep 12

Shout out to everyone who is trans/nonbinary/questioning their gender and identifies as ace and/or aro - spec but aren’t sure if they are actually ace and/or aro or if it just dysphoria acting up.

You are valid in using the ace or aro labels. If you find out later it was dysphoria or something else that made you identify as ace or aro and you want to change labels, then that’s completely ok and great!! And if you always identify as ace or aro, that is also completely ok and great!! I love you all and I wish you all the best!~