i will prob delete this when i wake up

I swear I’ll sleep after this but
What the heck
I just got a comment emailed to me about my piece for workshop tomorrow and I just
I get my story’s choppy and hella experimental compared to other shit I put up
But like
Why’s my shit always gotta MEAN something? Or have a reason for being written like
Maybe I just wanted to write a thing for the hell of it??
Also why the fuck I gotta spoonfeed you every detail? Like I don’t think this person even read the same thing I wrote because holy shit they asked something about chemo??? And if anything I pulled more inspiration from dragon age than any real life illnesses???? Which isn’t a thing I expect ppl to know at all but like geez dude
There’s definitely nothing about chemo or even anything realistic about it.
Also they had a problem with me using the word burning to describe the pain??? Like the character’s skin is literally charring, what else would I use to describe it????????????