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I’m reading all these reblogs on @breeeliss’s post about how not to talk to fic writers and quite frankly I’m astonished and appalled.

“If your art is not perfect, it’s garbage”??

Wowwwwww, take literally ten thousand seats.

First of all: this is fanfiction, written for free, during someone’s free time.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as perfect art. Come the fuck on.

“A matter of respect to the reader?” You’re not entitled to anything.

And “since when you you have to kiss someone’s ass to tell someone they fucked up a verb”?

You don’t? You just don’t have to be an asshole about it?

Don’t give me that bullshit about English not being their first language and therefore the tone didn’t come across the right way. The language of condescension is universal.

And this person is a dick.

Here’s what’s so weird to me. Most people wouldn’t correct a fan artist on getting a nose a little wrong, or drawing a hand a little weird, or drawing eyes a little wonky. 

Like putting things like whitewashing aside (because the equivalent would be writing something similarly cringey), you would be hard pressed to find people reblogging art with minor mistakes and telling the artist every little thing wrong with it.

So why is it ok for people to nitpick at fanfic but not fanart?

It’s not. It’s not ok.

This sense of gross entitlement some readers have for content they get for free really disgusts me.

Just a reminder, kids. This is fanfiction, created during spare time, for free.

You’re not entitled to shit. And it costs $0 to be considerate and conscientious.

For fuck’s sake.  


I know I’ve posted pictures of this lot a million times, but I really love it and I don’t know what in the world possessed me to banish it to a university subhood. I’m going to update the landscaping a bit and then I’m 100% moving it to the main hood. 

dan and phil play keep talking and nobody explodes: a summary

hoodie!phil i am immediately enthralled and this video isn’t even a second in yet

“you da bomb of our lives”

they keep clothes fans give them which is nice shoutout to that lucky son of a gun


phil is insistent on everyone seeing speed

supportive boyf dan has his back

dan nudged phil’s arm in a bro-esque manner

they mentioned escape rooms finally i can relate as i have now been to one too

“i think we’re a lot nerdier than we think” why do they think we refer to them as nerds all the time

“rest in peace environment” / “fuck you trees”

“i’ll punch you if you look at this” going to provide no context there have fun

“DAD…. playing halo with me” nice save dan

the wholesome howell blanket is always on hand

“they’ll see if we do a single glance…”

how is dan going to go a whole extra seventeen minutes without glancing at phil i think he’s going to implode

they already did the tutorial but didn’t show us yet phil can’t remember the title of the game wow rip nerd!phil fic trope

“this is going to be a mistake”

“i can’t speak if i’m under some kind of situation” mister english degree back again

phil spinning dan around with those sweet sweet seconds of skin to skin contact (hand to arm)

also lowkey hand porn

look at his hands

the curly hair and shaved sides from the side profile makes my heart warm

sassy hand clicks from danny


five seconds in i am already stressed for them why is this already the most intense video of this game i’ve ever seen i’ve watched like six different channels play it

“there’s, there’s-” “no phil, i’m guiding you.” someone likes to take control don’t they

during the wire puzzle you can slowly watch dan get more stressy look at his pursed lips and expressive strict hand gestures

“there’s an alien man with a triangle head and he’s got a T coming out of his neck” their best friend mind meld really needs to come in handy here

i’m still really enjoying dan’s side profile i can’t get over it

“that’s you selecting the module you dork”

“guys we’re nailing this” i was going to make the obvious joke but i won’t we’re classy here

“shut up shut up SHUT UP” stressy dan is here to stay

they did one wow who says youtube gamers can’t game screw you comments

“what everyone out there is thinking now is we need you to get the manual, phil” i think dan honey you just want to be in control again i know that was hard for you

getting their last glances at each other in before they can’t for at least five minutes

opposite sides again why has this happened two videos after one another this is weird what is the post-baking video universe coming to

“this is weird. now you’re the person with the really bright face… wow it makes my hair look so much less white now that i’m here”

“it makes my hair look grey… i promise i don’t have grey hair” honey you’re thirty years old it’s going to happen inevitably sometime soon best to break us in gently

i’m hyped for side profile phil

dan quoting the marriage mantra of something old something new etc…. foreshadowing perhaps who knows with the way 2017 phan is going

phil looks so confused he’s like me facing every exam i’ve ever taken

i’ve been cheated out of side profile phil ffs dan get your hands on him and spin him around i feel attacked

“oh shit new stuff” literally everyone every few days when they upload a new gaming vid with no warning????? they know our struggle????

phil looks so focused i’m entranced


“oh god it’s hurting my brain so much”

stressy phil is a new experience but i’m digging it

dan being the little shit he is just laughs all the time

“stop freaking out!” stressy dan is still here despite having the opposite role

they did two attempts and won them both wow

they high fived yes for more skin to skin contact

phil is reeeealllly making up for lost time by shamelessly staring at dan

like seriously that was at least a solid six seconds of him staring

oh and more glances

i get it you’re in love

“kept calm under presh”

more staring seriously phil are you aware the camera is still rolling

“i hate to alarm you phil but what is your catchphrase on this gaming channel?”

*awkward silence whilst phil realises he’s being spoken to thus has to tear his gaze away*


*resumes staring*

seriously what is with him today subtlety ain’t in his vocabulary

p h i l i get it you’re in love

oh now dan’s at it

dan just got super close to the camera and did that creepy smile he has i was unnerved

“i’m frickin terrified as diddly heck”

they’re back on their own sides balance in the universe has been destroyed do you reckon they’re as insistent about which side of the bed they sleep on

side profile dan is back welcome back old friend i missed you

i thought he dabbed for a second but it’s okay he didn’t

they’re determined as fuck but i can already see dan’s stressing

yep there’s the hurry up hand gestures

“i’m going to explode…. literally” because of the intensity or because he can’t stare at phil i don’t even know anymore u decide

dan’s eyes just got really really wide they were like bulging

“is the button yellow?” “no it’s blue i told you it’s blue!” welcome back stressy phil i hope you had a nice break

phil’s little “ooh” is so cute i want it as my ringtone

“we did it? oh christ”

stressy dan is really coming out to play in this symbols puzzle isn’t he

phil’s expressive hand gestures aka he’s beginning to panic too

dan’s doing some kind of gang sign okay boy you do you

aaaaand there’s the deafening dan scream for this video i can’t believe we lasted a whole 17 minutes and 40 seconds without one

rip headphone users it was nice knowing you

stressy dan has never been more present

phil is surprisingly calm(er)

“dan come on” all of us all the time

oooooh they couldn’t last five minutes without a quick glance at one another could they jfc get a room

they managed with three seconds to spare

phil is giggly and dan is….. well, dan

dramatic as ever my little actor that never was

phil initiates skin to skin contact again why am i not surprised anymore

“i was winding you up” dan says as he adds flames on top of himself in editing i am nodding furiously

the camera pans back out and phil’s hood is up who even is he

“we could have died!” “but we didn’t” *dan adds a halo above his head aka can’t relate*

“see if i worked in bomb disposal, i’d be cheeky like that” your colleagues would throw a bomb in bed with you

“i’d be like ooh what’s the timer steve???” the danxsteve fic coming atcha real soon

dan’s in an obnoxiously good mood now he has won a game and can freely stare at phil again

“we could be bomb disposal experts” again expect the fic coming atcha real soon

“what you just saw was two nerds that grew up playing puzzle games that have a psychic connection because they have no other friends defusing bombs” they literally said they go to escape rooms for their friends birthdays but alright i’ll take the exclusivity

they’re considering coming back in hard mode YES I NEED THIS

again i could have made the obvious joke there but i didn’t

let them know how you felt throughout that video type out long essays i dare you

“subscribe if you’re happy you didn’t explode”

“if you want to see us do that more challenging version where we might blow up… or not 'cause we’re the best… disposers ever”

“subscribe to us, have a good day, don’t explode” the best advice comes in threes



Crazy Crew


Request - A Hook/Reader fic pleaseeeee where the reader is the daughter of Jack Sparrow? Maybe they were childhood best friends at one point until their fathers began feuding over which of them was more powerful and eventually they were forbidden to see each other? Till one day they get into an altercation at the marketplace and duel it out with a swordbattle and the reader wins, then Harry sweet talks her into dropping her sword so he can kiss her?
Requested by - Anonymous
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 522
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter Of Jack Sparrow)
Warnings - I think i had one half bad word but I can’t remember and a bit of fluff as the ending?
Summary - haha I say summary but its basically my pre authors note… I think I went off a bit but oopsy

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Hey guys! sry for not posting so much ;/
My family and I finally found a dog we want to adopt.. and now we have to prepare everything c: Also school has started again and a lot of exams are on the way ^^

I really wanted to draw something small today c: so I decided to redraw a picture I’ve found on google to practice my new style a bit c; I hope you like it <3 I also want to draw john soon ;w;   

*Update*  Here’s the John Watson I promised :D I hope you like it <3

It’s so easy to write when
I am the one who has been hurt.

If you had used me like I used you
it would fuel me like nothing else had.

I’d write books about what you did
about how you
broke my heart
without warning

Verses upon verses
how you drunkenly kissed me back
that night.

Stanza after stanza
on the way you’d respond to my
but ignored each “I love you.”

If you’d taken my virginity
knowing how deeply I cared for you,
knowing you’d never feel the same
I’d write
I hate you, I hate you, I hate you
in permanent marker
over my skin
until the ink seeped
into my veins.

But you didn’t do any of that,
it was all me,
and I can only write in

—  L.H

anonymous asked:

hey!!!! i love your art with a burning passion. could you give us some more detail with the kid au you posted?? it was so darn hecking cute i can't help but want more

hm im not sure how much i can tell yet? i am still trying to figure out the story and i have made several storyboards, which i wanna make into something real at some point

but right now i am still just doodeling around as i try to figure out the story and how the yoi characters interact in this universe??

but thank you for reminding me of my love for this story i promise i will update with new work as soon as possible!


Originally posted by itsme-hannahbaker

Pairing: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “6, 7, and 24 with Justin Foley please?”


6. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I’m fine with you texting me.”
7. “Never in your wildest dreams.”
24. “I knew you would end up together.”

Word count: 1.041

Posted: 30th of June 2017

A/N: Hey guys! A new imagine is up, finally! I am sorry for not posting much in these days. I worked in a hotel far from home and I just came back home. Unluckily, I will be going back there and work for another two months. I won’t have my laptop with me and I don’t even know if I will have a decent internet connection there. I hope that I can come up with something when I go back there.
I am trying to finish my requests and I promise that I will post them soon. I hope to write them all and I really can’t wait to be active like before. I miss you all and I love you guys so much. Thank you for the support and for the positive comments that I am receiving. I love you all.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompt imagines as I am still drowning in requests. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt List

Warning: swearing, like always, and (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

“Give me my phone back, Justin!” You stubbornly stomped your feet as the nuisance guy running in front of you started to piss you off. He was holding your phone tightly, keeping it safe, and you, seriously, hated him during that moment. You never liked it when someone would steal your phone away from your hand and would mind your own business, being nosy by looking at your notifications and opening some of your private messages. “Foley!” You shouted as you tried to chase him.

“I just want to have your phone number, stop shouting!” He halted himself from running and he led you to the empty corridors of your high school. You accidentally bumped yourself against his strong and muscular body and it caused for you to stop on shouting. You tried to snatch the phone away from his hand, but he was fast enough to raise his hand as high as he could so you couldn’t reach for it.

“Foley!” You frowned with your eyebrows furrowed. You then huffed in defeat and you decided to stop yourself from being desperate. You started to hear silence between the two of you and you saw that he already calmed himself down. “You can message or call someone else. I hate you and I don’t want for you to text me.” You lied through your teeth, being bitter and still annoyed at the teaser.

“(Y/L/N)!” He started to laugh loudly and you covered his big mouth before a professor caught you skipping your classes. The happening would ruin your perfect school records if ever.

“Lower your voice, Foley!” You complained with your eyes widened, but he wouldn’t stop from laughing. You sighed in annoyance and you took your hand off of his mouth.

You started to walk away from him as you were tired of playing children’s games with him. You weren’t one of those people who fought until they obtained the victory and you got annoyed and vexed quickly too.

“Oh, c'mon!” Justin stopped on laughing and he followed your soft and gentle steps, avoiding to tap his shoes harshly on the cleaned and candid floor. “I despise you too, so don’t think that I am fine with you texting me.” He explained playfully and you felt a painful pinch on your heart as you felt bad and neglected.

“Then give me my phone back, Justin!” You bitterly said, trying to be strong as much as you could. You had your barriers and you wouldn’t let anyone to break it, even though it was Justin. He already wrecked your shield once and stole your heart without any warning. Unfortunately, he despised you.

Never in your wildest dreams.” He smirked at you and you groaned once again. You angrily walked out of your school building and you heard that he followed you. “Hey.”

“What?!” You shouted as you stopped in the middle of your school’s garden. It was deserted as the classes were still going on. “Justin, you are annoying as fuck!”

“I just wanted to have some fun, (Y/N).” He downheartedly said as he gave the phone back. You roughly snatched the phone from his hand and your tears started to roll down your crimson red face. “What happened?”

“I,” You pouted as you let the weight out of your chest. “I don’t hate you, Jus.”

“Oh,” He quickly pulled you into a hug and you felt the warmth of his body. He rubbed your back as he comforted you, feeling bad when he remembered what he has said to you. “I don’t despise you either, (Y/N).” He left a kiss on the top of your head as he tightened his hug.

“You don’t?” You slightly pulled your body back so you could consider his bluish green eyes. They were glossy and full of pity.

“I don’t, (Y/N). Look,” He broke the hug between the two of you and he gripped on your shoulders to see your face better. “I could never ever hate you. Do you know why?” He looked into your watery and red eyes as you shook your head in response. “Because I love you, (Y/N).”

“You, what?” Your eyes widened as you heard his confession. You couldn’t believe it and you asked him to repeat it. How could he love someone like you? Oh, he stole your heart but you never thought that you were able to steal his heart too. Your tears suddenly stopped on flowing, but your cheeks were still wet.

“I lo-” He cut himself from saying it and he let his arms fell back on his sides. “You know what? Fuck it!”

He slowly pulled you closer to his body as he cupped your damped cheeks. He gently leant in to close the gap between the two of you, trying to eliminate the space in between. You were shocked at first, but you later kissed him back, starting to hear your heart beating in your chest. You both lingered the softness and the taste of your lips allowed.

He stole another thing from you, but you honestly couldn’t complain about it: he stole a kiss to confess his feelings for you.

“OMG!” You heard a very familiar voice from afar and you suddenly pulled away from him in shock. “I knew you would end up together.

“Jessica!” You both said in unison with a great big smile in your faces. After all, it was your happiness that counted. The cheerful expression of your friend let you know that she was really excited and very pleased for you and Justin’s new born relationship.

“Monet’s to celebrate?” She jokingly asked and you both laughed with a nod. Justin stole your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, making a strong connection between you and him.

“My treat, let’s go!” Justin winked at you and you just gave him your widest and sweetest smile. Your cheeks suddenly became dry and the tears you poured a while ago were replaced some positive emotions: face blooming and delighting slowly.

You named Justin as a thief in your head because he stole many valuable things from you, but the most important action that he did was to steal your heart and you weren’t regretting it, not even a little.

Pirates Shouldn’t Play With Fire (Part One)


Request - Writing prompts #13;”You are the first girl to completely shut him down. To knock him off his game. Let me tell you something about guys, we’re actually really simple. The more we like a girl, the stupider we get. Basically, we become bumbling, immature, slack jawed idiots”14; Oh my god we said “Be aloof” not “A doof” and 17;”But he’s kinda been a jerk to me” “And you don’t think that’s justified? I mean whatever jealousy he was feeling, clearly he was right in feeling it because there’s something here” “That’s exactly my point! Is that there’s something here” please! Harry Hook x Daughter of Hades. Literally a walking goddess at Auradon Prep, very popular amongst the boys for her grey/blue hair and fiery amber eyes. Has always had a crush on Harry, even on the aisle, but her dad refuses that she dates any mortals and she’s forced herself away from Harry all of the time and Harry turns to Carlos and Jay for help.
Requested by - Anonymous
Word Count - 1, 836
Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter of Hades)
Warnings - Swearing??
Summary - Living on the Isle was tough and your dad didn’t want you dating anyone, let alone mortals. You are extremely popular among the guys but your eye is only really out for one guy, but you had to keep a promise.

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And it’s yet another apology for being inactive! What a plot twist!

The thing is I feel like I always have valid reasons for being inactive, it’s like as soon as one problem is sorted another will pop up and disorientate me 

So here’s the deal, you may have noticed that this blog has been incredibly inactive since like June. Or you may not have, I don’t really know. Anyway in June I started working at Disney which basically meant I had no free time over the summer. I was working pretty long hours, was very tired whenever I got home, and spent all my days off gallivanting around the parks

Then I finally decided I was going to try and work this blog back into my routine which lasted all of two weeks before I was leaving disney and moved to the University of South Florida where I’m going to be studying for the rest of the year.

That was about a month ago now so I’ve settled in fine but I’ve also had some incredibly stressful visa issues which meant I had to go home for a few weeks, plus the whole hurricane thing so it’s all just been a bit shambolic

But I’m finally at a place where everything is sorted; my visa is finally resolved, I have a relatively free timetable, and I’m going to be staying in the same place for the next 9 months. And so I think it’s finally time to cut the crap and give this blog the love it deserves

Thank you everybody for being so patient with me, I’ve been an incredibly shitty admin recently and I just wanted to apologise for that. I promise I’ll be posting lots of new content soon so feel free to send in any headcanons you’ve been hoarding over the summer! 

Stay ravenclawesome guys

• halfway there || part 2

A/N: Here’s part two of halfway there, again I had my friend Sammie help me out obviously since he knows a bit more of acting than I do. Plus I decided to add him in here as a thank you for his help so you’ll see him around, plus I might make some appearances as well! I have yet to know how many parts this might have but will try to post each week a new part. Possibly around 10 parts as maximum so far but we’ll see right?  No, you’re not together with KJ yet, soon I promise like maybe in part 4 before something goes down. You get to meet more of the cast in this drabble. Key for this episode of halfway there – MG-N is Mean Girl’s Name, C/N is Character Name, F/O is Favorite Outfit, YN/N is Your Nickname. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by prettyboyaesthetic

             » Relationship(s): KJ Apa & Reader (friendship), Various Cast Members & Reader (friendship), MG/N & Reader (competition) «

You finally had gotten settled in after the help with KJ carrying your heavy suitcase of clothes among whatever you felt like you might need. Especially your camera, the one thing you could never leave without you liked to take pictures of places you’ve been, your friends and family too. You put away your messenger bag on your bed as you went out of your trailer with your camera, might as well introduce yourself too and not hide right? You thought as you walked around until you noticed Camille and Lili who looked up and gave you a small wave to go over to them.

“You’re Y/N right? The one whom is playing C/N? I’m Lili and Camille but I think you knew that.” Lili says as she offers her hand to you as you shake it with nod before shaking Camille’s hand. They were even more pretty in real life than on the TV screen at home but it was also nice to know that they were also friendly too which made your nerves calm down a little.

“Yeah, I’m Y/N L/N or you can just uh, call me YN/N is Y/N is too much for you. I’m sorry if I sound weird ahead of time since this is my first time with cameras.” You studder slightly and tried to take another breath in, “Care for a picture? I like to take pictures of places and my friends. Well if you want to be my friend of course.”

Camille smiled but nodded as she looked at Lili and back to you, “Yeah we can be friends. Trust me, we all are a bunch of weirdos so it’s okay Y/N.” She says as you got your camera ready to take a picture, getting your angle ready to take it. It would’ve been a perfect shot of the two girls smiling at your camera until someone came running up behind them and scaring you three.

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time has passed since the last time i’ve been working on interface, and now i felt obliged to make it great again.
the game development is now as fast as never, we have people working on the OST, so you are up for something interesting
today i will show you some progress and and some new characters, whose silhouettes i’ve shared here before. you can learn more about them here, that post has been updated.
i thank you for your time and attention and promise to update soon.

Who’s Faster Part 3/? (Pietro Maximoff x Reader x Barry Allen crossover fic)

Author’s Note: Hey guys, I’m sorry I didn’t post Friday like I promised, but my ACL surgery kinda threw a wrench in plans. I’ll try to post another part pretty soon to make up for it. Enjoy!! :)

Summary: It’s your average day in the Avengers Tower in New York City when something extraordinary happens–and that’s saying a lot since you work with the Avengers.

Other Characters: none

Warnings: Slow burn … yeah sorry about that.

Word Count: 700

Originally posted by british-fa99ot

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low carb zucchini noodles (recipe)

I’ve mentioned this once or twice on this blog, but I recently had to switch to a low carb diet for medical reasons. This is my first attempt at making up a low carb recipe, but I think I did pretty well. The food was tasty, easy to make, and surprisingly filling. I’ve also included a recipe for a very tasty sesame sauce, because the noodles on their own don’t have much flavor. 

Serving Size: One bowl

Calories Per Serving: About 99 (without the sauce) or 114 (with sauce)

Carbs Per Serving: About 18g (without sauce) or 22g (with sauce)

You can compare this to a small bowl of spaghetti (without any sauce or toppings), which has 221 calories and 43g of carbs. It’s also worth noting that the carbs in vegetables and fruits (like zucchini) are much better for your body than the carbs in grains (like pasta). 

Anyway, here’s the recipe:


you will need:

  • 2-3 medium-large zucchinis per person (this may seem like a lot, but they shrink quite a bit when cooked)
  • a medium sauce pan filled with water

1. First of all, put your water on the stove so it can heat up while you make the “noodles.”

2. Next, you’ll need to rinse and peel your zucchini, then cut off the ends. Once you’re done it should look something like the picture on the left here:

3. Then, you’ll need to shred your zucchini into thin, noodle-esque ribbons, like in the photo on the right. You could use a knife and painstakingly cut it into very thin slices, but I just shredded it with my vegetable peeler. 

4. By now, your water should be at a full boil. Add your “noodles” and boil them for no longer than two minutes. 

5. After two minutes, strain your noodles. That’s it. You’re done. Like I said, they don’t have much flavor on their own. My favorite way to eat them is with sesame sauce, which is even easier to make.


you will need:

  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • vinegar (either rice wine or apple cider will work)
  • sugar (preferably organic/unprocessed, but it’s up to you)

1. Add ½ tablespoon each of the sesame oil and vinegar (per serving of noodles).

2. Add 1 full tablespoon of the soy sauce (per serving).

3. Add 1 teaspoon of the sugar and mix it all up.

4. Toss the noodles with the sauce and transfer them to the serving bowl of your choice.

That’s it! This dish is ridiculously easy to make, and it satisfied my craving for pasta. It’s also gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free, so pretty much everyone should be able to eat it without any allergy problems. I’ll be experimenting with a lot of new low-carb recipes in the next few weeks, and I’ll post all the really successful ones on here. Feel free to send me your own recipes, because I’m always open to trying new things. (I’m also anxiously searching for healthier alternatives to my favorite holiday baked goods, if anyone knows any.) 

Also, I promise my next post will be either a makeup tutorial or something else beauty related, so those of you who only follow me for those things (which is probably most of you) don’t have to worry. I’m also working on a couple of cosplay things, which I will hopefully be able to share soon as well. :) 



  Since my modeling career is going to take off it was time to work out some, have to keep in shape for this job as you can imagine! I don’t mind it, I think I should look into hiring a personal trainer as well. This is going to be my career so I need to take it seriously, it’s more than just posting selfies on simstagram!

  My brother was at the gym, I think to see me. He doesn’t work out much. 

  Alexis: I just wanted to tell you, this is the one good thing about modeling. You keep in shape!

  Araceli: Looking good is hard work!

  Alexis: Ha, I imagine! Anyways, believe it or not, this is purely coincidental. My new girlfriend stresses that I keep in shape-

  Araceli: Wait, girlfriend? You? Where is she at?!

  Alexis: Not here! You’ll meet her soon, I promise! 

  Araceli: Now that is something I look forward to! I bet you annoy her so much, ha! 

Invincible Summer [Eggsy Unwin x Reader]

Author’s Note: Yo, guys… It’s currently 10:30 at night and I should be sleeping but I decided to write something small to post since I didn’t do anything yesterday. Basically college apps are eating all my time, and there’s one essay in particular I’m really working hard on–I’m talking a new revision every night until I submit the whole application. So that’s the type of writing I’ve been focusing on lately and it makes me too burned out to write something for this blog. I promise I’ll try to do more soon, if I see the work load lighten, but until then you might be getting shorter pieces like this more often. 

Word Count: 543

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Hi everyone!

Do you remember that promise I keep making about original content and all that coming soon? Well, soon is here! Actually, it’s been here for three days and I missed the initial post!

Want your question about autism answered on YouTube? Now is your chance! Sabrina and I are doing just that through @autism-asks (the blog I work for Sabrina at).

Tag your asks with [Video] or something similar and we’ll see what we can do. Here’s a copy of the post that Sabrina posted over at @autism-asks!

Hello lovely followers!

Mod Sam and I are considering an exciting new adventure. Our plan is to start a YouTube channel under the same name as this blog (Autism-Asks) where we will each be answering questions about autism in a video series.

We plan on doing some videos where we rapid-fire answer itaat questions and other videos where we give more in-depth analysis of questions that are sent in. There will also be videos where we explore concepts of the autistic experience from the perspective of autistics, as well as psychology and sociology.

Right now, we are looking to see if this is something people would actually be interested in. That is where you all come in!

We are asking that if people are interested that they send in asks to be answered via video. You can start or end your ask with [video] or some other (obvious) variation to indicate that you would like your ask answered in video.

As we are still getting started with this, it may take us a little while to get to make the videos, so your question may not be answered as quickly. Please don’t send anything urgent as a video request. Further, we’ll be doing a few videos early on as we’re able to, but hopefully soon we’ll be able to start producing weekly videos.

Initially, the videos will be informal and more casual in format as we gauge interest. Please understand that this is a pilot, and that if we do not answer it in the initial run, we may ask that you resubmit the question for reconsideration when/if we do a subsequent round of asks.

The videos will have transcripts and/or captioning for those who have difficulty with videos for any reason.

If there’s something you’d like to see from us, let us know! We’d love to hear your feedback. Even if you don’t have a question now but would be interested in watching the videos, send us an ask to let us know or like this post so we can figure out how much interest there is in this project.
Thank you all for your support!


There will be more original content to follow, so keep an eye out!


Can you please do a vampire! Frank smut where he has a major blood kink and tries it on y/n? (When you have time though xD)


Oh man, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to do a Vampire! Frank imagine! I mean I’ve done drabbles I believe but never a full on fic! Just felt like it was time tbh. Though admittedly i’m not entirely convinced about the ending of this one. 

Sorry for such a long wait with this bb! I hope you enjoy! :) xx And generally my apologies for how long it’s taken me to post a new full imagine in general. I promise I’ll try better to get more out soon!

Warnings: Bloodplay, bit of knifeplay, LOTS OF SMUT, and one hell of a seductive vampire.

From the moment he came home that night, you could tell something was up. Muting the TV, you peered down at your watch. Usually he came home much later in the evenings when it was this time of year and as you heard him rifling through the kitchen, the various cabinets slamming shut; you knew something had gone wrong. Slowly, you rose up from the couch, switching off the TV before quietly padding across the room. Leaning up against the doorframe, you saw him hunched over the sink, gripping the edge of the counter tightly.

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going on a little break...

I ran out of queued posts :’) And since I’m gonna have my exam this week’s friday I can’t waste any of my time online, because I know that as soon as I start replying/posting I can’t stop x’) I’ll be back next week! PROMISE! I have a lot to post and a ton of comments here and on youtube/twitter/email that I need to reply to as well ;u; I’ve been seeing the notifications and I’m sorry for not replying right away, I’m too stressed out and I can’t waste any of my time…

BUT! I’m thinking about starting something new and very colorful soon ♥ I can’t wait! So until then… take care guys :D