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Hayley & Taylor at the end of the last show of Parahoy 2016

Made a new item for my players

Our newbie Sorcerer didn’t understand when he was rolling his character (and he didn’t really want help) so he ended up with -1 Constitution and is now stuck with it. But I feel bad that I didn’t catch it so I’m making a magic item that gives him extra Constitution at the expense of some of his other stats. 

“What is the item?” you ask. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Pants of Constitution

If you’re wearing these pants* in public, you’re a braver person than I am.

+3 Constitution 

-3 Charisma

-3 Intimidation

*Ask the Dm what they look like.

“What do these pants look like?” you may wonder. Well, these pants just happen to look like this-


John is probably my favourite ^u^
Also I can’t draw him for the life of me, so yay~ xD But this looks okey, right? xD Idk, it was literally 7th attempt, I usually give up after 2nd failed one~ xD

[[Sherlock doodle (sketch)]]

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Ichinose Guren || 一瀬グレン
[28.08] Happy Birthday to my sexy Lt. Colonel Guren !!

One of my favorite things about watching/reading about animal rescue stories on Facebook is seeing the comments section. Because without fail there will be so many people proudly posting pictures and telling stories about their own rescues.

It’s just… such a beautiful thing.


anonymous asked:

I think it's less that being nice is unpopular and more that dark humor is popular. I've never seen someone put down for complimenting them but what I see a lot is people being rly mad about people being 'negative' (ie kill Dan and stuff) and then ppl react negatively to that. which...i mean there's a difference between "being nice" and calling people out for their posts, I feel like it's a normal reaction to get upset if you're like "hey don't make those jokes be nice!" even if u mean well

I know that dark humour is popular, but thats not what im talking about. I have a dark sense of humour and what I’m seeing is definitely not that. If people think it is they need to seriously reevaluate why because being disrespectful and rude is not funny. What I’m talking about is people bullying others for not shipping phan, telling people to kill themselves and taking the whole dan is a rat/whore/disappointment etc thing seriously and believing it is true. It’s the fact that every time I make a post saying I wish people would be nice I get bombarded with hate messages. It’s the fact that the phandom has this elitist culture where the more followers you have the more you’re allowed to bully others and get praised for it! I hate that this fandom doesn’t see this and instead sees that being kind is something to be attacked. When someone was told to kill themselves because they dont ship phan people were praising the person who said that. what. the. fuck. But when someone says they wish there was more positivity they get sent hate and told to delete their blog, leave the phandom or told their an idiot and don’t understand humour. this is SO backwards

I get that people have dark senses of humour but jokes can go too far and they definitely have in the past. Even if you’ve never seen someone being put down for complimenting them, it still happens. It has happened to me SO many times as well as my friends and a ton of smaller d/p blogs. I get that people might react badly to someone calling out their posts but at the end of the day the things people call out is bullying and people have the right to do that.

what im saying is being nice costs nothing and dan and phil do so much for us that the least we can do for them is be kind, to them and to each other.

I’m really sorry if this comes off as rude but I’m tired of receiving messages like this every time I make a posts asking people to be nice to them and I just needed to put my thoughts out there to clear my mind