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Friday Night Lights - An A Court of Thorns and Roses Fanfiction.

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Well, friends. Castaway will soon be coming to a close (in the next few weeks) which means a new project is on the horizon!

I’m excited to announcement my newest fiction in the works: a story based off of (the t.v. show) Friday Night Lights. It will revolve around Mor, Rhysand, Cassian, Azriel, Amren, Feyre, Nesta, Elain, Lucien, and the King of Assholes himself: Tamlin.

The Introduction will be posted on Saturday, December 16.

I’m excited to share it with you all. If you like(d) Castaway, you will surely love this!

Teaser (a very long summary):

**** This fanfic will be dealing with heavy/mature content, including: sex, drug use, alcohol use, depression, abuse, anxiety, etc.****

Velaris is known for two things: their famous starlight, and football. But football is just a small part of the students’ lives who attend Velaris High. Contrary to what their parents believe, and the townspeople who cheer them on every Friday night, high school is hard. 

Try being a lesbian when you’re known for men falling at your feet. Try being popular although no one knows who you really are. Try being the middle of attention when in reality, you’re hiding in plain sight. 

Try being the quarterback. Try needing a scholarship to make it to college, even if you began hating the game a long time ago. Is slaving yourself to a game you loathe worth getting out of your parent’s house?

Try being the only person in your household capable of taking care of the kids, when you’re only a kid yourself. Try picking up the pieces of your mother, who can’t even function, all because your father left without a word. Try carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, when none of the weight is even your own.

Try dealing with hatred, guilt, and self-loathing. Try waking up every night, sweat dripping down your brow all because your nightmares couldn’t let you get a good night’s rest. Try being seen as an outcast because of the scars that lace your skin, because of the shadows that lace your soul.

Try being known as the bitch. Imagine no one giving you a chance, imagine everyone labeling you because of how you look, or how you dress, or how you talk.

Try being an artist lost in a sea of jocks and cheerleaders. Try pretending to be someone your not, only because you’re new and want to be liked.

Try being so haunted that you can’t function, that you’ve given up on yourself and your future, that you’re simply going through the motions in hopes that you can make it just another day.

Try being seen as a child, and no one taking you seriously. Try being walked all over simply because you’re nice. But no one is just nice. There’s a reason you can’t say no.

But they don’t see those things. They don’t care. No one does. How could they? They’re only kids in a school that’s known for football…..right?

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Can I request a part 2 to prompt 75?

remember when i said i’d accept writing prompts for 100 followers? me either. (not to use exam stress as an excuse or anything but exam stress kicked my ass) 

anyway i originally wasn’t going to do this because i’m not good with writing sequels to my writing but i actually had a burst of creativity so HERE WE GO BOYS 

read me first!

Ryan hadn’t been at school in a few days and needless to say, everyone was worried.

His mom and dad didn’t know what to do, Ryan barely told them anything. They put it down to stress and let their son have the rest of the week off. Back at school, Shane had been near mute as well. He was constantly checking his phone to see if Ryan had messaged him or tried to call him. Obviously there was nothing new.

He stared down at his lock screen for the fifth time in 2 minutes. It was a photo of him and Ryan at the abandoned warehouse down the road from their local mall. Ryan had dragged Shane and their friend TJ along as one final adventure before TJ moved to Florida. The photo was taken in front of defaced rusty shipping containers. Both of them were laughing and pointing at the giant dick that had been graffitied on the side of one of the containers in bright yellow.

Shane smiled at the memory, almost chucked, before being bought back to reality with Sara nudging him.

“If he hasn’t talked to you since Wednesday, he’s not going to text you now. Put your phone away and try to relax.” Sara had a sad smile on her face and Shane knew she was right.

“Yeah I know..I just..I’m so worried about him. He was so torn up after school, I can’t stop hearing his sobs in the back of my mind. They were my fault. But why? Maybe I should’ve spoken to him more. L-let him know I’m never gonna leave him. Maybe if I had just been a better friend then maybe-“

Arms on his shoulders stopped him spiralling. Shane had been spiralling a lot lately. All he could think about was what he could’ve done to do better and what he would say to Ryan if he were here.

Shane turned around and saw a concerned looking Andrew.

“Dude you have to calm down. None of this was your fault. Ryan’s clearly working through some shit and we just have to wait for him to feel cool enough to tell us what’s going on. Let’s just go to lunch and meet with the others, maybe someone has spoken to him.”  

Shane wanted to protest. Tell Andrew if Ryan was working through anything, then he would know about it because they don’t keep secrets from each other. But instead he just nodded solemnly and followed him to the cafeteria, Sara smiled and told him she’d speak to him later as she went off and joined her friends.

Their table consisted of Ryan, Shane, Andrew, Steven, Jen, Ella, Zach, Keith, Ned and Ned and Keith’s girlfriends, Ariel and Becky. Sometimes Sara and a couple of her friends (Eugene, Quinta, Freddie and Kelsey) would join them but that was rare, due to the fact that Eugene would try to pick a fight with Ella a lot. No one knew why but Eugene would always find something to argue about, especially if Zach was involved.

Everyone else was already sat down and Shane took a seat next to Jen who rubbed his back and gave him a sympathetic look. Why was everyone giving him sad looks today? Were they meant to make him feel better? The sad looks aren’t going to make Ryan talk to him or come to school.

There was a whisper on the other side of the table as Zach handed his phone to Steven, who then sighed and nodded. The phone was then passed to Ned and Ariel who both gave knowing looks to everyone else.

“Hello? You know I can see you guys, right? What was on Zach’s phone? Zach what did your phone say?” Panic struck Shane’s voice.

Everyone went silent and looked anywhere but Shane’s gaze. Shane felt the anger boiling inside him and before he got up and left, Zach passed his phone to Jen and nodded to her.

“Just..Just show him. He told me last night that I could show him.” Zach mumbled.

“Wait, I’m sorry what? Is this Ryan? You’ve spoken to him? Zach, what the fuck you promised you would let me know if-“

The phone was thrust into Shane’s shaking hands before he could continue. Everyone at the table had read this text except for him. He exhaled and looked down.

‘Ryan Boogara (11:10am): fuck all of this??? like dude tf?? feelings?? they r the biggest load of bullcrap i have ever experienced. remind me to never get them again. also remind me to go to the doctors and ask if they can surgically replace my tear ducts because mine have been run dry. there are no more tears to let fall. i can’t believe shane was so oblivious but also i can’t believe that i wasn’t more forward with how i felt. if i had been maybe this could’ve worked out nd we could b the high school sweethearts i dreamed abt. how do people DEAL WITH THIS!!!!!!!! HOW DID NED AND KEITH DO THIS???? HOW DID STEVEN DO THIS???? AT LEAST THEY WERE ALL LUCKY!!!! THEIR INTENSE PINING GOT THEM A RELATIONSHIP!!! BUT ME??? LITTLE OL RYAN STEVEN BERGARA GOT NONE OF THAT!!!! ALL I GOT WAS HEARTACHE AND HURT!!!! why do. straight people exist? CHALLENGE ME THAT KORNFELD why do they exist an d why does the one (1) man i love have to be one of them. read that with a lot of spite. this was dumb from day one and you told me it wouldn’t have been worth it but i didn’t listen. and then i told jen and i didn’t listen to HER anD THEN I WENT TO  E U G E NE L E E YA N G FOR ADVICE YESTERDAY ON HOW TO GET OVER IT AND HE TOLD ME TO DRINKMY FEELINGS AWAY AND HERE I AM!!!! dude im wastED. all of my feels have intensified so much. its only 11am. WOOwee. if i ever see shane madej again I’m gonna punch him in the face and then kiss his lips better. i love him zachy. i love him. sso much

Me (12:00pm): dude are you okay? literally no one has heard from you since you ran off and shane is such a mess he is not handling anything well

Me (1:30pm): hey man remember drink some water and take painkillers

Ryan Boogara (9:00pm): jesus fuck i just woke up

Ryan Boogara (9:00pm): i’m sorry you had to deal with that

Me (9:03pm): no it’s alright are you okay?

Ryan Boogara (9:04pm): yeah i have a massive headache and i miss shane. a lot.

Me (9:04pm): he misses you too

Me (9:04pm): he’s acting like you’ve died

Ryan Boogara (9:04pm): i feel like i’ve died

Ryan Boogara (9:04pm): can you tell him i’m sorry and i love him

Ryan Boogara (9:05pm): i’m over lying to him

Ryan Boogara (9:05pm): you know what, just show him this i’m done

Ryan Boogara (9:05pm): at least then he has the weekend to process my shit and can decide on monday if he still wants to be my friend

Me (9:06pm): are you sure you’re not still drunk?

Ryan Boogara (9:06pm): yeah just do it

Ryan Boogara (9:06pm): im gonna try and go to bed gnight zach

Me (9:06pm): goodnight ry get some rest’

Shane couldn’t do anything except stare at the phone. He reread the message over and over. Ryan…had feelings for him? Since when?

Shane didn’t notice he was crying until he felt Jen’s arms wrap around his side. Next to him, Keith rested his hand on his shoulder. Shane missed his friend so much. And now his fears were confirmed that it was his fault, the guilt ate him up even more than usual.

Shane stumbled over his words, “I have-I’ve got-Ryan I need to see him-I want to tell him-I’m..”

Shane pushed himself up from his seat. Despite his friend’s protests, he just kept walking. Out of the cafeteria and out of the school grounds. Ryan’s house was a 20 minute walk from school and although taking an uber could’ve been quicker, Shane refused to waste any time, he knew he had to get to Ryan.

A sweaty and out of breath Shane pounded on the front door to the Bergara’s and when no one answered, he managed to break in with his debit card, a trick he learnt off Mike, a kid in his forensic science class. Shane marched upstairs and without knocking opened the door to Ryan’s room.

Ryan was lying in bed, his back to the door, completely oblivious to the man standing in the doorway.


Ryan sat bolt upright in bed and turned to the voice. He was a sight to behold, it seemed like he hadn’t slept in days and he smelt of vodka. Ryan’s face paled and he looked like he had seen a ghost.

“Shane? I-what did Zach show you the text?” Fear seeped into Ryan’s voice.

Why?” This time Shane’s voice cracked. He could feel the lump in his throat rise.

“I’m sorry.” Ryan croaked.

Shane walked towards the bed and pushed Ryan down and kissed him. Both of them were surprised at the taller man’s actions but neither made an effort to stop. Shane climbed on top of Ryan, their lips not breaking apart. Ryan tasted like alcohol and Shane like mint. Their mouths worked together and Ryan released a low moan.

Since when did Shane want this? Maybe he always did, subconsciously, but never let himself think about it. Thank God he had called off the date with Sara until this whole thing with Ryan blew over.

The two boys pulled away for air, both of them crying, their tears mixed together on each others cheeks. Shane let out a breathy laugh.

“I’m sorry.”

“So am I.”

“Good. You should be.”

Ryan grinned and sighed contently, “I really like you, Shane.”

“I don’t know how I feel, but I do know that I really liked kissing you.”

“Then kiss me again.”

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Is chapter 9 of stray dogs going to be posted soon

I haven’t had much time to finish it lately, I’ve been working and writing some other stuff but I’d like to say soon! (I’m the worst writer ever why do you all put up with me)

Five Minutes

Rules are: write a title, set a timer for five minutes, and write like mad! Post whatever you come up with, whether it’s turned into a story or not. Feel free to join! (And to tweak a few sentences once the timer runs out. No judgement! It’s just for fun.) (I changed this to five minutes to allow a little more time to explore the ideas. Let me know what you think!)

Peanut Butter and Jelly

She always made me a PBJ as soon as we got to work. Eat it slow, she’d tell me, that’s all you get until lunch. Then she’d sit me on a stool in the corner of the kitchen, and I’d watch her cook.
No one else came to the kitchen as early as she did. She’d be there before the sun was up, chopping onions, frying bacon, whisking eggs. I remember watching her whip together a batter for pancakes for fifty people in a few minutes, her face flushed pink from the heat of the stoves, her eyes on the ingredients, her mind somewhere else entirely. She never measured her flour. I remember that too. She always seemed to know exactly how much to add. I never saw her work from a recipe, or a cookbook. She always just seemed to—know. Whether it was soup or a roast, a casserole or something else, she always knew exactly what it needed.
I’d sit and watch her, nibbling on my sandwich and waiting for the other cooks, the waiters and busboys and dishwashers to arrive. They’d come in slowly, some late, some early. None of them worked as hard as my mother. She was barely allowed to cook by now; she’d spent ten years washing dishes here. None of them were as determined to keep this job as she was.
I loved watching her cook. The others didn’t notice her very much, I think. She was so quiet. Not even the head chef seemed to realize she was in the back half the time. Maybe they were just so used to her that they didn’t see her anymore. But I did. I always saw her. To me, she was beautiful.

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Hi, sorry if this has already been thoroughly discussed, but I was curious-- do we know if the Duggars vaccinate? Vitamins/Supplements? Anything that may help prevent the spread of disease, or at least build up their immune system? With that many children it has to be a nightmare during flu season... That being said, I can see them avoiding vaccinations given many are created using uh... methods the Duggars would find unsuitable (notably the chicken pox vaccination). Thank you for your time!


On the kids getting sick: In the old show it was as soon as one kid got sick, all of them got sick. They didn’t do any kind of sanitizing or quarantine (except for preemie Josie). Of course, I realize, it’s hard with a crowd of kids, but I’d still try to keep my kids from getting sick.
And thank YOU for being so considerate!! 💛💛 (Annie)

I showed my dad the DNA music video and as soon as suga came on screen he just said “That’s my man!” and didn’t say anything the rest of the video, it’s official my dad is gay for Yoongi 


akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
original post by ayedah :”D

also!! will be accepting commissions real soon! so please watch out for it :)

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The adventures of a little Bean in the jungle

Chapter 6: A bean vs a coconut


kjdshdskj HI my sister and i tried to snap some shots in NYC last weekend :D (we were showing our grandma around too) – also if you were following my IG stories the past few weeks you’ll know i cut my hair again that’s why it’s weird on all sides hhhhehe

also im reviving my personal IG~ (since so many people tell me it would be nice if i posted my stuff instead of dumping them in my IG stories where it expires) idk

ALSO thank you for all the messages i will try to reply soon!! so sorry because im forever a slow late reply turtle

Lapidot in “Raising the Barn” – From Lapis’ Side

Before I delve into Peridot’s side of the relationship in this episode (in a separate post), I want to take a look at Lapis.

“Peridot, we have to leave Earth – now!”

As soon as Lapis hears about what happens with the Diamonds, she instantly wants to leave.  But notice her Lapis’ reaction here is that “we have to leave”.  If she didn’t care about Peridot so much, she’d have just fled there and then.  She’s clearly absolutely terrified, but she doesn’t want to leave Peridot behind.

In the next scene, we see Peridot getting very worked-up about leaving, and Lapis telling her that they can take all of their stuff with them.  It would appear, then, that Lapis only does this…

…in order to appease Peridot by taking their home with them.  If it were left up to Lapis, she’d have just taken Peridot with her and left the barn behind – but because Peridot is upset about losing the barn, she makes sure to accommodate her.  This means, of course, that Lapis does care about how Peridot feels in all of this and is trying to keep her happy.

The dialogue in this scene is also very interesting:

“There – now we can bring our whole life with us!  You, me, and all of our things!” 

Just look at the dialogue that I’ve put in bold here.  This shows how Lapis and Peridot share their entire life with each other.  Lapis says this with a genuine smile, as if she’s more than happy to acknowledge this fact.  She shares absolutely everything with Peridot and wants to continue doing so.

This is also evidenced here:

Notice how we see emphasis on Lapis squeezing Peridot’s shoulder as she’s talking – she’s literally trying to hold onto Peridot.  Despite her fears and despite everything that’s going on, she desperately doesn’t want to lose Peri.

I mean, heck…

…she was even going to leave Steven behind at this point.

After the trio are reunited with Pumpkin at the end of the episode, Peridot finally decides to be honest with Lapis – by telling her that she doesn’t want them to leave the earth.

“Peridot… what are you trying to say?”

You can really hear the emotion in Lapis’ voice here. The realisation that she’s about to lose Peridot is dawning on her – and she doesn’t like it.

This isn’t the face (or the body language) of someone who wants to leave; far from it, in fact. Lapis is feeling hurt and betrayed by what she sees as a lack of honesty – and is scared.  She’s been put into a very difficult situation and has to make a painful decision. She wants to leave with Peridot, but now she knows Peridot wants to fight for the Earth; which, because of her past traumas, is something that Lapis doesn’t feel able to do right now…

…so she makes the decision to leave.  But, again, look at her face here.  She’s hurting - badly.

She actually pauses to take one last look at Peridot before she flies away – and, again, the agony of this decision is written all over her face.  Because she wanted Peridot to go with her.  She doesn’t want to leave her behind but she’s so afraid of the impending war that she feels like she’s got no choice in the matter.

Now that she’s going to be alone in space for a while, this should give her time to think everything over properly.  Is she going to realise that she’s made a terrible mistake and return to Earth in order to reunite with Peridot and defend their home?  I think it’s highly likely.  Lapis has expressed regret over her negative actions in the past on more than one occasion, so I daresay that she’ll feel guilty for leaving Peridot behind; and will want to make amends.

There’s been a running theme of “home” with Lapis and Peridot in the show up to now.  Lapis thinks she’s taken her home with her into space, but has she really?  “Home is where the heart is”, as the expression goes; and Lapis’ heart is well and truly with Peridot.  I’m certain that, in time, she’ll come to realise this herself.

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Hey! Do you have any photos of your Dan and Phil charms + pins to show us? (my parents think you might scam us and want proof of the pins..)

I will only be able to show the proof of the charms+pins after pre-order period.
Its pre-order because thats when the merchandise is being manufactured.
I am hoping to get everything by the end of the month!
Here is a photo of my previous batch!

the size is different now and same goes for the charm holder!
(the only design available now is the bottom right corner)
here is my storenvy to pre-order charms!