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the bests parts (personally) of My Chemical Romance - In The Studio 2002:

  • ray bouncy leg
  • “uh, ray ray stoP!” – rays smile
  • the montages
  • the constant zooming in
  • bad cinematography
  • when ray jumps around wrapped in a blanket
  • ray blowing the camera kiss from the recording room
  • gerards chubb
  • all the hugs
  • “these are mikey’s” “that’s nice bro”
  • *zooms in on frank’s face* “this is him. our sweet baby”
  • the giggles 
  •  c o n s t a n t l y calling frank their sweet baby
  • the overexposure of the 2002 camera
  • “can you see through my clothes?” “yea dude! you’re wearin’ no underear!”
  • “did we get our forks? we can’t eat beefaroni without forks!”
  • “that’s the hot lunch.. right there”
  • gerard’s cute round face !
  • gerard’s bouncing when he sings
  • scream
  • rays glasses
  • someone opens the door while ray is playing
  • who’s this”
  • the “tower of treats”
  • *gasp* “goumet fuckin’ fruit gels, bro”
  • “mixed. nuts.”
  • frank snuggled up on the couch
  • the person filming can’t get the cap off their beer sjnfks
  • mikey’s hair
  • also his denim jacket 10/10
  • “woof. woof. woof?”
  • ray imitating the dogs panting then glancing at the camera
  • overexposure again
  • gerard singing
  • bunching up his lil’ eyebrows
  • the hand gentures????
  • ray pretending to cry over the beauty of gerard’s singing
  • gerard pulling the fingers at the camera while recording drowning lessons
  • mikey’s cute hat
  •  h a n d  g e s t u r e s
  • *talking about the “gold nugget” in gerards jaw* “that’s how we’re playin-paying for the record”
  • gerard’s ability to just pull harmonies out of his ass???
  • demolition lovers
  • the producer praising gerard
  • “mikey make him stop”
  • “you better rewind that fool”
  • gerard, mikey, ray and frank in the recording room
  • everyone in the recording room
  • “everybody closer. get in closer”
  • gerard shouting “i fucking love it!”
  • ray plucking a solo
  • the night vision photo montage with the voice overs
  • and last but not least the roses in the dirty sink (edgy)

goodnight and thank you for coming to my TED talk

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x04

(A little rushed, not to mention late, because this week really got away from me due to a very persistent flu.)

(and my even more persistent need to write fic.)

Overall Thoughts

Eh. A plot we have seen before, a type of “nice guy” perp we have seen before, a case that had pretty much zero twists (the perp was immediately obvious), a tepid resolution. To me, this was the weakest episode of the season.

On the bright side, though, there

wasn’t a huge amount of victim blaming, and we got some wonderful Amanda scenes, and also some intimate Rolivia scenes (I ship it btw! I’m getting S17 Barisi vibes from them this year. I can already tell that S19 will be the Holy Grail for Rolivia shippers, just like S17 was for Barisi shippers. And I’m loving every minute of it.). Also, the ending did have a sappy PSA vibe, but the anti-bullying message was important, and timely, so I didn’t mind it that much.

Overall, this was a somewhat uneventful episode which I moderately enjoyed but won’t be rewatching.

Sonny and Continuity

Sonny has come so far. He’s been doing this a long time! 3 whole years I mean, a really long time, and he doesn’t ask questions he doesn’t already know the answers to :D Which, by the way, is a lawyer thing, not a cop thing. (and a To Kill a Mockingbird thing, of course). I don’t know if that was a subtle nod to Sonny’s lawyer side, or just a cool way to show that he’s a confident detective now, but I loved it all the same.

Just like I love this Sonny upgrade we’ve been getting. We (and Sonny) were long overdue. Season 16 was the “he’s got potential but he still needs training wheels” period, Season 17 was the “he’s learned a lot but he’s still rough around the ages” period, Season 18 never happened and Season 19 is the “Sonny Carisi, experienced SVU detective and licensed attorney, at your service” period.

The truth is, Sonny has been doing this a long time. Three years at SVU is no joke. Anyone would learn a lot, let alone someone like Sonny, who’s always been so eager to educate himself. I love how we’re allowed to see that confidence, this year. That’s Sonny’s main trait, now. He swaggers into Liv’s office and explains complex jurisprudence, he sasses Barba, he interrogates witnesses or perps with the gravitas of a cop who knows what he’s doing.

This development has been earned. Sonny has gone through a lot of shifts as a character, but finally we’re seeing it all pay off. Finally, the subtle shifts in his attitude are consistent with his character arc; he’s gained experience as a cop, he’s got his law license, he’s older, and he’s seen things, and he’s finally moving forward as a character. He’s where he’s supposed to be.

And the best thing is that his core personality hasn’t been sacrificed. He’s still funny, just not in a (totally) goofy way. He’s still empathetic, just not in a naïve way. He’s still whip smart, just not in a way that’s meant to surprise us. We know who he is now, and he knows who he is, and it’s great to watch.  

I suspect it will be just as great to watch him mess up, too. Somehow. Or get compromised. Over-invested. We’re all human. I’d like to see that. Maybe we will.

The Barisi Corner

Stray Thoughts

When Fin is not in an episode, it becomes almost hilariously obvious how short-staffed the 16th is. There are literally 2 detectives, Amanda and Sonny and Fin who is a Sergeant except not really so I don’t even know if he counts. I like that they’re bringing in another ADA (provided it allows for more Barba drama) but why not also bring in a new detective? The cast is small enough for 2 new additions. I’m not talking Season 9 levels of “we can’t fit our 18 regulars in the same frame,” I’m talking about one more cop. The show needs it.

My guy! The defense attorney! He’s my favorite. I love that the show keeps having him back.

“On that hilariously unrelated note, Noah’s grandmother showed up!” Man, why do I even bother coming up with organic segues when I write fic?

I couldn’t believe my ears when Amanda mentioned an actual case from her past, but it wasn’t that random thing SVU does, where detectives reference “old cases” which were solved offscreen (like in the premiere). We had actually seen Amanda’s old case! Pink clouding! I applaud the writers for actually giving a damn about continuity this season. It really makes a difference.

Sonny and Continuity Vol. 2: I loved that we saw, yet again, how sensitive Sonny is when it comes to younger victims. The way Peter conveyed Sonny’s disgust when talking about the incident, even before they knew a rape had occurred, it was so beautifully consistent with Sonny’s reactions in previous seasons. Again, continuity really makes a difference.


“For seven seasons now, Mulder and Scully have remained suspended in the intoxicating pre-kiss rapture that is the essence of story-book romance.”

- excerpts from “An X-Rated Kiss,” by Stephen Cole, front page story, The National Post (Canada), November 24, 1999.

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This isn’t a “fuck customers” post but actually a “it made me happy” customer. Im a cashier at a nationally owned grocery store and most the time customers make me stressed out and super anxious. On our name tags everyone has what we love, mine says I love cats. This couple comes though my line the girl says “you love cats too?!” And I started talking about my cat and how we share a birthday and she started tearing up and said “that’s the cutest thing ever, that just made my weekend” :’)

carmillaseries:  THE FINAL FLASHBACK + THE FINAL POST: It’s time for this 345 year old to sign off now, but THANK YOU for following this “day in the life” gram takeover with lil old me (@natvanlis) and all my quirks. Thank you for your comments, your messages, and your love and support of Carmilla and our fam. I am SO SO SO THRILLED for the #CARMILLAMOVIE premiere THIS THURSDAY. (And special thanks to the fan who sent these incredible handmade Laura & Carmilla sock monkeys! We regretfully lost the card that was attached in the shuffle of things but please know they are much appreciated!) MUCHOS LOVE. - N. #NATASHATAKESCARMILLA#FLASHBACKFRIDAY #FBF

info post for new frollowers

Hello! There are many new members of our flock and I just want to you all to know a few things! 

  • I’m a Priest! :) 
  • And 
  • I love this girl 

Hey everyone, so I have seen a lot of talk about people feeling left out or unloved or favorites being played or people saying they’ll never be noticed or meet Taylor. Just overall a whole load of negativity and it has been bothering me a lot - not only because I know you how you feel, but also because I know we’re wrong and there isn’t enough support and positivity going around on this website. 

So I have decided to type out a giant text post regarding the way I feel about all of this, and I think some of you may find it really helpful or comforting, and some of you may brush it off.. and that’s fine as well. I just have a lot of thoughts right now, so I’m putting them into words.

1 - I’m going to start with a blanket statement that I’m sure a lot of you that are feeling upset or left out are tired of hearing but i promise this statement is true: Taylor Swift loves each and every one of us who love and support her. She does. End of story.

2 - I feel like giving up all the time, she’ll never notice me or want to meet me because I don’t post that many selfies and I don’t talk about my everyday life as often as some do, I am too insecure to post funny videos or to do a live stream on instagram. But when my anxiety settles and I take a look around - that is not what Taylor is looking for. Does it attract her attention sometimes? Yep, of course it does. But so do posts about her music, posts about how much we love her, stories of what she’s done for us, dad jokes related to her or just general freak outs when she releases a new single, a new video or even just an AT&T commercial that’s 30 seconds long.

3 - It is so easy to feel small and feel like she will never notice you because there are just too many of us - and while the fact that there are a ton of us is true, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever find you and it does not mean that it’s never going to be your time, there are people I know - mutuals, that had never been noticed by Taylor and had been here for years and randomly one day Taylor started liking all their stuff, all the time. I realize that I don’t know Taylor personally but if I know anything about the women that I have spent over the last decade dedicated to - it’s that she truly loves us and goes out of her way to find us and make sure we all feel special and loved, and she tries on a daily basis to find new blogs that have been out there rooting for her - so please just be patient - it is NOT because she hates the stuff you post or thinks your weird or doesn’t like you or just ignores you, it’s not! We’re all funny, we’re all witty, we’re all beautiful, we’re all fangirls and we all love Taylor - we all post a million things every day that she would like if she saw it. So just be patient, she’ll see it one day.

4. Meeting Taylor may seem impossible now, and I am going in and out of feeling that way myself. So your feelings are completely valid and absolutely one hundred and ten percent understandable and normal to feel. BUT, please try and keep an open mind and stay positive about it. I obviously can’t sit here and say every single last one of her hardcore and casual fans will meet Taylor, because there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people that like Taylor Swift. But I CAN say that those of us out here going the extra mile, those of us who have been here for long haul, those of us out here with blogs dedicated to her and living the swift lifestyle will get our day. And I swear to you - I know it in my gut - Taylor is out there trying to figure out how she’s going to make it happen. Also, Taylor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - there is time, be patient. 

5. Seeing people meet Taylor can be hard, because jealousy is a real and perfectly normal emotion especially when it comes to something you’ve dreamed of for so long and seeing so many other people get this can make you feel so small. And then you start to feel selfish and it’s an endless battle because you don’t want to be jealous. So start with this thought process: Those fans have wanted to meet Taylor just as much as you do, and they too at one point said to themselves “she’ll never notice me, she’ll never want to meet me” but look at them now! So try to be happy for them, because they have lived out one of their dreams by getting to meet her, and that is such a beautiful thing to happen to anyone, it really is! Even though it makes me a little jealous and sad - honestly, I LOVE seeing my mutuals and even people i’ve never spoken to meet Taylor, because of first of all you have photographic evidence of people meeting the one person they’ve always wanted to meet - the person that saved their lives or made them chase their dreams or feel brave enough to fal in love, and everyone deserves the chance to hug and thank Taylor for all those beautiful things. I think about how happy I would be if that were me, and then I realize THAT’S how happy those fans are, and that is such an amazing thing to see people so happy. Just try to embrace it, try to be happy for them even if its hard sometimes. But also, realize that it is okay to have moments of sadness and doubt, but don’t let it consume you because your time will come. 

6 - Think about it this way - the more people that get to go to sessions and meet Taylor and get noticed or whatever it may be, the more room there is for you to get your chance! So be excited that people are meeting her! It means you’re one step closer to having your moment with Taylor. Seeing that she’s out there actively trying to meet as many people as possible, even if it isnt you right that moment, means that she is doing her best and WANTS to meet us. ALL OF US. 

7 - Remember to be thankful - remember that Taylor does not have to do any of this. Sometimes I think this fandom as a whole, myself included at times, gets spoiled with the fact that Taylor does all of these things for us - packages, over the top tours, ticket programs so we don’t lose tickets to scalpers, meet and greets before and after her concert, welcome us into her home, joining live streams, reblogging and commenting and liking tumblr posts, following us on social media… no other celebrity does that, because they do not have to. Taylor literally owes us nothing and yet she gives us everything. So try to stay humble and remember that… try to remember that this fandom as a whole is so blessed to begin with that Taylor is so good to us… that even if you don’t get noticed anytime soon or don’t get invited to meet her.. we still have been given so much by Taylor and she does the best that she can. 

8 - I can’t speak for Taylor but I feel like it hurts her when she sees negative posts about her not liking us or not noticing us or never going to want to meet us because we aren’t good enough. She loves all of us and you know better. You know she doesn’t want to make any of us feel left out or hurt or isolated or not good enough… she’d include every single of us if she could at one time. We just have to wait for our time. Patience is key.

I don’t know if anything I said helped, or made sense or if anyone even read this far (hi, thank you if you did) but I just really wanted to get that out there… incase anyone needed to see it. 


Is Jimmy King a…

That preview clip was so sweet, yes it was… Vanessa and Robert and everybody…even Brenda was…well ok. But now I know that Jimmy King could be here, on tumblr, at this very moment… f##k!

I’m thinking, has he ever liked any of my gifsets…and if he has, which one… he must be a robron fan then…but is he an Aaron stand or a Robert stand…maybe he likes both equally, but secretly Robert is his favourite ‘cause he works with him…he votes Danny in awards though…

Does Jimmy King think that Franny @senselessthunderbolt is the best anonquestionanswerer and tagger and loveliest person ever…

Does Jimmy King think that @letthebluerain ’s grandmother is very brave and amazing and so is she…

…and what is Jimmy King’s favourite robron sweet mushy moment… did he send it to @bartsugsy on wednesday when his dash was full of positivity?

Does Jimmy King watch Emmerdale while he is on tumblr? S##t, does he liveblog???

Which number did Jimmy King send to @aarondingel and what was his gif behind that number?

Did Jimmy King participate in @smittenwithsugden ’s robron awards? Is he a fanfict writer or…

Did Jimmy King notice all those lovely messages and posts that @miss-bookworm received ‘cause she had a birthday…did he send one…

Which one is Jimmy Kings favourite artist @scrapyardboyfriends , @dasoni who… maybe @mmurdocks-law

what about gif makers @isabellaofparma , @dingleminyard , @charitydingle , @memorieswarm @suggersdingle @evak-malec … bet he can’t decide… I can’t …

which @wycombewanderer ’s moodboard is his favourite?…

Does Jimmy King believe in @aviewfromtheclouds25 ’s theories? I bet he does…

…and f##k, what if Jimmy King is THE ANON who throws all that shit and spoilers to our inboxes…


This might not be a big deal for everyone but for me (who has never ever been noticed by taylor) I’m literally FLYING OVER THE MOON RIGHT NOW 😭 last night tay reblogged a post with all of our selfies including MINE 😭 this is the first time I’ve ever been “noticed” in any sense and you bet I HAVE TOLD EVERY SINGLE PERSON IVE EVER MET in the space of 5 minutes OMG 😭😭😭 @taylorswift I love you


this post goes out to all the tumblr babes who I’ve been lucky enough to hug and hang out with (and to all those who I plan to meet very, very soon), who share a mutual love for our queen, ms. taylor swift. these girls are incredible. incredibly kind, incredibly gorgeous and incredibly amazing. They have made my life happier and brighter, and I would not be the same person that I am today without them. They are my heart, my smile, my sunshine on a rainy day and I love love love them. I talk to almost all of them every single day and they’ve made me laugh and smile, they’ve cried with me, and of course, they’ve gone into absolute hysterics over taylor’s latest act of swiftness with me. Thank you, my friends ☺️💓🌟💋💫

@tayloralisonswiftie1989 @treacherous-slopes @gotagirlathome @tshifty @the-crowds-went-wild @follow-you-around @jessicaswiftie1989 ~

and to my honey, @taylorswift, thank you endlessly for your kindness, care, music and love. Because of you, I was able to meet and grow closer to my people. The ones who let me be unapologetically me 100% of the time.

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"do you regret it?" ok now love me forever 😘 I'm taking advantage of this anyway, I will be the one to love you forever.

<3 <3 <3 I definitely will love you forever Nanaya <3 <3 <3

With a Flour-ish 

Alec entered the loft that night with a mission in mind. Entering the loft, he removed his jacket and hung it on the coat rack, before making his way over to Magnus, bent over his work table. He came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Magnus turned his head and met Alec with a kiss.

“Good evening Alexan-“

“Let’s make a cake,” Alec interrupted him.

Magnus jerked back a little in surprise. “Wh— What?”

“I want to make a cake.” Alec hugged his boyfriend in closer. “Let’s make a cake.”

Getting over his surprise, Magnus laughed. “What brought this on? I didn’t know you had an interest in baking.”

Alec released his arms and shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve tried making them a couple times in the past, but Izzy always insists on being involved, and you know that never ends well. And I thought it’d be a fun thing to do with you.”

Magnus turned to face him, raising an eyebrow. “Your sister’s cooking is quite toxic.”

“Exactly. So let’s bake a cake.”

Magnus smiled. “Let’s bake a cake!”

They walked together to the kitchen, but Alec stopped.

“What is it?” Magnus puzzled.

“I forgot to find out if we even have all the ingredients,” Alec sighed, shaking his head.

“Not to worry, my dear Alexander,” Magnus said with a flourish of his hand, filling the counter with eggs, baking soda, buttermilk, and everything else required.

Alec grinned and planted a kiss on Magnus’ cheek before walking up to the counter. Pulling out a mixing bowl, he placed it in front of him and placed a recipe that had been sitting in his back pocket on the counter. “Okay, so it says to start with the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, and baking soda.”

As Alec grabbed the sugar and began measuring it out, Magnus glided his way to Alec’s side and reached for the flour. As he pulled the bag open, the powder puffed out, giving Magnus an idea. Grabbing bit of flour, he threw the powder at his boyfriend.

“Wh- What was that?” Alec sputtered, before turning to Magnus with a look of betrayal, hair and face covered in a sheet of white powder.

“That,” Magnus grinned, “was totally worth the look of surprise on your face.”

“Well fine then. Two can play this game.” Alec smirked before reaching his hand into the bag. He took out a handful of flour and flung it at Magnus.

“This means war.” Magnus declared in astonishment, then gleefully smashed a fistful of flour onto the top of Alec’s head.

They continued for the next few minutes, laughing and throwing flour at each other until they somehow both ended up on the floor, staring at the destruction. A thick layer of white covered every surface in the kitchen, the flour bag was knocked over, spilling what little was left, and the mixing bowl had noticeably less than the three cups of flour the recipe had called for.

“Oh my word, look at this disaster,” Magnus said, bringing his hand to his face, shaking his head and laughing. “What have I done?”

“Do you regret it?” Alec asked, raising a flour-filled eyebrow, his laughter still silently shaking in his stomach.

Magnus turned to look at his boyfriend, the usually so serious Shadowhunter, sitting on the floor, covered head to toe in flour, and reached out to place a hand on Alec’s cheek. He caressed the side of his face as he brought their lips together. After a brief moment, he pulled back and smiled. “Not at all, Alexander. Not at all.”

Okay this is gonna be my last Jonerys post for awhile I;m working on a new project(s) that require much attention 😞😞😞 I was asked (many…..and I do mean MANY times!!) about Jon “power thrusting” and position(s) Well I’m pretty sure as Jon is moving up the bed above Dany 😍😍😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 That he simply is just going on his knees to Continue the boat rocking as opposed to the the simple missionary move ; so basically making our new heir lmao But I;m taking a break from my OTP obsession for awhile 😢 I hope this answers the lovely karma sutra based questions lol I love you!!

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carmillaseries: THE FINAL FLASHBACK + THE FINAL POST: It’s time for this 345 year old to sign off now, but THANK YOU for following this “day in the life” gram takeover with lil old me (@natvanlis) and all my quirks. Thank you for your comments, your messages, and your love and support of Carmilla and our fam. I am SO SO SO THRILLED for the #CARMILLAMOVIEpremiere THIS THURSDAY. (And special thanks to the fan who sent these incredible handmade Laura & Carmilla sock monkeys! We regretfully lost the card that was attached in the shuffle of things but please know they are much appreciated!) MUCHOS LOVE. - N. #NATASHATAKESCARMILLA#FLASHBACKFRIDAY #FBF

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Hi, I'm Ursula. 4 days ago my brother died of cancer. His name is Nicholas, 26 years old & was a fan of Hello! Project. His favorite were Momusu & Berryz kobo. He was a chef. & influenced me to Hello!Project. He read confessions before. He posted some anonymously. He hated BK & Cute rivalry & wishes the fans to get along. Idk what I'm doing here. Perhaps I'm just devastated, lost. & just wanted everyone to know there was a guy name Nicholas, who loves H!P & made him happy once. Thank you.

You have our sincere condolences. Losing a member of the fandom always hurts. I hope you’re handling this well, may he rest in peace ❤


@delightfullydecadentlight Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! Thank you for being you! So grateful for our friendship, that we met and became such great friends & lucky/blessed to have such a sweet amazing friend like you in my life!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! Wishing you an amazing year ahead filled with lots of love, happiness, laughter, Aaron and Tveit Adventures!!! Here’s to another year of friendship and adventures!! Love & Hugs!!😘🎉🎂🎁🎈💕


Our sweet boy is now an old man. 

Ok, 40 is not old (and he honestly hasn’t aged in the last decade or so). But whatever….he’s still my baby no matter what forever. 

Please be sure to show Sam lots of love on twitter today. And every day. Because he deserves it. Just something sweet and thoughtful. Even if he doesn’t acknowledge, I’m sure he appreciates it a lot. He really does love you.

I really hope Sam has the best birthday ever and that all his wishes come true! And that he knows how much we all love him.

The relationship between Cole and Solas is really touching imo. I love how Solas defends Cole - his nature and right of existing, how he comforts Cole, how Cole just knows Solas and respects who he is, how Cole’s story can challenge Solas’ own views on Spirits (and how it translates to other people) (regardless of your choice between Solas and Varric). Cole was/is a very important to Solas and his personal development throughout the game, and the other way around is also true.

 “We cannot change our nature simply by wishing.” Or can we?

Fuck okay I’m honestly kind of anxious right now. I just posted my pictures of the absolute HAPPIEST MOST POSITIVE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE from being with Taylor on Wednesday.. and I’m sooo worried that people at my school are going to be mean to me about it.. like our school can be very hateful and just they often take things people like and turn it into a negative without realizing how much these things mean to others and I’m rambling a bit but like I’m honestly crying guys I don’t want people to attack me for literally just loving someone who has been nothing but a friend and loving person to me ALL MY LIFE ugh okay I’m sorry I truly love everything about Wednesday and Taylor and I don’t want anyone to try and ruin that okay I LOVE YOU ALL and appreciate that this is a space I am comfortable in to show my pure love for y’all and Taylor without judgement. Okay thanks for listening I love Taylor Swift and nobody can stop me!!!!