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Drawn as an accompanying piece to @drabblemeisters fic…

“a Study in Red”

I’ve had this piece and I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, cheering her on and lemme tell you its absolutely worth it. You guuuuuys. She’s been working so hard on it and it’s turning out sosososo well. Please read and send her all your love.

And of course a humongous thank you to @drabblemeister for letting me partake in your creative journey <333 -muah muah-

also: megane Jason… yes please

Neil mouths off at Kevin during night practice, so Kevin makes him run up and down the stairs of the stadium in full uniform and carrying his heavy racquet.

  • Kevin is a big fan of doing the thing with the person you’re punishing training, but doing it way better than them
  • To show off how much better he is so that Neil sees how much he still needs to learn to be anywhere near Kevin’s level
  • And so that Neil can’t complain about Kevin making him do it while Kevin just stands there watching him
  • And Neil is all smug because Kevin’s so stupid to make him go running as a punishment
  • Neil likes running and he is faster than Kevin and Neil is so damn smug and ready to embarrass Kevin
  • And he tells Kevin that
  • Then they actually start and Neil refuses to admit that his thighs are burning from running up and down stairs and using different muscles groups than on flat ground
  • But he has figured out why Kevin is making him do this, even if he does like running
  • Neil’s already acted too smug though and he refuses to give in to Kevin, so he keeps on going anyways
  • Because Neil will not ask Kevin to let him stop
  • He’d rather run until his legs physically give out underneath him
  • Andrew has absolutely zero desire to join in on their stupid pissing contest, so he takes a break and lies on the bleachers, half-watching them as they go by
  • Kevin gets annoyed when Neil keeps going even though it is clearly straining him more than he expected
  • Kevin’s legs hurt too, but there is no fucking way he is going to give Neil the satisfaction of stopping before Neil does
  • This goes on for a while
  • Andrew even goes for a power nap
  • Kevin asks Neil if he needs to stop yet and Neil insists that he can do this all night
  • Neil catches a sudden second wind at the idea that Kevin might be asking because Kevin is getting tired, so he speeds up
  • Kevin speeds up too because he refuses to be upstaged and Neil needs to fucking learn
  • And he wants Neil to tire himself out and give in because then maybe he will listen
  • Andrew gets bored of watching them and waiting
  • And he’s not fucking carrying them when their legs give out
  • So, he tells them he’s bored and they better go change if they don’t want to walk home
  • Neil and Kevin are both a little relieved for the excuse to stop, even though they wanted to beat the other
  • Neil and Kevin’s legs are even sorer the next morning and both of them are worse than usual at practice because their damn legs are killing them
  • Wymack could not be much less impressed that they burned their legs out being over-competitive little shits against each other
A thing about BBS Shipping

Something that I see a lot in this fandom that I don’t understand is people giving up on a ship because it won’t ever happen. Like, I’m not hating on anyone and if you wanna stop then that’s totally on you.

But like… going into this, we all knew that ships like H2OVanoss or Minicat weren’t gonna happen in real life. We should all know this, really. But it’s okay to still ship them, so long as you aren’t forcing it on them or try to break them up from their girlfriends.

It’s okay to ship things that “Aren’t gonna become real.” as long as you realize just that: It’s not gonna become real. The chances of any of these ships happening in real life is really 0.01%.

These ships aren’t going to happen. But don’t let that stop you from making or enjoying the content that you enjoy. Write as many H2OVanoss or as many Ohmtoonz fics as you want. Draw that Minicat fanart. Read that Terrornuckel fic. Enjoy yourself.

Just remember that it is, and will most likely remain as it is: Fiction. That’s all it is.

Friendly reminder that Nagakura Shinpachi is canonly the bookworm of the Shinsengumi

Please stop having him be the dumbest one out there who’s just here for booze and women, thanks.

Me: Wow, the fandom has been really calm as of late, this makes me hap-

People who have started and promoted drama in the past: The fandom is so problematic, and I can’t handle it.


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Boring but personal life update??

So yep on Monday I start work experience, which will be for 2 weeks just to start off.

I said yesterday my mum is in hospital, and still is :^( she has bipolar and hasn’t been sleeping so she kinda had an episode and I haven’t seen her yet and probably won’t see her, until she comes home. and that’s if she comes home, it’s all really complicated right now.

it’s just really hard because this is a really scary time in my life?? And she is my bestfriend so not having her here is really really hard to deal with. also because she’s not here I am in the house alone with my dad and we don’t really get along I guess you could say??

but I’m very lucky to have so many siblings that take care of me, and my pets oh gosh!! they are really helping me through this all, and so is my bb Ariel :’^) bless her!!

anyway yep, that’s what’s happening in my life right now. I’m a fucking mess and want to cry all the time but I’m getting through. I hope soon it’ll all be okay and I could have a job maybe.

song rec for song rec?

I hit 800??? thank y’all so much! words can not express how much I love and appreciate every single one of y’all.  💗💗💗

so as a celebration I thought I’d do a little thing I thought would be fun! this is the basic idea of it:

send me an ask with a song rec (it can be on anon if you’d like)

then I’ll score it x/10 and give you a song rec!

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