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so the lovely @samby-chan tagged me in this naruto challenge thing and I figured I might as well do it because this is kind of? sorta? a naruto blog?

Name your Favourite
Female Character(s):  temari + the konoha girls basically
Male Character(s): gee I wonder who that might be…
Team: sand fam
Sensei: Kakashi and Iruka..I like the concept of kurenai but they never really gave us more than that.
Hokage: I liked tsunade tbh.
Kage: the mizukage lady who can literally spit lava and acid.
Village: sand fam’s sand clan
Akatsuki: konan and kisame (plus kakuzu and hidan I guess but I like the more as a team than as individual characters)
Jutsu:  everything konan does basically
Episode/Chapters: the very start of the whole gaara gets kidnapped arc if only because those are the only chapters of the manga I actually own. 
Fight Scene: the hidan & kakuzu fight + all the sasuke retrieval arc fights.
Fanfiction: that one author on fanfiction.net who wrote really good kank fics…the one I remember the most was about rasa having sent kank on secret s-ranked missions because he refused to assassinate gaara… I still think about it from time to time. 
Story Arc: the chunin exam and sasuke retrieval arc will always be classic, tho I do remember really liking the pain’s assault arc because it felt like the first big victory in naruto’s story arc. 
Filler: I’ve only seen the fillers where the sand sibs appear + the one where they dedicated an entire episode to making fun of gai’s small dick.
OTP (explain why): I feel like I give the wrong impression here but I’m honestly not really a shipper. like I guess I could call shikatema my otp if only because they’re the couple I’m the most ok with. 
NOTP (be nice):  the only ones I can think of is the kind of shit that pretty much no one wants to see (oronaru and such….)
Crackship(s): gaara x funk
BROTP: after the last anime episodes? kank and lee tbh, tho I’m always here for all the konoha girls (+temari) just being one big girl gang (hey kishi doesnt care about them so they gotta care for each other)
OT3: nah
Crossover Ship: nah
Do you have any headcanons: you can’t just ask me that and expect me to sum up 7 years worth of headcanons in one paragraph. 

Are you happy with the ending? What would you have done differently? sort of? I feel like what we did see wasn’t exactly bad, but there were a lot of other things they could have focused on that would have been way more interesting. personally I would have preferred it ending with naruto becoming hokage, entering his office and immediately realizing that he can’t do the job cause he never learned how to use a computer. 

How do you feel about the new generation? eh, other than the great injustice that is sakura’s entire life I don’t have anything against it, but there isn’t really anything about it that I like enough to bother paying attention. 

Say something about your favourite character. Good and bad: like 90% of the text posts on this blog are already me talking about kankuro so I’ll keep it short: I like that he somehow manages to be weird and different in a cast full of characters who can spit fire and summon giant slugs. everytime he’s appeared we’ve learned something new about him and tho its always unexpected it never seems too ooc. 

What would a child between your OTP look like? I’m not into shipping.

Say something genuinely nice about your NoTP. I’m not into shipping. 

Say something negative about your OTP.  I’m not into shipping.

Is there any way you could be convinced to ship your NoTP? I’m not into shipping.

What makes you mad about the series? even though naruto will always have a special place in my heart its far from flawless. there’s some pretty bad writing and inconsistencies that can be…pretty annoying. I guess my main beef with naruto is the treatment of the female characters. I’m happy that naruto isn’t as fanservice-y as a lot of anime can be, but that doesn’t change the fact that few of the female characters have more than 2-3 personality traits. what bugs me the most tho is kishimoto’s utter inability to involve the female characters in the plot and actually make them seem powerful and useful. yes he tried to push that angle with sakura towards the end of the war, but it kinda fell flat because there was almost no build up and in the end the pay off was that she….still seemed weaker than naruto. speaking of the war, I spent the last 100 chapters or so watching tenten hang around and waiting for her to be useful only to get…what? she stole some weapons after the fighting was over? thats it? yes those are only two examples, but honestly I can think of very few fights with a female shinobi that didn’t end with a) the female shinobi losing/being absolutely useless b) the female shinobi getting help or her victory being downplayed c) her straight up dying. also I guess the gender ratio in the naruto world is like 70-30 because apparently there are so few girls around that they’re limited to only one girl per team. 

If you could see anything happen in the series, what would it be? way more sand siblings, obviously. tho specifically I’d like for them to have more positive interactions with temari, kishi is really fond of the bossy girl trope. 

What would you say to Kishimoto if given the chance? why.

I hate the feeling when you have to say goodbye to someone you want to spend every minute with.
{January 2017 challenge!}

Seeing as how we’re only a dozen days away from January, I came up with a January challenge. Publish pics & posts as you follow along! Tag “#AlicesJanuaryChallenge” so I can see everyone’s lovely contributions. (although seeing as how I’m still a relatively young blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one doing this! :P)

  1. Describe 3 things that will be left behind in 2016.
  2. What are you proud of having accomplished in 2016?
  3. List 5 things you look forward to in 2017.
  4. Remove/unfollow at least one negative person from social media. Why did you choose them?
  5. What 3 people are you thankful for in particular today?
  6. What is something you will try to improve about yourself this year?
  7. What’s something that you’re nervous about regarding 2017?
  8. Doodle a flower–or a whole garden!
  9. List your top five favorite songs of the moment.
  10. What new book are you reading or wanting to read? If you’re not reading it now, when are you going to read it?
  11. How is your New Years resolution going so far? Or do you not have one?
  12. Five ways to win your heart!
  13. Today’s Friday the 13th! Describe an unfortunate or unlucky time in your life from the past 13 months.
  14. One month away–who do you want as your Valentine, and what kind of date do you want to go on?
  15. Elaborate on three things that you like about yourself.
  16. Share a photo, video, or gif that always makes you laugh.
  17. What are your pick-me-up foods and/or drinks? Treat yourself to one of them today.
  18. What 3 things are you thankful to have in particular today?
  19. Treat yourself with yet something else today–candies, a latte, a massage, extra fries, that jacket you’ve been eyeing, anything!
  20. What quote has inspired you recently?
  21. Doodle an octopus.
  22. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. How did the conversation go?
  23. Give somebody a random note of appreciation/gratitude/love. Let’s see it! Upload a pic of the note.
  24. What’s one of your favorite episodes of a favorite TV show?
  25. Show us a picture of something you ate today.
  26. Doodle the weather today.
  27. Name something on your bucket list that you hope to do this year. Plan for it!
  28. Lyrics to a song stuck in your head right now.
  29. What good thing has already happened in the first four weeks of 2017?
  30. Doodle your happy place–real or imaginary!
  31. What are you looking forward to in February?
Just a couple things:
  • My inbox is open again but just be warned, if you send me a message that is in any way rude or hateful I will block you via your IP address.
  • The Not So Berry challenge isn’t replacing the Lemons, don’t worry lol Both incarnations of Ryleigh and Salim will be back very soon ;)
  • From now on, at the end of every month I’ll be deleting all posts I’ve made that aren’t CC or story posts. It gets on my nerves when my blog archive looks like a wall of text and I can’t find anything, so to keep it nice and clean I’m just gonna delete everything non CC and story related at the end of each month.
  • Because of the above my main page now automatically redirects to my #MYCC tag. This is not an error, it’s completely intentional seeing as CC and stories will be the only things on my blog permanently and there are links to my story posts on the side bar.

Other than that, I’m just gonna keep having fun playing my game, with the occasional stream (if I can ever get OBS to behave), and maybe make some content along the way if I need it =D

Have a great night/day everyone!

Inclusive Medieval Reenactment and Fantasy: A Space for POC

So some of you might know that I’ve been wanting to create a space for poc to explore our interest in medieval reenactment and fantasy culture. It’s a bit hard because I’m not a natural leader or starter of things, but that’s what I’m trying to do. I decided that the first, easiest step is to start a blog. Now this brings up challenges of its own. 

The biggest being the name! I’m awful with names! I can never think of anything catchy or clever, or that isn’t so long as to be unwieldy. Just look at the title of this little text post!

I have a general idea of the content. I confess it will likely conform a lot to my own tastes, most blogs do. For a while I struggled with wither or not I should make it a specifically black space. I’ve noticed that black people tend to get snowed under in a POC mix, but in the end, considering the times and the state of the modern world, I’ll trust to our better angels and make the blog all inclusive culturally speaking. 

Which also raises a question of cultural representation as it pertains to the “medieval”. Obviously Europe was not the only culture around at the time, it would be amazing to see reenactment and fantasy based around Indian culture in the 1300′s, or the African empires! But perhaps those are ambitions for a future date. 

I think the best place to start is a simple blog that features POC in medival and fantasy settings, and promotes Poc creatives of same. Now If I only had a name!

So before this year ends, I’m gonna go ahead and post my resolutions for 2017. I’m really excited for next year, I can already tell it’s gonna be awesome :D Thank you @aoademic for tagging me ^_^

1. Be studyblr-worthy.
I LITERALLY started this blog yesterday, and I’m really happy to be seeing some followers already. Therefore, I want to actually live out my life well so that I can make great content. That means investing in little things like taking better notes, not hitting snooze (HAHA) or getting Starbucks more often to set the studying mood.

2. Write more essays or stories.
This year, I want to participate in more writing contests to get a little more money or just for the sake of knowing I can write well by winning (i love competition!) If possible, I want to join my school paper as well.

3. Be a better leader and a kinder person.
Some people irl actually say they’re scared of me (omg) and I want to be nicer to others, especially in leading groupmates or classmates. I can be really harsh and judgemental on people aroud me, and that has to change :)

4. Manage my time wisely.
I cannot adequately stress how my perfectionism always gets the best of me, leading me to waste time often, so I need to properly schedule to avoid that. Maybe I’ll have to change up my sleep schedule, but it will be worth it :p

5. Take care of my body.
Because of schoolwork, I tend to skip meals, do all-nighters and eventually neglect how I look (ahhhh), so I want to be more mindful of that. Perhaps walking more around campus or daily workouts will do the trick.

If anyone wants to do this challenge, go ahead xD I tag (i hope you don’t mind me tagging you) @midnitelatte, @ambivalentstudies, @aescholar, @catalinastudies and @honeydewstudies take it :)) A happy new year to everyone!

Bonniebird’s Nest Of Writers - The Writer Hunt

Hey Birdies so before I head to bed I thought I’d post this to see if anyone is interested.

So I’m going to make like a challenge thing, everyone who enters will be put on February’s Shout Out list, but I’m hoping my followers (You guys) can help me by liking your fav submissions and maybe help me get a little writing group thing going?

The one with the most votes at the end of the competition will win a spot as a member in @the-writers-nest

Second prize will be a gifset of your Chosen fandom

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Word Count:


One Shot Starters:

  1. “You’re cute when you’re sleepy"
  2. “I did a pregnancy test.“
  3. "Do you think he/she crashed the car on purpose?”
  4. “That’s starting to get annoying” 
  5. “The landlord changed the locks.”
  6. “You’re seriously a man-child.” 
  7. “Is there alcohol?” 
  8. “Get out of the shower!”
  9. “When I’m as far away from you as possible.”
  10. “I just want a nice, easy life. What’s wrong with that?”

(Please use these prompts in your work to give everyone a fair chance)


Good luck you guys <3

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I can’t wait for the day until there is no distance between us.

I know it’s March 15, 2017, which means you’re probably not interested in starting a romance novel reading challenge, but in the hopes that you are because you can’t stop, won’t stop reading when you should be doing other things, like me… I made a thing. 

This is romance novel bingo. I tried to make the categories very broad so that you can participate easily. I haven’t thought of a prize yet (largely because I have four followers at the moment-hi, lovelies-so I’m not sure any one is even going to participate.). However, should you decide to participate, please let me know and definitely post your reviews and/or progress on your blogs so I can follow along! 

This probably means we need a hashtag so let’s go with… #MarchIntoRomanceRC. 

I hope you all enjoy! I’ll make weekly updates with my progress and I will not count anything prior to today, which sucks because The Wall of Winnipeg and Me was very long (and also very good!). Anyway, please let me know if y’all decide to join. I’m probably going to obnoxiously reblog this every day for the next two weeks, sorry in advance! 

- J

DA Drawing Practice

I’ve been thinking.

I’ve seen lots of people comment that they’d like to be better artists. I’m in the same boat. Would anyone be interested if I made a Dragon Age drawing practice blog for people who want to start/improve their drawing skills? It could be for artists of all skill levels.

We could issue challenges (ex: Draw Iron Bull this week) and then post the results on a blog so we don’t have to feel self-conscious posting our art on our own blogs. (Sometimes I’m conscious that people don’t want to see such rough art of mine.)

Anyway, if that’s a thing you’d do, let me know.

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Prompto on Social Media

YouTube: Loves to do challenge tags with his friends and short daily vlogs. He has a series called Oh! Snap! that showcases the craziest pictures he took during the week. He tries to post happy videos but inadvertently ends up giving himself some kind of existential crisis if he talks for too long.

Tumblr: Polaroid photosets of his friends, posts from Iggy’s food blog, pictures of the landscape and the dankest of memes. Any thing that makes him smile, goes on his blog.
Theme: Chocobos. Chocobos everywhere. The theme plays immediately after loading and cursor even turns into a yellow feather. 

Twitter: Always tweets his followers “Good Morning!” Gets teased/told off if he retweets/tweets anything after he’s said “Goodnight!” Is the 1st one to like Cindy’s, Aranea’s and Iris’s tweets. 

Snapchat/Instagram: Has used and knows the names of all the filters. Posts pics of stray cats, birds, anything in good lighting and Noct sleeping in weird places.He is constantly trying to faceswap with his chocobo. It doesn’t work.

5 Things To Do Before 2017.

2017 is days away, and I know that not everyone is inspired or motivated to start a new year that’s why I am here with a list of things you can do before 2017 to get motivated for a fresh start! There are so many things you could be doing before the new yer but I’ve chose the top 5, to make it easier! If you have any other ideas to add into the list, feel free to let me know!

1. Make Lists

This is a lot more useful than you think, trust me. In the course of one day I’ve created dozens of lists, from bucket list and resolutions to habit/hobby trackers. Just try, it’s motivating. 

2. Bullet journals

Bullet journals are mostly used to keep our school/college work organized, but you could also use it for self developmental reasons. If you have no idea what’s a bullet journal and how to start you, I highly recommend to check out @studyign (she also has a Youtube channel which is VERY useful!)

3. Reorganize…everything.

From your room, to the apps on your phone, reorganizing things give you the feeling of refreshment which is just what you need to start a new year. I recommend watching all the “whats on my phone” videos, and maybe go to Pinterest for some room decor ideas. You can also reorganize you’re wardrobe and make up products. If there’s something you’ve been willing to change, now is the right time.

4. Visit the city center.

If you guys have no holidays spirit whatsoever, I suggest you go to the city center with your friends and have some fun. All the decorations, lights and people around just MUST fest that Grinch out of you!

5. Challenge yourself.

Now that a new year is coming, you have a chance to change something in your life. You can challenge yourself to the things you’ve been wanting to do forever but didn’t have the guts to. You can test yourself and see how much you’re capable of. You can give yourself new opportunities and do things you’ve failed to do before, again. It’s a new year, a fresh start, so go ahead!


I hope you guys find this helpful! Good luck in the new year and remember that if you really wanna achieve something, you can!  ♡

Hello, Fellow X-Philes Tumblrinos! 

As this catastrophic year is coming to the end I wanted to take the opportunity and thank all of you who mad this year better. I was also tagged to post some positive things, so here it is!

When I started this blog I would have never thought how much plus it’s going to give me. I know I said this quite often lately, but I really do love this fandom. Because of all of the crazy talented, creative, funny, strong, tenacious, beautiful people who are part of this madness, I found a safe place that I never knew I was looking for. It’s not just about the amount of fanfics I read, the challenges I adored, the fanart I admired, the fanvid I cried on, the gates I spiralled, the rumours I freaked out, the episodes I rewatched, the early morning I spent awake to stream the new episodes and live blog, the job I nearly lost because of it(kidding😂😂), the fun I had. This would be already more than enough. But this is just part of it.

Me, as a person, improved a lot in 2016 and not just because of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny but also because of You. For the first time in my life, I became a part of a fandom and I experienced how people across the globe can connect and help each other just because they have the same interest and I find that astonishing. 

The best thing 2016 gave me is my voice. I learnt to have one, and I have the courage to use it and speak up. I’ve been inspired by so many of you and what you do and how you live and what your opinion on some matters are. Maybe I will never have the guts to talk to you and tell you that what you wrote at one point did matter, but it did 😊😊 I just don’t want to sound like a completely lunatic person so I just keep following you guys and keep learning. Quietly. 😊 

This year I started to volunteer at an LGBTQA organisation and I plan to do an even better job there next year. I plan to be a part of many more things and I started to try to be a good influence on people around me. By the end of the year, I got some friends/colleagues of mine coming to me and tell me that I inspired them to do better and be more aware of things. And I’m grateful for that. To Gillian, to you and to everyone who tries to do the same!

Gillian and David are truly inspiring people and they are the heart of this fandom and they will always be. Them bringing back The X-files for another season - even though it was not a great one, I know - was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And I do want another season. I don’t want Mulder to be stuck on that damn bridge. He deserves better. Scully deserves better. William deserves better. Damn, we deserve better. I want another season ‘cause I want to join you in this crazy ride again, we had this year. We are stronger than Chris Carter. We can’t give up now. If we do, he wins! And we can’t have that.😉👽

Thank you, my lovely weirdos!

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And remember it all started here:


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—catching up on kanji lessons by learning the kanji of school subjects ;-; I can’t get my kanji to look proportional but I guess that comes with practice, hahaha.

also I reached 101 followers and my last post now has 850+ notes??? that is so insane wow thanks, everyone!!

Hey y'all!

Lately, I have been struggling. A LOT - more than I’d like to admit. The eating disorder thoughts (and occasionally behaviors) have been running rampant, the flashbacks have been happening more frequently, and the suicidal thoughts have been loud. As a result, I have really been neglecting this blog, as well as most other forms of self care/things that are important to me. Of course, that has only made the aforementioned issues even WORSE, which creates this vicious cycle, and you can picture it from there. I’ve also been struggling a lot with the fact that I’m now living on my own (I finally have my own place - which is exciting, but also comes with challenges of its own). So, my fantastic/incredible/every positive adjective ever therapist and I have agreed that to create some accountability, I am going to be making daily blog posts just to update y'all and show that I am alive and well. This is the first of those, with a lovely selfie of a deliriously tired me in my cozy new bed (with a Kate Spade bedspread because KATE SPADE). I may be struggling but I am still fighting strong, and I can get through this. I know I can. 💪🏼

I want to share my night with you. We will play pillow fight until we get tired. We will laugh all night long; we will have long sweet talks while my arms are entangled with you. I want to have a cuddle with you. I will kiss you slowly, embrace you tightly and we’ll enjoy the rest of the night. I want to feel you gasping for air. I want to feel that you are wanting for more. I want to feel you breathing. No sexual interaction, just intimate and romantic love connection. I want to see you, lying next to me. I want to see you sleeping and wanting for my warmth embrace. I want to wake up in the morning seeing your adorable face and gorgeous body next to me. I will wake you up with a lovely kiss on your forehead and saying I love you in your ear. I want this. With you.