i will pay u money 4 this

chris has done a lot of funny things on the age of ultron press tour, so naturally i had to draw steve doing some of them… my favourite is the second one down on the right ✌

summer fun trash crew.

that tank top was jack’s, he made wilhelm wear it. they also make wilhelm carry all their stuff. the two scoop cone is jack’s too, if you were not tipped off by the mess of sprinkles.

The final damage of today’s accidental book haul:

3 children’s books (1 for Mom)

3 polyamory books (Including one about a werewolf/vampire/vampwolf triad)

3 1950s/1960s lesbian pulp fiction books

2 plain absurd eroticas (One with a vampire viking and another with a pirate queen)

An anthology of fiction by gay men of African descent

2 lesbian histories of the late 20th century

And something titled Cthulurotica that would probably make H.P. Lovecraft SHIT and seems like the intersection of @glumshoe and @thebibliosphere . Actually, come to think of it, I feel like I can blame Mama Joy for like half of these.

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OK HERES THE CAT DRAMA: apparently she's quitting youtube and going to college!! i over heard her telling her friends she's tired of it and that since being a yter gave her a lot of money she'll be able to pay for school. sadly no mention of dnp though :(( but her dogs are adorable irl. if u want Proof i was there i took a sneaky pic of her i can submit later if u want

Pls read!

Just today my phone decided to go kaput and stop working!!!! So, to raise money towards getting a new one, I am opening commissions!! So if you wanna help an autistic kid get one of their biggest comfort items back, then please consider commissioning me!

An icon like this costs £6

A bust like this will be £15

A more detailed, larger piece, such as this one, will cost £16

A detailed background will cost £2 and an extra character is £4

Please PM me if you would like to commission me!!

Payment must be made via amazon gift cards! u just gotta put in the amount ur paying and my email (flyingdeedee@msn.com)

(Please note the example art was kinda rushed to make this post asap, but rest assured yours will be much cleaner)

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(same anon that was sOBBIng abt u liking their post lmao) I THink ur art is hIGHER than the quality of being bought ???? it's amazing. im love,,,

hhHHJFHGKHKLGJHDKLB aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaa im so flattered u think so//// idk idk im very on the fence abt it?? i get a lot of ppl asking me if i do commissions and if i can open a redbubble & stuff but like,,idk

why dont video games with good storylines have an option that lets u just enjoy the game without stressing over the same battles again and again. like literally why did i pay money 4 this suffering!!! is it really so hard to not have a skip option -_- ive died thrice and the save point is ancient each time EW!!!!!!

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Hey there i joined the military for college and guess what. It is free while ur in and then after u get out u have a GI bill that u can use to pay for most of a nice 4 year college (including housing(i think)). They deduct money from your paychecks for a set amount of time at the beginning to pay it forward, but its honestly so worth it.

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You have been visited by the mistletoe anon™ 💌. [ctrl+c] this and [ctrl+v] this in the inbox of someone you want to k i s s. If u get more than 4 back u r 👌👌👌😎. spread the love this christmas. 👄👄 also punch a homophobe!111 🎄🎄🎄

…do u guys ever just regret reading something

“no transgender people in the military we need to save MONEY” fuck the president on so many levels

1. he spends enough money in a month to keep my family of five sustained in relative luxury for fuckin years
> he could pay for me and all of my friends to go to college like 3 fucking times

2. all the military does is spend money on fuck if i know and stick our noses where nobody wants us to be!!! what the shit!!!!

3. why the hell are u being a bitch to lgbt people when our economy is the equivalent of a moldy piece of cheese. the quality of life for people in general has been decreasing steadily for years (except of course for the very rich. fuck the rich) and u could be doing something about that

4. “blah blah blah healthcare” if youre gonna do ANYTHING about healthcare you should be making it FREE. spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your fancy vacations and penthouse and golf shit and here i am worrying that i wont be able to afford to see a doctor in two years

5. “wall immigrants jobs etc. blah” quit fear-mongering and do your fucking job you nasty old man.

So I’m still doing commission!
more info :
I accept € and $ !
I can draw characters, OCs and furrys ( i’ll try my best ) As I alway say, I can’t draw ponies. it looks horrible really, it don’t deserve money ;w;
You have to pay by Paypal !

I need money because i want to help my family ( money problems ) and to improve my art materials.. ;u;

Head from the shoulders + Colored (no background) : 2,50€ / 2,65$
Head from the breast/belly + Colored (no background) : 3€ / 3,20$
Head from the knees + Colored (no background) : 4€ / 4,25$
Full Body + colored (no background) 5€ / 5,30$

My art is traditional. if you want me to send it to your house you have to pay + 2€ /2,30$ ! ;w;
hope all the prices are ok .. If you want to commission me DM me / Note me !

Y'all…. I was watching a JHOPE focus Cypher 4 and when Hoseok walked out on stage, I started crying. Like it turned into sobbing when it got to his part because he’s so damn pretty??? Like I didn’t think it was possible to cry about someone looking so damn angelic?? Like I’d actually give him money for being alive, like even if he wasn’t an idol I would obligated to pay him for looking fucking b e a u t I F u l.

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AU where Yuuri skates Agape and has difficulty embracing it at first because it's easier for him to act out Eros rather than show his vulnerability and he has a line of monologue that goes "Katsudon may be my Eros but Ravioli is my Agape".

I 100% condone this I want fanart and an animation done I will fUCKING PAY YOU MY GODDAMN MONEY. I HAVE LIKE 4 CENTS BUT I WILL P A Y Y O U

10 years, 10 goals

thanks @if-bts-studied for tagging me!

in order of which they came to mind (kind of shows importance? kinda sorta? haha):

1. get into an ivy league college/university
2. stop procrastinating
3. meet bts
4. make enough money to pay for my own trip(s) to china
5. meet a boy better than bangtan bfbhfdjdms
6. visit europe
7. live in the new england area of the u.s.
8. get a better laptop (at least over 1k usd)
9. more cats
10. become a doctor (should be attainable right? 3 years of high school left and 7 years of uni? idk)

wow i had no idea this would be so hard… i feel bad about how long it took me to find 10 goals lol i’m not nearly as motivated as i should be

i still don’t really know anyone at this point besides like 1 person so i’m not gonna tag anybody,, but if you see this and wanna do it then feel free to just say i tagged you! this was really fun and kind of put into perspective how unguided my life has been tbh hAha

People who try to get people to fund their vacation on Tumblr are … Insufferable. Like no I’m not donating to ur GoFundMe so u can go to Hawaii like…. What the fuck. Even if ur just doing commissions for money u don’t have to tell people what you’re raising money for if it’s your own personal shit like… Just do it you don’t need to give us a reason to pay you if we want you to draw something. I’d rather u just post commission info than write a 4 paragraph long post about how you’re raising money to visit France


Alexei: pls dad… u know me n Eva dont make a lot of money, n everything we get goes 2 making sure Sigrid and Ember r taken care of… it would mean so much 2 us if u could… help w the wedding…

Tobias: LOL of COURSE ill pay 4 the entire wedding!!! ever since ur father died and all of ur siblings moved out, i have had Too Much money! and u know Amélie and Aurélie wont take my help. and who the fuck knows what Margo and Marcel r up to these days. hell yes son im gonna pay 4 ur whole dam wedding!!!

Alexei: :00000

YAY! Holiday commissions!! 

Since, u know… Christmas is pretty soon and I dont have lots of $$ I’m doin’ commissions!

Here are the deats/prices: 




I will not draw:

  • NSFW
  • Pedophilia/Incest
  • Cars/Planes/Machines
  • Real life people 

I can draw: 

  • Furries
  • Gemsonas/Gemfusions 
  • OCs
  • Characters
  • Fluff/PDA


Waist ups: 

  • This means it’s half a body for one character
       I will not be doing full bodies for waist-ups


  • Maximum is 4 poses *of your choice*
             Additional $10 for 3 extra poses 


  • 1 character per payment 


  • A set has to be of no more than 2 characters


If u are interested pls pls pls message me here on Tumblr or my email alyssauniverse@hotmail.com ! Thank u all so much and i love u and i hope you all have happy holidays!

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