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Holiday (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

I wrote something woohoo


Request; none my own idea 

Other characters featured; most the avengers 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; language 

Summary; the avengers take a vacation to the beach, only bucky gets insecure about showing off his arm at the beach, and so comes up with an alternative. 

Word count; 1642

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Kings and Queens

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👑 Genre: Romeo and Juliet(ish)AU! (Fluff, Smut)

👑 Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

👑 Word Count: 7.2k

You sigh as you look down at the mask sitting in your lap. It has purple jewels spreading across the front, and a golden feather coming from the right side. Golden jewels on the corners of both eyes. On the back was a golden strap that was used to hold the mask to your face.

Your mother had stuffed you into a corseted gown, with purple material covered in black lace. The edges of the corset adorned with golden trimmings. Your hair rolled up in tight curls, put up half way with too many bobby pins for you to keep track of. This is so ridiculous…. you thought as the make up artist your mother hired for this event put the finishing touches on your face.

“Finished!” She beamed. “Now let us see how it looks with the mask on!”

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Images: Dreamworks Voltron Legendary Defender © 2016-2017 Dreamworks Animation LLC. TM World Events Productions. LLC. All Rights Reserved

I spent more time cropping this together than I should have, but I wanted to compare these two side by side because they’ve got a lot of similarities personality wise and it shows in how they stand and express themselves. However, that’s not where I wanted to go.

Let’s talk Team Forestfire

Actually I wanted to know just how over sized Keith’s jacket would be on Pidge. I also wanted to see just how tall he is compared to her. I noted several things when I layered their arms/torsos on top of one another to compare them. First that while Keith’s arms are longer than hers and his shoulders are set a little farther apart: Pidge’s arms are the same width as his, also her mid and lower torso are the same width as well, but her torso is shorter than his. Not by much though. So this leads me to believe his jacket would hang longer on her in the sleeves and longer on the torso, but there wouldn’t be all that much extra slack in the width of the torso of the jacket. I like to note that one would only see the tips of her fingers peak out. Separately while on the subject of borrowing clothing/items from each other, if Keith borrowed her glasses he instantly looks ten times more anime. He also looks older. Pidge conversely looks younger without her glasses. 

Also side note: does Pidge need those glasses to correct her vision? They clearly have glass in them, she’s clearly wearing something with a prescription. So what happened did she wear contacts before hand or something? 

Jumping back to personalities now: these two are both exceptionally smart, very stubborn, and are both sarcastic. Although I’d say Pidge more so than Keith. Though Keith is more stubborn than Pidge. They also both have parental issues and authority issues. 

I enjoy comparing these two. So feel free to tack on headcanons, theories, and other observations below. I thirst for theories and headcanons!


The drive back into town from The Oaks along the Ocean Road soon erases Roy’s grumpiness at having his lunch plans vetoed by Anita, the sun-spangled water and free-wheeling seagulls balm for his irritated soul. He has a jam-packed day ahead: he really can’t afford to take lunch anyway. He finds his favourite Joan Armatrading track on the stereo and presses his foot down, the engine sucking in air with an anticipatory hiss, propelling him faster and faster until the speedo needle is dancing past 100 MPH.  

Big woman and a short, short man
And he loves it when she beats his brains out
He’s pecked to death but he loves the pain
And he loves it when she calls him names…

His bellowing of the song’s chorus is interrupted by a call from Celine, telling him that his 10 o'clock with the family of an up-and-coming star footballer named Brandon Lillywhite has been cancelled: Celine is terribly sorry to have to tell Roy this, but Brandon’s father has decided that his son’s interests would be better served by Roy’s number one rival, Steve Cotton at Global Sports Management. Roy swerves violently to avoid a head-on collision with a couple of elderly folk in a Datsun, their panicked faces one streaky white blur.

Roy: The fuck, Celine! Why didn’t you do more to make him stay? Why couldn’t you have offered him a free blowjob or something? Fuck.
Celine: Who? The Dad? Or Brandon?
Celine: Well, this is what happens when you decide to take an impromptu three days off. Things fall apart. I couldn’t even contact you.
Roy: It was a family emergency, Celine. It wasn’t like I was sunbaking on a yacht in The Islands with a trio of supermodels, for Christ’s sake-
Celine: Well, obviously not. Because you suffer from seasickness.
Roy: Shut up. That’s a secret.
Celine: How’s your Mum, anyway?
Roy: Recovering. Thanks for asking.
Celine: We sent flowers the next day but the hospital said she had already been released. She wasn’t in hospital very long, was she?
Roy: She’s now in a different hospital.
Celine: I thought Appaloosa Plains only had one hospital?
Roy: What’s with all the questions, Celine?
Celine: Just making conversation.
Roy: I’d rather talk about other things. Like whether you’re wearing underwear today.
Celine: Goodbye, Roy.

The talk of hospitals and the fact he now has an hour free has given him an idea. An idea that elevates his mood even better than the thought of Celine bouncing into his office while not wearing a bra.

Under the Full Moon



“What happened?” 

“I don’t know but it looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

“In the Shrieking Shack? If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.” 

The pair of you sat in silence for awhile, cast in the last rays of the sun as it set. You weren’t supposed to be in the same room as Remus as his transformation begins but the door had been sealed shut and the window lead to a long fall you didn’t want to partake in. Especially if it meant more than a broken ankle when you hit the ground. 

The plan, originally, was to be on the lower levels of the shack in your animagus form long before Remus changed. 

Yet, here you are, stuck in the same room as him with Sirius, James and Peter on the other side of the door. 

“Are we supposed to confess our love now or something because that’s the impression I’m getting from being locked in here with you. Not that I’m complaining about being with you, Remus, but their timing could have been better.”

Another bout of silence occurred and it made you uncomfortable because he hadn’t made a peep. 

You turned in what you was certain is his direction, uncertain as the room was cast into darkness. You couldn’t immediately place his outline so softly called his name. 

A whimper of pain was your reply and it led you straight to him. 

You carefully made your way over to him, kneeling on the floor once you felt you were close enough to crawl the remaining distance into his arms as he sat on the floor, curling in on himself to cope with the spasms of pain. 

You wrapped his arms around your waist and snuggled into his torso once he relaxed from the most recent spasm he suffered, allowing him to grip you and not himself. He was only wrapped in a thick blanket so it was easy for him to rip into his skin whereas he had to go through the three layers you were wearing before he even came close to your skin. 

“Can I confess my love to you now?” Remus whispered in your ear. Squeezing you tighter in his arms, feeling braver than usual to be able to have this conversation with you.

“Only if you accept mine.” You whispered in return, afraid to speak any louder and break the sweet atmosphere surrounding you. He whimpered and smothered the scream that erupted from his lungs into your shoulder and gripped you tighter as the pain worsened and you knew that his transformation would be soon upon him. “You’ll be okay, handsome.” You soothed, running your hands through his hair and down his back. “I’ll be right here with you.”

You held onto him for a while longer until his grip loosened and he slumped against the wall as the rest of his energy drained and the full moon took a hold of him. 

This would be the first time you watched him change and it was three parts fascinating, seven parts traumatising. 

“I love you, Remus.” You said as you backed out of his reach and changed into your animagus form. 

Once he stabilised as the wolf, he was just perched on his hind legs, sniffing around before inching closer to you. Still sniffing. 

He was still sniffing even as he shoved his nose into your side. You assumed he was trying to get as much of your scent as he could but you didn’t feel threatened so you stayed where you were and let him do his thing. Even if his breath was tickling you. 

You don’t know how long you were like that for before you felt a tingling sensation and realised that Werewolf Remus had wormed his way around you, curling his much larger form around yours and you realised that he was purring.

This was unusual but since you had never been close to him as a Werewolf without the presence of your male friends and since you had established feelings for one another, you could work with this. 

It’s going to make the coming full moons more interesting now that you realised that Werewolf Remus wants to keep you close.


I am not as private as you think
I am not as elusive as they say
But it is true that I guard myself
Too much for someone to handle
“How’d you keep it all in?”
You might ask
And the answer is I don’t
For I am not one to wear a mask

I converse with the sky
I listen to the seashells’ tale
I wail with the rain
I laugh with the sun rays
I whisper my secrets to the wind

That’s how I keep myself safe
That’s how I keep myself sane

Ask me “why?”
And I’d tell you with a sigh
That I only worry for your heart
Mine’s too big it might swallow yours up

I am not as discreet as you think
I am not shy, inferior nor meek
Now refrain from figuring me out
For you might discover yourself instead
And just despise me in the end
I care too much for that to happen

Now you’ve seen a snippet of me
It might be time to alter some of these
Because you don’t have to know me that well
It would be an abomination, it would be like hell

For there’s a difference between understanding and knowing
People always think they understand but they just don’t
They only know, that’s why they always say no
No to this
No to that
No to dreamers
and all their crap

And I’ll say yes
Yes to their no’s
Because I understand
Unlike them, whose limited minds only know how to know
Though I hope you don’t get me wrong
I just hate it when you think I am not strong
Just because I choose to feel things deeply
And weep at things you find sappy
Does not mean I can’t stand for myself and for things that I believe in

Now, excuse me while I go
To a place where only ‘I’ belongs
I see you asking again
To myself.

then & now
  • me @ 15: I will wear only t-shirts and jeans because I don't want to draw attention to myself or look different from everybody else.
  • me @ 27: I will wear a camo hat and pink leopard-print earbuds and leggings for pants and silver glitter converse, and I'd like to know which motherfucker plans to stop me.
US!Papyrus and SF!Papyrus Reaper Bonus

(*Well, crap, I got an ask to include these two in the original Reaper prompt, but I accidentally deleted it when I cleaned out the Reaper asks I screenshot’ed earlier.  Sorry about that, anon!  But here we go~. )

*Bonus to the Skelebros Mistaken for the Grim Reaper. 


He doesn’t understand why they’re freaking out.  All he did was try to be friendly, but they’re looking at him like he’s going to kill them.  He can see the fear clear on their features, but he has no intention of hurting them.  If this is how it’s going to be on the Surface from now on, then he’s bound to end up with a constant headache.

Papyrus sucks in a breath.  “look, i’m not gonna h–”  He breaks off mid-sentence when the human starts sputtering something about not wanting their soul reaped.  “whatever you heard about monsters, well, i don’t want your soul, kid.”  He’s starting to feel a little irritated now.

“But you’re Death!  What happens if you don’t take my soul?  Do you just kill me or what?”  They’re backing away from him now, and Papyrus is completely confused.  

“death?”  He runs over the conversation until he manages to put two and two together, his gaze slowly drifting down to his new black hoodie’s sleeves.  He was only wearing it because his orange hoodie was being washed, and it was cold outside.  “ohhh, you think.. heh.”  He can’t help but start chuckling, shaking his head slightly.  He fishes out a cigarette and lights it up, needing something to calm his nerves now.  “well, i hate to break it to you, honey, but you’re dying wish isn’t coming true because it’s not your time.  i’m just a skeleton monster.”  

He goes on to introduce himself and smooth things over with a few laughs, and he’ll ultimately end up with both their name and number.


A human, freaking out when he starts to talk to him?  Yeah, that’s nothing new, so Papyrus isn’t phased in the slightest.  Instead, he’s just standing there, passively watching, his cigarette already dangling from his teeth.  With his signature black coat on and the hood pulled over his head, he looks the part of the Grim Reaper naturally.  

“ya done?” he murmurs, smoke wisping around his skull as he speaks, giving him an even more foreboding appearance.  The human begins to beg for more time, and Papyrus quirks a bony brow at the display.  They were begging him not to kill them?  But he hadn’t even been aggressive.  He stepped forward casually, and they scrambled back.  

“I never thought I’d actually see the Grim Reaper when I was about to die! Please!  I’ll do anything!  Just give me a little more time!”

Papyrus’s expression goes slack for a moment, and then he smirks.  He drops the cigarette, only to snuff the tiny flame beneath the heel of his boot and advances forward, looking even more like a predator on the prowl.  He’s realized what’s going on.

“anything, huh?  welp, it’s time to pay the reaper, sweetie.”  

He tips their head up with a finger crooked beneath their chin, his gold tooth glinting as his smirk widens.  “if you don’t want me takin’ your soul, i guess i’ll just have to take your body.”

Of course, this just results in a very red-faced human, and Papyrus starts laughing.     

Fic: Skype 21/10/09

Summary: Dan and Phil’s Skype call on the evening after Dan went home from the first weekend they spent together in 2009
Word Count: 1,211
Rating: Teen
Tags: Fluff, Flirting, Skype, Innuendo, 2009 Phan
Author’s Note: This is a continuation of my Creeper universe, but could probably be read on its own, especially if you’re a bit familiar with Dan and Phil’s history of Skyping and first meeting in 2009

[Chronological list of all fic posts in the Creeper series]

Skype 21/10/09

“So you made it home all right on the train?” Phil asks. The Skype connection isn’t great, but at least he can see Dan’s face, and that’s all he wants right now. It’s only a few hours since they parted at the train station, but it already feels like forever.

Dan nods but doesn’t say anything. He’s lying with his head resting on his pillow, his laptop beside him on the bed.

“Are you okay?”

Dan nods again, then says sadly, “I’m pretending you’re here in the bed with me.”

Phil smiles gently. “I wish I could be. I already miss you.”

Dan murmurs, “It was a great weekend, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Phil replies just as quietly. “The best. The very very bestest ever.”

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new heathers canon Facts™

• veronica went to a Fancy Genius school for six months when she was twelve (they brought back the movie conversation including the “now i use my high iq to decide what lipgloss to wear” line + added to it)
• veronica used to have a whole group of friends but only martha stayed in touch when she moved schools + later came back
• duke took time out of school to go to europe to wait for her nose to heal
• veronica takes self defence classes
• cheer practice takes place on a friday (& possibly other days but Definitely fridays this is such a useless fact but)
• like in regional scripts, they brought back the mtv petition from the movie
• veronica can drive + owns a car
• veronica helps mac study throughout like their entire friendship

yet they still Did Not Fix that continuity error in dead girl walking that is literally going to haunt my entire life


Beckendorf lay back against the edge of the table, an amused expression set to his face as he waited for ‘Percabeth’ to be done talking. (Silena liked to call them that, and it was starting to rub off on him)

It was a wonder the two of them hadn’t noticed; it was perfectly easy to see. Just how much they liked eachother. You could see it in the way Annabeth’s face scrunched up, or how Percy practically stuttered over his words. While it was completely adorable to watch, it was also entirely frustrating. I mean, they had known eachother for four years. You’d think one of them would have made a move by now. Beckendorf sighed, scratched his sideburns, and removed his gaze from the two of them. Maybe it was because of that whole ‘watched pot never boils’ thing, or maybe he just hadn’t realized they were almost done talking, but it seemed like only seconds before Jackson’s muddy converse appeared in his line of vision. Beckendorf glanced up to see Percy wearing the biggest, stupidest grin he had ever seen. Oh my gods, it couldn’t be more obvious that he liked her. And from the look on his face Beckendorf got a few questions.

“What? Did you finally do something?” he asked.

“About what?” replied an oblivious Percy, “Did something happen?”

“Dude, no, about Annabeth.”

Percy’s tan cheeks instantly darkened two shades. “I, uh, about ~?”

“Come on, it’s no riddle that you’re into her.”

“What? I don’t - she - NO!” he spluttered, pitch jumping a few octaves.

Beckendorf just laughed, enjoying the pure panic in his friend’s voice.

“No!” Percy repeated, voice starting to feel meek. Oh, man, and Beckendorf thought he was red before.

“Dude,” he wheezed, “you’re totally -” Then, right out of the blue, Annabeth’s voice sounded from their right.

“No, what?”

- @smiley1060

Fanfic Friday: Lips Touch, Part 12

For @inspoartist, who suggested that ‘Sister Bernadette might have a panic attack and Dr. T has to calm her down’. Now, there was only one situation in which I thought Sister B might have a panic attack, and that is on her way to St. Anne’s… (some of the lines are from the series)

The drive to the sanatorium starts out in silence. Sister Bernadette trains her eyes on the passing landscape outside so that she does not have to look at the man next to her, so that she does not have to make conversation.

If she was not wearing a habit, she would probably turn to Doctor Turner and confess that she is scared. But you ARE wearing the habit, she quietly admonishes herself, and holds her concerns and fears and feelings close to her heart. If she doesn’t know that it is the TB that rattles in her lungs, she would think that her emotions are pressing on her chest, cutting off her breathing till she feels breathless and light-headed.

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The Playhouse

mutual-weirdness Submitted:

When I was first starting out as a theater musician, I worked at this church in New Jersey that had been converted to a playhouse sometime in the 1960s. The church was built just before the turn of the century sometime, and there were a few old pictures of the congregation here and there.

I was the music director, and it was my job to open the building before rehearsals, turn on the lights, and get set up before any of the actors arrived. I would also be required to turn off the lights and lock up after everyone left. This work was done completely alone.

Often, while turning the lights on/off, I would hear footsteps and bits of conversations from other parts of the theater. (The lights could only be turned on through the lighting booth, which you had to climb a ladder in the dark to get to.) After months of this kind of stuff happening, I got used to it and wasn’t really frightened. Nothing about these presences felt malicious and they never got in the way of my work.

After the show opened, I was standing next to the executive director of the playhouse while the guests exited the theater after the performance. A woman walks up to him and says only, “The pastor here likes what you’re doing. He loves the music.” It was pretty freaky.

On closing night, I stayed late to pack up my music equipment with the guitarist and we were talking about how we wanted to be musicians from now on and that this was a good first step, etc. when suddenly both of us notice someone listening to our conversation on my right. We look at her, a woman about 40 or 50, wearing a bonnet and an old-timey dress, and she looks back, as if we were having the most interesting conversation ever. We freeze because we both know she is not actually there and when we look back at each other, the woman disappears.

It was to this day the only time I had actually seen an apparition.  

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 5/10 I really like the part with the lady talking about the pastor loving the music. The lady in bonnet was cool also. Thanks for the chills and scares!


“No, I’m sorry, I feel like we should discuss this at length,” Matt said, trying not to laugh. “You’re hot for Daredevil.” 

so i read the 30k+ word mattfoggy “marriage of convenience” fic and there’s this one part where it comes out that foggy has a thing for matt wearing the daredevil suit and now im obsessed with the idea of this conversation happening in s2

anonymous asked:

Wanda not just licks Nami's face and wears her clothes, if you look closely she also knocked Nami over on the couch and we only see hearts float up from behind. When they cut back, Nami is still knocked over and just laying down on the couch now. They had a tiny PDA session mid-conversation and Wanda is definitely Nami's newest girlfriend in my mind

Aaaaahahah you’re right! 

I am 100% for Wanda being Nami’s furry girlfriend who is super affectionate and doesn’t care about PDA and it exhausts Nami and embarrasses her a little but she’s not about to tell Wanda to stop. 

(And Robin ships them too) 

Baseball Jersey ~ Scott McCall // Teen Wolf

Request / Ask Question Here
Y/N - Your Name
L/N - Last Name
POV - Point Of View
Plot: You left your gym kit at home so the coach makes you wear one of the boys lacrosse jerseys. And nothing else.
Word Count: 1,528
Disclaimer: I published it first on wattpad for Kian Lawley but I thought it wither fitted Stiles or Scott more so I changed up bits and posted it here. So I haven’t stolen this off anyone, its my own idea and writing.
~Somewhat based off a true story (Don’t ask)


“L/N where’s your kit!” the coach yelled through the locker room in her normal loud manner, making voice me jump slightly and stop the conversation I was having with my friends. The girls and guys have different coaches for the most part but Finstock actually likes me. This devil; not so much.

“Well I thought I packed it" I started, spinning on my butt to face coach whilst still sitting down on one of the changing benches.

She shook her head and jogged off only to come back with something in her hand, forcefully she threw it at me, I leaned backwards as I caught it.

“Wear that and the shoes your wearing now” she gestured to my white trainers before leaving the room. I flattened out the fabric to see that it was one of the boys lacrosse jerseys.

“What about shorts?” I called after her,

“This isn’t a thrift store L/N” its official. I hate her.

I groaned and stood up, stripping myself from my clothes as everyone either returned back to their conversations or snickered at me.

I was the last person in the changing room, I was tying up my hair and looking at myself in the grubby school mirror. The jersey was maroon and white and went down to my middle thigh, unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to wear my jeans during gym, so I resorted with only wearing my underwear underneath and believe you me. I feel extremely awkward, naked and an extreme hatred for my gym teacher.

I sighed in annoyance at my uncooperative hair and let go of it, leaving it open and letting it do its thing. I walked out of the changing rooms and out the main gyms into the school halls, quickly passing all the blue lockers and rooms. I jogged out of the school building and around to the baseball courts where I was supposed to be.

“Only you can pull of a guys jersey” Malia said to me as I joined her, Lydia and Kira. She threw me a bat, I rolled my eyes.

“Just hope the wind doesn’t start blowing” she laughed at me before slinging her arm around my shoulder and leading me towards the already commenced game.

.   .   .

The game was almost over and I was standing around and waiting for my name to be called and finally it did but before I could walk over there Lydia pulled at my arm, “don’t look now but the guys are passing us” great! just when I thought my life couldn’t get any better!

“L/N LETS GO!” Coach yelled from the opposite end of the bleachers, smirking at me evilly before averting her eyes back down to her phone that was resting on top of her clipboard.

Scott’s POV

Me and the rest of the boys in our year were walking back to the locker rooms, past the girls who were playing baseball. For some reason girls played more baseball then lacrosse. I was in a conversation with Liam when Stiles nudged my shoulder.

“Look at the batter” I turned my head to see a girl swaying her bat with her left hand as she walked over to the batting box, her back facing me. She was wearing one of our jerseys and she actually looked good. I watched as she brushed her hair over her shoulder showing off the jersey number. Number ‘11’.

I smirked. That was my jersey.

“Damn look at those legs” the douche of our generation yelled over to her, she turned her head and smiled sweetly before showing him her finger. Me and Stiles laughed at her reaction. “L/N FOCUS” the coach yelled out of know where.

Wait. Y/N L/N was wearing my jersey! I’ve known her since grade school and she’s never shown her legs but on another note she looks really good. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t attracted to her; pretty much everyone in this gym group was attracted to her! I mean she’s Y/N.

“Scott you’re staring” Isaac slapped my shoulder,


“STRIKE 1” the baller yelled. I stopped along with most of the other boys to watch her play.

I watched her intently as she gripped harder onto the bat and suddenly a loud thud echoed through the court as she wacked the ball. Before I even knew it I started cheering. Y/N and along with everyone else stared at me making me turn a tinge of red.



Did I actually hit that? A loud cheer sounded from behind me. I turned back to see the one and only Scott cheer for me which made butterflies erupt and I’m pretty sure I turned red. “L/N START RUNNING” I snapped out of it and started running as fast as I could, I felt my legs burn a little as the dust lifted off the floor and graze against my bare leg skin painfully. The ball was being thrown around like crazy from the other team which made me run a little faster.

I was almost there, as I ran to the last stop (?) someone caught the ball and raced against me to get me out, everything felt like it was in slow motion as I got closer.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor along with the runner on top of me.

“fuck” I muttered feeling not only my legs in pain but my body -mostly my shoulder- as well.

“You alright” the girl on top of me said through deep pants as she stood up, holding her hand out for me to grab which I gladly took.

“Yeah, a few pains but I’m alright, how about you?”

“A few scratches but I’ll live” she wrapped her arm around the back of my waist and I slung my arm around her shoulder loosely.

Scott’s POV

I cringed as Y/N and a girl from my homeroom collided together and fell onto the floor. That looked like it hurt! I felt my eyes turn red and a protective feeling wash over me but they both got up together and slung their arms around each other like good sports, ignoring the mixture of laughing and worried expressions.

The coach didn’t seem that interested which enraged me. “L/N FOUL! THIRTEEN LAPS ACROSS THE FIELD NOW!” Everyone started protesting loudly (mostly, me, Stiles, Liam and Isaac) but it didn’t work. Y/N patted the girls shoulder and started jogging, knowing she wasn’t going to get out of this unfair punishment.

“What a bitch” Liam referred to the girls coach.

At least we all know something; the girls coach is a bitch and has it out or Y/N.

.   .   .

Everyone including the coach left a few minutes ago yet I stayed on the bleachers watching Y/N run.

“She’s gone” I called to her and instantly she stopped running and sat down on the floor, her back pressed against the lowest bench of the bleacher. Quickly I jogged over to her and sat down next to her, listening to her pant and her fast heart rate.

“I hate coach” she said through her panting, I chuckled.

“You okay? That was quite a collision you had” she shrugged her shoulders,
“I’m fine, but these laps aren’t helping”
“I swear coach is out to get you” she looked at me and cocked her eyebrow

“Really, I’m 100% certain I’m her favorite student” she said sarcastically. We both stayed silent, the only noise was her panting which soon went back into normal breathing.

“You look good in my jersey” I said still looking at her even though she wasn’t looking at me.

“This is yours?” I hummed a yes.
“Sorry, I forgot my kit and coach threw me this”

“You don’t need to explain to me” As perverted as I sound my gaze went down to her legs to see red marks by her ankles. I stood up from my position and sat back down next to her legs, putting my hand on her ankle where the red marks were practically glowing, she hissed at the feeling of me trying to heal her.

“Scott stop its fine, they hardly hurt”

She shooed my hands away and smiled reassuringly, but I ignored her gently wrapped my hand just above her ankle once again. Watching as my veins turn black. After a few seconds she pulled away.

“Thanks Scott” she smiled before scooting closer to me.
“Are you wearing shorts?” she instantly turned red and I laughed.
“Was it obvious?”

“No, well it is now” If it was even possible she went redder and pulled my jersey lower down. I chuckled and went back to her side, feeling more confident and wrapping my arm around her shoulders and one and caressing her knee. She smiled and came closer, putting both her legs over mine lightly and her hand placed on my stomach making my heart beat go fast as well as hers.

We sat there for what felt like years in comfortable silence. A feeling of warmth flooded my body.

“This is nice” she whispered.
“Yeah it is” I whispered back.

The Girl in the Mirror Pt1

AU: Riley Matthews is a small town girl and Lucas Friar is your typical rich boy. One day their worlds collide and a single lie takes them on a life changing journey. Can you love someone if you don’t know who they really are? Or can love help you become who you are meant to be? Riley Matthews was a small town girl until she met Lucas Friar, your anything but typical rich boy.

A/N: I was not going to start another multi chapter story after The Riley Diaries, I was actually thinking about not writing anymore after I am done with it but this idea came to my mind last night (and by night I mean 5AM haha) and I really wanted to give it a try. I would really like to hear what you think about it and would you be interested in me continuing it. I really hope you will like and enjoy it.



My name is Riley Matthews and I was a regular girl – living with her family in a small town, going to school and having fun with the few friends I got. But my life drastically changed when my parents decided to go work in Los Angeles. In LA you are treated like a royalty if you are rich, I knew that very well. But not because I was the typical rich spoiled girl, no. I knew that because my family worked for one of the wealthiest families in California. And me, well I am the daughter of the cook and the butler. I get to live in a beautiful house, I get to eat gourmet food and lay by the pool when I’m not in school or at dance practice. But none of the things listed above are mine, I felt like I was living someone else’s life, until one day – I became someone else.

“Mom, I hate first days at school,” I said as I reached for my backpack, “Can we not move like every year?”

“You know we have to work, right,” My mom handed me my lunch and kissed my cheek gently, “We finally found a good job, I promise we are not moving until you graduate.”

“You said that the last two times,” I laughed and looked out the window at the pretty blonde, lying by the pool, “Is Maya still not ready for school?”

“You know she likes to make an entrance when the class has already started,” My mom laughed and got back to setting the table for breakfast, “Or in the middle of the day.”

“Yes, I know but I don’t want to be late,” I sighed and sat on one of the bar stools, tracing every move my mother is making.

“You won’t be,” She turned to me and smiled, tilting her head at one side, “You look beautiful in those clothes.”

“Thank you,” I looked down at Maya’s clothes, “Maya gave them to me, turns out they are, I quote, so last season.”

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Monkey Business

The waffle house was filthy, which was comforting in its own way. California seemed like a different country altogether, and I felt utterly out of place as I attempted to read the food encrusted menu, while not actually touching it at the same time. I knew it was just my paranoia, but I felt like I had a sign posted across my back that said “Redneck” and everyone in the restaurant was wondering what a hillbilly from Northern Alabama was doing out here on the left coast.
Tumblr. Yes that’s right, Tumblr was the reason I had ridden my Harley all the way across country to meet a Pal I had made on Tumblr. The really weird part was that I didn’t even know his name, or if “He” was actually a HE. But there I was in that disgusting breakfast booth, trying to decide between the Ebola infused waffles, or the dysentery inducing Denver omelet. I finally landed on a triple order of bacon with toast and coffee and was attempting to clean the eating utensils with my t-shirt, when the waitress suddenly appeared out of nowhere startling the bejesus out of me. She took my order down, and within minutes brought me my food, and then asked in a monotonic manner… “Is your friend going to eat too?”
“How do you know I’m meeting somebody?” I asked.
“He always meets them here,” she replied.
“He?” I mumbled.
“Yes, you know, the Monkey”
“Oh, right, yes well, yes I guess he will be eating something”

Just then the front door slammed open to the waffle house, and in walked an old man who was obviously blind, grey hair, long grey beard, wearing overalls and flip flops, being led by a small monkey. They headed straight for my table and the old man scooted into the seat opposite of me, while the monkey bounced up and onto the table. It locked eyes with me momentarily, reached across the table taking a piece of my bacon, and began to eat while studying me.
A small silence ensued.
Glacially I tore my gaze away from the monkey, which was a curious shade of purple, and spoke to the old man. “So, you’re THE Monkey I presume. It’s nice to finally meet you.” A loud CRACK, from a hand slapping the table top brought me up short, causing everyone in the waffle house to look around. The monkey, with a mouthful of my bacon, mumbled… “Walt is not much on chit chat.”
I sat there with what I can only assume was a very stupid expression on my face, and tried to figure out how this trick was being played. By all appearances the monkey had spoken, but that couldn’t be right. I tried once again, and said to the old man, Walt… “Nice trick brother, how do you do that, are you a Ventriloquist?”
“Ventriloquist.” the monkey said mockingly, as it carefully inspected my plate and opted for another piece of my bacon. “No ventriloquism here, just a talking monkey- A Japanese Macaque if you wanna to get technical, but I just go by Monkey, Purple Monkey if you prefer.”
I had watched the old man’s mouth throughout the entire time that the monkey had been talking, and his lips never twitched once.
A strange unreal sensation slipped slowly down my spine.
I transferred my gaze to the monkey and stared for an eternal minute.
It, He, stared back, shrugging his shoulders and said… “You’re a cool one huh? This is where most people get up and run. You gonna eat that toast? I’m starving”
Pulling my plate over to him he continued… “You’ve seen Planet of the Apes I assume?” I sat there staring in disbelief— immobile.
He snapped his simian fingers inches in front of my face.
“Hey, I didn’t lose you did I?”
“No, no,” I sputtered, “I mean yes, yes I’ve seen it”
“Well,” he said, “it’s kinda like that, except none of the bullshit SciFi fantasy, time traveling assholes fucking up the earth, bunch of mutant humans and all that horseshit, and don’t get me started on Mark Walberg! He couldn’t act his way out of a paper sack, fucking asshat"
The monkey suddenly had an expression of childlike glee. "In fact, if I ever do see that wanna be out on the street, I’m gonna fling my poo at him"

The waitress appeared out of nowhere again making me jump, and setting the monkey off on a giggling spree. I’d never heard a monkey giggle, and it was disturbing. He became serious all of a sudden and stared at me.
“What are we gonna do about you now?” he said cryptically
“What do you mean by that?” I asked apprehensively.
The restaurant suddenly became quiet.
“Well, now that you’ve seen me, I can’t just let you walk around running your mouth. You forget we’ve been PALS for a long time now, and you gotta big mouth sometimes. I’ve read your poetry Cherokee- sickening sweet, runny cheesery bullshit. Oh you’re funny on occasion, that’s the only reason you’re still alive”

It was at that moment that I realized that the other people in the waffle house were all quietly listening in on the conversation. I glanced across the aisle and locked eyes with the somehow familiar face of a Hispanic man wearing a wolf print t-shirt. He gave me a very slight negative head shake, and put his eyes back on the pancakes in front of him. Across from him was a woman with one of those rubber horse heads, but with a horn on it, and she was staring into an uneaten bowl of skittles. I began to slowly look around the restaurant. I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I took in the faces that were trying not to look at me. I had seen some of these people before. A young bearded fellow dressed like Jesus. A mermaid or two eating sushi? At a waffle house? A one-eyed Canadian. Librarians. Lesbians. Lots and lots of Lesbians. A very angry comrade with tattoos up the wazoo. Filipinos. Why were there so many Filipinos? A hipster douchebag on a typewriter typing haiku?
Then it hit me.
I looked across the table at the monkey.
He grinned a wide evil grin.

(co-write purplemonkey & cherokee)

Meeting the Professor’s Son

Summary: After committing her best friend, reader meets John Winchester’s son. Meanwhile, Chuck is still battling the war with his schizophrenia.
Characters: Professor Chuck Shurley, Sam Winchester, Professor John Winchester & Female Reader
Word Count: Just shy of 1,500
Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, talk of mental illness, taking medication, awkward meeting between reader and Sam. Yeeeeeah….
Author’s Note: Any mistakes are mine and mine alone. Part 11 of my Professor John series. @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @hidingfrommychildren @balthazars-muse @aprofoundbondwithdean @manawhaat @spnfanficpond  @mrswhozeewhatsis @iowarose @mrs-squirrel-chester @ginger-rae1991 @dacianamusik23 @leviathanslovedick @rizlow1 @saenalife
GIFs not mine (x)(x)(x)

You sat up with a strangled gasp, sweating and panting as you gathered your bearings. The marks that decorated your neck and shoulder still ached from where Chuck had grabbed you, forcing you to your knees. Speaking of your knees, they were red, purple, and extremely tender. Hissing, you turned to sit on the edge of the bed; head hung and elbows on your thighs as you ran your hands through your hair.

You couldn’t believe that you were here right now. Not here as in John’s bedroom, but here as in having your best friend physically injure you. Never did you ever think that you’d have to commit him against his will. And never did you ever think that your best friend would be capable of murder.

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I Hate You

Summary: The five times Phil said “I hate you” and the one time he didn’t.

Word Count: 3.6k

Warnings: pre-smut, fighting, swearing

A/N: Juliana ( @wanderingforhome ) this is for you!  Merry Christmas :)  I basically just crammed every style of phanfic into one so there would be at least one part that you liked.  Idk why I thought this would be a good idea for secret santa as I’m easily embarrassed by any of my friends reading my fics and you are senpai so wow even more but here you go!

Phil had never placed the a very serious tone on the word hate.  In fact for him, it had come to mean something close to love.  Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be an endearing phrase - I hate you - but to Phil, and Dan, it certainly was.

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