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Hi, about Jack saying the things Dean didn't ("I missed you so much", "I begged for him to be back", "I wanted him back", etc.). Imo Dean says all of that with his reply to Cas asking how long he was gone. "Too damn long.". The way he says it without hesitation, without even thinking about it and with that waver in his voice combined with his facial expression; to me that's as close to an actual confession of all the feelings as can be expected at the moment. Thoughts?

Yep. It was like a repeat of everything Dean said to him. And Cas might be fluent in Dean (he’s an angry sleeper, understanding that reference about Tombstone, playing along with Dean’s cowboy fetish, etc.), but I think this is an instance of Dean really needing to use all his words with Cas.

Yes, Dean knows what to say, “I do,” and “Welcome home, pal.” He knows what to do (hug Cas while trying not to cry or start blubbering and babbling, gotta hold it together…). And “too damn long,” it’s such a wildly unspecific phrase. Yes, it means that any amount of time gone is too long in Dean’s book, but Cas doesn’t have that context to understand. He doesn’t know if he’s been gone a day or five years at that point…

(I’m sure someone has clarified it for him, and he could’ve asked Jack and gotten the time down to the minute he’d been gone. But we didn’t see it.)

Which brings me to another point. SO MUCH happens offscreen, and we’re being instructed by the narrative in actual text to keep this fact firmly in mind while we watch. We’re being told that Dean and Cas watch movies together, that they talk to one another and hang out together and do loads of stuff that we never see or even hear about. But we’re being encouraged to assume that’s something they do regularly (well, when they’re both alive and around to do that sort of stuff…).

Which means we’re being encouraged to assume that during their long car trips they DID talk about how long Cas was really gone (and we haven’t had much in the way of timeline confirmation this season, but just assuming these episodes have all pretty much fallen on the heels of the previous one, we’re looking at about three weeks between when Cas died and when Dean told him he’d been gone too damn long). We have to assume they filled him in on Jack’s entire life to that point, on what happened to Mary and Lucifer, the fact Asmodeus was after Jack, and what they’ve been up to since then in general.

But does Cas REALLY get that what Dean said to him was “Dean Speak” for exactly those words that Jack said plainly? I’m not entirely sure he does. And whether he understands or not, he absolutely DESERVES to hear them from Dean.

I think it’s something that the major themes of this season– meaning these empty spaces that we’re slowly seeing filled, and the absolutely ridiculous emphasis on clarity and specificity– are going to force to the surface. Dean’s going to find that he needs to use clearer and more precise words here.

It’s done

Hey guys! I’m finally done with the art I was working on so here it is! (I’m a beginner, so if you have any feedback / tips for me, please comment below, send me a message or tell me in an ask)

My first artwork : A movie and TV show Lloyd Garmadon Mashup and not an excuse for me not remembering /knowing that Lloyd doesn’t have such powers in the movie( if he does, please tell me I haven’t seen the actual movie, only spoilers) ! Hope you guys like it! (like and reblog if you do, and yes, if you want to use this - although I doubt anyone will - just say so! )

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One last question : Do you guys want more? (I’ll start working on something, and if you guys want to see it, I’ll post it here)

Love y'all! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️


Year in Review: Dominic Thiem

What a year for Dominic Thiem! He had a lot of ups and downs, but still managed to finish the year off strong in the Top 5. Some of his biggest accomplishments of the season were defeating two Big Four members on clay: Novak Djokovic at the French Open and Rafael Nadal in Rome. He made it to 3 finals and won the title in Rio de Janeiro against Pablo Carreno Busta in February. At the Majors, he made it to the Fourth Round or better for every tournament (AO, Wimbledon, USO: 4R, FO: SF). He also played for Team Europe at the inaugural Laver Cup, where they defeated Team World, 15-9. While the first half of the season was successful, the second half of the season was not. Going into the Antalya Open as the highest seed, everyone had high hopes he’d do well, but he lost to the 222nd ranked Ramanathan in his first match. During his run at the US Open, he lost in the Fourth Round to Juan Martin del Potro in a thrilling 5 set match. Dominic won the first two sets, and then Del Potro miraculously came back, with the crowd behind him and won the next three sets to win the match. The loss was a tough pill to swallow, and also continued his losing streak. He went on to lose all his matches during his Asian swing (Chengdu, Japan, Shanghai) which made a lot of people question his scheduling throughout the year. Although he left Asia without any wins, he qualified fourth (current career high) for his second ATP World Tour Finals. He lost two of three Round Robin matches, with his one win being one of the strongest he’d played in a 2 month period. It is anticipated that he will finish the end of the year at #5, which is will be his highest year end finish to date. We continue to support Dominic and hope he has an even more successful 2018. BAMOS!

i dont know how much the new tumblr feature would affect this blog since i haven’t posted anything in a while but i dont feel super motivated to use tumblr as a main platform for art anymore if its gonna do a “best posts first” kinda thing. if i were to move somewhere else where would yall rather it be? instagram? deviantart? twitter?

Honestly, after everything that was revealed and exposed the last few days…if I still see people hating on Peyton for “not coming back” or “leaving” or any of the crap that was said/done with her character after season 6, I’m about to go off.

someone should take away my tablet and never give it back. please i’m begging you

where are the times when i used to draw quality pictures?? (haha that never happened)


“Here.” Andy tossed me a pin.
“What’s-” I missed again and quickly chased it down.
“You want in or not?”
“Uh y-yeah I do.”
“Cool. We’d usually meetup a lot to practice but tournament starts next week, so there’s no time. We get real serious so if you don’t think-”
“N-No I-I’m in.”
“You need the cash or what?”
“S-Something like that.” I felt my face heat up and she threw herself on the sofa.
“Well anyway, once tournament starts we mostly play at our own homes, but if we can all swing it we meet here.”

“There are five of us Hana.”
“Who are the other two?”
“These smug ass kids who use to chill with us at school. One of them graduated, anyway you’ll see them later probably.”
“Me and Wolfe are the captains, so anything you need to talk about, find us okay?”
“Yeah, okay.”