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The hounds of the Aglionby Hunt Club howled it that fall: away, away, away.

doodlebonez replied to your post “oh yeah and i kind figured out how to punch my tablet into…”

*whispers* d r a w A k u… all the Aku, shapeshift them in swirls and in hard angles and with all the distorted faces and teeth! >:o

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,i got you fam


He stares, trying to divert his attention from how tall and lean and good-looking the man is to the dark blue uniform he’s wearing, the gold stud that’s shining in his ear, the faint glow that surrounds him, unless that last is Juno’s imagination getting away from him.

“Who are you?” he asks at last, straightening up and walking over to the stranger, who regards him with a warm nonchalance. “How did you get in here? And how the hell did you know my name?”

“Why, Juno Steel, ” he says, still grinning, “If I didn’t know your name I wouldn’t be a very good guardian angel, now would I?”

Moodboard for Raziel, Angel of Mysteries, Ruling Prince of the Second Heaven Peter Nureyev, from @wastrelwoods​’ fic Standing In The Light of Your Halo

  • Qiu Tong: [appears in Sun Jing's field of vision}
  • Sun Jing [inside]: my favorite human has arrived. They are cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet them in a manner indicative of my appreciation for their existence.
  • Sun Jing: hey nerd

aaa hello here’s a sketch of fusion

i used 2 like.. care a lot when i lost a bunch of followers but now i don’t even care i’m just surprised i have as many as i do. anyways just saying if you’ve been wanting 2 unfollow me fckin go for it it’s not gonna hurt my feelings . the only time i mind is when i lose followers directly after posting selfies like how .. rude y'all .

and another mod!!
this is raph, 16, from berlin, i use they/them mostly (hes are okay too, though!!)
i asked a friend to describe me bc i couldnt do it meself and apparently i am very confused but also full of knowledge, am usually grinning & affectionate, so take that however u like.
hope i can!! be of help?? here!!
& wish everyone a gay time

Team Marcel

I am so Team Marcel Gerard after this episode that it’s not even funny. All this piece of crap family has done is betray and abuse each other for thousands of years. They can forgive each other, but they can’t forgive Marcel? Especially after they killed his adoptive daughter? And they don’t even apologize? What?

All they’ve done is use Marcel for their own personal gain and then betray him. And they have THE AUDACITY to want revenge on him? I can’t. And for Kol to say that Marcel was never a Mikaelson when Klaus raised Marcel and loved him was heartbreaking and unfair.

Not only that, but for them to have more loyalty to Freya, someone they’ve known for a handful of years, over Marcel, someone they’ve known for 200+ years, is bullshit and proof that only blood matters to them, not family.

I hope Marcel kicks all of their asses for the entire season.