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I said I would save the last 2 eps for when I come back home next week but I failed miserably…… I didn’t only watch them the day they were released, I also started binging the manga like the impatient idiot I am and now I’m almost caught up and I’m in shambles despite all of the spoilers I’ve already seen. The chapters that led to Erwin’s death were so much worse than I could have ever imagined and I didn’t think just reading the manga could cause so much gross crying 😭😭😭

I need a break now after all that ridiculous information that came hailing down in chapter 86.

Just wondering, where do you all read the recent chapters once they come out?

I want someone to please explain to me why Teru, who is VERY aware of exactly how powerful ???% is, and is usually pretty smart when it comes to battle strategies, thought that wrapping Mob’s arms in a fucking SCARF would do literally anything? Like, 

What did you think was going to happen??

Ashton's birthday!! 😭😭

First off, I’m sure this is gonna flop, but it’s worth a shot :“) So I saw this hashtag (#WhyWeLoveAshton) going around Twitter for Ash’s birthday coming up in two weeks or so. I really wanna make a tumblr version of this soooo… I thought we could each write just something we love about Ash, whether it be a whole paragraph, or a few sentences and maybe a picture of him. If you wanna contribute, you can message me or send me whatever you want to add in an ask. You tell me your name, country/state or city, or if you want to be anon when I put the whole post together.

If this doesn’t get like 20 notes, we pretend the attempt was never made. Because, let’s be honest, I can barely make it to 10 notes sometimes :”)
Let’s try though please?? ❤️


So, this be my character Oddball. And he’s sort of on object head character (I know that’s kinda obvious but I’m sorry I’m half asleep and it’s almost 2am help-) I’m kidding… It seriously is almost 2 am though.

That aside ask this nerd questions, that or if you have any funny suggestions or anything for me to draw with him I’ll do that *shrugs*.

Persona 5 Twins Boss Fight Tip:

Demonic Decree and Divine Judgement DO work on them but ONLY if you repel it back at them (example: Yoshitsune repels bless so it would repel Divine Judgement back)

Caroline uses Divine Judgement and Justine uses Demonic Decree


Off my ig story. Bc it’s true.

If y'all have been wondering wtf I am, I’m still alive, just suffering through a cycle of MUST STOCK STORE SO HAVE MONEY WHEN IS THERE EVER TIME TO ART funk 🙃
I have been noodling on this here and there for the last like… month tho ?! Yay

anonymous asked:

would you be a kpop idol if you had the chance?

so when i was younger, like 13/14 years old, i was seriously considering trying out for the SM global auditions. i practiced really hard only to chicken out in the end bc i was scared i wouldn’t be pretty/skinny enough for SM’s taste LOL. but i do think back to that a lot and wonder if i regret not even trying. as rewarding as my current career path is, i’ve always had such a longing for the stage, not to hear people screaming and shouting and cheering for me, but just to be able to sing for people, uninhibited and just totally in my element. the times i’ve sung for people, whether it was an audience of 50 or 1000, i’ve loved every single moment because of the feeling of freedom i feel when i sing. that feeling of just letting it all out, immersing myself so deeply in the song, or just having a fun time jamming out and making other people happy. i think that’s why no matter how many times i drifted from the performing arts, i always somehow found my way back to it, i just love it too much. 

my short answer: if i were given the chance, i’d definitely want to give it a try. i know it’s a horribly hard life, trying to make it in the k industry, and most people don’t make it, but i’d still want to try. it’s too amazing of a feeling to sing and dance and perform; it’s absolutely liberating.