i will not stop until they have vengeance

These flowers bloomed out of nothing and now you expect me to want your gold?

Listen, you don’t know about caged animals, how we’d rather gnaw our legs off than be kept captive, you don’t understand what a shackle is until it has stopped you from

No one starts with ‘listen’ or ‘wait’ or ‘so’ unless they are backed into a corner
here I am, palms open, my heart on plate, and listen,
I am backed into a corner - always have been, I know what it means to hit a wall
and walk away with scars.

Good news: I don’t need your gold.

Flowers bloom, that is just what they do but I am not a flower so when my mother brings me roses for my birthday I laugh; I am not a flower, you know me, you know I have claws – damn, you have scars from them. I am an inferno, can’t you see that? You don’t leave wreaths for fires.

They’d just burn them, anyway.

A boy doesn’t bring me flowers because I am not that type, they always know, I always laugh too loud and gifts to these goddesses are cigarettes and less loneliness, more loveliness – never flowers.

They’d just burn them, anyway.

And so I do not grow as a flower - I have no roots, I have no leaves, I have no petals to blossom with.

But I bloom.

By God, do I bloom, and I bloom like every wretched thing who has ever been told that she will never amount to anything more than ash.

So today I don’t need your gold. I sprouted from the pavement, from the weeds, from the ugly. My knees are already dirty, I know the alchemy of the broken things.

And your gold?

I’d just burn it, anyway. 

                   - The Alchemy of the Broken Things, Lana Rafaela

Evaluating the “Sasuke tried to kill Sakura” Argument

One of the main arguments that anti-sasusaku fans propose is that Sasuke tried taking Sakura’s life. I will admit, it is a good argument to have. After all, what an individual would really want to end up with someone who wanted to kill them? However, many who use this argument fail to realize several key concepts in the manga,or they are too stubborn to even try. In this post we will be looking at the world of Naruto, the attempts sasuke made to kill sakura and their context/meaning, and also observing Sasuke’s desire to kill Naruto (I will be mentioning this as it is a topic that many overlook).


First, let’s remember that the Naruto realm/reality is NOT REAL.


The lines of morality and ethics cannot be held to the same standard that we have in today’s modern society. I think we all seem to forget that Naruto’s society starts training children in academies at young ages to kill. Not only this, but they are later put through exams and missions where it is acceptable to kill in order to complete their mission. They are exposed to death, murder, and the struggle to survive throughout their entire lives. Of course, killing, especially a former comrade, is shocking to anyone. However, this brings me to the next topic: Sasuke always attacked Sakura with a reason.

Sakura was NEVER innocent in the attempts Sasuke made to kill her. At all the points where Sasuke and Sakura have had a deadly encounter, Sakura has always made the attempt to attack, or intended to. And because people are obsessed with viewing Naruto through a more realistic-view, I ask you this: If your best friend were to suddenly try to kill/attack you, would you just let them? And running isn’t really an option, especially since they plan to follow you until they die. Now, we can also apply how Sasuke was raised. At young age he was told he would need to kill to survive. This then leads to Sasuke’s state of mind during the attempts, which we will analyse individually.


*** ATTEMPT #1 CH 308 ***

Here team 7 is reunited (minus Kakashi) for the first time. As we all know, they are trying to bring Sasuke back to the village. Because Sasuke will not surrender, naturally they go to utilizing force.

Now, it is very important to point out that :

  1. Sasuke attempts to kill Naruto immediately, in which Sai stops him. His attack towards Naruto was not warranted, and rather sudden.


External image

2. Sasuke only attacks Sakura because she attacks him first. And with Sasuke’s sharingan, he is able to see her building up the chakra in her fists, which would be a lethal attack.

External image
External image

Sasuke did not simply attack Sakura out of desire, but out of instigation. Had Sakura merely stood there and watched, I believe she would have been left unharmed. Sasuke rarely killed those outside of getting his vengeance (until later that is….).


I also, believe that his chapter was more of a shocker than anything. Kishimoto is showing the audience Sasuke’s change from what they remember. He is more cold, collecting, and ruthless. It is setting up the story to truly emphasize that retrieving Sasuke will be a formidable task.


Notice that Naruto, Sakura, Sai, and Yamato are not fretting over the attacks, but understand that hey just need to become more powerful. If they’re not in a tizzy about it, why are you? They know exactly what they’re getting into. This is the way life is in the ninja world.

External image

*** ATTEMPT #2: 483 ***


Oookay, so now chapter 482-484 were so ridiculously important in showing Sasuke’s dramatic change in character


. In 482, Sasuke has already attempted to kill his teammate Karin and was about to finish the job when Sakura suddenly appears. In which case, Sasuke is already suspicious of her motives.

External image

After all, he does know Sakura. He knows her true character, and he further instigates her by prompting her to kill Karin herself. At this point, Sakura can tell that Sasuke has truly lost himself. It must also be noted that his ruthlessness is not just directed at her, but ALL of Konoha.

External image

Sasuke is then able to see through her intentions as he watches her hesitate to kill Karin, knowing very-well that Sakura’s intentions are to kill him.

External image
External image


So, I pose this question to you again:  If your best friend were to suddenly try to kill/attack you, would you just let them? Hell no, especially when Sasuke refuses to let anyone get in his way. Even Kakashi was able to recognize Sakura’s intentions.

External image

Again, Sasuke was instigated into attack, not just because he just wanted to kill her for the sake of doing it. Also, these three chapters represent the true fall of Sasuke’s character. He has lost himself entirely. So again, Kishimoto uses this as a way to shock the reader, and make them understand the depths of Sasuke’s hatred.


External image
External image


I mean seriously…. The dude has freaking lost it. He’s gone psychotic:

External image
And PLEASE DO NOT FORGET this psychotic line:

External image


I mean, seriously? This also brings up the fact that Sasuke has verbally expressed his desire to kill Naruto and Kakashi, but never Sakura.


And how is it that Kakashi and Naruto can forgive him, but Sakura cannot?


*** ATTEMPT #3: CH 484 ***


Continuing from the previous chapter, ch 484 further emphasizes Sasuke’s dramatic change. HE IS NOT HIMSELF.


External image

Sakura, unable to sit aside while Kakashi fights Sasuke, she decides to attack again:

External image

So, for the third time, Sasuke has acted out of defense. He is not in his right state of mind, and she had full intentions of killing him, and had she not stopped she would have stabbed him with that poison. She was so close, but it was her love for him that stopped her. She is not lost in the darkness like Sasuke,



Now, these were all of the attempts Sasuke made to hurt or kill Sakura. Of course, nothing justifies murder, but these scene were much more than just Sasuke killing. They foreshadowed, gave the reader an understanding of Sasuke’s hatred, and made us realize how serious this was.


However, there is another important element in Naruto you all seem to forget : The ability to empathize and forgive.


Look at all of the villains in Naruto who have killed thousand of people, yet they find forgiveness.

In fact, in chapter 485, just after Naruto saves Sakura from Sasuke’s third attempt he says this to Sasuke:

External image

I fully grasp and understand why anti- sasusaku fans would use this argument against SasuSaku fans, but this was never just directed at Sakura alone. It was to ANYONE.


External image
External image


So to use this excuse against SasuSaku, then you would be unable to support Sasuke’s redemption at all (and there are those who wish Sasuke had just simply died for what he did). Sakura is perfectly capable of forgiving Sasuke, like anyone else in the story.




This also brings me to how many time Sasuke has tried to kill Naruto - yet they’re best friends throughout the entirety of the manga




CH 176 - Kakashi to Sasuke after stopping Naruto and Him

  • “That level of Chidoro just now… Isn’t an appropriate technique to be used against your own comrade. Were you trying to kill Naruto?” (here I am putting a picture of Sasuke’s face to show how menacing it is)

External image


CH 228

External image

External image

CH 308

External image

CH 486 Sasuke to Naruto


  • “I’m going to kill you and every last person in your beloved village”

  • “I’m not gonna’ die… you will”


CH 487

External image

CH 696

External image

There is a lot more dialogue and occurrences, but I’m sure you all get the point. So despite Sasuke attempting to kill Narto x2354633 times more than Sakura, I have yet to see anyone criticize Naruto for forgiving Sasuke, like they criticize Sakura.

How Gotham Will Intensify Bruce Wayne's Fights, According To David Mazouz
Gotham's David Mazouz spoke with CinemaBlend about all things Bruce Wayne, and he shared what we can expect from Bruce's burgeoning fisticuffs skills.

Gotham actor David Mazouz may portray one of the youngest characters in a sea of bizarre and heightened personalities, but he’s the most important of them all, as his is the head that will don the cowl. Season 3 has been particularly fruitful in laying out the stepping stones for Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne to reach Batman-dom, and especially where his fisticuffs are concerned. The actor spoke with CinemaBlend about Bruce’s journey and his current training sessions with the mysterious Shaman, and I was pumped to hear that the best is yet to come where fights are concerned. Is Mazouz’s words:

[Something] I’ve found very exciting this year is how many fight things I’ve been getting to do. I feel like, especially towards the end of this season, every episode I had at least two or three fight sequences, and it’s not gonna stop until the end. So Bruce really gets out there. He really kicks some butt. His physical game, and emotional and mental game, really get trained especially in the episodes we’re nearing on now, and he becomes really a new person by the end of the season.

Now, we shouldn’t expect that “new person” to have a utility belt or any mammal-related vehicles, but it appears that whatever Bruce goes through while inside the Shaman’s temple (or whatever) is going to put vengeance-embracing character through one wringer of a transition before Season 4 comes around. But at least he’ll be throwing uppercuts and leg-sweeping people while going through that wringer. After all, one of Gotham’s best fight sequences yet was Bruce’s street battle with Selina’s law-skirting colleagues, which looked a lot cleaner than a lot of Jim’s sloppy brawls. So if the show can manage to work more of those into the episodes while also upping the ante as Bruce’s training continues, then that’ll be yet another layer of enjoyment for Gotham to give fans.

Viewers have gotten a taste of where his training is going, and the Shaman seems patient to wait for Bruce to just embrace it and improve without resisting. Since it’s unclear just how long Bruce will be hanging around this new and completely cut-off setting, I asked David Mazouz if we would see Bruce punching bad guys in the face back in Gotham City before the end of the season, and his answer was quite intriguing (and thankfully not as puzzling as The Riddler’s clues).

All I’ll say is that he will get into some real fights. And he will take some criminals down.

There are several ways to read into that, and one of them is that Bruce might not make it all the way back to his hometown this season. He’s quite a distance from it right now, and even though the show hasn’t referred to it directly, the mountains outside the Shaman’s headquarters hints at Ra’s al Ghul’s stomping grounds of Nanda Parbat, so is it possible that the League of Assassins leader will be one of the criminals Bruce takes down?

The Swan Princess  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Whenever I have to do something in a hurry, I’ll always bring a turtle.”
  • “Is beauty all that matters to you?”
  • “What? You’re all I ever wanted. You’re beautiful!”
  • “When I’m king/queen, they’ll treat me with respect.”
  • “Vengeance is what I believe in.”
  • “Don’t let ____ die! Don’t you dare let ____ die!”
  • “If you want to stop me, you’ll have to kill me.”
  • “There goes my reputation.”
  • “I have no friends. Only servants. And they call me ‘your highness’.”
  • “Is that respect you’re showing?”
  • “Is that a threat? Oh, it is a threat.”
  • “I knew that we belonged together.”
  • “Will you love me, _____? Until the day I die?”
  • “Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.”
  • “I’m gonna die! I know it!”
  • “Just make sure you’re here tomorrow night.”
  • “I’m going back to that old black magic.”
  • “I’ve made an everlasting vow to find a way to you.”
  • “You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables or Less.”
  • “I think you really sorta like her, ‘fess up.”
  • “I’m gonna love you 'til the end of the time.”

anonymous asked:

Maybe some fluffy headcanons of jimin adopting the cute bunny jungkook with the adorable sweater paws? 🐰🙈

//jimin didn’t know he wanted a bunny hybrid until he saw jungkook. the tall and broad bunny hybrid, with blue eyes, dark hair and long fluffy ears.

//he seemed to be angry at everything, arms crossed and silently observing the other hybrids talk and laugh with the visits.

//that must be the reason jimin was drawn to him. the fact that he seemed to be rejecting everyone, but wanting desperately someone to approach him.

//jimin visited him during days. he brought the bunny presents and talked to him for hours, everything to make jungkook open to him. he knew he had succeeded when he made jungkook laugh.

//”what do you say about coming home with me?”
“yeah… but only if you want to”
“I would love that.”

//it doesn’t take much time for jungkook to adjust to his new home and new partner. jimin is nice, really sweet with him and is patient. let’s jungkook take his time, answers all his questions and never forgets to bring some present for him.

//jungkook is all big and muscle but contrary to everyone’s belief he’s a softy. he’s really sweet and caring for jimin. always waits for him with a wide smile and dinner ready (the first times he tried he always burned down the food and his nose kept twitching in annoyance, but jimin bought him cooking books and new utensils until jungkook learn how to properly cook - now he’s a true chef, his cupcakes are the best)

//jungkook’s ears are really soft and jimin looooooooooves petting them. it doesn’t help that jungkook enjoys it also, so after lunch or dinner, once their tummies are full of food, they like to sit on the sofa, jungkook’s head on jimin’s lap as the human caresses his ears.

//it’s adorable to see jungkook focused on something; he furrows his eyebrows slightly, purses his lips in concentration and sometimes his nose twitches. when he’s angry, his nostrils flare; when he’s happy he scrunches his nose adorably. to be honest, jungkook’s nose must be jimin’s favorite. Jimin loves to watch closely all those micro expressions. his fave is when he bops the bunny’s nose and it twitches from the surprise.

//it’s fun for jungkook to manhandle jimin. he can lift him up and throw him somewhere with ease, laughing as jimin protests for him to put him down. one day, jimin discovers the best way to make jungkook stop it is caressing his ears. the instant jimin’s fingers come in contact with the soft dark fur, jungkook goes putty on his hands, all soft. (jungkook’s vengeance later is worse, he throws jimin around his shoulder and pats his butt)

//cuddling, cuddling and cuddling. that’s all they do when they have time and nothing else to do. the both love it.

//jungkook makes jimin his plushie. hugs him tightly until jimin is squished between his arms and legs. he can’t asleep unless he has jimin on his arms.

Here’s my fic for KaiShin Week day five, jokes and revenge!  Something much lighter compared to yesterday’s.  Cause, uh, yikes.  (If any of you enjoyed day four’s fic, I’m beginning to suspect you’re the minority.  Which, fair.  I don’t usually go for chara death either tbh)

“Kuroba, don’t you dare,” Hakuba said, voice and expression stern.  His eyes narrowed when Kaito tried to look innocent.  “No, you know what I’m talking about.  I finally found a roommate I like.  You won’t ruin this for me.”

“How could I possibly ruin,” Kaito trailed off when Hakuba pulled out his notebook.  “What are you doing?”

“The first roommate lasted for five weeks before your pranks drove him out.  The second lasted for three.  The third met you and refused to move in.  If you chase this one away, I will end you.”

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What being twins to Damian would be like Part 2

How the batfam reacts to your death: 


 -Is an emotional mess, a huge part of him has died too. -He won’t talk to anyone, not even Dick.

 -Has been acting reckless, going out on patrol himself and almost getting himself killed. 

-He has forgotten what his father taught him about Justice, not vengeance. Searching high and low for your killer. 

-Damian has killed again and everyone fears that your death has spiralled him down a dark path.

 -He will not stop until his sword is stained with the blood of your murderer. 

-“I will avenge my sister. I will not stop." 


-Sits in your room every single day and goes through your journals and possessions. He will take one of your t-shirts and hold it up at his nose to remember your scent. 

-Has been distant from everyone, even his grieving son who needs his father. 

-Bruce is having difficulty controlling Damian’s reckless behaviour because he is just as brutal, although he won’t cross that line like his son.

 -After Jason, this is his second greatest failure. 

-The grief is consuming him. 

-"Y/n was my little girl and I failed her. It’s my fault…" 


-Has been crying for days, he just can’t comprehend that you are gone. -He tries to put on a brave face for the rest of the family, knowing they are all suffering just as much as he is.

 -He is deeply concerned about Bruce and Damian as they are being reckless and may end up getting themselves killed. 

-Feels like everything is falling apart.

 -"After Miss y/n’s death nothing feels right anymore.”


-Is also an emotional mess and was in denial for the first week he heard the news. You just couldn’t be dead, not you… 

-He can’t eat or sleep, spending most nights awake crying. 

-All he has been doing since you died is tracking down your killer, not to kill them, but to put them behind bars. Before that he will make sure he hurts them. 

-When he is feeling at his lowest he will read all the birthday cards you made him. You were quite the artist, it always makes him smile. He could tell you loved him just as much as he loved you. 

-Dick has been trying his best to get through to Damian, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else. 

-“I miss her so much, it’s just hard to believe I’m not going to see her beautiful little smile again." 


-Has turned to alcohol to console himself, drinking alone. 

-You were just a kid which deeply saddens and angers him at the same time. -Like his brothers he has been searching for he one who did this and plans to make them pay with their life. 

-He keeps a little photo of you and Damian in his wallet to remind himself what he has to do to avenge your death. 

-"Y/n was just a kid and I’m going to be the one that kills the bastard who did this, for her." 


-Visits your grave every week, leaving your favourite flowers. 

-He speaks to your grave as if you are still here, it makes the grieving process easier. 

-Tim misses hanging around with you, not only did he lose a partner he lost a sibling and his best friend. 

-He wears the friendship bracelet you made him every single day and refuses to ever take it off. 

-The family is dealing with your death in their own way, Tim is using his skills as a detective to solve your murder and find the one responsible to get some justice.

 -"Words can’t describe how I’m feeling. All I know is I will not let her death be in vain." 


-Has been the one to make sure everyone is doing okay and is eating and sleeping. 

-She is the one trying to keep the family from falling apart. 

-She has provided comfort to Alfred and Dick, knowing that they need her. 

-"Y/n’s death has changed everything. I’m trying to keep the family together because the world still needs them." 


-After losing her own sister she has tried to detach herself from any emotional ties she ever had with you in order to protect herself and keep her sane. 

-She has seen what your death has done to everyone else and she isn’t stable enough to allow herself to feel that way. 

-Kate has been helping Dick in his quest to find your killer in order to get some closure for the family. 

-Your death has reminded her not to get close to kids ever again. 

-"I can’t allow myself to feel the grief that they do. I need to keep a clear mind in order to help them through this.”

mw2noobbuster replied to your post “Has everyone who is saying Octavia has no discernible arc forgotten…”

Yeah, that’s true but the problem is that the show set Octavia up for redemption multiple times but then went back on it. I do understand your point though.

Did it, though? Those scenes can be interpreted much differently as well. Throwing those knives away never struck me as ‘I’m going to live a peaceful life’. She might have decided to stop killing out of vengeance, but that never meant she’d stop killing altogether. 

At the farm, her life was threathened. We saw she wanted to die a couple of episodes earlier, so why wouldn’t she meet her end willingly? She doesn’t want to die anymore. So she fought. And she knew she had to kill them because those people wouldn’t stop until she was dead.

And now she thinks she has a purpose in killing again, but it’s a different kind of killing. Or in her and the writers’ mind at least it is. 

Okay, am I the only one who thought Lexa made the right choice in this episode? And not because she’s pussy whipped or easily manipulated, but because she’s a good fucking leader?

Way I see it, she had exactly three options:

1) Declare war against Arkadia and slaughter everyone inside its walls. She may have won eventually, but they would have suffered heavy casualties numbering in the thousands.

2) Call for the execution of only those responsible for the slaughter. Or, if she’s feeling a bit more lenient, just kill Charles Pike. Simple, right?

Except that’s the guy more than fifty percent of Arkadia elected chancellor. 

Look, as horrible and shortsighted as he is, he has a LOT of people devoted to him, and if he dies now, he dies a martyr. Would his people, many of whom spent months in Ice Nation territory, actually see his death as LENIENCY on the part of Lexa? Or would he be another personal loss for them sustained at the hands of the Grounders?

Let’s not forget that as fucked up as Bellamy is right now, he’s the only one who showed anything resembling remorse after the massacre. Those people aren’t feeling guilty right now. THEY FELT THAT WHAT THEY DID WAS JUSTIFIED. Even if Pike dies, his beliefs would live on. Maybe even stronger once he’s become a symbol. An icon.

3) Do what she actually did and not seek revenge. I mean, I get that it’s immensely unsatisfying to watch Pike just get away with it, but when you consider what Lexa did at Mount Weather, this choice makes perfect sense for her given her history. This is the second time she’s had the opportunity for revenge by going against a bunch of people with guns, and this is the second time she’s said “mmm, let’s not”.

I’ve seen a couple posts floating around saying Clarke is manipulating her, but has anyone stopped to wonder if maybe Clarke was right? Suppose she gets the ten shooters, ties them to trees and executes them one by one? What then? What about Monty, whose mom was one of them? What about Octavia, whose brother was another? Blood demands blood demands blood demands blood until everyone is bleeding on the ground, mourning their loved ones and craving vengeance like a Reaper craves his drug.

Add to it the fact that Lexa is an idealist at heart, and I would have been shocked if she DIDN’T make the exact choice she did.

No she’s not weak. And maybe she’s a little bit pussy-whipped, but it DIDN’T FACTOR IN THIS DECISION.

Marcus Kane judged her well. She’s a fucking visionary.

That’s all.


This might be TY; DR. Sorry.

The end of “Indifference” has always stuck out to me. There is a lot of symbolism in these scenes, but I want to talk about Michonne and Rick both being in the driver’s seat and how this is an external demonstration of how they are feeling right now. 

At the beginning of “Service”, both Michonne and Rick are stuck seeing their own point of view. They are on their side of the road. Michonne wants to fight. Rick wants to do everything he can to keep everyone safe. He is being pragmatic. They don’t have the numbers. Any attack now will be shortsighted. 

Michonne is a little rebellious like she is at the end of “Indifference”. She is driving without a seat belt. This best describes Michonne right now.  Michonne has been a rational person, but right now, she is channeling her grief into anger. She is not thinking strategically. Revenge is clouding her judgement, and she is not prepared for the blow back. 

Rick is playing it safe. Note, he has his seat belt on. He is being cautious. He may be the only car on the road, but he knows that doesn’t mean he will not run into danger. Rick knows that playing by Negan’s rules will keep his family safe in present. However, he knows that following the rules does not guarantee a future so he will be willing to break the rules in the future.

Both Michonne and Rick decide to drive in the middle of the road. They don’t have to follow the rules anymore. When you are in a relationship, you have to change your perspective. The rules you applied to your life before can no longer work. You have to adapt and compromise. We see Michonne resorting to season 3 Michonne for a minute until she understands where Rick is coming from in that last scene. Eventually, they will be able to meet in the middle. 

Notice that Rick doesn’t stop at the middle. He is heading into the other lane. Savage Murder Coat Rick will comeback with a vengeance. However, thanks to Michonne, he will deviate back to his mean (Whipped Rick). :)

Sorry, I am rambling. This probably makes no sense.