i will not stop gifing this show


Right. We’ll always be together. So, Sho…Find Kan this time.

He’s just like I was back then. Lost. You’re the only one who can stop him. Please find his heart. Kan thinks he’s all alone in the world. He’s crying inside.


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WESTWORLD | 1.01 | Hector & Maeve

First scenes together

Hey Anon! You’re blocked! Why are you obsessed… with me? First of all, MBR is a toddler who blocked me for one of the dumbest reasons ever that really had nothing to do with the content of the show itself. Second, most people on Tumblr or Twitter who discuss Outlander are obsessed to varying degrees with it. You are as well. Stop making people feel bad about that. Guarantee many people have threatened to quit watching but still do as well. Why does it bother you so much if I do? I’m perfectly allowed to change my mind. And I didn’t post about the show until today. Besides, I said I was pausing on gifing for now. I never said I was done watching and talking about it. That’s been true so far. So maybe you should read words. Maybe I’m still holding onto the deluded hope that the show will be better once Jamie and Claire are reunited. I don’t think it’s been terrible so far, it’s been good, but I do have issues with a lot of things in the first four episodes. The balance, the focus on solely the frank aspect of Claire’s life, and no, sorry, I didn’t like Jameva sex. But it’s done now. It’s my choice to keep watching/talking about it just as much as it’s your choice to take the time to come on here and attack me. And if you don’t like my opinion about things, then stop reading my Tumblr or Twitter. It’s pretty easy.


I’m sorry.


Making History | 1.07

Adams and Hancock make an entrance.