i will not stop!

  • ramsay: your sister is a fine woman i look forward to having her in my bed
  • jon: *beats him to near death*
  • littlefinger: i love sansa like i loved her mother
  • jon: *chokes him*
  • (when jon gets to dragonstone probably)
  • tyrion: your sister is a beautiful woman and a good wife
  • jon: ...
  • jon: FUCK can everyone stop talking about my sister i'm having very confused feelings rn and NO ONE IS FUCKING HELPING
To me you look the most beautiful when you think you look the worst.
—  Poets Love Her
Hetalia - Driving Headcanons

America: Textbook impatient driver. Tailgater. Constantly going five or more miles above the speed limit. Always busy paying off his vast collection of speeding tickets. Surprisingly enough, rarely gets in accidents.

Canada: The type of driver that sits at the intersection and lets everyone and their grandma go before he does. At the same time, though, is unafraid to drive off-road, up mountains, and in extreme weather conditions.

China: Adaptable. He’s been through Hell and back and nothing can stop him. Storms, traffic, chaos: he’ll manage to get to his destination despite all odds, maybe stop at a restaurant along the way too.

England: A decent driver, but passive-aggressive. Will yell obscenities at everyone as long as he knows they can’t hear him. If he’s a passenger, he will not hesitate to criticize and comment on whoever’s driving the entire trip.

France: A car? Why would he have a car? He takes the metro, you savages.

Germany: The most overly-cautious driver on the planet, probably. The only exception is that he will brake for crossing dogs, and likely cause an accident in the process.

Italy: Easily-distracted, but has quick reaction-time. Is well-known to lean or gesture out the window at passers-by, especially at beautiful ladies.

Japan: A polite and generous driver. The type who lets people merge onto the highway or into lanes during heavy traffic. If traveling abroad, he pulls over to take photos of the scenery.

Russia: Tunnel vision. His mind is only focused on the destination and he will bend the rules, or take unnecessary risks, in order to get there, even if he’s not in a hurry.

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@staff​. @staff@staff​. 

for the last two days, @staff, way too many of my notifications have been from porn blogs. @staff​. @staff​ . @staff​. @staff​, i’m a minor. @staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff

@staff@staff@staff​ can you like, do something about this?  @staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff@staff


@staff hey pay attention to me. @staff this is a huge problem. @staff it’s not just me @staff literally everyone on this website except the porn blogs @staff has been complaining about this @staff porn blog @staff problem @staff @staff @staff @staff 

@staff you never address any of out problems. @staff can we get a response here? @staff can you do things other than break the website all the time? @staffcan you acknowledge us here? @staff why do you ignore all your website’s problems? 

@staff can you do something about these porn blogs? @staff perhaps there’s a reason why other websites have captchas to sign up. @staff @staff @staff @staff perhaps if i tag you enough you’ll stop turning a blind eye.

@staff @staff @staff @staff. can you acknowledge that your website has a problem, @staff?