i will not continue to accept the blame

You will hear many, many women over thirty say that their eyebrows are sparser than they were when they are younger, and blame this on their past “overplucking” habits. (They usually also talk about this like it’s some kind of totally nonsensical obsolete ritual, even as they continue to get their brows threaded into the shape that is presently socially acceptable!) 

I worry that people with trich will get stressed about this, and I want you to know that they aren’t exactly right. Their eyebrows are getting sparser (thinner, lighter, changing color completely, changing texture) because they are aging. This happens to everyone, regardless of what they do to their bodies in their twenties or whatever. Most of what they are describing is regular aging! You are not permanently, irreparably damaging yourself. You are not doing something that is going to ruin you for the rest of your life.

Trich might contribute to a faster appearance of aging in the way that I mentioned before, which is essentially speeding up the individual growth cycles of follicles and maybe speeding up their life cycle, but these kind of cycles are super under-researched and this isn’t fully scientifically confirmed, even though I’m guessing there’s a lot of money in this cosmetic research right now. The important thing is that your skin doesn’t say, like, “we will produce exactly 1000 hairs from this spot in our lifetime,” and trich isn’t hurling you toward this kind of follicle death. Eyebrow aging and growth is contributed to by a million factors, just like the rest of you. And eyebrow thinning likely has more to do with how your facial skin ages than anything else.

The bottom line is: this thing you are struggling with is not going to ruin you forever cosmetically, and everybody ages. :)

like tbh I’d be surprised if bts have ANY interest in north america or expanding into north america after this. this whole trip was MONUMENTAL for not only bts, but kpop as an industry and hopefully potentially could be recognized as a serious competitor in the entertainment industry and not just be constantly disregarded and mocked and made to feel like their big dreams of selling out western stadiums or attending or performing at award shows is unrealistic and that you can’t succeed. finally getting the disgusting ignorant comments like ‘lol that chinese music? how can you even listen to that, it all sounds the same. what do they even sing about? lol they will never win let alone be nominated for X award. they’re only popular in asia’ to stop 

this was a time for western media to wake up and take its nose out of its ass and for once realize how big the world actually is and how much there is. but instead bts is literally treated like fun new weird foreign things we can play with and exploit for as much financial profit as possible. all these interviews treat bts as one, and not 7 individual people, with individual interests, individual goals, individual ambitions, individual personalities, individual thoughts. 

none of these interviews really bother to mention their accomplishments, their industry breaking records, upcoming projects, the love myself campaign, what inspires their music, how socially conscious their music is, what inspires this music, that their music touches upon such stigmatized issues, how amazing their interaction is with their fans and how deep their personal one on one relationship is with their fans, their work ethic, how much time goes into these insane high production music videos, maybe to recall a memory of when they were struggling and what pushed them to continue, what drives them, LITERALLY ANYTHING. but no. western media decides to not only not even do basic research, but they decide to ask lol what’s your favourite place to eat in the us? what is your favourite thing about the us? you love the us right? why don’t you know english? are you going to write music in english now? you def should now. LOL WE DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING YOU’RE SAYING BUT PEOPLE SEEM TO LOVE IT LOL WTV~~~ who is your us celebrity crush? shouldn’t you make english music now? you’re blessed by being in the us lol you’re dumb if you don’t plan to do music in english now, what’s your fave english song right now?!!!!!!!…..literally not one interview has gone by here without hearing these and you can tell that bangtan is fucking over it. it is the same disrespectful, demeaning, uninteresting, repetitive bullshit. with every interview that goes by, you can see namjoon literally breaking and his patience wearing thin

I can honestly say, just by the looks on their faces, they have ! 0 ! interest in continuing to promote or even ‘debut’ in north america. I can almost guarantee that unless they are coming here for tours or they are accepting an award, anything beyond business reasons, they have 0 interest in pursuing anything in north america. and by the way they have been treated during their time here, I don’t blame them for a second…it’s shameful

Well then. Not only was Seokmin born on this day but so has Vernon! Our beloved Hansol Vernon Chwe, our beloved half caucasian half asian idol! My dear fellow ‘98 line!

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Ok so, lets get the obvious out of the way. Yes, Vernon is super attractive, insanely so perhaps. is genes have clearly worked in his favour.

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Clearly, he is extremely handsome, very naughty.

But the thing that impressed me the most with Vernon is how hard he has been trying to improve himself.

So we all know that his first attempt at showing off his rap skills as an individual had been anything but successful. 

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Indeed, he kinda tried to bite more than he could chew. He tried to be too ‘gangsta’, too ‘hardcore’ before he could develop.

However, instead of closing inside of himself when he failed, instead of throwing a fit, he accepted defeat and decided to learn, to evolve as an artist. Indeed, he continued to grow, rather than blame others.

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BTS Reaction | Couple fight/argument.

@oursanctuaryishere said: Hello!wondering if I could make a request? I know you have a lot but this one just came to mind. I was wondering if you could write a reaction where you and the members get in a fight? Like one of those couple fights? Thank you in advance. I love your blog so much btw ♡♡

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stronger ❖ jongin (8)

❝Kim Jongin is reborn and has the most beautiful woman by his side❞

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fluff, angst, dad!jongin au, ceo!jongin, daddy kink, smut (in future/next chapter), age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet


You sighed tying your hair in a messy ponytail and walking toward the kitchen where you knew Jongin and Taeoh ran in. Your head was light, but still so full of thoughts. You passed so many days with Jongin, almost in a bubble, away from all other people’s apart from your mother and Junghwa, you hadn’t hear your sister or your course mates in more than a week and you felt out of the world. What were you and Jongin? Were you still only his son’s babysitter or were you his other half? Were you actually someone in his life apart from a person whom he could rely on?

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why is karina horrible?

cracks knuckles

I am of the opinion that Karina Braun might be the most horrible parent in Attack on Titan. And when you consider the number of horrible parents in this manga, that’s saying a lot.

My main issue with Karina Braun is this. She’s a lonely single mom who’s been rebuffed by her lover, but rather than owning up to the rejection and moving on, she burdens her very young son to fix it.

She basically guilts her baby boy into becoming a Marleyan Warrior Hero for her own selfish desires. I find it to be  one of the most disgusting things in the manga. 

I’ll compare it to Grisha Jaeger. He too was a terrible parent. He also burdened his children with his own twisted desires, but at least Grisha felt some remorse. He cried while injecting Eren and he never blamed Zeke for his betrayal. Grisha knew he screwed up and he accepted his role in that. 

Karina has shown no remorse. She turns a blind eye to Reiner’s obvious pain. I believe she knows in her heart the Marleyan Kool-aid they’ve been drinking is poison, yet she continues encouraging Gabi’s blind patriotic fervor. She’s more than happy to give her niece the same 13 year death sentence that plagues her son.

In chapter 99 it’s clear to me that it’s all centered on pride. She feels pride in her position and has allowed it to overwhelm any sense of compassion for her son, her niece or others. Her words to Mr. Leonhardt in chapter 99 were tactless bordering on cruel. Her words about Bert’s parents were equally lacking in any real emotion or sympathy. 

Since I’m on a roll, let me bring up another person in the Terrible Parenting Hall of Fame. Rod Reiss abandoned his daughter at a young age and only came for her when he needed something. It’s hard to find anything redeeming about Rod Reiss, but here goes. In the end, when Historia refused the serum, Rod took it himself. He lived and died by his principles.  I have a modicum of respect for the man because of that.

We haven’t seen Karina in a position where she’s needed to live by what she preaches, but I feel pretty confident if they put a call out for mindless titans for the next attack, Karina wouldn’t volunteer. 

In summary,

Thank you for the ask!

Themes of secrecy in Reputation

Anyone who’s remotely paying attention knows that Reputation is absolutely brimming with references to secrets, duality, double meanings and private revelations. The album explores these ideas from a lot of different perspectives, and I thought it would be useful to get some analysis in one place. Let’s take it song by song, shall we? 

  • “…Ready For It?” – This song has obvious public/private parallels that I’ve written about before, with the verses tracking Taylor’s dark public bearding and the choruses tracking her light, airy private loves. (ht @bikertaylor for being the first to point out to me that the verses and choruses seemed to be tracking two different ideas.) The theme of secrecy that I’m interested in exploring here, though, is even more personal: When Taylor writes, “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, I know I’m gonna be with you, so I take my time,” she’s writing about a hope so dear to her heart that it’s buried in her subconscious, bubbling to the surface only in her dreams. (Of course, a dream can also reference a wish or a fantasy, but I think the literal meaning is interesting here and shouldn’t be overlooked.) If you read this song as a conflict between Taylor and her own inner desires, fighting to break free, the music video can be read more literally as well: This song is about a fight Taylor’s having with herself. The battle rages within her own heart, and the “you” in the title might refer to us (her fans, the world) being ready for her to reveal her secrets – but it might also refer to whether Taylor herself is ready. 
  • “Endgame” – The line that piques my interest here is, “I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ‘em.” The first reading here is about her seeming apologies for her public dramas, a joke that she forgives but doesn’t forget. Many of those dramas, though, concern heartbreaks and bearding narratives – and I’m really interested in the idea that each of these might be considered a hatchet, a weapon, an instrument of pain but also a tool of survival. She buries these hatchets one by one, but she doesn’t forget them, and they become a map of her psyche,
  • “I Did Something Bad” – The line that sticks out here is, “For every lie I tell them, they tell me three.” A lie is of course one kind of secret, and it’s telling that Taylor and her “boyfriends” so regularly keep secrets from one another. Additionally, I like the way “every lie I tell them” might connote that she’s telling the same lie over and over – namely, the lie about the true nature of her feelings and their relationship.
  • “Don’t Blame Me” – This song is absolutely rife with themes of darkness, secrets, and hidden truths, and I love how these references are overlaid with religious iconography: “the darkest little paradise,” “halo hiding my obsession,” “I would fall from grace just to touch your face.” This song is also a continuation of Taylor reckoning with her own desires: “Lord save me, my drug is my baby, I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life” isn’t a lyric about wanting to return to her past self, the one who plays by the rules; this is a plea to find acceptance for who she is and who she intends to be for the rest of her life. That’s why this song makes more sense as an LGBTQ narrative than, for example, a song about pre-marital sex – once you get married, you would return to the “halo” state of playing by the rules, but if your “baby” is a queer relationship, you can’t play by the rules without changing who you are. That’s why Taylor’s name is whatever you decide, and that’s how she changed from an existence that was poisonous to herself and others into a daisy, a symbol of innocence. She’s using words associated with nature (and therefore associated with paganism and lesbianism) to redefine the traditional religious ideas of innocence and sin, darkness and light.
  • “Delicate” –  This is a song about a literal secret relationship (or the beginning of one), so of course I’m more interested here in the metaphorical lines, namely “Is it chill that you’re in my head?” and “Are you ever dreaming of me?” In this song, the first on the album that seems grounded in specific details of Taylor’s current relationship, Taylor is creating a distinction between the secrets she keeps from the public (that the relationship exists at all) and the secrets she keeps from her lover and even herself. 
  • “Look What You Made Me Do” – Hear me out on this: What if LWYMMD is a song (at least partially) about bearding? Read this way, we can see that Taylor hates being made to play the role of the fool who can’t make a relationship work, that she had to get smarter and harder in order to protect her real relationships, that she accepts her role as an actress pretending to be someone she’s not. Many critics and listeners have commented that the chorus leaves them cold – without a melody, without emotion, without the payoff promised by the rising action of the pre-chorus. But if Taylor is telling us that “what we made her do” is live a fake life pretending to be someone she’s not, it makes perfect sense that the chorus would feel lifeless and robotic. The fact that it’s a sample of “I’m Too Sexy” could also be a clever nod to the fact that the performance she’s giving is as a conventionally acceptable, heterosexual being appropriate for consumption by mass audiences. 
  • “So It Goes…” – Now we come to the part (i.e. the majority) of the album where secrets are no longer subtext; they are straight up text. The brilliant lyrics about magicians and illusionists show us that the secrets Taylor is keeping are now public – she is being honest with herself and her partner. No longer is she in her head and her dreams: “I know what you know, we can feel it.” This song marks a transition in the album, away from Taylor reckoning with her own secrets and toward her reckoning with how to keep those secrets away from prying eyes.
  • “Gorgeous” – Our explicit secret here (“you touching my hand in a darkened room”) leads to an opportunity for Taylor to confront her own emotions about having to keep this relationship secret: She uses the words “furious,” “hurts,” “hate,” “sad,” and “mad” – not exactly the kind of language one typically uses to talk about the excitement of meeting a new love. These negative words are juxtaposed against a joyous beat and melody (typical Swiftian genius), but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that Taylor’s circumstances are clearly making her feel horribly upset. Is she upset by meeting a new person? That doesn’t make a lot of sense – it’s much more likely she’s upset that she can’t be with that person in public.
  • “Getaway Car” – I like reading this song as an accurate retelling of her switching beards from CH to TH. “A circus ain’t a love story” is a great way to think about the media circus surrounding all of Taylor’s het relationships, and the narrative of she and TH being criminals fits with them perpetrating duplicity and lies. (More secrets!) Once we get to the outro, though, we see the true emotions behind this lighthearted heist: She was crying and dying in that car. If she didn’t have feelings for TH, as this song would suggest, and if she was ready as hell to leave her ex, why was she so upset – if not for the deeper secret she was keeping?
  • “King Of My Heart” – “Your love is a secret I’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep. Change my priorities, the taste of your lips is my idea of luxury.” Here we see the unity of Taylor’s inner hopes (her dreams) with her outer identity: She has found the solution to her secrecy problem – glass closeting. She changes her “priorities” to her “friendships,” and is then able to bring the person who rules the kingdom inside her room out into public. 
  • “Dancing With Our Hands Tied” – This is where we get into the dark side of glass closeting, namely kissgate. This song is all about secrecy: “I loved you in secret,” “picture of your face in an invisible locket,” “I’d kiss you as the lights went out.” All those golden secrets Taylor and her partner keep tarnish and revert to poison when brought to the light of day. The “sacred oasis” of Taylor’s relationship is subjected to biblical plagues – fire, avalanche, flood – when they dance in public. Their only option is to go back into hiding.
  • “Dress” – And, as it turns out, keeping secrets can be hella sexy! This feels like a yin/yang pair to DWOHT, the ecstasy of getting away from public toxicity and back to a golden secret paradise. But though their kingdom is small and secret, Taylor takes care to note its permanence with lyrics like “a golden tattoo,” “carve your name into my bedpost,” and “inescapable.” If a “beard” is the woman a man wears to seem straight, then it only makes sense that a queer woman would wear a “dress.” In that reading, J*e is actually Taylor’s “dress” – the costume Taylor bought to show a good public face, while in private she removes her armor and becomes her true, permanent self with the person she loves.
  • “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” – Here again, I’ve got a suspicion that Taylor is writing about more than her public feuds. “I’m shaking my head and locking the gates” feels like the same retreat into private described in DWOHT and Dress. What if – in addition to the obvious narrative – this song is also discussing why Taylor can’t have the life she wants in public, and we (her fans, the media, etc.) can’t have the true details about her life that we crave?
  • “Call It What You Want” – Taylor taketh away but then, oh then, Taylor giveth. Because this is the moment where she lifts the curtain and lets us spend time with her in her golden oasis, behind her crumbled castle walls, her guard evaporated. She’s got her code here (het pronouns), but otherwise her secrets are all gone. I’ve written before about the language she uses in the chorus to reinforce the idea that her relationship is a secret escape, but the beauty of this song is that she invites us to run away with her – if we’re willing to see the truth. Karlie what you want to; her name is whatever we decide.
  • “New Year’s Day” – A circus ain’t a love story, but this song is – literally! “Don’t read the last page” means that Taylor already knows the ending: she’s going to stay with her partner for the whole long road. In private moments cleaning up the apartment after a party, squeezing hands in the back of a taxi, recognizing each other’s laughs, they have found comfort, longevity, and lasting love in their secret world. They will hold on to each other, and despite the deep fears that the world would divide them, their joy and their memories see them through. 

This album is one long rumination on secrecy and how it affects us – the secrets we keep from ourselves, from our lovers, and from the strangers who think they know who we truly are. In the introduction to Reputation, Taylor writes very explicitly about this idea – but in her lyrics, she gives us an intimate view into her own emotional process in grappling with the secrets that have dominated her life. The album charts a beautiful progression from Taylor coming to terms with her own secrets, finding someone else to share those secrets with, and, finally, finding a comfortable and happy way to live with those secrets despite the public and the media bearing down on her from every angle. In refusing to give interviews during this era, she is living the solution she has shown us on this album. 

To state the obvious, Taylor’s het relationships are public by definition, charted in press releases and pap walks. It just doesn’t make sense to me that she would write an entire album about the idea of secrecy unless her life were riddled with secrets. Taken with the specific ways Taylor uses gendered language on this album, it seems abundantly clear to me exactly what secrets she’s keeping.

V Route: V doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from fandom

*V gets blinded by the person he loves*

*yet some from the fandom still think Rika is an innocent victim*

*and this whole Mint-Eye cult is V’s fault*

*does the term…*


*mean anything to people anymore…?*

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birkinvibes  asked:

What is you opinion on Roy Moore and his continuous appeal to various pastors and churches in the South, and his claim that the sexual allegations against him are stemmed from the persecution he receives as someone fighting a “cultural war?”

Honestly? I feel deep shame, embarrassment, and anger about the whole thing. I feel deep grief for the women he has assaulted. I’m so tired of the evangelical community right now and exhausted to the point of wanting to call it quits on faith, church, and westernized religion. Moore is a symptom of a way deeper problem.

Too many evangelical Christians double-down on their defenses instead of owning up to their problems. Remember when Mike Guglielmucci, songwriter of “Healer,” admitted that he faked cancer? He played onstage with an oxygen mask, then admitted he faked it while collecting donations, and then said it was his because of his “porn addiction.” He couldn’t just say, “I was selfish and I lied to you and I was deceitful and what I did was evil to people with cancer.” No, he blamed it on the more socially acceptable problem of porn addiction.

Evangelical pastors like Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Tullian Tchividjian, Paul Sheppard, and James MacDonald have all had moral failures in the recent past, and not a single one of them has genuinely said they’re sorry (don’t even get me started on Franklin Graham). Some of them have started a church franchise somewhere else, or they stubbornly stay and continue their craziness. Their apologies read like Lena Dunham’s Twitter feed. They blame it on “culture wars” and “persecution” and “haters,” but my guess is they just can’t look in the mirror. 

Are they able to be redeemed? Yes. Should they continue to stay in positions of authority? No. Not until at least some good old fashioned repentance has been done. 

I’m preaching this to myself, too. Most of us can’t stand to confess and admit and say “I’m sorry that I hurt you and I was wrong.” I suppose that’s human nature. Me too; when I argue with my wife, I feel that same defensive reflex coming up. I have to catch myself. Most of us are not good at apologizing or admitting wrong. The cognitive dissonance is too much to bear.

The only thing I appreciate about Christian faith right now is that Christian theology contains the imperative to examine ourselves first. In other words, when everyone says “Christians are hypocrites,” then Christians ought to be the first to say, “You’re right.” We’re called to be the hardest on ourselves, with the right balance of gentleness and accountability. We have the spiritual resources and the mandate to be our very first critics. When we mess up, we ought to be held so accountable to ourselves that others would say, “I trust that the church is doing their best to root out the problem.” 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t play out that way in the western church. But Scripture, in its purest form, does call us to do it—we’re called to look at the planks in our own eyes first. I pray we get there.

What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? —  1 Corinthians 5:12

3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5

Let's Swayze This Mother

Summary:  You, Dean, Sam and Cas decide to search for Gabriel, it does NOT go as planned.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel

Word Count: 1931

Warnings: language

A/N:  This is my submission for @ravengirl94 1.5K Challenge.  I had the prompt:  “I make bad decisions when I’m tired.  You’re always tired. Exactly.” which will be bolded in the fic.

Thanks to my MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch for word checking and so much more!

This may be slightly spoilery if you haven’t seen the season 12 finale.  If you haven’t watched it, keep scrolling.


“I can’t believe that he’s been alive the whole time,” Dean says, walking into the bunker library.

You, Sam and Cas are sitting at the far table, books strewn about.  He hands you and Sam a fresh beer before sitting down next to you.

“And you really didn’t know?” Dean asks Cas.

“Didn’t know what?”

“That an angel blade can’t kill an arch angel,” Sam supplies.

“No I did not.”

Cas looks between Dean and Sam as they stare him down.

“So Gabriel’s just been alive and keeping to himself?”

“Well, I can’t say I blame him,” you blurt out.  The three men turn to you in surprise.  “What?  Gabe avoided some major drama.  He didn’t have to play middle man to Lucifer and Chuck or deal with Amara.  I think it was pretty smart.”

“Ok, Y/N’s acceptance of Gabriel’s behavior aside, we need to find him,” Sam says, giving you his signature Sam-face.

“He could definitely help us with the Lucifer, Nephilim, alternate dimension crap,” Dean continues.

“So, how do we find him?” you ask, looking to Cas.

“It will be difficult.  Gabriel is a master at staying hidden if he wants-” Cas starts.

Suddenly the four of you are standing in a dining hall.  Except Dean who’s sitting at the table nearest you, wearing a light pink dress.

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Villain 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4-1 Part 4-2 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8-1 Part 8-2 Part 9 Part 10

A/N: Loki and the reader are back in Asgard.

I opened my eyes and I winced when I tried to sit up, “ugh, everything throbs.” I croaked.

“It is going to throb for a few days.” My eyes followed the voice that was seated across from me. His eyes were filled with concern and unspoken words.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He lied.

“The God of mischief and deception is such a poor liar.”

This got a smirk out of him.

I appreciated it even though it wasn’t sincere.

He exhales and stands. “I will draw you bathe.”

I stood in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom, his deft fingers began undressing me. I held his shoulder as I stepped out of my panties, he stands and examines me through the mirror as he frees me of my bra that he drops on the floor next to my panties, his eyes not leaving my own.

I inhaled deeply, “how different we look now compared to a few days ago.” I say. My right eye was swollen shut, the bruising all over my body was hard to take in, but accepting that I was tortured was a bit more heavier to swallow. “I look…”

“Like battered meat.” He finishes.

I touched my ribcage and winced.

He turns away from me as I continued to scrutinize my reflection.

I pulled myself away from the mirror when he turned on the faucet and began filling the tub with water. I observed him curiously as he emptied three vials of liquid into the water; steam began rising dramatically from the water as the color changed to sea foam green. The lavender and coconut scent filled my nostrils and I immediately began to relax.

“Do not freak out.” He says as he rolled the sleeve of his shirt up his arm.

“Freak out, so human of you.” I teased.

“The human colloquial is rubbing against me.”

I smiled. “I won’t freak out.”

He smiled, this time it was sincere.

He sinks his arm into the tub until the water came up to his forearm. His eyes glimmered gold and if I wasn’t there to witness it, I wouldn’t have believe it. The water began bubbling and the color changed from sea foam green to a deep forest green then to a murky black shade that looked as if it had the consistency of molasses, but it’s fluidity was liquid. Its peppermint scent filled the bathroom followed by a cool sensation that ran up my spine.

He pulls his arm out and the water immediately became still. “It is ready for you.”

“Will you join me?”

He shakes his head. “The bath is to heal your wounds and expel all toxins within your body.”

I peeked up at him through my lashes. “Please.”

The rim of his irises glimmered to the shade of dark moss as he studied me.

Loki is master of S.S.S…the silent sexual striptease.

My breath hitched, watching as he disrobed.

His skillful fingers unbuttoned his tattered shirt, he pulls it off his shoulders exposing the healed, but reddened battle scars.

I reached out touching him gently on the side where he was stabbed. I expected him to flinch, but he just gazed at me steadily, waiting for me to speak.

“You need to heal as well.”

“I am fine.” He exhales as his pants fall and pools at his feet.

My eyes drifted to his manhood that hung thick and sleepily on his thigh.

“No, love.” He suddenly say, answering my silent thought.

I looked up.

His eyes bore into my own.

“I am a monster, but not the kind that would take advantage of you in this state.”

“You are not a monster.”

He smiles.

“I am the worst kind of monster there is.”

He picks me up and places me in the tub. I was startled by how warm the water was; he followed a few seconds later, sitting opposite of me, his toes were at the side of my hip, while my feet barely touched his thigh. The tub was large enough lengthwise to fit his long limbs and wide enough to fit us both comfortably.

“It should start working momentarily.” He says.

As he uttered those words, the surface of the water around me began lapping against my skin and the wounds on my body began to bubble as if peroxide was being poured on them. My eyes became wide and panicked when I realized that the black liquid was seeping into my wounds.

“W-what is happening?” I asked as the cool sensation I felt earlier seeped into my pores.

He smiles softly. “The liquid is bonding to the toxins in your bloodstream, once the liquid does its job, it will evaporate.”

“Evaporate in me?”

He nods.

I wasn’t satisfied with the answer, but I trust that he knew what he was doing. So, I kept the twenty thousand questions to myself as to how any of this was possible when I noticed that some of the black liquid hovered by the side he was stabbed. He observed this as well and made a cup with his hand.

“Close your eye.” I did as he commanded and he poured the warm liquid over my face. “Open.”

I opened my eye and gazed down at the water that was almost clear. The black liquid was bonded to my face, slowly seeping into my swollen eye, my peripheral became clear as my right eye opened. I gazed into the water again and I smiled at my reflection as I touched my eye and cheek. The swelling was completely gone and I swear I had 20/20 vision in my right eye because of the clarity in which I saw everything.

“Thank you.” I whispered, leaning back against the tub, my foot pressed against his chest. His smile didn’t touch his eyes. “Loki, what is it? You have been abnormally quiet and it is unlike you. Will you talk to me or will you continue to be mute?”

His fingers trailed lightly against my leg beneath the water. “This never should have happened.”

He was in his head.

He was blaming himself as anyone would, but I couldn’t let him carry this pain alone. This wasn’t his fault.

I crawled to him and hovered in between his legs. I pressed my breast against his chest and kissed him, which I was surprised he accepted.

“I chose to love you. I chose to be with you knowing the consequences of your past actions. I know the risks.” He kisses my deeply on the forehead.  I grabbed his hand and held it up to my lips and kissed it slowly. “Lo, you are not alone in this, talk to me, please.” I leaned further into him, kissing his neck, his cheek, his nose, then his lips.

I gazed down at the water which was now a shade of cream, my hand in the water working in circular motions as I felt him twitch in my hand.

“Love.” He says against my ear. “Don’t.”

His don’t wasn’t one of command, but one of do as you wish and deal with the consequences, so I did as I wished and he did not stop me.

I straddled him.

His fingers dug into my skin as he tilted my head upwards. The head of his length peaked above the water and my heart began pumping violently as the fervor of his ragged kiss on my throat caused the lust from my apex to brim over…

Post Note: Another long chapter, why am I like this? Chapter 6 will be posted during the week!

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nailasrt  asked:

BTS reaction - they regret choosing the other woman

plz be aware this is my first time posting under this format. this may not be permanent unless i enjoy the results. u may also tell me ur opinions. with tht being said plz enjoy.


-would accept his mistake at first .
-most likely continue his relationship with other woman only to cut things off with her completely shortly after.
-he would try to win you back once the woman was out of the way
-serenade u outside your door, buy u gifts, etc etc
-if not successful in his woeing, would most likely go back to the other woman to heal his sad, distraught heart for his feelings of regret and everlasting doubts of what if


- may sound absurd but i feel yoongi would blame his cheating on you , and tell u before he left, making u feel miserable and not good enough
-he loves the woman, but u more
-he would probably, by my guess, accept his errors
-although he loves the woman too he would get the first chance he got to pack up his shit and leave the woman.
-i think yoongi would be very hopeful to at least have some type of communication with you, would try to persuade you to at least allow him to be a friend but wouldnt try anything romantic ever

● hoseok

-the moment he regrets his decision he becomes sad and gloomy, cold to the other woman too ironically enough.
-i feel hobi would be very closed off about his feelings towards you, embarrassed that he made such a mistake but
-if he ever saw you, he wouldn’t hesitate to rush towards your direction and just sort of embrace you
-i feel as if once he was you he could pour his heart out over his frustrated feelings even if he didn’t want to
-after that encounter he’d have no doubt in his mind that he wants you. he would leave the other woman with no delays as soon as he could to at least prove to you he regrets all his awful problem solving skills


-he would deny and ignore all his feelings of regret
-he would probably just embrace them when he saw a pic on his phone that shouldn’t have been there
-i just see him sitting on his couch contemplating on if to send you a text or not while the other woman wasn’t there
-i keep seeing him trying to get with you again while still going out with the woman
-texts like “i miss you” “how have you been” and “let’s meet up” become a regular for you after about 3 months since you two broke up
-once he realizes you don’t want him back he’d most likely turn to cheating in order to cope with his feelings of being alone even though the other woman is still foolishly with him


-he’ll most likely realize what he’s done to himself when he sees you walking down the street with a good looking person right by your side smiling, you know, happy crap
-i don’t see him being the same in his current relationship after that, he’d just replay what he saw
-he’d be unhappy with his now mediocre relationship since the excitement was gone
-if he sees you again he’d be flirty with you
-kisses,hugging, i only see him doing this drunk of course.
-say you do agree to go back to him, he wouldn’t change for shit.
-he’d continue to see the other woman now that that thrill that was gone came back to him.


-i think jimin would begin to tear up if he ever heard or saw you moving on from your past relationship
-with that, i think he would be nicer to the other woman, as if doing that would fix what he had done
-i see him being a complete asshole in a situation like this
-if he sees you he would most likely kiss the other woman, flirt, to get you sad
-basically he doesn’t want you to forget him because his ego would hit him if he was that forgettable towards you
-he would apologize for being such a jerk, but only in private, but would continue to fuck with your feelings since his pride feed off of that


-the moment jk realized he missed you a bad sick feeling would be stuck in his stomach
-i don’t see him maintaining a stable relationship with the other woman at all. on and off again relationship with all the cliches basically.
-he couldn’t help but compare you to the other woman, the way you dressed, the differences of tastes, how u preferred a certain color and her an uglier one
-he just couldn’t get out of his mind how u were the right one all along
-he would too get jealous of others around you. he’d see pictures you posted and realized he had never meet that guy friend, or that one, or those. basically going mad over every comment, like
-he’d never say anything to you in person but would most likely drunk text you to come over and things like that.

plz if u ever find urself in a situation similar to this plz do not let urself be so easily fooled into a toxic relationship. with that plz have a good day. thank u

requests r open.

He accidentally hurts you during rough sex


Jin would quickly turn into a father about it. He would run a full scan on you visually making sure you were okay. “Doctor Jin, we both know what happened so you can calm down.” you laughed through the pain. “I just wanna make sure I didn’t hurt you-” his face was low, “More than I did.” It took a little bit for him to accept that you weren’t mad at him, but when he did he made sure to go back to his normal happy self.


Yoongi might try to blame you at first even though it was clearly his fault. He would argue for a good minute until realizing you were truly in pain. “You know I didn’t mean it, right? I would never try to hurt you.” His face read regret and it could almost make you feel guilty for the situation except for the fact it wasn’t your fault. You simply reassured him it was okay and that you could continue later.


J-Hope was more freaked out than you at first. The first sign that you were in pain he was quickly feeling it too. “Hobi, it’s okay. These things happen.” you writhed out but you could see the guilt was eating him alive. “I’m sorry, baby, I won’t ever be that rough with you again.” He disspeared for the next 20 minutes and returned with all of your favorite snacks.


Namjoon would immediately stop and quickly take you into his arms. “I’m sorry I was so rough with you, baby girl. I guess I was just caught up in- you.” He smiled and laughed, making light of the painful situation for the rest of the night.


Jimin would start crying and apologizing. “I wasn’t paying attention, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I hurt you, I promise I’ll never do it again.” He would coddle you for the rest of the night even when you claimed you were feeling better. His attention was always so nice and he continued showering you in pet names and love.


At first Taehyung thought you were joking, the way you two normally did when you fucked. It took a good two minutes for him to realize you were actually hurt and in pain for him to stop. He instantly felt bad and was at your side for the rest of the night. “We can play your favorite game tonight, so you’ll feel better.”


Jungkook would freak out. His once sexy tone would quickly turn into a stuttering and confused one. He was Jungshook. He rambled on and on about not knowing what to do but listened to everything you told him to do to help you. “I’m sorry I’m so useless, babe. Especially after I got you into this mess.” he couldn’t help but chuckle. You simply laughed with him and pulled him in close to you to cuddle for the rest of the night.

My Thoughts on Bughead’s Emotional Intimacy/Vulnerability

With Each Other and With Others

From episode 1x01 - 1x10

Both Betty and Jughead have issues with letting themselves be comfortable with emotional intimacy. However, as the season continues and as their relationship evolves, Betty and Jughead gradually become more comfortable in letting themselves be more emotionally vulnerable with each other.

Buckle up because this gets kind of long. More under the cut. 

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I came from Space...

Okay, I know that many expect continuations of stories already published, but I feel informed, my brain does not work in an orderly way. My imagination even less. This was just another idea that came suddenly

Okay, so you didn’t have the best of receptions when you landed on the ground.

You understood, really understood.

But that didn’t change the fact that you went through a little hell before deciding that you were not dangerous

You could say that the members of the League seemed slightly remorseful and a little guilty of conscience after meeting you better

Well, not all (Bruce didn’t regret anything)

Diana wanted to make up for it somehow.

She didn’t want everyone in the league to be so aggressive with you arrival

They were all just overwhelmed and tired and took a little bit of you

She then decided that she would take you to Themyscira

She had not returned to her home a few years ago, but she was eager to find her mother and sisters again, and she was sure you would, and maybe even feel more comfortable there.

The world was not the same as you knew it, you needed a more “rustic” place to stay

She also knew that you would cause a little murmur and exaltation among the Amazons, since there was never another woman from outside.

You were slightly in shock as the boat passed the barrier that protected them.

The island was beautiful. Spectacular and you really have never seen anything like it

Your mouth opened like a fish out of the water and your eyes sparkled

Diana would only laugh at your reaction as she drove the boat as close to the docks as she could.

Of course a bright boat of the XXI century would attract attention and soon you were surrounded by strong and well-armed Amazons

Everything calmed down at the moment Diana it showed

Amazons shouted in surprise and happiness.

And you?

You were still in shock, glimpsing the island, everything else going unnoticed. Even the heavily fierce and armed Amazons (and sexy, by the way)

Diana had to hold your hand and pull you out of the boat and your stupor.

“Who is this with you?” One of the Amazons asked, looking at you with suspicion and curiosity.

“A friend” Diana replied with a smile as she looked at you. But you still didn’t pay attention to the women, just looking at the landscape.

Diana laughed

You were absolutely adorable.

“From the world of men?” Another questioned, “Is it reliable?”

“Look at her, does it seem dangerous to you?” The Amazons stared at you.

You were small, extremely pale (you came from space, spent many years away from a yellow sun and the vitamins that he should give you). Your hair was long too, and your reaction from the time you arrived on the island was that of a child who first saw candy.

One of them laughed

“Absolutely adorable” when all the Amazons began to laugh, you blurted out the eyes of the island and stopped to look at them.

Who were all those people? And they were laughing at what?

“Come on, I’ll show you everything you want to see after talking to my mother”

You said nothing as you went along with Diana and the Amazons, all of them surrounding Diana (and consequently you) wanting to know how Diana was, what she had done and how the world of men had been since the war.

You just remained silent the whole trip, respecting that moment of longing and reception that Diana had.

Originally posted by dianadethemyscira

You were really enchanted with Themyscira, the island was wonderful and the Amazons too. You were surrounded by nature and clean air.

Oh, the fresh air. You had not felt it since you had been taken as a child.

In addition to training the Amazons really have caught their attention.

It was a heavy, arduous and fascinating training

You saw them watching you train for hours and didn’t tire of it

“She’s an interesting girl …” Hippolyta was talking to Diana. Both of you watching from afar

“You have no idea.” Diana laughed. She still had not told her mother where you were from and didn’t know exactly how to tell. So she left that little detail out.

“It’s very observant and delicate. She seems extremely vulnerable and fragile. Definitely a woman from the world of men. "Diana gave the mother a scolding look, but Hippolyta just smiled. "Am I wrong?”

“You can’t generalize women from the world of men, I’m sure Angel is capable of many things.” Diana was slightly tense and ready to defend you, and she didn’t even know exactly why. She barely knew you. But she had not allowed Hippolyta to talk about you like that.

You could have been a little suspicious and introverted since you arrived, but since the League reception, she could not blame you, she wanted you to feel good and comfortable there in Themyscira and would not let your mother or any Amazon change that.

“Okay, let’s do a test then!” Hoppolyta stood smiling, even after Diana’s frown.

“What? Absolutely not! Mom, I love you, but I came here just so that Angel would feel at ease and you’re not helping ”

“What’s the matter, she’s been watching our Amazons for hours, maybe she’s curious,” and with that, Hippolyta just walked toward you, leaving Diana stunned behind. The same soon recovered and followed behind, but it was a bit late. Hippolyta was already talking to you.

“Do you like what you see, my dear?” You stared at the older woman for a second before nodding her head.

“It’s an awesome training. I’ve never seen anything like it ”

Hippolyta let out a small confirmation murmur.

“Want to try, little one?” You frowned at the offer. But you couldn’t read Hippolyta’s face. “A spar against our Amazons, how’s it going?”

“I’m just a guest, I don’t want to impose.” you tried to politely refuse but Hippolyta kept insisting.

“Exactly, you’re our guest, I’m sure they would love to have the opportunity of a fight with you.” You narrowed your eyes slightly and then watched Diana’s hand against her face. You gave a small smile.

She was trying to protect you.

“OK. But I must say I’m no Amazon warrior with centuries of training, "you stood up, pounding the sand of your pants.

Hippolyta smiled

"Great. Menalippe will help her prepare it "you made a small grimace and Hipoolyta pointed at your clothes.” You can’t fight wearing this, it should not be comfortable"

You were fine with your clothes but you didn’t want to be impolite, so you accepted with a small closed smile, following Menalippe.

“Mother …” Diana said in a scolding voice and Hippolyta sighed and smiled.

“Don’t be so tense, Diana. I’ve already seen that you’re protective of the girl. You know we will not hurt her. I will not hurt her. But that can give her what she needs ”

“What would it be?” Diana continued sulking.

“Distraction, my dear. She needs distraction. She’s really adorable. I would not want to be to blame for hurting such an angelic face. So relax .. ”

Diana let out the air she didn’t know she had been holding since Hippolyta was talking to you. Hippolyta was just joking and teasing her. She had nothing to worry about.

“Why all this, anyway?”

“I wanted to see how far you would go to protect her. Come on, let’s find a good place to sit and watch ”

When you returned to the training camp (wearing an extremely uncomfortable Amazon clothing - for you), Diana and Hippolyta, along with other Amazons were in the audience, four Amazons were available in the field. You imagined it would be them with whom you would fight.

Shrugging you shoulders, you walked calmly to the guns and picked up a sword and shield, testing the weight.

“I don’t think I know how to use it there …” you muttered to yourself, but the others should have listened, for they gave a small laugh.

They really thought you was adorable.

Menalippe took her sword and joined the others.

“Just give it your best,” she was gentle, giving you a smile and nodding.

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes for a second and nodded.

“Let’s start”

Originally posted by quantumacid

What no one expected, though, was that you were good

Good not, GREAT!

You not only made them sweat, as the defeated one by one and still came out with only minor scratches.

Maybe a bruise or another for the next day, but you were proud of yourself.

You spun the sword in your hands, still trying to get used to the weapon. It was an extremely archaic object for you that was accustomed to alien weapons.

You then turned your neck for Diana and gave her a smile.

Not any smile, a challenging smile.

You reached out to Egeria, who was still on the ground, helping her up as watched Diana approach with her own sword in her hands.

And despite the beautiful show you gave her before, Diana brought you down easily.

But not before you take it to the ground with you.

You laughed, though. Diana was above you, their faces were very close but that didn’t bother her.

You was happy.

“Yeah, I don’t think I can defeat a semi goddess” you smiled, the most radiant smile Diana ever saw “Yet …” you completed lightly, causing Diana to laugh too.

“Maybe one day.” Diana stood up, pulling you with her.

“You fought well” Hippolyta praised standing next to Diana. “I was impressed”

“Yeah, I still can’t believe that he knocked Penthiselea down so easily.” Venelia joined in the conversation and you blushed slightly, especially because the one whose Amazonian looked at you from the other side.

Oh, now you felt guilty. Should you feel guilty?

“I just used the tactic in my favor” you murmured lowly and Diana laughed before hugging you.

As they walked back to the palace, Diana lowered her height to whisper to you.

“Where did you learn to fight like that, anyway?”

You blushed at the closeness, Diana’s warm breath against your ear gave you little shivers.

“Well, I grew up in space. On several different planets, you learn one thing or another over there. "You tried to look casual and cool as you spoke, but in fact all that closeness to Diana was frying the short circuits of your brain. "Besides, this gravity favors me” you teased, wanting only Diana to stop staring at you with that little look of admiration on your face.

You wasn’t used to paying attention.

But now all the Amazons on the island had their eyes on you.

You just hoped to survive those two weeks on the island after this.

And the most difficult, surviving Diana.

Originally posted by vikaq

Didn’t want to focus too much on the story of the reader because it would be too big. I just wanted to see him struggling with the Amazons himself. I hope you enjoyed. Remember, Angel is a hypothetical name I gave readers. ;)

Fire Alarm (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: you accidentally set off the fire alarm. peter takes the blame. fluffiness ensues.

warnings: none

prompt: “it’s 3am, in the dead of winter, some motherfucker pulled/set off the fire alarm … I’m the fucker who set off the fire alarm with my awful cooking” mashup from this list 

word count: 2.1k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: this was another anonymous request!!! and i am not exaggerating when i say that i LIVE!!! AND!!! BREATHE!!! for college aus!!!! hope you enjoy:)  

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Bet your ass I’m gonna call out louis fanbase for being just as disgusting as louis and creating an environment where online abuse is okay and accepted and encouraged by the abuser 

I feel like this picture encapsulates everything that is magical about Sam and Cait together. These are two people who didn’t have a big break until they got these parts even though they both worked relentlessly. Both in their mid 30s, both seemingly unattached, both ready to work hard and morph completely into Jamie and Claire. And oh my gosh, have they delivered. I cannot imagine anyone else playing these roles the way they do.

In this picture are two people having the time of their lives doing the thing they love so much. Look at their eyes and their smiles. Those people are HAPPY. And they’re lucky to be doing it together because I truly believe they’re acting soulmates. I’m sure both will go on to get other roles and do wonderful things, but the chemistry they have onscreen with each other will never be replicated again. It’s kismet. It’s lightning in a bottle. And it’s really, really rare.

I have watched the pictures from SDCC this year roll out and I’ve been shocked. The ease, the comfort, the chemistry has been bottled up and put somewhere else because they are being “professional” now. We can speculate that they’re serious because the photographer asked them to be, or because they were tired, or or or.

For me, it comes down to the fandom. I think Sam and Cait, prior to last year, were just being them. The affection and love (in whatever form it is/was) that we all saw between them was genuine. It was natural. This need to hammer home that they aren’t together, that they need time apart and have separate lives is not. But it’s because of all of us. Because this is a fandom overrun by trolls, by women who have never been in an online fandom before and cannot tolerate people who think differently, by book purists who don’t want their favorite story ruined onscreen by the possibility of the actors being together, by men who are predators to female fandoms, by antis who hate shippers and screencap and tattle on them, and yes, by shippers who wouldn’t just accept what we were told and let it go.

We’ve all been a part of it. We all continue to be a part of the erosion of whatever it is between them in public that we used to love because we are all waiting for karma to come and get the people who have wronged us. I know I’ve been a part of it when I’ve bitched and moaned and been angry about the way they’ve denied and deflected and blamed. I react emotionally. Every time something happens, I tell myself to think about it and give it some time, and then 5 minutes later I’m on twitter with my little fingers flying. Sometimes it’s for good reason, other times it’s because I can’t shut up. I own that.

But I don’t want to be part of the problem anymore. Regardless of what I truly think is happening here, Sam and Cait don’t want us to believe they are together. They want space. They want to be taken seriously as actors. They want to excel in their chosen profession. They want us to love them from a far distance, and love them casually.

They don’t want us to push back at every narrative they spin. So I’m not going to. I’m not going to believe or not believe what they’re selling anymore; I’m just going to ignore it. As much as I love the people who are steadfast in their public belief that Sam and Cait are together, I think that is as unhelpful as publicly poking holes in their story.

So I’m going to try and find a way to enjoy them again - what they used to be and hopefully what they will be again. What I saw at SDCC is not what I want for them. I don’t want them to be distant. I don’t want them to be Hollywood. I want them to be who they were before the fighting became too much that we started to ruin them. I don’t know what that’s going to look like…but I’m going to try. I really hope we can ALL, both sides, take an objective look and realize that we are helping bring a fast end to something we all love/used to love - Sam/Cait and the show. We deserve a better fandom online and the change has to start with all of us.

the #metoo movement is so empowering and encouraging for victims who far too often feel alone and silenced. reliving one’s trauma is no easy feat, and i’ll forever be endlessly proud of taylor for the absolutely courageous, brave and fierce stance she’s taken against sexual assault and harassment — and for fighting this fight for all women. “do not accept the blame others will try to place on you” is truly the kind of powerful quote we need in a world where justice so often is not attained, as that sentiment will serve as a beacon of light whilst others continue speaking out and standing up. she’s set aside her doubts and fears to help those whose voices so wholly deserve to be heard, and that’s a testament to her resilience, perseverance and strength.