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I Am

I can’t find you
I can’t bind you
cannot claim
or even name you

A touch unnoticed
a dream asleep
or river deep

Who are you  

I am

I am your tears
I am your laughter 
the past, the present
and all things after

I am great joy
I too am sorrow
each breath you take
every moment you borrow

I know your struggle
and offer solace
I exist in peace
as well as strife

Eternity has defined me
please do come find me

For I am all things
I am your life

txghut’s 600+ bias list!

Asher becomes like a sun god in his banished land of savagery, collecting followers nearly as savage as he is but never making it on the level of a beast. In one version of the story he is labeled as their savior, the sun kissed man who lays his hands out and takes once slaves and they go together, they are an army of savage salvation. In other versions he is recruiting demons, they are an army of the damned and should be feared. Asher can be predicted as a literal monster, teeth too sharp and more limbs than needed, the power to control fire or eyes that glow when angered. There are rumors that he can shift into a dragon or a dog nearly a dragons size; countless other rumors, none of which Asher denies are calls as truth. Asher and his army, his friends, are stories told to children to keep them from misbehavior. They are terrifying or inspiring, they are legends among men, and above them all is Asher Forrester.

Never forget that Asher is driven by his heart, but the rawness and pureness of his emotions, and no man or woman can deny emotion. Logic can be countered, but emotion is as steady as a heart-beat, it will only cease when Asher Forrester dies. 

Fuck if I’m not a loser && excited ??? I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and to give you as much love and support as you all have given me throughout the two years I’ve run my beautiful boy Asher Forrester. In truth without the support of all of you, Asher wouldn’t still be here, and like the rest of the ttgot fandom I’d have vanished! But– enough about that. I love each and everyone of you. I have to thank you for your patience and kindness, and the fact you stayed even when I faltered. You’re stuck with me and Asher forever now, and I look forward to the adventures that we get into. Mutual or not, whether I rp with you or not, whether I follow back or not? I still love you– I support you– I know you will be great, and, once again. Thank you. ( ayo the art was done by @likexsummerxrain–archive

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I’ve decided to do a rotational game play in my legacy. I have aging set to the household I’m currently playing with. This way I can play with all the sims I want without any of them dying. 

All separate households will be tagged with the sims name and the generation number. Ex: “IvyRose” & “Gen2″. I’m planning on creating a simple character/household page so it’s easier to follow. (:  

Uhm, uhm, uhm.. so like I have 200 followers all a sudden and I’ve barely been here for a month and I honestly don’t usually do follower forever’s because I don’t ever have the patience to sit down and write all this along with twenty billion names, but I thought I should honestly express how great I’ve felt since I joined this community. MY DOOD’S I’M NOT WORTHY OF SUCH LOVE I AM BUT A SIMPLE PLANT THAT SPROUTED LESS THAN A MONTH AGO AND HAS BEEN SHOWERED WITH WATER, SUNLIGHT, AND TLC EVERY DAY SINCE I BREACHED THE GROUND BELOW. So putting it simply, this is probably one of the nicest, silliest, communities I’ve ever been a part of and I quite frankly love everything about it and I’ve been having the time of my life with it. Y’all are so damn welcoming, I was honestly incredibly shocked at first. I couldn’t believe it. Seriously! BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES, THIS COMMUNITY IS FANTASTIC. Anyways, I hope you guys have been enjoying my company as much as I’ve been enjoying all of yours!

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last time i did this was 2.3k so here it goes boys i’m almost at 2.7k and i’m gonna make some more name aesthetics
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i’ll do these throughout the week, love y'all

Voltron Voice Meme
Voltron Voice Meme

I was tagged by @blessedkeith to do the voltron voice meme THANK YOU :’D tune in for 4 minutes 39 seconds of me saying “sort of” a lot, a single sentence in swedish, and ambiant noises such as gravel crunching and passing trains!!!!

  • name and url
  • tell us a little about yourself
  • how did you get into voltron?
  • had you seen any of the earlier shows before watching legendary defender?
  • favorite character?
  • what are your ships, if any?
  • what are you hoping to see in future seasons?
  • favorite episode?
  • which lion would you pilot?
  • say the following words: shiro, keith, lance, pidge, hunk, allura, coran, zarkon, kerberos, galra, arus, altea, balmera, quintessence

i tag @konekat @sir-klancelot @jackalopesart @kukinta @ja-e-muffin-art-dump @fratboyshiro @undinelance @majinneda @evannly @emoshiro @cryopods and anyone else esp mutuals i would love to hear all ur voices!!!!!!!!!! <3

20 Questions

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @shemlenlethallan

Name: Hm. Good question. 

Nickname: Don’t have one. But if I did…it would be badass and envied by all. 

Zodiac sign: Libra

Height: Average height

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Asian-White

Favourite fruit: ….I need to eat more fruit UM. Cherries?

Favourite season: Summer. I’m cold blooded. Need that heat to survive.

Favourite book series: ………………………………………hm. WELL. Um. Hm. I’m just going to put the Black Dagger Brotherhood here because I have literally every one and I’m like a goddamn fly to a light with them.

Favourite flower: Arabian Jasmine.

Favourite scent:  Dat jasmine right up there.

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite animals: Crows

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Specifically genmaicha.

Average sleep hours: like…8

Cat or dog person: MY cat. 

Favourite fictional characters: Ah geez um…Sem and Alice cuz they my babies. NOT my babies include Cullen (duh), Cole, and Prompto and Geralt. Ah….Rhys….Sam from LoTR…Zsadist from BDB…..well let’s stop here before I spiral out of control….

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

Dream trip: Probably Hawaii. 

Blog created: Bout a year and a half ago

Number of followers: 2445 (thank you kind people. half of my emails are notifications from tumblr about people following me. it’s a real confidence booster)


Klance circus au pt. 2

Ok since @jollyjellbeanjanet@insert-voltron-related-name-here , and @gatorademachinegun all asked, and a bunch of the rest of you all said stuff like “give it to me” (very entertaining to read the tags on that last post, i love yall)

I am writing it. Like, I’m already halfway through the outline, sorry if it wasn’t clear but yes this is a fic in progress. I’ll be working on it more full-time after @klancebb2017 finishes, since I’m writing for that and it takes priority.

But here’s some more stuff:

  • Keith’s a little child watching the circus for the very first time. Notices a boy, the youngest there, only about his age, doing all this acrobatic shit and he thinks it’s hella fuckin cool and he goes again and again and again watching this boy grow up. The obsession never leaves.
  • He’s 22, (i might change the ages between now and when i finalize everything) college dropout, works under Allura now
  • Pidge is 19. Knows Keith from Math, suggested Allura’s thing to him as a job, but kind of as an offhand comment so they’re genuinely surprised when they find Keith at work. Pidge is agender and uses they/them in this.
  • Lance is 23. He gets food poisoning before a show because the other performers are jealous that he’s always in the spotlight, so after they perform with a replacement for him, Allura assigns Lance a private prep team because she can’t afford these things happening to their best performer. Keith, Pidge, Hunk are all part of that
  • Nyma is a tightrope walker from the circus Lance used to be at. She’s visiting her cousin Rolo who decides to take her to see his local circus, and she totally recognizes Lance right away - she goes to talk to him, sort of a tense situation there.
  • Keith isn’t being paid enough, especially now that he can’t just live on campus where they had given him full ride until he dropped out. Eventually his savings deplete enough that he can’t pay rent gets kicked out, so he asks Allura for a raise. She gives him a place to stay with her instead.
  • Lance and Keith do grow closer. Keith eventually tells Lance that he wants to work with Lance’s old circus, not knowing that Lance used to work there, and this ends up actually drawing them apart somewhat, but Keith honestly has no clue why.

Everything else, I’m gonna just wave my fingers and whisper spoilerssss so look out for this sometime late August, maybe! Definitely writing it. 

Hey guys! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Sorcerer’s Stone, I thought I’d create a Happee Birthdae page!

How to join:

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What you’ll get:

  • a spot on my Happee Birthdae page!
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  • my friendship :D 
  • and exclusive access to me crying about the Marauders (and Cedric, my sweet summer boy)

I was tagged by @wise-mage Thank you very much dear!

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better.

  • Name: Lisa
  • Nickname: Jawbones, Jaws, Bones
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 5"8
  • Orientation: Pansexual
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian 
  • Favourite fruit: Pears
  • Favourite season: Fall
  • Favourite book series: The Gentlemen Bastards Series
  • Favourite flower: Daylily
  • Favourite scent: Nothing beats apple pie tbh
  • Favourite colour: Orange
  • Favourite animals: I have a soft spot for baby elephants. 
  • Coffee, tea or cocoa: Ohhh cocoa, with wee marshmallows.
  • Average sleep hours: Oh boy, it’s either 2-3 or a small coma
  • Cat or dog person: Doggggggo
  • Favourite fictional characters: All yee need do is look at my blog to know Zevran, Fenris, Dorian
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: 1
  • Dream trip: A hopscotch around the world to see all my lovely far away friends. 
  • Blog created: Oh boy. Years ago. When tumblr was first created pretty much. I cleaned up my blog when I started writing fic though - just to make sure everything is tagged and such.
  • Number of followers: 791 and I love each one <3

If you’d like to do this, consider this me tagging you. Make sure to @ me so that I can read up on you! Cheers!

Top 10 Bias List

I was tagged by @heebiejbies. Thank you for tagging me but also why would you do something as cruel as this? 😂

Okay so this is supposed to be TOP bias list but it’s mostly just a bias list (that contains 10 of them 😂) because gahh I love all of them equally and omg I have been thinking about this for a week? now, I also decided to go with stage names this time, so yeah, let’s start!

1) Taeil - Block B The most precious thing and the most scary sometimes also hands down one of the best vocalist out there

Originally posted by wocjiho

honestly same

2) JunQ - MyName Omfg I love MyName so much ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

3) Jooheon - Monsta X A very sweet hoooneyyyy~ 🍯

Originally posted by soybeantree

4) Rap Monster - BTS Have I ever told you that my sis been sending me Namjoon for I think more than a year now whenever she has the chance, it started because she wanted to annoy me but she didn’t know he’s my bias and that she was actually doing me a favour 😂 Long story short but I have to post this one day 😂

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

Okay so these 4 were pretty simple, I knew they would be in here but after this it’s just a mess 😂

5) Jimin - AOA Her voice her in general will be the death of me

Originally posted by woorijadoo

6) Bonkuk - INX Jesus people please give INX a chance, they’re great! 🙏

Originally posted by mybonkuk

7) D.O - EXO The squishiest squishy to ever squish but getting serious tho, I relate to Ksoo on a such deep spiritual level it’s scary 😂

Originally posted by jonginssoo

8) Listen - The Legend I’m still so freaking sad they disbanded at least they won their lawsuit 😢

Originally posted by madtwn

9) Bitto - Up10tion rallararallalla yeogiyeogi buteora~ it’s not even his part but I love that part😂

Originally posted by minsooil

10) Sejun/Hanse - Victon Agh actually I’m so lost in Victon because Hanse keeps on giving me a hard time but we and Sejun share birthdays so it must be fate wth 😂

Originally posted by seungsiks

Thank god I was tagged in another bias thingy, so I will continue my rant/list there 😂

I have no idea who to tag, so if you see this and feel like doing it, go ahead!~ Just tag me in it, I would love to read it!~ 😊

i was tagged by angel @1aju to do this thing so here we go!

rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better

name: Michael

height: 4′11~5′0 (Jay I’m even smaller omg)

ultimate bias: have u seen my blog??? Jimin owns not only my ass but also my heart bye

nicknames: cishet people call me Mike which is,,,, typical. my youngest sister calls me mickey or M, she’s the only one who is allowed to call me that though

zodiac sign: pisces (kms all zodiac posts just say I’m a fish. I’m personally victimized n hate u all)

favorite fruit: clementines! c: 

favorite season: fall~

favorite color: black!

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: hot chocolate n tea. coffee sucks no offense like,, I know it’s gay culture to like coffee but :/

favorite animals: i dunno, cats I guess. they’re cool

last tv show i watched: kjsdfhdkjhf family feud, I watch it every night when I get off work lmao

last movie i watched: some war movie idk the name rn

dream trip: I want to travel to multiple places in Japan, South Korea, Morocco, then also Dubai, Berlin, and every american state. 

number of blankets you sleep with: just a sheet and my duvet

song stuck in my head: ”I want you to want me” by cheap trick

what kind of stuff do i post?: At this point it’s 40% jimin, 20% kpop, 10% memes, 25% personal posts and 5% discourse

last thing i googled: the song i want you to want me that’s listed above

side-blog: @micaa-j - it was an anime blog but now it’s a language blog. I also have a transition blog I never use and will delete soon, and then a nsfw blog  under a different account. if you’re 18+ you can ask for it I guess

following: 527

follower count: 290. (this isn’t in this as a question but  since it asked for followers and following I’ll add this: I block a lot of people like… i’ve got over 500 people blocked for various reasons lmao rip)

when did you make this blog: january 2016. This blog is a remake- I’ve been on tumblr since 2011.

do you get asks regularly: nope, but feel free to message or IM me any time with literally anything! <3

why did you choose your url: I’m always tired bc of depression so I’m always going to bed lmao

average hours of sleep: Usually 6, it ranges from 3-12 though.

I’m gonna tag… hmmm.. @highway-in-its-eyes, @csyeonl, @letthewiresrock, @agenderopal, and some new mutuals I really haven’t talked to much! @hobsbf, @parkjim-in, @jiminbythesea and @soulipse :)

anonymous asked:

fav ship from each game? p2ep too if u played it :)

[whips out my cool ship list TM]

p2 is- Tatsujun all day everyday

p2 ep- katsumaya is gud…

p3- whatever the ship names for minato/ryoji and minato/aigis are. if there’s a ship for even all 3 of them together, that’s even better. they. also honorable fucking mention to yukari/mitsuru

p4- souyo is p good… cozy

p5- surprisingly not super keen on any p5 ships. harumakoto is nice and akeshu can appeal to me occasionally but like… not really super into any p5 ships. I dont really super hate most of them either. I just don’t think much of them at all tbh…

David Tennant tag game

I was tagged by @lovethytennant @notgingerbutstillgotlegs @draco9236 @emmettcarverssoulmate Thank you all!!!

Your first DT memory - when you first laid eyes on the tall skinny scottish bloke: Goblet of Fire, though I didn’t know his name that time. He was just “this handsome crazy man”.

Favorite DT Character: I have always problem with this… Alec Hardy probably, bur followed by Kilgrave and Hamlet.

What was the last DT related thing you watched: Well, without counting interviews… I rewatched Richard II.

Favorite physical feature: Eyes and smile

Favorite DT quote? Put it here: “Keep having reasons to get up in the mornings”

Have you been blessed and seen him in person: Oh I wish I had. Not yet.

… or saw him in a play: Live, never

Are you a Tenth Doctor fan: Yes

… how about Kilgrave: LOVE OF MY LIFE

Alec Hardy or Emmett Carver: Alec. 100% Alec.

Favorite DT series: Broadchurch and Jessica Jones. And The escape artist, if I can count it here

Favorite DT movie: Recovery

I don’t know who already has done this, so ignore me, if you’ve been tagged before @tennydr10confidential @whatisthepointofyouhardy @madabouttennant @dr-kilgrave

I was tagged by @star-shapedfruit thanks! :)

Name: Britney

Nickname: Brit, Bri

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′3 (I’m smol)

Sexual orientation: Ace

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite color: Blue and pink

Favorite animal: I like all animals but the most I like are pandas, foxes, and harp seals

Average hours of sleep: what is sleep? lol My average hours of sleep are 8-10 hours

Number of blankets: Just 1 blanket but if it’s winter I put 2 blankets I don’t like the cold that much…

Favorite singer/band: My favorite singer is Bruno Mars god…I love his songs and my favorite band is DNCE at the moment :)

Dream trip: Anywhere! I love to travel! I would like to visit all of the states and other countries too! The places I would like to go the most is Japan, China, DIDNEY WORL, and Korea :) I’m broke as hell I can’t go anywhere :’)

Dream job: I don’t really know…I’m still deciding and I’m still young! I guess a animator or a cartoonist…?

Current number of followers: 1,288 thank you all for dealing with my nonsense! :’)

What made you create Tumblr? A good friend of mine had a tumblr and I was interested in the fandoms that this site had :)

I’m tagging @thingsinlifeyoujustdo @zelos-wilders @naminegg @criticaldrive @zacksoldiers @fission-firaga @shoujo-moogle you don’t need to do this but feel free if you like!