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It’s 9:20 pm and I’m in bed reading Tumblr and I see @sugaredbutnotsweet tagged me for a stop drop selfie, and I take a moment: does the Internet really need another picture of my face? right now? Of course it doesn’t, but that’s never stopped me before, so I don’t see why it should stop me now, and it’s my blog, and these people who are following along know what they signed up for, so.

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King George III lockscreen by any chance? Please?

I went through hell and back for this.. I can’t do small details, so I’m sorry but…

TADAA! I slaved over this, believe it or not. I didn’t put this off, by the way! I just had other requests and I’m doing them in order. Thank you so much for being patient!!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Although with this one I’m not sure why you would hahaha.. Sorry for not getting anything done today! I had a party. (And I finished watching Heathers haha) I might close requests tomorrow, so if you have anything you want, make sure to ask tonight! Or today. Timezones. Thanks for being patient with me!

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"All hail the Rarepair God", I'd say, cursing and worshiping your name simultaneously, except I don't even care who he's paired with anymore, I just want #Actual Human Train Wreck Madara to be a standard fanon tag so I can find more; I'm so weak for his high-pitched tea-kettle noise of rage.


SAME. Madara as a human disaster is my jam, and I refuse to write him any other way. 

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I would //love// to hear any of your trans Robin headcanons! (or if you've already shared them, point me to the post?)

i think i might have shared some before but i cant remember so ill say em all anyway. they might be under my headcanons tag, but idk. in the future ill tag em trans!robin for accessibility 

- Dick was out before being orphaned ((did i pharse it like that just so i could say “Dick was out" you ask? the answer: yes. okay now its out of my system))

- He knew at a young age, and his parents loved and supported him ((i cant write supportive families but i love to hc them))

- His name and gender are legally changed, but he doesn’t know if he wants surgery

- He’s been on Lupron (puberty blocker)

- He identifies as a boy, but he doesn’t care about being masculine. He loves sparkly stuff and painting his nails

- Alfred also loves his trans grandson

- When Bruce finds out Dick is trans (after like a week of the kid living in the mansion alone) he is extremely supportive

- Bruce realizes that Dick’s school doesn’t have an LGBT group, so he gives them money to start one

- For some meetings Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychologist from a local clinic, teaches them important stuff about gender and sexuality, but most of the time they just hang out and talk

- Dick is the unofficial leader of the group. They all love him, and think his dad is awesome for giving them a place to be themselves

- Some kids cautiously approach Dick in the hallways. They say that they want to join the club, but they’re closeted and don’t know what to tell their parents. Dick thinks about it, and tells them to call it the Batman Club. 

- Now all the kids call it the Batman Club (and sometimes they do actually talk about batman)

- Because of this, it becomes a running joke in the club that “the B in LGBT stands for Batman”

and thats the story of how Bruce Wayne accidentally started the Batman Club

Day one - Maedhros - Kingship

Maedhros for @feanorianweek, day one and one day late

I nearly died doing it T-T.

For the anecdocte:  It is inspired by a stained-glass window of a French King from the Middle Age (purple and blue were royal colors for a long time). The writing is meant to be Maedhros name but i’m not sure it is correct. The empty spaces in the crown are for the Silmarils.

I’ll try to do the other days for Feanorianweek but they will probably all be a day late.

Reposting it because I realized that when I posted it yestarday it didn’t appeard in the tag or the search. Weird. Maybe because this side blog is so new? the mysteries of Tumblr

@officialjackkelly @spottyboyconlon @nonstop-laurens @crunchie-morris @awkwardconfusedturtle96 idk if all of y'all want 2 see but who cares fight me


Here’s my summary of my Javid fic “Autumn Leaves”:

Jack lives with his mom and Crutchie cause his dad died but he was military so they aren’t financially fucked and they adopted Crutchie (I’ll get to his backstory in a bit)

David and Les are brothers, normal age as they are in the musical. I don’t remember their parents names though I need to rewatch the movie unless yall know

It starts out in beginning of senior year (autumn) and Jack and David just keep crossing paths and eventually sorta realize wow I like this boy

They decide to see where it goes and start a relationship

It’s secret at first: David isn’t too confident about his sexuality, and Jack is scared of his mom and Crutchie not accepting it cause Crutchie is his brother

But they get caught one night up on this hillside where they drove to hang out and smoke and watch the stars and make out and shit and the DeLancey brothers catch them and have evidence and plan to out them

So Jack sort of has to frantically come out, so does Davey, because they don’t want their parents to find out in a bad way

But Davey’s parents kinda react negatively (aren’t they religious??) so Davey runs away to stay with Jack

And meanwhile at school some ppl give them shit about it but then Jack gets in a fight with both DeLancey brothers and it’s fucking epic so now no one gives them any trouble at all


Javid is official, and it’s Spring which should mean good happy boyfriends, but the unexpected happens: Crutchie’s dad shows up in town.

Crutchie’s back story is that he was originally named Brian but his father was an alcoholic dick and got him and his mom in an accident and it ruined his leg so he’d never walk right again and chronic pain forever. His mom didn’t fare so well.

He was put in social services and because Jack vaguely knew this kid from school he persuaded his mom to take him in. It was only supposed to be temporarily, but he grew on them, they adopted him and he renamed himself Charles Flynn Kelly.

So his father shows up in town after years, cause he thinks he’s entitled to being Crutchie’s father. Jack gets in a big fight with him, and Crutchie refuses to see him, but he shows up at the Kelly’s house totally drunk in the middle of the night and yelling for Crutchie to come out and Jack goes out and starts fighting with him and then it turns to actual hits and the cops get called.

Jack is held overnight but since he’s a minor and a neighbor testified that Crutchie’s father was starting the fight and drunk, he was let out. Davey is a Concerned Boyfriend.

But a problem is that Jack gets called in again, for possession of cigarettes and alcohol as a minor. And everything is super stressful and Crutchie’s father is trying to get custody of him again and threatening court cases and Jack is distant from Davey and he spirals downwards into a depression and it gets bad.

Jack gets overwhelmed and scared, and he runs away. He hops a bus and he just gets away to who knows where. He gets really drunk and goes and finds Crutchie’s dad and assaults him.

And Jack gets shot.

Ms. Kelly and Crutchie and David get word that Jack is in critical condition in a hospital two towns over, and Mr. Morris is being detained for illegal possession of a firearm, inebriation, and shooting a person

So they rush there and find out Jack’s been shot twice: in the right thigh, and his side, barely missing vital organs. Mr
Morris had been drunk and waving a gun, and in the fight it went off twice, both times into Jack.

But he survives, because that’s what Jack Kelly does. And Mr. Morris get slammed for shooting a kid and a bunch of other legal dirt that he couldn’t be properly prosecuted for.

Jack recovers, he has to use a crutch for a while (“hey Charlie look, we’re both Crutchie now!”) And Davey is just so happy that his boyfriend is alive and safe and happy

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nicknames: other than frequently used petnames I’ve never had many nicknames, my birth name is interesting enough as it is. Any nicknames I got were like…. dres or dresi and ngl i never liked them, i think those sound ugly but then within the past few years some friends of mine dropped the r and made it dez and i love it so much. they sometimes will call me dezzy, but it’s rare

gender: i’m a woman

star sign: i only remember my sun sign which is gemini. watch out

height: i never fuckin know for sure but i think it’s like 5′5 or 167cm. I THINK

time rn: 2:40 am

last thing i googled: GMT 0   ….. i just needed to revise ok

favorite bands: this question is so hard because I go through SERIOUS phases, I am the definition of fickle. but BTS*** (obviously), Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, RADWIMPS, Seventeen, Rage Against The Machine, moumoon, The Cranberries, LIVE, Third Eye Blind, Weezer, She Keeps Bees, Nada Surf, Foo Fighters, blur, Guns & Roses, Sublime, Galileo Galilei, SPYAIR, etc…… the brunt of what i’ve been listening to for the past like 6 months tho is kpop as a whole and radwimps tbh so this isn’t a good representation. i also listen to a lot of rap but it’s generally not by any specific artist it’s just…. whatever song im liking at the time

fave soloists: CL, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, 2pac, M.I.A

song stuck in my head: omg ok so lmao…….. good girls by 5sos. kill me

last movie i watched: i think big hero 6 ?

last show i watched: idk some shitty crime doc on netflix

when did you create ur blog: not too long ago um…. ? a month ago? i dont know for sure

what do you post: BTS almost entirely, maybe some svt thrown in there

when did your blog reach its peak?: lmao idk not yet i hope

do you have other blogs: i have another that i’ve had since i was 14

do you get asks regularly: nope

why did you choose your url: ah well… i snagged this url when I was in the midst of being disgustingly smitten with jjk, i think i’ve calmed down quite a bit now but it was intense

following: 242

posts: 1,003

hogwarts house: according to pottermore I am slytherin

pokemon team: I think I was valor? 

fave colors: i truly don’t know

avg hours of sleep: it’s been horrible lately. I used to have hypersomnia lmao and now i get like 5 hours a night. im constantly dead

lucky numbers: lmao im shrouded by bad luck but lets just pretend I have some lucky things…. 3 and 13 just to be edgy 

fave characters: wow this is HARD um ok im gonna try: Violet Durn from Feed by M.T. Anderson (this fav is from when I was FIFTEEN but she made a lasting impression), Ringer from the 5th wave (THE BOOK pls. i barely remember tbh i think i just remember her because i had a bit of a crush. i was like 16 or 17 let me live), Zuko & Toph & Mei from Avatar, SO MANY FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS ITS TOO HARD TO NAME THEM ALL, suga & tanaka & nishinoya & kuro from haikyuu, Ginko from mushishi… ill stop here but let me just add komasan from yokai watch lmao

what am i wearing now?: hoodie and pyjamas

how many blankets do u sleep w: usually 2 depending on the season

dream job: bye

dream trip: you know what…. i dont know

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Name: Gianna. It’s Italian ayy
(insert how Italians meme here)
(I actually am Italian)

Nicknames: Gi, Gigi, and sometimes my teacher calls me Gia. If y'all wanna call me Gi or Gigi, that’s alright!
(Gi is pronounced G but a lot of people spell it Gi)

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius yo

Height: smol, 5'3"

Orientation: pansexual. I’m not out to my family yet, probably won’t till I’m older and out of the house.


Favorite book: HARRY POTTER FAM

Age: In my bio lmao

Favorite animal: call me edgy, but tbh I rlly like wolves.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Hot Cocoa bc I’m cool like that

Favorite Fictional Character: RUBEN MARCADO AND REMUS LUPIN

Dream Trip: London holy shit.

Blog Created: December 2016.

Number of Followers: 2,116. Holy sHIT ily all!!!

What do I post about: Hamilton mostly. Thayne Jasperson, Lin, etc. Heathers and In the Heights and occasionally my other fandoms.

Do I get asks on a daily basis: sometimes!

Aesthetics: Flower crowns.

Fictional Characters i would date: Ruben Marcado, Jason Dean, Heather McNamara, Veronica Sawyer, John Watson ;)))

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

What’s one compliment you always receive?: Usually on tumblr how people love my blog, ily all. In real life, sometimes people just go up to me and say “you’re cute” and I’m like snsnsn thanks

tagged people: @casual-hamiltrash @a-dott-ham @itsahamandjlaur @psychedemigod @thatuglydino @teenyhamtm @matt10nt I’m too lazy to tag anyone else if you wanna do it just say I tagged you

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Pokkipo’s Questions!!

《 1: Do you have any OC’s? If so what are their names? 》

☆ Oh boy do I have OCs!! I own about 50+ of them so I can’t name them all here, but I will name my favorites! Avarias, Gwyndalin, Destiny, Sevearoth, Solaris, Rivven, and Ashton!

《 2: What’s your favorite eye color? 》

☆ Probably pale blues, grays, and maybe purple if that even exists? Idk I like those.

《 3: How would you name your kids? Or if you dont want kids, what are your favorite names? 》

☆ Well, I consider my ocs my children really, so I like the many names Ive given my ocs. Examples such as Raziel, Avarias, Kylo, and all those names!

《 4: What’s your favorite quote? 》

☆ Something my dad told me: A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from others mistakes.

《 5: What’s the last anime you watched? 》

☆ SerVamp actually. I tend to watch it when I have free time really, and I watched it a few days ago during free time in my Advanced Physical Fitness class.

《6: Do you like cosplays? 》

☆ I DO!! I cosplay myself actually! Though, I do plan to do Kuro at some point. But, as normal, I hate my body so I may not do it.. while I think about it tbh.

《 7: Do you have a crush on someone? 》

☆ Fiction wise yes, but in irl Im not sure anymore?? I do like someone but Im pretty sure Im not gonna get with them? Idk that’s just my thought process

《8: How many siblings do you have? 》

☆ Two older stepsisters. I don’t like them too much.

《9: What would your ideal date be like? 》

☆ Oh g od.. Well, I would like to go out and do something nice. A bookstore date? Or a walk around town to buy little things and enjoy my time with them? Buy some food, sit a little while, talk about life! Maybe I even talk about my books Im writing as well. End if off simple and sweet, with a hug goodbye and such ♡

《 10: Do you like your handwriting? Why? 》

☆ Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It’s really sloppy in the morning but it progressively gets better during the afternoon. So normally I dont like it in the morning, but rather in the afternoon!

《 11: Say something positive about yourself! 》

☆ That isn’t… easy for me to do. I hate myself but uh.. I guess I can say Im nice to people??


1: What is you’re favorite series and why? (Could be anything from TV shows, books, anime, ect..)

2: What is your favorite weather and time of day?

3: Favorite Fictional character? Why?

4: Favorite video game? Why?

5: What are your hobbies?

6: If you could pick one fictional world to live in, what world would you pick and why?

7: Favorite animal?

8: Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names and what are they?

9: Do you have any original stories? Tell me something about them!

10: If you have any ocs, who was your first? If you don’t have any, who was your first favorite character and why?

11: You have three wishes, what would you wish for?

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you don’t have to if you don’t wanna!!

-- ❀ | get to know the mun meme!

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RULES: choose 20 followers you want to get to know better! 

name: gi, just call me gi B) 

nickname(s): gi is technically a nickname. by preference <3

gender: female af

star sign: virgo !!


sexual orientation: ace af tho 

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff B) ya bby

favorite color: anything pastel tbh

favorite animal: I love almost ALL animals that won’t kill me. but I take a particular interest in pugs <3333

avg. hours of sleep: it can literally vary from like 9 hours to like a broken 4 hours tbh lmao send help 

cats or dogs?: both! 

favorite fictional characters: this is like ridiculously hard ok I have so many to list but like let’s just say Armin from snk, yachi and suga from haikyuu, and clementine from twdg. just three of the top of my head ; w ;

favorite singer/band: another hard one as I have many – il volo for the band right now, and enrique iglesias for the singer. this is only atm tbh this changes help mE

dream trip: ANYWHERE I LOVE TO TRAVEL :’) 

dream job: teaching english in italy!! <3

when was this blog made?: I’m p sure it was the 27th of July, 2014. 

follower count: 2.6k+

what made you make this blog?: simple answer is @heiichov bc she suggested for me to make Ari an ACTUAL character as opposed to remaining on anonymous like I was, and then I actually started becoming INVESTED in her, and now she is my pudge <3 I wouldn’t trade her for the world! 

tagging: @delincuenta || @desolxte || @amorettos || @wandering-gentry || @akumanoken || @sassygreytea || @devilslcg || @crowinthemoonlight || @piecesofacrow || @ofhxrley || @kirtawn || @kyojinnikuya || @roguehrenjager || @ehnver || @deimpetueux || @laceratxon || @vongute || @l-promised-him || @blondbastard || @cxmmandxr and ANYONE else who would like to do this!! ( just say I tagged u ;)  

Get to know me

I thought I did this tag before, but apparently not. Tagged by @kanamiutau. Thank you for tagging me!

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Name: I much prefer the name Avistella over my real one
Avi/Avis; my IRL friends call me “Bea”, and my family calls me “Beanne”
Zodiac Sign
: Aries
: Portrait Het
: Filipino
Favorite fruit
: Strawberries, I guess? I much prefer vegetables tbh.
Favorite season
: Spring; have I told you guys how much I love the rain?
Favorite flower
: Roses, chrysanthemums, and forget-me-nots; I have too many to list, but those are the three I usually prefer over others, but it all really depends on the occasion/my mood
Favorite scent
: Don’t really have one; I’m sensitive to smells, so I much prefer subtle and lighter scents.
Favorite color(s):
Purple > Blue > Red
Favorite animal:
Bunnies, sloths, pandas, puppies, and pretty much any small fluffy animal
Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate:
Coffee then hot chocolate then tea. I like all three a lot, but coffee is my go to (Though I put hot chocolate powder in my coffee, so…?)
Average hours of sleep:
HAH. What is this word “sleep” you speak of? In all honesty though, no idea. I pass out and wake up whenever without looking at the time. (’:
Cat or Dog Person:
Bitch Dog
Ideal Trip:
Absolute ideal trip? At least three months in Japan with all my friends. Butler cafes and host clubs are an absolute must for me, okay, because I’m a loser who loves being spoiled and treated like a princess
Blog Created:
November 18, 2016; haha, I made a post about it on Facebook because I often voiced how much I hate Tumblr and then ironically got one

Tagging whoever wants to give this a go.

He wrote me: coming back through the Chiba coast I thought of Shonagon’s list, of all those signs one has only to name to quicken the heart, just name. To us, a sun is not quite a sun unless it’s radiant, and a spring not quite a spring unless it is limpid. Here to place adjectives would be so rude as leaving price tags on purchases. Japanese poetry never modifies. There is a way of saying boat, rock, mist, frog, crow, hail, heron, chrysanthemum, that includes them all. Newspapers have been filled recently with the story of a man from Nagoya. The woman he loved died last year and he drowned himself in work—Japanese style—like a madman. It seems he even made an important discovery in electronics. And then in the month of May he killed himself. They say he could not stand hearing the word ‘Spring.’
—  Chris Marker, Sans Soleil

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Name: Ted Cruz

Nickname: Teddy, Loaf Mom, Mather, Dad, Mom, A**

Zodiac sign: ;)))))))))))

Height: 5'7"

Orientation: you tell me, man

Ethnicity: oh boy I’m Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, English, and Polish. And I’m Jewish (which I think is an ethnicity as well as a religion but IDK)

Favorite fruit: peaches

Favorite season: winter and the end of fall when the leaves are already dead and it looks kind of ugly i love that. But all seasons are good seasons.

Favorite flower: daisies

Favourite scent: lavender

Favorite color: blue

Favorite animal: bees, frogs, bunnies, pigs, baby cows, puppies, kitties, turtles, ducks, chicks

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa: tea because it’s just so classy looking

Average sleep hours: 6-8

Dog or cat person: BOTH

Favorite fictional character: Holden Caulfield

Number of blankets: 2

Blog created: may 2016

Number of followers: 5,314 (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN)

I tag @hairball680 @delicate-ariel @cyanimus @brieflytenaciouspersona @runawaytrain-silenthorizon @poorbasil @officialbillhader @radfemjourney @shitty-metta-mun @thiswulfisimpure @totallynormalmaggie @blue-ultramarine @laifuasaweeb @the-mighty-birdy @thoughts-from-an-uncommon-mind @fash-metal @ihavenotyetfiguredoutanything @the-furry-butler is that 20 I can’t count

Question thingie (we were tagged in very similar ones so we made it into one post!)

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(Answered by Snorlax mainly..)

Name | I can’t share the legal name but on here Snorlax
Nicknames | Snorlax!
Zodiac sign | Aquarius
Height | The body is 5′ 7″ ish
Orientation | Personally, asexual lesbian but many within the system
Nationality | British
Favorite fruit | Pineapple or grapes
Favorite season | Autumn/Fall
Favorite book | Depends who you ask but Harry Potter is a common favourite
Favorite flower | Lilly
Favorite scent | Vanilla
Favorite color | Personally purple
Favorite animal | All? Pandas are the system’s safe animal and obviously cats
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | None of them, ta
Average sleep hours | Really depends who is fronting
Cat or dog person | Cat person (but nothing against dogs!)
Favorite fictional character | Umm there are so many! Baymax!
Blog created | No idea, probably 18 months ago ish?
Number of followers | 3976

When did your blog reach its peak: Now?

What made you decide to get a tumblr: We wanted to meet others with DID and document our recovery

Why did you pick your url: So people would be able to refer to me by nickname instead of just “the host”, “and co” is obvious. Snorlax always made me laugh and I’m fat like him so why not!

Last movie you watched: Abby watched Inside Out last night

Last song you listened to: Little One singing Winnie the Pooh in my head, if that counts?

Last book you read: I’m reading parts of a DID book our therapist contributed to when I’m up to it but have a ton of books on my to read list..

Last thing you ate: Mini Smarties

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: Toronto, Canada

What time would you travel to: The future! Bit vague but maybe see what 3000 is like?

I’m sorry I’ve messed up this post but it’s the best I can do with this stupid mind right now!

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If you don’t feel like doing this, no problem! If you’re not tagged, feel free!

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Nicknames: Ken (shortened version of my name!) Pixel (my fur/pokesona’s name!) and well Nano haha from this blurg!

Height: …5'2"

Time right now: 8:49! (Probs later when I post this haha) ((edit it was it’s now 9:38 lol))

Last thing I googled: Courier! I was trying to figure out the right spelling hehe turns out I was right :3

Fave music artist: PATD and 21P I’m currently pretty into. (TBH I love all music so I’ll listen to anything haha)

Song stuck in my head: Everybody wants to rule the world~

Last movie I watched: Tarzan I think I binged a bunch of Disney movies the other day lol

Last TV show I watched: Well it’s not a tv show it’s on YouTube but I’ve been rewatching one of my fave series! (It’s a minecraft thing and it’s called Mianite! I was super super into it for so long and it just ended!! Still salty ;w;)

What I’m wearing now: Work clothes.. ;;

When I created this blog: Idk where to check this haha but before Valentine’s Day!

The kind of stuff I post: Daily Pokémon haha specifically Nano the mew

Do I have other blogs: My art blog nanomewdraws and my personal (I don’t go on to often im me if you want to know what it is lol)

Do I get asks regularly: A couple a day I think totally wouldn’t mind more haha

Why did I choose my URL: I think it’s fairly obvious haha I post (mostly) daily doodles of Nano the mew!

Gender: Boyish..*coughs*

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (Puff pride!!!)

Pokemon team: Umm I’ll just do the one from my Pokémon Moon game
And Nebby!!
(Also my Mimikyu who isn’t on my team full time but I like to imagine that their always hanging out in my trainers bag lol!)

Fave colors: Despite my very pink blog it’s actually green and blue ;u;

Average hours of sleep: No

Lucky number: 13 (omg so original)

Favorite characters: From what? I watch a lot of different things and play a lot of video games I can’t really choose a fave…let’s just go with Nano!

Dream job: Right now I’d like to be a freelance artist.. I’d also like to right a few novels and comics ;;

Number of blankets I sleep with: To many (though not as many as I have pillows!)

Following: I’m following 121 amazing blogs!! (I currently have 551 followers tysm!!!)

Tag you’re it: umm I don’t want to make anyone do this who doesn’t want to so if you see this just say I tagged you ;; haha

Name and nickname: Giovanni ( Gio )

Height: 5′8″

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Native American

Favorite fruit: I am more of a vegetable person

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite book: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Raccoon

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Coffee

Average sleep hours: Usually six.

Cats or dogs: Cats

Favorite fictional character: As if I would choose anyone but myself.

Number of blankets I sleep with: One.

Dream trip: New Orleans

Blog created: This one was created last year.

Tagged by @roserades, if you would like to do this, by all means

Getting To Know Me!

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How old are you?
19 soon to be 20! Virgo babes.

What are some of your talents?
I can automatically tell you the name of a movie a song is from just by hearing a few seconds. I’m creative….lol this is just sounding sad..

What is a big goal you’re working towards?
My life long dream is to be in the film industry. Either a film Director or a Casting Director. 

What is your aesthetic?
I like driving at night with the windows down, the hot air turned all the way up and blaring my favorite music. A cool fall day when its perfectly sunny. I like being out at night in general; watching the city lights and watching people feel free-er. That moment when you’re talking with someone and the stores bright neon sign is lighting up their face…

 Check out my personal blog @blonde-orphan for what I like ;)

What’s one topic you always talk about?

Music & Films! So I just started working at a movie theatre and none of the people there really like movies!!!???!!! Like I can whip up a 20 page power point about how every coming of age person should see The Breakfast Club and Ferris Buller’s Day Off.. Test me.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
People that try to take away other peoples individualism. When you try to bring up something positive you’re really excited and someone undermines it.

What’s some good advice you’d like to give?
You know that saying “You Only Live Once”, well as cheesy as it sounds, its very true. Do things that get you out of your comfort zone, that scare you. After spending all my teen years in my bed depressed out of my mind watching Netflix for hours upon hours. I can tell you I regret not doing fun shit. I can never get that time back but I can make what I have left of my early adulthood meaningful and fill it with lasting memories.

Three songs I recommend?
Somebody Else by The 1975

Slide by Frank Ocean & Calvin Harris

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths

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ESSENTIALLY, THE RULES ARE: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!  

I was tagged by the wonderful @naomi121406, if you don’t follow her, check her blog out! Wonderful mermaid related posts, really cool readings, very sweet. 

Now on to the questions: 

Name- Danielle ✌🏻

Nicknames: Dani, Polar Bear, Jake (inside joke with friends)

Zodiac Sign: Libra, I have to do research on sun and moon and all that fun stuff 

Height: 5′10″

Orientation: Asexual 

Nationality: Canadian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch 

Favourite Fruit: Raspberries, because I relate to them. You always think they’re sweet, but they can be bitter a f. 

Favourite Season: Fall/Winter

Favourite Book: 1984 by George Orwell (WHICH WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A PREMONITION) 

Favourite Flower: Orchid 

Favourite Scent: Vanilla, gingerbread, fresh water (streams or lakes) and the centre of a healthy forest

Favourite Colour: Dark, royalty purple

Favourite Animal: Dolphins or sharks. Majestic a f. Cuddly. Have you seen the cookie cutter shark?? Look up the cookie cutter shark. That little bean needs more love, such a cinnamon roll.  

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Is all of the above an option??

Average Sleep Hours: 8 to 10 if I want to function like a human being 


Favourite Fictional Character: Oh shit. Do I have one? It takes a lot for me to love a character. Maybe Jay Gatsby?? Oh shit but there’s Hamlet. Hmmm

Number of Blankets you Sleep With: Umm… five??? I like being cosy. I’m a human muffin okay, best when warm. 

Dream Trip: Paris, then journeying across the French countryside by train 

Blog Created: Oh gosh… 2015? Idk. Don’t go to the beginning of my posts. It’s all so cringe worthy. 

Number of Followers: 532, with no porn blogs thank God. 

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And don’t worry dream anon! I’m going to get down to answering your interpretation request tomorrow!