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Write a story including a set of three things

1) a wish, an apple, a stolen photo

2) a tree, a suit, a grave

3) a map, a broken necklace, a hidden room

4) an abandoned house, a clock, red hair

5) the army, a small child, a bomb

6) a murder, a pillow, a fight

7) a lie, a bookshelf, a storm

8) blue paint, glasses, leaves

9) lightning, scissors, a pair of boots

10) a taxi, a fountain, a pen

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who's your favorite silm character? or lotr character.

Good news! I just finished crunching the numbers (tagging characters for my ENTIRE SILM TAG, plus as many untagged text posts as I could find), and according to that, it’s Lúthien, with an incredible 17 pages of fanart and wittering attached to her name! … That’s probably not the best measure though she gets a lot of professional fanart. Um, silm is still Finrod. LOTR is probably Frodo. Yet my favorite Silm-or-LOTR character is far and away Galadriel

Accent That I don't have Challenge
A Trashcan Named Kosmo
Accent That I don't have Challenge

FIRST OF ALL @cavernsofdarkness YOU BETTER DO THIS NEXT! She forced this unto my poor introverted mind like the Mistress of Darkness and Doom that she is ya’ll T_T But here’s my stupid, uninteresting ass voice. I would tag more than one person but most people have done it already.

The Rules for The Challenge

What is your name and/or username?
Where are you from?

Pronounce the following words:

- Theatre
- Iron
- Salmon
- Caramel
- Fire
- Water
- New Orleans
- Furniture
- Both
- Again
- Probably
- Alabama
- Lawyer
- Coupon
- Mayonnaise
- Caught
- Naturally
- Envelope
- Twitter
- New York
- Crayon
- Tumblr
How would you address a group of two or more people?
What would you call a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, etc.?What do you call a sweetened carbonated beverage?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call gym shoes?
Choose a book and read a paragraph from it.Do you speak a second language?
End the video by saying any 3 words you want.

[image description: four braided telephone cord ties, attached to a cardboard swing tag, sitting on a red watermelon slice pillow. The ties are made from three stretchable plaited plastic strings, the plaits coiled together in loops like that of an old telephone cord. The tag is white and black with the brand name “Symoon” in white serif all-caps and a price sticker reading “Yen Huot Gift Shop $1.50” in red and black type. From left to right, the ties are: cream/pastel pink/mint, white/grey/black, yellow/light pink/medium pink and light pink/light blue/mauve.]

Braided Telephone Cord Hair Ties - Yen Huot Gift Shop, $1.50 AUD for 4.

Dimensions: 4 cm across when unstretched.

I know it’s quite easy to get standard telephone cord hair ties and bracelets now–I see them in all my local discount, department and dollar shops. I saw these, however, in Footscray’s magical Yen Huot Gift Shop, and I had to pick them up. These are so textured!

It is almost like playing with a small, stretchable Tangle Jr Textured. The braiding adds a lot of hard, bumpy textures to the strands. You can rub your fingers over the braid, work your nails underneath/through the braid or follow one coloured strand around the loop. I also like rolling the loop in my palms or entwining it around a finger–there’s lots of ways to stim with these.

Unfortunately, they’re the smaller size hair tie. They easily stretch enough to encompass my wrists, but I can’t abide tight pressure on my hands, fingers and wrists for chronic pain reasons, so I can’t wear them as a bracelet. They’ll work as bracelets for stimmers who have smaller wrists or like pressure stimming, but the rest of us will need to treat them as a hair tie or a handheld fidget.

Despite the fact I can’t wear these, though, I love them, and I think it’s well worth checking out local dollar shops to find them. I now need to see if I can track down larger versions…

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I HATE when someone tags something Byler but the fanfic only mentions them as friends and has Mileven taking the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Mileven, but it’s horrible people are mistagging a post like that

oh man i feel you on that….. i think on all platforms (tumblr, ao3, etc) people have a tendency to mis-tag because they want to expose their fic to as big an audience as possible like when general posts on here have ship tag names. i really do think it’s unnecessary because if the main rlship is mileven there’s no need to tag byeler? you can make a note in the fic before that there’s some onesided feelings on will’s part if it’s really necessary….. but yeah. i wish ao3 had a better sideship tagging system? bc tagging every ship even if it doesn’t come up is really not necessary

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hellooo, you guys got any recent making out fics pls?

Of course. Here’s what is new in the making out and kissing tags - Christie

Fire In Every Sign of Winter by Marasa (3/3 | 6,262 | Not Rated)

“Dude, I’m freaking out.”

That’s a complete understatement.

everytime you come around (i feel like glitter) by phasedvelocity (2/2 | 4,137 | General)

“ I accidentally grabbed your notebook and i found a crap ton of gay writings/doodles and they’re amazing. Wait, are those combinations of our names all over the pages?” AU

from otp-prompts-for-you on tumblr ( because i’m not creative ).

Catholic School Shenanigans - Joshler by noseringTyler (1/1 | 1,448 | Teen)

Tyler and Josh are roommates. Josh is brand new to St. Theresa’s Boarding High School, and Tyler wants to keep a low profile. This doesn’t work out well when he and Josh are cast as each other’s love interests in the school’s play: Cephas and Eliot. With Tyler coming to terms with his bisexuality and his growing crush on Josh, an exciting tale ensues.

a.k.a.: a butt ton of joshler fluff where good boy™ tyler has to pretend to be in love with bad boy™ josh when they actually are in love and are roommates owo


red confetti by phasedvelocity (1/1 | 5,621 | General) 

“ imagine your otp picking confetti out each other’s hair after a parade or a football game “well in this case, after a show.

the time for being sad is over by K0BRAK1D (pastelxzavva) (1/1 | 544 | General)

of all the lovers blurry’s ever had, none of them could ever quite calm him down like spooky could.

A Bluejob by FallDownToFandom for TwoBoysInABand (1/1 | 7,653 |Explicit)

His body was pleasantly buzzed, he had two great people with him and a promise for a fun night. Potentially more than just a night if they all played their cards right.

“This is why Josh is my favourite.”

i wanna make you mine (but that’s hard to say) by gunsforhandsd (1/1 | 1,290 | General)

in which tyler’s an idiot who chooses to study for exams at two in the morning and josh wants to be cranky but tyler’s lips are kinda distracting

With Glitchmas gearing up I’m getting tagged in theory posts and such.

If I don’t interact on this name or gabis2r PLEASE don’t be afraid to nudge me.

That Net Neutrality post got 14,000 notes in 36 hours, which is great, it’s important, but I can’t see shit all else in my activity.

I’m not ignoring anyone on purpose. I’m swamped. Nudge me. Notes are slightly easier to track on my phone.



Jimin is a YouTuber based in Seoul, spending his days waiting tables at a café on the corner. Jungkook is a YouTuber with no base, until he moves in with Jimin. The subscribers start a tag, and some mutual pining ensues.


Yo guys you should follow my best boy @btsaestheticblog and @demiboyanimetrash (bts aesthetic side blog, and his main blog). His name is Cody, and he’s one of my best friends irl, and I love him to death. The moldboard is one of his, and y’all should go follow him.

Anyways, I’m making them singers! This is mostly for later angst (”hiding every cloud under a smile, when there’s cameras”)(I hate myself). Also, ya boi survived Thanksgiving in the south! One more day and back to liberal midwest I go, thank god.

Happy Thanksgiving

my first year on Tumblr, I made a thanksgiving post noting everyone who had done me a kindness. I really wanted to do that again, and set about trying to, but it’s too much. literally hundreds of people. people who’ve supported me, people who’ve drawn me things, people who’ve sent me a message of kindness when I was sad. after an hour of going through messages and tagged posts, I was overwhelmed. not to mention some of those accounts have changed names or been deactivated.

still, it means a lot to me. it means enough that I WANT to personally thank each and every one of you. I know it may not seem like it because I come off closed and self absorbed, but I really, really appreciate everything anyone has done for me, even down to the littlest kindness. I do my best to remember all of you. however long ago we may have talked, I am always open to hearing from you again.

I do feel obliged to give special thanks to those who helped @esperhabasi move and get settled in our current place. thank you so much @digitallyfanged @ketrava @gripen47 @bobisonlybob @lupuswolfmaster @randomanonman @wallisninety-six Robin, Bill, and those who wished to remain anonymous.

anyhow, thank you all again! and I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving!

y know what’s tripping? all the hardships we ONF fans had to go through memorizing them stage names - and now at mixnine they’re using their real name what is the truth, WM entertalent? now what should i do with my ONF tags here in tumblr smh i want them to get Recognition wtf


i figured it was about time to introduce myself, in hopes of making friends and acquaintances. my name is bambi and i’m a practicing witch, an author, an artist, and a student! this blog is a collection of things but i’m looking for blogs to follow, so if you’re one or have content of the following, please reblog or reply so i can check you out!

  • - follower of aphrodite
  • - nature witch
  • - studyblr
  • - love witchcraft
  • - general witchcraft
  • - poetry
  • - tarot cards
  • - recipes
  • - spells
  • - witchy aesthetics
  • - art (both witchy and in general)
  • - herboloy
  • - if you like animal crossing as much as i do! 

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(same name tag anon) And after the cock-sock segment they show a clip where one says "Susan" and it's attached to the silverware so I'm guessing it was to say whose was whose and Andrew just put his name tag on?

that video was such a mess and i’m so glad that we’re getting in-depth analysis of it bc that is all that i want

Music Name Meme

Healing Termina - Theophany

Aethervox - Drakengard 3 OST

In a Box - The Legend of Korra OST

Labirithine - Final Fantasy XV OST

A moment of Silence - Mass Effect 3 OST

Walt - Yoko Kanno

Ensei - Yuki Kajiura

To the Abyss - Made in Abyss OST

Yami o Kiru - Akame Ga Kill OST

In the Blind - Made in Abyss OST

One is All, All is One - FMA Brotherhood OST

Sins of the Father, Sins of the Son - Final Fantasy XIV OST

I didn’t get tagged but damn right I would tackle something like this.

tagging: @weepingknight, @lordofcrowns, @qarajin-borlaaq, @fishtailsushi and anyone patient enough to go through with it lol

❤ Dating Sim Tropes ❤

I saw @ivoryhartmagick​ do this and immediately jumped on that action

reblog and fill in with details about your muse as if they were a character in a dating sim.

name: Sapphira (last name unknown)
their profession: former pirate, former circus performer, current disaster, a witch forever and always
where they can be found (e.g. park, café, gym, etc): chilling in a hammock or sunning herself like a giant lizard in the garden behind her magic shop
favourite food type (breakfast, junk food, veggies, etc): spiced potatoes, kielbasas, rice pudding

favourite alcoholic drink: mead
favourite trait (romance, passion, sexuality, talent, flirtation, sentiment, joy): passion, flirtation, sentiment, joy
where they would go on a date: the beach on a cloudy day, the local pub, the marketplace 

ideal gift: bolts of cloth, sewing supplies, seashells, jewelry 

how many dates until they go to bed: she will not sleep with anyone unless she’s in an established relationship with them first. So good luck, amigo.

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hello, i’ve been going through your blog tags and i was wondering what the letters before the names of members means/is? for example a:suga. sorry if this is confusing!

This is to organize everything, you can find all the tags here. In this case a:suga means airport, so airport pics of suga.

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Male mc x Julian pls ?

hi my name is dreamy I write trash arcana nice to meet you go d I’d stick this in the tags but I’m on mobile and thus will reformat this.tomorfow I hope this seems in character for both the mc and Julian lmfao =.=

in all seriousness, I’ve been trying to write this collab fic for fun and I was originally going to use then was like lol no so I was like ok why don’t we reuse reduce recycle this and post it for a request

this is @social-awkward-breadstick ’s apprentice Aren. Ive gotten to know Wolfy over the past couple weeks, and they’re v friendly and amazing!


“A kiss and I’ll surrender,” Aren said stubbornly to the doctor. Julian slowly walked to Aren and put his arms around the blonde magician, whose messy, curly hair ruffled in the slight breeze. With a smile, the doctor gave Aren a soft kiss across his lips - one that was satisfying to Aren yet left him wanting more.
Both were slightly out of breath from the chase, and Aren pressed his flushed cheek against Julian’s arm.
Today, Aren had led Julian on a chase for fun - he had taken one of the doctor’s numerous books and led him all over everywhere. Aren felt youthful and childish as a smile danced across his visage; teasing his beloved had been fun for both.

“We should do that more often,” Aren enthused exhaustedly; the magician sat on the ground and patted the grass beside him, beckoning Julian to join him.

“Maybe we should, my dear.” Julian answered with an expression of adoration. Aren’s heart leapt slightly.

He loved Julian so much.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for the majority of you and your interactions mean a lot to me

I’d try tagging everybody but I’d probably miss a few names and I don’t want people to feel left out but y’all prolly know who you are anyway