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[au] jodice at san diego comic con from 2011 - 2017 (✿◠‿◠)

“our amazing six year long journey… is sadly coming to an end. it just feels right you know?we’ll miss playing hybrid ken and vampire barbie as much as you’ll miss seeing them on your screens. thank you to all the incredibly fans, we couldn’t have done it without you! but this doesn’t mean it’s the end for klaus and caroline… it’s only the beginning to their eternity together.”

EXO on Snapchat

A/N: I feel bad that I haven’t been posting, so have this extra shitpost from me to you @dont-hit-the-tuan for brainstorming with me


  • definitely the type to never snapchat his face
  • it’s always pictures of his cat 
  • or just a straight up wall
  • or sometimes if you’re lucky a shot of him walking but literally like only his legs and the ground
  • if he does snap his face it’s sTRAIGHT UP DADDY HAVE FUN


  • always snaps his face but never uses filters
  • not that he needs them
  • and is always smiling super big no matter what you’re talking about
  • always puts his snaps on infinite time because he doesnt like time limits
  • his story is just him smiling at the camera at different places


  • filters filters filtERS FILTERS
  • literally unstoppable with the filters
  • it’s almost annoying but he’s so cute that it doesn’t matter
  • will put filters on strangers and video them while giggling in the background
  • his favorite filter is the dog filter lets be real he’s a hoe


  • probably the best at using snapchat out of all of them
  • his snap story is always updated with his latest adventures
  • rly cute dimple selfies with that flower crown filter b/c he knows he’s cute
  • constantly posting pictures of the sky as if he’s never seen it before
  • always adds a cheesy inspirational quote 


  • god he’s so cute on snapchat i cANT
  • always putting emoji stickers everywhere
  • loves putting the filters on members and videoing them (baekhyun and him frequently do it together)
  • his story is just of the members doing things like eating n stuff but to Lay thats some seriously interesting stuff
  • which it is, lets be honest


  • literally never posts a selfie and when he does its those shitty mirror selfies
  • only gives u like 3 seconds to look at each snap
  • always pictures of trees or a flower or a random park bench
  • no filters ever
  • has no idea what a snap story is and refuses to explore it any further


  • never alone in his selfies
  • always has another member or friend or bird or literally anything
  • thinks all of the filters are hilarious and spends way too long playing with them
  • the bunny filter is of course his specialty 
  • his snap story is pictures of different restaurants he goes to and the food he gets at them


  • literally thinks putting filters on pictures of people is SO FUNNY AND ORIGINAL
  • his snap story is just pics of models with the dog filter 
  • or it’s videos of actual dogs
  • accompanied with him giggling in the background
  • the only time he takes a selfie is when there is a dog involved


  • this bitch
  • he’s the type to post pictures of himself with the MOST flattering filter
  • especially the flower crown ones those are his main thing
  • either that or pictures of his outfit in a store mirror
  • literally never puts captions on anything

It’s been far too long since I last drew these guys, so here are some of my fave Silm elves (and a couple of Dark Lords to balance things out)

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Please remember me- just like this. Innocent. Us barely awake. Small rays of sunlight streaking through the window. Hair a mess and skin bare. Only wrapped up in your grandmothers blanket. Eyes soft, only for me to peek open with just one. And suddenly…a smile tucking itself in the right corner of my mouth. The purest form of happiness I ever felt…

Was getting to wake up and see you laying next to me.

Love, Me

—  You’re still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen