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Polly doesn’t want them in the twin’s lives but Alice decorates the nursery anyway because “she still might come home, Hal” and “of course she’s coming back, Betty dear”.

So, Alice paints the nursery walls a bright sunshine yellow and the ceiling blue with white clouds. Everything has to be perfect for when Polly comes home and she can meet her grandchildren for the first time. She goes shopping one day to buy cribs for the twins (Hal is at the register and Betty is at school, and thank god because that means she gets to decide on the cribs herself). Alice finally finishes putting them together at 9pm, she completely forgot about dinner, but that’s okay because Betty’s had Pop’s and she hasn’t had much of an appetite since Polly left, and besides, she was too tired to cook anything. She drives to Pop’s though, simply because “mom, you need a break, eat something” has been ringing in her ear ever since Betty came home. Alice still doesn’t want to eat so she just orders for Hal. It’s just FP working and for the first time she ignores his petty remarks. For the first time he can’t get a rise out of her.

“just onion rings and a grilled cheese to go.” “Sure thing, Alice” followed by - well, whatever he’s saying to her, she’s not even listening. “I’m tired, FP.” “Oh.” Well, that worked. Hal gets home at 10, maybe if she gets home before him she can leave a note by the food and just go to bed.

Alice finally asks Betty about the twins’ names. Hell, they must be at least a month old by now. “Juniper and Dagwood? I refuse to call my grandchildren some - those cult names!” “Alice-” “No, Hal. This isn’t fair. Why - I just want to see my little girl again, I just want to meet my grandkids, I just-” and cue another breakdown. What was this? The second one this week? Alice doesn’t blame Polly, after all, it was her who drove her own daughter away, “it’s my fault” she keeps saying to herself.

The cribs are too plain, so Alice paints one blue and one white to compliment the ceiling she had painted a month prior. Still too plain, and now the rest of the day is spent carefully writing Juni on the white crib and Dug on the blue crib. Alice outright refuses to call the twins by their full names, they’re hideous. Maybe when Polly comes home Betty can help her convince Polly to change the names. Julia and George are much better. By now, there’s two shelves for each of the twins: one with books, the other with cuddly toys. The cribs even have mobiles on them with little sheep. And the old rocking chair in the attic is now clean and in the corner of the nursery with a puffed up cushion. Even though the nursery is perfect Alice still feels like something is missing. She knows what it is, but refuses to admit it.

She hasn’t left the house for two weeks, even Betty’s friends are asking after her. Most days Alice just sits in the nursery reading the baby books she brought. Three months. It’s been three months since the twins were born and she doesn’t even know their birthday. Polly still doesn’t reply to her texts and calls of “please come home” or “we miss you” or “how are you? How are the twins?” Betty doesn’t even hear from Polly anymore. Chic comes and gives her the nightlight she gave him when Betty rushed him home injured, “put it in the nursery, Alice.” He still doesn’t call her ‘mom’, she doubts he ever will.

Hal was meant to be home at 2pm, it’s now 7, Alice thinks about calling him but he’s probably still at the register. Betty comes home at 8, dragging Jughead and FP through the door, “your favourite, on the house.” A strawberry milkshake and onion rings? How does he remember and what does he want? Still not hungry, but she eats it. For Betty. They all sit down in the kitchen, all three of them tell her how they’re worried, FP lectures her on not giving up. “I’ve been there, Ali.” FP and Jughead leave at 9:30 and Alice tries to go bed but Betty doesn’t let her, “I just want to talk a bit longer, mom.” Great.

It’s at 10pm when Hal walks through the front door holding one baby and Polly holding another. “Surprise honey!”

Alice has never cried so much in her life.

Oh, she can’t wait to show Polly the nursery.

  • Minho: If I were a gardener, I'd put our two-lips together
  • Jisung: Aww babe :)
  • --
  • Hyunjin: If I were a gardener, you'd be my hoe
  • Seungmin: Thanks

tony: now peter, one of the key things to know about becoming a strong successful man is-

peter:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) cant spell success without succ

tony: excuse me???

peter:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

tony: …

tony: gtfo

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Hi okay so I have a fear of driving and I drove again for the first time in a month and I felt super proud of myself for this one little accomplishment and I just felt like I had to share it with you okay? ;; Driving really, really freaks me out b/c you never can count on other people to do the right thing and accidents happen but I built up the courage to treat myself to lunch today!!! <3 <3 And also you're really sweet???

!!!! omg nonny congrats 💕💗💖 this is such a wholesome ask thank you for sharing it to me :’+) i really appreciate it !! i actually delayed getting my license when i was 16 cause i had similar fears of driving so good on you nonny for taking it slowly + building up the courage :’+) 💗 and yES !!! treat yourself!! i do it all the time. celebrate the small things in life + treat yourself w/ some bombass food. now that’s living the good life hehe but ily nonny !!! ty for sharing 💗

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Imagine the chocobros reaction to meeting a black girl with the biggest and most gorgeous afro they've ever seen x)


(Poor boy would get immediately shot down tho, you don’t pet a black woman’s hair okaayyy)


(Would then lowkey ask Ignis if he could make his hair like that. After a long suffering sigh, Ignis would calmly explain that no, he cannot.)




(Is the most gentleman-y man ever, gets that puss at the end of the night because it’s Ignis mthrfkn Scientia and he always wins, the end)