i will not be doing more


a small room in the attic for little oz

I admire Frank Castles skill to paint really nicely stylized skulls on his bullet-proof vests..

peppermint-chocolate-cherries  asked:

On the topic of the rocky mountain oysters, what is the worst food any of the Anglos have forced the others to eat? (Scones don't count.)


                                   - ᴛʜᴇ ᴀsʏʟᴜᴍ -

                               [Hellblazer cover from Matt Ryan’s photo on twitter]

if you are gonna to delete the caption from under my art - or anyone’s art, really - I will find you and kick your ass 


I wanted to fuse two of my fave sdr2 girls with two of my fave ndrv3 girls!

Their names would be Nanamugi and Makiru or smth like that

god i know i talk about how i’d die for the happiness of will byers and all but in reality? i breathe in unrequited byeler content like oxygen. that boy is setting himself up for heartbreak especially now that eleven’s back and i am 500% here to see him work through it

Thank you, angels!!! 🕊✨💖

That has to be the most times I have ever been told “happy birthday” in my lifespan thus far, 🙈 and for that I’m so grateful and flattered. You are all precious angels and I think being twenty-one shall be exciting, rejuvenating, and eye-opening! Yesterday was a lovely and energetic birthday… I can feel it all already, and surely the New Moon in Scorpio played her big part, too. ;-) I love you so much, wishing everyone a very blessed Sunday! ✨🙏🏻🎊