i will not add the rest of the japanese name for the life of me

psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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SLBP Fic: Keep Me Warm Until I Wake (1/1)

A/N: Is it still the 20th in some other time zone? Maybe? I hope so …

Also, I’m not really 100% sure what Nobuyuki’s and Yukimura’s childhood names are? I mean I did some research but. Lol. And I can’t read Japanese reference sources to save my life so like, if anyone out there wants to help a bitch out that’d be great.

Pairing: Nobuyuki/MC
Word count: 1,370
Summary: Five times Nobuyuki gets sort of rudely woken up, and one time he doesn’t.


(Things were uncomplicated, once.)

He wakes up to the sound of his baby brother crying, followed by the sound of his mother’s lilting voice whispering hushed nonsense to calm him.

It’s warm.

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clubspooky  asked:

i know you mentioned that pidge and her partner (does she stay with lotor?) have a dog, but have they considered adopting kids of their own? if they do, how would they let the rest of the voltron fam know? or are kiddos not in pidge's life plan (i means at least outside of her nieces and nephews from lance and hunk)?

[The Voltron Family] It shocked them to know Lotor was actually Zarkon’s son who was studying abroad most of his life, who returned to his father when he got into college. The teens knew back then that Lotor was a son of a business tycoon but they didn’t know it was their neighbour Grandpa Zarkon. Lotor found this so amusing when he came home one time, and saw Pidge walking home eating an ice cream. 

Pidge: *blinks in shock* The heck you doing there?
Lotor: *points at Zarkon’s house* I live here. 
Pidge: *chokes* YOU WHAT?! 
Lotor: It’s my father’s house. *shrugs* Well, one of his houses.
Pidge: Zarkon’s your Daddy?!
Lotor: *nods in confusion* Last time I checked, yes.

The thing with Lotor and Pidge, they had so much fun together. They kept travelling the world together after Pidge graduated (Lotor was 2 years ahead). Lotor proposed when they were in Belgium over Belgian waffles during breakfast outside, and Pidge snorted out her chocolates and Lotor found that so endearing, he started laughing.

Pidge: Are you serious?! *wipes her nose with the napkin Lotor handed*
Lotor: Well, it’s fine if you don’t want to, Peejon. *smiles softly*
Pidge: *smirks* You just want to turn your boring richass life to an adventurous one with me, don’t you?
Lotor: *smirks* Maybe I do. So?
Pidge: *hums* Maybe I do want that, too. *grins* 

Pidge sent her daddies and Hunk and Lance a photo of her hand with a ring that had chocolate smear from her food with the caption of: “Guess who got engaged to a dork in fricking Belgium over Belgian waffles (das why there’s a smear. don’t mind the smear. it adds charm) ???” 

They ended up having a dog and she and Lotor were the wealthy-uncle-and-auntie-who-spoiled-their-nieces-and-nephews. However, she saw how happy Lotor was with Hunk’s and Lance’s kids, so she went to her daddies’ house.

Pidge: Is it wrong that Lotor and I don’t have kids?
Shiro: *shakes* No, it’s not? What made you think of that, sweetheart?
Pidge: My dork’s just… yknow a little too happy with the little gremlins.
Keith: *interlaced his hand with Pidge* *smiles softly* Sweetheart, are you thinking of having kids with Lotor?
Pidge: *squeezes Keiths’ hand* Everyone’s just happier with kids.
Shiro: Not all. *laughs* Even your Daddy Keith and I took 3 years until we adopted three of you.
Keith: *hugs Pidge* Think about it. Talk it out with Lotor. Kids are a serious business. There’s no going back if you decided you want them.
Pidge: It would be nice to have a little one running around. *chuckles*
Shiro: It would. *laughs* I remember when you were still so little. Always running around the house making a mess wherever you go.
Keith: So many broken vases, oh my god. *laughs*
Pidge: *smiles sheepishly* Oooops? A bit late to apologize for that, innit? *laughs* But is it worth it? Was it worth all the trouble to have adopt—
Shiro: Yes, of course. Even all the sleepless nights. *grins so wide*
Keith: Definitely. Especially if they turned out so great later in life. 
Pidge: Awww, gosh, you guys. So cheesy. *rolls eyes*

One Sunday morning, the doorbell rang. Keith opened the door and found Pidge standing, smiling so wide.

Pidge: *hugs and kisses Keith* Morning, Daddy Keith! Is Daddy Shiro in?
Keith: Yeah, of course. *goes to the living room with Pidge*
Shiro: *joins them* Sweetheart. You should’ve called us if you wanted to drop by. *hugs and kisses Pidge*
Pidge: *laughs* Would ruin the surprise.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* What surprise?

Pidge just grinned excitedly as she went back to the hallway and signalled someone to come in. Lotor entered the house carrying a little boy who looked about 3 years old.

Pidge: *looks at her daddies* Daddy Shiro, Daddy Keith. Meet our son, Tadashi.
Keith: *places a hand on his mouth* *teary eyed* Oh god.
Shiro: *smiles so wide* *pulls Keith with him to meet their grandkid*
Lotor: *smiles* He speaks just a little Japanese cause he lost his parents earlier this year.
Keith: That’s fine. *coos at the child* Hello, Tadashi. Daddy Keith and Daddy Shiro will make sure you will be fluent in Japanese.
Tadashi: *giggles* *reaches out to Keith*
Keith: *takes the child into his arms* *looks at Pidge and Lotor pointedly* Your child will call us “Daddy Shiro” and “Daddy Keith” just like the rest.
Pidge: *rolls eyes in amusement*
Lotor: *laughs* Yeah, we already decided on that too. We’ll just be “Mommy” and “Daddy” to Tadashi.
Shiro: *takes Tadashi from Keith* You almost have the same name as I do. *laughs* *kisses the child* Takashi and Tadashi. We’re gonna be the best duo.
Keith: *whispers to Pidge* I’m surprised and happy at the same time you adopted a Japanese kid.
Pidge: *smiles* Yeah, me too. When Lotor *looks at Lotor* and I went to the orphanage, we saw him sitting by himself in a corner. He felt so left out because he was the only Asian. We knew then and there that we wanted to adopt him.
Lotor: He’s just adorable and it was honestly love at first sight for me. *stares fondly at Tadashi* He’s going to be the nerdiest and geekiest kid.
Pidge: *nudges Lotor* I’m going to make sure of that. *chuckles*

[PART 02]

hey! i translated a small part of one of the stories in the most recent TG novel “quest”! it’s the part with touka and nishiki in the story called “tension.”

it didn’t seem to me that this had been done already, though i didn’t do a lot of searching. additionally, i’m pretty uncertain about a lot of parts in my translation (esp. dialogue), and, i welcome any corrections or tips. for the most part, i just did this for my own japanese practice/enjoyment and also bc i adore touka, and am just sharing in case anyone is interested :)

hope you all are having a good day~

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anonymous asked:

I know the theory isnt your cup of tea but is it even possible that Dad kogane is shiro's brother ? Like from a mathematical pov ? It was also never foreshadowed that shiro has a bro in vld at all so :/

I think the reason why people talk about it sometimes is based on the idea of:

Dad Kogane that we see looks a fair bit like Shiro- presumably his eyes are more violet than gray, like Keith’s, but they have similar hair color, hairlines, jaw shape, and build- Dad Kogane is sturdier-looking than Keith.

Ryou Shirogane is a character in Voltron Defender of the Universe- or, rather, a character in GoLion who looks quite a bit like his fallen brother, who only shows up some time after the original Shiro has died.

Technically it’s possible that Shiro could have a brother old enough to have a sixteen-year-old son, but it would mean that Ryou would have to be quite a bit older than Shiro, which happens sometimes with siblings, so I wouldn’t exactly suggest it’s a counterpoint, it’d just mean Shiro was a late surprise in his family.

I did talk about it here, though, that if this theory were the case it doesn’t seem Shiro is aware of his relations to Keith, and if he were, he’d probably be very mad at Ryou for hiding this from the rest of the family.

Other than that, it’s not foreshadowed, but the only people we have more or less a comprehensive family picture of are Pidge and Lance, and Lance’s is kind of a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” and we don’t know specifically how he relates to them, if he has a lot of siblings or is an only child with a lot of cousins or lots of siblings and cousins.

Shiro and Hunk are total unknowns for family situation. We’ve seen Keith’s dad but mom’s been only referenced and we don’t know the dead/alive status of either of them- we also don’t know anybody else who might’ve been attached there, because Keith’s parents didn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s quite possible that Keith’s mom had family among the Blade that’s still there.

My personal issues with the theory that Dad Kogane is Ryou Shirogane, which, um, got longer than I anticipated so I’m putting it under a cut:

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Voltron Actor AU

Hey guys, so there’s a decent amount of people who seem interested in my actor AU, so I decided to gather up some of the ideas I have and put them all on this post! Please note, I have not fully fleshed out everything in this AU, so if there’s very little information revolving around certain characters or just in general, then I sincerely apologize. I will happily take ideas, so anyone is free to send me stuff through my inbox, or just reblog this post and add stuff here! I’ll make a masterpost of this AU later on to make it easier for everyone. Also, this IS a Sheith AU, so please no hate. Alright, so I’ll shut up now.



So in actor AU the entirety of the Voltron cast are all “real-life actors” who are all in a live-action sci-fi show called Voltron!

Shiro is played by a disabled, Japanese actor who, funny enough, is named Takashi like his character! His full name is Takashi Hiroshi Takahashi-Kogane. Keith’s actor is played by a famous Korean musician named Kyung Ryu Takashi-Kogane (yep, if you didn’t guess it already, Shiro’s and Keith’s actors are married ;) ). Pidge’s actor is a genderflui actor named Morrigan James who is just getting into the acting world, but does just as good of a job as the more experienced cast, like Takashi. Lance’s actor is a famous Latin American actor by the name of Manolo Almirante, and Hunk’s actor is Haulani Hani Kealoha (or as he is often referred by family and friends “HaHa”) I still haven’t come up with a name for Allura’s, Coran’s, or any of the other actors names or fully fleshed them out. (Feel free to help me out with that) So here’s some more miscellaneous information on the cast and crew of this AU!

  • Takashi is a disabled actor, but unlike his character who lost his right arm through a traumatic experience, he simply wasn’t born with his right arm. 
  • He actually does a bit of modeling in fashion shows dedicated to people with disabilities and donates all the money to charities for children with disabilities
  • He practices some martial arts, and is pretty good at kickboxing
  • He’s married to Keith’s actor Kyung
  • The two met by accident when they stayed at the same hotel when traveling and pretty much hit it off right from the start
  • They dated for several years before getting engaged and having a slightly secret marriage (they didn’t want a huge fuss so they may or may  not have eloped)
  • The directors for the show kept getting frustrated with these two, because damnit stop looking at each other all lovey dovey while we’re in the middle of scene, but then when people started shipping the two characters, the director went fuckit, and started lowkey hinting towards Sheith.
  • Takashi is basically a real-life embodiment of Shiro and was actually hired on the spot when he went to audition for his part.
  • Now onto Keith’s actor Kyung- as stated before he’s a famous, Korean musician.
  • Acting is not his main career, and typically prefers to focus on his music than acting, but he HAD to be in Voltron, because the old 80s Voltron show was part of his childhood so ye
  • Kyung is super chill, and is nowhere near hot-headed like Keith, so seeing him play this very agressive and angry character is so shocking???
  • Seriously, Kyung is super chill and laid back??? It’s so weird?
  • Either way, he does an amazing job as Keith
  • Like Takashi, he does do martial arts and is damn good at it
  • Kyung always had a crush on Takashi even before they officially met
  • Pidge’s actor, Morrigan, is extremely new to acting
  • Like seriously, this is their first acting job, but they’re so amazing???
  • While Morrigan plays the youngest paladin, Morrigan is the oldest in the main Voltron team (Shiro,Hunk,Keith, Lance)
  • The cast jokingly say “When I was your age-” “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN MY AGE!”
  • Morrigan is dating Allura’s actress, because HOTDAMN
  • Okay, so Lance’s actor is Manolo, and is a famous singer in his hometown in Cuba, and when he sings he’s a smooth motherfucker
  • On the first day of shooting he hit on Kyung AND Takashi unaware that they were married to each other
  • When he found out he was so embarrassed and immeditely became a flustered mess and apologized profusely
  • Kyung and Takashi were chill about it, but never let Manolo live it down
  • EVER
  • Manolo is actually really shy, and he’s almost the exact opposite of his character Lance
  • He and Kyung become total bros
  • The ultimate BROTP
  • Sometimes they sing together and pester the rest of the cast members by following them around and singing as loudly as possible
  • Manolo is a major romantic and helps Kyung be more romantic
  • Imagine that scene in The Book of Life where Manolo sings to Maria at her balcony
  • Imagine that reenacted with Kyung sitting on top of Manolo’s shoulders trying to sing to a very embarrassed and flustered Takashi
  • Manolo has a ridiculously huge crush on Haulani (Hunk’s actor)
  • Speaking of Hunk’s actor, Haulani is fairly new to acting, but still has a few years on newbies Morrigan and Allura’s actress
  • Just like his character Haulani is a major sweetheart
  • He’s a really good surfer and used to participate in huge surfing competitions and would even got first place on some
  • He has lots of tattoos on his arms and shoulders
  • Has a giant turtle tattoo on his back, because they are absolutely his favorite animal
  • Haulani has a bit of a crush on Lance, but doesn’t think Lance feels the same way
  • Everything on the show is almost completely improvised
  • I’m not joking
  • Everyone’s favorite “I CRADLED YOU IN MY ARMS” scene was improvised and was just a joke between castmates
  • Haulani shouting “I’M A LEG”
  • When the team was making terrible lazer sound affects
  • Takashi was supposed to say something really serious, but completely forgot his lines and instead did the “BLAM BLAM BLAM” thing
  • Everyone went along with it
  • The directors kept it, because it was A+
  • Sometimes the directors tell the V team to do whatever they thought their character would do
  • Manolo’s last words before getting wreckt


Alright, so this is all I have for now, please feel free to add on whatever ideas you may have! I will pick my favorites and put them in the masterpost, but still, go right ahead and go nuts. I do have some sketches of the V team actors, but I’ll post them later on.

Tsukista TV Ep 4 Summary Notes

This week’s episode begins Procellarum’s turn! The nenshou-gumi is up first as usual, so this episode focuses on Sato Yuusaku, who plays Rui, and Sasa Tsubasa, who plays Iku. Continue reading under the cut for the notes as well as gifs and screencaps. Also I realized I’m sort of inconsistent when referring to the stage actors by either their first or last names alone, but I usually go with whichever the fanbase calls them more often. (Hopefully it’s not confusing >_<) As always, feel free to add to the list or correct me if I got anything wrong~

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Making A Spirit Construct

So I was loaned a copy of “Advanced Witchcraft” by Edain McCoy and there was a section about making an elemental that caught my eye. Basically it’s energy given life set to guard you/your house/, gather info, protection, whatever you tell it to do. I was intrigued by this concept but wasn’t fully feeling her methods or with the setup.

As a renter who moves more often than I’d like, and knowing I was moving within a few months, I almost didn’t make one. The way they were made by the book, they’re tied to a place and would have to be un-made when you leave. I didn’t want to have to do that. So then I decided to personalize my approach. :D

1. I changed the name. I wasn’t feeling the name “elementals” because to me those are already the spirit forms of the elements (salamanders, undines, sylph, and gnomes). So I call it a spirit construct, or sometimes a spirit form/guardian. But you can call it whatever feels right to you. 

2. I decided to change the anchor. Instead of binding it to my home, I would bind it to a movable object! That way I can bring it with me whenever I have to move without going through the effort of taking it apart and making a new one at my new home. 

3. Then my best idea came. If I anchor my spirit construct to a container, I can add physical objects to nurture it and give it attributes! Any container will work! Little baggies, a wooden box, a vase, a jar *witchiness intensifies* or hell, use a tupperware if that’s all you have!

So I’ll give you a quick rundown of the process I did to give you some ideas for what you can do to make yours. 

So grab whatever container you have decided on. I ended up using this box. 

I got it at a thrift store a while back and I had intended to use it for offerings but I found I almost always left my offerings outside so it never got used. But it’s super pretty. There’s a dragon on top and some hummingbirds on the side and it latches shut. (It’s ok if your container doesn’t.) So looking how it does, I have to say the box influenced how I visualized my spirit construct to look like. It definitely took on a Japanese air very much like the Yuki-Onna and Snow Maiden from Heroes Of Might and Magic 6.   

But you can visualize it however you want. Humanoid, animal, flora, a mix, something more formless, etc. 

So now you have your container and you’re starting to visualize what you want your construct to look like. Now you need to decide what you want to add to your container to add power. I’d personally recommend you start with 5 items and then any others can be added when you feel they need a boost or a charge, or you want to change their function. Here’s what I used.

1. A piece of paper with the name of your construct on it (You don’t have to name it, but I think it’d be rude not to. It will be sentient, after all), who they belong to, and some general instructions (You guard the house from negativity etc)

2. I tried to make the other 4 items from each element. So for fire I used rosemary to give it the power to remove negativity.

3. For water I took blue lace agate. It helps my construct to heal as well as to cast a soothing aura where it works. 

4. For air I took a dandelion puff, which helps bring good wishes in as well as attracting good spirits

5 And lastly for earth I added lilac because my 3rd eye is not strong so my construct can help me see spirits and look more into my I-don’t-know-how-many past lives. 

Now that you know what’s going into your spirit construct, we have the fun but exhausting part. The magic. It takes a lot of energy to make something sentient so I definitely recommend working with an energy source. The book recommended using the earth itself, I used the full moon. Other ideas could be a body of water, a large old tree, if you work with spirits you could ask them, if you’re close to a deity(s) you could ask them for energy, etc. 

Make sure you have all your supplies with you and then cast your circle however you would normally. (Don’t want any nasties coming to mess up your hard work) Get yourself centered and focused in a half-meditative state. Take your container and add your components. Speak each one aloud (or say it in your mind if that’s preferred) and state its purpose. Close the container and hold your hand on or near it. Now you need to form a connection to your energy source, whatever it may be. Draw that energy into you and then out through your hands into your container. Visualize however you need to but I saw it as an egg of light, slowly growing as I fed it energy. The egg slowly started to change shape and morphed into the visualized form. (Don’t worry if you have to take a rest before it forms. The energy is attached to the container, it shouldn’t go anywhere)

So now you have your very own spirit construct! Just remember you need to treat it with respect, it has a mind and personality. It lives off your energy so make sure you keep it healthy, add new ingredients to the box, charge it under the full moon, or ground your energy into it when you finish a ritual. It’s here to help, but it’s not a slave. :) Any questions, feel free to send an ask

3k words: Kent and Andy from leave your lovers like campsites, the 2016 All Star Game; Kent and Jack are on different teams and manage to avoid each other most of the week, but not when Bob and the boys from the Q hold a little reunion dinner.  Swearing, references to self-injury and substance abuse, consensual coming out, discussion of unreliable memory/fear of invented memories. No real resolution.

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firebirblawyer  asked:


1. this is so late omg i’m so sorry

2. this is the board that goes with it (as you can see in the tags there are some things I didn’t get to in the story so there will most likely be a sequel)

3. i did actual research procrastinated and went to the japanese starbuck’s website as a rough reference for prices

Hinata Hyuga is firmly against romanticizing coffee shops.

As someone who has been a barista for over three years, she has to put her foot down. During her time as a barista, she has aged about twenty years. There is nothing romantic or even ‘cozy’ about coffee shops.

Which is why it’s entirely unfair that she reconnects with the love of her life in a coffee shop.

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History Rant: Shinsengumi/Bakumatsu

Okay, it’s been a while since I asked about what you guys wanna know about Japanese history, and I haven’t forgotten you. I guess I’ve got a few thoughts bouncing around in my head so I’m just going to rant about the shinsengumi and the surrounding time period for a bit cause I feel like it. Uhh if you need sources and want to read more, I could probably find some for you, but this is all from my brain lmao. I repeat: this is definitely not even remotely everything I could say on the subject nor is it researched or sourced okay please read this post lightly and not as a scholarly article!!! That being said, DO feel free to use the information below as a springboard for your own interest and research. 

This is my absolute favorite time period in Japanese history. When I was about 14 (in the ancient year 2000), I discovered the shinsengumi via Rurouni Kenshin. Sure they were the enemies, but I wanted to know who these people were and at the time there was little to no information on them. Then I just started learning a lot about Japanese history and taking Japanese classes, lol it was a gateway drug. Contrary to what everyone might think, I could not chose anyone in the Shinsengumi as my favorite historical figure, but I love them like something out of a really cool story. I think history is supremely interesting; often more interesting than novels. I hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit about them too. 

First of all, a brief history. You have to know that the Shinsengumi (which just means the new group/squad/whatever) came around in a time of civil war. After ~200 years of isolation, the Tokugawa shogunate and its system of keeping the warlords under its control had turned the balance in economy and social structure upside down so that the people on top (the samurai) were the poorest. The shogunate itself also became weak and ineffective, and by the 1850s when Perry showed up to force Western trade on Japan there was legit NOTHING to be done except accept his offer or face utter defeat in the face of a West that had advanced while Japan hid in its own borders with minimal outside contact. 

Two major factions came out of this: one for opening to the west, and one for expelling the foreigners (most notably headed by the Choshu, Satsuma, and Tosa clans, who were not among those in favor of the shogunate). The second one later came to support getting rid of the shogunate and reestablishing the emperor and became known as “sonno joi” which is easier to type than all of that. 

So where do the shinsengumi come into this?  They were formed from a bunch of ronin to protect the xenophobic wimpy emperor in Kyoto (aka hold him captive) and uphold the laws of the also wimpy shogunate. Originally they were stationed outside of Kyoto, but were eventually given permission to police the city. 

And they were AWFUL. Straight-up, the worst. They were given a lot of nicknames, most famous of which is the Wolves of Mibu. They hunted down and slaughtered the emperor’s supporters.

They had very strict rules, which on the surface seem almost honorable - following bushido (which is just a bunch of bs made up by the ailing upper class btw), no personal fights, no personal income, can’t leave the shinsengumi - but they resulted in a lot of members having to commit suicide or having to die in battle. And they did mercilessly enforce their code. An example that comes to mind is Yamanami Keisuke, who was a vice commander of the shinsengumi like HIjikata, and had to commit seppuku when he tried to leave. 

The Ikedaya incident aka map 6 is what really got them famous and made people want to join them. They crushed a group of sonno joi supporters and probably?? prevented them from setting fire to Kyoto. 

The shinsengumi are really famous and romanticised today, as you well know. Like most of Japanese history, the bad parts are glossed over! But I do love them, so I can’t say anything. 

Returning to the general view of historical events, what I think is really interesting about this time period is how things ended up. Sonno Joi did win in the end. The shogunate gave up power, and they reestablished the emperor, but—! The emperor’s supporters moved the imperial hq and set him up as a puppet ruler, making themselves the actual ruling council (aka just like the shogunate) and then began a very seriously intense westernizing of Japan! Expel the foreigners indeed, haha. 

UM, I want to post something more in-depth about the swords and their characters and stuff but I’m still thinking about it >__> so you get this shitty nonsense instead. About 50% history, 50% my thoughts and JUST Hijikata and Okita for right now bc they are kind of like the BIG 4 popular sword group (sorry Nagasone) and also (my) faves. Although I feel like I wanna add Kondo he’s just kinda boring and then I also wanna write about Sakamoto Ryoma (who Kondo was executed for killing lol IF HE DID???) but I haven’t even mentioned him thus far and tbh he deserves his own post. 

Hijikata Toshizo, Vice Commander, devil creature?, hot guy

Here he is, wow look at this handsome fella. Yes that’s right this is my icon. I have read that Kane’s personality is based on him (in the same way that Yam emulates Okita) but I don’t think so at all. Mostly because Kane is a stupid muffin and actual Hijikata was known to be a serious samurai guy. Just a farmer guy (and kind of .. pharmacist?) being the best he can be. He was mostly in charge of keeping things in order in the shinsengumi, and also did a lot of interrogation… and may have done some very, very gruesome things. But also, he wrote shitty haiku, which is p charming. Apparently he was incredibly handsome and people fell in love with him like all the time and I know that’s true bc I’m also in love with him. 

After everything, he kept on being the best and led what was left of the shinsengumi after Kondo was executed, trying to fight the new government. But he was gunned down in the battle of Hakodate (lmfao the Kane/Hori scene in map 1-1 which tells you the order of these…. is none). 

I’m pretty sure that Kane’s design and personality are LARGELY influenced by the more romanticised versions of Hijikata in things such as Hakuouki (which I haaaate, no offense). But I like to think that a lot of it comes from him being a sword from a proper name, just without an real antiquity or heritage. Like Hijikata is a farmer-born ronin following bushido and upholding the samurai lifestyle, Kane is kind of a weird excited kid who is a fancy sword…? Well, maybe it’s a stretch. Just aiming really high and being super hot.

Horikawa is kind of a mystery though. I think his outfit at least stems from the more modernized Hijikata you can see above, but I can’t really get the rest. Like I said I didn’t like.. do research for this post, so I’d be interested in hearing other opinions or ideas! 

Okita Souji, 1st squad leader, child prodigy, eventual cat-hater

OTHER THAN artists’ renders?? this is the best photo I’ve ever been able to find and I’m not sure if they ever confirmed that it’s Okita. 

What does he look like, who knows.  Regardless…  he was not beautiful like Hijikata, but we can keep pretending. This bitch was so good at swords when he was a kid he had mastered like all the things by the time he was 18 and became an instructor himself. He was the leader of the 1st uh, troop of the Shinsengumi and famous for being really fucking good at stabbing dudes in the fucking neck and also being a generally funny happy guy. I’ve read he liked to play with kids too, which is p cute (or creepy). He’s like always paired with Hijikata (in EVERYTHING) but idek if they were friends. He had tuberculosis as everyone knows, and it’s said to have been discovered when he collapsed during the Ikedaya incident, but the cause of his collapse is debatable.  Still, as a result he had a very very short life, and so died outside of the fighting in a hospital at about about 25ish? He tried to murder a cat he kept seeing in the garden and he couldn’t, and that really pissed him off. 

What can I say about okitagumi?? It’s already well-known that Kashuu looks fancy because the sword broke and couldn’t be repaired. I don’t need to address that or really anything about him. Except that I love him. Both he and Yams look p young because Okita was very young himself, so I like to imagine they both reflect his age despite their own age/origins/etc bc they have such a deep connection with him. I also hope that every time they’re pictured with cats, it’s bc of the above reason. 

But YAMS??? Now I have at least one thought about his design. Of course he was made to reflect Okita bc he looks up to him so much. But…????

The aforementioned (prettier movie/ova version of) Rurouni Kension version Okita Souji is always the one I imagine bc just….!?? Whenever I look at Yams this is legit all I see. If you have not seen this movie, then please watch him in action here in this clip of the Ikedaya incident, just the first minute or so. I’m right, right? You know I’m right. Except for the clear gap in design details, Yams looks like he’s copying him 100%. Also his bubbly/kind personality that gets a little bit creepy/idgaf in battle is soo the stereotypical Okita personality, it’s so good.

Anyway, PLEASE feel free to send me your thoughts/theories or requests or anything like that. I’d love to hear what you think! 

Suggested reading:

So if you’ve made it this far, congratulations on reading this… masterpiece. I wouldn’t consider it a really good reference or anything (PLEASE), and I honestly just wrote it bc I felt like it. Future history info will be more informative with actual research and references/sources, and I’ll probably do another, more educational post on the Shinsengumi and the time period in the future. HOWEVER for now, if you are very interested in the Shinsengumi and want some actual intellectual and organized information, I URGE you to please read this book: 

Shinsengumi: The Shoguns Last Samurai Corps by Romulus Hillsborough

It is THE English book on the Shinsengumi. I recently bought it again for my kindle (I left my hardback copy in america lol) and it is just as great as I remember. Seriously worth the read. 

His Brother

Okay, okay. I know I have several prompts waiting for me, but this is sort of a prequel to one that i’m going to write shortly. Please bear with me, and also, if you have any questions or want to discus with me any part of this fic, please do! This is my own personal head cannon regarding Genji, Mercy and Hanzo. Mostly dealing with how Mercy would treat Hanzo. So, enjoy dolls!

Gency. Oneshot(?) Angst. Fluff. Bad blood.

Genji told her everything. Everything. How he ended up half dead on her operation table. How he ended up almost dying.

She couldn’t believe it when he first told her that his brother did this. He did it for honor. He did it because it was for his honor. When the denial rolled away, Mercy was left with anger she’s rarely feels in her chest. The hot magma that fuels her heartbeats. Rage that only shows when someone she loves is hurt in battle by an enemy she can see.

He told her he forgave him, and even visited him before Overwatch was recalled. The visit wasn’t what he wanted, but he told his brother to forgive himself, like he forgave him.

Mercy couldn’t understand his forgiveness, especially since his brother thought of him as a thing even after he found out he was alive after his attempted murder. Yet, Mercy didn’t voice any of her anger. Of course, she was happy that Genji had forgiven him. She was glad that he hadn’t held a poisonous grudge.

But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t, silently, in her own way.

But, even with all that truth spilled in front of her, he never mentioned his name. She never asked. She knew he didn’t want her to.

Until, she noticed he was off balance for a few days. Quieter. Holding onto her longer at night. Looking at her from across the room a few beats more.

Then, sitting beside him at the table, Soldier 76 delivered the news that they found someone to add to the team. A Japanese man skilled in archery named Hanzo.

She didn’t think anything of it, only thought that Genji might find some connections with this newcomer with him being from Japan.

After the announcement, Genji softly asked to speak to her alone in his room. She went, concerned that something was wrong with his body, not his heart.

He took off his face plate, and he told her the truth.

Hanzo is his brother, and he’s coming here knowing full well that Genji is here too.

Mercy has to bite the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from swearing, but instead asks if Morrison knew this. Genji said he approved of his brother’s recruiting, expressing that maybe he can, with time, get his brother back, happy and guilt free.

Mercy doesn’t want Hanzo the slightest bit happy, not after what happened.

Then, Genji made a soft request to not let his brother know of their relationship. Everyone else has been ask to keep quiet about them because they think Genji doesn’t trust the newcomer. The truth tumbles out of Genji’s beautiful lips.

It’s not that he doesn’t trust his brother, but that his brother doesn’t see Genji as himself, and doesn’t know how he would react to him having someone close like Mercy.

She understands his reasoning. He’s being a little protective of her. She doesn’t mind that.

But that doesn’t add water to the fire in her throat, it only adds more fuel at Hanzo.

She doesn’t express her anger, only kisses his mouth. She never says he shouldn’t have forgiven Hanzo. Yet, Genji knows her angry, her hatred, but asks her to support him. She does, and she always will support Genji.

But she will never support Hanzo in the slightest manner.

And after that conversation, she held Genji tight, trying to keep her fire from burning him. She held onto him while the fire worked away at her, charging her more and more.

And after Hanzo arrived, she greeted him as polite as she does with others. Hanzo looked Genji’s way, but said nothing to him. Genji let him. Mercy’s fire burned brighter.

No one breathed a word of their relationship, Hanzo remained in the dark, and Genji was careful around both of them. Making sure to never give Hanzo a clue to his love for Mercy, and making sure Mercy was never the center of his attention.

It worked, for two weeks it worked, until Genji went on a mission. She already had this planned from the night Hanzo arrived. She found him in the hallway, by the windows out looking the garden bathed in moonlight.

“Hanzo.” She speaks in a level tone, but with no warmth.

He barely turns his head to acknowledge her presence. He was always rude and standoffish, cold and never forming attachments. That only added fuel to Mercy’s fire.

“Dr. Zeigler.” He speaks flatly, looking back at the gray and black world outside.

“You speak my name, but do you really know who I am?” She says sharply, and finally gets Hanzo’s full attention.

“Excuse me?” He demands, brown eyes that are similar but not quite the same as Genji’s, narrow at this.

“I’m the doctor who saved Genji’s life.” She wouldn’t put either Genji or herself in danger by letting him know of their relationship, but by letting Hanzo think she is just a protective doctor that cares for her patients.

He nearly bares his teeth, “You’re the one who made him into that?”

“I’m the one who put him back together after you left him to die alone in pieces. I’m the one who gave him a second chance at life. I’m the one who saved him after you tried to kill him.” She counter, jerking her chin high even though he was taller than her.

“You ruined him.” He towers over her, but Mercy does not back down in the slightest, only setting her lips more stubbornly.

“No, I didn’t. But I can ruin you.”

“How dare you.” He snarls.

“How dare you.” She strikes back. “You weren’t there to watch Genji struggle with himself. You didn’t see how he was falling apart. You didn’t see him lose himself in the world, and wonder where he’s gone and if he’s okay. You didn’t see him come back, alive and well, and at peace with his soul. You didn’t help him put the little pieces of himself back together. You weren’t there. How dare you come into his life like this. How dare you.”

He looms dangerously over her, but she doesn’t stop. Not for one moment does she stop.

“I’m not here to start a fight, Hanzo.” She spits his name like a curse. “I’m just here to warn you.”

She speaks this through her teeth, never breaking eye contact with the man who harmed Genji so much.

“You will not harm Genji. You will not hurt him in any way, shape, or form. You will not make him doubt himself for one second. You will not make his self-confidence waver. If you do…” She has to pause a moment, her fire spewing from her mouth and burning her teeth, but she only lets that push her on.

“If you do anything to Genji, I will do exactly what you did to him that night, but this time, I won’t put you back together afterwards.”

Hanzo’s eyes flash dangerously in the moonlight.

“Watch yourself, women.”

“Remember this, Hanzo. I will not give any seconds chances or repeat myself.” She stares him down for a beat longer, before moving past him. The fire finally ash, but magma still charges her heart. It rests there, but it’s subdued.

She supports Genji and always will.

But she will never support Hanzo in the slightest manner.

On stage with OLDCODEX - Anisong World Matsuri @ AX 2016

[Updated 03.11.17]

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor, and AX 2016 was my first Anime Expo. I went specifically for the purpose of seeing OLDCODEX, because they’re my favorite band and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see their first performance here in America! Little did I know it would become even more of a once-in-a-lifetime experience than I had thought, because I got to share the stage with them during their 2:00 PM show! People have been asking me for my story on what happened, and I definitely wanted to share with everyone! That’s what this post is about. This is my story and my experience from the concert, and my (sorta jumbled) thoughts and feelings about being pulled up to sing with them. I’ll say from the start that I might not have remembered everything perfectly, but I’ll stick to what I do remember. I’ll try to keep things straightforward, but I can’t promise that throughout the whole thing. c; It’ll be long regardless. If I think of more details after the initial posting, I’ll add those in later. Here we go!

(All pictures of me on stage were from akapahua on Twitter! Thank you a million times over for capturing it!)

First of all, I got tickets to both shows, and I purchased VIP pit tickets for both. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be so close to them TWICE, so I did it. Let me tell you: it was WORTH IT. 100% would make the same decision again. I went to the shows with two other friends. Suwabe Junichi had a guest panel that morning, so we went to that and then lined up for the concert at about 11:00 AM - two hours before doors, and three hours before the show was scheduled to start. We were within the first 20 people, so we knew we’d get close. When they finally let us in, we were able to get front row! We were slightly stage left (so slightly to the right when facing the stage) because we thought that maybe Yorke. would only have one canvas due the small stage (and that’s the side he’s usually on [see: OLDCODEX live DVDs]), but he ended up having two! That made us really happy. 

FLOW went first, but I don’t know their stuff. Like I said, I went specifically to see OLDCODEX. However, FLOW put on a really good show! They were high energy and sounded really good despite me not recognizing anything but GO!! from Naruto. 

Okay, deep breath. When FLOW finished, it still hadn’t quite hit me yet that it was happening in front of my eyes. The staff was very efficient about changing out instruments and setting up quickly, so lots of props to them for that! It didn’t really hit me until they started wheeling out Yorke.’s canvases and I could see the spray-painted while letters of OLDCODEX against a colorful background. I kept thinking, “This is real! This is happening!” and I couldn’t stop jumping up and down because I was So. Excited. To see them. I had to take a moment to think, “They’re here. They really came to see us!” and I almost started crying then, but didn’t. 

When the guest DJ finally announced the start of their set, I lost it. I started screaming as loud as I possibly could, and it didn’t take long for me to lose my voice completely. They started off the set by playing Prayer as their kind of introduction song. The music started and played probably about halfway through before the band started coming out. Shinji, Taizo, and their drummer for the show (I’m so sorry, I don’t remember his name… Ryo couldn’t attend due to a scheduling conflict, so they had a back-up drummer) came out first and got set, and they got a lot of applause too! It made me so happy! Then near the end of the song, Yorke came jumping out on stage looking really happy! He had so much energy! Not long after, Ta_2 came out, and he immediately walked to the very front of the stage and put his hands together in his way of thanking all of us for coming out to see them. Once they were all set, they kicked off the show!

Their first performance song was Dried Up Youthful Fame, and by the time the first chorus hit, I already couldn’t talk. I was completely awe-struck watching Yorke. up there painting, Ta_2 singing his heart out, and the rest of the band doing their thing. They didn’t move around much at first, and I think they were a little nervous. They didn’t sound nervous, just looked like it slightly at first. But that didn’t last long. Soon they were back to the same band we know and love, and it was incredible to watch! By the time the second song, カタルリズム, was done, I couldn’t even tell they had been nervous at all. Then they surprised me by playing Landscape! If I’m being honest with you, I’m so glad they decided to play quite a few songs that weren’t anime-related. I think of this performance as their way of feeling things out and seeing what/how much people do or don’t know. But when Ta_2 looked out to the crowd and saw people singing along with him and shouting “It’s my landscape!” at the end of the choruses… His face completely lit up with a giant smile. I mean, the happiness was contagious it was so palpable. I think that was the moment when it became real for him, too. 

After Landscape came the first MC bit. Ta_2 took the lead and thanked everyone for coming, telling us that it was their first time in America. Throughout the show, Ta_2 only spoke in Japanese, which didn’t surprise me. I’m learning Japanese right now, but there were times that he was speaking fast enough that I couldn’t keep up and translate in my head, so I apologize for that. The basic premise was that it was their first show in America, they were happy to be here, and they wanted us to enjoy the show. While he was talking, we caught the attention of Yorke., who smiled and waved at us and flashed us both peace signs. First life goal achieved. c; Ta_2 then turned it over to Yorke., who started to talk to us in English, but eventually switched to Japanese. I think he was nervous, too. c: I believe this is also the part where Ta_2 introduced the individual members of the band, and then he started talking about the various shows that OLDCODEX has contributed songs to (Kuroko no Basuke, Free!, GODEATER were the three he specifically mentioned). 

They started Aching Horns after that, and I could not keep myself together. I was teary-eyed throughout the entire thing. It was one of the most incredible parts, though! Because the song is softer at some points, I could hear the audience singing along so well! So many people knew the song and sang throughout the entire thing, and that’s the part that got to me the most. It was so amazing to be surrounded, in person, by others who genuinely love OLDCODEX, and know that they have so much support here in America! Anyone I’ve ever talked to about OLDCODEX live so far away from me, so having everyone together under one roof was special. 

If I’m remembering correctly, they went to Rage On next, and it was AMAZING. I know that at their shows in Japan, Ta_2 will let the audience sing the first part of the chorus, but I wasn’t sure if he would do that for us, too, just in case we didn’t know all the words, you know? BUT HE DID. He let us take over for that part and I was screaming as hard as I could. Another point where he got super smiley that we knew the words!

OKAY, SO FEED A. I absolutely L O V E that song, and I get the feeling that it’s not as popular as some others, but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. It started off pretty normally, but this is the song that I had my first interaction with Ta_2! During the second chorus, he came over to our side of the stage and crouched down, but he was looking out across the audience (because of course, that’s what you do). But then he started looking across the front row. He basically locked eyes with me when he saw me singing along with him and moved a little bit closer to me, so we basically just looked at each other and sang the chorus, and afterwards he pointed at me and gave me two thumbs up and smiled super big, and my heart stopped for a second, I think. HE LOOKED SO HAPPY.

And finally, KICK OUT! I was NOT expecting them to play it AT ALL, so I freaking screamed my head off when it started and was jumping up and down and flinging my hair around and everything. I could not even believe it. It’s just such a fun song! But, you know, I had seen the Contrast Silver tour and knew they pulled that boy on stage there, and I’d heard rumors that Yorke. had mentioned something about trying to pull someone up during a recent GardenGate cast, so I thought, “WHAT IF THEY ACTUALLY PULL SOMEONE UP DURING THIS SONG?!” and kinda started to lose my mind at that point. Not everyone knew the song, so the parts before the chorus when everyone shouts “yeahhh!” was a little quieter, but it was still there. The second time around was stronger as more and more people started to learn the song. c: It’s no secret that Ta_2 loves to dance around during this song, and our show was no exception. He looked like a kid in a candy store up there, dancing around and smiling widely and having a great time! Again, not everyone knows about the little things they add into their shows, so during the bridge when they want us to clap along (”Hey! Hey! Hey! Heyhey!”) started out very quiet at first, but people picked it up quickly! The people who had seen their lives before and knew what usually happened were trying to show others what to do just to get everyone involved, and it worked, making it even more fun! By the end, I think most people were chanting and clapping along! Thank you to everyone who joined in and made it more special! (Oh man, my hands are starting to shake as I type this now…) To give you a little perspective, at this point (if I’m remembering correctly… my brain kinda short-circuited after this), Ta_2 was standing at the middle of the stage and Yorke. was stage right. So they had us clap along for a little bit, (shorter than they normally would) and all of a sudden I heard Ta_2 ask in Japanese, “Who knows the song?” and without even thinking, I responded in Japanese, “I do!” and shot my hand up and waved. Ta_2 walked over, pointed at me, and said to Yorke., “She said she knows it!” and Yorke. said, “Really?” so I leaned over the rail and looked over at him and said, “Yes, I do!” (The three of us are all still speaking only in Japanese to each other and I’m so proud I didn’t screw it up even if I only had to use simple phrases to answer them) and then they both looked at me and started waving me on stage. At this point, my heart literally skipped beats and I froze like, “Is this real? Is this happening?! ME?!” and then I regained function and thought, “Well, how the heck am I supposed to get UP there?” because I am 5′3″ and the fence was chest level, haha. But there were platforms on the opposite side, so I literally pushed myself up and hopped the fence, then jumped on stage, and Ta_2 helped me up! Everyone was cheering so loudly at this point, and so when I got up there I looked around and waved at everyone (pretty sure I bowed, too). Uh, okay, the view from the stage was INCREDIBLE. Everyone with their hands up and their penlights waving?? What a sight. (THANK YOU for giving them that sight, everyone!) So then I was handed one of Yorke.’s microphones (WITH PAINT ON IT AND EVERYTHING) and Ta_2 asked me in English, “What is your name?” The first time I answered, I pronounced it like you would in English, but then I back-tracked and pronounced it like you would in Japanese (テイラー) (which was probably completely unnecessary… But I don’t know, at the time I thought it might make things easier) and then he introduced me to the crowd. They walked me to the front of the stage (I saw the setlist!) and then Yorke. rested his arm on my shoulder and started posing and being his awesome self, and I was screaming on the inside. Ta_2 walked over and cued Taizo to start the bass line again, and then they started dancing with me! I was literally sandwiched in-between them and could feel their energy and how strong their presence was. Gosh, they were incredible. 

I was basically trying to clear my throat from screaming well enough to actually sing. They both stepped back a little, and then Ta_2 turned to me and counted down for me to start singing, and they let me take over the bridge from there. The strangest part of all of this? I didn’t even feel nervous. Not even a little bit. I went up there with the intention of showing them, “Hey, yeah, we know your songs, even the ones that aren’t a part of anime,” and I think I accomplished that. I could hear myself on stage, and I was proud that my voice actually sounded pretty strong and on key! The people in the audience said I was a little hard to hear, which doesn’t surprise me because the microphones in general were all kinda quiet, but I was at least heard! Ta_2 came back up next to me and started singing the final chorus, and I had a moment where I was like, “Can I keep singing? Should I not? Would it be rude?” But I turned to Ta_2 and he was looking right at me, and I just felt this surge of confidence, so I put the mic back to my mouth and looked straight into his gorgeous eyes and sang the final chorus with him, too! He had one of the biggest smiles on his face the entire time, so I think he was okay with it. His mic was louder anyway, so I probably wasn’t even heard at that point, but I don’t care. All I know is that the image of his smiling, happy face will be burned into the back of my mind forever. It’s something I will never forget for as long as I live. When the song was reaching its close, they took me back by the drum set and I put my foot up on the platform like they do, and the drummer was smiling at me (GIANT smile!) and giving me the cues for the final note of the song. I made sure to look over at Taizo and Shinji while I was up there too, so I tried to acknowledge all of them! We were all together and on time for the final note, and the crowd blew up. I was so incredibly happy that I don’t even have the words to describe it. (マジパネェ!) I just kinda lost it after that, laughing to myself and smiling like an idiot because I couldn’t believe that was something that had just happened. I thought I could only dream about something like that, but then it became reality. I still haven’t fully processed it, I don’t think. It’s just crazy to me! A staff member came over to take the microphone back, and then Ta_2 came up to me smiling like crazy still, shook my hand, and pulled me into a hug. I made sure to thank him a bunch of times, over and over again.

Gosh you guys I can’t even tell you how incredible that felt and how nice he and Yorke. both are! I walked over to Yorke. next and he also shook my hand and hugged me, and of course I thanked him as well. 

I think I kinda waved one more time to them and the crowd, and then a staff member took me to the backstage exit so I could get back to my spot on the floor. When I got back, the people around me started shouting again and a bunch of people wanted to hug me, so I tried to hug and talk to everyone who wanted me to! (That’s the bulk of what happened, but if I remember other little details then I’ll add them in later!)

For the second MC bit… I cannot even believe. Basically, Ta_2 talked about food! I think he was saying how he had eaten tacos for the first time, and he thought they were good! Then he talked about how they went to a restaurant called Eggslut (for breakfast, I think?) and at first, I didn’t quite understand what he was saying was the name of a RESTAURANT. But oh yes, if you look it up, it’s definitely a place that exists. I’m still over here laughing. 

And just when I think it couldn’t get any better, they played Reel! The pledge mini-album is way up at the top of my favorite albums list, so I started freaking out yet again. They got us to wave our arms back and forth during the chorus and it was just so. much. fun. And they sounded great! That’s also a more Yorke.-heavy song in terms of singing, and it was great to hear that. c:

THEY PLAYED ANTHEM. I think that was the first time they had ever played it live?? Gosh I wanted to hear that song so badly, and they answered my wish for sure. It sounds incredible live! And then they even played Eyes in Chase, which is another one of my favorites! I’m a big fan of their heavier songs (I mean, I love songs like Garden Gate and How Affection too of course, don’t get me wrong! But at this concert I wanted to head bang, haha) so I was glad they played some of them and didn’t stick ONLY to the anime music route! Again, I feel like they were using this chance to sort of scope things out a bit, but it was SO NICE TO HEAR. 

After Eyes in Chase, they walked off the stage, and IMMEDIATELY people started chanting for them to come back out. At first people started chanting “encore!”, but it quickly changed to “OCD! OCD! OCD!” and then they came back out for an encore song, which was WALK! I cannot even tell you how excited I was to hear that song live, because it is I N C R E D I B L E, okay? The energy they give off during that song is so contagious, and it just makes you want to dance and sing along until you can’t possibly do it any more. WALK is the song that first got me completely caught in OLDCODEX’s world, so hearing it in person was completely surreal! He let us do the call and response part with “red pulse rushing through and I can hear you!” and I was like YES GOOD. It was so much fun!! After the song was done, they had to say their final goodbyes of the show. But before that, Yorke. took his wristband off and put it between his teeth, haha, then looked out over the crowd. I had gotten back to the front row, and when he saw me, he smiled around it and tossed it to me! There’s even a little spot of black paint on the back of it. :P 

(This is right before he tossed it to me!)

Ta_2 showed us the same respect he would show any crowd in Japan and bowed to all of us, and that felt really special to me. It’s not that I think he WOULDN’T do that, but, you know, seeing it in person and seeing how happy he was? It meant a lot!

Overall, the show was INCREDIBLE. They had such amazing energy and they sounded fantastic. Ta_2′s growls keep getting better and his voice overall keeps getting stronger. Yorke. hopped off the stage and got up on the railing by the crowd at one point, and that was a moment where I was like, “We did it! We’re accepted!” haha. He also had his glasses off for a large portion of the show! It was just awesome. Also, Taizo and Shinji (especially Shinji!) were moving around and enjoying themselves, too! Shinji was soaking it up, coming to the front of the stage a lot to see us, and he was smiling the entire time too! I wish Ryo could’ve been there (they’ll just have to come back c;), but their back-up drummer did great! For people who don’t know the members by name, I don’t think they would’ve had any idea that it wasn’t the normal drummer. They all just seemed like they had a ton of fun and like they were very happy to have been able to do the show, and giving off that kind of vibe and putting them in that environment felt so good. I wanted needed them to know how loved they are here and in other places, and I think it’s a good start to what will hopefully be many more overseas shows! I do think they would want to come back, so fingers crossed!

Oh, and during my flight home, I got Tweeted at by Yorke.!
(Come follow me and listen to me scream about OLDCODEX and complain about organic chemistry if you want.)

I cannot thank everyone enough. Thank you to Anime Expo and the Anisong World Matsuri for bringing OLDCODEX to America. I don’t know if you understand how important this opportunity was for us fans, to get to show them in person how much they mean to us and let them know that we love and support them in all that they do. Thank you to the fans, near and far, who showed up to see them and support them. I know I wasn’t the only one who practically came from across the country just to see them perform. I think that we all got our message across that we do love them and we do want them here. They have fans all over the world, and it’s so important for us to keep telling them that at any chance we get. 

And finally, a huge thank you to OLDCODEX for agreeing to come to America as a part of the event, and giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. I promise that I will never forget what happened, and I will treasure this memory forever. I love you guys more than words can say, and there are plenty of others who feel exactly the same as me. You were all so nice to me while I was up there with you, so thank you for making me feel welcome and loved in return. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed your time here, and that we were able to express our feelings of love and gratitude to you. I also hope that you now want to return some day, and also travel to other places as well. You’re all usually halfway around the world from us, but for one night, we were together under the same roof, speaking a universal language. Music has no language barrier. 


Logic vs The Ultimate Genwunner

Genwunners are fucking idiots. None of them actually provide arguments and most of them are just “90’s kids” hipsters who haven’t actually played the games they’re shitting on. All they do is bring up Vanillite and Garbodor over and over and say they’re “unoriginal”.


Well I finally found one who actually attempted to make POINTS for his case, and he did his homework:

Jesus. You bet I was pissed. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Keep reading

Uta and The Clowns

As requested by a lovely and curious anon.

Being a clown is a juggling act, unless you are part of one of Japan’s strongest ghoul groups; Pierrot. The amazingly strong ghouls in this group are interesting beyond compare, each character being so enigmatic. After researching for hours, I’ve compiled all you need to know about the Clowns.


Pierrot is a character from way back when Pantomime began, and many other characters were made to accompany him (Columbina, Harlequin, Arlecchino, etc). Some characters have similarities to those of the clowns (eg. Columbina and Itori both being very intelligent and rarely wearing masks), though, due to inconsistencies in this theory (eg. Columbina cheating on Pierrot with Harlequin), I’ve scrapped it and labelled it as a coincidence. If it interests you or you can prove me wrong, feel free to, although after an hour of searching for even one tiny parallel you’ll probably give up as I did.


Uta is by far the most developed and one of the more present clowns in the series. He is very artistic, as is made obvious by his great mask design and construction. If you didn’t know, Uta’s name in Japanese (うた) means “song”. As a more peaceful ghoul, perhaps due to being witness to chaotic ghoul behaviour in other wards, he enjoys having humans around and even exhibits a visual liking to human food due to its colours and arrangement. He is seen wearing zebra-stripe patterned clothing (recently at the Auction, as an example). This is particularly interesting to me, as not only do zebras symbolise traits that are relevant to the mask-making ghoul (free, social, strong, playful, friendly, adaptable, determined), but it is also said that zebras can tell each-other apart from their stripes as they all have different patterns, although humans would never be able to tell one from another. This information ties in interestingly with his alias “No Face” from human investigators who always identify him, even through many physical appearance changes. Zebras also find strength in numbers, which could be the reason that when fighting alongside other clowns (Auction) he displays great ability. Uta is associated with the tarot card number 19 (the Sun - Upright: Fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality/Reversed: Temporary depression, lack of success). In the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck, Uta is featured as eight of diamonds. It is said that Eight of Diamonds people are the embodiment of the creative principal (the Sun), have the ability to overcome all their obstacles and win against all enemies, serve others honestly and faithfully (usually at their expense) and be powerful. Also, we must take note that Uta, despite being a clown, does not wear a clown mask (and never has). Interesting.

Itori is the well-informed owner of the Helter Skelter bar. This gossipy young woman is usually a very talkative, sociable blood-wine drinker; however a hidden darker and slightly sadistic side is observable in some occasions. Her mask is very interesting, a large sharp toothed grin atop a long sharp chin, with a spade and heart (with three white dots) near the eye/temple area. It can also be assumed there is a club on the other side, however hard to see it may be. Spades symbolise fall, winter and the power of darkness. In Tarot perspective, they symbolize intellect, action, air, and death. Hearts, on the other hand, represent the warmth of spring and summer seasons and the power of light. In Tarot, hearts may also symbolize knowledge, love, life from water, and fertility, and in fortune-telling, joy.  The Eight of Clubs, Itori’s trump card, is one of three ‘fixed’ cards of the symbolic deck that never change its birthplace. They also have very close association with King of Spades and Jack of Hearts. Eight of Clubs are allied with wisdom and the power of love and sacrifice. 

Nico is without a doubt a very flamboyant and sly character. He is portrayed as the derogative Japanese “onee” trope of very feminine homosexual men. He should not be underestimated, as he skilfully obtained information from Jason (and the Aogiri in general) about the One-Eyed King, even going so far to claim they know the their identity. Nico’s trump is the Eight of Hearts. People of this card feel the need to control and dominate and in areas of love and relationships Eight’s of Heart find their power; this need for power and control can also bring out the worst in them. It should also be known that Eight of Hearts who apply themselves do very well in large organizations.

Roma’s (somewhat loveable) clumsy and absent-minded behaviour made her a memorable character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Fast-forward to her being with the clowns, and her description of Kaneki as “beautiful” in his depressive state reveals her to have a much more sinister side! Roma is featured on the Eight of Spades in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump deck, symbolizing ambitious power as a priority over relationships, adventurousness and self-expression.

Due to a lot of mystery around Souta, I’ve decided to leave him last. Souta, as revealed by a flashback of Kaneki’s, reveals him to have played a role in the capture of Rize. He is very manipulative, even having lured a young woman named Ami into the Gourmet restaurant after having promised to marry her. He’s a character that has a general lack of information when compared to other characters, some even suggesting he may be Hide in disguise (which I definitely do not agree with). He appears to have a ‘G’ around one of the eyes on his mask. This may represent the symbolic meanings of the letter G (purpose, order, imagination, instinct, intuition and acting conventional). His alias, PG, has not been explained either. Unlike other characters, he has never taken off his mask and he lacks a lot of dialogue. Souta’s trump is the Five of Hearts, which represents a creative, intelligent and entertaining person with a lot of ideas. Actually, about that…

Souta’s Number Five:
A recurring theme is seen in all but one of the Clowns’ trump cards; the number 8. Souta is the only member with a different number for his trump card, which is 5.
According to numerology, five is the number of human beings. The number five symbolizes the four limbs and the head that controls the limbs and also the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch). Number 8, the number for the rest of the members, symbolises harmony, balance, the ability to make decisions, abundance and power.
There is more mystery surrounding Souta than we originally thought. It is also unusual for a ghoul to even remotely associate with Kanou without being either his assistant or an experiment. Combined with the fact that 5 is the number of the human being, this indicates a possibility that Souta is an artificial one-eyed ghoul, perhaps Kanou’s very first experiment. It’s all speculation, but this could also explain why he was holding up two fingers after letting the steel beams fall onto Rize, Kaneki would be the second try at the process. Why else would a clown help out Dr. Kanou?

In Tokyo Ghoul, many key events were the result of the Clowns’ actions. Examples of times the Clowns have played a role in turning points in the story include the steel beams falling on Rize, prompting Kaneki to search for the Ghoul Restaurant (along with Tsukiyama), Kaneki’s capture and the search for Kanou’s lab. In :re, however, the Clowns haven’t appeared as active in scheming, apart from Roma and Nico spotting the Quinx at the nightclub and attending/fighting at the Auction. It seems as though the clowns, although once rising to power, have been far more inactive than usual. However, this may be a repeat of the first series, where they are involved much more than is shown. I doubt they’ll be gone for too long, and will make at least one more (if not many) appearances throughout the story, Kaneki will most likely make contact with them for whatever reason he may (most likely for information). I have no leads to go on other than the importance of their group in terms of power and status and their determination at the end of the last manga to continue pursuing “have more fun” and to “have the last laugh”.

After analysing these characters, it becomes apparent that all of them have unique functions that make the group a sturdy whole. This, however, does not apply much to Souta, an oddly absent and distinct from the others. All of the eights in the Tokyo Ghoul Trump belong to the Clowns, however all fives are characters that are very set apart from others in the story (Maris Stella, for example). I suspect he will have a big role to play in the upcoming story (not like he doesn’t already). The Clowns aren’t joking around.

If I left something out, you have a question, anything to add or you want me to write about something that you’re interested in, ask away.

The Endangered Ones

Welcome to my final reverb, based on the amazing art and concept created by @piercelovewonton. Thank you to @lunar-resonance @ilarual, along with my artist, @piercelovewonton for looking over the whole thing, to @makapedia and @sahdah for looking at the earlier chapters, and to @bendandcurl for making some very important early suggestions. I appreciate all of you. This wouldn’t be the same without you.

Please, please check out the art by @piercelovewonton found here. There is a second set of art that contains spoilers for the fic you can find here. All of the art really is spectacular. I am so amazed.

Word Count: 20K

Pairings: Soul x Maka

Ratings: R/MA/NSFW

Warnings: Semi-explicit sexual content and graphic violence.

Read on AO3 or FFN.

It’s mid-shift and the cafe is packed to the rafters as it usually is in the afternoon. Already tired from a grueling morning of midterms, Maka would love to take her break. It’s so crowded, though, that they need her on register, so she greets the next customer in line, barely able to keep the plastic smile on her lips.

“Welcome to DC Cafe, can I help you?”


She’s so used to orders being barked at her by busy business people and frazzled college students that the hesitation gives her pause. She looks at the guy in front of her, really looks, and notices startling red eyes beneath a shock of somewhat messy white hair that he runs his hand through almost nervously, his eyes darting between the counter and the rest of the room.

“You want coffee?” she prods helpfully.

“Yeah.” He scratches at the back of his neck, and Maka uses his averted gaze as a chance to inspect him more closely. He just seems so familiar somehow. Though she’s sure she’s never seen him before–she’d definitely remember a guy with white hair and red eyes–she still feels like she should recognize him. It’s strange, and she’s not quite sure what to make of him as he looks up at the menu like he’s trying to read Attic Greek.

“Tall–house blend–cream and sugar, maybe?” she helpfully supplies the most common order.

“Uh, no.” He squints up at the board, eliciting a chorus of huffs and groans from the line behind him. “Americano. Gigante, I guess. Thanks.”

“Oh-kaaaaaay. Name?”


“Seriously?” Maka scoffs, unable to stop herself. She’s seen a lot of ridiculousness in the name department in her time at the the cafe–Jack Hoff, Fah Que, Mike Hunt, the list is long–but this is a new one.

“As a heart attack.” He meets her gaze for the first time and holds it and she feels–something. Something warm and strange in her chest that she wants to stifle and let die, that she wants to fan and make burn bright, that she just doesn’t understand.

Tearing her eyes away to the register, she forces out, “That’ll be five-fifty.”

“Seriously?” It’s his turn to scoff.

“As the zombie apocalypse.”

He laughs and shakes his head as he hands over a ten. “Pfft, you’re terrible at this.” His voice is deep but warm, and she likes the way it rumbles through her even from a few feet away, the way she can practically feel it in her bones. It still seems so much like she knows him from somewhere, his face, his voice, but she doesn’t, and it’s nagging at her like an itch she can’t quite scratch.

“You can pick up your drink at the other side of the counter–have a nice day!” Maka calls out to his back with forced cheer as he makes his way to the pick up area. She tries to track where he goes, but it’s so busy that she loses sight of him as she helps other customers until she finally gives up and forgets what had been so interesting about him to begin with.

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A post where everything is about Zack - part 1


  • What the heck is Cloud’s personality pre Nibelheim incident
  • The most important thing Zack does for Cloud (wasn’t dying)
  • Why everyone should start tagging all their Cloud posts with nothing but “BAMF”

First a short foreword :

Well this turned out to be waaaay longer than I intended… So I decided to post this in parts (which I’m not super happy about, but otherwise I’ll never finish it just cause I’m too tired of having to scroll so much to where I left of everytime..and I kinda felt sorry for the mobile readers haha)

And I guess I’ll begin by saying that of course this is just my take on things, so obviously not everyone will agree with my 100% totally canon SE stamp approved interpretations (really I send em a link and they said “sugoi” which is “cool” in japanese fyi ) and that’s ok, cause fortunately none of us has to be wrong for the other to be right. But again any additional input or fact correction (since I obviously can’t remember everything) is always welcome. (specially regarding to the timeline cuz it’s a mess) I just kinda wish people will wait until I post the entire thing..

Note that I will be ignoring other characters just because this is a post about Zack, and not because I don’t realize the influence they all had on Cloud. 

Also I’ll just briefly mention that I only rely on the original materials and good ol’ common sense for all my character analysis, just cause I feel like it can take you way further than relaying on ultimanias and things that are not considered part of canon. (because let’s face it, sometimes they are full of BS and with all the retcons tend to change alot) 

Also i’ll say that alot of this is actually based on my personal experiences as a soldier, being surrounded by soldiers, and having to deal with soldiers who lost friends in battle, so there’s probably a shit ton of projection there.. I’m obsessing over Zack Fair for a reason.. (and it’s not only cause he’s so damn fine, althought it is a very big part of it)

Also I will probably be adding and editing stuff in these posts.

So yeah about Zack

Now I know the people who will most likely read these walls of text are people who are already big fans of Zack. But I kinda feel like I’m writing this for the people who have complains about his character or Cloud’s character or any of the compilations..

Because without a doubt the saddest thing about Zack fair (well besides his death I mean), is that Square Snix never had enough space for him in the original releases and always ended up editing him in YEARS later. (Also pretty funny I guess, since when production is concerned, starting from his conception, Zack is always the character that just kinda shows up late with Starbucks like “Hey what did I miss?” and then proceeds to complete the picture.)

So with that and with FFVII’s story (and I’m talking the entire CC, BC, OG and AC/C combo) not being released in a chronological order for over a decade while continuously being retconned. I think sometimes it can be easy to miss how over the years it basically turned out to be the story of Zack (unless you’re pretty perceptive, have a good memory, or actually played and watched everything in a chronological order after AC/C was released, which I assume not many people ever did?)

Anyway this black haired sonic looking dude we saw for a few short moments in 1997 plays as important role in FFVII’s story as Cloud or Aerith (yes, in the OG aswell, yes from 1997, and no, not only because he died protecting Cloud). And some (me) would say maybe even the most important. But it’s kinda been just one big mess and that’s why Zack’s role so easily gets lost in it. Specially to the older fans, who I so often feel like still can’t get quite used to him becoming such an important character or can’t understand why the hell he is so important or even think he ruins everything (*gasp* how dare?). 

Infact I believe alot (not all, but alot) of people’s complains about the OG or it’s compilations (excluding DC) is the result of failing to understand Zack’s part. (Which is a super easy thing to do because you just have to skip CC to not understand soooo many things about the OG or AC/C.) And because it always breaks my heart a little whenever people leave Zack out or don’t give him the credit he deserves, I really wanted to make this long overview to maybe shed some light on things and try to sort out all the mess SE made a little.

Actually before AC/C came out I guess I couldn’t really make this post. But I think it’s safe to say that SE has been using Zack to tie alot of the lose ends in FFVII’s story for awhile now and it’s probably going to stay that way. I really don’t think anyone in SE expected Zack to turn out to be this important either.. He’s really one of those characters that just seem to have a life of their own, popping into your mind out of nowhere and proceeding to take over the story. Atleast that’s the feeling I’m getting from his character. (Hope its all gonna be more clear in the remake. And they don’t cut out Zack’s part again just to add it 10 years later.. seriously stop doing that!)

And ofcourse if we’re gonna talk about Zack, we’re actually going to talk about Cloud (and later other characters). Because Zack is dead and he didn’t really do much in his short life besides failing basically everything (or did he?).

Now since romantic relationships for some reason are always exalted and considered more significant than others, usually when it comes to Cloud, everything always seems to be about Tifa or Aerith. And Ofcourse I’m not saying that other people don’t have their very respectable places in Cloud’s heart, after all it’s not even a thing of competition, he cares deeply about everyone around him. But.. if you wanna get real, then for Cloud it’s probably always gonna be: Zack > everyone else. This is obviously not news to many. But if it is please stick around.

And before the angry Cloti and Clerith shippers light up their torches and the Clack shippers get too excited. This is not a shipping post! I feel like I can argue for or against any ship, but imo adding any romantic feelings to Zack’s and Cloud’s relationship will only water it down. Because it’s so much more than that. (Although I promise you clackers, Zack won’t disappoint you. If I wasn’t so sure he’s head over heels for Aerith I’d be wondering what the hell he’s trying to do myself haha)

Anyway this is an in depth analysis of Cloud and his relationship with Zack (from Cloud’s POV)  

And I guess we’ll begin with going through the obvious first, and then maybe the not so obvious in further posts.

So.. the obvious:

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Contagion - 2.11

I was clued into this episode by Friend of the Blog Deborah who posted about it on Facebook: “I think my favorite thing to happen on Star Trek: Next Generation is when they fix the Enterprise by turning it off and on. It makes me wish someone could fix the warp drive by hitting it.” It’s not a momentous fashion episode, but we’re doing all of them anyway, so let’s go.

We start with a distress call from the USS Yamato which is an exact copy of the Enterprise, something I (a) hadn’t known about (bad trekkie) and (b) was surprised they named it after the Imperial Japanese Naval Ship. Also, in charge of it is this no nonsense motherfucker:

My ’stache is set to zero fucks given

We never see much more of the bridge of the Yamato than this, but already I’m into the green banister of the tactical station (though, we can all agree, right, that this is just the Enterprise bridge with a pleather jacuzzi covering on it?). That large piece of TECHNOLOGY behind him is whatever, but I guess they had to do what they could.

Of course, the Yamato has PROBLEMS.

Okay, who’s fucking with the tracking?

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