i will not actually pay you five dollars

Day One Hundred and Ten

-On my way into the store, I found a motorized cart abandoned on the curb. My throne awaited me, and I am never one to pass on a stylish entrance. Not a single person noticed me, but my mood skyrocketed in preparation for my shift.

-A man clad entirely in black, arms wrapped in smoky tattoos of the Grim Reaper and other equally sordid icons, came through my lane. In a low growl, he asked me if we sold ouija boards. I replied that I did not know. He told me that he was with the Disciples of the Ram. As I handed him his receipt and change, he hissed loudly and threw his arms up, intending to strike fear into the hearts of onlookers, not intending to launch his change across the floor.

-A woman purchased six tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter World ice cream, clearly preparing to make my life’s dream a reality.

-I found at the top of my till a five dollar bill with the name Brandon and a phone number scrawled across ol’ Babraham’s face. Unfortunately, I had not been paying enough attention to know whether Brandon himself had attempted to slide me his number, or whether an unwilling recipient was trying to rid themselves of evidence of the encounter. Nonetheless, I copied down the number for when next a nefarious mood strikes.

-A woman in her forties cackled maniacally as she purchased a book with a flatulence soundboard, proclaiming over and over the wonders of a book about farts that actually farts at you. I have finally found her. She is the target audience my lifetime of comedy has been meant for.

-A three year-old pointed at the six year-old in the cart behind them and asked, “Baby?” The mother explained to their child that, no, that was not a baby, and she was in fact older than them. While the mother remained entirely oblivious to the reality of the situation, I did not. That child was fully aware that the girl was not a baby. Their pickup game is simply well beyond their years.

-A young girl asked me for a bandaid. I had none, so I instead offered her a strip of stickers. This seemed to do the trick, as she began counting them off and giggling in joy, giving each the smallest of kisses. A young boy pulls up in a cart behind her. The girl stands up, extends the strip of stickers, announces, “I have all the stickers! Look at them! I got all of them!” and sits back down, proud of her work. After a brief look from her mother, she peeled one off and handed it to the boy. Too emotional for words, the toddler accepted the sticker, silently committing to this contract of eternal friendship.

Ok but listen

One of the Paladins, probably Hunk, got off earth with his wallet in his pocket.

He doesn’t think a thing of it; earth cash is worthless in space

A few weeks into life flying through the galaxy in a castle ship finds him sitting around feeling really comfortable and realizing he needs a simple task done. Maybe he left the oven on. Maybe he forgot the Thing he was working on in another room and needed it in this room. Maybe he was thirsty and wanted a drink.
Point is, he didn’t wanna get up

So he kinda side eyes Lance
“Hey Lance, do the thing for me.”
“Dude no. Do it yourself.”

A lightbulb pops up in Hunks mind: “I’ll pay you” he says

Lance perks up: “how much we talkin’?”

Consideration: “five dollars”
Negotiation: “make it ten.”
Refutation: “dude I bet I could get Keith to do it for three.”

Keith shrugs. Hunk translates that to “I probably wouldn’t actually, but I want to see where this goes” or possibly “I heard my name and this is probably an appropriate acknowledgement of that, but I haven’t actually been paying attention.”

Surrender: “fine. Five.” Lance goes and does the task, and comes back, “pay up, Hunk.”

Hunk roots through his wallet.
“You got change for a ten?”
“Well… Tens are all I’ve got… So… I guess I’ll give you one and you’ll owe me a five-dollar-favor?”
“Yeah sure. Sounds fair enough.”

Lance leaves the room, satisfied, just in time for hunk to break out laughing. Hard enough that the rest of team Voltron is Concerned (is this an existential crisis? Hmmm. No, not yet). Breathless, hysterical. In subsides after a time.

“You… Realize earth money is worthless in space, right?” Keith asks

Hunk starts laughing again, but nods. He just gave Lance a worthless piece of paper with a number on it in return for two favors. And it’s Priceless
(If we’re being honest, the favors were actually worth like, maybe two dollars each, but who cares? A favor is a favor, and earth cash is utterly useless anywhere but planet earth, what else is he gonna spend it on?)
But wait this definitely continues. Lance keeps doing tasks for worthless money.
Eventually Lance tries bribing Hunk back. And y'know what? Hunk was running low on cash, and it’d be good to have some in reserve, just in case he’s feeling especially lazy and wants to bribe Lance. So Hunk accepts. He gets ten dollars back (he managed to wrangle it so that it was ten dollars for a six-dollar-task especially well-done, so the ten is all his)

And it’s funny, it’s kinda fun, and it works. Lance does tasks for money, hunk does tasks for money to give to Lance to do tasks (you probably see where this is going)

Suddenly one day, the other Paladins realize how well it’s working and yknow what? They. Want. In.

Hunk started it all out with oh, about thirty dollars; a ten, a twenty, and about 63 cents. Lance had four ones. Pidge brings in two tens, three fives, and seven quarters. Keith adds about 5 dollars in loose change that he won’t admit to why he has.
Shiro didn’t have anything to add bc he spent the last year as a space prisoner, and Allura and Coran aren’t from earth and don’t use the same currency

It starts tame. Lance was bartering for a task to be worth a full ten. Keith pops up and says he’ll do it for five. Lance says fuck that, he’ll do it for four. Keith says $2.50, Lance says $2, Keith deliberates for a minute but says $1.25, Lance gets on his knees and begs to do it for $1. Keith surrenders the bid. Lance fistpumps and almost shouts about winning (who am I kidding. He definitely shouted) he sprints out of the room to do the task.
Keith high-fives Hunk. Hunk returns it, with a sense of foreboding
(Keith doesn’t really participate, except to bait Lance into doing a task cheap)

Shiro did not have any money to start. He rectifies this by quickly earning Hunks twenty and one of Pidge’s tens. Keith bribes him with three pounds of loose change for something else, something secret. He accepts the bribe. He now has $35. He spends it wisely. Responsibly. And definitely does not use the twenty to convince Lance to shut up for one 24 hour period. (He actually doesn’t! They decide that one dollar for one hour of silence is a perfectly acceptable wage. He buys 20 hours of silence. The other 4 are wasted to sleep. It’s kind of hilarious watching Lance try to charade his way through the day. After that, that’s usually what the twenty gets spent on)

Pidge does a fairly similar thing to Hunk, but quickly becomes known for being a ruthless haggler. She will get what she wants out of this five dollar bill or else. The Paladins fear her. But they obey.

Allura and Coran don’t really get it. But them not getting it has very different results. Allura simply does not participate
Coran… Thinks that Earth Money looks cool, and starts collecting it.
“Hey Coran, I’ll give you a ten if you do this task”
“Hmmm no, I already have one of those… Ooh! Do you have one of the small brown circular ones? I don’t have any of those yet!”
One day he gets ahold of the ever coveted twenty
That day is… Eventful.

All five Paladins crowd around Coran, offering to do anything for that twenty dollar bill. Literally anything.

Hunk breaks first, surprisingly.
This all started with a worthless ten dollar bill and a subtle prank on Lance. After all, earth money is worthless in space.

And now…

In some ass-backward way, his spending-money-because-what-the-hell-it’s-already-worthless has… Made a booming economy, right here in the castle.
A booming economy of about $75.38
Objectively, that total number is not enough to buy a robot. But here Pidge is, offering to build Coran a robot, not even for the seventy-five, but for one single twenty
The money was worthless, but now it is not because he started using it because it was worthless. Causality is confusing and terrifying. Hunk considers having that existential crisis. The money was worthless and now it is not, because he assigned it worth
He wanders off and flops down beside Allura. Her shoulders are shaking slightly. She is laughing.

He turns to the Paladins.
Keith is egging Lance on again, so far Lance has offered to not speak again for a week, no two weeks now. It seems Keith is aiming for one full month of silence.
Pidge is upping the numbers of promised bells and whistles for the bot. So far Hunk is starting to wonder, if Pidge even builds it, if it will replace Coran outright.
Shiro seems to have accepted that he will not win the twenty, so now he is managing the others offers: “no Pidge, the bot may not automatically fire death lasers, we don’t want any accidents. Make it manual control.” “Lance, three weeks of not saying anything at all is a bit excessive. Be reasonable, three weeks no speaking except from a word bank the rest of us choose of no more than 100 words (and except on missions)”
Meanwhile Coran doesn’t really care for a cool robot so much nor for Lance’s silence. He does rather like this “twenty dollar bill” though, because it completes his collection

Keith gets Lance to agree to one full month of silence, except for no more than 100 words from a word bank the others will decide on for $20.
Keith whips out a twenty dollar bill that he’d had in his back pocket all this time and slaps it into Lance’s hand.

Everyone loses their shit.

(Lance’s word bank includes a few useful words like “me,” “you,” everyone in the castle’s names, “space,” “fuck,” “please,” and “thanks” as well as a few out-there but useful ones, like “apologies,” “affirmative,” “negation,” “assemble,” “post,” “prior,” “cerulean,” “vermillion,” “chartreuse” “midnight,” “golden,” “rainbow,” (bc you know, lion colors) and the like. The rest were fairly nonsense, and a few of which were memes; “smorgasbord,” “brouhaha,” “Simba,” (actually, most names from the lion king) “Pepe,” “loss,” “Beyoncé,” and so on.
One memorable day (more like meme-orable day tbh) they got the quote “post smorgasbord, me, you [gesturing at all other paladins], assemble rainbow Simba. Fuck Space Voldemort’s vulnerability”
Translated roughly; “hey guys, after breakfast lets form Voltron and hit Zarkon where it hurts!”

They never do completely stop calling Voltron Rainbow Simba. Like you think it dies down, then suddenly it’s back, like it never left.
Also “yeah man! Fuck space Voldemort’s vulnerability!”)

It’s one of Keith’s favorite things he’s ever done

27 Dresses (Part 9)

Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader AU

Summary – You are the epitome of “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  You think you know what love is, but sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you.  

Warnings – Angst and arguing

Word Count – 1,452

Notes –   Merry Christmas!!!!  For those of you who’ve seen the movie, you know what to expect once you start reading this part and you’ll know what’s coming next!!  I have a few more twists to add, but it pretty much sticks to the original plot!  As always, please feel free to leave me comments or asks to let me know what you thought!

*Special thank you to the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower for allowing me to use them as my “brides!”

*Special tag: @stories-from-stark-tower

Part 1  

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James’ eyes slowly traveled back up to meet yours, the lust in his matching your own.  His grip on your chin tightened just a bit as he drew you closer to him.  Caught up in the moment, you willing allowed him guide you wherever he pleased.  His lips were mere millimeters from yours, and your eyes began to close.  Your name fell from his lips in a breathless whisper as he continued to close the gap between you.

Your lips had barely brushed against his when reason came flooding back.  You inhaled sharply as you pulled away from him.  His eyes shot open, confusion written all over his face.

You hurriedly stood up, shrugging out of his coat and handing it to him.  “I’m sorry, James.  I can’t do this tonight.  I’m not in a good place right now and it wouldn’t be fair to you.  I hope you can forgive me.”

You turned and quickly walked back into the clubhouse, leaving James sitting in the moonlight by himself, his head hanging dejectedly.


You stared at your phone all morning on Sunday.  You were waiting for James to text you, but you were also terrified that James would text you.  You kept replaying that scene in the garden over and over in your head.  You wanted to believe that it was just the combination of the magical wedding and the romantic moonlight, but you just couldn’t keep lying to yourself.  You were starting to develop feelings for him.

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sin bin schematics

for @queercamilla | ao3 | part of the zimbits airport au | 1.3k

“Mashkov,” Lardo says, extending her hand in greeting.

“Duan,” Tater replies, shaking it. “I like your sunglasses.”

“Thanks. They’re mandatory for members of the Samwell High Court during trials. Ransom and Holster have them too. So do Dex and Chowder. I have a pair for you too.” The sunglasses she hands to Tater are fairly simple, exactly the same as hers, and they were only like two bucks. (And got paid for with Sin Bin money.)

“You have trials?” Tater asks, putting on his new sunglasses.

“Only for multiple offenses over a short period of time. We used to have more of them when we didn’t have the Portable Sin Bin, since we couldn’t bring the usual one with us on roadies and had to tally up all the fines for when we got back. Now we only need to hold trials when all the Sin Bins are full and nobody can find a Ziploc bag to use. Or when we just ran out of Ziploc bags. Like now.”

“We probably could find, but I want to try the trial.”

“You don’t have those in the NHL?”

“No. Always bring Sin Bin with us on roadies, no point.”

“Isn’t it really bulky, though?”

“I carry, is no problem.”

“Yeah, I’ve never carried our Sin Bin beyond the bare minimum.”

“Make team carry it for you?”


“Makes sense. You fine teammates how much for taking last slice of pizza without asking?”

“Oh, pizza was never much of an issue for us, but we would fine the shit out of people for doing that with pie.”

“Bitty’s pie?”

“Yeah, there were a few brawls over the last pieces. There still are, particularly whenever Bitty makes blueberry pie. Dex and Holster always fight over it.”

“How much do you fine for pie fighting?”

“Five bucks per person. Eight if it’s blueberry.”

Tater laughs. “This is not big fine for Falconers.”

“Well, yeah, you all get your NHL salaries, while we were all broke college students when we set the amounts of the fines. Besides, the number of times that people fight over pie is actually ridiculous. Dex got fined almost a hundred dollars one semester just for pie, but Nursey offered to pay pie fines for him in the future, which I think was why Dex started limiting the amount of times he got into pie fights.”

“So Nursey does not have to pay much?”

“No, Dex refused, I think it was so Nursey wouldn’t offer again.”

“Ah. I… think I understand?”

“Their dynamic is confusing.”


“Um, excuse me,” Chowder says. He’s wearing his High Court Sunglasses as well, as is Dex. Ransom and Holster aren’t, but they’re not on High Court duty tonight. “Aren’t we supposed to be having a trial right now?”

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Quick and Dirty Adulting Guide: Financials Edition

Money is really hard. Especially because we’re not taught how to handle it on a personal level in school. But here’s some tips from my personal experience that might help you too.


  1. Make a budget. Even if you live on $150 a month and get your food from the cafeteria and live on campus. Decide how much you want to spend a week on going out with friends, and put the rest in savings. Tools like Mint (which is free) and YNAB (which is free to students) can both really help. If you have bills to pay, prioritize those first. Then break down the rest oft of your money on a week to week basis.
  2. Put money into savings. Pick a set amount that you put into your savings account every time you get paid. That money is for emergencies, like the next time you get strep and wind up in the doctors office. Or if you do fuck up and need twenty bucks to buy a weeks worth of groceries. I find it helpful to have two separate savings accounts; one that I never touch, and one that I pull money from in the event of an emergency (or if I really want to go out with friends and am hella broke).
  3. Go on a spending freeze for a month. Pick a month where you’re only going to spend money on groceries and bills and other necessities. This helps you jump start your savings, and it helps you become aware of how often you eat out, buy things, etc. 


  1. Figure out what credit is. It’s basically money that’s on loan to you from the bank, that you pay back with interest. This interest is what builds your credit, and helps you have a good credit score. It’s especially important for students who have taken out loans to start building credit, because a student loan is bad credit. You need to counter it with a good credit score on a credit card.
  2. Decide how you’re going to use it. The two most common plans I’ve heard are (1) Using it for a big thing every month and not touching it until the next month. Personally, I use my credit card to buy my MTA pass each month. Sometimes I remember to stick it somewhere and not touch it, sometimes it ends up in my wallet and I use it for a few other things as the month goes on. (2) Buy one small thing with it each day. I have several friends who use it to buy a cup of coffee each morning, and then they don’t touch it. 
  3. Remember interest. The biggest mistake you can make is using a credit card like a debit card. When you have a credit card a little bit extra gets tacked on to your total. If you pay 15% interest, each dollar you spend actually costs you $1.15. If you go to target and spend $30, you’re actually paying $34.50, almost five dollars more than your original total. 
The Sheriff’s Son (Series) - Part 1

Author: daddyobrienx

Collab with @really-meg

Characters: OFC x Stiles Stilinski

Word Count: 3,800-ish

Series: “The Sheriff’s Son”

A/N: GUYS, it’s finally here! I’ve had this idea for a while now and it’s a collab series with @really-meg . There’s going to be 5 parts, and sorry there’s no smut in this part, but later on babes ;) Part 2 will be on Meg’s blog I believe very soon so go follow her! Also thank you so much @bonniebird for making me this gif (go follow her). I hope y’all like this series because honestly I really like the idea, so enjoy!

Tags: @stormyfandoms , @allison-stilinskis

Mia’s POV:

“Hey Kid, get back here with those items!” The cashier from the store yells after me. I run out the store at lightning speed, the adrenaline rushing over me and my heart beats out of my chest. I drop my skateboard to the ground, stepping on it and skating away from the store. I’ve missed doing this, it’s been a while. I turn around to see the cashier no where in my sight. Looks like I’ve gotten away with it, again. I victoriously smirk at myself, skating my way back to the shithole, also known as my house. The familiar wail of sirens from a police car follows right behind me. Shit, not again. I use my right foot to accel my pace, trying to find a way to escape, but the wailing of the car is getting closer. I take a sharp turn to my right, not realizing where it leads up to, a dead end. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. I look around for any way to escape and I climb on top of the dumpster, but not being able to go anywhere past that. I hear the siren stop and the police rushes out of the car.

“Put your hands up where I can see them!” He commands, his gun pointing directly at me. 

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Sacred Halloween Doctrine (or Something)

yes hello i reached a follower milestone a few days ago, so i wrote a short, ridiculous halloween fahc raywood thing that mostly involves candy and excessive dialogue
on ao3 (bc it’s somehow over 1k words bc i have lost control of my life)

What follows is a bordering-on-violent scuffle for Ray’s phone that ends with Ray upending the bowl of Halloween candy over Ryan’s head and Ray quickly thereafter ending up on the floor.

“Pushing people is cruel and childish, Ryan,” Ray says, picking himself up off the floor while Ryan brushes Tootsie Rolls out of his hair. “I demand compensation for my suffering.”

“Yeah, well, all the candy is now either in my hair or between my fucking legs, so you’re out of luck in that department.”

“If you think I won’t eat Milky Ways that have gotten more intimate with you than I have,” Ray starts, and then Ryan has to defend his lap from Ray’s shameless candy lust. Or something.

“This is the start of the weirdest Halloween porno ever,” Ryan says.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Ray replies from where he’s now sitting in Ryan’s lap, pulling candy from between Ryan’s legs.

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SM: our stocks dropped last year how can we bring them back up
*exoluxion happens* *el dorado is finished* *10 individual exodus teasers are released* *20 different versions of the album are sold*

EXO-L: fuck you sm if you think i’m actually going to pay for all of this….. *sighs* *opens wallet*

Finding Forever Pt. 3

Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 4 Pt 5 Pt 6 Pt 7 Pt 8 Pt 9 Pt 10 Pt 11 Pt 12

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rating: M since it’ll eventually have smut

Genre: Fluff, smut, probably some angst

Warnings: depression, cheating, violence, probably some swearing tbh.

Summary: Your divorce is final, and the only thing you can think of is escaping from the life you used to share with your ex-husband, Yoongi. At the urging of your best friend Jimin, you buy a house and move out to the little seaside town he’s living in. For a while you almost regret the decision, thinking your life could never open up to someone again, until a chance meeting with Jungkook has you thinking otherwise.

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Penn Zero Oneshot: Rip-paint

Plot: After one too many F’s, Penn decides to give Rippen a little challenge and commissions him to paint something for him - to show him what exactly an ‘A-worthy work of art’ is, and ends up seeing a new side to his part-time nemesis.

(Just because I love writing Penn and Rippen dialogue, and because I’ve had this idea for a while and it seemed funny/interesting enough to try and do. Enjoy! ^v^) 

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some Hot Banking Tips before I leave the bank forever:

  • if you’re in the drive thru and don’t have a deposit slip, write your account number on the back of the check/on a post it note. if you don’t have your account number, write your ssn on a post it. I’d say not to write it on the back of the check, but that’s just me.
  • please, please, please for the love of god get online/mobile banking. both are incredibly convenient and will help keep you aware on if you get a service charge. you can also do most things online or on mobile, like depositing checks or transferring money.
  • if you have a dispute (like if you think your card was used by someone else), make sure you have as much info as possible. I was in the process of cancelling this girl’s card and we found out the transaction she thought was fraudulent was actually just her school’s cafe. she would have known this if she had online banking, too, so back to point two on that one.
  • get a credit card as soon as you are physically capable. I regret getting a credit card when I turned 21 and not sooner because I wasn’t building my credit, and it makes it much harder for me to do things like get an apartment. 
  • following that point: in order to have a credit card and have it positively effect your credit, you should only use 30% of your balance on it. for example, if you are given a credit card with a 500 dollar limit, you should keep your balance at or around 150 dollars. also, please just treat your credit card bill like a utility and pay it off every month. if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to, look for a credit card with no interest rates for the first year. I really don’t encourage this, but it’s there if you need the help.
  • ask your personal banker about your relationship rate. this is your ticket to not making .01% on your savings account and actually earning some money in interest. usually, this rate is as simple as using your credit or debit card five times a month. I make more in interest than some of the people with over twenty thousand dollars in their savings account because I actively use my debit card.
  • you can get a money order way cheaper anywhere else than a bank, and that’s a lot harder for us to waive the fee on.
  • a cashier’s check, a bank check, and a certified check are all the same thing. these are super easy to waive the fee on.
  • I have now learned that some banks will not let you deposit if you don’t know the full account number, which is a little crazy to me but make sure you’ve got that written down somewhere. if not, your online banking will give you the full number, mobile banking usually will not.
  • every bank I know of has an account that should not get service charges if you follow a few special rules. at my bank, our free account is if you only use self-service machines, like the ATM and mobile, and not the teller (if something is wrong with the ATM, let the teller know and they can put in a code to waive the fee). I know of other banks that have a one-deposit or one-transaction free account, which is also pretty nice.
  • at my bank, we can waive service fees if you are a new account or haven’t had service charges in over a year. I don’t know if this is the same everywhere else, but keep that in mind if you’re occasionally in the red.
  • on that note as well, if you catch that you’re in the red that day, you shouldn’t get an overdraft fee if you bring yourself back up on the same day. however, if this is from like an NSF check, you will not have that refunded. it only will only stop oncoming service charges.
  • a checkbook is useful to have, order just a bunch and keep a book on you and then the rest in a drawer or something. usually a whole bunch are 20 bucks, and in certain accounts you can get them for free.
  • I know no one wants to think about this, but start planning on your retirement funds once you hit 25. sit down with an investment banker and just talk about your future plans, and they know what to do with you. if you aren’t in a good place at 25, you can wait, but try not to wait until you’re like 40. the earlier, the better. if you can’t see an investment banker, take 20% of your check and put it in your savings account, then hit that relationship rate. 
  • if you find out the teller has given you the incorrect amount of money, let them know. this affects them just as much as it affects you, so keep that in mind. so if you’re withdrawing cash, count it there. the teller will not mind, because you’re helping them too.
  • and finally, bring in your dogs because I love seeing dogs at the bank it’s the fucking best. we keep doggie treats at the teller window just so I can see your beautiful puppers.
Okay. I have nothing left to lose. Please read.


I was advised by a friend that people might want to help me, but I never imagined that in only 24 hours you guys would help me to pay off this card forever. Paying it off will help my credit rating (which will definitely help when I’m able to leave and get an apartment), and enable me to save a minimum of $200/mo to get out of here–enough to let me leave by August or, at latest, September. This leaves me with only a single, relatively small medical bill to pay off (well, and student loans, but who doesn’t have those), a far less daunting prospect; from then on out it’s only cell phone, rent, and SAVINGS SAVINGS SAVINGS.

If you saw my post and are now wondering what to do with your good intentions, there are other folks just like me all over Tumblr. Together we can help each other to rise above bad situations and make better lives for ourselves, and I encourage you to throw a couple of bucks their way if you were planning on throwing them mine.

(A sidenote: if you reblogged my original post and you see the update, can you please reblog the update as well? I want to make sure folks who saw the former will see the latter.)

You guys have no idea how amazing it feels to know that perfect strangers are willing to help me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, so much.

anonymous asked:

all of you are overreacting over this drew thing

overreacting ? well i mean first off, he left to pursue his own thing without really saying anything, right before the tour, leaving wesley and keaton to clean that up. then he says all of our questions would be answered, however that didn’t happen either now did it? and to end it all he asks for money after saying how that’s not what he wanted. he wants us to donate our money to him for a solo career he left his bestfriend(s) to pursue. half of us were still irritated about it, and for him to do that made everything worse. i don’t know why people would actually contribute money because half of the things aren’t guaranteed. 500 dollars for a chance to spend a day with him? are you kidding?? we’re fans, not your bank. and tbh with that move, his fans are going to leave. you can’t treat people like that, and then expect them to just pay your fee. we’re one right? so why should I pay 500 dollars to maybe meet another human. ?? ?? ? at least with wesley and keaton, you could go to 5 fireside shows with that money, get a picture with them and five different days to just be with them. it’s annoying that after a week of wondering what the deal was, in the end we just get asked for money. 

anonymous asked:

This might be offensive, and you probably get shit for this from your entire family, and a lot of the Internet, but why did you choose to blog and not get paid for it instead of getting a job and a steady income.

Because eight years ago I started a volunteer program for kids at a battered womens shelter and writing gives me the flexibility to spend more time impacting my community than sitting at a desk for 8 hours doing something I hate.  I actually don’t get shit about it from anyone because I’m providing a service just as you are at your job.  Whether you are an accountant, a cashier, a doctor, a handyman, a hairdresser, or a painter, you are providing a service that people want to pay for.  I am creating content that people enjoy reading and some of those people don’t mind paying three or five dollars a month as a thank you for the service I’m providing.  I also write and arrange marching band music, give saxophone lessons and music theory instruction, tutor in chemistry & physics, and when all else fails and the economy is slow, I have no problem punching in/out at an office for that steady paycheck you place so much importance on.  Please don’t count my receipts.  I pay my bills the way I see fit in the most impactful way I can to still be able to set aside enough time to fulfill (what I believe is) my purpose as a mentor.