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pls expand on your ridiculous experiences during one semester at a fake college

okay I got a few asks about this so let me see what I can remember right now. These might not all be in chronological order

- At orientation, they were talking about the reservation near campus and all these pretty sites and this kid in the back of the auditorium goes “So uhh…heard this place might be built over a Native American burial ground?”

- The speaker: “…Let’s not think about that, okay?”

- The freshman were on campus alone for like a week and a half (other than the RA’s) before the other students and I just. The parties. Were out of control. An ambulance was called basically every night.

- I walked into the bathroom the first night there to find a girl literally dying because someone slipped something in her drink and she was having a Very Bad Reaction

- Sting- you know, the singer- ‘s son lived in my residence hall. This boy almost accidentally killed me on three separate occasions (while I was just trying to do my laundry)

- I told my family about this at Thanksgiving. Everyone in the room advised me to seduce him

- I ate breakfast in the dining hall exactly once. I got scrambled eggs. I noticed no one had brought out ketchup with the condiments and politely asked about it. I received glares from at least ten different people. Apparently people there don’t believe in ketchup on eggs.

- There were these two boys in my English class known as “The Lumbard Guys”. They didn’t live in my residence hall, but they would come over almost every night, start a party, and destroy part of the basement.

- At orientation this one kid got mad and set his shoe on fire to prove a point

- Also at orientation like??? My roommate disappeared???? And I never saw her again???

- Listen like…this campus just looked like the perfect setting for a horror film, but none of the people from the area got that. They all thought I was crazy until some comic from Comedy Central did a stand up act and said “Why the hell is this campus so creepy? I feel like I’m gonna leave here with someone else wearing my face!”. I felt way too validated.


- My “math” class was actually a disguised home ec. course???? All we had were word problems that were incredibly detailed recipes or instructions on how to fix things. The teacher, who I swear to GOD was actually my Mr-Rogers-Wannabe guidance counselor from high school in disguise, spent more time trying to come up with names and backstories for the models in the text book than actually trying to teach

- I had to take a class called “first year seminar” because neither of my parents went to college. It was supposed to be teaching you about how the school works and stuff but SUPRISE BITCH WE’RE JUST GONNA YELL ABOUT RACISM AND PRIVELGE FOR AN HOUR.

- Literally that’s all we did. Just the whole class bonding over all these struggles we had gone through and getting fired up. Like, it was great, but I also ended up knowing very little about campus and school stuff bc that was the class that was supposed to be teaching me lmao

- My Psych teacher was fucking hysterical for the first few classes but then he just. Vanished. I had to drop the class

- My Fine Arts teacher just. Couldn’t stick to a teaching plan. Her entire wardrobe was scarves. She was very passionate about African masks. She had a flapper haircut. She spoke quietly, but with a marvelously forced tone of voice that I’m certain was her trying to sound impressive and hide a Boston accent. She didn’t seem to understand the year was 2014. She took us into the city to go to the Art Museum and we lost her in there, never to be seen again

- I’m not even kidding

- My “writing” teacher was my absolute fav omfg. She was this long grey haired hippie lady who worked as a nurse for the Grateful Dead and was still stuck there. She may or may not have hooked up with my uncle. I was her favorite student because one day I came in wearing a “HAIR” shirt. She wanted to take the class to England for the sole purpose of going on a Beatles tour

- But like…she did not teach a writing class omfg. She taught a social justice class. All we did was have informed debates about The Issues and listen to music and occasionally watch the Breakfast Club. Every time there was a big paper due on the syllabus, she’d just sit on her desk and go “I mean, I don’t have to cover anything, right? You guys know how to write!” Like I genuinely don’t think she knew what class she was teaching

- There was a boy who sat next to me in that class. He was deaf in one ear and used that as an excuse when he got caught blatantly not paying attention. It worked every time. But I was right next to him. I saw him playing Yu-Gi-Oh on some website on his phone under the table. One time we started talking about model cars and he pre-cummed.

- There was a boy who roamed the campus in a long black trench coat and a weird hat. I never saw his body and started to suspect he might not have one, just the theory of one. He took interest in me because I was the only person in class who ever got his Doctor Who jokes. He’d come up to me at dinner and blast quiz me on various nerd culture before running off and disappearing into the shadows. Just as I was starting to grudgingly accept I was probably going to have to eventually hook up with him for the greater good, I apparently offended him by saying I like Picard more than Kirk. He didn’t stick around to listen to my reasoning. Whenever I saw him after that he would loudly start talking about how great his girlfriend was. Everyone knew he was lying. I wonder if Kirk ever sucked his theoretical dick as well as I would have.

- I gave a football player a shout out on Yik Yak. He really appreciated it, and gave me some fries laced with weed as a thanks. That was such A Night ™ , I watched the Lorax and left the dimension.

- Every time we had dances, this creepy guy named Horace would find me and use my obvious discomfort to make me dance with him. He’d hold my wrists and shove his crotch on mine while vaguely swaying to the beat. I had to escape to the bathroom every few minutes. Finally the security just banned him from the events altogether. I can still see his face clearly in my mind.

- One night, I walked into the bathroom to find a perfect, untouched pizza laying on the floor…but not in a box. Someone literally just took it out of the box and laid it down. I’m still fuming.

- One time I was in the mostly empty library when I smelled something. I walked down the rows of shelves before rounding the corner, and found the President of the college hidden there, sitting on the floor, smoking, a bottle of vodka in his hands. We held eye contact for a solid minute. He slowly shook his head at me. I said “Sir, your house is like…literally across the street.” He shook his head more vigorously. I left the library.

- One night, I heard screaming. I looked out the window to find a girl in a giraffe costume scaling my building. People were throwing water bottles at her. I was concerned. I didn’t know who to talk to for answers.

- I was in line trying to pay for dinner. One of the lunch ladies climbed on top of the ice cream machine and refused to come down. Her friend came over and they started recreating the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. Very few people acknowledged it.

- Someone jacked up the soda dispenser so it was only dispensing beer. None of the staff cared enough to fix it.

- I caught my RA in the middle of a drug deal so she gave me a coupon for free ice cream

- Also side note: The soft served ice cream machine on campus was actually a frozen yogurt machine. I had no problem with that, but like, advertise correctly, you know? Nobody else seemed to understand my confusion. Nobody else seemed to understand that froyo and ice cream are two different things. What the hell.

- There were just…so many moths all over the campus. A terrifying amount. When it started getting colder I was like, finally, I won’t be attacked by moths anymore! Only for even more moths to appear. I asked a local about it. “Oh, those are the winter moths!” What the fuck are winter moths? What the fuck, Massachusetts? My friend back home grew convinced that Mothman was in the area. I was inclined to believe her. Sometimes I close my eyes and all I can see are moths everywhere, waiting for the moment to strike.

-  I’ve encountered deer many times in my life. I know how they act around people. But the deer on this campus were just weird. They’d run out at people all the time. One almost shoved me into traffic.

- My roommate gave my phone number out to literally anyone she found who mentioned they liked to read or liked Doctor Who. She was concerned I had no friends. No one ever called.

- I met a small Greek girl in my Fine Arts class. Our first day of talking, she made me climb a mountain with her so she could get to tutoring, even though I had no reason to be in that building. Her roommates kept mysteriously disappearing. She was late to everything. She’d call me randomly to get food at 1 in the morning. She kept somehow breaking phones and tvs and other electronics. When I asked her how they kept breaking, she waved it off with “Oh, I have OCD. You wouldn’t understand”. I have OCD, and I still don’t understand. One time she invited me out with her friends from high school. I waited outside her building for two hours, while the other friends waited in the parking lot for two hours, because we didn’t know how to find each other. She eventually came outside at 10:30 pm. We went to Friendly’s. She made us stop at her house so she could grab something. We pulled up a long, winding driveway and stopped in a parking lot. At the end of the parking lot were stone stairs that lead up to a mansion on a hill. She ran inside and the rest of us stayed in the car, listening to High School Musical and talking about Supernatural. When she came out 40 minutes later we decided to try and prank her. It went wrong. We almost ran over her friend’s sister with the car. They invited me to a pumpkin patch. When I started complaining about my roommate, she asked me to move in with her. I thought about the other three girls who had seemingly gone missing. I politely declined. Six months after I left the school, I received a text from her asking for notes for an exam, and radio silence after that. I can’t find her on facebook. I fear she might have gone missing too.

- One night, as I was standing outside huddled in the cold, a boy came up and offered me a cigarette to help me stay warm. I turned it down, but he stood around talking to me for a few minutes afterwards. I felt absolutely no awkwardness at all. He was a musician from Colorado. He sang a bit of one of his songs. He was dropping out of school to go to California the next week. He told me I had beautiful eyes, but his were the most alive eyes I’ve ever seen so I couldn’t believe the compliment. We talked for about ten minutes and I fell a little bit in love. He had to rush off to a club meeting, but he told me he’d rather keep talking. He gave me the sweetest smile before he left. I didn’t get his last name or number and I never saw him again.

- There was a dance on Halloween. I couldn’t think of a sufficiently slutty yet classy costume, so I just went as Osgood from Doctor Who. When I got there there was a huge crowd, but people quickly grew bored and started leaving. There ended up being six people left (myself included). We stayed because we could see the upset faces of everyone who had planned the event, but actually had one of the most fun nights of my life. We- myself, the girl from across the hall, Trench Coat Boy, his tiny friend who never spoke, and a boy and girl I didn’t know who seemed to be professional dancers- danced nonstop for almost three hours. The strobe lights and poppy music solidified an unspoken bond. I had never and to this day haven’t felt as free as I did that night. The tiny quiet boy’s smile could have lit up a city. It’s etched into my mind. We all left the dance talking about the surreal feeling in the air, as if something had shifted. None of us ever mentioned the dance again. It’s still one of my fondest memories.

- For a solid month, there was someone in a gorilla costume running around campus.

- There was a rash of sexual assaults on campus. A gang of boys kept jumping girls in the woods. The only thing the school board did was give out free rape whistles at lunch one day. I missed that day, making me one of the only students on campus without a whistle. Later that night when I ordered pizza, the delivery guy tried to start up a conversation with me about all the assaults. He blamed the girls. I took back my tip.

- Sometimes the showers just…filled up with black sludge. No one knew why.

- The girls in the room next to me were very bizarre. They always shot me odd looks and whispered to each other constantly. I couldn’t figure out if they were sleeping together or not. They never washed their hands when we were in the bathroom.

- The doors to each dorm were thick and heavy and required effort to push them open. My roommate and I made sure to lock ours every night, and would triple check it. It swung open by itself almost every night. The channels on the tv would change with the remote equidistance away from us. Sometimes I heard humming in the showers when I was the only one in there.

- My roommate…deserves a whole separate post dedicated to her, honestly.

- She would call her mother and have her do her homework for her. She blasted music constantly, and it was either country or hard rap, nothing in between. She sexiled me constantly. I once walked in on anal. She’d meet guys on Tinder, fall in love with them after a couple of days, and then bring them into the school and into our room like it was no big deal. One of them made it clear he was a budding serial killer. She was in a new drama every week. One time someone called her a dilf on Yik Yak. She was firmly convinced her cousin was blonde because her aunt dyed her hair when she was pregnant. She tried her hardest to get me laid by a football player. She was the loudest drunk I’ve ever encountered. Honestly there’s just too much about her for this omfg

- John Zaffis, the famous paranormal researcher, came to the school on my birthday. I went because I’m a loser who’s been watching shows with him since I was a kid, and I was having a bad day so I decided it could be a treat. I sat in the front row. He held an uncomfortable amount of eye contact with me the entire presentation. He was impressed with my questions. He lamented about the fact he’s always cut out of movies or replaced by priests that look like him. He apparently came to the school every year around Halloween to do a ghost tour around the campus for the students. A girl allegedly killed herself in my floor’s bathroom. He apparently always got a lot of activity around the campus. Everyone in the freshman class started wondering if the rumors about the Native American burial ground were true.

- One time in “writing” class the teacher gave us a number and then whatever song came up as that when we put our music on shuffle we had to play for the class. I ended up with “Touch Me” from Spring Awakening. Midway through the song, the teacher from another class came to complain that they could hear everything. My teacher tried to defend that all music has an important message. “Molly, dear, tell her the message in this song!” I looked around the room and at the other teacher. “It’s about sex,” I said quietly. She stormed out of the room while the class started laughing.

- There was this girl that just had the natural ability to make anything boring. I feel bad saying that, because she’s such a sweet girl, and she’s smart, and she’s gorgeous, and she’s talented, but just…every time she says anything, it’s boring. I’m still friends with her on facebook, the talent transcends to writing as well. You could be having a fun, lively conversation and she could say something completely relevant to the point and yet it would still just be boring. It’s a baffling talent, I still don’t understand how she does it.

- There was a boy who’d come into my room. He lusted over my s’mores poptarts. He kept trying to hit the high notes in Broadway songs. He didn’t understand my sense of humor at all, so we both were constantly worried we were offending each other. He cried about Selena Gomez a lot.

- The dining hall only offered horrendous food. I had pasta almost every night because it was the only thing remotely edible. If you wanted good food, you had to go to Late Night, which was between like 10:30 and 1 I think??? They set it up specifically for stoners and people leaving parties. I was frequently the only sober person there. Except for the moths.

- The chief at the pasta place found out I like theater and got like…weirdly passionate about it. He kept telling me about different theater groups in the area and wanted to know if I was in the school musical. He asked me every time I went up for food.

- There was a disproportionate amount of large black birds to trees. It wasn’t hard to figure out why we so rarely saw smaller animals

- When I told my advisor I was thinking about leaving (mostly for financial reasons but also the fake classes were preventing me from getting an education I wanted, you know?), this little old man looked around his office as if checking for people listening in, then put his hand on top of mine, leaned in close, and whispered “Oh, you sweet little girl. Run as fast as you can.”

There’s definitely more but listen. This school was weird and fake and vaguely surreal and off-kilter. I am fully afraid that one day, years from now, I’m going to be driving through the back roads and pass the place where the campus should be, only I won’t find anything there at all, and won’t be able to find any trace of it ever existing. I won’t be able to find any record of it. I won’t be able to find a record of any of the people. Every time I think about this place I just get a weird feeling, like I somehow managed to escape the Twilight Zone but left a part of me behind in the process. Be careful when applying to college, kids.

Rhythm | Lee Joo Heon | One-Shot

jooheon (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,233
warnings: i have no excuse for this flithy, graphic smut (that includes but is not limited to thigh riding, breath play, mild degradation, spanking, etc) and strong language (some slut shaming) and brief mentions of infidelity
a/n: i was inspired by the new mv and channeled that inspiration into a gang!au, bad boy jooheon sexy time fest and before you say anything yes i know he is a total squish in real life that’s why it’s called fiction :)

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It’s been such a while i didn’t finish any personal non-fanart drawing ! °o°
Concerning this character, i drew her a few times but never in any digital drawing. I am searching for a name for her, in case i drew her again ^^- Btw, like every clothe she is wearing is on my wishlist *3*

because this tshirt smells like you
and I have strong lungs
I breathe in slow,
and hold it,
hold it,
slowly release;
because that is how I am trying to let you go

because my dad hates it when I ramble, I will tell you that I miss everything about you over and over
but only in my head
because you left,
and the corner of your suitcase that I tucked myself into
is getting too cramped for me to breathe
in slow,
or even at all.

because I said goodbye to you when you got on a plane,
yet you still called and told me you loved me
and yet,
I let you,
because your tshirt is in the bottom of my drawer
and when I see it
I think of you dancing in a thick, hazy fog of smoke,
brashly sliced by moonlight

because when I told you
that I wanted you to start new,
you told me you loved me,
and as my mind tried to conjure up the proper words to tell you that missing you
made my lungs weak, you asked me to never text you
again you let me down,
again you let me

because you left
because you chose to wear the soles of your shoes down on a different grain of concrete,
and I am still standing right where you said goodbye


said goodbye

because it’s been nearly two years
since you took my breath away
and sometimes I still forget
to breathe.

—  you’re not my muse, you just dragged me through hell and made it taste like heaven
Fuck Away the Pain

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A/N:…I don’t know why I keep writing smut. I- I can’t control myself.

Warnings: Cheating, Rough(ish) sex, Thigh riding, (Light)Choking, Dirty talk, Orgasm Denial, Cumplay, ya know, the typical stuff

~Admin Allie

Two forty-nine,” was all you said under your breath when you realized that Sehun hadn’t come home. You just knew he was with her, the person he called his business partner. But it was so obvious that she was more than that. The way they exchanged smirks over business dinners or greeted one another “unexpectedly” while you two were on a date always seemed so off. You would have given Sehun props if he had managed to keep it on the low, but he managed to think that you were actually that fucking dumb.  

You picked up your phone and dialed her number. He had the nerve to tell you that you should become friends with her. The closer you got to her, the more she smelled like a homewrecker that was out for the man you no longer claimed for yourself.

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  • TV show character: Completely broke, but with a wardrobe to die for, amazing shoes, countless purses/accessories, never wears the same thing twice.
  • me, a real life broke person: i've worn the same jeans for two weeks and my shoes have holes, but it's okay i'll get new ones when these ones completely fall apart. have i worn this shirt this week already? probably let's wear it again.
my favorite thing about the new movie
  • belle: cool, so now that you've had this transformative experience and are human again, you'll take it easy with all the frilly outfits, right?
  • prince: *backing up a truck to the castle with the rest of his wig collection* belle, I am wearing shoes for the first time in years. you will never catch my candy rococo ass alive

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Can you write 12 & 9 from the prompt list please?

okay i wasn’t sure if you wanted them
in the same one but that’s what i did anyways

“despite what you think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself”
“where do you think you’re going”
it was an understatement to say you were drunk. at this point in the night, you were beyond drunk. you lost count of how many drinks you had after 6.

shawn, on the other hand, was completely sober. he had a show tomorrow and he didn’t want to have a killer hangover tomorrow morning.

you were currently at a bar somewhere in europe, you didn’t even know what time it was but you assumed it was past midnight.

“shawn!” you slurred, throwing your arm around his shoulders. “how’s life?”

he was sitting with a few members of his crew, who were also on the borderline of being drunk.

“i think you’ve had too much to drink, we should go.” he said, sliding out of the dimly lit booth.

you shook your head, “no let’s go dance.”

you grabbed his hand and attempted to pull him onto the crowded dance floor, but you failed due to shawn being so much bigger than you.

“we’re going back to the hotel y/n, where we can sleep.”

he led you out of the club, the cold london air made you shiver as soon as you left the warm room.

“where are we going?” you asked.

“hotel, to sleep.”

“what’s sleep?”

shawn chuckled, he had never seen you drunk before so part of him was definitely enjoying this rare sight.

“come on, let’s go.” he grabbed your arm once again, trying to pull you to his car that was parked down the street.

“no!” you pulled away, heading back in the direction of the club. “i don’t want to leave yet.”

you continued to walk further away from shawn, stumbling a bit as you went due to the uncomfortable shoes you had on. deciding you didn’t want to wear them anymore, you quickly slid them off and held them by the heel as you walked.

“and where do you think you’re going?” shawn asked, trailing behind you.

“back to the club,” you said in an obvious tone.

“no you’re not y/n, come on let’s go.”

shawn was getting somewhat annoyed with you by now, but he knew there wasn’t really much he could do.

“you know shawn,” you said, turning around to face him. “despite what you think, i am completely capable of taking care of myself.”

you crossed your arms, raising your eyebrows.

shawn sighed, “i didn’t want to have to do this but,”

before you could do anything to stop him, he swiftly picked you up and carried you bridal style to his car.

“stop! shawn put me down!”

he opened the door to the car and set you down in the passenger seat before quickly going to his seat before you could leave the car.

you knew there was nothing you could do at this point, you were defeated. you crossed your arms over your chest and pouted, like a child, shawn laughed.

“i’ve never seen you drunk before, it’s amusing.”

“i am not drunk,” you mumbled.

shawn chuckled, shaking his head slightly.

the rest of the ride to the hotel was spent in silence, you were on the verge of passing out but you tired your hardest not to.

“we’re back baby,” shawn whispered, “come on.”

since you were too weak to move, shawn carried you to the room and set you down on the bed.

“do you want to change?” he asked, holding one of this t-shirts out for you.

you nodded, taking the shirt from him and putting it on.

you were just about to fall asleep when shawn handed you a glass of water he demanded you drink before you fell asleep.

after you practically chugged it down, shawn got in the bed next to you before you drifted off to sleep.

you knew tomorrow you were going to regret your choices, but you didn’t care.

{I'll figure out a title later}

AN: normally I would never write a cheating fic, but I had this one idea and it caught on fire.


Sasuke had grabbed his backpack and was about to head out the door when he heard his boss’s wife raising her voice over the phone. He shouldn’t have stopped, but an odd curiosity about the woman…

“I’ve been planning this dinner for two weeks,” she held the old-school phone to her ear, she was twisting the cord. “I - I don’t want excuses…”

He stepped in the doorway to see her trying to fan tears away. “No, but…fine. Yes, it’s fine. I haven’t even started.”

It was a lie, the table in the dining room was set and the other house cleaners were waiting. He had only taken a job as a Cleaner to make some extra money–it was his second year of college with no car. His big brother got him the job through a partner.

She hung up the phone. “Geez,” she covered her face and turned around. The older woman was clearly startled by his presence. “Sasuke!” She placed a hand on her chest. “You…scared me. How…how long have you been standing there?”

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So you'll wear a dead animal on your feet, provided you didn't actually buy it first hand? Yeesh...

Honestly, yes. Those shoes are the only leather item that I own, and the fact that they were hand-me-downs about 5 years ago from my mum (who is also now vegan and no longer purchases animal products) from when she was my age, means they are quite sentimental to me. As someone who always wanted siblings to share clothes with but never got them, receiving those from her and knowing all the travels she took in them over the decades since they were bought always brought me happiness. Now that I’m vegan and have invested in other labels (like Vegan Style) I tend to wear them only a few times a year. The sturdiness of those boots is something that helps my patella tendonitis because I can fit my orthotics in and still be supported. To invest in new shoes like that would either cost me hundreds of dollars, or mean buying a cheap knockoff that would barely last a season before needing replacing. 

They were purchased literally 30+ years ago. No animal is being harmed by me still owning my mum’s old shoes. I no longer purchase leather, will never purchase it again, but I have no moral issue with people keeping or using products that they obtained pre-veganism. Waste is useless and doesn’t help the animal at all.

To each their own x

Higher (pt 5)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

You touched your throat nervously as you stepped into the spacious hall, your other arm grasping Junmyeon’s tightly. Already, you felt like the dress was suffocating you, your breathing becoming more and more labored with every painful step you took. The heels weren’t helping either, and you suddenly wished that you’d asked to wear something more comfortable, since the dress was too long to show your feet anyway. 

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can you do one where the reader and josh bump into each other in the elevator and it becomes like a daily routine kinda thing? idk like fluff and cuteness

i’m so sorry that i’m so slow at updating lately, but i worked really hard on this one, so hopefully it’ll make up for my absence a bit!! enjoy xx.


You stretch out your stiff limbs, cringing when you hear a few, loud pops and roll over in bed, hitching the covers up to your chin. You slowly peel your eyes open, rubbing away at the crusted sleep. It’s too bright. So, so bright and your alarm hasn’t even gone off yet. Wait. Your alarm hasn’t gone off yet.  Why hasn’t your alarm gone off yet? You flings your arm out to the bedside table, smacking down on the wood blindly until you grab your phone. Preparing for the worst, you light up the screen to realize that it’s 6:17 in the morning. 6:17 as in, you haven’t overslept your alarm; no, in fact, you’re nearly an hour early.  

With a loud sigh, you flop back down on your pillow, your hair fanning out and falling over your eyes.  You turn, facing the window to your right that’s currently the source of the god-for-saken bright light illuminating your entire room.  Of course you forgot to close the curtains last night and of course it would wake you up at 6 o'clock in the morning. You lay still for a moment before accepting the fact that you’ll never be able to fall back asleep and instead, shove the blankets off.

With another glance at the time, - now 6:20 - you decide that you might as well get out of bed and take a hot shower.  But you’d be damned if you didn’t do exactly that with an abundance of mumbles of discontent because really, you just aren’t a morning person.

You normally leave your apartment at 8:00, walk the twenty minutes to work, and pull your coffee-serving-apron on by 8:25. Your routine has been perfected and now you’ve gone and messed it all up by leaving the curtains open.  You have an extra thirty-seven minutes to spare.

You’re quite literally bouncing around on the balls of your feet, freshly showered, completely dressed, hair styled, bag all packed up, and you even made yourself a bagged lunch for the first time since middle school and now… you have absolutely nothing to do.

You sigh before pulling on a pair of gloves, tossing your purse over your shoulder and huff as you decide to just leave early.  Maybe you’d just stop at a different coffee shop along the way to work.


"Oops! Sorry, here!”

You race down the rest of the hall to the elevator and run in just in time. You look up with a soft smile, slightly out of breath to see the most beautiful human being… ever.  The air gets sucked right out of your lungs in a gasp of sorts and the man – the beautiful, oddly, yellow-haired, brown eyed, muscular man laughs out an actual giggle. A giggle. Oh Jesus.

“Hey, breathe! It’s alright, you made it. You good?” Another giggle.

And wow. His voice is just as beautiful as he is. All smooth but deep, slow, almost like melted honey and wow.  You are not even sure if he’s real… or human for that matter because, well, wow.

“Uh… you okay?”

Right. Yeah, You’ve been starring and that’s not normal. Of course. Right. Darn it.

“Oh.. uhh.. I.. um… hi. Yeah, I’m good sorry. Guess I’m a bit more out of shape than I thought. Thanks.”

The man smiled and pointed at the lobby button with a quirk to his eyebrow. With a nod from you, he pressed the button and shuffled to the left so you could settle to the right of the lift and you could both go down together.

Okay, so maybe waking up just a bit earlier wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

Your day gets worse after being yelled at by numerous customers, acquiring less than four dollars in tips, and spilling jelly from a croissant on your blouse.

But, you have the closing shift, so you work and work and work. You collect dishes and take orders, you wipe tables, serve food, make coffee.

Hours later, and the shop is closed and you’re free to head home, it’s fifteen minutes later than when you normally leave. You fasten your mittens back on and, start the walk back to your apartment complex.

You shuffle to the elevator and bounce on your heels trying to keep warm. You shove your gloved hands into your pocket, tucking your chin under the zipped collar of your jacket and can only think about getting to your apartment and into your bed as soon as possible.

A pair of feet scuttle up next to you suddenly and stand waiting for the elevator too. You notice a pair of bright sneakers and nods in approval. They’re quirky and you could never wear anything so flashy yourself, but you like them.

So, you say so.

“I like your shoes,” you start off as you looks up to face none other than elevator boy from earlier this morning.

The man smiles gently and nods before scuffing his feet on the floor.

“Thanks! Uh.. weird running into you again huh? Twice in one day!”

You nod and let the man step into the elevator first when the doors slide open.

“Well, nice to see you, have a nice night!“

You nod and watch for a moment before turning around and heading to your own room.

And although you would never admit it, you realize that maybe working late wasn’t so bad if it meant running into the boy for the second time that day.

The next morning your alarm goes off at 6:20 and you’re up and out of bed as fast as you can, actually excited to get ready for the day for once.

This time you don’t bounce around, waiting around aimlessly. Instead, you peek out of your door through the peephole in search of a certain head of yellow hair. When you spot him, he checks the time - 7:20 and steps out of his door just as the man presses the down button.

You walk over slowly as the door slides open and throw the man a smile as you steps into the elevator behind him. The man presses the lobby button this time with only a small quirk of his eyebrow towards you.

As the doors slide closed the man shuffles his feet, almost like a nervous habit that you notice, and mutters out, "Second day in a row, funny huh? Don’t think I’ve seen you around before yesterday.”

“Yeah, funny that. I actually just made a bit of a change in my schedule, so I leave the apartment just a bit earlier than I used to. And last night I was working late. Quite the coincidence though.”

It’s not a complete lie. You did in fact work late last night, so bumping into him was accidental and you did actually change your schedule around so you do plan on leaving a bit earlier each morning. But the man beside you being the reason for this slight schedule change is totally false and even if it were true, (which it’s so not)  it’s nobody’s business but your own.

“Oh that’s cool! Maybe I’ll see you around again soon then? I usually head out around this time.”

“Yeah, that’s definitely a possibility!” The doors slide open and there’s an awkward pause before you smile and say, “oh, uh, have a great day!”

And with yet another tiny smirk, the man walks off.


You have no need to stay late at work.  Everything is washed and ready for tomorrow and yet, you stare at the clock, wondering what could extend your night another fifteen minutes.  You end up lingering around, rewashing tables and triple checking to make sure all the napkins are full, until you finally head out at quarter past five. So what if you happened to bump into the elevator boy (god you need his name) again?  Not that you were hoping for that… no way.

“Hey! It’s you again. Should I be worried that you’re stalking me?” The man laughs, obviously kidding… if only he knew. But you’re not stalking. You really aren’t.

“Oh shit, you’ve caught me.. and to think I thought I was being sly about it. Figuring out your schedule and all that, working my schedule around it. You’re a clever one.”

So maybe there was more truth to that than elevator boy realized, but that’s definitely not his concern.

The man chuckles softly and steps into the elevator and pushes the first floor button so that it glows a pale orangey-yellow.

“Working hard and late again?”

“I work for the coffee shop down the road and it’s been so busy lately — One of the workers just left so it’s just me for a little while, until they hire someone new.”

“Ouch,” he says, “That sounds rough.”

“It’s not so bad, the extra cash is a gimme. What about you? Where do you work?”

The door slides open and the two of you step out, but wait and finish up your conversation.

"The gym down the road actually. Hence the sneakers and sweatpants every day.”

“Oh, that sounds nice!”

“Yeah, it’s not bad. Well anyways, good luck with your extra hours!”

“Yeah, thanks!”

And with that, you both walk off.

“Morning! Just in time, the elevators on its way up.”

You smirk a knowing smile (of course you’d watched through the peephole again).

“Great thanks! By the way, considering we’ve been at this for a while, I should probably introduce myself. I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Josh. Live down on that end of the hall. Apartment 312 to be exact.”


Josh extends his hand out to you - finally a name for the pretty face - .  You’re totally shocked when a giant hand encompasses your own in a firm, but soft and friendly shake, accompanied by a smile. A beautiful smile with a cute little dimple that you nearly missed because you were too busy staring at Josh’s massive hands.

“Nice to meet you Y/N.”

And you thank whatever Gods there were for making you leave your curtains open one crummy Monday night and wake up just a bit too early on a stupid Tuesday morning.

It’s been a week (not that you’re counting or anything like that) and you have figured out this much about Josh from your shared elevator rides in the early mornings and late evenings:

1) He’s beautiful.

2) He has a wide variety of sneakers.

3) He dyed his hair yellow in the dead of winter because he missed the sunshine.

4) He’s definitely a morning person.  Cheery even on Mondays.

5) He works in the opposite direction as the cafe.

6) You really missed him over the weekend; how pathetic is that?

7) He has tattoos - a big one all down his arm. It’s possibly a scenery of some sorts? maybe art? You think it’s art.

8) Josh loves to work out, but hates to eat healthy.

9) Josh is two years older than you and had gone to school in Columbus.

10) Josh just moved to the apartment building about a month ago after graduating with a degree in personal training and getting a full time job at the gym.

11) You’re very much screwed.

"Whoa, Y/N! Do you need a hand?”

Josh rushes forward as you haphazardly hold three giant bags filled to the brims each with groceries. You were trying to reach for the elevator button, but if you leaned over ever so minutely more, you probably would have lost the majority of your meal for the night.. or maybe week.

You peaked your head up over the bag a bit and smiled immediately when spotting Josh. You hesitate before handing over a bag.

“Throwing a party or something? Lots of food.”

“No, uh, I’m just cooking tonight for um, myself and a friend. Haven’t had time to in a while so I took my normal time off work to my advantage and decided to go shopping.”

“You cook?”

The elevator starts to move up and you nod.

“That’s awesome.”

With a blush spreading over your cheeks, you mumble out, ”I mean I’m not a chef or anything, I just like cooking is all.“

"No, shut it, I bet you’re a great cook. Well, I mean anyone is compared to me I guess. I’m twenty-eight years old and I can barely make Ramen noodles correctly.”

You laugh at his comment as the door open.  Josh walks you to your apartment door.  

"I spent a lot of time cooking with my mom back home… got used to always helping out with dinner and baking. Anyways, thank you!”

Josh hands over the bag again and their fingers brush against each other.

And no, that definitely doesn’t send a spark down your spine and it definitely doesn’t leave you with the traces of a smile the rest of the evening either. You’re not some hormonal high school student anymore.

That night you tiptoe down to apartment 312 with a small Tupperware contained filled with food in your hand.  You pin the sticky-note with a messy scrawl on it saying “in case you get sick of Ramen” and leave it outside Josh’s door.

A week of “hi!” “hey there!” “how was your day?” “great how about yours?” “not bad!” “how’s the gym?” “great!” “Shop has been good lately.” “Any new employees?” “no, not yet!“ “that’s too bad!” “I know!“ in the mornings, and exchanges of "out for a run again?” “yeah, trying to stay active!” “wish I had that motivation. Also those neon sneakers. They’re bold.” “thank you!” “I was teasing Josh” “shut up Y/N“ or "let me help you with those groceries” “thanks!” “Jesus what did you buy Y/N?” "just stuff to make dinner tonight.” "for who? Yourself or the entire state of Ohio?” “shut up Josh”

It’s becoming a thing now for you both, but you don’t even realize it. A constant routine of meeting up at the elevator in the mornings, talking about whatever comes to mind so god forsaken early, and then repeating the routine again at night with the bonus of groceries.

It’s a thing and even if neither realize it, you appreciate every morning and evening that you get to see each other.

And this morning is no different than the others when you rush into the open elevator doors, shocking Josh, who was already standing and waiting inside, arm against the doors, into a small jump and loud gasp. Yeah, he holds the door open for a while now if you’re running a bit late. It’s nice. And really cute. It’s a thing.

“Thanks, Josh.”

You’re worried.  You’ve pressed the elevator button three times to keep it open for Josh and well, still no Josh. See, it’s not like him to just not show up without telling you beforehand because he always tells you when he won’t be there in the mornings - like one time Josh had a doctors appointment and was going to sleep in, and another time the gym was closed for some simple renovations and he wasn’t going to be on the elevator in the morning or evening. You don’t really remember when it started, but you both started telling each other when you wouldn’t be on the elevator the day before so that the other isn’t left waiting like you are now. Waiting. You have never had to wait like this.

It’s 7:54, and that’s around 34 minutes later than the normal time Josh would come out, and nearly 20 minutes later than Josh would ever be if he were running late (which had happened one particularly rainy day that Josh had admitted to wanting to spend in bed). You know that you can still make it to the cafe in time if you just leave now, because your old routine was leaving around 8, but you have this weird twisting feeling in your gut and you’re honestly worried, worried, worried and you don’t want to leave without at least checking on Josh.

So that’s what you decide to do - you’ll check on Josh. Just to make sure he isn’t late for work. That’s a reasonable excuse… Right?

You’re really worried.

You walks down the hall and stands outside room 312 and just stare at the small numbers on the door. Just checking. Just making sure. Reasonable.

You knocks on the door with a mostly steady hand and wait.

And wait.

You panic - mostly about Josh’s well being, but also about looking like a total stalker.  Except, just before you try to take a step back, the door opens and there stands Josh.

Josh’s hair is sticking up in all directions except for the front bits which are sticking to his sweat damp forehead.  He looks paler than a ghost with the exception of his very, rosy cheeks. His eyes are blinking rapidly and trying to stay open and his nose is irritated and red as he continues to sniff pathetically. But stupid, stupid, stupid sick Josh just notices you standing at his door like a knob and breaks into a huge smile, before breaking into a coughing fit. Stupid sick Josh.

“Y/N! Sorry, hi, what’re you doing here?”

His voice is scratchy and he sounds slightly nasally and stuffed up and you immediately feel the urge to wrap your arms around his waist and pull him into a hug and baby him.

“Oh my gosh, are you alright? I, uh, I mean… I was waiting at the elevator - thought you might have um, slept in? So, I wanted to check on you. You know, make sure you didn’t, uh, sleep in? Are you okay?”

Josh had started coughing again as you spoke, but as soon as he stops, he just smiles and mumbles out a, “shut up.”

“Don’t tell me to shut up, I was worried about you!”

And fuck, you really didn’t mean to tell Josh that you were worried.

But stupid sick Josh just smiles even brighter and looks ready to burst from the light shining in his eyes and it’s so incredibly endearing. Stupid sick Josh.

"Just sick,” he pauses and sniffs before adding, “it’s cute that you came to check on me. But I’m fine. Really.”

Except, as Josh tells you that ‘he’s fine. really,’ he starts to sway a bit on his feet and he sniffs more and more before beginning yet another coughing fit.

“Yeah, right. 'I’m fine’ my ass, you’re practically dying for all I know - I mean, that’s what it seems like anyways. Get inside. I’m taking care of you today.”

And the thought hadn’t really processed in his mind until you babbled them out, but you can’t very well just take them back now, so you stand with the decision, but add on a feeble, “That is… if you’re okay with that?”

Josh nods - not reluctantly, but nonetheless, he’s also obviously trying to bite back a grin, and well, that’s all the confirmation you really need, so you follow him inside.  

You walk behind Josh into the living room and notice the heap of blankets where Josh had probably been lying only minutes before.  He plops down on the couch again and curls up, looking like he’s about to fall asleep at

And only after one last sigh, a soft smile sent in your general direction, and a murmured “thank you,” Josh dozes off.  

You make sure to call work, putting on your best sick voice before settling in.

“arg, Y/N?”

You spin around in surprise and spot Josh leaning against the door frame with sleepy eyes, mussed up hair, and a slightly less, but still very red, nose.

"Shit, did I wake you? I didn’t mean to, damn it. I was trying so hard to not make any noise to wake you up and then the damn door slammed shut. God, I’m sorry, go back to sleep Josh, really, I’m sorry. So sor-”

“Shut up Y/N,” he cuts off with a smile, but then he steps a bit further into the kitchen and you watch the way he tugs at the blanket wrapped around his shoulders into a cocoon of sorts. "What’re you doing, Y/N?”

You smile softly.

"Remember how you said you can’t cook to save your life? Like so bad that I can’t even make Ramen noodles?”

“Of course, why do you think I accept your leftovers?”

You smile and nod, "right, yeah, of course. Well anyways, I’m making homemade soup…you’ve been asleep for like three hours and I was feeling rather creepy just sitting in your living room watching you sleep, so I went to the store and picked up some stuff…”

Suddenly, a pair of gangly arms are wrapped around you, trapping you in the blanket cocoon, and oh my god… oh my god oh my god oh my god… Josh is hugging you what the hell… oh my god Josh… hugging… me… hugging… oh my god. But you wrap your arms around Josh’s waist and pray he doesn’t actually have to let go.

He does.

"You’re amazing. Thank you.”

“You haven’t even tried the soup yet Josh.

"Shut up.”

For once, you totally agree.

“Yeah, okay.”

It’s nearly 8 at night, and you’re still with Josh in his flat.

After making soup, and then having Josh eat the soup (which he admitted to being amazing), Josh napped for a little while longer.

After waking up, you made him tea and gave him some crackers, but Josh ended up just falling asleep again.

After waking up again, you put in a movie, but Josh ended up falling asleep again less than halfway through.

After waking up again, Josh made you put in his favorite movie, and that’s where you left off. With Josh in the corner of the couch, very content and feeling much better and you, tucked into his side, resting your head against his chest and your hands against his thigh. The blankets are covering the two of you and you can’t really begin to fathom what has happened today, but you can’t quite complain since it lead you to this moment.

As the movie ends and the movie fades into the credits, Josh pulls you closer into his chest and mumbles something about how excellent that movie is no matter how many times he’s seen it.

“You’re such a sap Josh, that movie is so sappy. Are you always this sappy, or is it just your being sick?”

Josh laughs softly before snuggling in more.

“I’m always a sap, but I think you’re a sap too you know.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Josh just laughs and places his head on top of your, his nose pressing into the top of your head.  You aren’t a sap.

“I’m not complaining you know, I hope you know that I appreciated today. I quite like getting to spend this much time with you and seeing you somewhere that’s not… the elevator. I mean like, when else will I ever get to see your fuzzy socks? I don’t get to see enough of you, or spend as much time as I would like in a two minute elevator ride. I, um, actually, well, I was thinking that, uh, maybe we could do something like this again… or maybe, like, more often? If you want. I mean, I would, um, I would like to.”

Your face breaks out into an enormous grin, ”I quite enjoyed today too,“ you mumble and lean into Josh with a smile so radiant you could probably see it from space, "and I would love to do something like this more often. I would like it too. Maybe with you less sick though? I can’t very well kiss you without risking getting the plague. I can’t even believe I risked an entire day camped out in your apartment while you’re like this.”

Josh sits up and turns to you with a smile just as radiant as your own, and murmurs, “Kiss?”

You smirks and press a soft kiss to Josh’s cheek before nodding and, in a voice mocking Josh’s, you sigh, “Shut up, Josh.”

The Intern--Chapter 5

I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to update this story. Thank you all for being so patient with me. I’m done with school for the semester so I’m hoping to roll out another chapter within the next week. As always let me know if y’all want me to add you to the tagging list! Here’s a little more about that crazy family. And what’s going to happen with the gala?

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Once you were back in your apartment you fixed yourself a drink and settled on the couch before Skyping your mom on your laptop.

“Hello, Y/N Y/M/N”

“Sorry mama, must have been a bad connection.” You laughed and rolled your eyes.

“Well I just don’t understand why you had to hang up on me. I was being perfectly civil with the man. Can you blame me?”

“Oh Mags, leave her alone. Y/N I’d have hung up too” Your dad called from the background.

“Thanks daddy. At least someone’s on my side.” You were definitely your father’s daughter when it came to the two of them. “And what have you been up to besides causin’ trouble?”

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Perfectly Flawed - Lydia Martin

word count: 2317
warnings: swearing
requested! (but I changed it around a lil bit)

Originally posted by softly-evak

“I was thinking it’d be a” I said, looking over my homework sheet.  Lydia glanced down at my paper and grinned.

“Yep” She said, popping the ‘p’.  I grinned as I circled that answer and went on to the next one.

It was Tuesday, and Tuesdays’ were the days Lydia and I got together at her place to do homework, paint our nails, and gossip.  Well, gossip sounds bad it was really just talking.  This had been a tradition we’ve successfully held every Tuesday for the past three months, and we were both pretty proud of that.

Lydia and I became friends last year when we were juniors.  Being Scott’s twin sister I was sort of a part of the pack, a designated human you might say.  Stiles would’ve high fived me for that.  But I knew all about werewolves and banshees and kitsunes and coyotes, to be honest we were like the misfit toys.  But I guess we owned it.

I always sorta had a crush on Lydia, I mean, who didn’t? She was absolutely perfect in every way.  She was a genius, she was funny, talented, kind, beautiful… the list went on and on.

But, with this perfection of hers, she had anyone to choose from.  Anyone she could date if she wanted.  And I, was definitely not on her list of crushes like she oh so ruled over mine.  In fact, she was my only crush.

Not me though, Lydia Martin could never like a girl like me.  No, I wasn’t as smart as she was, I wasn’t as petite as she was, I wasn’t as funny as she was.  I simply wasn’t as perfect, or anywhere near as perfect, as Lydia Martin.

“So, what color polish do you want tonight?” She asked, standing up from her spot at the table.  “I think I’m gonna get red for myself”

“Let’s go black” I said.  She shook her head with a small laugh and walked off towards the stairs.

“Same old y/n” She sighed, making me laugh as she disappeared.

Same old, plain, untalented, y/n, I thought to myself.

When she came back, she was smiling wide at me and plopped her box of manicure supplies down on the table in front of me.  Bottles of paint, polish remover, and lotions sticking out of it.  As well as nail clippers, filers, cotton balls, and tools that looked like torture devices.  Lydia seemed to have seen my look of fear cause she giggled that beautiful little laugh.

“No worries y/n, just the paint as always” She promised, shaking my bottle of noir polish.

“Thanks” I said sheepishly and she nodded, opening it up and grabbing my hand.

“So uh… the dance next week” My heart nearly fell out of my chest.  But somehow I managed to keep myself calm as she began to paint my nails.  I just looked at her, silently prompting her to continue whatever it was she wanted to say about it.  “Maybe we could go shopping for it together? Or not- we don’t have to-”

“No that sounds like fun!” I said quickly, and Lydia smiled nervously, I think.  I probably freaked her out.  “M-maybe Wednesday after school or something?”  big smile pulled on Lydia’s lips as she nodded.

“Yeah-yeah “ Lydia said, focusing back on my black nails.

(lydia’s pov)

I walked into school this morning, excited as today was the day y/n and I had decided to go dress shopping.  I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled.  I could just sing as I walked through the halls.

“Lydia Martin, are you skipping?” I was asked when I arrived at Scott’s locker, where we meet every morning before classes.

“Yes Scott, I may be a little happy for once” Stiles walked up to us.

“Is there a sale at Macy’s?” He asked with a snicker.  I rolled my eyes.

“I’m more than shopping and shoes, Stilinski” I told him.

“Alright then, what else do you have to be happy about?” He asked.

“Mom out of town?” Scott asked.

“Cheap makeup?”

“Quality makeup?”

“Hot date for the dance?”

“Prada had a new puppy friend?”

“Aced another test?”

“Any colleges accept-”

“Hey guys!” Scott and Stiles were cut from their ramblings as y/n bounced up to the group.  “What’re we talking about?”

“I was actually just saying that you and I were going dress shopping tonight” I said, and her face lit up.

“Yeah! I’m super excited for that” y/n said, grinning wide.  God I loved when she did that, her eyes always seemed to twinkle.

“You guys wanna ride there? You know I got a sweet one” Stiles said, wiggling his eyebrows at us.

“You got a new car?” y/n asked, raising a confused brow.

“No I’m talking about Roscoe duh- hey!” I giggled as y/n smirked a little to herself.  “I don’t get why you guys are so mean to me” Stiles began muttering.  “I mean seriously all I do is help and-”

“Hey y/n!” I turned to the girl whose name had been called, to see Erica Reyes standing there.

“H-hi- hi Erica” y/n replied, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Can I.. can I talk to you for a sec?” The blonde asked.  y/n nodded, giving a small ‘mhm’ and followed off with her.  As soon as they were gone, I scoffed.

“Really? Erica Reyes? What could they possibly have to talk about?” I asked, crossing my arms.  I saw Scott tilt his head, listening to their conversation.  I glared down the blonde, just as Kira bounced up to us.

“Hey guys!” She said cheerfully.  “What’re we up to?”

“Hush” Stiles scolded.  “Scott’s listening in on Lydia’s girlfriend over there” Stiles said.  I glared at him, but Kira giggled.

“Oh I see, get jealous of Erica did you?” Kia winked at me.  She winked, she had the nerve-

“No I am not jealous, and y/n is not my girlfriend” I stated firmly, my arms uncrossing and putting my hands on my hips.

“How defensive..” Stiles muttered.  “So what’re they talking about over there? Anything we should be worried about?”

“See, you don’t like her either.  Do you have a big fat crush on y/n?” I asked with a sneer towards Stiles.  “See? Who care-”

“She asked y/n to the dance” Scott said.


y/n and I were walking through Macy’s, going through rack after rack of hangers.  She’d been talking animatedly about how excited she was to be going to the dance with somebody.  I was listening, I was, but I barely responded.  Just let her go off as we looked over various dresses.

“Hey, hey Lydia” She called, and I looked up.  She was two racks away, and holding up a gorgeous y/f/c dress.  I thought about her wearing it and my knees almost buckled.  “What about this one? I have the perfect shoes and everything” Her eyes lit up with excitement and I nodded with a hum.

“Yeah y/n it’s… it’s beautiful” She smiled big and hung it carefully over her arm.

I went back to scraping through the racks, but didn’t really pay attention to anything I skimmed over.  All I could think about was the fact that y/n was going to the dance… with someone else…

Jealous? Never heard of her.

The ride to drop y/n back off home was again, mostly filled with her going on about the dance.  Although this time I was barely listening.  I couldn’t, it hurt too much.  THis was my best friend, this was the girl I was in love with, and she was hooked on being with someone else.  Maybe Stiles was right, maybe all of them were right… but she’s too perfect.  It was ridiculous for me to think of being with her.  Besides, I used to be such a bitch, such a bitch, why would she ever want to date me? I looked over at her in the passenger seat next to me as she talked on.

“…I mean I’ve just never been asked out before…” She went on.

She was beautiful, so fucking beautiful it was insane she even hung around us.

“Sure, I bet this is nothing to you you get asked out all the time- I mean look at you- but… but me! I just can’t believe someone would want to ask me out!” I slammed on the breaks, just outside of her house.  “L-Lyd!? Are you okay?” I looked over, seeing her grip onto the handle of the door.

“Am I okay? No I am not okay!” Her eyes widened as I yelled a little.  “y/n how could you say something like that? ANyone would be lucky to go out with you! You’re absolutely perfect!” She blinked.

“Lydia I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“No- no get out just- just get out” I shook my head, looking down at my hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Lydia I-”

“y/n, go home” She stared at me for a moment, but I heard her unbuckle her seatbelt and open the door.

“I’m sorry Lydia” y/n said softly, then closed the door, and walked up to her door.

Now, I hate crying, it makes you weak and ruins your makeup.  But today I almost couldn’t drive home because I was crying to hard.

Who knew being in love hurt this much.

(your pov)

I didn’t think being in love hurt this much.

I was standing in the corner of the gym, the whole room lit up and blasting with music.  Bodies were.. Well everywhere.  Dancing, talking, sweating.  The more I thought about it, the more claustrophobic I felt.  I looked around, seeing my friends all together.  Stiles trying to get Scott to dance with him, Kira teaching Malia how to dance, Liam… doing god knows what.

And there was Lydia.

She looked breathtaking… the green dress she wore hugged her curves in all the right places.  The neckline dove down enough for me to blush.  But she wasn’t really dancing with the others, just awkwardly swaying back and forth.  I frowned, and wanted nothing more than to go over there and dance with her, maybe make her happy.  But she’d made it pretty clear that she wanted nothing to do with me.

“Hey y/n I’m back” Erica walked up to me, handing me a plastic cup of punch.  “And uh.. I smell checked the bowl.  It’s not spiked” She laughed, and I chuckled quietly and nervously.

“Thanks” I said quietly, taking a drink and casting a glance towards Lydia.  Erica stepped over closer, following my line of sight.

“O-oh… Lydia… I’m sorry are you guys..?”

“Dating?” She nodded, and I shook my head.  “No… no she wants nothing to do with me” Erica frowned.

“Pretty sure she wants everything to do with you” I raised my brow in silent question.  “I mean, when I asked you to the dance, she sorta had Scott listen in, and seemed pretty upset when you said yes” My brows raised, and I looked at her quickly.

“R-really? She did? Was she mad? Sad? Disappointed?” Erica laughed quietly, wrapping an arm around herself and rubbing her arm.

“You uhm… you really like her don’t you?” I gave her a guilty look, feeling bad that I couldn’t really help my feelings towards the strawberry blonde.  “No no, it’s okay” Erica said, giving me a small smile.  I returned it.  “Well, go on, go get your girl” I grinned, and turned, walking myself straight over to Lydia.  When her eyes caught mine, she smiled for a moment, but it quickly fell.

“y-y/n” Her voice was quiet, I’d never heard it so unsure before.  It was like she lcked all of her confidence.  “Shouldn’t you be with Erica?”

“No” I shook my head.  “No I don’t want to be here with Erica, I want to be here with you” I said.  Her eyes widened.

“Really? Y-you do?” Lydia asked, almost like she didn’t believe it.  But I nodded my head, trying desperately to keep up my confidence before it all went away.  “You… you like me?” My brows furrowed.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I could remember” Lydia shook her head exasperatedly and groaned.  My heart sank slightly.  “Look I know it’s pathetic and you’re you and I’m only me but seriously I mean it-”

“God would you just stop talking” Lydia groaned.  I opened my mouth to protest, but she grabbed my chin in her hand and yanked my lips against her.

I swear the world slowed down and my heart exploded.

She was so warm, and her lips were so soft, and she tasted like.. Like cherries.. And root beer.  Maybe a mix of chapstick and lip gloss I don’t know but it was heaven.

“Not fair.  I liked you first” She said when we pulled away.

“You definitely didn’t-”

“Yes.  I.  Did” She said firmly, pulling away slightly.

“Did not” I grumbled, and pulled her back in for another kiss.

“You sorta suck-”

“Lyds shut your mouth” She giggled, wrapping her arms around my neck while mine went around her waist.

“All our friends are staring at us” SHe whispered, and I laughed a little.  “Welp, Kira just started clapp- Stiles took a picture” I laughed more and kissed her nose quickly.

“Yeah well it took you long enough to show an interest” Lydia rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, in our moment, you’re gonna hold that against me?” I nodded with a grin.

“Wouldn’t want you thinking I’m an easy catch” I said with a wink, walking towards the beverage table.  “Gotta make it interesting, right?” I winked over my shoulder and she groaned, following after me.  But I heard her muttering.

“God you’re lucky I love you” 

to the anon who requested, i hope you liked it! 

xoxo ~ jordie

Second Chances - Jeff x Reader: Chapter 13

Summary: Reader and Jeff work a project and become fast friends. The project ends and they go their separate ways, neither forgetting the other. With Hollywood being a small community, you two bump into one another either at events or projects, but there is always something keeping you apart. Will the obstacles ever end?
Chapter 13 Summary: Motorcycles, 1st day on Gilmore Girls, old friend, and an unexpected visitor
Warnings: language (probably), confrontation
A/N: Please leave comments or let me know if you want to be tagged, etc. Please remember it’s fiction and I get to take certain liberties.
Word count: 1900(ish)
Catch up here: Masterlist
Tags: @jml509 @jasoncrouse @yellatthetopofyourlungs  @bookchic20      
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Imagine #6 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by Anon: you and Peter are dating and he’s there to witness your full powers unleash. Basically your outside and stop in your place and drop to the floor shaking. You don’t know this but your powers are emerging. Peter gets the professor and when they come a huge force field pushed them away from you. Finally it stops and you wake up in a medical room with Peter sitting right next to you. Professor x explains what happens and Peter is just happy your ok. Can this be a long imagine:)

I hope, this is what you imagined! xoxo

Not my gif

Words: 2263

Warning: Swearing?

You had been acting weird all day and Peter couldn’t help but worry. You said, you weren’t sick, although at times, when you thought that he wasn’t looking, you would writhe as if in pain, only to act as if nothing happened when he asked you about it.

It was Thursday, your date night that you had established a few months ago, as your school had gotten more and more stressful and you decided that you had to have a timeout. Peter had been more than happy to hear that. He didn’t want to stop you from realizing your true potential and living your dreams – sadly you didn’t seem to see the genius that Peter saw in you – but at the same time he would take every opportunity to spend time with you, the more the better.

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Booze, Boys and Cinderella

Fandom: Law and Order SVU 

Pairing: Carisi x cop!reader

Summary: The reader has to get real to get the info she needs and Carisi overhears how the reader feels about him in an unconventional way. (Basically I’m a slut for cops going undercover.)

Warnings: Mentions drug abuse

Originally posted by eighthmark

It all started with an overdose. Normally those cases would go straight to the narcotics division but because this teen was related to the mayor, the case went right to your Lieutenants desk. The mayor insisted your unit handle the situation as quickly as possible but Narcotics claimed that would ruin an ongoing investigation of theirs. The only compromise was to send someone in undercover and take the entire thing down from the inside out. Despite your protesting, Narcotics insisted you go in, not willing to risk it with a rookie. 

You hated undercover. Your every move was being recorded and judged. Everything you did would be put under a microscope, questioned, then recorded. Above all, the clothing was always impractical. For example, the shoes you had to wear tonight were insane. Who in the hell waits tables all night in 6 inch pumps? 

Carisi whistled at you when you walked into Liv’s office where the rest of the crew was. 

“I look like a tramp.” You stated, pulling down your dress that barely covered your bits. 

“Ya know Y/L/N, I’m pretty sure we had someone in here last week with the same dress, you aren’t calling them a tramp are you?” Carisi teased. 

“Oh I remember, her name was Kimmy right? The one that uni’s picked up for soliciting?” You shot back, crossing your arms across your chest in attempt to shield your co-workers from an embarrassing amount of cleavage. 

“Alright.” Live said, raising her hand, shushing the both of you. “Lets go over it one last time and, Y/L/N, I know your sick of hearing this but, the key to undercover is making it look real. You aren’t acting like a waitress, you are a waitress got it?” She asked, you nodded your head. 

“This will be your partner for the duration of the case.” One of the Narcotics detectives said, holding up a bracelet and necklace. “This is a panic button.” He said pointing at the charm shaped like a heart. “If you think your in danger, press it twice and we will come running in.” He stated. 

“The necklace is a camera, we won’t get good audio because of the music but we’ll listen anyway.” Liv said. They explained how the rest of them would be in various unmarked cars and vans around the block and they got you there in time for your shift. 

The others watched from their vehicles as you entered the club. There was no music on so they could hear you greet your co worker, Serena,  with as much fake enthusiasm as you could muster. Audio was pretty much shot the whole night because of music but they were able to see every drunk guy look right at your boobs. About halfway through your night though, you slipped to the back to go to the washroom when you heard an noise, ducking behind the wall you could hear Serena moan. Holding back a gag, you turned to leave but heard a man mention a 600K pay-day. With the mic in your bracelet already forgotten, you made a mental note of it later. 

At around 4 A.M, the place was empty and the rest of the staff had gone home. You sat barefoot at one of the tables, swinging your legs back and forth hoping to re-circulate blood back to those appendages. A drink was placed in front of you and you looked up to see Serena smiling at you with a drink of her own in her hand. 

“The heels get easier after you loose a toe.” She grinned, you (and everyone else listening) cringed but chuckled anyway.  Her phone beeped, she checked it, rolled her eyes and tossed it to the side. 

“Boy troubles?” You asked. She raised her eyebrows in return, making you chuckle sincerely this time. “You had that ‘men are useless’ look in your eye.” She laughed. Finn snickered, knowing that was most likely meant for Carisi who scoffed from where he was. 

“Not all men but definitely this one.” She sighed. “Well what could I expect, Derek’s a Scorpio, you know? Mean, intense, frustrating…”

“Yeah and he’s probably sexy right? And smart, and funny, and you can’t keep your hands off him.” You stated, sipping the drink she gave you. 

“Go Y/L/N.” Liv muttered. 

“Wow, it’s like you know him.” Serena said. You smiled. 

“I know his type.” 

“Your guy?” You froze, panicking slightly, but remembered you had to make it real. 

“Kind of. Dominick isn’t mean but he is intense, hardworking and definitely frustrating. But he’s also faithful, passionate-”

“And sexy?” Serena giggled. You laughed.

“Yes.” Okay so It wasn’t exactly real, so Carisi wasn’t really your guy, he is all of those other things. Carisi nearly choked on the coffee he was drinking as soon as he heard your distorted voice say his name, and he was sure he was as red as a tomato when the others in the van looked over at him smirking. 

“To Dominick.” She said, raising her glass, you clinked your glass with her’s, giggling. 

“You must be tired-” She started. 

“No! I can gossip all night.” You couldn’t go back empty handed, no matter how much rapport you built, you needed more. She smiled agreeing with your statement, you didn’t pay attention to what she said after that because your focus was on the man behind her, stalking towards the two of you with a very angry look. 

“Who the hell is this?” He demanded. Serena looked over her shoulder.

“This is Y/N. She’s my friend.” You waved but he ignored you. 

“I need to talk to you, now.” He stated, sniffling slightly. 

“You’re high.” She scoffed. 

“Let’s go.” He sneered. 

“No, I already told you, I’m not dealing with you when you’re like this.” She snapped. He walked up to her and got in her face. 

“You been talking to the cops?” He demanded, holding her arms in place. 

“Wha- yeah right I’ve been talking to the cops, OW, you are getting paranoid.” She stated, squirming in his grasp, trying to shake him off. 

“Let’s go.” He muttered. 

“Hey, leave her alone. Let her go or I will call the cops.” You said. You could see someone moving from the corner of your eye. Derek shoved Serena to the side, took a gun out of his waist and pointed it right at you. 

“Is that right?” He sneered. “You gonna call the cops.” Your hands went up as soon as the gun came out. 

“Okay be cool. Just, put the gun down. “ You commanded. 

As soon as they heard the word ‘gun’ the other officers were out of the van, running towards the building. 

“Do not tell me what to do!” He screamed, his hand shaking with either anger or the trip he was having. Serena was freaking out and when he turned to tell her to be quiet and your hand went to your charm bracelet, fumbling for the panic button. 

“Hey man, let’s just be chill about this?” You suggested when he turned back to you but he only got angrier. He walked closer to you, striking you across the face with the butt of his gun. You hands went to your face to calm the stinging as the police stormed the place, if only they had been a few seconds quicker. 

Carisi went right to you, placing his hand on your arms, continuously asking if you were okay, no matter how many times you said you were fine. He gave you his police jacket and insisted you see a medic anyways. And as much as you told him no, an ambulance came for you anyways. 

After the place was searched from top to bottom and they arrested everyone else, and all policing was finished, Carisi found you sitting at the back of the ambulance, swinging your leg back and forth. Something he noticed you did often. Once you saw your shoes in his hands you shut your eyes. 

“Get those things away from me!” You begged.

“What do you want me to do with them?” He chuckled. 

“Burn them, wear them I don’t care, I just never want to see them again.” He laughed, tossing the shoes to the side. He leaned against the side of the ambo, only to have the left side of your face revealed to him in all it’s bruised glory. He straightened up before his shoulder could even touch the metal. His hand went to your chin, tilting your head to examine the broken skin. 

“He got you good huh?” He asked softly. 

“Only because your ass was too slow.” You joked, pushing him away from you playfully, trying to cover up the fact that his proximity to you was making you flustered. 

“Sorry, I was too busy being sexy.” He teased. Your eyes widened. 

“Uh, I-I…Uh-” You stuttered. “I just said that because…I needed her to trust me.” He raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner like he didn’t believe you.  

“Sure.” He said, dragging out the word. 

“What?” You snapped. 

“Nothing.” He smiled shaking his head. He turned and started to walk away. 

“Carisi, what?” You called after him. 

“Nothing, it’s just interesting is all.” He yelled over his shoulder. 

That man was going to be the death of you. 

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