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never look away: a fanmix for @kazliin​’s amazing and heartbroken story “Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts” (Victor’s pov in the Rivals series).

“I just. I know what’s going on ok? I understand how this works. But I can’t change what I want. If this is all I’m ever going to get, even if I can’t have anything else, then I’ll take it.”

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anonymous asked:

You know the pic where Joan is on the phone with Lisa? I've seen a different caption under the picture depending on the link I go to. One said Joan's mom had kicked her out for being gay. I'm going to try and find it. Another one said she had just moved out of her family's house. I don't know what one to believe... I don't think it's true that she got kicked out though, b/c reading Lita Ford's autobiography it seemed like she was eager to leave her mom's house. What do you believe?

i’ve never heard that she was kicked out, that seems unlikely. from what i understand, she always had a good relationship with her mom, even while in the runaways. 

more likely she had just moved out. she got her own apartment early on. 

which picture is it though? is it this series of photos? because this happened at a hotel. 

Currently reading: Clan of the Cave Bear. When I first heard about this book, the anthropologist in me was instantly intrigued; a book set during the ice age? Now that was something I had never heard of. I think this is a book I will either love or hate, but I already give Auel kudos for tackling such a difficult time period. From what I understand, a lot of research went into this series!

daewulf  asked:

Is nudity a sexual thing for you, or a liberation? an identity? a healing?

None of the above. It’s just another art form to me and an excuse to create, though, as with most artistic mediums, it is a form of expression too. I think that the human body, regardless of it’s shape, is AMAZING. I’ve always been fascinated by the naked human form, especially female. I used to draw and sculpt nude figures as kid and right up through school, college and art school. I specialized in fine art and adored life drawing classes the most. I became a nude model for life drawing classes, body painting and sculpture in other art schools in my early 20s. There was never a sexual element to my interest in the human body, which I guess may sound a little sad to some people. I was just very comfortable with my body and view it as a series of interesting shapes that could be utilized for artistic expression and mediums. I understand what makes something appear sexy, but I get just as excited about creating a nude Victorian photo portrait as I do repurposing a vintage car or creating a fitted steampunk riding jacket.  The majority of my photo sets on steamgirl.com are clothed in hand-made attire in a hand-made setting with hand-made steampunk props and accessories, and disrobe toward the end of the photo set in an attempt to captivate the viewer in a careful combination of two artistic mediums: steampunk and artistic nudity. Most photos that you see flying around the internet, are “the naughtiest shot” from the set, stolen and leaked online and a little misrepresentative of what I create.

Yes…yes…there will be a part four–but that’s the last part. I swear!

Summary: In the wake of tragedy, two polar opposites come together for one commonality, their Goddaughter–Viola Mellark. Based on the movie, Life As We Know It. Gadge. Modern AU.

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This is my first Gadge, you know.



“Do you think that Vi is growing at a good pace?” Madge asked as she bathed the little girl in the tub, her knees on the tile floor. She looked to Gale, who sat on the closed lid of the toilet. “I mean, Regina is three months old and she’s almost caught up to Viola.”

“Haymitch is a tall man and Johanna is pretty lanky herself,” Gale reasoned. “Of course, their kid is going to be the Amazonian type.”

“I’ll be sure to tell Johanna that.” She carefully lifted Vi from the tub as Gale handed her a towel. “Though she wouldn’t care…unless it so happened that when Regina was of legal age, you tried to make a move or something gross like that.”

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