i will never understand the sterek fandom

them: you’ve never been in a relationship, you don’t know what it’s like to have your heart broken


me: lmfao, yeah okay

So there was this one AO3 author who just one day deleted their account. I was really curious as to why and when they did it and so I went digging. I found their tumblr and I was so excited bc maybe I could see them still being happy and move on, but the Tumblr hadn’t been updated since December of last year. And the very last post was a song about saying good bye. I started crying so hard. It wasn’t bc they weren’t in a fandom anymore and I was mourning their work. It was because it felt like something had ended and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I’m still crying. The burning need to know what happened left me and all that’s left is this sadness that I didn’t let myself feel bc I didn’t want it to be over. I wanted the fun to continue. I want more memories and I wanted more time that I couldn’t have. I missed my chance. Please people in fandoms cherish your favorite artist and writers. They maybe gone the next moment. So tell them how much they mean to you now before it’s too late. Support them in anyway you can. Be there for them. And the moment they decide to move on to the bigger and bright thing in life you give them the biggest Thank you you can give. Before you just stay with the regret that you never payed them the gratitude they deserve.

The BS that is all...

Heres the thing. I never liked Stydia - hetero-normative, cliche, boring, female rupturing, etc. But I never like Stydia fans even more. Even during the alliance I still didn’t fuck with them generally.

When the whole Ship thing started in this fandom everyone quickly chose their side. Back in the day it was Stereks vs. Stydias. Stydia was the heterosexual pairing that they would eventually end up at, except Sterek threw a monkey wrench all up in that. A good number of people were captivated by this pairing. It got so big that it was noticed by the castmates, the writers, and the show-runner. When Jeff Davis said that he could be persuaded to do Sterek, their fans took that as a challenge and really went to work…at the end of the day we know how that ended with lies, disrespect, and straight up baiting.

The stydias weren’t doing so well either though, for Lydia wasn’t interested in Stiles. Shes was dating other people and both Dylan and Jeff spoke about the season where Stiles puts his love for Lydia behind him. And then we get Malia.

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Malia gave Stydia’s just a bit of taste of what Stereks had been forced to swallow for years. Some Stereks actually thought they understood, that they got it, that they saw the fuck shit show for what it is, but I was always aware that wasn’t the case. They were mad and some even jealous, but never empathetic. The alliance came along in the face of having a common enemy. Deep down Stydias still thought they were better, still never gave stereks their spot (denying their ship even exist, still denying the baiting, etc) and were never fighting the same battle. Yeah all this shit went on silent when we had a common enemy, but the second they heard stalia on rocks and stydia making a come back…their antics also made a comeback. Which is why I cackled when talking about the alliance being over. Because this was always gonna be the end route. At the end of the it all Stydias would be back where they were, placing themselves as our enemy.

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I dislike Stydias because they are the prime example of whats wrong with audience intake when it comes to homosexual concepts. Stydia itself was immediately consumed because Stiles, a boy, had a crush on a girl. Sterek while M/M, is also a trope that happens in A LOT of heterosexual pairings. If they were heterosexual they would be a cliche. But what we always hear in any conversation is…where did sterek happen, when did sterek happen, I don’t see it, its a crack ship, its made up, there was no baiting for there was no sterek. When it comes to the LGBQT they want a fucking dissertation.

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We don’t even have to talk about pairings, we can leave it at the individual character - Stiles. The questions then becomes…when did he say he was gay/bi? There were no Stiles bi-baiting, those were jokes. This thought process never went away for most of them. Even during the alliance, and the we hate Malia campaign. And it obviously hasn’t changed now.

But heres what Stydia’s need to understand….the majority of the sterek fans aren’t fighting what you’re fighting for. I hear alot of ‘You’re just mad you’re not canon..’, ‘Ya’ll can have that…but we’re canon’ going around. This irritates me for a vouple of reasons.

1). Fuck ya’ll with that mentality….because we’ve known a long time that we weren’t on that playing field and we all know why. Being hetero kept stydia in the game but it don’t make it better than sterek…

2).This is not our battle…thats ya’lls battle with Stalia fans.

Again we’ve known for a long time that it would end up being Stydia vs. Stalia. We don’t want to go canon. Thats not why we stick around to talk about this show. During the end of 3b/break before beginning of 4…Stereks started to ask the question…would we really be happy if this show made Sterek canon. Given the history of their canon relationships…do we trust them to be able to do it justice? And the answer was no. As many know…most of us jumped off the Teen Wolf watch wagon during season 4 when TH left.

So no we are not jealous about ya’ll gong canon. When we talk about ya’ll…its not from jealousy…some of us see ya’ll as pitiful, foolish, try-hards that aren’t much better than Stalia fans. Possibly worst, because a lot of them came in after all the BS went down. Stydias were there…they just like to pretend they don’t remember it. Then they got mad at the show for pushing them aside them when it comes to Stalia but now they’re canon for 5 minutes and got a kiss…and its all cools ville. This is why ya’ll are foolish. You put your trust in a show that has done nothing but fuck over its fandom, but want to act like we’re the problem. Or that ya’ll stay winning because 5 min. If Stalias had any mind they would drag ya’ll with them almost 2 seasons they got. And this is why we aren’t pressed to be ya’ll…you got used…you got next to nothing. And we don’t feel bad for Stalias either cause the majority of us have been telling them that they would join the fucked over crew too…

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I don’t fuck with Stydias generally, there are some individuals that ship Stydia that I get down with, but they’re aware of some of the issues. I don’t hate on Stydias because they ship a ship I don’t ship…I hate them for the same reason I hate most of the teen wolf fandom, the writers and the creator - because they are okay with the occurrences that have taken place. The word Canon is not bothersome because we want to be canon - if you want to know what some of us want, it is for this show to burn to ashes, and to laugh while we spread the remains around so it can never resurrect - its bothersome because of the reasons it didn’t go canon. Some of us are LGBQT and what the runners behind the show did, was unacceptable and emotionally displeasing. This fandoms intake and response to that issue and to sterek itself is bothersome.

I can’t rep with Stydias because they can never understand the huge reality…while being canon has always been their end game…surviving has always been ours - and our goal extends past the show.

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Its Okay Fellow Sterek, Hobrien, Dylan, and Hoechlin fans

Dear Fans,

It is okay. It is okay to be happy to see our boys on TV again. It’s an amazing feeling. They wanted more scenes together and now in the series final season we may actually get to see it happen. Wait what am I talking about? We do get to see it happen. It’s a good time for the fandom, the characters and the ship as well as the actors. It’s nice to be able to see them again working together. And let’s be real they are actually one of the only good reasons to watch the show again anyway. So let’s all be happy that they are back and working together. Because I know that I am.

It’s also okay to be upset as well. I understand that it’s queerbaiting with the show and the ship. I understand that. I also understand why people are upset that Hoechlin would come back. But at the end of the day it is a paycheck. Yeah they treated his character like dirt and didn’t really expand his storylines the way they should have, taking away his Alpha powers and making Scott an Alpha? That wasn’t right.

Scott could have remained a beta and helped Derek as Derek took on the challenges of being an alpha. Because let’s be real being an alpha for Scott wasn’t that interesting. Sure Derek wasn’t much better but he could’ve been. Scott didn’t need all of that on top of trying to get through high school. But I digress.

I know that I wasn’t very happy either. While yes I was happy to see them on screen again I was also kind of mad because why would Hoechlin want to come back to a show that completely screwed him over? Like I would never want to do that.

After season 4 I would have said to hell would Teen Wolf and called it a day. But I understand with him being a nice guy and all he wants to give Derek a one last battle. And honestly seeing him kick Kate’s ass will be the highlight of my year. It’s about time that bitch gets taken down a few pegs.

But yeah I was initially uncomfortable with him being back too because of the baiting to the sterek fandom and the disrespect that he had to endure during his time on the show. So trust me fans you’re not the only one that is on the fence about all of this either. But constantly saying it’s a trap or their queerbaiting is getting annoying. Let people be happy. Not everyone is going to let their minds be tricked by the show into thinking that the boys are getting together. We are a smart fandom. We know what’s happening. But we also like the fact that their own TV again. It’s a breath of fresh air. Sort of anyway.

Especially considering that we have no idea who actually survives or dies at the end. If Stiles or Derek die it would have been completely pointless for all of this happened. Dylan and Tyler could have just left Teen Wolf and never looked back. Which would’ve killed me…but I would’ve survived.

But what is not okay is people trying to attack the actors or the Sterek ship. Like don’t go and attack Hoechlin for coming back. That’s wrong and you know it. Don’t attack the fans for being happy to see him either. Like seriously don’t rain on their parade. But also don’t attack people who aren’t happy either. Everyone has an opinion.

Let us who are happy to see the boys on screen again be happy. We both know that sterek may not happen. Let us enjoy our time that we have left with the boys. Nothing wrong with that. Because yes I would love to see sterek happen and for stydia to go back to being friends because they were so much better that way. Sterek had this kind of chemistry that Stiles and Lydia never did. Like Dylan and Tyler have so much chemistry in real life as being best friends that it was able to sort of transpire onto TV.

Their scenes together were always hilarious and full of amazing chemistry and they bounced off of each other so beautifully. And let’s be real sterek happening would have made it to where the show was more diverse. I mean think about it. Bisexual leading male characters? I don’t really see a lot of shows having that. If there are then okay fine so be it.

But Teen Wolf being able to do it would have been amazing. Like yeah a part of me is still hoping that they actually do get together in the end. Call me a true-blue sterek fan. I know it’s a one-in-a-million chance. But a girl can dream. And so can our fandom. Just ya know, be peaceful and respectful of others.

P.S. Please no negativity on my post please. I’m in no mood to agrue with anyone today. Thank you! And Sterek on my lovelies.

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Wondering when is the next podcast.. (Please?) Being having a bad few days, in need of a good laugh and good vibes, when you go off on the maliurgghh (whatever the spell is) cracks me up. I really don't understand why she is in the story. Oh yeah the cheap Derek replacement! JD cut Sterek cause it wasn't his idea, and it took off. He lost a great chance of incorporating fandom's idea. Imagine JD in group projects in school? "Your idea is good, so I must veto it cause it wasn't mine"

Maybe this weekend?  I have a homegirl who never gets to be on because of work and she’s going to be around this weekend!

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Is it weird that I've never actually watched the show, but I adore *ADORE* Sterek? I found my way to Sterek through a Supernatural fic originally, and I'm hooked!

Honestly? This makes me really happy.

Sterek fandom is an amazing place with so many incredible fanworks, and a level of passionate, creative, beautiful fans I’ve never seen anywhere else. This fandom puts so much into building Stiles and Derek’s characters and relationship from the fragments we were given on screen, allowing them depth and a chance to heal and grow in ways that were barely touched on in canon.

And while I would recommend checking out some Sterek scenes –– or just music videos, maybe? –– because the Dylan/Hoechlin chemistry is beautiful to behold, it’s not necessary at all. It’s completely understandable to get hooked on Sterek from fanon, and seriously so well worth it.

Welcome to the fandom!!

8 things to know before becoming a fan girl
  1. it is the end of your social life
  2. you will forever cry yourself to sleep
  3. fanfiction will become the only thing you read
  4. your ship will never become canon, unless it already is in which case the writers will ruin the relationship and you’ll cry some more
  5. it’s the only thing you think about
  6. no one will understand why you love your ship/fandom so much except for the people who ship/watch it
  7. the relationships in fanfiction are the closest to real live ones you’re going to get
  8. did i mention you cry a lot?

bonus: this is what you look like after you watch the show/read fanfiction

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I don't suppose you have any thoughts or meta on where sterek might be headed this season, or if it might develop at all in s4? Thanks!


Thoughts?  I never have any thoughts …. okay, I do and then look what happens.  This is prolly going to be longer than what you even wanted or intended, in part cause I’ve never really been asked about Sterek, so I’m terribly sorry (not really.  It’s Sterek and shipping and I am a happy fangirl talking shipping).  

So here goes.

I am of two minds.  

Fandom shipper of over 15 years-mind who has been burned by far too many teased ships:  I totally want my OTP to hook up, but the (slash) shipper in me understands the actual plausibility of that happening based on history is about slim to Janto.  So if it happens great, but I’m not expecting it.  That way I am not disappointed by any number of reasons and I can continue on in fandom happily shipping away and having fun in fandom arts because that is what I enjoy. 

Shipper’s mind watching a show that demonstrates potential to push those traditional tv/movie relationship boundaries:  YES GIMME NOW IT’S TOTALLY BUILDING TO STEREK.

Ignoring the historical-based shipping mind, there are things that are playing out quite interestingly on the show, you just have to decide if you’re going to go with the ‘show is giving us subtle’ route or 'show is just a silly tv show about teenage werewolves.’  Based on what we’ve seen, there are way too many coincidences to believe that the more subtle things are ignorable.  And now you have Stiles determined to save Derek in Mexico, Derek showing that he might have shifted his anchor to Stiles at the end of s3b, Derek’s name being one of the keys (so far we don’t know what is tying the keys together, if it’s a dig at the survivors Scott, Lydia, then Derek matches up with Stiles) and Stiles’ face when he sees it, and Stiles figuring out Derek’s losing his mojo.  There are lots of things that are tying them together visually/in the narrative, and that’s what a shipper thrives on, tbh.  

We’ve also got very few characters we actually know the age of.  One of them is Stiles.  And we don’t know (canon) when his birthday is, so after s3b, at any point he could have his 18th birthday.  Which like Lydia/Parrish, negates the age protest. 

We’ve also got a storyline that’s developing for Stiles, where he has become far more grounded than we’ve seen him.  Stiles still has his moments of being a kid, but of the 'kids’ on the show, he’s demonstrating himself far more mature than any of them, understanding life isn’t black and white but grey, of living with consequences and trying to find balance.  

And here’s the other thing - I know there’s lots of talk about queerbaiting and Sterek.  There are different ways to view it - and this is what I think.  I think that in s1 and s2 they had fun with the 'relationship’ between Stiles and Derek - it was antagonistic and snarky and two people really not trusting each other.  s3a that had a visual and narrative shift.  s3b Derek chased Stiles, s4 is shaping up to be Stiles chasing Derek.   And … the way I see it, after realizing fandom and Sterek, the interaction has been cut back.   But I don’t think it’s for negative reasons.  Sure, they’ve been cut back - but if it had been maintained at the levels it had - all the teasing and touching with no intention of ever fulfilling that tease after they knew what Sterek was - then that would be queerbaiting.  So, not deliberate queerbaiting.  Next option - they could have put Stiles and Derek together with definite 'no homo’ or even killing Sterek with some brotherly development to just shut down the ship.  We haven’t gotten that either.  What we have received is the 2 character not interacting visually on screen together, but their storylines revolve around each other and depend on the other.  Think about it - this is actually the kind of perfect set up to build Sterek.  Right now - let’s say the age difference is keeping them 'apart’ and the producers/network/Davis is pushing off the relationship until Stiles is 'legal’ to avoid kerfluffle.  So rather than pissing people off with what appears to be queerbaiting while the show’s time passes, they split the two up, but like a freaking sun/moon/earth moving around each other, their stories are still interconnected.  

That’s a lot of babble.  Hopefully it made sense. 

Honestly, I think by the time s4 ends, we’re going to have (or rather, I hope to have) Stiles have a serious 'you’re not going to die’ conversation with Derek.  And if Derek does 'die’, there’s the potential for Stiles to clue in to any feelings/thoughts about Derek (kind of the kick he got with Caitlyn to consider men).  We have Malia - and from the story narrative and the interviews, I think it’s safe to assume that this relationship is not going to turn out well.  Or at least together.  And we’ll have Derek resolving his history with Kate, and potentially having a good time with Braeden.  Some relationships under their belt, hopefully healthy results, it’s a good set up for a legit potential long-term relationship that would last out s5 and the end of the show for Sterek.   

I wouldn’t doubt at all having a shot of Stiles and Derek at the end of the season again, this time something more, hand on the shoulder in support, something said, etc… to cliffhang us into s5 with a very deliberate Sterek.  It will prolly end on Scott (s4) but that’s because I think s5 is going to be a dark arc for Scott and the others trying to get him back.  .

Who knows, it might be nothing too, and Stiles is endgame with Ms Morrell and they have little emissary babies. 

Thanks for the ask, I hope I didn’t bore you much with the lack of cohesive thought random thoughts?  :) 

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I feel dumb for crying over a fictional ship in a tv show but I'm just so angry and upset. We had so much Sterek support and now we're being told Stalia is basically end game and they've degraded what could've been an amazing female character to THIS

Oh honey no, please don’t cry! I know exactly how you feel, cheated, am I right? Invalidated and manipulated and maybe even a little humiliated for having our hopes be raised and praised so many times by a crew who - in reality, wanted to erase what we love the moment it got too “big” for them?

I understand. I do.

But do you know what makes everything so much better?




these sterek fic rec blogs


this sterek recipe


all the fanvideos created out of love for these two

and all the fantastic sterek fanart and smile inducing head canons this fandom has created for these two.

We have inadvertently created an entire world for sterek fans to escape into in order to ignore everything else.

If you can’t handle canon anymore (just like myself) then I highly suggest dowsing yourself in fanon! Fanon will never let you down :)

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I just feel like sharing this with the sterek fandom and I figured your blog would be a good choice so here goes: I don't ship Sterek. I didn't even use to like it. I didn't understand or approved of what you people were doing. BUT. After seeing all the fanart and other things you guys create I just gotta admit I'm a little blown away. I've never seen a ship with such a talented fandom before. And you're nice. So I just wanna say thank you and keep it up. You made Sterek beautiful even to me.

Oh my god. GUYS. I don’t know how to respond to this O__o


Alright friends, I’ve got a little something to say. So you all know how much I love Sterek. I will defend them until the ends of the earth and continue to see them in pretty much everything I watch, read and listen to. Lately, however, I just can’t get giddy over them in the same way I used to which means writing for them has been especially difficult and more like work than fun. This really upsets me as Sterek is something so comforting and special to me but I do feel myself pulling away and after having spent the last 6 months just not as excited anymore, I have to accept the fact I am moving on whether I like or not not. 

This isn’t to say I will stop reblogging Sterek or even stop writing about them. I will probably remain mostly a Sterek blog for a good while to come but this is just a little heads up to say you might start seeing me reblog and write about other things as well, such as Shadowhunters, Zimbits and maybe even a little anime. I will always, always tag everything I reblog and post and if you still want to follow me you can black list anything you don’t want to see. For now, if you are following me purely for Sterek and Teen Wolf you might want to blacklist shadowhunters, malec, omgcpzimbits and supergirl

As I said, this is not a goodbye to the Sterek fandom but I also want to do what makes me happy and gets me inspired and right now, Sterek isn’t feeding my soul in the same way it used to *looks at the 40 sterek mugs in my cupboard nervously*. I have so much love for this fandom and the people in it, I have made so many good friends and met so many lovely people. I don’t want to lose any of you as I broaden my horizons and find new things to flail over but I will completely understand if you want to unfollow me. 

That being said, I am still always here to talk Sterek with you and a friend to talk to if you ever need someone to listen to you or you are not sure where to turn about a problem. This fandom is a community and it will always be one, no matter what, and if you are ever scared, confused or in need of a friend know I am always here for you. That will never change.

Sterek gave me the courage to write again but I also want to get better and to do that I must write about other things that inspire me. Currently I am working on an original thing just for me which is making me excited to write for the first time in months. As for fanfic, expect to see a couple of other fandoms in there from time to time as I attempt to find that same inspiration Sterek gave me. 

Most of all, I just want to thank each and every one of you for following me and being so exceptionally nice to me since day one. I consider every one of you a friend and the fact you’ve always made me feel like one in return is something I will never be able to express in words. 

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I'm not even in the Teen Wolf fandom, but what is even going on? I'm really confused because the only thing on the tag is a bunch of people complaining about sterek. As always.


There is a link to what Tyler said.  Some people are interpretting his comments as homophobic and I can see why. But I think he is talking more about his and the show’s relationship with the Sterek fandom really. In my experience most actors don’t understand fandom or fannish activity. They know it happens, they know it is important to the success of their projects, but its a mystery to them. And since Sterek fandom can be invasive, at times domineering, and the fans themsevles emotional and sometimes scary it makes sense for an actor to view it that way. 

From his perspective there is all this angst and drama over a non-canon ship, that was never promised and only exist in the imagination of the fandom.  Basically people who only watch for Sterek are watching for something that technically isn’t part of the show, then dominate the discourse about the show and erase everything else that the actors, writers and directors do. As a writer this kind of thing horrifies me since I put purpose into every word, every scene and nuance.

And this doesn’t even address the race and gender elements of what is happening with this show. TW has a canon homosexual MOC character, that is ignored by Sterek fandom as they claim to crusade for homosexual representation. This same fandom is also often unwilling to make time for the women in the show. Its kinda shitty when you think about it.

However ship-baiting Sterek has been an ongoing aspect of the show’s promotion. IMHO they should never have taken the Sterek ship baiting as far as they did when Sterek was never really on the table. So while the Sterek fandom has grown into a monster the show’s media should never have fed that monster.

Here’s my two cents, if you care to listen—

I have watched and am still watching other television shows outside of Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf is the only one I actively participate in a fandom for. It’s the first show that has inspired me to do so. I have loved shows before. Watched every episode multiple times, looked forward to each new plot, even rooted for couples. But Teen Wolf has inspired in me a love unlike which I have ever felt for a show before. Before my sister poked and prodded me to give Teen Wolf a chance, I had no idea what a fandom was, what that community felt like.

During the first episode she and her best friend made me watch, they explained that it was going to be a very Sterek-y episode. I had no idea what that was— I was only watching because my sister wanted me to and she had promised that there was character, this Stiles, who was very much like my beloved Seth Cohen. But I watched— I watched, and I saw what they were talking about. Yet, at that point, I still didn’t feel anything.

I was introduced to AO3 and the growing presence Teen Wolf fans had there, and I explored. I was no stranger to fanfiction, as I had read it for other shows (mostly Bones and Buffy). I found myself more interested in a relationship between Stiles and Jackson then this Sterek I had been told of. I continued to watch the show, continued to study the character interactions, and slowly, my curiosity and interest in Sterek grew. I started to read more Sterek works than Stackson, started to love the way Derek and Stiles complimented one another, could better each other. I continued to watch the show, diligently following the plot.

One Monday night, I witnessed my sister liveblogging her reactions. Prior to this, I had known of tumblr, but had never actually visited the site myself, and had no knowledge of the fandom base here. Not too long after, I decided to setup my own blog. I wanted to see what was going on, and for the first time, I wanted to talk about a show with other fans, anyone who liked the show as much as I did. I didn’t understand tagging or reblogging or any of the language that is associated with the tumblr culture, but I knew I liked a show, I liked some characters, and I wanted to experience that with others.

I was now reading Sterek works pretty exclusively, counting down the days that I would be accepted to have a profile on AO3 so I could finally start bookmarking and organizing all the works I had already read. I felt for all the characters, but especially Derek and Stiles. I had come to love them so much individually that I wanted them to know happiness, and I felt they would find it in each other. The authors and the artists astounded me on a daily basis, in a way I had never witnessed before. A new season started, and I felt like I was going to watch with a community. I learned what shipping was. I started to research, theorize, and make posts of my own about the plot instead of simply reblogging. I spent time actually designing, coding, and organizing my blog. Then I began to make things and make friends.

Never had I felt anything like this before. Not the fandom, not the community, not the creativity. I had never been inspired to get involved, to talk, to create; I had only ever watched and that’s it. 

I guess what I’m trying to express by relaying my experience, my slow submersion into the Teen Wolf fandom, is that, there is no wrong or right way to watch a television show, but this way, this way everyone in the Teen Wolf fandom watches is beautiful. Jeff Davis, the writers, Posey, the rest of the cast— they should all be so incredibly proud that they have not just created a show that people DVR and spend 45 minutes watching and then don’t think about until they have time to watch the next episode. No, they have created something so resonating that we all feel so deeply about the characters presented that we create for them, we blog for them, we cry for them, we laugh for them, we ship them, and we constantly talk about them. They should be proud that they have provoked such a reaction from their audience. Without them, we would not be. 

I know a lot of us feel as though we were slapped in the face today for feeling so deeply about characters that the whole cast and crew has helped to create and make beloved, and that’s something really unfortunate. Posey can’t un-speak the words and we can’t un-hear them, but we can celebrate what makes this fandom so great despite those remarks. Teen Wolf does not just have viewers that simply watch and are done when 10 PM rolls around. Teen Wolf does not just have viewers who only vaguely follow the plot lines and only think about what was presented within the confines of an episode.

Teen Wolf has all you lovely people. People who are inspired by the show. International folks that stay up and livestream the episodes. People who write the most brilliant of fiction inspired by the characters everyone in Teen Wolf has made us love. People who design and draw and paint the most beautiful and haunting and wonderful things. People who band together across oceans and become friends with Teen Wolf as their first common interest. People who FEEL. People who love the show and its characters so deeply that they are invested in their happiness. People who ship to give those characters that happiness. 

If some would prefer that we just be run-of-the-mill viewers, that’s fine. Teen Wolf would have probably been canceled by now. We are better than that, though. We are awesome and talented and thoughtful and lovely and kind and generous and invested. We watch for fun, we watch for plot, we watch for love, we watch in spite of the pain it occasionally brings us. We participate, we create, we donate, we discuss. We are who we are, and we will do what we do, regardless of any negative opinions on who ships what. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is beautiful. 

I am so glad that I get to be a part of it.

Dear Stydia fans,
I’m so sorry PR has been waving your flag for months and your ship hasn’t even breathed the same air in three entire episodes, you deserve better

The Sterek fandom, trust me, we know EXACTLY how you feel

P.S.Don’t give up hope until the series finale’ credits roll, you never know when Jeff will pull a Korrasami

P.P.S. Although I still am confident in Sterek, if it isn’t us, I hope it’s you

Look, About Teen Wolf

Here’s exactly how I feel. 

If you enjoy the show, you should watch it and keep enjoying it. There are tons of people who watch for reasons different than mine. Totally get that. 

I used to love it. I know there would be parts–I see them in gif sets–that I would still love if I were watching season 4. I may eventually watch season 4 out of curiosity. I can’t predict what I might do down the road. 

But I’m not watching because I’m really disgusted by the things that occur off the show, the things said about the show, and the general attitude of TPTB toward fans, and that has ruined my enjoyment of the whole thing. Frankly, if I knew nothing of what the actors said about anything, or knew nothing of Sterek fandom online, I think I still would have drifted away from the show by now. 

Dylan’s acting in 3b was remarkable. He carried it, and he had a lot to carry, because so much of the rest was just not Teen Wolf to me, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me, and yes, the fact that my two favorite characters didn’t interact for 12 episodes made the show a lot less fun to watch. What I know of season 4 so far would not have undone that sense of loss for me, and I probably wouldn’t be watching even without knowing about all the wank on the sides. 

I love Sterek. That would not prevent me from enjoying Derek getting together with someone else, especially Braeden. If only she hadn’t looked at him like a piece of meat while he she was rescuing him from we don’t know how many days of torture, I would feel better about that pairing. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and so they would make a hot couple. To those who will jump to racism, please, know what you’re talking about. This Ichabbie shipper can only shake her head sadly at those accusations. It’s not her color, I promise. But her looking him up and down while chained and her sketchy nature (Derek as punching bag is so overdone at this point) pinged my consent radar, which is probably set to extra-sensitive, given Derek’s history, I’ll admit. 

Malia Tate as a character is so problematic, I don’t even care to write it all out. It strains credulity, and though it’s not like Teen Wolf doesn’t do that all the time, this is a particularly egregious case of it. So that combined with the way she and Stiles got together in Eichen House, yes, I have serious issues with that relationship. However, that doesn’t mean I would have a serious problem with Stiles being in a relationship with another character. I’ve always contended I wanted Stiles and Lydia to be besties, but it would make so much more sense for a growing relationship between them to develop than the one they created with Malia. I’m still in awe of that. I have begun to question if Jeff Davis understands the true meanings of consensual, and what his definition of romantic really is. I don’t think it matches most people’s.

If you ship Draeden and Stalia, fine. Enjoy your ships. I may not understand it, but I would never say you’re doing fandom wrong. I’m only trying to explain my personal feelings about them in as non-confrontational a way as possible. 

I just feel like pointing out that my problems with the pairings are not because I’m a Sterek fan. I have never believed JD was going to go anywhere near romantic with canon Sterek, so that doesn’t affect me. The fact that he began building their trust and friendship and yanked that away (and yes, I believe it’s an intentional move to suppress the idea of Sterek), that was a deal-breaker for me because where has the fun gone? And that’s without all the rest that happens off-screen. 

They queerbaited off the show with Sterek-related comments, videos, etc. I didn’t see it as queerbaiting at the time, because I never believed there’d be canon Sterek. A lot of people were led to believe that, unfortunately. But now they’ve started queerbaiting on the show. Stiles’ conversation with Caitlin (which was nothing, Stiles isn’t gay, according to Dylan) and the Kira/Malia dance scene that even Holland Roden called out as making “so much sense,” complete with eyeroll. All while the character that has been held up as an example of how gay-friendly the show is has been written out, and was only ever used as a token reminder of HEY, GAY in his meager minutes of screen-time per season anyway. 

Then there are the things like lack of continuity, his fuck you, fans about things like timelines and even Derek’s age (if you think police reports don’t list an age, grow up; that was a deliberate omission that I found outright stupid and disrespectful), and general decline in the storytelling and my overall enjoyment of the show. I do see gifsets and have a general idea, and I don’t regret not watching. 

I don’t feel like fans bombarding JD is wise, nor will it do any good. Season 4 is in the can, and if you think he doesn’t already have plans for season 5, you’re most likely wrong. Fan campaigns will only make him dig in his heels even deeper at this point, in my opinion. The most you will get is pandering off-screen that promises something that won’t materialize (like the official TW tumblr using a gif of Stiles and a gif of Derek, who had no interaction, to pimp an upcoming episode). If that kind of thing doesn’t make you angry or at least question what’s going on, then we just have different perceptions of reality. 

So if you love the show for what it is, then love it. I don’t care. But insulting people who aren’t watching it makes little sense to me. I still love the Teen Wolf I used to watch, I still enjoy Sterek, and I’ll still write and read fanfic almost without a doubt. You don’t get to dictate when I should and should not be a part of the fandom at large, or when I should stop posting anything about Teen Wolf (to those couple of asshole asks, anon because of bravery!). I love Tyler Hoechlin. I want to see where Dylan’s career goes. I’ll probably go see TMR. I will always love Derek Hale. I think Mama McCall is the absolute Bomb. None of that has changed. 

It’s just that as far as supporting a show–buying it, talking about it and encouraging others to watch (like I used to do with TW)–I can’t do that anymore. I choose to support shows that don’t just claim to offer representation, but actually do it (and they typically do it without chest-beating about it, too). And while not every show I watch is necessarily good for representation, they’re just shows I enjoy, they also don’t tease me with things they turn around and ridicule, nor do they make promises they don’t keep.

I don’t feel foolish while watching them, bottom line.