i will never stop editing this picture

What I really like about the “do it for her” meme, especially when it’s edited to “him” or “them”, is this

the original context was Homer Simpson taping pictures of his daughter Maggie over a sign that says “don’t forget, you’re here forever” so that it says “do it for her”

So whenever someone edits it to say “him” all I can think of is “don’t forget, you’re hime forever” and I never stop laughing at that

One thing: from what we know about the story, the Wall was covering the kingdom of Lucis entirely for ~120 years, until King Mors decided to reduce it to Insomnia alone. Doing so, he allowed Niflheim to occupy the territories of Lucis have been abandoned by the government. I say “abandoned” here because we have evidence of things that have just been left here in numerous places. Take for example:

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everything i read in 2017: deltora quest series by emily rodda

“the enemy is clever and sly, and to its anger and envy a thousand years is like the blink of an eye”

Dirty Deeds: Part One

Series Summary: Lone wolf assassin, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes gets more than he bargains for when he receives the contract to kill you.

Chapter Summary: Introduction to characters, really. 

Word Count: 800ish

A/N: This isn’t the most exciting introduction ever, I must admit. However, you’ve gotta start somewhere. Please note: I did not tag anyone (other than my forever tags) because I received a TON of interest about this series. So, I’ve decided that if you reblog this part, tell me what you think is gonna happen next, I will then tag you. :) Also, I didn’t edit this because I was running SUPER LATE today. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!

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Admittedly, most people prolly never notice, but being a photographer...

…the directionality and quality of light randomly changing in a closeup drives me crazy.

“No, noooo! This is what I’m fighting against all day! Entertainment is about escapism, let me escape from needing to worry about light!”

Edit: As people have pointed out, yes, her arms change, and her bracelet disappears… but that just proves the point that I notice nothing other than the dang light went up 2/3rds of a stop and switched to camera left gosh darn it


hp ladies ↠ house gryffindor

gryffindor, where the brave dwell at heart

PJO Fandom Gothic
  • there are movies, they say. you do not believe them. you watch the movies. you shake your head. the movies do not exist.
  • it is 2009, and percy jackson is sixteen. 2010, percy jackson is sixteen. 2011, he is sixteen. 2012, 2013, 2014, sixteen. he turned seventeen in the last book, they say. you do not believe them.
  • “grover underwood,” someone whispers. it makes you feel happy, though you do not know why. you wonder if you knew him, once. you cannot remember.
  • percy jackson will retire, he says. you ask when. he begins to laugh.
  • this is the end, you tell yourself. but you do not believe in endings anymore. there are no endings, only more books.
  • you are a child. you are a teenager. you are an adult. you wonder why you are still here. you look for the exit. there isn’t one.
  • there are ten books about percy jackson. they should know him by now. you see a post calling him a lovable goofball, and begin to scream. you never stop.
  • you want to make an annabeth edit. your computer begins downloading pictures of skinny blonde girls. i have enough, you scream. i don’t need anymore. but it doesn’t stop. it never stops. your computer crashes, but the blonde girls remain.
  • hazel comes back. leo comes back. gwen comes back. you rush home, looking for silena and beckendorf and michael and lee and zoe and ethan and luke and bianca. you are met with an empty house and deafening silence.
  • this is calypso, he says. you are confused. it is not calypso. he insists that it is calypso. you shake your head. you do not know who this angry, sassy woman is. it is not calypso.
  • no one will read a book about characters being happy, he says. you look online. fanfiction, fan art, headcanons about characters being happy. you try to show them to him, but they slip through your fingers like water down a drain. there is only angst now.
  • the seven are a family, everyone insists. you look for a passage where piper and percy talk to each other, and find nothing. you look for a passage where frank and leo forgive each other, and find nothing. you look for the passage where hazel and piper became friends, and find nothing. you do not understand.
  • the book ends. you flip the pages, searching for the battle with gaea. you must have missed it. you flip more desperately, searching for a sentence about percy coming home. there is nothing, nothing, nothing.
  • reyna and nico are side characters. no, minor characters. no, main characters. no, narrators. you do not know anymore.
  • a new series is coming. you are filled with fear.

i love wyatt oleff

i want to share with you my experience meeting wyatt at spooky empire. first of all, wyatt’s line was INCREDIBLY long. he stood for hours signing posters and taking photos with fans, but not once did he show any sign of annoyance. there was a boy in front of me who loved wyatt so much and he was so nervous to meet him (this was adorable btw!!) so after they took their pic together, wyatt stood and happily answered all the boy’s questions about acting (he was obviously an aspiring actor) and i thought that was so sweet. okay, so now it’s my turn to meet him. and my heart is about to leap out of my chest when he greets me with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen (bonus: holy fuck his dimples are precious). as he’s signing my book, i said to him “you are such an amazing actor by the way”. he literally STOPS in the middle of writing his signature and looks down in the cutest, shy way and then looks back up at me with these ADORABLE puppy dog eyes and says “thank you so much.” and i really cant describe that look on his face or the way he thanked me. but i swear i’ve never seen anyone that genuine in my life. (note: he also complimented my first edition IT book) and then we took our picture and it was so surreal being that close to him and i was shaking SO bad.

the next time i met him was during the photo ops. okay, i had a VIP pass so i was the first one to go and take my picture with him (even though i’d already met him i was a nervous mess). i walk in and he’s there waiting and he gives me another one of those smiles that could light up a whole city. somehow i work up the courage to ask him: “do you have any pose ideas?” and so he tells me his idea and he’s like “but we can do something else if you want” and of course i quickly add “no no no! this is fine.” after the photographer snaps the picture, he goes “now that’s a pose if i ever saw one!” and before i leave (even though the security people told him specifically not to) he gives me a high five… and yes my heart did implode in that moment.

wyatt oleff is truly such an incredibly kind and humble person, way beyond his years. the other cast members that i met were also so so sweet, but wyatt engaged the most with all the fans and made time to talk to each and every one. i love him so much and will always support him and his career.


Boyfriend Yeolie - coffee date in the park

- you order a hazelnut latte

- he gives you a sassy look as he dramatically sips his americano

- king of never stepping on a sidewalk crack

- “I care about my mom, okay??”

- pouts when you try so hard to hold back your laughter

- stops to pet every dog

- literally. every. one. 

- “I want a picture.”

- ah, yeolie, okay.

- “okay here’s my phone make sure that the dog is smiling.”

- (-__- )

- sitting on a park bench together

- lots of room on the bench because you’re sitting so close together

- his fingers are nervously drumming on his thigh because he wants to hold hands but he’s too shy

- you grab his hand and hold it tightly

- oh boy his cheeks are so pink and his smile is so dorky what a cutie pie


97 and 14 with Tom Holland? If not that’s completely ok. I love you account and your writings ❤

97 “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

14 “They’re so cute when they’re asleep.”  @agentsarahofshield here’s your request and drabble, thank you for requesting this i had so much fun writing it and if you do have anymore pleas send in requests.

A big thanks to @avengersnthings for letting me use their prompt sheet and write this little drabble, if you don’t know them check them out they currently have a drabble night going on, and there a bloody brilliant writer. Also creds to @prompt-bankfor creating the list.

I do have requests open, so please send them in.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N),’’ Tom whined from his spot on the couch. You sighed in annoyance, “Tom I’m editing if I don’t get these pictures sent to vogue by midnight there never hiring me again.’’

‘’But (Y/N), we where supposed to go and get something to eat three hours ago! I’m a growing person (Y/N) I need food.’’ Your boyfriend said dramatically flopping around the couch.

“Tom I’ll make you a sandwich if stop wailing like baby alright? Just for the love of god let me finish.” You replied, immediately going back to your computer to edit the photos you took at the vogue New York shot. A couple of months ago you started taking pictures for fun here and there, posting them online for the world to see. Companies started messaging you asking you to do shots for them. Your photography business blew up and suddenly you were being asked to join the Marvel’s team of publicists. You then met Tom, and his best mate Harrison and the three of you immediately hit it off becoming instant friends, and even sharing an apartment. You and Tom became closer over a short period of time, and started going out only after being friends for a few months.

‘’You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.’’  You could here Tom groaning and moaning about he never got his food as you finished up editing your last picture. Turning around to look at him you saw that he had taken an awkward position on the couch, his legs in the air and his heading hanging over the ledge, you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Tom, get up, or else I’m not making you a sandwich.’’ you said making you way over to the kitchen. Hearing him mumble something in response, you decided to make yourself a sandwich. You quickly spread mayo on your bread but some chicken and cheese on it and threw it into the toaster oven. While waiting for the cheese to melt on your sandwich you called Tom once again, ‘’Tom if you don’t get up and tell me what you want I’m not making you one.’’

Hearing the oven beep, you went to grab your sandwich before finishing it off with lettuce and cucumbers. Walking over to the couch where your boyfriend was currently laying on, ‘’Tom, please move.’’

Tom peaked his eye open, ‘’Do i not get a sandwich?”

“You didn’t say anything when i asked.”

‘’I’m not moving for you.”

“Move you absolute doof.’’ You said putting down your sandwich so you could move his legs to sit down. As you went to grab his legs Tom pulled you down into his chest holding you tightly.

“Tom get off of me!’’ you exclaimed to him, he didn’t listen somehow bringing you closer to him and comfortably lying you both on the couch. “If i can’t have the sandwich, then so can’t you, which means i get to have you.’’

“Tom, get off me!’’

“Shhh.” Tom said kissing your forehead, ‘’Just take a quick nap with me.’’ Defeated, yo got comfortable against his chest and let his heart beat lull you to sleep.

 You were vaguely awake when you recognized Harrison’s voice,’’ They’re so cute when they’re asleep. But i am taking this sandwich, (Y/N) knows how to make a bloody good sandwich.’’

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"Say swear to God!"

His fingers played with your arm like it was the strings of his favorite guitars. Your head rested on the crock of his neck. You keep reading your book while Shawn mumbles on your ear. It was moments like this that made you the happiest girl on earth. On your older relationships, moments of silence were uncomfortable, but with Shawn, silence was like it was supposed to be, you were both comfortable in it. Your eyes are following the flow of words on the page, it was the first time in your life that you were reading Harry Potter. You couldn’t take your eyes of the book,you’re close to the ending and you wanted to know how it was going to end. Shawn chuckles and you take your attention off from the book. 

“Why are you laughing?” You asked trying to look at his phone. 

“It’s just funny, people can’t stop to post that picture of me holding that cute cat at the beach.” Shawn shows you the picture that a fan edit. 

“I like that edition, could you send me?” You take a screenshot of the pic on his phone. “And people can’t get over this picture for obvious reasons. Cute guys with cute cats or dog always get more likes.”

“Why I never thought on that?” 

“Because sometimes you can be a little slow!” You kiss his jawline and he smiles back to you. “What are you thinking about the book? Are you liking? Are you loving? What’s your favorite part?”

“Slow down cowboy, I still didn’t finish the book, but I am liking. It just doesn’t have enough for me to love yet.” 

“Are you finishing?”

“Yep, just a few more chapters and I’m done.”

“That’s great! Then we can leave and buy you the second one.”

“Will I be able to breathe or eat between the reading?” You laugh at his excitement. 

“We can manage that. Did you already get to the part where Harry and Rony are going to Poudlard in the flying car?”

“Did you just spoiled me Shawn Peter Raul Mendes?” You look at him pissed, hitting his arm with the book. 

“I will shut my mouth until you finish reading the last book, I promise you, babe!”

“Say swear to God Shawn!”

“Haha, that’s so funny y/n!” He pretends to laugh at it, but you keep looking at him with your serious face. 

“I’m seriously Shawn! Say swear to God! I’m waiting!”

“Are you kidding?” He keeps looking at your eyes, and finally, give up. “I swear to God, y/n!” You start laughing at him. 

“God, I love that so much! I don’t know why you keep falling for this one!”


Story time!

It was a year ago today I was working on Gaster’s Log for @theskelejournals and was still researching theories to help solidify how I wanted my Gaster to be. Well, originally he was going to be ace/aro in terms of relationships. Then I kept seeing little things of grillster and kingdings and mentioned it to Lore how they were cute and how as a crackship, it could be a silly thing for journalverse.

It wasn’t a crack ship and it was most certainly a thing.

I sketched this picture up the night we decided to explore grillster for our verse and never finished it because I was too shy snRK. So here we have the first ever grillster at Silver ever did, complete! At one point I revisited it with the intent to redo and finish, but stopped short. Now, a year to the day we started to ship it, I decided to finish it to commemorate the start of the madness. And we are still so deeply invested.

- Do not repost or edit. -

A Soulmate to Remember Chapter 15

I made 300 followers! WHHOOOO-HOOOOO. Tomorrow I’ll post the other chapters of Poison and Lies, I’m also taking requests.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14

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Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

word count: 1,146     

TW: None, unless you need one added.

You opened your eyes with a groan and saw a well-lit tan ceiling. There was a laugh that caused my blood to freeze. Not because it was scary or unfamiliar.

  But because you knew it.

     You turned your head to see Ben sitting opposite me in a train car,“Good evening sleeping beauty! I’m so glad you’re awake.”

  “B-Ben?” Oh god. What has he done? You took big gulping breath to try and keep calm.

   Ben slid from his cushioned seat and kneeled in front of you,“Yes darling. It’s me, you weren’t feeling to well, a few of the other passengers were worried. Your mom has been calling you, but I thought it better to wait till you woke up.”

  “Are we on a train?”

  Be laughed again,“Yes sweetie. Remember our first trip away together?”

 "Oh… Yeah,“ You lied, playing along, making Ben beam, and you nodded,"I remember now.”

   "Yes, after we had taken out the trash your cold medicine kicked in. I had to hold your arm to get to your car.“

     "What happened to yours?”

   Ben smiled,“That’s a funny question. But I didn’t take it today. I walked.”

    “Oh.” Damn, there goes someone seeing his car… Then you noticed that he had changed your shirt, but then I shifted and felt the comforting pressure from your cami under it, and you felt better.

   Ben took your hand and squeezed it,“By the time we got to the train station your medicine was in full effect. Some other passengers were so kind to us, they chatted with us while we got to our car.”

   "Did I do something funny?“

   "No, no, you were just really out of it. The older couple couldn’t believe we were soulmates, they said our babies would be too adorable!”

   He laughed and you forced a giggle out of your throat, sitting up,“You… Said my mom called… Could I call her?”

   "Of course honey,“ then he leaned forward and his eyes got that scary look in them again,"But nothing funny, cause I can make this train stop in a fun way,” he snapped back into his happy-go-lucky self,“ Here you go!”

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Assassins + Snapchat

Altaïr: he’d try to be serious and pretentious and shit (you know, that one friend whose story is just taking monochrome selfies with half his face and a drake quote or pitch black pictures with a timestamp) but honestly he’d devolve into this; most likely to get blocked bc he always in his feelings;

Ezio: half-him messing around with filters; half him catching his friends lacking (“I was half-asleep, DELETE IT”); most likely to DM dumbass pictures just to keep a streak going;

Connor: wouldn’t get it, at first, would probably caption everything with a wall of text; but after aveline or somebody explains it to him there’d be nonstop selfies with animals from the homestead or roasting Haytham; probably takes a lot of selfies with Ziio too; most likely to get their story hijacked (“add me: bayougirlavie″)

Aveline: omg, always picks the most flattering filters, great selfies, knows her angles; is aware that gérald is always the first one to view her story and is midkey considering blocking him; makes those videos were she lowkey tries to film one of her friends doing stuff but always ends up with ruining the stealth thing with cute little giggles; most likely to hijack someone’s story (see above)

Edward: trash friend; knows the latest goofy filters before anyone else, uses them on himself and  adéwalé (without adéy’s consent, might i add); normally posts stuff that’s arguably considered evidence for whatever drunken crimes were committed; most likely to get reported but never actually banned or anything

Arno: that one annoying ass friend who thinks that SC is instagram; posts aesthetic-y pictures of food, èlise, and the paris skyline; most likely to get roasted because “wE KNOW YOU SPEAK FRENCH ARNO STOP CAPTIONING ÉLISE WITH MUSHY SHIT"

Jacob:  mix of edward and connor in that he posts a lot of the rooks’ misadventures and also animals he finds, gets into a lot of fights with evie because he won’t stop making edits of her and henry; most likely to have everyone saved as a dumb nickname (in a moment of extreme creativity, he renamed maxwell roth ‘maxie’)

Evie:  the biographer, documents her day throughly but never gets to the point of spamming; uses the timestamp filter and emoji stamps a lot; you almost never see her in her story but always hear her voice; most likely to save her stories to her memories bc she likes being able to look back

Henry: doesn’t post much to his story, mostly lurks a lot; when he does add his stuff it’s jacob-shaming (“guess who fell asleep in the conductor’s car using my pressed hydrangeas as a pillow 😒😒😒”); most likely to DM you pictures of Evie being cute if you and him are close friends 

Desmond: posts a lot about shit the mod squad does (caught shaun crying in the car after they saw rouge one); is actually a super good photographer, takes good panaroma shots; figured out how to record himself mixing a really complicated drink one handed; most likely to take candid pics of his S/O just bc he thinks they’re cute 


(read this, if you ever feel bad about yourself)

I think that everyone’s definition of the word “perfect” is different, but all the same too. It is this unattainable goal we’ve all provided for ourselves, subconsciously knowing we will never reach it.

But let me tell you something: YOU ARE PERFECT.

You are beautiful.

Stop comparing yourself to models and celebrities. Stop comparing yourself to people in manipulated photos and highly edited pictures. You are beautiful.

Stop putting yourself down. You are not the awful words people call you. You are not less than her. You are not less than him. You are not the number on the scale that you’ll never be satisfied with. You are beautiful.

You are the ambitions that drive you. You are the dreams & goals you’ve set. You are the wild thoughts that you think, and the things that make you wonder. You are beautiful and desirable not for the people you hang out with, but for the spark of beautiful life within you that compels you to live a happy & meaningful life. You are beautiful.

You are made up of nothing more than you, and trust me when I tell you that that’s more than enough. You are a unique human with an amazing combination of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and desires. You are allowed to feel sad, angry, happy, and a little bit crazy if you want. And you don’t need an explanation for displaying any of it because you are human. You are human, and you are beautiful.

So, look past the mirror. Look past all the insecurities you have. Look past everything you think is wrong about yourself, because there’s nothing wrong. You are beautiful.

You are beautiful and you are perfect. You will never truly understand how much, until you understand your worth; until you understand how valuable you are.

If you aren’t happy then make yourself happy because you are good enough. You are worth everyone’s time. You are worth seeking help. You are worth getting better. You are worth being happy.

If you aren’t happy, then do something about it. Focus on you and believe in yourself. Don’t sit around and expect things to get better if you aren’t willing to do something about it.






I was looking through old pictures and found this. It is veeeeery veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery old and was just a small jokey thing i did with friends a long time ago. Credit goes to @zelcher and @wateroracle for choosing which characters to use <3 Thank you guys! 

I feel like I have really captured the essence of Jarrod in this one. And Lyon’s book only having two pages in it is totally not my lazy asses’ fault nope. Might have gone a little overboard with the couch though. Priorities….?

Edit - Picture features the majestic leaning tower of Jiyel. Zarad is despairing over Blain not noticing him and it’s all very tragic. Ana really doesn’t want to be there. Leaning tower of Jiyel doesn’t want to be there either. Jarrod should probably never leave that headlock for everyone’s safety. Hamin has figured out how to float in mid air apparently. Ok I’ll stop I promise.

I used little-geecko’s squad couch meme that you can find here.