i will never see the zodiac the same way


“I am,” Aries announces, “but it gets tiring always trying to be the best.”

“I have,” Taurus murmurs, “but diamonds are a horrid substitute for the softness of hugs.”

“I think,” Gemini chatters, “but the world changes too fast to truly know.”

“I feel,” Cancer cries, “but this ocean is too deep and I can’t swim.”

“I will,” Leo promises, “but I’ll doubt myself every second of the way.”

“I analyze,” Virgo states, “but sometimes my data is off.”

“I balance,” Libra observes, “but my tightrope is running thin.”

“I lust,” Scorpio admits, “but I never let myself attain my deepest desires.”

“I see,” Sagittarius declares, “but no one sees the same as me.”

“I use,” Capricorn informs, “but I can’t seem to keep anything.”

“I know,” Aquarius muses, “but sometimes I wish I didn’t.”

“I believe,” Pisces sighs, “but this means I’m easily led.”

I’m insane. Not in the way where I see things or get angry and throw things, but in the way where I make mistakes and can never seem to learn from them. I’ll make the same one, over and over again, and it still won’t be enough.
—  The Words of a Sagittarius Lilith, Sagittarius Moon, Sagittarius Venus, and/or Scorpio in those places.
I'm actually a scorpio-libra cusp, so i kind of suffer of a duble personality syndrome. This is how SCORPIO sees the signs
  • Aries: u should be horny but u r kind of shy and chill in front of me
  • Taurus: baby little adorable bff♥
  • Gemini: dublefaced idiot. I hate u. U talked behind my back.Dieee >:)
  • Cancer: oh, ur lovely and I like it. But when u r angry, u became stubborn and dangerous...i like it too.
  • Leo: well, i'm not sure if I love ya a LOT or if I hate ya. U r always trying to steal my popolarity. Stay at ur place :)
  • Virgo: cool. U r smart and ordinate...that's a good thing.
  • Libra: ya bae♥ ur like me, but sometimes nicer, sometimes meaner. Just dont be shy and follow my way♥
  • sagittarius: wild and adventurous. Can we travel away and never come back?
  • Capricorn: ur cute as hell. with me, u r the perfect friend.
  • Aquarius: why ur so annoying? U r always thinking u r better than me. But bae, there's none better then me. I'm perfect. So open up ur eyes and stop daydreaming♥
  • Pisces: bro, i understand u. Stop thinking u r alone...Imma a daydreamer/ emoction full bae like u :)