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Hey! Can I ask where this " Jeremy Shada said we don't need to worry about lgbt representation, we will be happy" comes from? Is there like a video or a tweet that proves that? Bc I never saw evidence and honestly I am concerned that this is just sb messing with our hopes. Also, isn't it possible that the lgbt representation has nothing to do with lance? Maybe it is sb else. Idk. I hate getting my hopes up ._.

it’s from this post! i doubt the OP is messing with us lol also it’s 100% something to do with lance, my good dude……… BECAUSE……

this is official art by lauren montgomery. i have said this before and i’ll say it again, but pidge’s sign has to do with her arc, her gender reveal. keith’s sign has to do with his arc, his galra heritage reveal. this was posted before s2 aired and it clearly foreshadows galra keith. not coincidences. lance’s sign definitely has to do with him and his arc, his sexuality reveal. lauren would not make keith’s sign and pidge’s sign related to them and then make lance’s sign have nothing to do with him. this stuff is all planned from the start. 

she’s also the one who said this…

[on expressions] “if we know that a character is feeling something about that- that moment- especially if we know there’s something coming up down the line that maybe hasn’t been revealed, but it would make that character feel a certain way- we try to insert in there a nod to it.”

which is important to remember while watching the show but also when looking at this art because a lot can be taken from their expressions. keith, pidge and lance look much more unsure and nervous and they’re holding their signs with both of their hands, indicating that HEY this is my sign, it has something to do with me and i’m anxious about it. hunk, allura and shiro appear to be showing support, shiro and hunk also, especially, look very confident. allura has both of her hands on the sign but her arm is around pidge, like a hug. allura’s the one who tried to coax pidge into telling her gender. shiro easily could’ve been put with pidge since he was very supportive of her… but allura has her own connection to the gender sign (and shiro’s put with lance for a reason). she’s a princess but she is not your “typical princess.” here’s a comment someone left on my klance masterpost about this and i completely agree…

I think Allura has one more reason for holding a gender sign with Pidge, and that is because she challenges the gender stereotypes. She’s not your typical little princess who needs to be protected by all means. She’s a tough young woman that can (and will) kick your ass, and I think that alone is a very powerful message to all the girls that watch this show. It’s a reminder that, no matter what society might claim, they are strong, and they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it.

hunk has his hand on keith’s shoulder, showing support. he stood by keith after he found out he’s part galra. he was cracking jokes about it and he was there for him. think “belly of the weblum” and all their moments together. also, in “stayin’ alive” when allura thanks hunk for getting the scaultrite, he says, “no problem. you know, keith was there too.” hunk is samoan, so he also has his own connection to the race sign. 

then, we have shiro holding the LGBT sign with lance, one hand on his shoulder in support. the LGBT rep definitely has to do with lance, you shouldn’t worry. there’s so much backing it up. i think shiro will play some sort of supportive role when it comes to lance’s sexuality and since hunk and allura are connected to the signs they’re holding, shiro may end up being LGBT, too. 

also, the sign art connects with the paladins of old, as well… which was pointed out to me by @farmlandtensions

zarkon, a galra, was the original black paladin.
keith, a part galra boy, is the current black paladin.

trigel, the only female paladin on her team, was the original green paladin.
pidge, the only female paladin on her team (before allura became a paladin, obviously) is the current green paladin.

blaytz, who was shown flirting with a male galra, was the original blue paladin.
lance, a boy who is totally not straight, we grew to know as the blue paladin.

they make parallels and show similarities between blaytz and lance to show that, yes, they’re comparing them… rather than comparing blaytz and allura.

FOR THE 100TH TIME, this stuff isn’t a coincidence. 

the bi flag colors and the gay flag colors have been used in the show on two separate occasions now. first, in s1, ep6… an episode with some great klance moments. next, in s3, ep3… another episode with some great klance moments. studio mir is animating VLD and they also animated TLOK. the bi flag colors were in the background of the finale of korra.

i’ve always theorized that since pidge’s gender arc was in s1 and keith’s race arc was in s2, that lance’s sexuality arc would be in s3. other people think this, too. seeing as how s4 is basically just part 2 of s3, taking the BIG amount of development between keith and lance in s3 into consideration and the fact that lance did not flirt with allura for the entirety of s3, or anyone, actually. i think this will, hopefully, come to fruition in s4 and they will touch on lance’s sexuality. 

also, in interviews, they don’t always simply say lance flirts with girls. jeremy shada, especially, does this. in lance’s birthday livestream, he says… 

[about lance] “a super like, flirty person that’s hitting on every *hesitates* person that has two legs.”

i’m not kidding btw, he literally hesitates a little before saying person. i don’t have the link to the vid but you can find it easily by googling lance’s birthday livestream. in the famous “lance falling in love” quote, he does this, too… 

jeremy would def know by now that lance isn’t straight and it’s really obvious that he’s sitting on that information. he’s done this at least one other time that i know of, as well. if lance was straight, if he only liked girls… this stuff? it would not happen. they would always just say girl/girls.

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I’m not sure if this is too specific or not but I’ve always imagined a high school au where Sasuke is Naruto’s tutor and while Sasuke is going over their textbook Naruto can’t stop staring at him with a loving look on his face. Their both sitting next to each other wearing school uniforms and Sasuke remains oblivious while Naruto’s slightly blushing. Again sorry if that’s too specific but its something I’ve been imaging for a long time. Good luck in school btw!!

They’ll never get anything done like this lol 

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How should someone respectfully salute a woman they met for the first time?

Thank you for coming to me with this question.

The first thing you absolutely must do is accept the fact that a woman met for the first time will take it as a grave insult if you have no visible muffin on your person. Understandably one can’t be expected to carry around a muffin at all times, so if you come upon a woman whom you haven’t met before and you are, at the time, unmuffined, you should immediately cover both of your eyes with you left hand, and place yourself flat on the ground, face down, as quickly as you can (use your right hand for support). Then you must emit a sharp whistle, followed by a long voiceless alveolar trill, transcribed thus: [r̥ːːː]. This will indicate to the unmet woman that you mean no disrespect, and were simply caught off-guard by her sudden appearance. At this point, the unmet woman should continue on her way. Be aware that it is within her rights to step not just over, but on your body as she continues on her way (for more on this, see Corbitt v. Russell). If you believe that the unmet woman has moved out of your line of sight, you should ask as loudly as you can, “Are the frocks still on the bannister, or hasn’t Uncle Harry explained?” If you receive no response, you are safe to get up off the ground and continue your day. If the unmet woman is still within earshot, though, she will began to shake and hiss violently. If you hear this, it’s advisable to remain on the ground and to keep still and quiet. Don’t try asking again until a full hour has passed.

Now, assuming you do have your muffin with you, should you come across an unmet woman, you need not be alarmed. Whether or not the unmet woman has caught sight of you, you must immediately say, “Hop! Hop!” Say it quite loudly, but no need to shout. If the unmet woman is unaware of your presence, this will draw her attention. If she is already aware of your presence, though, she will take it as a sign of respect that you still went to the trouble of saying, “Hop! Hop!” With that done, place your muffin in your left hand, and then with your right hand, tear off a small piece. Having done so, raise your right knee quite high in the air (as high as you can), and then step down nice and forcefully, while at the same time executing a clockwise quarter turn. Facing this direction, toss away the bit of muffin in your right hand proclaiming, “To the sun!” Execute the same series of steps, and then, when facing away from the unmet woman, proclaim, “To the moon!”, and toss your second bit of muffin away. Repeating the same steps and facing a new direction, you will toss your third bit of muffin away, proclaiming, “To the moon!”* Finally one executes the last quarter turn and, rather than tossing, eats the last bit of muffin, offering, after the bit has been swallowed, “To a divine morning of auspicious portent.” At this point one executes a half turn, facing completely away from the unmet woman, and sits down, cross-legged. The muffin is then placed upside-down atop one’s head. If the muffin stays, the woman is considered respectably met. If the muffin falls forwards, towards the greeter, the meeting has gone awry, and the entire affair is considered a failure. If the muffin falls towards the unmet woman, she may replace it on the greeter’s head and give it another try, or she may toss the muffin in the street, continuing on her way. If the muffin falls in any other direction, this is considered a draw, and both parties continue on their way, officially having never met.

Regarding the type of muffin, there are at least nine different major opinions on the matter. Naturally, attitudes have changed through time, but most commenters agree that a non-apple cinnamon muffin is the safest bet. It’s prudent to avoid fruit flavored muffins of any kind before Labor Day. After Labor Day, it really depends on whom you ask. Most agree that apple is always in season, but Collins (1913) disagrees sharply. According to Collins, the only suitable fruit flavored muffin after Labor Day is lemon, but both Chesterfield (1869) and modern commenters Selwig (1994) and Mayors (2002) suggest lemon muffins are suitable only in the spring. As noted in Malcolm, Rodriguez, & Morgan (2016), modern women are far less traditional than in decades past, so it’s best to adhere to recent surveys of woman meeting practices, like Dante (2004), Huang (2007), and the seminal 2011 study “Muffins in the New Millennium: How modern women are redefining the commoditization of space in nouveaux interpersonal interactions” by Mansfield, et al.

The important thing is to not think too much about it. It always seems like a big to do on paper, but the truth of the matter is we meet many woman every single year, and with Amazon’s Prime Now, purchasing fresh, interesting muffins has never been simpler—or cheaper. So relax! When a new woman comes along, so long as you’ve got a muffin with you, you’ll know what to do.

(Oh, but of course, NO BANANA NUT MUFFINS. lol Sometimes it’s so obvious you feel like you don’t even need to say it, but in the interests of being thorough, there you go. And again, I really am just being thorough; please don’t take it amiss that I’m stating something so obvious! After all, we all have to learn some time, and this post may be someone’s first exposure to the art and science of respectfully saluting women.)

*For those wondering why one says “To the moon!” twice in a row, it’s actually a bit of a historical accident. Originally, one said, “To the mode!” This persisted until the 19th century, when some confusion was introduced into the system. In territories west of the Mississippi, it was common to say, “To the main!” on the third toss [for obvious reasons, given the region], and this custom was passed on in various forms further west and to the south. These individuals misinterpreted the word, though, and simply substituted a second “moon” in its place. This is the wording that came into vogue in California, when the short silent film A Dame for to Court was shot. The film was a hit, and played in theaters all the way from Avalon to Albany. Younger folk especially began to replace the original “mode” with “moon” as a direct result of the film’s influence. This at the time was known as “Doing the Dame”—a phrase which was grossly misinterpreted in later years. Its origin aside, though, the practice persists to this day.

How would ASTRO smell like

Disclaimer: this post is only based on my own opinion and thoughts, I have never met the boys before nor sniffed them (lol) it’s just what I picture they’d smell like from their personality and again, the way I see them.

  • MJ - mint; something refreshing

  • Jinjin - clean clothes; pine 

  • Eunwoo - jasmine; something soft and floral 

  • Moonbin - vanilla; warm macchiato

  • Rocky - Nivea men deodorant; night breeze(idk if you get this but I do lmao)

  • Sanha - cotton candy; baby soap

(!) edits are mine, original pictures aren’t. 


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sign of the times

pairing: reader x young k (brian)

genre: fluff, angst, slight soulmate au, end of the world au

word count: 1,152

note: this is just a short something… of something lol. ah once again posting the random thoughts in my head. indeed ,I got the title from this song, it’s a great song btw.

The moon was beautiful.

It was like a comforting friend that greeted you every night, its celestial body emitting a soft glow of light high above the darkening clouds and the blinking of stars. The natural satellite never failed to shine through your window, making it easy for many to get through the blackout due to the sleeping sun.

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unpopular opinion abt Lizzie

TL;DR: Ciel didn’t cause Lizzie to accept her strength, she already accepted it in that flashback scene with Frances. Her issue was wanting him to always think that she’s cute and her fear of being hated by Sirius.  

Lizzie wasn’t miserable because she had to hide her strength. She doesn’t even like fighting, she just does it cause it’s necessary. She looked unhappy having to fence even before Sirius’s infamous quote. Compare her expression from then to her big bright smile of being an unknowing angel.

(Off topic: I think the reason why everyone has such a disdain for Madam Red’s advice is due to fan translation using “weak” and “naive” while official uses “delicate” and “lovely”.

Not an ideal thing to say to a young girl in our generation, but it’s better than “weak” and “naive”. at the very least it pisses me off a lot less)

You could argue that Lizzie only dislikes it because of the social stigma of that era, and that could be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that it became a part of how she thinks and shaped her character.

She even says she would rather be cute in her flashback right after her vow that she would become a wife capable of protecting Ciel (or Sirius, in her mind)  

She doesn’t/didn’t act cute as a way to appease Ciel/Sirius, she’s like that because that’s how she wants him to see her. It’s normal to want to attract the person you love, no?

Lizzie never hated her strength, Sirius never caused her to hate herself. She never gave up that part of her, her mother wouldn’t allow it. When Frances told her “it’s for your sake and his” she accepted it.

This is why she was able to reveal her strength when it was needed. She didn’t need a boost of confidence or someone comforting her. She already made up her mind to protect Ciel/Sirius long before she revealed it. She did that alone. Ciel did not help her with that.

The problem was simply “I want you to think of me as cute”. She didn’t want him to see an unattractive side of her because she likes him. It’s like what Yana said in that one post:

If someone told you to fight zombies - in underwear and with your set hair totally rumpled - in front of the person you love the most, it’d be totally devastating.

The situation would bring her to tears regardless. I mean yeah it was irrational given the dangerous circumstances they were in but add to the fact of what Madam Red told her, the fact that Lizzie genuinely enjoys being cute, and that she’s in love with Ciel/Sirius and desperately doesn’t want him to dislike her so her unwillingness was understandable?

Ofc Sirius’s “a strong wife would frighten me” comment also definitely contributed to her reluctance the most but I’m willing to bet that even without it, she would still hesitate to show her strength. I’m so tired of this fandom making it seem like his comment was the entire reason for it. The most significant, yes, but not exclusive.

And while Lizzie didn’t want him to see the “ugly” side of her, she has always been accepting of her strength. She just wanted him to see her as cute but when he needed protecting she tossed aside that selfish desire.

fghjm let me just reiterate, Ciel literally… like… didn’t have to do anything. There was nothing he did for her when it comes to her strength. There really wasn’t anything he had to help her with. Sacrificing her cute side was all Lizzie’s choice, decided only by her, with the help of no one. The obstacle in her way was her personal feelings of “I want to look cute in front of you” and the only thing it took for her to reveal it was her’s and Ciel’s lives being in danger.

She started crying because of Ciel & Seb’s reaction to her ‘I’ll carry you on my back!” The fact that she could say that so thoughtlessly and normally to him proves to me that Lizzie never hated or tried to dismiss her strength. She didn’t need Ciel to say he accepts her in order for her to accept that part herself.

can i just say that this panel is my fav Lizzie moment ever so far? it’s small and easily overlooked but it’s so cute. she just wants to help!! she’s so precious!!

Now if she cried first after everything was over and had to have Ciel comfort her then I would think that she loathed that part of herself but that’s not the case.

It went like this:

Lizzie, completely comfortable and no signs of distress from revealing her strength: I’ll carry you on my back!
Ciel and Sebastian: reacts unfavorably
Lizzie: oh no he must hate me

The way they were shocked and exasperated by Lizzie’s statement reminded her of her extreme fear of being hated by Sirius. She thought he wouldn’t like that she was strong so she cried because she doesn’t want him to hate her, which falls back to ‘wanting to attract the person you love’.

Lizzie’s just a young girl after all so hearing even a gentle critique from the one she loves most (speaking generally, not trying to say that it’s Sirius) would cause unease in her heart.

sdfghjkn I can’t explain things well, I don’t think I’m getting my point across clearly so I’m going to use an example from the popular manga Bleach.

(i know. just.. bear with me…)

There’s a scene where a character named Chad asks the main character Ichigo what he thinks of his female friend, Orihime’s, outfit. Orihime is in love with Ichigo so this question embarrassed her, and when he didn’t really give his approval she took things way out of proportion.

His actual response isn’t as mean as in her imagination (it wasn’t mean at all) but since it’s coming from someone she loves, the effect it has on her increases significantly so she unintentionally exaggerates the harshness of it.

I CRINGE AT MYSELF FOR USING THIS AS AN EXAMPLE WHEN IT’S FROM A MANGA THAT’S SO DIFFERENT FROM KURO but this scenario reminded me of Lizzie’s reaction. this is the feeling I’m trying to describe. this is what I think was the source of Lizzie’s worry when showing her strength to Ciel 

She is on her knees crying over how Ciel/Sirius must despise her now since she’s so strong and scary when he actually never said anything like that lmaoo

The reality is he was just a small boy scared by his aunt’s strength/strictness, which is a normal understandable reaction for a child his age. Let’s not forget that even Sebastian has his moments with Francis lmao.

He never intended to hurt Lizzie’s feelings and also she just exaggerated the meaning of it since she liked him and doesn’t want him to dislike her. I think such a feeling is very normal.

It’s like how Ciel explained. It was a long time ago. I think she realized that there was no need for her to worry about that anymore since it was said when he was younger and has yet to experience dramatic hardships.

At least that’s what I think. It’d be REALLY funny if Sirius, who fearlessly confronted a demon, would still be scared of Francis and by extension, Lizzie. xD

This happened in her flashback meaning it was before Lizzie unveiled her swordsmanship talent to Ciel. She attends fencing tournaments and based off of this panel we can assume that she has no problem with it by the way she cheerfully announces that she got a present for winning which supports my thought that she didn’t have a dilemma regarding herself and her strength all this time and didn’t need for Ciel to accept it to be comfortable with herself. She was already accepting of it. Her biggest concern was the thought of Sirius hating her.

And I only state Sirius because that is exactly who she was thinking of. It was the little boy she spent most of her time within her childhood that said he’d be frightened of a strong wife and that’s the one she didn’t want to disappoint, even after all that time.

I’d also like to point out how happy she is getting that cute pair of shoes. :’) She definitely genuinely loves cute things with all her heart.

Lizzie literally asks him “You haven’t come to hate me?” which is gives me another reason to think she kept her strength hidden due to a deep hope of ‘Please don’t hate me / I want you to see me as cute’ rather than an ‘accepting her strength’ issue. 

If that were the case I think asking “So it’s ok if I’m like this?” or something along those lines would better convey that she struggled with self-acceptance. I believe she never had that problem with herself, she just… reallllyy desperately wants him to like her? That’s what I’m getting from reading the manga at least lol. but that’s an unpopular opinion it seems? maybe i’m misunderstanding something..? 

(> - <)

I wonder if I’m just overlooking into things and misinterpreting Lizzie’s character?

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okay before leaving i wanted to say thankyou, to y'all guys cuz i spent 4 incredible months on here. tumblr has taken up my life during this time lol. i’ve met a few good friends like @mercyonmendes @illumendes @babyshawwn (i’m right) @ihaveabadreputation (#TeamMGG) @shit-to-kinda-okay (queen) @kidinluvwithakid @mendes2k17 @sowhatshawn @imagines-mendes and honestly more!! i couldn’t name everyone. and i’m glad i know all of you. a bunch of Shawn blogs quoi lol. the Shawn Mendes fandom is a nice one, y'all are golden! (but i don’t forget the CM one lol @spencerdamnreid ily)

i need to leave because fuck au pire read THIS.

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fine i guess this is everything i wanted to say??? anyways this post won’t be seen so??????

but okay well uh if some ppl see this, just ya should know that imma log in via my computer like one or two times per week to answer ur asks or PM, it’s not bc i’m gone that you must stop, no, go on bc when i log in i’ll be happy to see nice messages etc; it’d be v encouraging for my rough&tough year to come. i’ll need this!!!! and during weekends i’ll post an update of my week if i have time. also imma queue some stuff just not to seem totally MIA and inactive. and sometimes it will happen to me to log in during a certain week/day especially in November, because i’ll certainly feel the need to talk to someone at a moment, because this is psychologically and morally v hard and November is the hardest and worst period

this isn’t goodbye ;))))), i’ll come back.

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ppps: i love matthew gray gubler (in case u didn’t know)


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A response to this ask. I wanted to draw a response ages ago but oops I’m a dingus and never got around to it.

She was so down for playground fun times! And now teen’s all big again. (Also holy damn he’s so tall??)

OKAY!! So.. this is a pretty far-fetched theory (or is it?!) BUT…. Katy Perry tweeted for the release of her new music video this week for Swish Swish. In Bad Blood Taylor’s name was Catastrophe… so could “Countdown to Catastrophe” could possibly be a countdown to seeing Swift in her new video?!?!! If you watch the clip she posted with it, at the end of the video it says there are many other surprises in the video aside from Nicki Minaj. ☺☺☺ Maybe one of those surprises could be finally seeing @taylorswift ! 🙀

Again, this could be totally be a coincidence… but it never hurts to keep something like this in the back of your mind. 😏 I mean.. that would be the best surprise ever. lol ✨

I’d love to hear your thoughts too!! ☺💭

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I don't know if you've answered this but thoughts on Gintoki telling Hijikata he was the Shiroyasha? Were you disappointed, surprised, content with how it was done/Hijikata's reaction? Would you have it done differently? (I liked it, but I wish Hijikata had more of a response, he was kind of just like '...i knew it' when I was expecting something along the lines of 'waIT WHAT')

I have!! But I never mind answering stuff like this again and I’d probably break myself trying to find the post LOL But no, I wasn’t disappointed at all, I found it very fitting. Gintoki chose to tell Hijikata and only Hijikata. It’s more than likely Hijikata already knew, too, but that was what made the weight of Gintoki making the choice to tell him all the more profound. Gintoki typically doesn’t release that kind of information as freely and openly as he did for Hijikata and that just adds to why the evolution of their friendship has been so incredible to watch. I think it would have been out of place for Hijikata to be surprised by the admission. There was a long span of time between when Hijikata had Yamazaki do a report on Gintoki and the Baragaki arc when Gintoki decided to reveal that about himself. I think it speaks a lot to how well they know each other and how much attention they pay to one another that, after hearing Gintoki say he’s the Shiroyasha, Hijikata just laughs and smirks and doesn’t miss a beat. He seemed relieved to me. He just accepts it and he can do that because he already knew it. 

That moment is actually really special to me and not just because GinHijiGin is my thing. That was the first time Gintoki revealed something about himself without the circumstances forcing him into a situation where he has to. There was no reason for him to tell Hijikata that. He did it unprovoked because he wanted to. It was such a big step for him as a character and, to me, it was like he was asking Hijikata to trust him and they understood each other so well that Hijikata didn’t think twice before doing it. 

I mean, legit, you’ve got me ranting now because think about it. Hijikata’s outnumbered on the roof, he realizes it’d been a trap to draw him up there, and he gets nervous. He sees Gintoki, he hears what Gintoki’s saying into the phone:

And remember, Hijikata can’t hear what Isaburo is saying. So, Hijikata sees he’s trapped, he hears Gintoki say he’s not going to side with the Shinsengumi, and then Gintoki’s telling him he’s the Shiroyasha and urging Hijikata, almost rallying him to get his shit together.

Like there’s subtext within the conversation. AND HIJIKATA LAUGHS. HIS SHOULDERS RELAX, HE TOSSES HIS HEAD BACK, AND HE LAUGHSSS. It sounds so relieved to me, he looks relieved. 

It’s like he understood something all the other men around them didn’t or couldn’t. I feel like Gintoki had to choose his words carefully because of the audience they had, so he didn’t something to speak to Hijikata in a way only he’d pick up on. By trusting Hijikata and revealing that he was the Shiroyasha, he was, in turn, asking Hijikata to trust him as well. So even when Gintoki kicks Tetsunosuke over the edge, I don’t think he was actually shocked, but rather, was using it as a reason to make a mad dash toward Gintoki so they’d be in a better spot to watch out for each other when they fought. 

ALSO! Something really important! Note the way Gintoki’s face changes after Hijikata says they’re both the same.

HE. LOOKS. SO. PLEASED. Watch for yourself, go to episode 246 and start it around the 19:50 mark, you’ll see the slight change on his face exactly when Hijikata says this and he looks satisfied, appeased, like he just heard precisely what he’d wanted to hear – like he agrees and he’s proud of it. You could also take Hijikata’s speech afterward as him subtly asking Gintoki for help and Gintoki answers. Goddamn, the whole arc just was just sooo well done. 

Yeah, no, I wasn’t disappointed in anything that happened =A=

And might I just point out that Gintoki actively pursues more information about Hijikata, which is something he has never done before. Prior to the Baragaki arc, it was all indifference and denial, then suddenly, there’s interest and acceptance. They proved something to each other in this arc and earned respect from one another. I just… have so much more to say about this and them and ughhhh I’m so sorry OTL

Happy birthday to the Pastel Prince! 💙 started this in July— and never got back around to it (still didn’t finish the shading, but I gotta post something for my Bab’s birthday 💙💙) xD so I’m gonna use it as a birthday drawing! 

C0d3N@m3:🌞 V🌞 

This one probably took about 6hrs total to this point ;w; so long.. I like how it turned out though! 

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OMG I just saw the message from de anon asking for more OGIB and you giving me credit and now I feel a sense of responsibility with you and the series! 😱 lol I'm thankful to you for liking my ideas and turning them into something awesome. As long as you want it I will try my best and give you some more ideas. Thank you for your hard work. ~ OGIB anon💣

No pressure! Lol. I just feel you deserve the credit. I welcome any ideas you have and I’m sorry I haven’t posted many of the last ideas you sent. My brain always fails me when I try to come up with the texts convos instead of letting the ideas just come to me randomly. Thanks again! I can never thank you enough.

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Trustshipping and soft for the Timed Fic thing.

This one came out a bit shorter because I’ve never written Isis before and am not sure how I feel about trustship, so it took me some of the time to think of something. I guess this could be interpreted platonically or romantically. Hope you like it anyway. :,D Thanks!

(wait, maybe it’s actually longer, looking at it again… I don’t know lol there’s just less dialog)

(note: the rules for this were to write a fic in 10 minutes, starting when I saw the prompt, and post immediately at the end of the 10 minutes, no editing)

Isis opened the box, setting aside the lid carefully, and lifted out the plush Agido. “… I don’t know what he’s thinking sometimes,” she said, smiling nonetheless. She ran her fingers over its surface, feeling the soft, shiny satin that made up its exterior, the rougher gold details. Without thinking, she squeezed the doll in her arms. Just the right amount of stuffing, she noted. Impressive.

Peeking back into the box, she noticed the card and chided herself for overlooking it before. “A prototype, for prizes at Kaiba Corporation. It’s been through product review, but I’m interested in your thoughts.”

Isis snickered. Only Kaiba could make sending a woman you used to know a stuffed animal sound like a business transaction. She could read in between the lines, though. It was nice to be approached, even obliquely. She rubbed the Agido’s head and reached for the phone.

wrong address 2/2 (Jinkx/Dela) - holland

AN: Thank you so much to the people who liked and gave me nice comments on this! I was nervous about posting it cause I just decided to write something silly on a whim and wasn’t sure how it’d be received. And it helped me feel motivated to finish it so again, thank you all! ♥

I feel like this kinda took a u-turn of some sort, cause I never really know what I’m going to write until I’m writing it, and sometimes it turns into something I hadn’t initially planned. It’s slightly less fluffy than before, but with a nice ending so hopefully you’ll still enjoy lol.

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Not Coming Out

So first off I am an only child and my parents live 1300 miles away. I was having a conversation with my mother about some surgery I might have in the fall. Again and again in the covno T&W came up. Partly because that is who is going to take care of me post surgery and who I spend the most time with anyway.
I really wondered if she was catching onto there was something more. She said it was great I had such amazing friends. Lol
I have no idea how my parents would react to my relationship.
Growing up I never felt like my parents were comfortable with LBGT. I know they know I have been a big supporter for a long time. One of there friends daughters is now married to another woman and moved to England. My parents think they are the cutest couple ever. But I can’t help but think that it is because it is not their daughter.

Who out there has told? What happened?

I don’t know if this had been pointed out already by someone before but I really love how the female characters are depicted in Noragami. In so many other animes/mangas we see the females very revealed. 

Most of the time it’s for the purpose of fanservice and/or the fulfillment of comedy. But I just absolutely love how in Noragami we actually see healthy body proportions. Like with Bishamon.

I feel like they could have easily made her breasts even bigger and make it look unrealistic. But the fact that she is so normal makes me enjoy her even more. She looks more aesthetically pleasing, more close to actual life. 

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have you always been good at writing like at high school were you that student that wrote really good or did you start bad and got good overtime. lol

Mmmm well everyone starts somewhere and hopefully from that somewhere you improve lol. I’d always liked writing. I wrote my first piece when I was really young about a llama or something and how he went on this journey to find friends. After that I never wrote anything again until middle school, when Quizilla was still a thing and all the stories were over there essentially lol. That was my Tom Riddle phase, and I think my Tom Riddle fic was my first real attempt at anything. That one was never posted though. I wanted to finish the whole thing all in one go instead of going chapter by chapter because I didn’t trust myself. To keep myself sane I think that’s when I started with my Draco drabbles, which are on a different account I won’t name, and while they’re not the greatest things in the world they still make me smile. All really fluffy, typical touchy feely things. 

Senior year of high school I think was the most major turning point for me. It was the first time I had a ‘real’ English class that actually taught me how to formulate an argument in an essay and how to properly analyze a text. Before then I don’t think any paper or essay I’d ever written for a class could really compare. That’s where I really found my passion for literature, and I think that’s when my writing took a turn for the better, since I was better able to handle more complicated and mature themes, and incorporate them into my stories. 

Speaking of mature themes I mean you can go check my old smut on my fanfic account lol if you ask me it’s not exactly top quality stuff. But those old dramione smutshots were actually written way before and I just didn’t have the balls to post them. Same thing with the two Tom/Hermione fics I have up. I think those were written either junior or senior year of high school. But anyway it just kept on escalating after that, especially with DL, and eventually into Haikyuu where I think I’ve finally developed a style that’s my very own. Which is sort of an exciting thing to say. Like wow I have a style.

Although I think it does change depending on the fandom, or whether or not it’s an original work. The way I write is definitely different haha. I’ve also noticed it gets easily influenced by whatever it is I might be reading for class. But I think that’s sort of how it’s supposed to be, you know? Follow the basic recipe, sure, but add in your own little twist and seasonings from your travels along the way. I’m glad you think I write well, anon, it definitely put a smile on my face. I hope to continue to improve ^^


Okay so I have a habit of posting remakes, here’s another one. This is 2007 vs 2015 (oh dear, Friendster days lol). I couldn’t wait for 10 years, so I had to do it :’)

Something I learned while doing this: maybe sometimes we feel like our work is never enough, or we’re underappreciated, but we have to realize the accomplishments we’ve achieved since we started. Yes, it’s important that we always strive to improve, but we shouldn’t forget to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then. The best encouragement will always come from ourselves. 

Maybe I should remake this again after 10 years! <3