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Mae & Celica “””S”””

I was having a not so great day so for fun I whipped up a “”””S Support”””” for two cuties who should have smooched and been girlfriends, Mae and Celica. It was relaxing and this turned out tooth-rottingly fluffy lol, thought some of my followers might enjoy it so here you go. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours and haven’t tried to write either of these characters before so be gentle ;p 

Mae: Hey… Celica.

Celica: Oh no, you seem so somber again…

Mae: W-what? Wait, no way! N-no somber sourpusses over here!

Mae: …Well. Kind of.

Mae: Look, you’ve given me the confidence to say this, but I still need to psych myself up first.

Celica: I don’t understand. What’s this all about, Mae?

Mae: …

Mae: …I love you.

Celica: …Hm? That’s all?

Mae: Y-yeah. I… I love you, Celica.

Celica: But I know that already, Mae. I love you as well. You’re my dear friend.

Mae: No, I mean—I mean LOVE love! Y’know, the romantic kind?

Mae: The “I-want-to-hold-you-and-protect-you-and-wow-you’re-gorgeous-I-want-to-kiss-you-so-bad-and-oh-my-gods-did-I-really-just-say-all-that” kind…

Celica: I…

Celica: G-goodness. So when you confided in me before… I wasn’t expecting… I’m not quite sure what to say.

Mae: You can say you don’t feel the same! Heck, I expect you to!

Mae: I know you’ve never seen me…y’know, as a woman. And my personality is way below your station.

Mae: Besides, there’s that– That boy, Alm, from the castle…

Mae: But you gave me a real confidence boost the other day, dammit! Mila can’t blame a gal for trying!

Celica: …Mila… I wonder.

Mae: Huh?

Celica: I…always assumed Alm was my destiny. That’s been deeply ingrained in me, and supported by others.

Celica: But… Not only are you, one of the people I most trust, challenging that…

Celica: You’re proposing an alternative.

Celica: I wonder… Heehee… Oh, Mae, always creating trouble…

Mae: C-Celica, listen! If you really like that guy, I’m not getting your way! Really!

Celica: Don’t, worry, Mae. I… Heeheehee… Your words have really stirred my heart.

Celica: You’ve so long been a powerful presence in my life… And I know you’d protect that life with yours.

Celica: I stand by my words that you’re an absolute catch.

Mae: Aw jeez, you’re making me blush again! Celica, are you seriously…?

Celica: I want to…to try this, Mae. Try being with you.

Celica: Destiny or no, it… I think it would make me very happy.

Mae: Oh. My. Gosh. I…you feel the same? I didn’t have a plan for you feeling the same!


Mae: Pfffftha! Duma Priests? Pirate Kings? Boey? Look out, Mae’s unstoppable!

Mae: Any of you lay a finger on my girl, I’ll have your hide!

Mae: …U-um, unless it’s too early to be calling you “my girl”… Haha…

Celica: Oh, never change, Mae. I… I love you… The way you are.  

CS ff: “They Lived”

Rating: T (which feels awful and weird and where is the smut? Hint: I’m saving it for other projects.)

A/N: This is 1.2k of pure wedding fluff, because I wanted them to have a little more fun at their reception this time.

When the dust all settles, including that of Mr. Gold’s late, evil fairy of a mother, they call a do-over on the wedding. The nuptials stand, but other than a single dance, Emma and Killian never got to have a reception, so they try it again with less chance of interruptions.

Since the weather decides to cooperate, they once again set up on the rooftop overlooking the clock tower, and at 6:01pm, two days after everything has gone back to normal, Leroy is given the honor of announcing.

He’s not given a microphone, but everyone can still hear him easily enough as he says, “They’re here! The bride and groom are here!” And to an equal amount of applause and laughter, Emma and Killian emerge from the stairwell, hand in hand, with matching smiles. “Now announcing, the newlyweds!”

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such great heights — part four

She knew Max wasn’t perfect — hell, nobody was — but she still didn’t understand why Harry couldn’t just respect her and her relationship. “And he has a lot of redeeming qualities, might I add. He makes me laugh, he knows when I’m upset and just what makes me feel better, he is loyal and honest, he doesn’t—”

“Respect you?” Harry cut in, raising a brow.

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help i love to write but i'm bad at writing endings and nobody ever gives any more advice than 'it's got to be a climax.' send assistance asap

there’s only one bit of advice I’ve ever followed when it comes to ending stories (something I used to be terrible at but that I’m slowly improving at now), and at first glance it seems really obvious but is actually really difficult to stick to, if that makes sense =P by the time you’ve reached the writing of your ending, the story is usually done. take a moment to think about the story, the direction it went in, and if it’s actually complete. did you say everything you need to say? did you include all those cool scenes that you wanted to put in? are all your characters (roughly) where you wanted them to be? if the answer to all that is yes, then it’s time to end the story.

the advice is thus: never write more than you need. end the story as soon as there’s nothing more to say. the second that you find yourself fluffing out sentences, trying to conclude the entire story, or find something ~deep~ to put at the end, stop. go back. see if you’ve already passed the end point of your story, because you might have. sometimes I’ve been writing myself in circles for ages before I realised the perfect ending was right there in a bit of dialogue 500 words ago. it’s perfectly OK to cut off seemingly abruptly if the story has exhausted itself. there doesn’t need to be anything deep. you don’t have to pan out to the sunset and fade to black. you don’t need to summarise and get all introspective. if the story has ended, end it. maybe they close a door. maybe they start walking back to their house. maybe they hug their love interest. maybe they say something – an inside joke, a confession of love, a “shit, that was a fucking awful few months”, a “come on” or “welcome home” or “let’s get some lunch”. whatever it is, it can be your ending. at the ending, the climax of your story is already written. hell, if you wanted to, you can end it there – I know a few authors who literally get to the climax of the entire 400 page novel and then bam, they leave you high and dry. whatever you do, never go on for longer than you have to.

and remember – your story is not an essay. you don’t need a closing paragraph. you don’t need to summarise and conclude. just end the story as soon as there’s nothing more to say, and it’ll be clean, neat, and not distracting to your reader at all.

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For Rodney... this isnt a fuck anyone just I wanted to say thanks I guess for saying that a girl raped you which is an awful thing to happen and I'm so so sorry it happened to you but I was raped by a girl too and I denied it for a long time because I'd never heard of a girl raping anyone I thought that only (cis)men did that and idk I wish it didnt happen to anyone but reading that made me feel less alone. You're not alone either, I hope you know that. Thank you, and I wish you all the best

No you’re not alone. I hope you at least talk to someone to get some closure. Just remember you didn’t do anything wrong. When it happened to me I got people that said “guys can’t be raped” then there are the “hey! Don’t complain you got lucky” or “most guys would have killed to have sex” and so on. But any unwanted sex is rape. Whether its peer pressure, force, or in my case Rohypnol.


Sorry for changing the topic on this one. Back to the regular stupid customer stories.

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What happened in the BAD SCENE?

it’s really bad so i have been vague about it, tw for rape:

throughout the movie, the protagonist visits this religious girl and they have a nice friendship, up until this point the protagonist has been a really likable character with a lot of charm, but there’s this awful scene that comes out of nowhere where the girl is getting dressed, and “our hero” walks in on her and attemps to force himself on her, before he comes to his senses and then gets knocked out with a lamp. the next day he attempts to apologize to her and she says “i’m the one who should be sorry, for hitting such a wonderful person..”?????

it’s so awful and leaves such a bad taste. it never even gets mentioned again outside of a vague conversation where the protagonist debates with someone if “maybe i’m the bad guy”, as well as a lot of themes in the movie about the bad things mankind is capable of, they really could have gone with like, anything else? i’m completely down for protagonists having bad sides to them but they did it in such a tasteless way.

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Not to be so blunt but...how do you stay so happy and positive all the time? You're so light and radiate good vibes!! I'm trying to be more like that and it's going well mostly, but I'm still riddled with negative emotions (depression doesn't help that either) and it just makes me feel so awful and like I'm never going to make any progress 😭😔

Oh sweetheart just keep trying (rest when you need to, but don’t give up) I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression most of my life and it’s literally all about perspective.
Keep a journal to write positive, uplifting and inspiring quotes or passages from books, read and follow self help or spiritual books and blogs, make gratitude lists and appreciate every little thing, be productive when you can and pick up old hobbies or start new ones, spend time doing things you enjoy and only with those who support you, compliment yourself (on more than your appearance), be proud of every little thing you do (even if it’s just getting dressed), help others if you can (volunteer, spread kindness, donate) and please take care of yourself and talk to someone or get help if you need it! Also be aware of what you’re exposing yourself to, sending you so much love 🙏🏼💗

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I heard that the question was asked but I didn’t know it was by you wtf!!!!

also I’m literally going to march to berlanti’s house and shove my script for next season at him and all it is is just 10000 pages of Len Mick and Ray bantering and being domestic so that solves that problem

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Aw, im sorry that everything is kinda going shitty for you rn. I hope you get better soon! Is there anything i could do to make you feel the slightest bit better? Like a drawing or a fic? - jelixpo

okay how the fuck are you so kind and caring, jelixpo, you are a freaking angel and i will never be tired of stating this fact
it’s not like everything is reaaally bad, i feel a lil bit better today and my mood has kinda improved since yesterday’s “ohhh nooo im dyinggg help” just a flu or smth, no need to worry, i get sick a lot and got used to it now
you can do whatever you want honey, no matter what you draw it always makes me feel better just because of how adorable your art style looks like
hope you’ll have a great day/night~

Terra: *trusts an old friend of his father figure who was also the old master of his friend Ventus*
People: He is so stupid! All the bad things in BBS just happens because of him! Fuck that guy!

Riku: *opens the door, leading to Destiny Islands destruction because he was bored*
People: Aw, my poor cinamon roll. Such a baby. We have to protect him!!!


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Hey Arc. I just wanted to drop by and say you're really stellar, a spectacular dude. I've been going through some really, really rough times as of late, yet I come online to see you struggling but never, EVER failing to give and push yourself- even when you do need a break, take a fuckin nap every once in a while, damn. It's really awe-inspiring. I don't think you realize how admirable and amazing you are, but you are. Thank you for everything you do. I really hope you have a good day.

/crawls under table to hide

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ToT for Nagakura-san: Do you ever wish Chizuru-chan had never come to the Shinsengumi? Do you feel she was more help or hindrance?

Nagakura shrugs. “Eh, it has its ups and downs,” he says. “Yeah, I kinda wish she’d never showed up, because that just made things even more complicated, but it’s not like it’s awful with her around, you know? She’s been helping out a lot around the compound, even if we haven’t found Kodo-san yet, and at this point, we all trust her a fair amount.” He sighs. “Mostly, I wish she hadn’t come to us like she did. I’d be perfectly happy if she showed up of her own free will, dressed like the girl she’s supposed to be, and offered to help us find him…” Nagakura sighs, flopping onto his back. “But no, she has to crossdress. The only girl that’s stuck around for more than an hour, and she has to look like a boy. Figures.”

My ACOWAR Review

This is not a 5 star book.

The plot meanders. Character motivations are inconsistent. There are so many wasted opportunities in regards to scenes that didn’t play out on the page or were just entirely avoided. Plot lines are cut short. Things are revealed for the sake of shock value and then never resolved. There are often no consequences to characters dumb/legit awful actions, when there absolutely should be. The main characters are put on this pedestal where everything they do is acceptable. The worst of all, some of the characters get completely screwed over.

This is not a 5 star book. But I am absolutely giving it 5 stars.

To give it any less would be a betrayal of myself. This book is rather a mess but it captured my heart, the way it inevitably would. I love this world. I love these characters. I love how Sarah J. Maas weaves her words together.

There is so much I loved about this book, and ultimately, it outweighs the cons. But you should not trust my opinion when it comes to Maas books. I am utter trash for them.

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This has nothing to do with Anything at all, but I heard that Meiko's song Nostalgic recently got a million views??? And I felt the need to tell you and just sorry if this is bothersome lol ╥﹏╥

AW MAN DID IT???????????????????????????????? THAT’s?!?!?!?!? SO COOL WTF u go meiko i didn’t check up on it bc i was literally just happy that i made a smol edit to commemorate and i’ll probs never finish it but u know

thank u for telling me this smol information its very nice i am very happs

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Hi Lewis! Your reviews have inspired me to start checking out Star Trek, something I never really bothered with before. I started with TNG because I like Patrick Stewart (my reasoning behind and ends there), but I was curious if there are any TOS episodes I should watch that might impact or help how much I enjoy TNG? Introducing aliens or characters or something. Kinda like how knowing about Daleks makes a difference before watching NuWho stuff. Thanks for inspiring me to start!

“Journey to Babel” will help you better appreciate the episode “Sarek” when you get to it. =)

“The Naked Time” will not help you appreciate “The Naked Now,” since the Naked Now is just an awful, awful episode regardless of it rehashing the same plot and referencing it. And of course pretty much any TOS will help appreciate “Relics” and “Reunification.”

Otherwise, the creators of TNG were very much aware of the legacy they were building on and the fear of being compared to TOS or just following up on TOS stuff, so while there are episodes that make the occasional reference to TOS stuff, they’re pretty much independent of one another.

I hope you enjoy! …sorry for the rough first two seasons of TNG. XD

Yoga Tomorrow

Going to yoga tomorrow morning at the gym. It’s a public thing though and not private so I’m really nervous about it because I know the instructor since she helped me before but the other people in the class make me nervous cause I’m afraid they will look at me and judge. I’ve also never done yoga before and have awful balance so this will be interesting. I am excited though because hopefully this will help me stay calmer and relax more. I’ll update tomorrow on how it went.