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He’s never thought of Hannibal as being capable of love. ‘Cause like most of us he probably had love put off on a kind of pedestal, as an idea, a more perfect thing, as he made the awful realization ‘Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is like love’. It’s so dirty and awful and… you know… I don’t know. I’m basically making this up on the spot, but that would be my answer for why he might not have arrived at or realized that thought. Because look at Hannibal and you could be like… nice suits, great kitchen, great conversations, nice hair, you know, but you wouldn’t go anything like… ‘Wow, what a loving guy’.
—  Hugh Dancy about why Will didn’t realize that Hannibal was in love with him sooner than Season 3

has played an enormous role in my life for the last five, hugely developmental years. I lost a tremendous amount of weight, completely changed who I was. I transferred and subsequently graduated college, met the love of my life, in addition to countless other incredible people that I’ll never ever forget. I was exposed to and eventually fell hopelessly in love with the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, competed at a level higher than I’d ever imagined as a severely overweight, insecure kid, and even embarked on a career composed of equal parts mind-boggling stress and raw exhilaration. The one constant through all of it has been CrossFit, in varying levels of intensity.

It’s been five years and about a billion memories later, and tonight I signed up and completed my first CrossFit Open workout. It was awful. And I don’t regret it.

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Lol Klaus gets praised for being self-absorbed and egoistical but when female characters like Caroline get deemed to be those things they're suddenly awful and need to be fixed? I ship KC but I'm a Caroline stan first and foremost, so this is gross. This is why people say nobody hates women like the TVD fandom.

OH MY GOD. No. No one is dragging Caroline for this. They’re dragging her for being passive all the time in her own story. That’s why she needs to be fixed. She revolves around a dude. Her feelings are never addressed. That’s the problem with the writing. No one is calling her selfish. 

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This is none of my business, but how were you originally able to afford to do your comic full time? What about health insurance? I'm a frustrated writer bound to a low-paying, soul crushing, going-nowhere day job, with no hope of retirement and a romantic backstory that has made it certain (by choice) that I will not be coupling up again; I would love to know how you managed it. I'll understand if you don't answer. Polite people don't talk about money. I am become a savage.

No, this is a pretty important matter for artists, I wish we discussed it more openly. I had a few standard, full-time art gigs as a younger artist, mostly for small businesses. They were awful. The last one was so awful I quit and decided I would never work for anyone but myself ever against. So I did that. I had a bunch of freelance clients I’d gathered over the years, and they sustained me. Then I got it into my head to try to turn some of my writing/RP into a comic, it came together well, and Unsounded was born. But Unsounded didn’t truly become self-sustaining until the Patreon. Before then I was always balancing it with my bread and butter freelance jobs.

Pfft, and health insurance? I just didn’t have it, not until the ACA came around. I couldn’t afford it. God bless America.

I would never advise you or anyone to quit your dayjob for your art, especially writing. I know “successful” published authors who still make peanuts and eat ramen every night. Write because it gives your life meaning, but don’t ever expect to make money from it :) I’m a freak case. I could very easily have fallen on my face!

[Today officially marks four years since I first shyly ventured into the world of RPing, since I first tried my hand at writing a character that is so impossibly important to me and I cannot begin to tell you how incredible of a journey it has been. I have had the honour and the privilege of writing with so many of you, of getting you know you. Every single person I have met has such boundless talent, such an earnest passion for their character that I never cease to be awed and amazed by each and every one of you. You all inspire me more than you know. Not only with your writing but with your endless kindness- so many of you have reached out to me, have offered me a kind word when I so desperately needed it and I consider you all my dearest friends. I had no idea when I first started out where this path would lead, could never have fathomed all the incredible times I would have, the cherished memories I would make or the people that I would share them with. 

So thank you. Thank you each and every one of you. Thank you to those who have supported me, those that watch out for me (you know who you are <3), those that write with me, and even those of you that watch from afar. You are all so cherished to me and I am ever wishing you every possible happiness. Never doubt that you are treasured or that you are loved. Thank you for making these last 4 years so amazing, and here is to all the many memories to come.]

We should have gotten the heart stopping moment when moonlight was announced best oscar

We should have gotten the cast and crew of moonlight in shock as they walk to the stage in tears

We should have gotten a group of diverse people representing a small but diverse and relevant film, that 10 years ago never would have been nominated let alone WIN. Imagine how powerful that image would have been for young gay and black kids everywhere

I am devastated on their behalf…

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For the "send me a tv series and I’ll tell you" prompt : Steven Universe

  • my all-time ultimate fave character:


She’s been my favourite since Warp Tour.  The fact that she just appeared and literally the first thing she did was turn her hand into a touch screen - I mean, how cool is that?!  I absolutely loved her design so much as well and I still miss the limb enhancers an awful lot, if I’m honest.

I’ve never been able to relate to a character on the same level as I relate to Peridot.  It’s literally uncanny at times (even family members who watch the show have commented on how similar we are lol). 

I just love her so much, she’s the best and I want her to be happy.

  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do:

There’s never really been a character that I’ve actively disliked.  I had concerns about Yellow Diamond potentially ending up being a bit of a “one dimensional” villain at first (I didn’t “dislike” her but worried that it might end up that way) - but the latest Steven Bomb completely obliterated this concern.  And now I like Yellow Diamond a lot.

  • a character I used to like but now don’t:

There isn’t one, to be honest!  There are some that I don’t like quite as much as I used to, but none that I fully dislike.

  • a character I’m indifferent about:

I guess I could take or leave some of the human characters, but I do mostly like them.

  • a character who deserved better:


Like, I’m not even joking here, I was so sad when she corrupted.  I know she’s no angel but she didn’t deserve that fate, it was cruel.  It won’t last forever though, I’m sure (I actually think she’ll be the first corrupted Gem that Steven heals…)

Shout-out to Lapis as well.  I know things are really looking up for her now and she’s found happiness at long last, but really… her past was so messed-up.  Holy shit, being trapped in a mirror for millenia to then be imprisoned again - that’s actually horrendous.

  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into:

A//me/dot, for sure.  I’ve only ever seen them as friends - and would never even have considered it being a ship if it wasn’t for seeing people posting about it online.

  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over:

Lapidot has literally been my OTP since like July/August 2015, if that counts.

I don’t just mean “OTP for this specific show”… I mean literally my favourite pairing of all time ;_;  Just make it canon already, please!  I love them so much, they’re perfect for each other and they bring me so much happiness.  Oh my god you have no idea how much I love this ship (…well, I guess maybe my blog might give you some idea lol).

If I wasn’t already shipping it before they interacted (thanks to the fandom), Barn Mates would have honestly made me ship it.

  • a cute, low-key ship:

It’s getting progressively less low-key by the day, in all honesty (thanks to some of my mutuals, you know who you are) but: Pearlmethyst!  I’m not as passionate about this one as I am Lapidot, and I don’t get in-depth about it or anything like that on here, but I do like it a lot :3   

  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:

Probably Garnidot.  I mean, it’s not “unpopular” in the sense that people dislike it or anything, but it’s just that not that many people seem to ship it.

  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:

Anything involving Steven with one of the Gems…

  • my favourite storyline/moment:

Omg this is a bit of a hard question. 

Lapis’ introduction to the show is the thing that made it go from “this is a cute show” to “omg I love this so much”.  It suddenly made the show’s world that much bigger, and Lapis herself became my favourite character at that point (she’s a very close second to Peri nowadays).

The end of season 1 - specifically The Return/Jailbreak - needs a mention.  That was sooo intense, honestly.  And “Stronger Than You” is still my favourite song in the show.

Honourary mention to Friend Ship - the epsiode that made me love Peridot even more than I did already, and also the episode that made me say “…well, now I know which character I want to cosplay as next!”

I enjoyed Peridot’s redemption, on the whole - but particularly when she called Yellow Diamond a “clod” lol, what a moment!!

Barn Mates is obviously a big one for me.  After almost a year of shipping Lapidot, we got some sweet on-screen interaction that basically confirmed that the ship might actually become a thing!  I just love seeing these two together, so I’m also gonna throw Beta, Gem Harvest and The New Crystal Gems out there.  Seeing their relationship grow and develop has honestly been an absolute joy - and so, if I did have to choose only one storyline/moment from the show as my #1, it’d probably have to be “the Lapidot story” :’)

  • a storyline that never should have been written:

…I don’t want to answer this for fear of being hounded for saying it.

I think some of you could hazard a guess as to what it is, though.

  • my first thoughts on the show:

“Oh hey, this is a cute show!  I think I could get into it…”

  • my thoughts now:

Literally my favourite TV show of all time.

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I passed a boy with a Canadiens shirtsy on under a flannel while getting food and while I've seen him around campus before, I never talked to him. But I went up to him today and just said something like "Hey, you got Jordie Benn today" and he looked at me and nodded and like really solemnly said "Trades can be tough, I know" and silently took his flannel off to show me that it said Subban on his shirtsy, and then we ate yoghurt in the dining hall together in silence

aw man, I’m sad you were/are sad and that he might still possibly be. but! I’m also happy you talked to him, maybe even started a new friendship? I hope you enjoyed your yogurt though 😊

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Fake dating/marriage?

- how likely I am to write it 

  Aw, man, I love this trope and variations of it. It’s so close to the courtship plots. <3

-what character(s) or pairing I’d most likely write it for

The Scene: It’s a Functionalist world. The Decepticons have either never happened or have yet to happen.

The Crisis: a particularly petty tax audit of Cassette carriers. A carrier’s lawful employment options are not enough to support dependent mechanisms, and most of the Cassette forms are now redundant, as their functions have been eliminated. Without jobs, the redundant Cassettes are supported by their carriers, but they occupy a tricky legal area where they technically belong to their carriers. If they were independent mechs, the Functionalist Council could eliminate (reclassify) the Cassette frametypes entirely, but carriers are notoriously protective of their charges – and still useful to society. The audit is meant to ‘urge’ (read: force) carriers to abandon their out-of-work Cassettes, at least temporarily. No carrier can support a dock full of Cassettes without illegal work on one or all of their parts. To prevent arrest, the sensible thing to do would be separate until the audit is over. Finances, the Functionalist Council has found, are the simplest way to manipulate the masses into doing what they want, and what they want is for the Cassettes – the property – to be abandoned for Enforcers to scoop up and properly dispose of.

Any resistance, falsified documents, or illegal employment will result in the carrier and all Cassettes being separated anyway upon conviction. Either way, the Functionalists win.

The Deadline: Soundwave and Blaster now have one week to find a rich benefactor to support their households. Now is the time to call in favors, court a stranger, and hope their friends can help.

“I’m Sherlock.” [IT’S MOFFAT] The tiny brow furrows, as if in doubt. […] “What’s your name?”

“You know who I am.” […]

He wracks his brain. Eurus? Victor? […] has he really spent so little time looking at her?… and with this, the realization that he’s never seen a photo of John as a child, either… he’s never considered the origins of the most important person in his life. “I don’t,” he admits, shamefully.

moffat admits with shame that he’s overlooked this tiny person and doesn’t recognize her, while in the same breath realizing that he never thought about what john might have been like in youth. the origins of the most important person in his life. he wonders if he was anything like this confident nonbinary girl that he is in awe of like i… i’ve never been more dead in my life. and i’ve died many times.

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Last year I was closeted and I thought I'd never come out and I'd just end up continuing to long after all the beautiful girls that are out there but now I've been with my gf for three months and we're open about it and I just??? I didn't think it would ever work out??? I was in a really awful place last year... I'm doing so much better now and last year if someone told me I'd be dating the most beautiful girl ever, I'd probably laugh. Things have gotten so much better.

im so happy for you bubs!! thats lovely <3

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I know a common theory is that Missandei could be a faceless man, but could she instead be a sorrowful man? Like, Dany remembers that its said that they never fail so could they just keep coming after her until she's finally dead?

Originally posted by gif-007

With no desire to give offense, those are really awful theories. Not only do they have no basis in the text whatsoever, not only do they stand at right angles to established characterization and motive, but they don’t even bear up to a moment’s logical consideration of their basic premises. 

Consider this: Missandei has been at Dany’s side, literally at her left hand, and as one of her handmaidens, sleeps in the same tent as Dany, feeds Dany herself, for a year or more. She must have had hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to assassinate Dany, and yet Dany lives. Hell, Missandei acts to save Dany when Mero tries to kill her:

“There’s the treacherous sow,” he said. “I knew you’d come to get your feet kissed one day.” His head was bald as a melon, his nose red and peeling, but she knew that voice and those pale green eyes. “I’m going to start by cutting off your teats.” Dany was dimly aware of Missandei shouting for help…”

“Missandei was pulling Dany to her feet when she heard a crack. She thought Arstan’s staff had snapped until she saw the jagged bone jutting from Mero’s calf.” (ASOS, Dany V)

The Faceless Men are the best in the world, and even the Sorrowful Men are supposed to be competent: does that conspicuous lack of assassination sound like their modus operandi?

@ SVTFOE writers

How could you do this to me. I’ve shipped starco since the beginning, and it’s even cuter now. But…Marco and Jackie are…so cute??? And it would be awful if Jackie moved away or was secretly evil or something to eliminate Marco’s choice but then that means that MARCO HAS TO MAKE A CHOICE. AND THAT CHOICE IS EITHER TO BREAK JACKIE’S HEART OR TO BREAK STAR’S HEART AND I COULDN’T STAND A JARCO BREAKUP OR STARCO NEVER HAPPENING




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hey. glad i was an awful enough person for you to write about me. honestly i never thought you would recover, you've always been pretty stuck in the past.

you weren’t awful, but you hurt me.

maybe i am stuck in the past, but at least i have a future.

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Hey, it's the anon with the screaming tom au. tbh I was thinking more like, when ever he's supposed to say something all that comes out is "AAAAAAAA" (ie. "Tom, you've been awful quiet today" "AAAAAAAAAA")


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The post about the boys with their newborns just made my entire weekend ;3; Tbh can I request another follow up and have the boys when their little one says "dada" for the first time??

[Reacting To The Birth of Their Child]

Sam Chisolm: Never let it be said that Sam Chisolm is calm and collected, because he definitely is not. When his baby first calls him ‘dada’, Sam immediately goes into flustered mode. He’s happy, oh so happy, overwhelmingly happy, and that reduces him to an awkward, flustered mess even though it’s just him and his significant other in the room at the time with their baby. Even though the baby is none the wiser, Sam just sits there and stammers hopelessly (much to the amusement of his partner) for a good few minutes. By the time he recovers, his baby has long since moved on from talking to him and calling him 'dada’ and is, instead focused on more interesting things like trying to throw their toys across the room.

Joshua Faraday: Faraday, of course, has been trying to get his baby to talk since day one. He’s ignored everyone around him telling him babies don’t learn to talk for a while yet because he’s bound and determined to get that baby to call him ‘dad’. Even when Faraday is sure his baby will never speak, he still tries, so the first time Faraday hears it, well… He’s pretty sure he hallucinated it at first, but his significant other’s excited face proves that he didn’t and, in fact, their beautiful child called him ‘dada’. Later, Faraday will deny the fact that a few tears sprung up in his eyes and he will deny the fact that he was stilled in shock. He’ll tell the other six that he laughed happily and encouraged his child to call him ‘dada’ again. The fact of the matter, though, is he cries when he hears that tiny voice call him ‘dada’, and he’s in such happy shock he can’t do anything more than grin stupidly.

Vasquez: Vasquez drops what he’s doing the minute he hears that word. His expression is a mix of awe and fear -awe because his baby is speaking and he’s so proud of them, and fear because now he really has to watch what he says around the baby so they don’t pick up on any bad language. The fear is quickly washed away when his child continues to call out to him and he scoops them up in his arms, murmuring happy, proud comments and praising them for being able to say ‘dada’. Child in arms, Vasquez goes off to find either his significant other or one of the seven to brag that he was just called ‘dada’ by his pride and joy.

Goodnight Robicheaux: Goodnight positively lights up and the grin doesn’t leave his face for a good long while. He calls for Billy, and really anyone in the vicinity, to come into the room and then Goodnight spends a good long while attempting to get the baby to say ‘dada’ again. The baby does not, sufficiently distracted by the new people in the room, and Billy is the only one who believes Goodnight when he says the baby did say 'dada’. Goodnight is bound and determined, though, and spends the rest of the day trying to get his cute little baby to say 'dada’ again.

Billy Rocks: Hearing his baby call him 'dada’ for the first time takes Billy by such surprise that he laughs. Of course, this prompts the baby to laugh and the father-child pair just sit together and laugh for a few confusing seconds before Billy pulls himself together and asks with a hint of that surprised laughter tinging his voice, “Who am I?” Billy’s face absolutely lights up, then, when his baby calls him 'dada’ yet again, and Billy hugs his baby with a happy grin tugging at his own lips. He later tells his significant other and isn’t able to play off his excitement about it, earning him a playful round of teasing over it.

Jack Horne: Jack tears up and he doesn’t deny it. Through his happy tears, he starts saying simple words for his baby to pick up on. There’s a part of Jack that aches when the tiny babbling bundle of happiness in front of him says 'dada’, though, because there’s that hole left by the life he had before that can never be filled. It’s easy for him to push that away, though, and focus on the present, and whoever comes to find him later finds Jack laying on the floor with the baby, saying random words with flushed cheeks and a happy smile on his face.

Red Harvest: As apathetic as Red Harvest usually is, being called 'dada’ breaks through all of that. Fifteen layers of emotional apathy and protection effectively shattered by the bundle of cuteness that is his baby learning how to talk. No one will believe Red Harvest’s significant other when they tell the others how big he smiled hearing his baby call him 'dada’, but it’s definitely true. Red Harvest cannot fight back the blinding grin or the bubbly, happy chuckles that break forth, and he eagerly encourages his baby by saying, “That’s right. I am your dada.” He may or may not (but definitely does) throw some silly baby talk in there, but if he does… Who can blame him, really?

Goodbye Tumblr

After a long seven years of having “impactings”, I think it’s finally time for me to say goodbye.
I turned to Tumblr when I was a scared kid with nobody to talk to and I really figured myself out over the years through writing and the wonderful people I’ve met. For that, I thank each and every one of you who has ever reached out to me or helped me in any way.
I’m now 22 years old and finally feel as if my life has pretty much come together. I have a career that I’ve built up by myself, and I’m doing well. I’m making it on my own. My boyfriend is my absolute best friend and he’s moving in with me in a couple of weeks. Things are going so well in my life and I no longer feel the need to use this blog for its intended purpose.
My awful depression and anxiety is pretty much gone, which I never thought would happen. When I needed a safe place to turn, I used to turn here, but now I have someone in my life that I can use as a support system if needed. I feel as if posting on here has become more of a chore than enjoyable to maintain my 17k followers. Just know I appreciate you all sticking with me. I may be back eventually, but as of right now, I don’t plan on it.
So, thank you all for everything. I won’t be deleting this blog because I may want to look back on it someday. It’s been a long, super cool 7 years.

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This isn't salt, but thought you guys might get a kick out of it. a friend and I were cleaning out her computer. She found an old fanfic she wrote around 2008. she read the summary out loud and her roommate over heard and said "you guys never heard of Y0I?" and went on how great it was. Until my friend said "I have heard of it, never seen it. But if it is any thing like this awful yaoi fanfiction, I'll skip it." The summary was for a poorly written BL eva fanfic.


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I thought casey affleck's abuse was accusations at this point? Or did I miss something?

Cinematographer Magdalena Górka accused Affleck of sexual abuse and harrassment during the filming of I’m Still Here. Górka’s accusations were corroborated by Amanda White, the producer. White also accused Affleck of sexual abuse. The cases were settled out of court, so we will never get a definite answer, but when accusations are corroborated by someone else I think it’s highly likely that they are true, so yes, I believe their accusations.

The fact that said accusations can occur without any resulting impact on Affleck’s career is pretty disgusting, and yet Hollywood continues to celebrate this man and his career. Hollywood has a long and chequered history with continuing to support men despite their awful behaviour (Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Sean Connnery, Bill Murray, Johnny Depp, Sean Penn…) so it’s not surprising, but it’s still just as disappointing.

You can read the legal documents here if you’re interested.

“redemtion arcs for abusive fathers is bad” more like “i can’t fathom the idea that a man father who does bad things can change for the better and i just want to hate them forever”

Listen. My dad, when i was younger, was flat-out awful to me and my mother. I’m not getting into every detail out of respect for my family but i will tell you this. Quite a few of the things he did then have actually impacted how i react in the real world today.

But he changed. He really, truly changed. Something provoked this come-to-Jesus moment in him and he changed. It’s taken me a very, very long time to accept it (and sometimes i have trouble still), but he became a better person after that day and I am proud of him for that. I love him for that. That doesn’t excuse the things he did, but all of that was in the past and even he feels bad about it.

It’s because of his change that I’m able to have a pretty good relationship with him now.

So if you think that a redemption arc for an abusive father in fiction is a bad thing, kindly shut up and realize that that is a thing that happens in actual REAL LIFE and is so, so important.

Besides, mothers can be abusive too and change (or not) too, so if you really think that only fathers shouldn’t get them that’s… a little bit sexist don’t ya think? I’m really tired of Tumblr spouting things like this and you all need to stop.