i will never not be awed by these

i just want to take a moment to reflect on the gravity of what we know about solo!harry so far.

as fans, we support him because we already know he is special.  we have paid close enough attention that, over time, we have seen him command everything from one-on-one conversations to entire stadiums full of people.  we have witnessed countless individuals – many of whom know little to nothing about him – have chance meetings with him and walk away from those encounters with stars in their eyes, in absolute awe of him, of that “something” about him that makes him harry.  either we’ve met him ourselves, or we’ve been to concerts, or we’ve watched videos of concerts (or all of the above), and we’ve come to know that he’s just special.  gemma – who would know better than any of us – said in her piece for another man that even as a child, harry “had that sort of magnetism that made people just want to watch him.”

i mention all of this to underscore that those of us who are already fans are fans for a reason.  we already know he’s going to excel on his own; we’ve just been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for him to get started.

but can we take a minute to talk about the people who are actually involved in this process?  the entire team behind him that is currently revving up to launch him as a solo artist?  those people are in a totally different position than we are.  they aren’t interested in harry’s success because he brings them personal joy (although, let’s be honest, he surely does); they’re interested in his success because it will bring THEM success.  that’s the bottom line here – big money.

if you, like i, have grown up in the rapidly-changing digital era, you may have noticed that the music industry runs differently than it used to.  as a child, i would buy an entire album on cassette or cd because i’d heard one song on the radio and wanted to listen to that song over and over again.  i bought many albums as a child that, to this day, i still haven’t listened to in their entirety.  but the industry doesn’t work like that anymore.  when music went digital, it became a lot easier for consumers to only buy the songs they cared about.  as a byproduct of that, new artists these days are often given a very limited budget in the beginning – they’re only allowed, at first, to record one or two songs.  those songs are released as singles, and then, if they do well, that artist goes back into the studio and records an entire album.  it’s a smart decision on the part of record companies to avoid spending too much money on artists that end up “flopping.”

i keep thinking about harry in this context.  i keep thinking about how he has had the ability to release solo music for more than a year now, about how easy it would have been for him – and columbia and everyone else involved – to record one single, release it quickly, do a bit of promotion, (likely) make a bunch of money and then go from there.  coming off of 1d’s tremendous success, it would have made everyone a quick, easy buck.

but they didn’t do that.  although harry and jeff signed together on january 1, 2016 – likely their first opportunity to do so – they still took their time.  columbia, et al. agreed to invest $75-80 million worth of resources (at least) into harry as a solo artist without even requiring him to release a “test single” first.  they’ve agreed to let him record his entire first album (and, seemingly, have started planning to release it) without even requiring him to release a test single first!

i won’t proclaim to be some kind of music industry genius because i’m far from it, but just based on what i’ve observed as a music fan in general over the last decade or so, this is HUGE to me.  everyone behind harry appears to have so much faith in him already.  i think it’s so important to recognize the personal/professional gamble that jeff is taking in this situation as well.  here we have jeffrey azoff, eldest son of irving azoff – an absolute legend in the music industry – who is under a lot of pressure to live up to his dad’s name.  he literally quit his job as a music agent to start a management company with harry as one of his first major clients.  of course, he likely would have started his own management company eventually regardless of whether he ever met harry, but the fact that they timed this major event in their professional lives so they could “go solo together” speaks volumes about the faith he has in harry as an artist.

we’re on the outside looking in, and we know harry is amazing based on what we have seen him do as part of a group… but these people already know solo harry.  they know what he is capable of, and they’re rallying behind him because they have total faith he will succeed.  and that’s just really fucking awesome.

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I reread home because I missed it and now that I know the last chapter is a month away I honestly have no idea what to do with my life. also I need more good fics to read while I wait, do you have any suggestions? :/ <3333

Aw, you’re sweet! I’m sorry to bear this news but, I calculated that it will probably take me until mid-June to finish the art… But I do have some good pieces that I will be posting soon!

Oh goodness, I have a handful of favorites, I LOVE:

In Case the Daylight Never Comes by plume_bob (Magic, slow burn, 82k)

Kaleidoscope by Vendelin (artist!Derek, coffee shops, fantastic storytelling skills, saturated in warmth with a splash of drama/surprise, 54k)

Strut on a Line, it’s Discord and Rhyme by xiaq (magic, high school AU, the sweetest purest innocent love, deep characters, 62k)

Saying ageist things about Carol is not only hateful and disrespectful to Melissa McBride (undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses of all time) it’s awful to the many women who watch the show and champion Carol. Sometimes I watch the show with my Mom (a domestic abuse survivor who is Carol’s age) and I see the happiness it brings her to see a character that reminds her of herself who is such a force of nature. Representation matters, and when you diss a character like Carol for trivial shit like her (lovely) gray hair, you’re attempting to invalidate what she represents based on age alone. She represents survivors. She is strong and capable. She is beautiful and desirable. And though it doesn’t define her, because she would be just as great of a character without it- she is definitely worth the attention and love of the favorite male lead.

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This maybe be a question for spoiler (hope not, cause i really want to know). What was the reaction from other skaters about the doping scandal (especially Chris & Phichit? Love ur fic

Chris and Phichit I wont really go into because you will see their reactions in either this fic, the companion fic or, if I get that far, their POV chapters in the missing and additional scenes fic. But for the majority of the skating community they were horrified there was such a awful information leakage at the ISU because it’s already bad enough that Yuuri was falsely accused but it was much much worse that a mistake that should have been cleared up quickly and privately became public knowledge along with revealing very private medical information of his that should never have been allowed to go public without his say so

I don’t usually weigh in on fandom drama that doesn’t pertain to the show or books and I am not going to often; however, regardless of who is responsible, the comments on a certain blonde’s instagram are just horrifying.

Women should not tear other women down. Society trains us to do this, but we must resist and direct your anger elsewhere. Not on someone who you have never met and have no real idea of who she is.

Think about for a second how it would feel if someone commented like that on your sister’s, daughter’s or friend’s social media. Or yours. 

Not pointing any fingers, but for the love of god STOP. The comments are just utterly ugly and disgusting.

Thunderstorms || BF!Jimin || DRABBLE

gif is not mine

Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: Language (i guess?)

Description: In which thunderstorms make you feel feeble, fragile, and frightened – but Park Jimin shows you how to love them a little more.

Request: hellooo, i know people are busy with their lives but i can’t help think how cute bf!jm would be when his gf is scared of storms. like he would comfort her and try to make her laugh and aw !! thankss

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                                                             a thank you.

okay today i reached the 400 follower mark and i knew i was getting close, but until this morning, when i innocently realised that a couple of extra people had followed.  and then came the crying and the shaking that has kept going all day.  i am in awe.  the thought that there are 400 individuals out there who have at one point made the decision to be here, to read my writing, is INCREDIBLE. it’s just something almost u n f a t h o m a b l e to me. i never expected this.

some of you followed me on MYRCELLA,   and i remember that when i made her, i thought i was picking someone that would be liked, instead of someone i cared about. (pls don’t get me wrong, i love her, but this whole blog was me trying to be likeable)  and then i came here, and i found my feet. i started to write a character that i care about so, so much,  in a way i haven’t felt in a long time. i love willas,  he has developed so much and become more than i ever thought in just the short space of time that i have been here. i firmly believe that a lot of this is down to you, my darling, dear partners.  you make willas who he is, make me feel comfortable enough to explore in this way.

so i want to say THANK YOU. last night i posted that i had a headache, and so many of you came to me to make sure that i felt better. you are the very best of this community. every fandom, every group has it’s bad periods, and i know and understand the anxiety here,   but you – the people reading this – are amazing. you make one girl in rainy SCOTLAND so damn happy,  you give a person, who six months ago could barely leave her house without her boyfriend because of her anxiety, the confidence to find herself. you don’t fix my life or cure my mental health or anything like that,  but you give ACCEPTANCE,  and that - my darlings - is the most important thing in the world. you make me happy, you give me a space to express myself and be honest and creative, you accept me.   and that,   is worth all the weight of gold in the world.  I LOVE YOU. you are such a light point in my life.  please know, if you ever need me,  i am here.

please remember that you,  the person who is reading this,  are doing an amazing thing for a person you do not know that well.  and that is incredible.  soon, i will do a giveaway – or something – for you all, but i have a holiday booked and this is all i can offer for now.

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Maybe in another universe, you and I had better timing.
Maybe in another universe, you and I are less damaged.
Maybe in another universe, you and I are actually you and I.
Maybe in another universe, you and I let ourselves fall, fall, fall for each other.

But this isn’t another universe.
You and I have awful timing; we’re never going to be ready for each other at the same moment.
You and I are broken; we’ve learned from our pasts, but we’ll never leave them behind.
You and I are not an ‘us;’ we are not a we, and never have been.
You and I are stuck in neutral; we both refuse to feel anything for anyone, even, maybe especially, for each other.

There’s another girl.

She’s different from you, and different from me; a different kind of beautiful, but beautiful all the same. Most different from you is that she loves me, thinks about me. It’s new and odd and maybe, since it’s this universe, I should see where it goes.

(Not sure you’d care even if I did)

The one you didn’t fall in love with

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saw a shitpost pic of lance walking through doors like "HUNK HOLY FUCK YOURE NEVER GONNA BELIVE THIS" and all i could think of is after a long day lance just waltzes into hunks room and just starts ranting, could be abt the mission they just went on, his homesickness, anything, and hunk just listens

aw i completely agree, hunk is so soft n sweet n understanding when it comes to lance, he knows lance is extra af and he just accepts it bc he also knows he’s fragile and sensitive deep down so he listens n hugs lance n is there when he needs,, gosh i just love them so much and i love hunk bc he’s the only one who would never do or say a thing to hurt lance im crying

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Hello!! I am working on a comic about a girl who turns into a werewolf at random chance, but is mistaken for a big dog and is adopted by her soon-to-be best friend. I don't know how to start the story. Do you you can give me a few prompts to start with perhaps? Thank you so much!!

I can try!!! :D

1. “So, this is basically my luck.”

2. “Okay, I know you weren’t human when I left.”

3. “Most friendships don’t start with kidnapping-or would that be dog-napping-but I guess we were never normal.”

4. “People are supposed to be scared of me. Why is this person PETTING ME?”

5. “I refuse to eat these treats-never mind, these are delicious.”

6. “Did you just talk?” 

7. “You’re a really awful werewolf, you know that?”

I hope this helped! :D


Request: PART 1: could you do a text for Tae Nams and Hobi where they’re trying to get in touch with their gf after they saw a super awful hate message and threat but their gf never replies

Ooh an angsty 3 part text I like it

I will tag this with trigger warnings for anyone who would like to black list or block it I would like everyone to be safe

I love you all so please be careful <3 if anyone sends you hate please talk to someone or at least talk to me I’ll do my best to help

I love you guys

ok i don’t know if i’m doing this right but my crush is so wonderful we’re both anthropologists and we’re in classes together are university and she says i’m so huggable and this is embarrassing because i never get this cheesy. i honestly don’t even know if you take actual requests but i thought i saw some on your feed so i figured i’d try- i’d love to see a cute lighthearted academic sapphics moodboard!! 

aw that’s sort of very cute :-) i’m gonna make the mb 

Careless Skies

Cool wind rushing past my fragile body as everyone stared in awed as everything began to unfold. I stood there, thinking, thinking how will I stop this enemy.

This, I could sense will be my last. Where I will truly die in peace. Where the screams will stop. Where the crying will cease to exist. Where every negative thoughts will come at a pause, never moving forward nor backwards. Just standing there unmoving.

“Danny move!”

I could hear their screams. But somehow I lost the will to fight. So I took those hits, hoping the fall would end me. Its as if this enemy eats my will to do anything but to give up. I could feel my life flash past me, through the other timelines.

Then I saw myself, but this time, I was older. Stronger. And better looking. I didn’t look like death, I don’t have those bags underneath my eyes, I couldn’t see the scar. The same scar that harmed me in my heart. No, instead I saw a heart with stitches, slowly sewing itself together.

I stared in awed as my older self began defeating my new enemy. I could see the struggles but I also could see in will was stronger my mine.

I looked down to my hands as my core came out. It was damaged beyond repair but yet it gave me a new will to live. If my future self could do it then I could. As time snapped back, I immediately dodged his attacks as I gave everything I had in the fullest. It wouldn’t take long. And it didn’t, as I stood victorious.

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malec will make up by the end of next ep, i think? didn't someone who visited the set say they saw them filming a hug and kiss? looks like alec has continued to work on those apologies...

Well, Anon, I never had any doubt that they would make up in the end but that storyline itself (why they started to fight in the first place) is so obvious and awful and I hate it so much. Like, I knew that this would happen. I fucking knew it.

This feels like so much artifical drama and that is …. just ugh!

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Is it okay if I vent something really deep ? I just wanted to say that, I don't get why the people around me get disappointed at me. I alway say nice thing, do nice thing, I even use my free time to make things for them yet I never get them to be happy. Every thing I try to do is a mistake. No matter how much I try to make things right, I just seem to make things worse. I actually can't handle it anymore.. I want to quit.. can I have a hug ? I'm actually falling apart... - vent anon

Man, I think we’ve all been there at least once, and it sucks every time. This may sound awful, but I think ya should just give up tryin to help them. Go and be helpful to people who’ll actually appreciate it instead of beatin a dead horse. You can do amazing things, I promise. Ya just need to find the crowd that’ll acknowledge what you’re doin. Good luck, my friend.

Martin Freeman's headcanons about John

We all know it that Martin is a damn fine actor, and a professional one at that. Any halfway decent actor is going to construct backstories and ideas about their character’s motivations so they can portray their character with honesty.

Show runners have said that Martin is the heart and soul of the show.

What I wouldn’t give to know what Martin had inside his head about John. Things that he never said publicly.

We know that Martin likes to choose roles that have an undercurrent of something in opposition. Some sort of internal dichotomy.

Personally I don’t think it’s as simple as John is a closeted bi and literally knows this. It’s so much more nuanced and indefinable than that.

I would really love to know what Martin thinks about John that made him so spectacular in this role, to the point where critics, fans and the showrunners are in awe of his performance.

How I found out about Jack

Okay, finding Jack has honestly been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was having a really awful day because I found out I failed a major subject. So I was just scrolling through YouTube, bored af and on my recommended page was jack’s video for GMod: Prop Hunt. I was like “I’ve heard of Jack, but never actually watched one of his videos fully.” So, I pressed on it. After that, I dug deeper to find out more about him and I am honestly happy i did. Whenever I’m sad, pissed or just downright worried about something, Jack has always been there to chase all the negative emotions away and brighten up my life. 

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hope its okay to come into your ask (I've recently followed a ton of mlm blogs bc I'm finally active on this acc again) but I'm so! frustrated! because I'm a trans boy and I've been on T a year and a half and had top surgery in November and (granted I think it's fake and don't '''try''' per se) I literally never pass in public. ever. I could be wearing the most masculine outfit and STILL get gendered incorrectly like I've been IDing for like 7 years and ugh

bro,, i feel this pain. i feel it so hard. i thought i was passing this weekend bc i was goin around town and doing stuff with my friends and this lady was like “oh you’re so pretty!” which i was like, aw thanks but i know that she thought i was a girl and it s soooo annoying

ive been presenting as a boy since i was 10 and im 16 now. i found that i honestly just need to say “im a boy, actually”. i know its like , so hard to say this especially now w/ the politics and all and its scary but most people will be like “oh, sorry you look like a girl” or some variation of that and you just need to really drive home the fact that you are a boy. i couldnt do it for like, the longest time because it was scary but now im just sick of being thought of as a girl in stranger’s eyes and im done. lol. idk if any of that helped you. but i know yr pain bro.