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Victuuri AU where they meet on Tinder

(s/o to everyone on discord for enabling this, esp @actualyuuri​)

“You can’t swipe left on everyone,” Christophe laments. “He was cute.”

“Nope.” Viktor flicks his finger again. 

“Oh come on! He’s cute, too!”


Christophe sighs. “I’m seriously starting to question your taste in men, Viktor.”

“I don’t think he’s cute at all,” Yuuri says, frowning. Next to him, Phichit laughs.

“Come on, you never know. It’s just a fun game, and it doesn’t hurt to cast your net out a little!”

“I don’t want to cast out my net,” complains Yuuri.

Phichit rolls his eyes. “There’s gotta be someone here that’ll fit your exacting standards, Yuuri ‘I only date men who have done quad flips’ Katsuki.”

“And you making me swipe right on everyone isn’t going to help matters,” retorts Yuuri.

Phichit blows a raspberry. The next profile comes up. 

“I don’t know,” says Yuuri, looking at it with a frown. “He’s got a bathroom abs selfie.”

“Swipe right,” replies Phichit.

Viktor gets to the profile named “Yuuri Katsuki”, who is currently 1.2 kilometres away, and purses his lips. Because the guy’s picture has two very attractive men on it, but one of them sparks Viktor’s interest a lot more than the other.

Which one is Yuuri? His gut instinct goes for the one in the cat-eared beanie, but it could just as easily be the cheery-looking darker-skinned one next to him. Both of them are beaming in front of the Detroit Skate Club, though, and based on their next picture of them goofing around on the bleachers inside, must be involved with the DSC somehow. 

The third picture is a picture of a pork cutlet bowl. Just a fuckin pork cutlet bowl. Viktor groans, though he’s also intrigued. Christophe raises an eyebrow and leans over.

“Which one is he?” he asks. 

“Probably the pork cutlet bowl,” replies Viktor. He swipes right, intrigued.

“Ooh, Viktor Nikiforov is on Tinder?”

Yuuri purses his lips, looking at the selfies. They’re all recent ones from Instagram. “Could be fake,” he points out.

“There’s only one way to know,” replies Phichit, grinning.

Yuuri swipes right, intrigued.

It’s a match! the app announces, and Viktor wants to immediately fire off a message to Yuuri, asking him which one of the two men in the picture he is. But that might come off as rude, so he decides to go about it a little more sneakily. 

i notice you’re a skater, and you’re nearby. want to grab coffee sometime? and bring your friend! - vn

There. That should do it. 

He gets a message a couple minutes later. That sounds good, is the response. We’ll both be there. Time and place?

i’m only in town for a couple more days. i don’t know detroit very well. you guys can pick. - vn

How about Astro Coffee this Wednesday at noon?

Viktor smiles. perfect - vn

Yuuri’s not nervous at all. 

(That’s a lie. He’s grabbing coffee with Viktor Nikiforov. Or at least, who he hopes is really Viktor and not some serial killer catfishing as him.)

At least Phichit will be coming along. Which is fair, since he set things up. Though it is a little strange that Viktor had asked for both of them. Maybe he was more interested in Phichit.

But that’s strange. Phichit had his own profile. Heck, he’s going through it right now, for shits and giggles as they wait in line to place their order.

“Yuuri?” he hears, and turns towards the door, and oh. 

Oh no.

It really is Viktor Nikiforov. And he’s beaming like he’s made of pure, unadulterated sunshine. 

Viktor watches a young man in blue-rimmed glasses with a shock of dark hair turn at the call of his name, and his heart leaps into his throat, because oh.

Oh no.

It really is the guy in the cat-eared beanie, and he’s even cuter in person.

8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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Andriel and either 2,8 or 39 whichever u prefer

That’s childhood best friends au, roommates au, or long distance relationship au. I’m going to go with long distance relationship, but I have another ask for childhood best friends so I will get around to that one at some point too.

Neil and Andrew’s teams’ schedules were so different that they hadn’t seen each other in over a month when they finally had a game against each other.

Neil lost track of what his coach was saying when Andrew walked out, trailing a few feet behind his team.

Andrew turned in his direction and when he spotted Neil staring, he held his middle finger up in Neil’s direction. Neil smirked as he returned the gesture.

“Josten,” snapped his coach. “Pay attention.”

“Sorry, coach,” Neil muttered out on autopilot, but his eyes still followed Andrew.

On the court, Andrew put more effort into guarding the goal than he usually did. He was not about to go easy on Neil and Neil was thrilled that he had the honour of playing against Andrew Minyard at his best.

“I thought you were supposed to be good at this,” Andrew called out in German after Neil missed a shot. “Kevin is never going to let you live this poor performance down.”

Neil knew Andrew was exaggerating how badly he was playing. This wasn’t Neil’s best game so far, but he had still scored the most goals out of all the strikers on his team. He had scored two goals on Andrew so far and their teams were tied. Kevin would not be impressed with his performance though and Neil was sure he would get a call about it later that night.

“Maybe I’m going easy on you,” Neil taunted in German.

“You’re not,” Andrew deadpanned. “You could dislocate your shoulder in the middle of a game and you wouldn’t take it easy.”

Neil ignored that comment, but he knew Andrew was right.

As the game went on, they continued to taunt each other in German. A few minutes later, Neil had possession of the ball as he ran up the court.

“Don’t miss,” Andrew taunted.

Neil focused his gaze at the lower right corner of the net and then fired at the upper left with all of his strength. Andrew started to move towards the bottom right, then corrected himself half a second too late.

Neil let out a cruel laugh as the wall lit up red behind Andrew. “I didn’t.”

Andrew’s team was still down by one point the next time Neil took a shot on net. He thought the ball was going to make it into the goal, but Andrew reacted with lightning quick reflexes and slammed the ball back down the court.

“You really should practice more,” Andrew said.

Neil knew Andrew didn’t mean it and he had just used it as a dig because he knew Neil would never feel like he had practiced enough. That didn’t make it any less irritating.

“Screw you,” Neil retorted.

“After the game.”

It took all of Neil’s concentration not to trip as he ran back across the court.

Stereotypical (3)

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), angst, mentions of sex.

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.  

A/N: Okay, so. Shit is gonna hit the fan on this one. Enter: Steve, Tony and Pepper. It might feel like I’m skipping over some crucial stuff, but don’t worry! I’ll get to that. Enjoy! 

Business went on as usual for the next few days, the only thing different was that James wouldn’t let you go to meetings alone anymore with anyone he didn’t know. You’d jumped up and down, pleaded left and right, but he wouldn’t have any of it. After finally giving in, James took you to lunch and had to physically pull a folder out of your hands to get you to eat.

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The Flying Graysons - Dick Grayson x Reader

I present to you a fluffy happy peace offering for my actions this weekend. I just realized that I actually have not yet written Dick as a father, which is a shame since he’s so great with children.

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Words: 1295

“Come on Little Bird! We don’t want to keep Mister Haly waiting!” Dick squeezes the tiny hand of your daughter and she all but runs to return to her place between the two of you, her black curls bouncing with every step.

The three of you walk through the mostly empty parking lot leading to the circus tent. Since Dick’s childhood show was back in town, you thought it would be a good opportunity to take your daughter to see where her dad grew up. When you mentioned the idea to Dick, his face lit up, and he immediately called his old ringmaster to see if they could come early before the show and show little Mary around.

“Daddy, will there be clowns at the circus?” Mary asks and looks at Dick with her big blue eyes and a furrowed brow.

“Yes, baby. There are clowns at the circus. Why do you ask?”

“Because clowns are scary,” she pouts at him, and you can see his heart melting at her stare.

“Mary, clowns are just people with funny clothes and makeup on who like to act silly,” you say.

“Then why does Uncle Wally talk about them being bad?”

“Because Uncle Wally is silly and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” Dick says as he picks her up and places her on his shoulders. The sudden action causes her to squeal and laugh as she clutches to Dick’s hair to keep from falling off.

Her laughter stops when you walk into the tent, and you look up to see her little face is filled with awe.

The circus performers aren’t in costume yet, but they are practicing and warming up for tonight’s performance. You note that Mary’s eyes are particularly drawn to the animals on the far side of the ring.

“Look Daddy! Elfants!” She points excitedly and leans forward, causing Dick to lower his head a bit.

“Yes, Little Bird, I see the elephants.” He gently picks Mary back up and places her on the ground, much to her dismay.

“Well if it isn’t my boy Dick Grayson!” Comes a booming voice from the center of the ring. You look up to see a balding man with white hair making his way toward your family. “I’d know you anywhere! Though I will say you’re much bigger than the last time I saw you.”

“The same could be said about you, Mister Haly!” Dick waves at the man and starts leading you and Mary down the stairs onto the floor.

“Please, Dick! Just call me Jack already! No need to make an old man feel older than he already is,” Haly laughs. He pulls Dick into a tight hug and pats him on the back. “It’s good to see you boy.” He looks past Dick’s shoulder to you and Mary. “And who are these beautiful ladies you’ve brought with you?”

“Jack, this is my wife, Y/N,” Dick says and you step forward to shake Jack’s hand, though Mary clings to your leg, suddenly acting very shy.

“And that Little Bird right there is Mary,” Dick gestures to your daughter, who’s blue eyes and black hair are just about all Jack can see with her hiding behind you.

At the mention of Mary’s name Jack’s eyes grow misty and he looks at Dick. “You know, I didn’t think that Mary Grayson would ever be in this ring again. I still miss them, kiddo. But then I’m sure you do, too.”

“I do, but I’m sure they’d be happy with the life I’ve found,” Dick laces his fingers through yours, and you smile at him.

“I’m sure you’re right,” Jack says. He turns around and tries to lighten the mood. “So, Dick. How would you like to try out the trapeze? For old times’ sake?”

Dick smiles and starts walking to the ladder leading to the platform. “You know what, Jack? I think that sounds great!”

“Mommy, what’s Daddy doing?” Mary asks as she pulls on your hand.

“He’s going to do some tricks for us like he used to when he was a kid.” You say as you pick her up and hold her to your hip.

“That’s right Mary! Your daddy is one of the best fliers I’ve ever seen!” Jack says in an animated voice that instantly gains Mary’s trust and causes her to giggle.

“But he’s really high up. What if he falls?” She asks when Dick gets to the top.

“That’s what that net is for.” You point and make sure she sees that if Dick falls the net will catch him. One of the performers hands Dick a bar and he steps to the edge.

When he jumps Mary lets out a yelp of fear, but when Dick swings back up and does a flip on the bar, she gets excited.

“Look Mommy! Daddy’s flying!”

“It’s just like riding a bike.” Jack smiles. Dick does one more flip before releasing the bar and landing safely on the net. “A Grayson never forgets how to fly.”

“I’m a Grayson! I want to fly!” Mary starts wiggling out of your arms. Dick is back on the ground and is making his way back to you. Mary takes your hand and pulls you toward Dick. “Daddy! Daddy! I want to fly, too!”

“Are you sure, Mary? It can be scary at first.”

“Yes, Daddy! I want to fly like you!” Mary is practically bouncing up and down in excitement.

“She reminds me of you when you were her age!” Jack laughs at your side.

Dick must see the worry in your eyes because he gets down on Mary’s level to talk to her. “Okay, Little Bird. I can take you flying. But you have to ask Mommy if it’s okay with her.”

Mary spins back around and gives you her best puppy dog eyes. “Please, Mommy! Can I go fly with Daddy?!” While you have no problems with telling your daughter ‘no,’ the real fight is saying ‘no’ to Dick’s pleading eyes. You can tell that he wants to do it more than anything. To give her this tiny piece of his childhood.

“Okay, Mary.”

“YAY!!!” Mary screams in excitement, and Dick looks at you with a bit of concern.

“Are you sure, Y/N?”

“Yes, Dick. As much as it scares me, I trust you more than anyone else in the world. And she deserves to feel what you feel when you’re up there.” He smiles at you and kisses your cheek.

“Thank you,” Dick whispers in your ear before pulling back and taking Mary up the ladder with him, making sure that she doesn’t slip and fall.

You and Jack return to where you had been standing before to watch. When Dick and Mary get to the top, the other performers put a harness on Mary for safety, and Dick takes the trapeze bar. You can tell by Mary’s body language that she is second guessing her decision. Dick throws one leg over the bar and holds onto the swing with one hand while the other holds Mary close to his body, and he kicks off from the platform.

Mary screams when they first take off, but it quickly turns into laughter once Dick holds onto her with both hands and hangs the two of them upside down off the bar. He then swings back up and she laughs again and throws her arms around her father’s neck.

You can’t help but smile at both of your blue eyed black haired birds, flying above the world.

“You know, it would be nice to advertise for the Flying Graysons again.” Jack smiles and pokes you in the side. “That little one is a natural. She’s definitely a Grayson.”

“Yes.” You smile. “Yes she is.”

Abandoned//Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Malia Tate, Derek Hale, Reader.

I fell in love with you at 3:16 on March 4th. It was a Tuesday, I think it rained. I met you at 8:02 on September 26th. It was my first day of school, I was new to town. Lydia was my peer guide so I sat with you at lunch. You made me laugh. I laughed all the time with you, Agent Scotty.

“You’re really going to sneak into coach’s office and do it?”

“Yes! Stiles has done it. I’ll just redo it and put it on his desk. He’ll never know I flunked the test.” Scott shrugs.

“I don’t have a good feeling about this.” You sighed.

“Trust me. I’m like a spy. He’ll never know I was there.”

“A spy, huh?” You giggled.

“Agent McCall.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Sounds too formal…” You looked up at his smile.

“Agent Scotty.” You laughed, his smile widening as he laughed with you.

“Agent Scotty at your service.” He saluted you.

“Well, Scotty, I need the flunked test on my desk by 4 p.m. You better not fail me!”

“Yes, chief!” He shouts as he takes off down the hall to coach’s office.

You were my best friend. You had Stiles and I had Lydia, but we had each other. You were my net.

Do you remember that time we got caught cooking a 3-course dinner at 4 o'clock in the morning by your mom? I do. She was so mad at first, but then she grabbed a plate and sat down and ate with us.

What about that time we’d convinced Stiles that Leonardo DiCaprio was never in Titanic? He was so pissed when he found out we’d tricked him. He told Lydia he loved Ryan Gosling’s work in that movie. He wouldn’t talk to us until we brought him pizza and a life-sized cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie. I think he still has it in his apartment.

Did I tell you that Lydia and Stiles are engaged? He proposed last week.

Do you remember our first date? You took me to the reserve. We became official there. It was January 6th at 10:42 p.m. That was a Monday.

“Scott it’s super dark out here.”

“Trust me, Y/N. Please?”

“Okay. I do trust you. It’s just..really dark.” You grasp his hand and he squeezes it.

You walked until you reached light. You looked over the town, sighing as Scott approached the edge.

“You brought me to our spot.” You smile.

“Oh but of course. Where else would I take you?”

“I don’t know..” You look around. “Promise me that that if this doesn’t work out we’ll still be friends?”

“God, Y/N..you’re my best friend. Nothing, and I mean nothing will change that.” He stood behind you and wrapped his arms around you. “Besides, why is that even a question?”

“I don’t know. I just thought I’d ask.”

He kisses your cheek. “I plan on staying your boyfriend, if you don’t mind.”

“Boyfriend?” You look up at him.

“I mean…yeah. I thought so…is this weird? Am I making this weird? I didn’t know if we were official or not so..” He blushes.

“No, I like it. You’re my boyfriend.” You laugh.

“Good. That makes me feel better.”

I told my mom about you that night. She knew you only as my friend. I’d never told her I’d liked you. I gushed, and as embarrassing as it is to think back on, I’d do it again, just so I could talk about you like you were brand new.

I lost my virginity to you, it was February 14th. Super cliche. But you knew that, you were there. The sex was terrible and we both knew it, but it was Valentine’s Day, it was supposed to be romantic. We cuddled afterward, that was the first time you spent the night. I remember thinking how warm you were, I loved it. We woke up the next morning and you ran out of my room, afraid of my mom coming in. She wouldn’t have minded, she loved you. She knew that you were the one for me.

The next week was amazing. We were closer than we’d ever been. It was obvious to everyone that we’d taken that step but we didn’t care.

“God, Y/N…just go to the janitor’s closet already.” Malia rolls her eyes.

“Oh shut up. I’m just looking at him.” You roll your eyes.

“No, you’re devouring him.” She nudges your arm as you continue to stare.

“I can do that. He’s mine.” You smile at Scott across the room and he smirks.

The day I fell in love with you I’d just wrecked my car. My mom wouldn’t answer the phone and I walked to your house for help. You found me standing outside. It definitely did rain, now that I’m talking about it, because I was dripping wet. I even you remember you saying something flirty about it. I stood there shivering, my arms crossed over my chest. I was wearing that big blue jacket of yours. You pulled me inside, your warmth already making me feel better.

“Babe what happened?” Scott asks you, unzipping your jacket.

“There was a deer. I swerved to miss it and hit the guard rail.” You sighed, pulling your wet hair up. Your makeup was smeared all over your face.

“Look, I know I’m supposed to support my girlfriend and all but you’re a hot, hot mess.” Scott gives you a once over.

You laugh and step out of your shoes. They squelch as you put them to the side. “Thanks for that support then.”

“I’m just saying. Look, I’ll call AAA and we’ll take care of it. For now, come upstairs and get changed.”

You nod and take his hand as he leads you upstairs.

You changed into his T-shirt and some boxers, climbing into his bed. “Babe hold me. I’m cold.” You pouted at him.

He sits on top of his sheets, holding you in his arms. “I called while you changed, they said they’d get your insurance number from your mom.”

“Thanks, Scotty.” You sigh into his chest.

“Hey, that’s what I’m here for.” He smiles.

“Scott….” You mutter.

“Yeah, babe?” He looks down at you.

“I’m in love with you.” You said proudly. You knew he’d reciprocate, you’d heard him say it in his sleep.

A big smile spreads across his face. “I love you too.” He kisses you gently, your wet hair falling into his face.

You took care of me so well, everyone knew we’d get married. We even looked into getting married in a state that would allow us to get married as minors. We never did though, we kept putting it off. You said you’d never proposed so it wasn’t official, but I knew it was because of your mom and dad. You never talked about their relationship much, you just swore up and down to me you’d never become him.

We never got the chance to get married.

I lost you June 19th. I know the exact time. Every time I see it flash on a clock my heart breaks. It was 9:29 p.m. You’d gone out with Derek to talk to an alpha of another pack. Derek showed up on my doorstep, unable to speak. My last words to you were ‘don’t do anything stupid.’

You heard a knock at your door, you figured it was Scott so you ran to it before anyone else could answer it. It was Derek, he’d been crying. He had tears running down his red cheeks, he was bent over, he looked emotionally drained.

“Derek, what’s wrong?”

“Scott. H-he…we were all calm and we trusted the other alpha…he just…” He sniffles and you lean against the door frame.

“Derek…what’s going on?”

“Scott…he’s…he’s gone. The other alpha broke his neck..I just..God it happened so fast, Y/N! I’m so sorry!”

You fell to your knees, a scream ripping from your throat. This wasn’t real, it wasn’t real. This was just one of those dreams that Scott would hold you through. You’d wake up in Scott’s warm arms and he’d be stroking your hair.

“No…no it’s not real.”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I took him to the hospital.”

Your sobs rang through the house, your vision going blurry. You felt your body go numb, the only thing you could hear was your heart pounding. Your tears soaked the front of your T-shirt. It was Scott’s, you’d kept it from the time you wrecked.

Derek squatted in front of you, holding you as you cried.

“He’s gone Derek. He left me! He left me in this stupid town and now I have no one!” You screamed. “I’m all alone! He abandoned me! The love of my life is dead!”

I’m sitting here writing you this letter. I hope you can read it in spirit. I plan on leaving this at your grave..your mom said they clean it up every week. So, read it before then.

I did find a ring in your room. Your mom let me go look after you died. It was in the second drawer in your desk. It had a blue post-it with my name on it. It’s beautiful. I still have the post-it. I left it on my fridge just so I can still see your handwriting.

I better end this letter before it gets too long. I love you, Scotty. I miss you.

Papa Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader - Part 2

Title: Papa Winchester

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3,074

Warnings: None really

Prompt: YN and Jeffrey met on season 1 of SPn where she played his daughter(the middle Winchester sister) and have been together ever since,they'r married with kids by now, and the fans (specially the cast who’s her family) always makes fun of that during interviews and pannels,but it’s always cute because Jeffrey likes to surprise them ,specially when the fans are involved,and they all love and are very supportive of their relationship

Read Part 1 here!

A/N: I’m doing lots of writing today since I have time and more posting will be done tomorrow! Also, this was not betad so apologies!

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“They never let you catch a break, do they?” your driver and bodyguard asked with a chuckle as you surfed on the net, on your way to visiting your husband on set.

“It’s Jensen and Jared, Mike, of course they never do.” you chuckled, shaking your head “I mean, they might probably deny it but, I know it’s their favorite hobby!”

“I don’t think they are really denying it anymore.” he laughed, shaking his own head and you shrugged.

You glanced back at your daughter sleeping in her seat, it was already very early and you wanted to surprise her by visiting her dad on his work “Those sly bastards, I am sure they learned how to make memes just for us!”

“Jared for me wouldn’t be a surprise but Jensen? Are you sure about that?”

You laughed “Oh you really don’t know them that well, besides I think they sort of confirmed it during a Con. I am not sure, haven’t joined them in some time but I like to keep up, so I know that for sure. Here-” you opened your gallery, just at the moment he stopped on a red light “See this?”

Dad’s on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.” he read and added “Well, classic line. It’s what started it all, Jensen’s favorite.”

“Yeah, just see the rest.” you said with a giggle as you showed him the full photo. Under a picture of Jensen’s from the pilot were the rest of the words.

A few days? Are you sure it’s a hunting trip?”

No, he’s- he’s making out with our sister in his trailer?” he ended up reading it as a question before laughing and shaking his head “Yes, alright Jensen is so the one to make this!”

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The King’s Omega- The First Dance

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: a/b/o dynamics (mentions)

Summary: Now that the reader has embarrassed herself in front of the whole ceremony will her night get better with the first dance of the night? Or was this ceremony a bad idea?

Author’s note: Geez, I did NOT expect so much love on the first part, but here’s the second part (as asked for). I am a little late on my deadline because I have worked two double shifts, and haven’t had time. Sorry. I hope you guys like this part too let me know!

Word Count: I don’t know, maybe 1500? 

Catch up: Part 1

…Their eyes had met only for a moment, but in that moment the Little Omega felt something she had never felt before, and she couldn’t bring herself to speak to the handsome king…

    “Momma, ‘ead the net ‘art! I ‘anna ‘ear ‘out them dancin’!” Five-year-old you interrupted, your words whistling out around your newly missing teeth. You puffed your bottom lip out and hit the quilt that covered you dramatically.

Your mother laughed. The sound lighthearted and joyful. Almost…rare for her, but of course you didn’t know that yet. Your mother was beautiful to you inside and out, a light that had never been properly cared for. 

       “Oh, you want to hear about them dancing, do you?” she chuckled, opening the book back up. “Well, we’d better start.”

      …When the music started, the little omega did not know what to do. This was her first Choosing Ceremony and she suddenly felt very alone and nervous… 

                 “Okay ladies,” the Mater called, stepping out in front of all of you once more. She watched silently as you scrambled back into the herd of omegas before continuing.  “Now that that fiasco is over, we can begin the first dance.” She turned towards the alphas on the other side of the room, “You may pick your dance partner, Alphas.” 

     As the alphas finally got up, most of them strong, tall, and built like mountains- the air in the room almost seemed to be vacuumed out, because every girl gasped at them. They radiated confidence and strength, striding over to the herd of girls. 

….Soon the music had started, and every girl in the ballroom was dancing. Their gorgeous dresses swinging happily to the tune…

Originally posted by letswritepotter

          One by one the omega group dissipated as the girls were led by alphas to the dance floor, until only you remained. You tried to ignore the jealous feeling that was lacing your gut, but it was slowly winning. You hated it. You didn’t want to feel bitter about tonight. You wanted to feel happy about finding your mate.

… The little omega was lost, she simply didn’t know what to do! The sudden loneliness made her want to cry…

       “Now what are you doing, poppet?”

 You blink to see King Crowley in front of you, with a devilish look in his eyes. “Crowley?”

    He responds with a sigh, “First you can’t stay on your feet, and now you’re longing for the dance floor. Are you sure you’ll be able to right yourself in tune, love?” 

“Are you-Are you asking me to dance, King Crowley?”

      Crowley simply looks behind him at the dance floor, then looks at you with a smile. “Come on, love.” He takes your hand and leads you towards the floor.

…When all-of-a-sudden, there was the King, taking her hand and swinging her here and there across the ballroom…

Originally posted by daisies-are-my-favorites

  Everywhere Crowley touched was electrified. It was like the King had set a current on your skin. That wasn’t the only part that made dancing with Crowley fun. You felt safe in his gentle embrace, protected. You didn’t feel weak, in fact, you didn’t have to shy away from him at all. You stood proud next to him as you swayed to the music. It also helped that his dance skills much surpassed yours. His steps were elegant, long, and determined, and with every turn, yours were hesitant.

…He spun her around and around as the night flew by, and the little omega couldn’t quit smiling…

   “Momma?” you asked, placing your hand on the page to stop her reading.

“Yes, Y/n?” your mother asked sweetly, brushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

“If the ‘ittle omega and the prince are mates, ‘ow come they don’t get married then at the dance?”

Your mother laughs. “They had to get to know each other, Y/n! You can’t just marry someone, right?”

“When I find my prince I’m gonna! Right then, right there,” you declare firmly and your mother laughs harder.

 “That fast? What if he still eats his boogers? Or what if he doesn’t like your favorite food?”

“Momma, he’ll ‘ust have to ‘eal with it, cause he’s s’posed to be ‘erfect for me.”

“Oh really? And what if someone else wants to be your mate, like in the story?” she asks you with a smile. “What if someone tries to take you away from him?”

…Suddenly she was pulled away into another alpha’s arms, who she didn’t like at all. He was mean and strong, and he swung her too hard…

  “Just what do you think you’re doing, you imbecile?” Crowley growled at the man who had grabbed you.

   “Come on, King Crowley. Share with the rest of us. She’s just an omega,” the man retorted harshly, as he leaned down to sniff your hair.

    He reeked of alcohol, and he was definitely holding you too tightly. You could feel his grip on your arms as he tried to spin you around as Crowley had, but failing miserable. As he noticed, he began to get angry, a low growl starting in his chest that was echoing in your ear drums causing you to whimper.

   That’s when Crowley cut in again, gripping the other man’s shoulder forcefully to stop his movements. The man swung around, coming nose to nose with Crowley as they growled at each other.

 “Leave. Her. Alone.” Crowley growled at the other man furiously.

“Or what?”


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I’m not the friend
someone has for a lifetime.
I’m like the pet goldfish
that’s exiting for a week
and never gets fed again.
I pass through friend groups
like water; hoping for a net.
Somewhere. To catch me.
I have people sit me down,
to tell me they love me.
That I’m a good person,
but I “deserve better”
Then they leave.
Then I stare at them
from my little fishbowl.
they laugh,
they cry,
with each other.
And here I am swimming
in circles.
Just hoping for someone
to feed me.
But let me ask you this:
if I “deserve better”
why can’t I ever
seem to find it?
—  Shadow’s thoughts at 1:58 AM
Look After You

Here’s something else I found. This one is when they are all adults. Awkward Christmas party

If ever there was a doubt
My love she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly

Maya tapped her fingers against her thigh, her burgundy sweater dress rippling with each tap. The thick fabric fell around her and would be scraping the floor if it wasn’t for her chunky brown boots. Her free hand continuously rubbed at her protruding belly—never tiring of the unexplainable feeling of being so close to her baby boy. 

She stared at herself in the reflection of the mirror as she sat down her volume boosting mascara as Riley stepped into the room.

“It feels longer than five years since I moved out of here.” 

Riley plopped onto her old bed, now fitted with more sophisticated fitted sheets—a dark purple color that matched nicely with her gray walls. Though they were grown adults, both married and one with a child on the way, they both still found comfort in the room. Maya told Riley she was pregnant in the bay window even. It felt like coming home and when they both struggled, Riley’s room is where they both went.

Riley looked around with a sigh.

“My grandparents are here.”

Maya held in an agitated sigh. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the older Matthews couple. She loved them—she did. They are the people who raised not only Cory, but also her own stepfather in a way. Shawn wouldn’t be the man he is today if it wasn’t for them, but ever since she got married four and a half years earlier, they always found a way to slip in their judgmental gazes her way.

Her husband wasn’t what they would have chosen for her. She got married too young effectively ruining her life. They once thought the same of Topanga and Cory—she isn’t sure why she was surprised by their frosty response the first time she showed up with a ring on her finger.

Because she broke their son’s heart and for that, they might always hate her a little bit for. 

It didn’t matter if it was over six years ago.
It didn’t matter that she was obviously happy.
All that mattered to them was she was married right out of high school and it wasn’t to their son.

“You know they love you.” Riley twisted her diamond around her finger with her thumb—a nervous twitch that she had picked ever since the ring settled around her left hand three years previously.

“I think they would love me more if I had the last name Matthews,” Maya kept a small hand on her belly as she slowly settled beside her best friend.

“Well, my presents have decreased since I switched.”

Maya rolled her eyes. “Speaking of, where is that insanely handsome husband of yours?”

“Off making me angry. You know I am thinking of divorcing him?”

Maya threw her head back at Riley’s expression, snorting at the ridiculous thought. “We both know he is your favorite person on this whole planet. Maybe in the universe.”

“He’s supposed to be here already.” Riley pouted, her arms crossed tight over her chest. 

“And he will be. My hubby isn’t here yet either. Mostly because he promised to pick yours up.”

“See! You should be mad at him too.”

“You and I both know the second he walks through that door, he’s going to give you that lovey-dovey smile and you’re going to give him that Riley grin you have been giving him since seventh grade—

“It has not been since seventh grade.”

Maya raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “I’m sorry, eighth?”

“Whatever. You make me sound like putty in his hands. I could stay mad at him if I wanted to.”

“You could, honey. You just don’t want to.” Maya pulled herself up, lending a hand to her overdramatic best friend.

“Now let’s go. Just keep me occupied until our husbands show up. You know I am emotional.”

They started down the stairs, Maya tensing at the laugh that came from none other than her ex-boyfriend.

She hadn’t seen him since she had gotten married and she was never thinking the way he would see her next is when she was six months pregnant. She was sure he knew that she was permanently off the market—that was why he didn’t come around as often.

She stepped down from the last step and once again, her left hand settled on her swollen belly. It had become her safety net that she never knew she needed. 

His eyes didn’t leave her belly, shock dawning his features.

The Christmas party continued to roll on, no one noticing the sick look on Josh’s face. Maya clawed into Riley’s arm making sure she didn’t skip away to greet the guests. 

It wasn’t like their break-up was awful. They didn’t even date that long. Something she thought she wanted for so long fizzled so quickly, she sometimes had a hard time remembering exactly how long they even dated. The long game quickly became the short game and waiting around for someday turned out to be a waste of time. 

Her heart didn’t shatter when they decided to split. If anything, she was greatly relieved. She no longer questioned if they would be together. She got her answer and was free to move on.

Josh stepped forward giving Riley a tight hug before awkwardly turning to Maya. “Hey, Maya.”

She gave a sweet grin, reminding herself that it he is allowed to be shocked, though she had an itch her throat to tell him to stop staring at her stomach.
“Uncle Josh, how have you been?”

“I must say, I felt a lot better five minutes ago.”

It shouldn’t annoy her. It really shouldn’t. If he was trying to guilt her for loving someone that isn’t him, she shouldn’t be angry. Sure, they only dated a few months, but there was always a promise before that of something amazing. She was nailing the coffin shut by being married, but it wasn’t like this was a new development. He had not spoken to her since she was in high school. 

“I thought that whole marriage thing was a joke.”

Maya felt anger. She wasn’t sure if it came from being pregnant or maybe the fact she was tired of that comment. Because Maya Hunter settling down at the ripe old age of nineteen just didn’t make sense. She got asked if she was pregnant more times than she could count the first year of her marriage. 

Love wasn’t the first go to in a young marriage.

There had to an underlying reason.
But there wasn’t one. 

“It is as real as his child in me.” 

She felt her blood start to rise in temperature and she started to think of all the different ways to tell him off. She might be a married woman with a baby on the way but she was still Katy Hunter’s daughter and she wasn’t in the mood for someone like Josh Matthews.

She was used to his parents. Their thinly veiled insults towards her husband. What his profession was, any trouble he might have seen in his younger years. He coughed in a way they thought wasn’t polite and she would hear about it.

Her mouth opened—ready to take fire with more riling comments when she heard a calming voice.


Maya glanced over her ex’s shoulder who was still waiting for her response—probably didn’t even realize the rudeness of it.

“Dad.” She hadn’t seen Shawn in a few weeks because of a job he had down in one of the Carolinas—she couldn’t remember which one—and she wasn’t expecting to see him for another week. 

Josh was left unattended, Maya no longer caring, to reach out to her father. He felt safe and warm when his arms wrapped around her, her belly kicking at being enveloped. She was sure the baby boy knew his grandfather was in close proximity or maybe even now he knew that Shawn Hunter was one of Maya’s favorite people and he had been keeping her calm ever since even before he married her mom.

“How’s my favorite grandson doing?” Shawn kissed the top of her head, knowing she was trying her hardest to keep her temper in check.

“Much better once his dad gets here.”

Maya released Shawn from her grasps, he keeping an arm around her shoulder as they turned back to Josh and Riley. 

Shawn began a discussion with Josh about the joys of photography and Maya felt her previous anger began to slip away. Josh seemed to have forgotten about her diamond captured finger and her swollen belly and for that Maya was relieved.

Maya slipped away suddenly craving her mom’s sugar cookies that she knew she had brought with her to the party. Riley followed over to snack table instantly.

“I knew he was going to say something not needed.”

“It’s alright, Riles. I am used to it.”

“You shouldn’t have to be. So we are young and fresh out of college. Why does that mean we should feel bad for starting families?”

Maya raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. “We?”

Riley became flustered. Her face becoming the slightest shade of pink. “You know what I mean.”

“Oh, I do?”

Riley turned to respond, but her eye caught someone at the door. “Smackle!”
Smackle hung her jacket up before rushing over to greet her two best friends.

They had not been able to see each other in the few weeks leading up to Christmas with all of their jobs and lives being so hectic. Smackle herself was in graduate school and took almost all of her time.

“Let me see the ring!” Riley squealed snatching up Smackle’s left hand and the modest rose gold ring sparkled.  The rose quarts diamond was oval in shape and fit on Smackle’s thin finger like it was cut specifically for her.

Her engagement was no surprise to the friends and they had even begun to take bets on to when the question would be popped to their quirky friend.

“Where is—” Maya’s words died in her throat the site of her husband walking through the door. 

Riley sighed next to her and Maya couldn’t help but roll her eyes. 

“You’re right. I’m putty.”

Riley’s smile lit up the whole room as Lucas and Farkle made their way over to the trio, Zay not far behind.

“Hey, Huckleberry.”

Lucas grinned at Maya as though his mouth didn’t even know he was doing it.

“Hey,” Riley’s voice came out breathy and almost in awe when Farkle stepped in front of her, he now towering over her unlike back when they were kids.

“You still mad at me?” Farkle asked giving a quick kiss to the top of her forehead.  

“No, but only because you delivered my best friend her husband.”

Farkle shook his head wrapping his arms around her waist as they turned to the rest of the group.

Maya felt all of her panic and worry fall away at the seams once Lucas came to stand beside her, slightly behind her so her back was against the righter part of his chest. His left hand played with hers, their rings clinking together.

“How does it feel to have a fiancé, Zay?” Lucas grinned at his oldest friend.

“I figured you two are married and your wives are happy, so how hard can it be?”

Maya rolled her eyes at him, and she, Riley, and Smackle shared a look. Smackle had filled them in on how their friend had proposed. He had dug through her memory box (after asking Maya and Riley for the okay, of course), and found the etiquette book that he had given to her so long ago when she was still dating Farkle and the triangle was still fresh and wrong. Zay was the only one outside of the drama and in a way, it made him understand the group and without knowing it then, understand his future wife in a way the others didn’t comprehend. 

He rewrote in the margins all the way he still loved her and found her beautiful, but this time in ways she would make an amazing wife and mother. On the last page, he taped the ring beside the etiquette of how to accept a proposal (not marriage of course) and in the margin, wrote: Just say yes. 

Maya cried for a good thirty minutes after Smackle told her and that was how Lucas found her when he came home from a long day of at the animal hospital—she was sitting in front of a canvas with paint smeared across her cheek and tears falling from her eyes.

Even now she was wiping at her made up eyes to make sure she didn’t make a scene in the middle of the party. 

The rest of the group began to discuss wedding plans which Maya and Lucas had no way of giving input for her. Neither had wanted a wedding and wanted to be married before they moved for school, so they ended up married in a restaurant where they had their first date.  Another reason for the Matthews to not agree with their marriage because of how abnormal they went about it.

They never cared the looks they got from people when they told them about their wedding day because honestly, neither cared. They were both happy and never felt slighted from their decisions. 

“I missed you today.” She mumbled turning around to look up at him.

“I have been right here.”  

Maya rolled her eyes not understanding why she would have expected another response. He always gave the same response when she told him she missed him.

“Josh is here.”

“I saw.” He muttered, never liking Riley’s uncle. Of course, when he was younger he tried to find reasons for why he didn’t like her, but soon he came to terms it was because of how Maya smiled at him and forgot anyone else in the room even existed. 

“Don’t do anything stupid, Huckleberry.”

He laughed at her command and grabbed the finger pointing at him pulling it up to his lips to kiss it. 

“I am not fifteen anymore, Maya. Besides, you’re my wife. Why would I be bothered by an ex-boyfriend?”

“Good answer.” She sighed standing on her tip toes to give him a peck, his left hand instantly going to rest on the right side of her belly—stroking it lovingly.

Throughout the rest of the night, Maya caught Josh multiple times staring at her and Lucas. She felt herself shrink into her husband under the other man’s glare and Lucas’ hand was tighten on her waist when Josh found reasons to come by into the kitchen. It wasn’t that Josh was this terrible guy that she needed protecting from—it was just that Lucas and Josh hated each other.

By the end of the night, after everyone else had left, Maya was curled up in one of the big comfy chairs in the living room with Lucas’ arms tight around her. He was discussing baseball with Zay and his voice alone lulled her to sleep.

When she came, she heard soft voices and decided to pretend she was asleep for a little bit longer. 

“I don’t think I ever said congratulations.”

Josh’s voice put Maya on edge and she was nervous about how the conversation was going to go.

“Thanks. It was pretty quick so not many people knew. My dad wasn’t even there for it. He was on a business trip.” Lucas laughed as he continued to stroke Maya’s arm.

“I was angry with you for a long time, but I get it was always going to be you two. I just needed to get out of the way.”

“Well, I won’t disagree with you.” 

Maya mentally rolled her eyes at her husband.  

“You treat her well Lucas. I’m sorry my parents refuse to see that.”

“I could treat her better. I know she deserves a lot more than what I have given her. She has given a lot up for me and I just want to be able to repay the favor.”

Maya doesn’t hear Josh respond, but the silence wasn’t awkward she assumed her nodded or something nonverbal. 

“Well, I better get going. Tell her I am sorry for earlier.” 

Maya could fell Lucas shift her around to give Josh a handshake and before she knew it, it was just them two again. She then allowed herself to pretend to wake up. “You heard all of that didn’t you?”

Maya knew she was caught but feigned innocence, “Ranger Rick, I was asleep.”

“I know you Shortstack. Your body tensed the second you woke up.”

She pouted at him, “Well maybe you shouldn’t know me so well.”

“Yeah, I will get right on that.”

She tried to fight a smile, but it was useless when it came to him. “I love you. You know that right?”

“I love you too.” 

“Don’t ever feel like you have to repay me for following you to Texas. I did it gladly.”

He nodded at her and she couldn’t resist leaning up to push her lips against his. “I love you forever.”


She growled at his response and he let out a bark of laughter. It was common response when she told him she would love him forever and she wasn’t positive if it was because they got married on a Tuesday, hence when they made the vow to love each other forever or if it was because he was giving her a heads up that he was leaving her on a Tuesday.

“You are so mean to me.”

“Oh, I know.” 

She giggled pulling herself up before holding a hand out to him, “Come on Mr. Friar. Time to go home.”

“Anything for you, Mrs. Friar.”    

Morning After;

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- You’ll end up waking up before him

- And you’ll just look at him with a smile as you watch his chest rise and fall

- You think yourself: ‘Maybe just maybe this is the guy i want to settle down with’

- “Are you going to keep watching me?”

- So you’re like ‘oh shit’ so you look away kinda embarrassed

- And he chuckles and he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you into his chest

- Leaving an “oompf” come out

- “How you feeling?”

- He always asks every time, like he’s 100% giving

- “Can we just stay like this?”

- Your fingers knot into his black hair as he lays on your chest

- He’d look up at often and just be like ‘woah’

- You both get hungry so you try and go downstairs

- Key word in that sentence being ‘try’

- Mission unsuccessful so he gives you a piggyback ride

- You just eat cereal in just his shirt

- And for some odd reason, he chose to sit at the table butt naked

- With him, there’s no real logic

- “What? You’ve seen it all, why you embarrassed now?”

- You’d think that he’d act cocky but he’s just as embarrassed and you know but

- You just roll with it because that’s how he’s coping

- Tries to make you laugh whilst you’re eating your cinnamon toast crunch best cereal in the world DON’T tell me otherwise

- To the point where you laughed and choked

- He got super worried

- “Holy fuck Y/N, are you ok?” rushing over

- But his dick is swinging everywhere so you laugh harder

- It’s just a mess

- You guys are a mess

- But it’s cute

- A cute mess

- “I’m gonna take a shower,”


- “I mean you can join if you want”

- Never seen the boy run so fast

- End up having round 2 in the shower

- Then round 3 in the bed again

- Basically, the whole day is FUN DAY!


“J-Hope is bright guy, laughs a lot and has become hopeful like his name. J-Hope has good energy that effects everyone in a good way and I think J-hope is awesome. And people think he’s always nice and innocent. But, inside his smiley face, there’s an evil living there. J-Hope winds me up all the time but never stop smiling even when he does that. But you can never punch someone who looks so happy like that.” – Jimin

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A night in White Harbor (Part IV)

This is continuation of Part III. Enjoy :) Let me know what you think in the comments.

Dany and Jon looked at each other. He was standing in the doorway of her room. She finally ended the silence by saying “Yes, lord Snow, how may I help you?”,

“Your grace, can we talk in private about the matters of the traveling road?” he looked at the Unsullied guard next to him as he finished his sentence.

Dany wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but he invited him to her room. It was almost dinner time. They shouldn’t be long in this room. 

Dany pointed a chair at him for him to sit. He did, and she sat next to him. She waited for him to speak. 

“Look, Dany, I..I wanted to apologize for last night. I did not want to hurt you, and you know how I feel about you..”

“How do you feel about me?” 

“I..” he felt sad, i don’t deserve you. “I love you, Dany. I do, I love you, and whatever side of me you saw last night wasn’t intentional.”

“I am not sad..” she cleared her throat. She had cried all evening. Jon noticed that as she would cry in silence some nights after their lovemaking.

Dany continued “I am not sad about last night. I have had men treat me worse. But, I was scared. I was scared that you would also hurt me like they did.” and She burst into tears in front of him. She was feeling very vulnerable the whole day. She wasn’t weak like this before. What happened to her.

Jon kneeled in front of her, put his hands on her shoulders as she had covered her face with her hands. He said “No, my love, I would never hurt you. I will always love you”. he held her hands. They looked at each other. Dany continued “Are you going to use me and leave me?am I just a dragon queen to you?” She had fears that she had never allowed people to see, and she poured them in front of Jon. Jon had to be different. She wanted him to be different. She knew it, but her 13 year old self had came back last night as Khal Drogo hurt her. But Jon was soft..he had a good heart..She loved him madly.

Jon realized that her memories had haunted her, he said “Dany, Dany, sshhh, you are my one and only Dany. I would fight every single person in the North and in the world, whoever comes between you and I. You are my queen, my love, my body, my heart. I am yours, everything I have is yours. It has been since we became one in that ship, in that amazing night, and it will be until my last breath..” He had tears coming down his eyes. He continued “I was born a bastard. I never thought I deserved having anything beautiful in life, let alone having you. You are my whole. You are the best thing I had in life. i am a fool, a deformed monster with a horrible past, but I don’t care about honor, duty, or anything that would come in between us. I love you, and whatever comes in my way, I will destroy it. I don’t care if you can’t have children. I want you, I will love you, I will always pick you in every single lifetime. Fuck those Northern lords, they used to laugh at me whenever they would come to Winterfell…I slept in the mud, in the snow, I killed men I admire, I fought until they stabbed me, but not now, I won’t be leaving you until they take this lifetime of mine away.” His tears were pouring down stronger. He was still holding Dany’s hands, kneeling in front of her on the floor.

 He continued “I was lonely, very lonely for a lifetime until I saw you..Don’t leave me now Dany..Don’t”. Dany hugged him, she took him in her arms. They both cried together over their sufferings, but they had each other. Dany realized that she had made a huge mistake of doubting Jon Snow. “I love you”. She told him while holding him in her arms. “I love every part of you, every move, every word, and every thought, I will love you with everything I have in me until the very end of everything, you’re not alone anymore, I am here..” Dany was surprised how much of her doubts had gone and the surge of emotions as she couldn’t stop herself telling him all her feelings of him. Jon was also surprised of how much he had held in him, he would always be sad in front of Dany. They held each other for what it felt like hours. 

 They disentangled from each other on the heavy knock on the door. Have they been knocking for a long time? It was Missandei asking her queen to join them for dinner. They both stood up, cleaning their faces. Jon wanted to take Dany in his arms and kiss her, but not now, it wasn’t dark enough for them to hide in the darkness, where no one can see them. Dany replied to Missandei “I will be there soon, thank you”.. They looked at each other. Their relationship had strengthened. “That was a good cry” said Jon, and Dany laughed. He didn’t want to touch her, he was scared of her reaction. She took his face in her hands and kissed him on his lips. He hugged her and their kiss got intensified. They started kissing each other heavily, their breaths got shorter. Jon whispered “let’s not go, let’s stay here, ..”, Dany continued “we have to go,..I have to go..”, she let herself out of Jon’s arms because she knew if she stayed, she would never eat until net morning. Right before she opened the door, He grabbed her arms and kissed her again, she said  “Wait for me tonight, I want to sleep in your arms..It might be our last night, I want to memorize your smell..”, he nodded she opened the door and left. After a few minutes, he followed her to dinner. 

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Dream trip.

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Happy fluff with Alternative fact Tom the actor and OC.

Underground trains were never my thing, I always worry about going the wrong way, or the wrong line. 

And far more scary what if it breaks down, and we all have to walk back down the tunnel​ in the dark to safety. Thus having to avoid the large man eating rats plus the zombies that live down there, that I’ve seen in every horror film.

So it takes a special reason to get me down here, and today I had one. I still however, had to find some way of distract myself from the thoughts of horror in my head and the only way for me to do that was people watch.

There was the family all together out for a day trip to London. The teen looked mighty pissed off that mum and dad had dragged them away from the computer, just to see some dusty relic that didn’t beat internet shenanigans.

The business man with his copy of a serious newspaper, who kept shaking the pages so we all got the fact he was reading it, and as he was reading it, it must mean he was important. 

The middle-aged lady in the corner who was reading something on her phone. I’d say smut by the happy expression and slightly heightened colour of her cheeks, that and the occasional high pitched giggled that escaped her lips.

The young lad who kept looking round at all the girls getting really embarrassed when they smiled  back at him, suddenly finding interest in his smart black shoes.

And the really tall handsome chap, who was reading a book and reminded me of….shit….wow…..Nope it really was Tom Hiddleston!

At which point he looked up, and seeing me opened mouth looking at him smiled that crazily sexy smile and returned his eyes and thoughts to his book.

I just couldn’t stop peeping at him, he was so handsome. I mean we all know he is but in the flesh, fifteen feet away from you, that bastard glows.

He unfortunately looked up at me again as I looked at him, so rather than look silly I signed in a language only known to a few -me-

 “Are you going to the tennis?” This involved me miming a game of tennis. What was I saying about not looking silly?

He grinned at me, eyes now sparkling and nodded his head, pointed back at me then repeated my tennis mime. 

I nodded with a huge grin because I’d wanted to go to Wimbledon for many years and this was the day, it was the reason I’d braved the bowels of the earth to do so.

Tom then mouthed “Center court?” I mimed back, by first rubbing my fingers on one hand together, next showing two fingers and then holding my hand up. “Cost to high” Which of course he didn’t have a clue what I was trying to say, so over he came.

Fuck he’s tall and in the confined space of a tube train, ridiculously so.

“Hi, didn’t get the last bit, care to try again” 

“Ha, um, well the cost of Center court is too high, so I’m watching one of the lesser mortals play on court two, it will still have all the feeling, excitement and atmosphere”

“Been before?” He asked.

 Being as I hadn’t  really expect the conversation to carry on after that first sentence, and was frankly amazed I got out the answer to that, I was now panicking.

“Not really, first time, always wanted to, decided this year I had too” wow almost real sentences.

“Why this year?” he asked as he looked at me intently. If that guy ever decided to go into interrogation he’d only have to do this look and you’d spill all.

I’d actually hoped that no one would ask why I’d come and now they had, and it was sexy mother fucker here, I could feel myself welling up inside and he could see it on my face, oh shit lady you are such an embarrassment.

“You ok?” He asked with what sounded like genuine concern.

Deep breath and say it, or look bloody stupid.

“I watched Wimbledon every year with my cat and dad and last month he died and I just felt I should actually go, to remember him”

“Oh I am so sorry I wish I hadn’t asked, shit you must miss him terribly?” His eyes looked as sad as I felt. He was so lovely as he gave me a Hiddle’s hug, while the guy who had been looking at his shoes kindly took a picture of us.

“Yes I miss him every day, it would have been weird to watch it on the telly without him, he use to chance the balls round  the screen” Tom face looked down at me somewhat confused

“Your dad chased the balls on the telly?”

“No my cat! but he got run down by a car last month, and dad has found a new lady friend, so I decided to come here to honor Frodo’s memory”

Toms face was now a picture, he was caught between trying to look concerned for the mad cat lady, and not laughing out loud.

“Well in honor of dear departed Frodo, could I ask you to give up your seats in court two and come join me in center court. But whatever you do, please, for the sake of not ending up as the front page story in the Sun, don’t chase the balls round the court in his memory. Although it would be funny.”

“Wow! Really, you’ve got no one better to go with than me?” his turn to look embarrassed

“I seem to be at a temporary loss for female company, maybe I’m not cool enough to be seen with at the moment”

“No not cool, just totally hot!” Bugger said that out loud.

“Thank you, now will you, with memories of your much loved pussy, join me”

“Love too” This day just got to the stuff dreams are made of.

I realized at this point we’d been snapped a lot since Tom had come over to talk to me, good job I’d worn my best summer outfit with the spanks under I thought, proving yet again how weird the brain is at times like this.

Tom was as per advertised, a proper gentleman. He made sure I was by his side all the rest of the tube journey, and back out to the sunshine. He didn’t even laugh when I told him of my underground fears, well not so I could see.

We took a taxi from Wimbledon park underground to the courts themselves, Tom chatting all the way, telling me who was playing and what he expected the score to be.

On arrival, we got the royal treatment by busy men and women in smart uniforms. Cameras clicked, journalist asked dumb questions, and girls gave the occasional involuntary squeak when they saw Tom. Tom took this all in his stride, even if he did have a slightly more strained look on his handsome face. I walked a bit behind and as I guessed no one even considered I might be with him. 

We got lead into a lounge decked out beautifully in pink, there was food put out the tables, including strawberries and cream, which took all my willpower not to barge passed everyone in the room and claim the table as mine, like Gollum over his precious ring. Tom seeing me drool over the fruit, got me a large bowl of the sweet ruby heaven, which I may, or may not have eaten a little too quickly. Drinks also flowed freely but I noticed Tom went for water as did I. 

Tom didn’t leave my side again explaining he’d wanted to avoid me being journalist fodder for page three gossip. My mind just kept screaming ‘Well this is gonna be headline news in the office on Monday.’

He introduced me to others including Benedict and his wife, who I had a really great girly chat with,  while the boys talked about other stuff. She was hilarious with tip bits of gossip she had on stars and celebs that I will never tell!

Time for the tennis and into the posh seat where, to use a phrase from a certain trash novel, ‘My inner goddess was doing cartwheels’ Me in the posh seats! This of course this did mean that the paps had full view of me sitting beside the A Lister actor and happily snapped away all game. Seems it would now be more than office news after all.

We didn’t help this because at a particular thrilling match point, I grabbed hold of Tom’s arm and he grabbed me back as we held our breaths. Yelling together when our man made his opponent skid across the court and he still miss the ball. I might just point out here that Tom is very vocal at these things, which lead my mind to think about other occasions he might be as vocal. Back to the game girl, back to the game!

The game ended with our man winning and the crowd went wild, so did Tom who gave me a huge hug and sort of jumped up and down as he did so.

I thought that would be it but he insisted I did the whole after games drink. He then like some gallant knight of old, got me all the way back to where he found me, chatting nonstop about the game all the way.

He kindly, I think for the sake of appearance, took my number but didn’t give me his.

Finally, he left me at my station to go home with a hug and a kiss on my hand. He actually thanked me for a lovely day!

I went home feeling like the cat who had got the cream, he was the nicest guy, a true gentleman and I’d been on an adventure with him.

All this was written in my diary with pictures and write ups from the gossip rags of “Tom Hiddleston with mystery female at Wimbledon”

Pictures of me grabbing Toms arm, plus pictures of us jumping up and down in a hug when our man won, had been all over the net. It kept the gossip rags and click bate sites happy for a week, till Tom was seen hugging an A list female star at an awards ceremony, and I quickly was forgotten.

The office was not as fun as I expected, some people were lovely, genuinely pleased Id had my magic moment. Many others being really nasty about

 ‘why the hell would he pick you?’. I didn’t care, he did, we had fun, a day never to forget. 

Two Saturdays later I was laughing at a video of kittens on Tumblr when my phone went.

Text unknown caller, strange

“My two imaginary gold fish, Ant and Dec drowned today and they loved Shakespeare. To honor them I have got two tickets to ‘Twelfth night’ fancy coming with me? Tom X.

(picture not mine I just played)

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pictures not mine I just played

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Prompt: Supergirl ficlet in the style of Hikaru no Go <3

Hahaha, well I think this is going to have an audience of just you, but since you’re my favorite audience, here you go! *smooch*

Lena has just finished a teaching game. She’s packing up the stones when she hears the tinkling sound of the bell over the salon door, and a moment later a bright voice, louder than etiquette allows for, asks, “excuse me, but is it true that you can play go here?”

Standing at the counter is an athletic looking blonde girl. She can’t be older than 14 - Lena’s age - and she’s smiling charmingly at Jess, who, shockingly, is smiling back. Lena can’t hear what she says, but the blonde girl is looking around with interest, and after a moment she points at Lena, and continues to speak too loudly as she says, “what about that girl over there - she looks my age. Can I play her?”

Jess opens her mouth to answer, undoubtedly to explain that despite being the same age, Lena is hardly a beginner’s opponent, and suddenly, Lena realizes that she doesn’t want that. She starts forward a little too hastily, almost bumping the pot of black stones off the board as she edges around it and makes her way to the front of the salon.

“I’m free for a game if you’d like to play,” she tells the girl, cutting off whatever Jess was saying. Jess looks shocked, and the blonde looks delighted.

“That’s great! I’m Kara - Kara Danvers,” and she holds out her hand. Above it, her eyes are impossibly wide and blue.

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#5 - What went wrong?

Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Also, any text that are in italics are in the past and the rest are in the present form.


Tuesday, 7th June 2017

You tried to going to sleep but obviously, you couldn’t. Not with that many questions on your mind. You wanted to wake Jay up and demand he answers your questions but he was drunk af. You wouldn’t get a straight answer. 

Jay: I met my ex-girlfriend through mutual friends. We met face-to-face for the first at a party and yeah. Fast forward a couple of months and we got into this big fight. Honestly, I can’t even remember what it was. It probably started with something stupid, like me not doing the fucking dishes or something. 

You: Well it’s a good thing you do them now aye but you should work on picking up after yourself. I hate seeing you throw your shirts on the freaking chair in the room. If it’s dirty put in it the laundry and if it’s clean hang it. 

Jay: Very funny babe and shut up, lemme finish my story. Yeah so when that relationship ended, I started to put everything into my businesses. I didn’t want to date anyone. I just wanted to focus on my career and you know supporting my family and friends.

You: Then why me? 

Jay: Cos you’re one clingy bitch who wouldn’t stop calling me so I caved and asked you to be my girlfriend. 

You moved Jay’s hands off you as they were around your shoulders and sat up. The two of you had just finished dinner and you two were sitting on the balcony of Jay’s apartment. Looking out at Seoul’s night sky, the cars below and the lights from other buildings. 

Jay: I’m just joking baby. Come back here.

You: Then answer my question, why me? Out of the all pretty girls you could have what made me so different?

Jay: Well you have this certain aura around you. An aura that makes everyone around to fall in love with you. But not only like the love as in what we have but also the caring, kind friendship love. You know. Your smile, sense of humour down to earth personality and that laugh of yours makes me weak baby. And whenever I have a shit day I think about you because you always have your arms open to catch me. You’re my safety net babe. Not matter where I go or how far, I know I’ll always have you. And plus, you’re probably the only one who laughs at my lame jokes. Like genuinely laugh, not like laughing at me. You’re always laughing with me. 

After hearing what Jay said you sat back down next to him. 

You: Well I never expected to hear that from the badass CEO of AOMG. I should’ve record it damn. Can you say it again? 

Jay laughed. He sat up and pulled you in closer and kissed you on your head.

Jay: So now it’s your turn. What happened before me and why me? 

You have never talked about your previous relationships with anyone except your two friends, Jasmine and Hallie. You didn’t really want to tell Jay but he was honest with you so you must do the same.

You: I have only been in 2 relationships before you and both of them cheated on me. Nothing else to say really. It sucked but I got over it and now I have you. 

Jay: I’m sorry to hear that babe but fuck them. Some people just don’t fucking know what they have right? And think of it as positive thing because we found each other after everything that happened.  

You: Right and as for your second question. Hmm so why you? Why. You. Park Jae-Beom? I actually had my eyes set on your co-CEO but he rejected my offer so I settle for the CEO instead.  

Jay: Are you fucking serious? Oh I swear, you are gonna pay for what you said.

You ran back into the apartment before Jay had time to get up and locked the balcony door. You were laughing from the other side of the door and Jay couldn’t figure if he was mad at you or madly in love with your wits.

You: Okay, I’ll tell you the truth but take back what you said about “gonna pay for what you said”.

Jay: Fine. I take it back. Lemme in, it’s fucking cold now. 

You: Not my problem since you opted for a singlet babe. Okay well, I like that you’re one strong, hard working person and that you don’t take shit from anyone. You started with nothing and look at where you’re now. Different career path but you still remain grounded and humble. And your drive to help your loved ones is one of the thing I fell for you because that is just one of thing I look for in a partner. You know what I mean. Like knowing how much you love your family and friends just shows how you’re gonna be when you have your own family. 

You unlocked the door and let Jay in.

Jay: So all I got from that was you wanting to have my babies..? 

You hit him on the shoulders. You gave a mouthful and that was he responded?

Jay: I’m just joking baby. But seriously, thank you for thinking of me as humble and grounded. I love you and out of all the people on earth I’ll be happy for you to have my babies. 

Wednesday, 8th June 2017

It was 7am and usually your alarm would have gone off. But you couldn’t sleep last night so you turned it off before 7am. All night you thought of the all the different ways to confront Jay. Should you just go off at him or just casually ask him? You didn’t know what to do but you know you wanted answers. 

You didn’t sleep in the room with him instead you stayed in the living room. your neck hurt lying on the sofa arm rest. Just when you got up, you heard Jay’s voice. He was whispering but since it’s still super quiet in the apartment, you could make out what he was saying. 

Jay: Morning to you too. We probably shouldn’t drink too much on a weekday hey. I don’t know where she is. Probably left to buy breakfast. Ok. I will see you later.

You froze in your stand. You couldn’t move for god knows how long. But the moment you looked up, you saw Jay. 

Jay: Oh hey babe. You’re up early. What’s wrong?  

He came around and hugged you but you rejected the hug and stepped further away from him.

Jay: Ugh. I know I smell like shit. Sorry. 

You didn’t respond to him and before you could even control it tears formed in your eyes.

Jay: Is my b.o. really that bad that it’s making you tear up? Hey. Talk to me baby.

You: Is there someone else? 

Silence filled the room. You looked at Jay but he was showing no emotions. He gave you a blank look. The same look as to when he forgot to turn off the oven and left the apartment. He knew you caught him. 

You: You know what. I can’t right now. Asshole.

And you stormed out of the apartment whilst picking up your jacket on the way out. Half of you wanted Jay to stay in the apartment and not follow or call out to you but the other half wanted Jay to come after you. You were already outside and he wasn’t in sight. It seemed like he didn’t care that you left. 

You crashed at Jasmine’s place since it was closer than Hallie’s. 

Jasmine: What a dickhead! You know what, give me your phone and I’ll chew his ass off.

You: No, don’t do that please. 

Jasmine: Has he called you or anything since you left this morning?

You: Nope. Hey, can I stay here for the night? 

Jasmine: Yeah of course. Omg! I can’t fucking believe he did what he did. That motherfucker. 

You: Hey. I don’t know for sure if it’s true so just dial back on those curses. Too early in the morning for it, Jas.

Jasmine: Babe. You saw the receipts and that phone call in the morning. Not to mention that lipstick stain on his collar. You’ve got all the proof. He did you wrong and you’re still protecting him? Why? 

You: Look. I’ll figure out what to do next but now, I need sleep. 

You checked you phone one last time to see if Jay had attempted to reach you. 

Nothing. Not even a text. 

You turned off you phone and closed you eyes. 

The Box

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Summary: Saeran had watched him closely for a moment that felt much longer than it probably was before looking back down into the box. He reached in and pulled out a mesh shirt from the bottom, feeling out the soft netting between his fingers. “So you’ve never worn any of this?”

(I’m weak af when @ijaeli @itshaydere draws things)

Yoosung stuck his finger in one of the holes of his shirt. His cheeks burned as he wondered if it even really counted as a shirt. It was all white mesh, loose-fitting and showing much more skin that it covered. Well, skin and the strappy harness he wore under the mesh. How in the world had his day led him to this point?

His eyes landed on a nearby box, and he decided to lay all his blame there.

It had been his intention to do a little spring cleaning and donate some clothes that he didn’t wear often, but when he found a sweater he remembered Saeran showing an interest in, Yoosung decided to let Saeran pick out anything he’d like before donating everything. But then that box–that little, unassuming, unlabeled box–had gotten pulled out of the bottom of his closet with everything else and blended right in with all his donation boxes.

He was pretty sure he’d come as close to dying of embarrassment as any human probably ever had when Saeran had opened that particular box and lifted one shiny strap with a confused “What’s this?”

In his rush to find some way to explain the box and its contents, Yoosung’s brain and mouth failed to quite sync up and the only thing he managed was a stuttering, incoherent jumble of syllables and half-formed words. He had to cover his face with his hands, knowing full well just how red his face was, and take several deep breaths to slow down his racing thoughts. The entire time he tried to pull himself together, Saeran waited patiently and Yoosung wasn’t sure if that made him feel better about everything or not.

“They’re, um, harnesses and…collars that you wear,” Yoosung had explained, picking up one of several colorful plastic straps. “Some friends were throwing this themed party, and when they showed me what everyone would be wearing, I thought they were really cute! I went a little overboard and ended up ordering a few different types in a spree, but when the party rolled around, I was too embarrassed for anyone to see me in one and didn’t go,” he’d laughed, tight and awkward as he told his story. “I actually forgot I even had these.”

Saeran had watched him closely for a moment that felt much longer than it probably was before looking back down into the box. He reached in and pulled out a mesh shirt from the bottom, feeling out the soft netting between his fingers. “So you’ve never worn any of this?”

“Hm?” The question had surprised Yoosung, and his nerves about the whole thing had that awkward laughter bubbling up again as he said, “Ah, no, I never worked myself up to it.”

“Then how do you know you want to donate them?”

That had been the question that started it all. His explanations that it wasn’t his intent to donate that particular box (or ever let it see the light of day) had been brushed aside as Saeran told him he should at least try them on once. He’d spent the money on them, after all. And it was just the two of them, so there was no reason to feel embarrassed.

Yoosung wanted to argue, but he really couldn’t. With the amount of time they spent together, he really was more comfortable around Saeran than most people and knew Saeran wouldn’t judge him just because of something he wore, but still…the strappy vest harness and mesh shirt were much more revealing than anything he usually wore, even alone.

He’d insisted on changing in the bathroom so that he could at least psych himself up on his own before showing the result to someone else. He checked the little buckles (for the third time) and gave the straps a couple of tugs to get them settled so that everything was comfortable. Stretching his arms out to the side and then above his head, Yoosung gave a few twists and turns and was surprised at how comfortable it actually was. It wasn’t a restricting or cutting as he thought it might be. The mesh actually tickled a little as it slid over his skin.

“Okay,” he said with an exhale, turning to face the door back to Saeran’s room. Before more hesitation and doubt could creep in, he opened the door, as ready as he was going to be for whatever Saeran might say.

Only prepping himself for any comments he might receive, Yoosung was far from prepared to see Saeran in a harness and mesh shirt of his own. The blush that had been holding steady on his cheeks ever since the box was opened flamed brighter and managed to spread up to his ears and down his neck.

Before he could say anything about it, Saeran explained, “I wanted to try one on too, and I thought you might be more comfortable if someone else was wearing one.”

Somehow, Yoosung thought, Saeran also wearing a harness did make it a little easier, in an odd, flustering sort of way. Tugging at the solid hems of his mesh shirt for lack of anything better to do with his hands, Yoosung crossed the room to stand by Saeran and look at what was left in the box; two collars, a harness, and another shirt made of tighter mesh. He was startled when he felt Saeran touch one of the straps running across his stomach.

“I like it,” Saeran told him.

Yoosung looked down and saw Saeran’s fingertip tracing the swirls of shifting blues and purples and pinks. When he looked back up at Saeran’s face, he saw a small smile there.

“All the colors,” Saeran continued, “they just sort of…fit you.”

Doing his best to ignore his blush and the tight, ticklish feeling in his chest and stomach, Yoosung reached up and tugged at a large metal ring where several straps were attached just above Saeran’s bellybutton. “I like yours too,” he said with a smile of his own. Looking at the straps of shiny solid pink underneath the black mesh, he pointed out, “It matches the ends of your hair.”

Saeran lifted a hand to run through his hair as he spoke, a little unsure, “I’ve been thinking about letting my natural color grow back out.” There was a pause before he added in a softer voice, “Like Saeyoung.”

“I’m sure that’ll look good too, if that’s what you want to do,” Yoosung smiled trying to be supportive and encouraging. It was still pretty rare for Saeran to outright say that he wanted to do something just for himself.

Nodding, Saeran ran a finger under the choker part of the harness he was wearing as he said, “It’s tight in places but more comfortable than I was expecting.”

“Right?” Yoosung agreed, letting his surprise at how much he liked the harness-mesh combo push away the last lingering bits of embarrassment. “Once you get used to it, it’s really nice. I like the way the mesh feels.”

“So you’re not going to donate this box anymore?”

“I never meant to donate it to begin with,” Yoosung laughed awkwardly. He was actually pretty glad things had worked out the way they had. It would have been much worse to find that particular box at the donation site.

Saeran glanced over at the other boxes of donation clothes he’d been looking through for anything he liked before turning his attention back to Yoosung and touching the mesh and plastic he currently wore. “Even though you weren’t going to donate it, can I still keep this one?”

Not expecting the question, Yoosung laughed at being caught off guard by it. “Sure,” he nodded. “Let’s finish going through the other boxes too, though.”

They were still wearing the harnesses and mesh several hours later, having gotten used to the way they felt and looked and mostly forgetting about how far outside the norm it actually was for them. After sorting through the remaining boxes into Saeran’s picks and what would actually be donated now, they’d settled in the Choi household’s living room to play a game.

“Careful around this next corner,” Yoosung warned as he watched Saeran play. “There’s a trap that’s easy to miss.”

They were only half-aware of hearing the front door open and only paused the game when Saeyoung’s automatic greeting to them trailed off about halfway through.

Looking up, they saw Saeyoung staring at them, phone forgotten in his hand, likely still in the middle of texting someone. The older twin stared at them for a moment before opening his mouth to speak only to close it again. For the first time Yoosung could really recall, Seven looked speechless.

When it occurred to Yoosung what had momentarily knocked Saeyoung off balance, his blush from earlier returned full force and he was gearing up to explain what they were wearing when he was effectively cut off. 

Saeyoung lifted his phone without a word, took a picture of the two of them on the couch, and turned to continue on his way towards his room.

Yoosung and Saeran were a little confused by the reaction, but tried to brush it off as one of Saeyoung’s odd quirks. 

At least, that was the case until a new thread appeared in the RFA chatroom featuring their picture and the title “Yoosung is corrupting my baby brother.”

anonymous asked:

“We’re both in the vegetable isle and I just burst into tears while staring at the cabbages” + namjin? 👀

Pairing: Namjin
Prompt: “We’re both in the vegetable isle and I just burst into tears while staring at the cabbages” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,726 
A/N: I got carried away writing this so for the sake of everyone’s dash, I’ll put half of it under the cut ^~^ (p.s. the cute/fluff stuff is near the end, so read this all the way through!)

This probably isn’t the best idea Seokjin has had but while some people drink away their pain or indulge in retail therapy, grocery shopping has always been the best sort of comfort for him. Which is why Seokjin finds himself welcoming the blast of warmth from the 24-hour hypermart’s interior as he steps through its sliding doors. 

Except it’s past 1am and Seokjin’s probably drank one shitty mix too many and he feels a little less in control with the alcohol running through his system.
It isn’t Hoseok’s fault for dragging him out of his apartment to a party though. Seokjin understands, really, because he’s been a moping mess if he says so himself, and Hoseok is one of those people who finds comfort in loud music and bad alcohol.

“It’ll be fun, hyung” was Hoseok’s response to Seokjin’s weak excuse of “I don’t party”. And Seokjin’s grateful for a friend like Hoseok, even if he doesn’t particularly enjoy parties, because Hoseok’s trying to cheer him up and comfort him in the only way he knows how. 

“Who knows, it might be good for you, you know?” Hoseok’s tone was light but Seokjin still caught his meaningful gaze, heavy with concern. He pretended not to have noticed it. 

Hoseok took it upon himself to bring drinks over in the next few hours at Jackson’s place, seating himself down to accompany Seokjin instead of joining the mess of bodies on the makeshift dance floor. Seokjin tried to lose himself in casual conversations with strangers and overbearing music, but three hours in and he’s had enough. 

He convinced Hoseok that he was tired and wanted to catch some rest, insisting that Hoseok stayed on to enjoy the party. Shrugging on a single heavy coat, Seokjin then stepped into the darkness of night to make his way across the wintry streets.

But of course, the mart with its bright lights and toasty heating distracted Seokjin, which is how he ends up inside, a basket in one hand, walking towards the fruit and vegetables section. It’s Grocery Day tomorrow anyway (or today to be exact, since it’s past midnight), and Seokjin figures there’s no harm doing it a little early. 

The familiarity is comforting and at this time, it’s almost void of customers. Seokjin takes his time, steps still a tad sluggish from drinking as much as he did. He picks up bananas first, before moving to select some apples. The fruits look pretty good this winter despite the early chill, and Seokjin’s glad he can keep up with his whole “an apple a day” ritual. Hoseok laughs at him for it but Seokjin’s adamant that it’s what keeps him from catching a cold when the seasons change. 

He’s just picked up two packets of Brussels sprouts and is turning around to see what other vegetables he feels like buying when he sees it. The section with a whole lot of cabbages on display. 

Seokjin freezes. No, not now. He can feel the lump in his throat growing and Seokjin fights to swallow it back down. This isn’t the right time and definitely not the right place for this kind of flashback. 

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