i will never love a pairing more than i love these two


 Summary: Bucky’s greatful to have you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 540

Warnings: nope

A/N: This was heavily inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Perfect so I suggest you listen to it while reading. Also two drabbles in two days holy shit, I’m so productive. And I suck at summarys.

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Happiness. Pure happiness was what he felt every time he was with you, and he felt it now, ten thousand times stronger than usually. Before he met you, he didn’t believe in love. Bucky didn’t believe that he was actually capable of loving anyone. Not after all the things he had done.

But then, there were you. Beautiful and sweet, that’s how he would describe you every time he was talking about you. Everyone just playfully shook their heads whenever he started to talk about you, but Bucky didn’t mind. He was in love, finally after all those years and everyone should now. 

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Pairing: John x Reader, Dean x friend!Reader, Sam x friend!reader
Word count: 2,991
Warnings: Angst, swearing

Part 5 of Time Changes Things

“I mean like…like you loved Mom.” Dean asked quietly, his stomach twisting and turning. “I mean truly love her?” his voice was quiet. Was his dad in love with you?

John froze at his son’s question. He’d never looked at it that way. You were two different people. His mind worked over the question as his eyes studied your face. When he answered, his voice was low. “There’s never been anyone that made me feel even close to what you mother did. Until y/n.” He said softly.

Dean swallowed. “Fuck.” He muttered under his breath. No matter how he handled this, someone would get hurt. And, clearly, you cared more about John’s wellbeing than your own if you were willing to give up the man you loved so that his boys didn’t hate him.

Pulling in front of the ER doors, he slid out enough to get you out, and hand you to John. Sighing, he watched his father carry you in. He saw the heartbreak on his father’s face. Dean was beyond torn. Shutting the back door, he went back around and got in so he could park the car.

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Why Yuri on Ice is better without a kiss and I love you

A lot of people complain that we never got an uncensored kiss, or straight up I love yous from Yuri and Victor, but I’m honestly happy we didn’t?

The thing that makes me truly love Victuuri is that you could take out every piece of fanservice. The “kiss”, marriage jokes etc and it would still be blatantly obvious that they love each other.

Love and real relationships are about so much more than kisses and pretty words. They are great to have, but they aren’t the be all end all. The thing that makes Victor and Yuri’s love so real for me is all the little things. The looks, the fights, their personal growth together, the little ways they show affection. To be quite honest, the pair skating at the end meant more to me and I’m sure would’ve meant more to both Victor and Yuri than any number of kisses would have.

Of course, come season two I’m hoping just like everyone else that we will get kisses and I love yous and a wedding.

But I don’t need any of those to prove their relationship, and that is fucking fantastic

Internet Love// Lee Dongmin

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Pairing: Eunwoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Hello, I love your writing and all your scenarios! I was wondering if you could write one where you and Eunwoo/Dongmin meet over the internet and then you finally go out to Seoul, Korea and meet him? Oh and lots of fluff! Thank youuu <3Btw I love your blog!

Author’s Note: This is actually such an interesting concept ofhjkfdv  i hope you enjoy the read c:

xoxo Sara

You placed your carry-on bag below your seat, setting for the window seat on the small plane you were currently on. You never really liked planes, but it was all worth it to see him.

You had met Dongmin online about a year ago, and ever since then you have fallen more and more in love with him than you could have possibly thought. You never believed that you could fall in love from a simple message or two, but Dongmin proved your theory wrong. You couldn’t count the number of times he’s made your heart flutter so much, to the point where you couldn’t even think straight, in these past few months.

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Let Me Love You pt. 2

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 2,110

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: Holy cow! I was not expecting that kind of feedback! Thank you guys so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! As promised, here is part two, and I hope that you like it.

Part one , part three, and part four here!

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It was Friday night.

It was girl’s night.

Getting to spend time with her friend’s had become something of a rarity. They were always somewhere, probably halfway across the world kicking ass. But this weekend they were home and- come hell or high water- they were going out; they were going to get totally drunk, eat a crazy amount of greasy food, watch terrible movies. The usual.

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Under the Hood; Into the Heart [chapter eight]

Summary: A love story of motor oil and telepathy.
Rating: NC-17 (Chuck forgive me.)
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female)
A/N: Way overdue. Let’s not talk about it. Or how many times I screamed in frustration as I tried to write this chapter. All of the love and thanks to you guys. Behind? No problem. 
Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven

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Let Me Love You pt. 5 [End]

Summary: She never really looked at Bucky that way, but she just recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend and Bucky is more than willing to help her get her mind off of him. Maybe she would let him help, if only he would stop being so infuriatingly annoying for just one second. A five part mini-series based on Ariana Grande’s ‘Let Me Love You’

Word Count: 947 (so short, I’m sorry!)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Unnamed female character

A/N: So this is the end. Thanks so much for reading. This will not be the last of me, I promise. So if you like what you read, maybe follow me for more? Hope you like it!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

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They hadn’t even made it out of the front door.

Steve, Wanda, Natasha, and Vision were all sat on the couches, watching television in the common room when the pair came into the room; laughing and holding hands, talking about some stupid cat video she had shown Bucky on YouTube. 

“Right, but imagine T’Challa.” She laughed, making Bucky throw his head back in laughter at the tiny kitten who was going crazy over a laser pointer.

Natasha was the first one to notice them. Her eyes dropped down to their linked hands and a smirk tugged at the corner of her lips. Next were Steve and Sam who shared a very, confused look. But then Sam whispered an ‘I told ya so’, to his best friend. Wanda and Vision just smiled, happy that they were no longer the only couple on the team.

“Where are you two going?” The voice belonged to Steve. It was his ‘dad-voice’ as she liked to call it. And she could practically see his face before she turned around. 

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paintbomber  asked:

1, 4, 7, 13, 14, 21, 22 and 23 for the ask meme please?

1- Decepticon, Autobot or Neutral


4 - Favorite Decepticon(s)

Like…. all of them tbh?? There’s very VERY few that I hate? If I had to pick all time faves out of every single continuity it would of COURSE be the Decepticon Justice Division. Never before have I loved any characters more intensely than I do for Tarn, Kaon, Tesarus, Helex and Vos.

7 - Favorite show(s)

Transformers Prime. No doubt, it’s the show that got me into transformers in the first place and I adore it even with its flaws.

14 - Least favorite Autobot(s)

Honestly there are way too fucking many to count. I heavily, HEAVILY dislike a LOT of autobots.

22 - A pairing you love that no one else seems to

*sits quietly in my little row-boat labled “poly!DJD shipping” that has like…. maybe two or three other people????*

23 - A pairing you hate that no one else seems to

Hah…. well I feel a little bad answering this one because quite a fair number of my mutuals and buddies like a certain pairing that I really cannot stand, even if it’s written/drawn well and there’s no hint of gross abuse and non-con in sight.

On Saphael

Raphael was there for Simon when he turned, he promised he would look after him, he fed him, he clothed him, he showed him such an extreme level of patience and kept him close as possible by his side for Simons own good. Not to mention the chemistry the two had between them. Theirs could be a beautiful and heartachingly romantic love story.

There is only one con holding the writers back from making Saphael canon in Shadowhunters. And that is “we already have too many gay characters, two gay pairings will surpass the number of straight pairings in the show”.

And to the writers I say this - NEVER let that be a valid reason to hold you back. You see the potential you could have here. The vast majority of viewers can feel way more electricity in the air between Simon and Raphael than with Simon and Izzy (even though I love my girl).

One- by doing this you will have the sexiest woman on the show remain single and empowered instead of being scooped up by a man

And two- by keeping Simon a vampire and more closely tied to that community instead of hooking up with a shadowhunter, you’d be discrediting CC’s prejudiced portrayal that nephilm are the Elite race in her story.

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Graylu Fan Forever

I love Graylu. I love this pairing so much it actually hurts you guys. And it’s sad to know that they most likely might never happen. It breaks my heart. Still that doesn’t stop me from hoping that it could happen. It’s still not over. Graylu is just beautiful. Their relationship is unique. They understand each other. They relate to one another. Out of all the Fairy Tail characters I feel like Gray and Lucy have developed so much (mostly Lucy). I love all their moments together. I hope there are more moments of them. They make me laugh and smile. I loved when Gray apologized to Lucy and they both blushed. When they fought together it was awesome. They fight great together. Their moments don’t feel forced into the manga/anime like many other ships. Graylu feels natural. I feel like Gray really cares more about Lucy than anyone else. I love these two so much and I will always ship them not matter what. Even if they don’t end up together, Graylu will always be my OTP.

The thing about love is that it is always unrequited. No two people will ever love each other in the exact same way. There are varying degrees of love, significant and slight. A slight difference in degrees of love would be one member of a married couple hesitating just a few more seconds than the other when asked if they would die for each other. A significant variation in the degree of love would be a person buying way more groceries than they need so that they can go to the supermarket every time the clerk they are in love with has a shift. If asked about the person, the clerk would probably say that they were nice. Nearly every pairing of people in the world has some love for each other. 

This imprecise ramble of an idea is one of the ways I console myself when I think about how 

you will never sit comfortably on my bed 
or look to me first when someone says something stupid 
or write a poem about me. 

You will never go to Mcdonald’s with me at 2 am
you will never feel me in your veins
and you will never admit to me that you are acting nearly always, 
even with yourself. 

If I ever kissed you it certainly wouldn’t taste like a promise, and it would be fleeting and anxious, like all moments with you are, like you are.

But I know that keeping you all to myself is a preposterous and selfish notion.

Like when I would take caterpillars off of trees when I was littler and keep them in glass jars with just enough holes in the top and just enough of the wrong leaves, but no matter what I did they never turned into butterflies.

Like plucking a flower from the earth and keeping it inside in a glass vase, of all things, where it will lilt and shrivel and die.

Like when I had a parakeet named Persephone and I kept her in a cage in my basement.

Well I don’t keep caterpillars anymore and I thank people and ask them not to do it again when they give me flowers and I let Persephone fly away last March. 

So I will do the same with you, except I will never own you to begin with and I will try my hardest to convince myself that I don’t want to, and that I don’t want you to own me. You were not brought here to belong to anyone and it could never suit you.

And it’s okay because I can think about you and I can talk to you when it’s convenient and I can touch you meaninglessly and see you when I close my eyes and imagine the silk of my pillow at night is your skin under my fingers and sometimes when I’m not watching my thoughts you can belong to me and I you and that is my love and you can’t take it away from me and no one can and it is (almost) enough.