i will never leave queue again

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.


“…That’s a little creepy, even by my standards.”
“Wha- hey! It’s not my fault you have really cute bunny teeth, okay?”
“…Bunny teeth.”
“Yeah, bunny teeth. Cute lil’ bunny teeth to go with your cute lil’ peanut ears and your cute lil’-”
get it, Stiles, shut up.”
Make me.”


also here have a song just for you:

Amy nooo, Amy noooo
Your love for teeth has grown once moooore
All the teeeeth, white as snooooow
At least Hoechlin’s, that’s for suuuuure
I can’t taaaaaake your cuteness aaaanymoooore
But let the love rage oooon
The teeth never bothered me anywaaaay hAH!

[dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun] etc

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!! i said i’d draw you teeth despite my inability and reluctance to draw them sO HERE YOU GO!!! I hope you have a lovely day, bby.

did we not?

“perhaps,” she finally says, hesitantly, and her eyes are on his face as though assessing his every facial movement, “perhaps, they weren’t meant for each other.”

the boy is silent for a long period of time and when he speaks up, his voice is levelled and uncharacteristically cold. “does it matter?” the corner of his lip tugs up slightly. “does it look like i care?”

“i just meant—” she begins sharply, but she reels her emotions back in, rebuilding her steely defence as his eyes flicker to meet hers out of curiosity. “i just meant,” she starts slowly, “that they weren’t meant to love each other. that’s all.” she lets out a sigh of resignation.

“maybe not,” the boys muses in response, turning his head to focus his gaze on the horizon, the colour of eyes shifting from an onyx black to a dark, pigmented blue. “but shouldn’t they have tried? held on for a little longer?” his voice cracks at the last word and his gaze drops to the ground; he’s embarrassed.

“there are times when even a million tries seem like none at all,” the girl whispers, as though she is afraid if stirring a sleeping child and before she can process the occurring events, the forlorn-looking boy has jumped up to secure her in a tight hug, his breath shallow and rather rapid.

“i’m sorry,” he says suddenly, a gulp cutting off the sorry.

“pardon?” the girl asks, her eyebrows furrowing.

“sorry,” the boy repeats, “i’m sorry. i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry.”

the girl’s eyes widen and as the heavy silk curtains fail to stop the draught from sweeping over them through the windows, she holds her breath for an impossibly long time as though she’s trying to contain the first whiff of him within her. he smells of flour and bread and vanilla and mint—of comfort and reassurance and ideals and hope. and love. so, so much love.

she has so much love for this boy.

she feels the familiar feeling of comfort blossom in the centre of her chest before she feels a little frightened and bleak, because the realisation that he used to be hers hits her; it’s sad, she decides, that after all this time, she’d still give anything to have him back.

her fingers twitch instinctively as they hang limply at her sides and she shifts uncomfortably, bringing her hands up to his shoulders and pushing him away carefully. she’s met with a pair of midnight blue eyes that appear more defeated than anything else in the world and a lump forms in her throat. she’s finding it hard to swallow.

“i’m sorry,” he says again, taking a step
back and picking at the loose end of his sweater. bad habit, he had used to claim.

“i—” the girl falters, unable to find the proper words to translate her thoughts correctly. “it’s not your fault,” she murmurs, her hand reaching out to brush the material of his frayed sweater, all whilst ignoring the thought of his bare skin touching hers.

the atmosphere seems strange, now, and the girl feels more unpleasant than anything and all she wants to do is go up to him and tell him—

i love you.

it’s not even that hard, but—

“i don’t think we were supposed to love…” the boy trails off, his tongue sticking out slightly to lick his lower lip. “…each other.”

“maybe not,” the girl responds, her words a perfect echo of his previous answer.

“but we did.” the boy’s eyes are drawn to her again. “did we not?”

her voice is quiet and without denial. “yeah.”

they’re silent once again and the boy seems like he’s run out of things to say as he takes a seat on the far edge of his bed, his back facing her. she takes it as her queue to leave and turns to leave readily. she reaches the door and taking hold of the handle, she pulls it down, before:

“always will, i think.”

she stops dead in her tracks.

“stuff like that doesn’t just disappear, you know?”

and she knew. of course she knew.


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[Sharing in a selfish night with Suga]
Rated: Mature/Angst

Why was he always here?

There was this cafe in Hongdae. A pretty popular little place that had these work rooms that were perfect for writing, and reading.

He hated crowds.

He hated cafes.

And worst off he hated you.

He hated how you always looked at him. Constantly checking in on him, as if he was some kind of charity case. You made him feel pitiful. Especially when you’d ask him if he was ok. There was just something about your tone. It was almost too calm, too tender, and too gentle. 

It was how his therapist talked to him.

And he didn’t need that kind of pity. Not from you.

He stared at his americano before emptying his flask into it and mixing it with the straw. Almost on queue you poked your head inside. “Yoongi-ah…” you smiled softly. “Do you need anything?”

He scoffed and took a swig. “I’m fine.”

You nodded and cast down your gaze. “Well if you need anything…”

“I don’t.” he snapped.

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Never Again

Peter Parker x reader, Tony Stark’s daughter

word count: 1,798

based off of: x x x x

a/n: sorry this is a little crappy and choppy I had a limited time to write this and its my first oneshot in a long time, I hope you enjoy xx

You had just gotten home from school after a long day and all you wanted to do was see your best friend, you trudged up his buildings stairs and reached his door however as you looked outside you caught the sight of a familiar sports car. You frowned your brows and knocked heavily on the door.

“(Y/N)! So nice to see you every time you come here I always miss you.” Aunt May exclaims as she pulls you into a tight hug.

“Hi Aunt May, um is my father here?” you ask, your eyes scanning around the room for any sight of him, just as the door to Peter’s room opens.

“(Y/N)…” his voice trails off, he clears his throat before walking towards you and grabbing your shoulders. “I’ll let him explain.”

He simply walks out of the room after that, Aunt May looks just confused as you do as your eyes meet hers before turning to the figure across the room, standing in his doorway. He nods you over and invites you into your best friends room.

“Why was my dad here?” you get straight to the question as he closes the door behind you, you were a little hurt that your dad would come see Peter and not you, you were sent to a boarding school ever since you could remember and only saw your dad a couple of times each year.

“I need to tell you something…but you have to promise not to freak out.” Peter explains slowly, he backs up towards his closet at the same time. You adjust your glasses and roll your eyes at the strange boy.

“Peter my dad is practically a robot in a group full of other superhuman weirdos, I’m not going to freak out.” you sigh and drop your backpack onto his bed and cross your arms.

“Yeah speaking of that group…turns out I may kind of be apart of it?” Peter scratches the back of his neck and flinches awaiting your reaction.

“What do you mean.” you walk closer to him, he turns around and reaches into his closet before facing you once again, in his hands he holds a red and blue suit.

“All those videos you were sending me today of that guy spiderman? Turns out I’m him.”

“I’m going to kill my father.” you stare at the suit before running your fingers along it, you stared up at him, feeling a lump in your throat. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I didn’t want to freak out and I knew you wouldn’t have approved of it.” he whispers, he brings you in for a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your neck. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, atleast you told me…am I the first one you’ve told?” you pull away and look at him, his mouth formed into a smile as he nodded. “That makes me feel a little better then.”

You jumped in surprise as you felt his lips brush against yours, your cheeks reddened as did his. He cleared his throat and pulled back, throwing the suit in the closet and breathing in heavily.

“Sorry I should’ve asked you first.” he bit his lip awkwardly as he walked over to his desk, nervously shuffling things around, avoiding eye contact.

“It’s okay… I liked it.” you whispered, he dropped one of the CD’s he was holding and looked towards you in shock, before rushing over to you and planting his lips against yours.

“Oh dear I’m so sorry.” you both jumped apart at the new voice, there stood Aunt May at the door, she had her hands up against her smiling mouth. “I always knew this was going to happen.”
It was finally Summer break, you were filled with joy at the fact you got to go home, you could finally see your dad and everyone else but you were also holding back the tears as you hugged your boyfriend, Peter Parker. You had been dating for two months now, well officially that is. it was no secret that you two would flirt with each other now and then over the years.

“It’s okay, I’ll come visit once I have enough money.” he stroked your hair out of your face. “Besides I have to come up soon anyway, I’m in the crew now.”

He winked at you, you only rolled your eyes. That was another thing that you had to talk to your father about. No way were you onboard with that whole situation.

“I’ll call you every night.” you promised and hugged him a little tighter, he sighed and kissed your cheek gently.

“Go before you miss your flight.” he hugged you one last time and squeezed your hand before letting go, you held back tears in your eyes as you grabbed your suit case and wheeled it to check-in.

You tried not to look back, that would only hurt even more but you couldn’t help yourself having a little peak as you looked over your shoulder for a split second to see him waving. You waved back and blew a kiss before walking around the corner.

You landed in your hometown, of course your father sent someone to pick you up, you don’t even know why you bothered calling him father seeing as he sure didn’t act like one. From year six he had sent you to boarding school, he never visited you. You couldn’t even remember the last conversation you had with him, Pepper had told you it’s because of the way your mother had treated him but even then you were a completely different person to her. Or so you hoped, you had never actually met her.

“Welcome home.” your father forced a smile at you as you walked into your shared home. “How was the term.”

“It was great, we learnt a lot of new and exciting stuff.” you answered dull like.

“What’s going on with you and Peter Parker?” he shot out quickly, your eyes widened at his approach.

“Um… you know….” you cleared your throat, he seemed to get the message as his jaw tightened. “Well I have a lot of work to get to so I’ll um…see you at dinner.”

that night you laid in bed and smiled as a special name popped up on your screen, you answered the call only to have your smile quickly fade.

“I’m sorry I just, I can’t do this I need to keep you safe and in order for me to do that I can’t be around you, we can’t be together or seen together.” what you thought was your soulmate ripped your heart in two with those words, you couldn’t hold in your sobs as it racked your body, you hung up on him, not saying anything back. You were so frustrated that you threw your phone across the room and watched it break into a million pieces.

“Woah, woah, woah” Your father walked in and saw the mess on the floor before looking back at you.

“Peter broke up with me.” you wiped the tears from your face and watched as your fathers face seemed smug.
“Oh dear that’s horrible I mean I wouldn’t even worry, he’s not even that cute.” your father sat on the end of your mattress. “ Did you want some hot coco?”

“No I just want to go to sleep.” you whispered, for the first time in forever your father nodded and kissed your forehead before turning to leave.

That night you didn’t get one bit of sleep, you grew frustrated and kicked back the covers of your sheets and grabbed your purse before walking out of your room. You tip toed out of your house and into the freezing cold air of your hometown. You didn’t even notice as you began shivering, your mind only on Peter Parker. You kicked yourself mentally as he probably wasn’t even thinking of you, how could he? If he even cared about you he wouldn’t of hurt you the way that he did.

You were so caught up in your thoughts you hadn’t even noticed where you ended up and only when you heard laughter behind you did you look up from the cement ground and find yourself in danger. Standing in front of you were four grown men, you pulled your robe closer to your body, completely forgetting to change out of your revealing pjs.

“Damn what a nice piece we found tonight.” one of the men stepped closer to you, you gulped and stepped away and as they continued to walk towards you, you turned around and broke into a run.

You hadn’t even noticed the shrieking that came from your mouth as you ran down alleyways to try and escape their grubby hands. You gasped as you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you back into them. You cried out in pain from how tight his grasp was, you tried kicking and screaming but nothing was working.

All of a sudden you were on the ground, you let a tear fall as your cheek scraped against the cement. You looked at the men in front of you only to see an extra figure. The black shadow moved around the men, and each single one, one by one went down with a single touch by the figure. You silently praised your saviour.

You coward away as the figure knelt down besides you, your eyes turning back to the men on the ground before facing your saviour. Your breath caught in your throat as you realised who it was.

“Black Panther to your rescue.” he whispered, the accent seeping through each word.

That night you spent it in a hospital bed, with tears staining your pillow and as you heard a familiar voice your heart sped up. Your father however seemed to let out a low growl, you frowned at his actions before turning towards the door as it opened, revealing your favourite human being.

“(Y/N)” he dashed towards your bed and threw himself on you. “I am so sorry, I promise I’ll never push you away again, I’m never leaving your side ever ever again.”

“It’s okay.” you let out a whisper as he cupped your face, he wiped away your tears and pulled you closely.

“Your father told me to stay away from you, he said it was better as you wouldn’t get hurt.” he admitted, you turned towards your dad, your face growing more red by the minute as you balled your hands into fists.

“Well I’ll take that as my queue to leave.” Your father cleared his throat and dashed outside.

“I’m never leaving you again.” Peter whispers before pressing his lips against yours.

“Well,” Augustus continued, “what I thought was serious, but the reality—I mean it’s not good either, but—” He sighed, beginning to pace the length of his bedroom. All this hedging wasn’t making any sense and he knew it. “This…this morning I went to check on my sister because she hadn’t gotten up for school. I figured she was still sleeping, so I knocked on her door, but she didn’t respond. I thought maybe she hadn’t heard my knocking and she hates missing class, so I went in there and she wasn’t…she wasn’t moving and there was this bottle of pills toppled over and—”

Isaac drew in a sharp breath, which made Augustus inwardly cringe because it only reemphasized how terrifying that moment had been.

“Yeah,” Gus continued before he could lose his nerve. “Um…turns out she hadn’t—well she’d taken a few extra sleeping pills, but not to—She’d had a bad night and wanted to sleep. I don’t know, but the whole thing keeps replaying in my head. And it doesn’t help that she’s been having a rough time lately. I’ve never seen her this down on herself. She’s been…hurting lately and I…I don’t know what to do,” Augustus concluded, immensely grateful that Isaac couldn’t see him as he hastily swiped his cheek with the palm of his hand.

“Sorry,” he added. “I don’t why I told you all that. I shouldn’t—”

“It’s oka—” Isaac began, but Augustus cut in again, vehemently shaking his head.

“No, it’s really not. It’s not okay because we haven’t talked like this in over five years and now I’m falling apart on you like a fucking idiot and—” Augustus stopped, looking heavenward with burning eyes and feeling wholly fed up with himself. “And if you’re having second thoughts now about trying to be friends again, I wouldn’t blame you in the slightest if you backed out now and left.”

“Augustus…. Why would I do that when I never wanted to leave you in the first place?”

Almost Gone - Rey One Shot

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Request: How about one where Rey thinks the reader was killed by Kylo Ren and the first order only to show up on the resistance base wounded

Your name: submit What is this?

Poe was gripping Rey’s shoulder lightly.  His own eyes held unshed tears, the words he had just spoken were still ringing in her ears.

“Y/N didn’t make it back, I’m sorry.

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Dialogue Prompts For Ways to Say I Love You

1. “I’ll never forget you.” 

2. “Here’s my coat.”

3. “It’s nice, having you around.”  

4. “I saw this and just thought of you.”  

5. “I really like holding your hand.” 

6. “I’m gonna miss you so much.” 

7. “A-are you hurt?” 

8. “Please don’t leave me again.” 

9. “You’re addictive.” 

10. “Come lay with me.” 

  • Dean: Sam, you know you're free right?
  • Sam: What do you mean?
  • Dean: I didn't come to Stanford to pull you back into this world. I did it because, while Dad was missing, I missed you. I missed lighting fireworks with you on the 4th of July, I missed drinking together till we were asleep, I just...needed a brother. But I need to know that you know you're free. I was selfish, and I'm sorry.
  • Sam: Dean, I know. But I will never leave you again. You're family, and family never gets left behind.

Let me talk a little about Will for a moment Let me talk about how he thinks of Lyra, pictures her face every evening before he sleeps so he never forgets, never ever for as long as he lives, never forgets the exact shade of her hair and her eyes Let me talk about how he probably kept the clothes he wore when he was last with her, keeps them in a box at the back of his wardrobe because he was going to burn them but he couldn’t bring himself to, but he can’t stand to look at them either Let me talk about how the sea now makes him feel sick, sick with loss and love, how all he can think of when he sees the ocean is how he and Lyra would sit and admire it together in another world, sharing kisses Let me talk about how he would never fall in love again, would never know how love feels like again, but he imagined he can on midsummer day, on that one bench Let me talk about how at sunrise he would be there in the botanical gardens and would only leave at sunset, to make sure that he spends as much time as possible with his love Let me just tell you how fucking sad I am about Will Parry and how he and Lyra deserved so much more

Promises, Promises

CPWeek2K16: Day 3

Friendship or Family

 "They’re going to kill you, Auguste.“ Laurent’s voice is quiet, softened even further by the silken panels of the tent, by the trembling of his lips. The howling of the wind just outside nearly drowns him out entirely. "They’re going to rip you apart.”

 A rueful smile, the press of silken lips to golden hair, and Auguste says, “They’ll do no such thing.”

 "You can’t know that.“ Laurent’s frown is far too deep, unfitting for someone so young, and Auguste settles beside him on the plush bench, his arm tossed about his younger brother’s narrow, quivering shoulders.

 Neither of them have put on their armor yet; The horns will ring out with the sunrise, though, and the time is drawing near. Auguste is reveling in the anticipation; Laurent is terrified.

 "You’re coming with me, you realize.” Even as he ruffles golden hair, Auguste’s eyes remain locked with his brother’s. “You’ll be there to protect me.”

 "No, I won’t.“ It’s a shameful admission, and Laurent glances away, though he does nothing to dislodge Auguste’s arm from around his shoulders. "I’m meant to stay near the back. Father says I’m not to engage unless it becomes necessary for my survival.”

 Auguste sighs at that, a sad smile quirking up one side of his mouth. “Would it make you feel better,” he says, “if I promise to come to you after the battle?”

 A roll of pretty blue eyes, and Laurent half-snaps, “You can’t–”

 "I can.“ It’s not arrogance, really. It’s self-assurance. Auguste is too utterly good for something as lowly as arrogance. "I will win, Laurent. I always win.”

 Sighing, Laurent asks, “What if you can’t–”

 "I promise.“ Reaching out to touch his brother’s cheek, Auguste forces Laurent’s gaze to meet his own again, blue on blue, identical. "Laurent, I promise I will come back to you. I would never leave you alone in the world. You know that, don’t you?”

 A nod, a smile, soft and warm and strangely hesitant, are all the response Laurent can give.

 Another kiss is pressed to his hair, and Auguste’s gentle, reassuring voice rustles through the golden curls, murmuring, “Have I ever broken a promise?”

Safe Haven (John Murphy x Reader)

Your name: submit What is this?


I woke up drenched in sweat, heart beating fast. I gasped, trying to breathe. Tears streamed down my face, as I closed my eyes, the images of my dream came back to my mind. Not a dream, as much as a nightmare. Not a nightmare, as much as a memory. My best friend. My dead best friend. Her eyes wide open in chock, a spear piercing her body, and blood oozing from her chest. Lots of blood. Blood everywhere.

I felt nauseous. Feeling the warm acid taste in my mouth, I bent over to the side, trying to keep it in. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. It passed. I laid back down in my bed, and couldn’t help looking at the one on the other side of the tent, where my best friend used to sleep. But, she wasn’t there anymore. She was gone. The grounders had killed her.

In her place, was another silhouette. John Murphy’s. He’d come back to camp about the same time when she had been killed. And the chancellor had decided to put him in my tent. In our tent. Not caring, she’d been dead only a couple days. Distributing her stuff. Pretending she was never there at all.

I didn’t blame Murphy. It wasn’t his fault. He needed a place to stay and they gave him hers. Nobody would refuse a nice warm bed. He would have been a fool to. But still, every time I woke in the middle of the night and saw the shadow on her bed, I hoped it was her. That she was back. But every time, it wasn’t the case.

I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. It’d been three weeks since it’d happen, but I kept thinking about her. About the ones who’d kill her. Who’d kill me. Who were in camp right at this moment. Who could sneak into my tent and stab me. Or slit my throat.

Who thought having an alliance with the grounder was a good idea? Who thought that training with them would go well? They’d force Clarke to kill one of us, just a couple days ago for god’s sake! What more did it take for us to understand that they couldn’t be trusted.

I heard a branch crack outside the tent, and I froze. An overwhelming fear invaded my entire body. They were here. Right here. In a second they would be on me and I’d be dead. Dead, just like her.

I looked to my side at Murphy sleeping soundly. A vacant space, next to him. Big enough that I’d probably fit.

Could I? I mean…We’ve never really talked before, but did that didn’t mean I couldn’t go to him for comfort in a moment of weakness, did it? Before I answered my own question, another branch cracked outside. I was to his side in less than a second.

Murphy won’t realise, I thought. I’ll be up way before him, and I’ll be in my bed way before he wakes up. He’ll never know. And I’ll feel safe.

Slowly, and carefully as to not wake him up, I slid into the space next to him. I slithered around trying to make myself comfortable. Feeling the warmth of a body next to mine, I already felt better.

As I tried to fall asleep, I stared at Murphy’s face. Usually he always looked angry, or bitter, but right now, as he slept, he looked really peaceful. I reached out and moved aside the streak of hair that was falling down on his face. He looked young. He was young. We all were. But we had grown up so fast. Faster than anyone should. We had to. With that thought in mind, I finally fell asleep.


I blinked a couple times, slowly waking up and getting used to my surroundings. Lying on my side, the first thing I noticed was that I could see my bed. The second thing I noticed was arms wrapped around my waist and warm breath on my neck.

It all came back to me, I’d been scared and had joined Murphy in his bed. But right now, I was spooning with him. This definitely wasn’t the position I’d fallen asleep in. But I guessed we’d both moved during the night and ended up in this position.

Not wanting to cause embarrassment, I tried to get away without waking him up, but his grip was tight. I softly grabbed one of his hand and moved it away from around my waist. That was a bad decision, considering I felt him move, meaning I’d woken him up.

“Y/N?” he asked, and I froze. He immediately removed his arm from around me, and I felt him back away from me.

I decided to be brave. I wanted to face the situation head on, and tell him the truth. I turned around, and smiled shyly. “Hey. Good morning.”

It was still dark, so I could barely seem him. But I could tell that his eyes were wide open in confusion. “Did I…?” He looked around the room. “Wait, this is my bed. We’re in my bed. What are you doing in my bed?”

“I’m sorry.” A blush spread on my cheeks. “I…er…I was scared, and I didn’t want to sleep alone, so I joined you. I’m really sorry.”

“You were scared, so you joined me? Me?” He chuckled darkly. “Weren’t you scared of me?”

I shook my head. “I’m not scared of you.”

He frowned. “You’re not? I’ve killed people if you haven’t forgotten.”

“I know you won’t hurt me.” I said. “You hurt them, because they hurt you first. You hated them. I’ve never done anything to you, so you don’t hate me.” I looked him in the eyes. “At least, I don’t think you hate me.”

“You’re right.” He replied. “I don’t. But why don’t you hate me?”

I answered honestly, “People think you’re evil, because you killed two people. Yes, it was wrong. But, Bellamy caused the death of three hundred people, and Finn killed eight. Everyone still love them, but they hate you. That’s not right. Either hate everyone, or forgive everyone. That’s how it works for me.” I took a pause. “Well, except the grounders. I’ll never forgive the grounders.”

“Yeah. Me neither,” he replied. “I hate them.”

“Well, I hate them more.”

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

With that, I remembered that Murphy had been tortured by grounders. Twice. Maybe we had more in common than I’d first thought. “Equally?” I proposed.

He nodded. “Equally.”

There was a moment of silence, and I took it as my queue to leave him. “I’ll go back to my own bed, now.”

“Yeah, okay.”

Once I was lying in my bed again, looking at the roof of the tent, I noticed a shadow looming overhead. The shadow of a grounder probably. They’d heard us.  I felt a shiver go up my spine. “Murphy?” I asked.


I glanced at him. “I’m still scared.”

He rolled his eyes. “Then why’d you leave? Come back here, idiot.”

I couldn’t help smiling, as I joined him again. I lay back on my side, I stared at his face, like I had done earlier. This time, his blue eyes were open, but the look on his face wasn’t one of anger or bitterness, it was one of something that looked like contentment.

He frowned. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m just glad I’m not alone tonight,” I admitted.

“Yeah, I know the feeling.” He added.

“Good night, Murphy.”

“Good night Y/N.”

I closed my eyes, and fell asleep, knowing that someone laying right next to me had my back. That there was someone who’d protect me. And for the first time in a while, I felt truly safe.


Time #354 in which Flint has a decision to make he knows will put him through hell. And does it anyway.   ̿ ̿ ̿'̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/‘̿'̿ ̿

I met Andrew Scott and I cannot express how much of a beautifully kind human being he is! I told him after my photo that he saved my life (because he has, and I won’t go into detail) in ways that he couldn’t imagine and that I was so pleased to have met him, to which point, he held my hand to stop me from walking away and asked if I was okay, because I looked so nervous. I said that I was and that he didn’t need to worry, then said thank you and walked away with a smile.

Being so overwhelmed, I soon started crying from pure shock and happiness, moving to my friend and cuddling into him, Andrew must have seen as he soon stopped the photos and the queue to stop me from leaving again and open his arms, asking for a hug. I obviously hugged him and he wrapped his arms around me. I have never had such a tight hug from someone! This was not a sympathy hug, this was a hug from someone who cared and I cherish that so much. I pushed my best smile and tried not to embarrass myself and cry again! Andrew then took my hands again telling me “there are always brighter days ahead” I have never been so fortunate.

Thank you, Andrew Scott. Thank you for everything.

theatre challenge: four out of five songs » on the steps of the palace from into the woods

“You know what your decision is / Which is not to decide / You’ll leave him a clue / For example, a shoe / And then see what he’ll do / Now it’s he and not you / Who is stuck with a shoe / In a stew, in the goo / And you’ve learned something, too / Something you never knew / On the steps of the palace”