i will never know why i find the third shot so hilarious but i do

12x12 Episode Review - Still Screeching...this time about the colour “Peach”.

I gave my 12x10 episode review the title “Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void” because I was so happy about it I couldn’t help but scream with glee at practically every moment. I also said this: “I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come.” I still believe this, I just didn’t expect that two episodes later I would be reliving this exact same thoughts and feelings. I considered 12x10 to be a one off, a glorious gift to fandom wrapped in a big destielicious bow. Clearly, we celebrate our fandom birthday only two weeks before fandom Christmas because we just got ANOTHER gift wrapped in an even BIGGER destielicious bow and I can hardly contain my glee. (baring in mind fandom Christmas falls on the tenth anniversary of tumblr and close to valentines day I can’t help but feel this was planned - PRESENTS ALL AROUND)

But anyway. Lets talk meta. Once again I am very late to the party as I doubt I will be posting this any earlier than Saturday evening when you have probably all been talking this to death for the past two days. But eh, I’m gonna do my thing and hope you all agree, or aren’t bored by now if everything I talk about is stuff already gone over by my fellow very talented meta writers.

Starting with the obvious, Director Dick Speight Jr and Writer Davy Perez made this episode an homage to Tarantino movies. Specifically Reservoir Dogs which has so many ties to this episode both visually and subtextually that it is kind of difficult to keep track of my thoughts on it. I have to confess, I hadn’t ever watched Reservoir Dogs all the way through prior to watching the episode because it never really interested me. However, after watching the episode for the first time Friday lunch time I decided that it was in my best interests as a meta writer to give it a go. I watched it and tried to take in everything Tarantino was saying and doing with this movie… 

Being a meta writing, destiel shipper with heteronormative goggles permanently removed since watching this show guess what the first thing I picked up on was? That’s right Mr White and Mr Orange… what WAS going on there anyway? Because these guys didn’t know each other very long but they became VERY close by the time of the heist. Poor Freddie and Larry. Such doomed tragic lovers… do we have a ship name for them yet? Frarry? Leddie? Or maybe just “peach” (hence my title)

I believe that when Perez was writing this episode he had a SPN character in mind for each character in RD (mostly anyway). Cas is obviously Mr Orange (the bleeding out from the stomach thing gives it away as does Davy’s tweet here. Here is who I think the rest of the characters are supposed to be:

Dean – Mr White (duh)

Mary – Mr Pink

Wally – Mr Brown

Sam – Nice Guy Eddie maybe? I struggled here

Crowley – I wanna say Joe. (though I also kinda think Ketch would be Joe here… its not too obvious)

Remiel – Mr Blonde (“yellow” hair)

Explanations and various meta under the cut. This gets long:

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Business and Pleasure - Part 2

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,762

Warnings: swearing

Part 1

Originally posted by sebastiansource

“Remind me again why we’re going to this dinner,” you gave your dad a pointed glance as you smoothed out your dress. “I know you and Mr. Barnes are working together now and it’s great that he’s doing this to save the company, but I don’t understand why James and I have to be there. Couldn’t you two just go out to Nobu or Oceano or one of those other fancy restaurants like you always do when you close a deal? I really don’t think there’s any need for me to be there. Besides, I had plans with Steve tonight.”

You had met Steve Rogers when he was interning for your father, and he had quickly become your best friend. At first, you had thought was intimidating. After all, he was a very large and muscular man, but within mere minutes of getting to know him, you discovered that he was more like the human equivalent of a golden retriever. He was friendly and outgoing with a heart of gold, always quick to laughter and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. In fact, he had practically saved you when you had forgotten about a meeting with an important client. He had stepped in, taking the blame even though it was completely your fault. That was just the way Steve was.

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I honestly have no memory of having written this (or: Aaron Sorkin and Julian Fellowes are BOTH going to kill me)

I was Googling around among the old posts for something that needs to go into a reply to an ask when I stumbled across this. Now I’m wondering what I was smoking. Because it’s fun, if I do say so myself.

It started with this comment and reply:


So I just heard that Michelle Obama is such a hardcore Sherlockian
She actually called BBC and asked for season three
And they gave her the sloppily put together tapes of season three
Michelle Obama literally called BBC for season three and they gave it to her

And my reply:

This would be wonderful if there was any way it could be true, as none of S3 has even been shot yet. Shooting starts in March.

Also: to they best of my knowledge the production company does not do the kind of “storyboard video” that a major film might do. So, nothing like that would be making its way to the White House either.

…Sorry. (But what was the source of this rumor, I wonder?“

To which the answer, per remaaarkable, was:

I believe the Sherlock rumor stems from the fact that Michelle Obama asked for Downton Abbey early at some point–but I think it was the Christmas special or something.

And then suddenly this happened:


PRESIDENT JED BARTLET sits behind his desk in the Oval Office. He looks annoyed as LEO McGARRY, his Chief of Staff, walks in.

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My Mistake Chapter 2

Pairing: AJ Styles x OFC (Jessica), mention of AJ x Charlotte

Rating: General

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,572

Summary: Jessica, a stylist for WWE, has a special friendship with AJ Styles, spending most of her time with him. But after the Superstar Shake-up and Charlotte coming to Smackdown, Jessica’s relationship with AJ changes drastically. And Jessica is not sure she can handle these changes.

Inspiration: “It’s my mistake for not making you love me more. It’s my mistake for loving you more than you love me. I did not make you love me more as much as I do. It’s my mistake” - SNSD “My Mistake”

Chapter 1

“Okay Jess, truth time.” Carmella says, bouncing onto the bed, finishing having showered and changed, curling up next to me.

I had bribed Tamina with the key to my hotel room, since I was rooming by myself, she jumped at the chance to not be forced to sit through our shitty picks of movies to watch tonight. Like they were the types of movies that are so bad they’re good, with the horrible animation and everything. But we did through in a few of my favorites to make me feel better, like “Robin Hood Men in Tights” I need a good laugh. Anyway, Carmella and I would have gone to my room, but my room, like always, is right next door to AJ’s and I just didn’t want to deal with him. Not tonight anyway.

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christiekerying  asked:

Can you do 50 rebelcaptain?

yessss this was one that screamed rebelcaptain to me! *debates between jacket-stealing and bedsharing* *all of the above*

The first thing Jyn takes from Cassian is his blaster.

The second thing Jyn takes is his coat. Her temporary quarters are too cold for her liking, and Cassian is the only person she knows with a jacket to suit her needs. A light tap reveals that Cassian - uncharacteristically - had left his door unlocked. Kay isn’t here to reprimand her, not like when she took his blaster. So she slips into the empty room, takes the jacket, and leaves. 

She returns it in the morning, while Cassian was sound asleep. She doesn’t linger, doesn’t watch the steady rise and fall of his breathing. She sneaks out, without a sound. 

The third thing she takes quite literally from under Cassian’s nose. 

Jyn had gotten unlucky with her assigned portion of food - her mashed potatoes were scraped from the sad remains at the bottom of the container, soggy and cold and generally unappetizing. 

Cassian, who had joined her and Bodhi a few minutes later, had gotten a helping from the next, fresh batch - they were light and fluffy, leaving trails of steam floating up in the air.

So she wordlessly sticks her fork in and takes a scoop. Bodhi chokes on his water. Cassian stares at her and Jyn merely raises her eyebrows at him, fork in her mouth. 

The fourth time is immediately after Scarif. 

The nightmares won’t leave her alone. She didn’t sleep at all the past few nights, only wandered the base like a ghost. Not that it was empty - the rebels worked day and night - but she stuck to the shadows, letting the sounds of work drown out her thoughts. You can’t hear screams over the sound of rusty engines. 

Tonight she was far too tired to walk all night. 

She gets up anyways, and silently follows the path her feet take. Moments later, she finds herself staring at Cassian’s door. 

She hesitates, hand pressed against the door, wondering if she should turn away. But her drowsiness gets the better of her, and she lightly pushes the door open.

This time, she lingers. She watches his side rise and fall with his breathing. He’s curled up on one side of the bed, as if he had fallen asleep facing the door, waiting for her. 

Jyn expects climbing in beside Cassian to feel wrong - she had just technically broken into his room - but instead she feels… at home.

Still, she does feel the need to let Cassian know she’s here. She didn’t want a blasterbolt to the head when he woke up. 

“Cassian?” she asks softly.

He stirs. “Jyn?”

That’s all she wanted to say. 

She sleeps better than she has in ages, and leaves soundlessly in the morning. 

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Between the Stacks (John Laurens x Reader)

Pairing: Laurens x Reader

Summary: Yet another college AU, because I write what I know. Mostly fluff at this point.  Reader is Peggy’s roommate.

A/N: ???? I dunno, what do you guys think?

The library was almost dead. Friday night was not usually the time you would choose to study, but this paper was important.  For your grades, yes, but also for your pride. You wanted your professor to write a letter of recommendation for an internship, and she had high standards.  The topic you had chosen necessitated lots of research, and you were just about ready to start writing. You picked out three books that you thought would support your thesis, and sat down in the aisle to flip through them.

Someone moved on the other side of the bookshelf, and you had to stop yourself from shouting.  The books in your lap had been obscuring a curly head of hair.  Whoever it was looked to be deep in focus, so you kept quiet, gathering information. When you were ready to move to a table, you peeked around the corner at the stranger.  He was not focusing. He was sleeping.  

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Endearing - Jackson (Day 73/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Endearing
Member: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1872

“Oh my god, that’s adorable!” your friend squealed as you told her the story of how you and Jackson met. You shrugged it off like it was no big deal, but inside you were beaming.

“Yea, I pretty much have the best boyfriend,” you added, nonchalantly, picking up another piece of pizza and snuggling into the beanbag next to your friend.

For the first time in what seemed like forever, the two of you were having a sleepover. You used to have them all the time when you were younger, but as you grew up and university became more and more important, you hadn’t hung out as much. Thankfully, you had a free weekend and the whole night had been spent watching movies and eating greasy food

“Aw man, I wish I had a relationship like that!” your friend pouted as she stuck her spoon into the tub of ice cream. You reached over and patted her head lovingly.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get someone one day,” you giggled, smiling lightly.

“Wait, okay,” you friend said, straightening up and smiling at you. “So if that’s how you met and then he asked you out, how did he ask you to be his girlfriend?” she asked.

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Exo’s Reaction to you snapping on another member


*After a long day of work he comes home to relax and have cuddles with you. But for some reason Baekhyun keeps coming in and out the room and making unnecessary noises.*


*Minseok is not that surprised that you snapped, but finds it quite amusing*


*While getting ready to go on a romantic date with you, Sehun kept asking if he could tag along. The fact that he was just sitting there waiting for an answer, was annoying you.*

Y/N: “No Sehun it’s our anniversary, I am not looking forward to another HunHan date. I DON’T FEEL LIKE THIRD-WHEELING ON MY ANNIVERSARY!”

*Luhan has never seen this side of you but he was turned on by the fact that you are jealous of Sehun*


*After the boys finished a successful practice, you all decided to go to their favorite restaurant. After you all sat down and got waited on, some of the boys started to crack jokes on each other but Suho decided that he wanted to roast on you and so he did*

Suho: “So y/n, how does it feel like dating my man?”

Y/N: “It feels great. *As you lean forward and look into Suho’s eyes* Because guess who getting some tonight and who isn’t.”

Kris: *gif*


*As you and Suho were cuddling watching a rom-com, Kris comes and sits down and starts watching the movie with you guys*

Y/N: “Kris? I thought rom-com ‘weren’t your style’?”

Suho: “Ohhh shots fired!”


*You were bored at the dorm by yourself so decided to go and see Lay. When you got there they had just finished learning a new choreography and Lay thought it would be fun to teach you. While teaching you the dance Tao kept interrupting by trying to show off his martial arts skills.*


*Lay being the fluffy unicorn he is, found it to be quite rude that you snapped but couldn’t help but find it funny as well.*


*While watching their concert from backstage you couldn’t help but notice all the faces that Xiumin was making towards Baekhyun. After the concert finished and all of you were chilling backstage you still couldn’t help but notice that Minseok was still making faces and giving dirty looks, which quite frankly you were getting fed up with.*

Y/N: “Xiumin, you shouln’t make those faces. They don’t suit you.”

*Baekhyun finds your remark hysterical and feels comforted by the fact that you stood up for him*


*You and Chen had planned a lunch date but he texted you that practice was taking longer than expected. So he asked for you to pick up some food so you guys could have a little mini date in the break room. While on your mini date Kai kept interrupting making flirtatious comments*

Y/N: “Kai, D.O is over there.”

Kai: “So?”

Y/N: “So, Why are you flirting over here? Your piece of ass is over there.”

*Chen feels oddly embarrassed for Kai but can’t help but find your snappative nature amusing* (I know snappative isn’t a real word, just go with it. lol)


*While you and Chanyeol were happy virusing around you couldn’t help but notice Satansoo out of the corner of your eye*

Y/N: “Someone get some holy water, we have Satansoo in the building!”

*Chanyeol finds you hilarious but remembers him and D.O sleeps in the same dorm so he stops laughing but still lets you know you’re the shit*


*Chanyeol walks into the room and starts throwing out little flirts here and and there. As you notice the anger and jealousy building in D.O’s face you stop Chanyeol*

Y/N: “Chanyeol why are you in here? Your presence isn’t needed or wanted. GOODBYE!”

*D.O waves Chanyeol goodbye with a smile on his face because of the remark you made*


*You and Tao had just finished a massive argument and you walk out of the room. As you walk into the kitchen Lay, being the caring Unicorn he is, approaches you and asked what happened and if you’re okay. Since you’re still in the anger of things you snap*


Tao: “This argument is between us, Y/N, don’t take your anger out on Lay!”


*While you and all the guys were chilling Chen decides to crack some jokes of people and when he obviously cracked on Kai about Kai’s skin color*

Chen: “Kai, you’re so dark I shot you with a bullet and it came back and asked for a flashlight”


*Kai gets in his feels about the fact that you stood up for him*


*You guys decided to have a HunHan day out and while at lunch Luhan decided to try to be a slick little prick.*

Luhan: “So, Y/N, you wanna blow me like a Flute later”

Y/N: “Now, You see, I would, but there ain’t nothing there to blow”

Sehun: *gif*

Rory/Jess Recs #3


- Old Friends by Moonrays and fridays:
No-one really thought much of it when Jess Mariano finally moved on. He’d given it his best shot, really he had.
Some pieces of fic evoke a very visceral reaction in me. This is one of them. Songfic done exactly right.

- immortal stars awry by TrappedInPast: She looks up at him, her eyes like bedroom eyes, dazed, confused, lethally beautiful. He tells her to forget about the car. Everyone has a car. They’re nothing. Just pay attention to me. Just gorgeous.

- Burn by Andra-ggfan: Jess and Rory don’t get in a car crash that night. Instead, they go back to the diner and start talking about a book. The rest just rolls from there. Garcia Marquez and Neruda inspired two-parter. Intense and with a great use of poetry.

- Crazy Random Happenstance by Meghanna: Jess goes to a wedding and runs into an “old friend.” What will be seven chapters that follow three times Jess and Rory are thrusted together. It doesn’t always have to be hard and dark. This is a lighter version of the post-series reunion, but it still rings true.

- Final Boarding Call on Track Twentytwo by fulfilled: Jess, a book tour, and a latenight train ride. Funny and extremely cute.

- The End Of The Road by open hearts catch dreams: “you were right; it is what it is, you- me. What it is, is never over.” - Post Series One-shot: Three years since Jess last saw Rory. How much could things have really changed? Not that much, if they still always come back to each other. Emotional with gorgeous imagery.

helaluvE’s Future Fic Quartet:
# Ridiculous: The effect they still have on each other. An original writing style, which makes the story feel immediate.
# Pulling Out A Mondler: Sequel to ‘Ridiculous’. Escapades and gossips.
# Red Shirt And Apple Pie: She wants something, he’s reluctant to give it to her. Their lives together. I love the sense of family between RJ and LL here. Even though I have no inkling to read pure LL fic, I need a LL backdrop in my RJ fic. Other pairings involving Lorelai or Luke feel wrong. I love the sense of togetherness when both couples are involved in a story. They feel like an extended family.
# A Good Man: When they’re not careful, the past creeps back in. Angsty!

- The Kid by dirao: Jess comes back to Stars Hollow with a kid in tow. Will the town be able to deal with it? What happens when your past comes back to bite you… dirao describes this as fluffy angst and it’s a fitting description. The premise is a painful scenario, but I love how mature Jess steps up to the plate here. The emotional and hot reunion with Rory is great bonus.

- Absolution by Andra-ggfan: Rory can’t let him leave without saying something so she leaves with him. But can they really change anything in just one night? Rory gets in Jess’ car after his ILY. Emotional and beautiful.

- Kitchen Rendezvous by Great Clone: “You know, my third husband had a fetish for doing it in kitchens. Maybe Jess, too…he does work in a diner.” Hilarious!

- Your Cologne by Sharon Bible: He wear’s your cologne now… Very short but very poignant.

- Building Bridges by LiteratiAngel: Silence is golden? Ha! That’s what they tell you but it’s not true. It’s a big, fat elephant of pressure in a room…but the worst silences are the ones that last over long distances. I wanted to quote the entire first chapter. Two examples: “Ever since that Dodger came into my life, my soul has been slowly tearing itself apart. Little frayed pieces that could only be stitched together by a smirk. A crooked, knowing smile.” and “Did I… do something? He always thought it was his fault. He was always waiting, thinking he was on the brink of screwing up because he’d done that with everyone else, so why not me, right?” The story has a lovely circular form and a great immediate writing style. P.S.: Feel free to “huh” now. ;)

- Because Nature Favors Disorder by Molly Larch: He thought apologizing was supposed to make things easier. Neither one of them expected this. A slow road to reunion over the course of Rory’s time at Yale. A good plot, painful at times and nice characterizations. I loved Jess’ relationship with Lily, Jimmy and Sasha here.

- The Machine In The Ghost Within by missgoalie75: He wishes that his life could be a little less pathetic and not resemble a popular classic rock song that was briefly resurrected by a Scorsese film. I finally found my fic dealing with Jess’ transformation between 4x21 and 6x08. And it’s a great one! Bleak but believable and ultimately uplifting.

- Lady.of.Victory.Rising’s Episode Rewrites, especially:
# Turn The Car Around: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights. Rory finds that she can’t bear to watch him walk away again… I’ve always had the feeling that Jess would have said something more rational to Rory, had he not been spooked by Dean’s presence at her dorm. This fic shows his thought patterns before panicking. And of course the outcome is a bit different as well…
# Breathing In Tandem: Balalaikas. Jess and Rory’s shouting match outside the pub takes an unexpected turn… “Of course I’m not the same! How could I be?” “How can I be Rory if there’s no Jess?” *cries*
# Freefall: The Real Paul Anka. Before she goes, Jess has a question. And Rory’s answer isn’t one he’d ever expect. One question by Jess leads to a torrent of emotions.

X.Hardys and Horcruxes.X’ Series of connected Oneshots. Together they form a great future fic. My favourites:
# Apology: Jess never apologised to her. So it was time. Jess and Lorelai, at the end of S7. I loved the way this went down.
# It’s Not The Champagne Talking: “I mean seriously, six or so years of unresolved sexual tension and we’re only missing for an hour or two? That definitely seems like a weekend long journey full of room service and long showers.” One fabulous and really hot Literati hook up at Lorelai and Luke’s wedding!
# And a bonus mention for No Fights, It’s The Firelight because the idea of Jess writing bedtime stories for his little sister is just too adorable for words.

- The Orange Soda Will Get You Every Time by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess and Rory reconnect under some interesting circumstances… If only because I’m totally in love with little Dan.

- Passing The Torch by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess passes on a little something to the next generation. Too cute.

- House Hunting by Wonderlandleighleigh: Jess and Rory look for greener pastures… A very funny piece of meta-fic.


- What’s A Soulmate? by UnicaNumb

- Gotten by mccann16fan

Both these videos show why these two are so suited for each other.

- Just A Little Girl by Luvtheheaven I always love Luvtheheaven’s videos. This one is painful to watch, but it really packs a punch and it shows why both of them needed time to develop before they were ready to embark on a mature relationship with each other.

- The Right Move: Jess Mariano and Luke Danes. “And I want to thank you for everything you did for him.” “Well, it never hurts to take a shot. At least you know you tried.” “Sometimes things take a while before they sink in.” Perhaps it’s blasphemy to say so, but I think I may be more invested in the relationship between these two than in the one between Lorelai and Rory. This video made me tear up a bit.

Recs #1 / Recs #2

Hibigay Finale Recap

Since I was asked to do this, here’s a recap of the hibigay finale episode and my personal thoughts as well. SPOILERS EVERYWHUR DONT READ UNTIL YOU WATCH UNLESS YOU DON’T CARE

It always takes me longer than most people to get through these episodes when they air because I prefer to get the best screencaps in my first watch through and I always post them after, and then I had some IRL stuff to take care of so I’m late in doing this, but, hope you enjoy this anyway.

So the general gist of this episode was that the third years were graduating and everyone was saying their goodbyes. The episode starts off with the next club president and vice president being chosen and I was very amused to see that it’s FUCKING NATSUUKO ROFL and of course they got into a little hissing match and it was A+. What made it all even more wonderful is that ASUKA MOTHERFUCKIN’ TANAKA was the one who wanted that lineup. I think this cap sums everything up perfectly:

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Dumplings Part 1

Because the issue of the dumplings was never resolved, and I’m terrible shipper trash.

This ended up being so long that I had to split it into three parts because I can’t resist making things complicated, apparently.

Also I wasn’t lazy and actually did research on regional foods of the Kyushu region where Ikitsuki island is, since I’m assuming they parted ways at the end of the anime somewhere around there. Tsuke-age are basically fish cakes. Writing this made me hungry.

Also, I’m assuming Fuu is 16 when they end their journey in the show, otherwise my math concerning the number of dumplings consumed wouldn’t work if she was still 15.

Shout-out to roolph for being my beta for these! She’s a fantastic artist, go check out her stuff!

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Through the Window (Part 27)

Sorry it took so long for this part, I’ve started uni again and it’s very hectic being a third year student!

Part 26
Part 27

TTW Masterlist for all other parts

Graduation had opened a new, weird, door for you and Bucky. The barbecue had been more fun than you expected it to be, finding that Nat was actually hilarious. Jabs were shot between everyone, but all in good humour. It had gotten to the point you’d all said worse to each other so a bit of harmless fun was fine. When everyone had left, you and Bucky went upstairs and passed out in your bed, opting to have the dreaded conversation in the morning.

When you wake up the following morning you find Bucky already awake, trailing his fingers down your arm.

“So.” Bucky starts when both of you are comfortable. “This has been a long time coming right?”

“Yeah.” You sigh, pulling Bucky’s arm around you and resting your head on his chest. “Where do you want to start?”

“Tell you what. Let’s do this twenty questions style. I’ll ask, you answer. Then we alternate until we’re done.”

“Sure let’s do it. You wanna go first?” You ask, tilting your head to look up at him.

“Do you still love Loki?”

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Horror Movies Are Racists - Sam Wilson x Reader *Valentines Day Request*

Originally posted by pool-dead

(Requested by @fearthedietcoke) Hey! Could you do an Imagine with Sam Wilson? A Valentine’s one where you’re both not doing anything for V Day, and so you both just hang out and watch horror movies and cuddle. Maybe sneak a little cheeky Clint in there?
Warnings: Sam and yourself being bestest buddies & swearing – its Sam and Clint, what do you expect?
Admins Note: You didn’t state if you wanted them together at the end, so I have decided to just make them best friends, if you want a second part where Sam confesses or something then just say. But for now, its two best friends chilling watching crappy horrors - Rosalee

“Hey, (Y/N)” you turned and see Sam walking and smiled “what you doing here on this grand day?” he asked and you chuckled at him. 

“Just got back from a mission, didn’t get enough time to make plans, not that I would have” you chuckled with him “Why are you here Samuel?” you asked as he walked with you to the main room, he laughed loudly at the use of the name, he preferred Sam and you knew that.

“I never do anything on this day,” he tells you and you laugh “although I am going to watch some crappy horrors, wanna chill out with me?” he asked and you nodded.

“Yes, any chance to watch a horror movie is a chance I am always going to take” he chuckled and nodded, saying he was going to collect the movies and would meet you back at the main room in five minutes, you nodded and went to get popcorn. 

You both sat on the sofa, popcorn between you both and the first movie in, it was ‘Night of The Living Dead’, you couldn’t remember the last time you had watched the movie and you were excited to see the terrible acting presented. 

“This movie is so bad” Sam whined as you chuckled, repeating a line with equally shoddy acting as the actor had done “I get it’s like 1968 or whatever but c’mon, Vincent Price was amazing and he was like what? 50′S & 60′s horror icon?” you nodded, appreciating the fact Sam knew his actors, especially horror actors. 

“Do you know what movies are fucked up?” you asked “that have terrible acting but would still make you cringe without the terrible acting?” he nodded for the answer “Human Centipede” Sam physically shuddered at that.

“I didn’t make fifteen minutes into the sequel,” he tells you “those movies are fucked up, Tom Sixx, that homie needs to stop! Just, he needs to stop” you chuckled and nodded in agreement with him.  

You were now watching some Zombie movie, probably 28 weeks later but you had forgotten, they all had the same plot and stereotypical characters;
“Oh Steve would die first, for sure,trying,” you tell Sam who nodded “just, he would try to save a dog from a zombie horde” he laughed loudly with you at that.

“I hear no lie” he says once catching his breath “I would want Clint on my team, that dude has a sharp eye and he’s basically Daryl Dixon already, someone buy him a leather waist coat with no top and cargo pants” you snorted with laughter at that, agreeing completely “Bruce, always. In any given situation that involves some apocalypse I want Bruce for his brains and his green friend” you shrugged.

“I’m unsure, Hulk and can be unpredictable what if he attacks you instead of the Zombies?” you asked and Sam shrugged “Natasha. she’d be good at survival, plus that women can drive ANYTHING!” he nodded “I think Tony also, I feel like he has some Zombie hide-out, like he probably owns his own island that is flourishing with organic foods! Also its got great power sources, since it’s his own tech” Sam nodded fast “he is set so… I want him with me. Always.” he chuckled. 

“Guys, you are missing another member” you both turn as Clint walks in “Scott? He would be able to get into anywhere, grab supplies and whatever, go unnoticed by zombies” he grinned and you both grinned.

“This is why we call you Daryl Dixon” Sam tells him, Clint joined you both on the sofa and watched the movies with you, both men telling you what they would do in those situations; murder, zombies and killer clowns.

“See, Sam the black guy don’t always die first”, Clint tells him smugly, Sam rolls his eyes at his friend.

“It’s not that, it’s the premise Barton” Sam states “movies set up characters, stereotypical characters alongside the main ones; so the blonde bimbo, the essential black guy that says random ass shit and the nerd, two of them die and one survives alongside the main characters” he tells you 

“NORMALLY its the black guy, who spends the ENTIRE movie complaining about the white folk, okay? He dies along with the nerd, sometimes the blonde although they keep her around for… hotness” you both nod at Sam for a few seconds “my point is, the black guys or girls, usually die and it may not be first but I tell you… they die!” you chuckled lightly.

“Are you calling horror movies racists?” Clint asked laughing, Sam holds his hands up in defence as you lean forward in laughter, the movie Scream becoming forgotten as they join you in laughing. 

“Hey. I’m not throwing that word around but if the shoe fits” you all chuckle at that and go back to watching the movie “its Valentines Day and we are watching horror movies, how not cliche of us” he mutters.

“Well, till they make a good romantic horror… it’s these for now” Clint states and you nod in agreement, the day having taken a turn for the better, since you are sat between two of your bestest friends. 

“Next up, SAW. Those movies are messed up” Sam announces holding up the first, second and third, making Clint groan. 

(Hope you enjoyed, GIF has nothing to do with this request, I just find it hilarious tbh.BTW this is an actual conversation I had with my friend Manny, like word-for-word! Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie - Rosalee p.s: will edit this later, currently in the middle of writing something else) 

Broken Rule (ReaderxDean)

Request: Can you do one where the reader lives with TFW. Dean and the reader is in a friends with benefits relationship, and they have promised that if they get feelings for eachother, the hole thing is going to stop. The reader secretly loves Dean, but don’t want to tell him because she don’t want their thing to end. One night TFW goes to a bar. Dean is flirting with another girl. Then the reader get mad and then tells Dean the whole thing. He says that he loves her too++ Then fluff and SMUT! Love you❤️

Warning(s): smut, jealousy, swearing (of course), fluff

Words: 2659

Note: I read one similar to this request on someone else’s bog so I was super excited to put my own spin on things! Love you too anon!! ;)

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Headcanon Wednesday - 1600

I have a lot of headcanon about Joker and Dr. Chakwas that hasn’t made it into any of my fic. They have a relationship that I really admire, and I wanted to give it it’s due. So here, have a story! (Sorry - it got longer than I expected, mobile users, I’m sorry!)


The first time Joker winds up in Dr. Chakwas’ sickbay, it’s because of a broken toe. He’s put off seeing her for as long as he can, but the Normandy’s goddamned stairs finally get the better of him. Addison Chase finds him halfway between decks with one white-knuckled hand on the railing and a runaway crutch standing on end near the bottom of the steps. A red-hot blush creeps up his neck as she helps him the rest of the way down, escorting him to the medbay without a word.

To Joker, doctors are a dime a dozen. Within minutes he usually knows everything he needs to about them. He’s either a science project or an inconvenient problem, with little middle ground between the two. He’s not sure yet what side of the scale this one’s going to fall on, but he also doesn’t care.

Dr. Chakwas looks too perfect, too sterile, her accent too British. She holds her slender arms across her chest, chalk-white hair tucked neatly behind her ear. She’s more of an asari matriarch than most asari matriarchs. Joker doubts she’s ever heard of dirt, and certainly wouldn’t know what to do with it if she found some.

The subtle age lines of her otherwise smooth complexion deepen with mild reproach. “Why in the devil did you wait this long to see me?”

“I was waiting for the inevitable harassment,” he replies.

“I don’t enjoy harassing uncooperative patients.” She uncrosses her arms and digs through a supply cabinet for an imaging scanner. “You can’t help people who won’t help themselves, so I’ll save my efforts for those who don’t actively try and sabotage their health.” 

Joker raises an eyebrow, trying to ignore the throbbing in his toe. At the very least, this is not how his first conversations with a new doctor usually go. “And how do you know I’m uncooperative?”

Gently she cups his heel with her hand and raises his foot, sliding off his boot and running the scanner across his toes. “I have read your file, Mr. Moreau. You’ve left a litany of disgruntled physicians in your wake.  In fact, Captain Anderson personally warned me you’d be a chore.”

“And I thought I’d won him over with my wit and charm.”

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Summary: Dean is in hell and with memories of the reader, he keeps himself from giving in to the torment surrounding him. 

Word Count:

Warnings: This is quite angsty, but with a happy ending. 

A/N: This is one of the fics based on the Adele’s 25 album! Jess and I are doing a collaboration to write all 14 of the songs, alternating with Team Free Will. 
The lyrics that inspired this are:

When the pain cuts you deep
When the night keeps you from sleeping
Just look and you will see
That I will be your remedy

No river is too wide or too deep for me to swim to you
Come whatever I’ll be the shelter that won’t let the rain come through
Your love, it is my truth
And I will always love you

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I See Fire pt. 2 - IndiaRussia

Summary: It’s clear that Misha is having a hard time focusing on anything else but you. Even his coworkers notice the change. You can’t figure out how someone as amazing as Misha is being so kind to you. And then, you happen upon a certain TV show…

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Words: 3294

Warnings: Language; slight angst

Author: Micah

Author’s Note: Yes, there’s smut on the way, I just wanted to turn this into an actual story. So sit tight, you’ll get what you’re asking for, I promise!

I See Fire masterlist

Originally posted by mishkacas

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Fake Boyfriends Rec List

I promised to do a custom sterek rec list if we win third round of Ultimate Slash Madness Tournament. We did won and then we won the whole thing. Considering what’s going on in the fandom because of the show, mtv, Jeff Davis and many other things? It was big and epic.

You picked up 5 tropes and I have a lot of recs so you will get 5 separate rec lists. I know you love me ;)))


So here we go:


Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi                               

Summary: The one where the Hale fire never happened, Laura is a nosy sister, Derek is desperate, and Stiles is the only one that can help.

Word count: 84k                                                                           

Notes: Well, this is the classiest fake boyfriend sterek fic I know and one of the best as well. There is interesting plot, good humor, feels, awesome Laura and even mahogany. Also zosofi wrote this. If there is anyone who haven’t read this, well, what are you waiting for?

last night’s dress (tiptoe out of this mess) by hito

Summary: My dad just asked me if my booty call guy that comes over at 3am and leaves at 6 would like to stay for Sunday brunch next week. You in?

Word Count: 17k

Notes: This is one of my favorites! It’s hilarious and there are not so many good and really funny fics out there. Also papa Stilinski is the best. This is also Sheriff gets to know about the werewolves trope and Stiles just outdone himself while telling his poor dad the news :D

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus and uraneia

Summary: Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Word count: 21k

Notes: There is president son Stiles, bodyguard Derek and wedding in Vegas. Also alive and happy Hale family, lots of feels and big happy end. The only thing I would change is the length, seriously, I could read so much more of it.

Take Me Out (to the ball game) by TamrynEradani

Summary: Stiles was content to live his life without ever knowing who his soulmate was but when a leaked celebrity video leads to him knowing who his soulmate is, he has to meet the guy. He doesn’t expect to like Derek Hale, certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with him, but Stiles thinks he and Derek might have a shot if Lydia doesn’t kill him first.

Word count: 34k

Notes: We have actor Derek here and an awesome soulmates au as well. It was a little bit different and the psychology could be better but I liked it anyway. Like seriously, actor Derek and soulmates? Nothing else matters.

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