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Nightmares - Katakura Kojuro [Drabble] (Fluff)

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He was sure he would never had the chance to do that again; to lose himself in the warmth of her body, the sweetness of her scent and the deepness of her hazel eyes. He thought he’d never be able to hold her again.

A/N: I fixed it. I promise I did, lol. Everything is better. So I made this as a continuation of the last fic I posted (Without Words) and if you’re going to read this, you should read that one first so you can understand lol, because I couldn’t deal with the pain. So, here, I fixed it, now our souls can rest in peace.


“I’m glad…”, she smiled. “…that I could protect you”

Her hand lost all strength, her eyes closing completely and her body already cold. Yet, Kojuro never let her go, clinging to her desperately, to bring her back somehow. But they all knew it was impossible, as Lord Masamune and Shigezane only looked at their friend clinging to her death body, whispering sweet things in a useless attempt to keep her presence with them.

“I… I lost her”

“Kojuro…”, Shigezane said, trying to say anything to comfort him, but no words came to mind.

“No, no, please…”, he whispered, clinging to her desperately. His tears were falling on her face, quickly mixing with the blood spilled out of her mouth. “Please, wake up… Please… I promise I’ll clean up everyday… I’ll be careful, but please…”

Shigezane sighed, clenching his fists in a useless attempt to hide how much it hurt him seeing the scene in front of him. Masamune was silent, looking away; he couldn’t stand watching it. The only woman he had ever trusted was now dead, in the arms of her lover who cried her franticly.

“Kojuro, let’s go…”

“Milord…”, he replied, softly.

His body turned for the umpteenth time, entangling the sheets around his legs. He was sweating, his damp skin pressing against her, his movement waking her up. But he never noticed. Kojuro was way too drowned in his dream; his breathing was ragged, the desperation clinging to him just like he was doing with her corpse. He kept murmuring things she could not understand, his voice so low it was almost a breath. She turned to him, her eyes beaming with concern after seeing the state he was in.

“Lord Kojuro?”, she called out, putting her hand on his shoulder, softly. Immediately, her hand got wet with his sweat. “Kojuro, wake up…”

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