i will never get tired of the attack on twitter fandom

o-flairegan  asked:

Why did they think that doing that musical recap of Season 2 was a good idea? That was the most problematic thing for many reasons.

Because they also did one last year.

Last year’s was okay. This one was a mess for a bunch of reasons: the thing about Kara & Lena; nearly skipping any mention of James; and actually skipping Alex and anything to do with the Danvers sisters altogether.

So: let’s unpack “they’re just friends,” since that’s what most people are yelling about

Was it necessary? No. Was it a good idea? No. Was it rude? Yes. But does it also suggest that the actors are tired of being asked and/or harassed about Supercorp? Yes.

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Hey there guys, this is Kae. 

Let me make it clear before you read on that this post is not McHanzo related so to speak, but it is fandom related. I just got back online after a three day long mental breakdown, and I want to talk about some things. It’s gonna be a long one.

The most important thing I want to talk about is this fandom. Before Friday, when I had the first breakdown of many last weekend due to real life stuff, there was a lot going on here and building up here. Nothing out of the ordinary for me and Lynn– some people treated us badly, we responded, and suddenly there was a witch-hunt in the tag for us. Happens all the time, no big deal, usually.

But it is a big deal to me right now. Why is that not out of the ordinary for me and Lynn? Why are we used to people treating us this way, acting as if every word we speak has to be scrutinised, or as if we need to act in a way that suits everyone, or not act at all?

I want the people who think this way of us to read these words carefully: We Are Not A Service. 

We are not an official blog. We represent no one but ourselves, and we never claimed otherwise. We are just two human beings running a blog and trying to have a good time with a community who shares our interest.

Yet every time we try to do something, spanning as far back as when we brought in the Artist and Author directory or the Spotify playlist, we see hate in the tag here, or on twitter, or sent to us anonymously, because we’ve apparently done something wrong. 

Now, sometimes, when we know the source, we know what the real issue is. But if all we see is people insulting myself and Lynn as people because of the way we’ve said something or worded something, or because we acted in a way somebody didn’t like and word travels from person to person that we’re suddenly horrible, we can’t possibly know how to respond.

I had a talk with someone today who had some things about myself and Lynn miscommunicated to them by other people, who probably heard from someone else, etc, etc. When I heard what their grievances were with us and I helped clear up where they were wrong and where they were right, I feel like it was a good conversation. This person learned something about who we really are as people, and I got some constructive criticism rather than mindless hate. 

The things to be learned from that conversation are, first of all, that you can always approach me and Lynn if you have some constructive criticism. Don’t assume that someone else has and that we’ve just ignored them. I can tell you that 100% of the time thus far, we need input, because nobody just comes straight up and tells us, “Hey, I think you could do this better this way,” or something. 

Secondly, do not believe everything you hear about us. This person today heard a weird rumour that people who ship certain other ships (such as McReyes, in this case) were not going to be allowed in our McHanzo Zine. I don’t even know where that rumour came from– I ship McReyes myself, why would I do that? If you’ve heard something and you’re worried, just ask us. 

The third, learned not only by that conversation, but by my entire experience running this blog, is to try to remember that me and Lynn are just people. We have feelings, we’re not all-knowing, we’re not perfect. We do not always know if there’s a problem unless you tell us. We get things wrong sometimes and we are 100% capable of owning that and improving. Please, please don’t assume that we do not care. We see all tagged hate both here and on Twitter because we check the tags for content. It hurts when it’s personal. 

I am just getting pretty tired, my friends, which is why I’m making this post. These last few days, when I tried to come online to escape what’s happening in my life right now, all I came back to was hate, drama, and more hate, and a lot of it very personally directed at us as people. I was this close to quitting this blog, dropping the Zine, deleting Discord, etc. But then I remembered that I used to have so much fun doing this, I really did. It isn’t fun right now, and I mean that when I say it. But it can be again sometime. 

I know some of what I’m feeling has something to do with the fact that my mental health is literally in the drain right now because of things in my life, but the fact that I care about this blog has not helped, because that makes it hurt even more when the personal attacks come in.

But yeah, in summary– yes, we fuck up. No, we are not always aware of it, because we are human beings and no one is perfect. People rarely bring it to our attention when we do, and instead they complain and tag hate, which spreads, and creates an impression of us as people that others begin to think is true. This can be solved by just talking to us. 

I really mean it. Just talk to us, cause I promise you we are listening.

A Disturbing Day

I’m almost at a loss for words after the troll action today on IG. Almost but not quite. 😜It’s very disturbing to see these trolls in action. Seeing their accounts get deleted, seeing them create new accounts and escalate their harassment and then see them attacking those who are reporting them. They are harder to eliminate than a nest of snakes.

One of them appeared to create a new account, post 3 hateful comments then deleted her own account. The comments were there but the account was closed. Another posted a death wish this evening. I (and others) reported her and she is gone now.

The data lounge sock puppet reappeared under a new but similar name and spewed the same tired, old lies.

Marina617 went to her Twitter account asking for help reporting the person who has been actively calling her out on IG and was probably instrumental in getting her account closed. I mean if IG agreed her account was bullying how could they call the person who reported her a bully? She’s the lovely person who has had more than one con pic taken with Sam. SMH over that one. I don’t know how someone can be a Sam super fan and ridicule his girlfriend like she does.

Kim denying she is OL2013 takes the cake. Maybe she has her different accounts so compartmentalized in her mind that she forgot. Did she really think her name is Shipper McShipperson at that moment in time? It doesn’t matter because all her various accounts add up to an obsession with Sam and as she says in her bio she’ll ship it no matter what. She doesn’t have to spread the lie that Sam and Cait got married in Dec ‘15 to keep shipping however. That was done to provoke and she typed that comment with glee. What a sicko.

Another lovely account that has since been taken down called MM a whore and said her job for Sam involved performing a sex act on him. Another said neither Sam nor Mac were good enough for Cait 🙄and that Sam was a loser dating a loser! (She spelled it “looser”) It makes me laugh out loud to type that because it’s so childish and ridiculous. Is she proud of being a fan of a loser? I wish I had that pic of Sam at Baftas Scotland in 2015 when he didn’t win and had a photo taken with his hand making an L on his forehead!

Then there are the comments and posts accusing NSTs of being the hateful ones! JHRC is that one rich! Do any NSTs have IG accounts mocking anyone or shippers? Of course not. I blog about the hate accounts because they can’t be allowed to bully Mac with impunity. I call out Tumblr posts that spread misinformation but that is usually when an anon brings it to my attentions. I try to leave them alone.

I report the abusive comments on IG. It’s OK to police my own fandom. I’m not reporting shippers for shipping. I’m reporting and calling out the bullies and the liars. I’m not reporting anyone to MPC unless they make a specific MPC rule violation. So far I haven’t seen any and I hope other people leave MPC alone. The actors’ charities can’t scrutinize each donation, they are just happy to get the money to help children and others with cancer. WCC, WCCUSA, Bloodwise and MPC need to be left alone.

I consider myself a middling Outlander fan. I only have my personal IG and Twitter accounts and they don’t have anything Outlander in their names. I had my Twitter long before Outlander the tv show. I haven’t had my pic taken with Sam at a con and probably never will - that’s just not me. If I saw him on the street I would say hello but probably would not ask for a pic unless it was outside the stage door at a theatre where he was appearing. I’m currently reading a book that is not Outlander (I’ve read all 8 books plus the side books multiple times) and I have no trips to Scotland planned - not even the MPC Gathering even though I am a member. Events like that are just too big and cumbersome for me - too many people.

I say this because I understand many fans have a lot more emotionally invested in Sam and Cait and the show and books than I do and for much longer. Maybe they have too much invested if they can get so upset over Sam dating someone who is not Cait.

If Mac posting a photo that proves she is in SA sets you off so much that you have to rant about it on her account rather than on a closed FB group or Tumblr group then just maybe you are over invested.

If you have sock puppet accounts to enable you to troll you may be over invested.

If you get your jollies manipulating Mac’s IG posts in order to ridicule and bully her maybe you are over invested in Sam, Cait and/or Outlander and it’s time to find some balance in your life.

Personal-ish stuff.

tl;dr version: I have MASSIVE guilt issues.

short version: I’d like to do more posts about, er, me – books I’m reading (currently I’m rereading A New Dawn), TV I’m watching (just finished Prison Break), apps I’m using a lot of (addicted to Star Wars Force Arena), my, like, actual life – but I’m never sure if “my actual life” really has a place on Tumblr, which sometimes does feel like a more fannish Pinterest and often feels actively hostile to actual life stuff.  Especially if it’s not pictures of my cats, which I don’t want to post anyway.

Long version: I Have Some Issues, beneath the cut

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Bullying, Harassment and Online Stalking of Minors on Tumblr


My name is Katy. I am 39 years old and I am here today to talk to you about bullying, harassment and online stalking of minors on tumblr - specifically a young teenager name Dani.

Dani (@adorable-bc-picture), I hope you don’t mind me speaking here, but I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the behaviour from supposedly grown ass women on tumblr.

Adults whom, for some unknown and unfathomable reason, have taken it upon themselves to be, to put it simply, ‘fandom police’.

Let’s start with a little about me - like I said, my name is Katy and I am 39 years old. I have been married to the absolute love of my life for 19 years. I have experienced every gamut of emotion, experienced high highs, low lows and the pleasing, beautiful average. I work full time in events management and I live in Australia.

Personally, I was bullied - heavily - as a child. Because I am in that age group where the internet was not particularly prevalent until I was in my 20s (especially for small-town Australia), my bullying happened in real life. I have been teased, harassed, bullied and beaten. I have been bloodied, bruised and depressed.

I have also dragged myself up off the ground, moved on and not looked back at the people who felt the need to belittle me and abuse me on a daily basis. The year I turned 8, I was beaten up every day after school, arriving home with bloodied lips, bruised eyes and self-esteem so low, that I wondered why I had ever been born.

As I grew up, I grew stronger. I made new friends. I moved on. But the psychological scars remain, to this very day. But I am successfully. I am loved. I am adored. I am cherished.

And I am thoroughly pissed off.

Addendum: I am not a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. So I have no interest in who the man is fucking. Who he married. Who he knocked up. I have no personal interest in the man AT ALL. Because, you see, that is important. I am not jealous or a hater or a sceptic or a nanny or a stan.

All I am in a human adult woman, appalled, disgusted and pissed off beyond anything I have ever been in my entire life.


I became aware of the Cumberbitches about 8 months ago. I watched a TV shown called Fargo, with Martin Freeman in it. I had seen him in The Hobbit but it wasn’t until I watched Fargo that I wanted to find out more of who this man was.

It was indirectly through Martin Freeman that I found out about the Cumberbitches (and I will ALWAYS use this term to describe fans of Cumberbatch, because, IMO, 99% of his fandom act that way). I was…not shocked, I guess you can say, at some of the actions and reactions I was seeing/reading. I’ve been around. I’ve been in a number of fandoms. There are ‘fandom police’ in every fandom, regardless of what people claim. There are always a certain group of people who feel the need to seek attention for their obsession. So don’t think the Cumberbatch fandom is anything special, because, frankly, you’re not. A lot more far reaching that some of the fandoms I have been a part of (the internet is hugely related to that) but no less and no more special.

Anyway…indirectly through finding out more about Martin Freeman, I found out about Benedict Cumberbatch.

And the fandom war that has apparently been occurring for coming on 2 years.

So, in becoming a Martin fan, I started reading more and more about Benedict. I mean, they do star together in an apparently successful TV show.

I learned a very many things. Things that in equal turns amused, bewildered, stunned and angered me.

Let’s see if I can get my thoughts in order, shall I?

For those who may not be fully aware what is happening, apparently a celebrity got engaged, said engagement was met with sceptism by some, glee by others and general apathy by the rest of us.

Let’s address the apathetic group first because IMO, that’s where I sit and where probably 99% of the population sits. Another celebrity gets engaged - woo? Am I meant to celebrate? Yes? No? Another celebrity marriage, another celebrity divorce, another celebrity child to read about in the future and shake my head at. Celebs make the gossip sites/magazines sell/get hits. Marriages, divorces, births, deaths, scandals…all of these things sell. They sell copies, the sell clicks, they sell ads, they sell movies, TV shows, albums, music, fashion…one big PR machine. It’s tiring. I don’t buy gossip magazines. I will admit to reading gossip sites - god forbid, I’m human - but I believe less than 1% of what I actually read, and less than 1% of that is actually the truth.

I can see a big ol’ PR machination from a mile off. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson. (Just to name a few that I bother to remember). Big Ol’ PR relationships to either (a) sell or save a reputation or (b) sell or save a project.

Now with Benedict Cumberbatch, I can smell, initially, a big ol’ PR push. Posh, white, straight male announces engagement to pretty English Rose type days before the start of his Oscar campaign for a movie he was very passionate about.

Yay! Cumberbitches celebrate! Benedict is finally getting married! Benedict is finally going to be a Cumberdad (god, don’t get me started on those inane and horrific mangling of his surname!)! Let’s all celebrate!

But wait! There are some fans who are shock horror sceptical about it. The timing? Well, come on now, right before his Oscar campaign starts? That’s kind of…coincidental, surely? Surely the man who talked (long and incessantly) about keeping his private life private wouldn’t do something so…crass. Surely not.

No! You’re WRONG. Benedict would NEVER do something like that! cried the Cumberbitches. Of course, we all felt a little sad that day when his engagement was announced (what. the. fuck??), so bleats a poor, sad little fan, but we should ALL BE HAPPY FOR HIM AND NOT HATE ON HIM OR HIS FIANCEE.

Or I will ‘skin you alive’ (or so one enterprising young fan on twitter stated)

So the sceptics began. A few too start with, then a few more, then a few more, then a lot more.

More and more people were starting to side-eye this who ‘engagement’ and the absolutely-not-at-all-conincidental timings of all the major milestones - engagement? Check! Expecting a baby? Check! Wedding? Check! Honeymoon? Check! Baby’s birth? Check! First pap pics of said baby (aww, what a doting and loving father to obviously sell pictures of his only child to a pap.) Check! The Mrs showing up on set while filming a MAJORLY flawed and BLATANTLY problematic Marvel film? Check! Full face photos of said infant taken while strolling around New York (how’s that ‘I would protect my children’ statement working out for you, Cumberbatch?) - and said photos not gagged, not yanked BUT STILL AVAILABLE FOR ORDER ONLINE.

Wow…did that all get away from me! It’s not a perfect timeline, I know from reading more that I have missed a lot, obviously, but even the most naive person can surely see that nothing is coincidental about any of this.

But no! No! Of course not, because now we have a group that frankly, I have to wonder what exactly is happening in their own lives, that they feel the need to come online and bully, harass and online stalk other people.

(And no, I’m not talking about the sceptics, though I truly am not finished with some of them!)

I’m talking about the group of peopleI have tagged below. Mind you, this is a very, very small fraction of the number of people who I have seen and read:

@thisdancingheart, @ohshitimatthewrongparty, @old-enough-2-know-better, @irisang, @thesecitystreets, @dmellieon, @furriesandus, @beneguinsophiebatch, @lions-tigers-benedict, @allthebellsinvenice, @trained-cormorant, @shit-bc-haters-say, @winterrose16312, @wtgilsa, @isabeau13, @isabeau221b, @londoncallingsigh, @bananacumberbatch714, @addictedtobrits, @ben-locked, @mouseymodesty, @sherlana, @wearywander, @nixxie-fic, @thedragonaunt, @theorclair, @itstoohardtotitlethesethings, @idontcareaboutusernames, @roci221b, @theleftpill, @lolastaryes, @mas-sera-o-benedict, @jennbuso, @marykk1990, @the-pen-in-my-hand, @cumberbangers, @the-tinfoil-hat-brigade, @thetownbycycle, @honestylives, @deggsbenedish, @firewithfiredeux, @hunterhypereport, @moriartysskull

Like I said, this is a very small part of a group of people who have, over the past 2 years, made it their life’s mission to abuse, belittle, bully, harass, online stalk, doxx and generally be rather nasty pieces of work towards others, particularly a teenager. I wish I could name them all, but I would be here for hours. There are numerous blogs out there who feel the need to attack, like a rabid pack of hyenas, people who shock horror think differently from them. People who think that no, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are not the perfect couple. There are other reasons why they believe that (more about that later) but ultimately, they have spent months. Months and months and months. Bullying, harassing, online stalking, doxxing and REAL LIFE interfering with a group of bloggers talking about a CELEBRITY AND HIS WIFE on the internet…

Just let that sink in for a moment.

This is all over one celebrity and his wife.

They have, at times, screencapped blogs (circumventing the tumblr block feature), called the school and parents of a teenager, called Social Services on the same teenager, called the teenager at her home, created a website outing a blogger, doxxed several other bloggers, sent threats via anon to bloggers, called other bloggers ‘bitches’, ‘vile’, ‘hateful’, ‘cretins’, ‘sewer rats’, ‘gutter brigade’, ‘sour grapes brigade’…just to name a handful.

They have also involved people outside of tumblr in their little fandom war. They have tried to waste the time and resources of government agencies (really? Emailing the department for Births begging them not to release the birth certificate? What a waste of your time and theirs!) They have tried to claim the upper moral hand in everything they do, screaming from rooftops ‘For Benedict!’.

For a man who, quite frankly, wouldn’t cross the street to spit on you if you were on fire.

This group are a mass of contradictions.

They are a mass of hate, loathing and repulsiveness that make me wonder just what the hell tumblr is doing, allowing these kinds of blogs to prosper. I am appalled that I share a gender (assumedly) with these bloggers. I am thoroughly ashamed that ADULT WOMEN - some of them mothers and grandmothers - are acting in a manner entirely suited to a five year on a school play yard that cannot get their way and bites their playmates. My 3 year old nephew treats other children BETTER than this group of women treat their fellow humans.

They routinely dictate to people on tumblr who they should follow. If one of the sceptics should happen to go quiet, to change their blog name (or try to), they will announce it on their blogs.

They will hypocritically announce that Dani deserves her treatment because of ‘piracy’ or ‘artistic theft’ ( @cumberbangers - nice try there sweetheart).



Let me break this down for you.

Tumblr is rife with piracy and copyright violations.

Just today I saw a video clip uploaded by a tumblr user, ripped DIRECTLY FROM the DVD copy of Whisky Tango Foxtrot. THAT IS PIRACY.

When Hamlet was released to cinemas, I saw NUMEROUS gif sets from NUMEROUS blogs of a bootleg version of Hamlet. THAT IS PIRACY.

I see ‘bragging tweets’ from someone called AnythingBatch on twitter, claiming to have a copy of Hamlet on DVD - yet when Dani claims to have the same thing, Dani is the pirate and deserves to be bullied, harassed and online stalked but AnythingBatch is what? A good fan? Hamlet is not available on DVD. How do you think AnythingBatch got hold of a legal copy? PIRACY.

I see picture, after pictures, after picture being reblogged, edited, manipulated by countless people. Are you the original copyright holder of these images? Are you the photographer of these images? No? ARTISTIC THEFT.

Gifs of TV shows, movies, chat show appearances - ARTISTIC THEFT.


Don’t you dare stand there on the altar of Benedict Cumberbatch and claim that Dani (or ANYONE deserves) the treatment you have been giving her.

Don’t you dare claim to be ‘protecting’ Benedict and Sophie by your actions online.

Don’t you DARE claim to be good people, good fans. Because you aren’t. You just aren’t. You are the WORST example possible of ‘fans’. IMO you are WORSE than the more ‘vocal’ of the sceptics.


I get why the sceptics are there. I do. I see the inconsistencies. I see the big ol’ PR push to prove that this man and this woman Are In Love! And Happy! And Doting Parents! I see it. But I don’t believe it. I see two men who can barely stand next to each other. I see two people so thoroughly bored and unenthusiastic about each other and their child. But of course, I must be jealous. I must want Benedict for myself.

*insert sarcastic laughter*

The man is bland, unappealing and hey, if you want Sherlock to play Alan Tauring? Cast Benedict Cumberbatch! If you want Sherlock to play Dr Strange? Cast Benedict Cumberbatch! If you want a rich, white, privileged, posh, straight white boy, who, frankly, is problematic as all hell, cast, you got it! Benedict Cumberbatch.

Sceptics are not wrong when they see a big hole in the PR narrative.

Here is what I think happened - excusing of course that NONE OF US ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS - they were fucking, she got knocked up (either deliberately or oops - my bet on deliberate) - he did the old posh, English gentleman thing and presto! She has a Gold Ticket for life, he has a child he may not have exactly wanted RIGHT NOW and a wife he cant seem to actually LIKE.

So, does that OPINION deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does an OPINION of any kind deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does thinking the baby is not real deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does thinking the marriage is not legit deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


Does ANYTHING about this situation deserve bullying, harassment or online stalking?


While I think some sceptics have taken it too far and have very obviously let their ego get in the way of logic and sense, overall, I have found the majority of sceptic blogs to be funny, analytical, thorough and downright informative.

I would never say that about any of the other blogs.

I am not taking sides in this. I am fairly apathetic about the are they/aren’t they argument. Like most celebrity marriages, I don really expect theirs to last for long. I am saying that bullying, harassment and online stalking of other bloggers - particularly those who are minors - is in no way warranted.


Before I go, I want to address those on both sides who claim to have (a) sources or (b) contacted Benedicts ‘people’. Lots of people claiming lots of rubbish in my opinion. I’ve worked for a well-known entertainment company based in Sydney. They did PR for some of THE biggest names in entertainment, while in Australia. And you know what? Emails were read by interns. Not by anyone who actually matters. There is a form ‘letter’ that is sent…and a number of quotes are contained, such as:

  • Thank you for your email/letter/enquiry…
  • We are unable to confirm…
  • We thank you for…

Simple, basic mail merge stuff. A highschooler can do this. Which is why its the interns job to respond to anything that is NOT official. You may see a VIP name on the email but in reality, unless you are Someone of Importance, your email will only ever be seen by an intern or someone low on the totem pole. Agents and reps don’t have time for your petty, whining fandom wailings.

You can say all you like that you’ve contacted his ‘people’ or someone connected with him and you can can claim to have received a response, but in reality, unless you’re willing to provide actual evidence, all of this is placed in the less-than-1% of things I read that I believe.


Oh and before I forget - continuation and keeping stories straight aren’t a particular strong suit of this group of people.

You cant claim that:

  • Benedict doesn’t KNOW about the sceptics
  • Benedict KNOWS but doesn’t CARE about the sceptics
  • Benedict doesn’t KNOW and doesn’t CARE about the sceptics

all at the same time. It doesn’t work like that.

I mean, you can claim all you want that Benedict and Sophie picked specific letters aimed at specific people to read at Letters Live, but you cant also claim that the sceptics don’t matter enough for them to bother.

Prior to Letters Live, it was claimed that ‘I think Benedict doesn’t give a flying fuck what the sceptics think’ - by the same blogger who claimed that ‘Benedict was deeply in love with his wife and was devastated about what was being said online’.

What a think-skinned little boy he is, if he cant stand a bit of online gossip about him and his wife.

What a petty little man if he deliberately chose to attack bloggers online by reading and having his wife read certain letters.

When it looks, smells and sounds like bullshit, I call bullshit.


I have read enough about Benedict, his wife and his fans to make these last couple of observations:

  • What happened to the man who once claimed that he would ‘fiercely protect’ the privacy of his children?
  • What happened to the man who once fronted paparazzi and asked them to focus on Egypt instead of the filming of a TV show?
  • What happened to the man who once said ‘my private life is private’?
  • What happened to the man who could once walk down the street without paparazzi capturing his every moment? I mean, we got his engagement, his wedding (SOLD! to the Highest Bidder!), his honeymoon (how did that Jaguar/Bora Bora/Whale watching honeymoon go?), his child’s birth (Look! Over there! I have a SON, this will take the pressure off the CBE announcement).


Now my question to you. WHY do you care what people online are saying about a celebrity and his wife?

WHY do you care if people think that a celebrity and his wife aren’t exactly what PR is trying to push?

WHY DO YOU stand on the altar of Benedict Cumberbatch and pretend that he is not human. That he is infallible? That he is simply, just a man? You make him out to be some kind of god and in reality, he’s just another actor, just another person on this earth.

My only conclusion is that you are so unhappy and unfulfilled in your own lives that you seek to live vicariously. That you seek what you do not have and you try to make it seem like Benedict and his wife are the be all and end all of human relationships.

I wont say you should be ashamed. I wont say you should be embarrassed. I wont say you should feel bad. I wont say any of that because frankly, I think you lack basic human empathy. You’re so focused on what YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE should or should not be doing that you don’t stop and think for just one second what your attitude and behaviour has the possibility to do. God forbid one of the bloggers you have relentlessly bully, harass and online stalked tries to harm themselves. I don’t think that you would feel anything other than satisfaction that a ‘hater’ was gone and that you were ‘winning’.

Nothing about this situation is a fucking competition. You will not win any awards or ribbons or accolades by anyone for your behaviour.


I wish I could do more. I wish that tumblr would do more. I wish that before posting, people stop and think what their words may do.

I wish for a lot of things in this world, but what I wish the most is that none of your loved ones experience the kind of hate and vileness you show towards others.


You know what? I’m an adult. I can handle whatever hate or bile you decide to throw my way because (a) ultimately we’re all strangers on the internet (b) I have the life experience to handle the hate and bile that may come my way and © I truly, truly don’t give one. flying. fuck what any of you ‘adults’ think of me.

Tagging those sceptics I think would most appreciate this: @khanspets, @annashipper, @happilyhardarcade, @sophiehuntergossipblog


Ok, this is going to be a long post so bare with me.

I started watching the show January this year. I know I know, that was pretty late. I’ve heard of it a few times but nothing brought my attention to it. Not until I saw a tumblr post about Lexa.  Now let me tell you something about myself: I’m a 29 years old, straight girl. For my entire life I’ve always watched TV shows/movies with strong badass/kickass female characters because well…they are awesome and I kind wish I was one of them lol: Buffy, Faith, Sidney Bristow, Nikita, Xena, Veronica Mars, Kahlan Amnell, Hermione, Katniss Everdeen and the list goes on and on. So I was looking up stuff about Supergirl and found a Lexa post. And I mean badass/war paint looking Lexa. Youtube and tumblr search here I come… in a week time I knew all about the show and watched all of her scenes (I’m gonna be honest that I pretty much ignored the rest, I read about it all and watched a few scenes but, for me, the whole grounders storyline was much more interesting than the sky crew). Because of that, by association, I got to know Clarke pretty well too (every scene with Lexa she is in it). All of that happened in the week before they were shooting the finale. Now, I’m a horrible social media user, but I’m very very good at being a lurking anon on twitter and tumblr for news in general and everything entertainment related. In that week I looked at every Lexa tumblr blogs and twitter accounts possible and, again by association, started to read all about Clexa. And every single Jroth and writers tweet about them too (I get angry just remembering that and writing this sentence). I watched the trailers/previews for season 3 with glimpses of her fighting and all. Needless to say I fell in love with Lexa. Who didn’t? She is the definition of complex character, badass female and A+ acting. Perfect package. The fact that she was a lesbian, and would possible be involved with Clarke, didn’t bother me at all. They had amazing chemistry and I was rotting for them. And that was a surprise for me not because they are a LGBT couple, but because I usually don’t care much about romantic ships at all. I’m not a romantic person and I think half the couples on TV/movies are completely unnecessary. News flash TV/movie writers: not every straight girl out there wants to see a relationship in every fucking tv show/movie. Seriously…it’s gets boring sometimes…so drop down a notch a little bit ok?!

Anyways getting off the point here… I was a Lexa stan that became a Clexa shipper, and that happened really fast. Everybody was talking about Lexa dying and I was worried about it too, but the Vancouver finale shooting happened, Jason and the writers kept twetting for us to have faith, hope and to trust them…and I did…every single one of us did. They basically promoted the entire season 3 on them: invited the fans to watch the finale with Clexa, every single promo and sneak peek had them, Lexa even got a character poster (the only guest star to have one).  And well…we all know what happened. Entering social media that night was simply devastating… I’ve never seen so much pain in it. Every single person on the fandom was so broken. And we were such a happy fandom: that was candle whore Lexa, confused Lexa, raccoon Lexa, pick-up lines Lexa, decalexas, all those amazing art works…

I’m not gonna lie and pretend to say that I know how you all felt. I don’t. I’m not part of the LGBT community. I can imagine, but I didn’t live though it like you guys. I didn’t sleep that night, I lost weight for 2 months straight because I didn’t have an appetite, I felt like crying all the time, I couldn’t watch any Lexa scenes without crying for months (up till today I still cry watching her and Clarke right when she is dying). It truly felt like I lost someone. It’s weird. I don’t know why I felt like that and I talked with others straight Clexa fans that felt the same way and don’t know why either. We just came to the conclusion that she was really special.  

 I got even deeper into the fandom after that day. I learned about the BYG trope and all yours struggles with proper representation on media. I learned a lot and I decided to be a part of that fight with you (even if on anon because I didn’t have a tumblr/twitter). Every since Lexa´s death I´ve been following dozens and dozens of twitter and tumblr accounts from Clexa´s shippers. And there is something very important I have to say to you: I´M SORRY!

I´m sorry that every single day it feels like a fucking battle because of haters, antis, homophobes/lesbophobes/biphobics on both social media and real life for you guys. I´m sorry that those people don´t understand or don´t try to (and in most cases simply ignore) all the struggles you deal with. I´m sorry those people are not smart enough to understand that it goes way beyond Lexa´s death or a ship. I´m sorry that people within your own community act like assholes when their jobs or clicks for their sites comes first to the issue at hand (like the whole hypable article and it´s gay co-founder attitude on twitter or affterellen inicial response for the backlash). I´m sorry that those people try to diminish your fight by calling it “petty” or it comes from “angry teenagers” or a “loud minority” or “psychos” or “weirdos”. I´m sorry that those people are so blind that they actually misjudge you when they don´t actually follow all the discourse that happened (specially on twitter) or see all the problematic tweets that were deleted that started it all. I´m sorry that the hate Blarkes feel for Clexa/Lexa is so fucking big that they do everything in their power to spread lies about the fandom and invalidate all of your fight and accomplishments. I´m sorry that those people like to use the word “toxic”, “rushed”, “OOC”, “manipulative”, “racist” to describe a beautiful f/f relationship and a lesbian character but don´t have a problem with those things when it´s in regards for the m/f ship and male character they like. I´m sorry that that same fandom try to paint you as “bullies” when they are the ones that have been public call out by Eliza, Bob, Bob´s girlfriend and Adina for their disgusting behavior.  I´m sorry that people are so transparent on their homophobia that they only started hating on Lexa after her fist kiss with Clarke in 2x14. I´m sorry that other fandoms that attack you are simply jealous of all the things you achieved and media attention you get. If it pisses me off to see/read all of this things, I can´t even imagine how you guys feel.  

But know this: for every hater out there, they are several articles from actually relevant and important media outlets, not only in the U.S but worldwide, that supports you and see the issues that you do. Every revolution in the world history came with a lot of people trying to destroy it. It´s up to you to not let them win.  

Are there bad apples in the Clexa fandom? Of course there are. I would be surprised if a fandom as big as this one didn´t have any. But every time I see one, I also see several Clexas reporting the account and calling them out.  

We are a family, and you guys are part of an even bigger family that needs each other so much: the LGBT community. What was built (and still is) goes way beyond Clexa and Lexa, you are fighting for a better future not only for your community but for the whole world too, because a world where people respect each other and homophobia becomes an unknown concept is a better world for EVERYONE. The fight for better representation must keep going because media shapes the way people think, act and dictates what’s “normal” and what’s not.  It sucks and it’s ridiculous, but that’s how it works. And the moment people start seeing on TV LGBT relationships and individuals as “normal” is the moment homophobia won’t be a big issue and people will stop being assholes about that.  

 I know you guys are tired. But what you guys are doing it’s a HUGE step. Look at all the news and articles about it. Look at me: a straight girl supporting you. It is making a difference and little by little it will grow.

I know a part of the fandom moved to other fandoms and maybe it seems like people are moving on. That’s ok…you can move on from Lexa’s death (I’m trying too). We keep her and Clexa alive in our amazing fanfics, fan arts and all the beautiful things the fandom created and still is creating. But you can not move on from the movement. Keep bringing awareness to the trope, to the usually horrible representation on media and to the issues you face in real life that can be changed, in some way or form, by the movement.

Remember Clexakru: Lexa is a legend, Clexa was beautiful and your fight is far from over!! I´m with you, there are many other like me that are with you! Keep fighting!!

How kpop disappointed me/ exo drama/ the impact in my life

Hello, my name is carol and its 3am, i should be sleeping right now but i found this blog and as reading these confessions i felt a strong urge to confess myself as well.
I’ve been dealing with this feelings and thoughts for a while now, but I cant say anything on my twitter fc (cause the other kpoppers will judge me) and i dont have any friend who would care enough for what i have to say.
So this is going to be long, i apologize.

I was emo, you know? Listened to emo bands and heavy music with screams and shit, and i was always against pop music because it was fake, and it was purely all for the money. So you have no idea how shocked i was when i found myself starting to like kpop.
I met kpop thanks to my best friend at the time (we’re not friends anymore), and she was emo as well, i remember when she would still wear black and dye her hair and talk about Get Scared and Devin Sola on twitter while she was discovering kpop and listening to SNSD. She showed me “I got a boy” mv and i was like…. okay… but nah.
A few months later she left the emo side and got really deep in the kpop world becaming an Exo fan and Chanyeol biased.
I just watched her while i was still digesting the idea that she left our emo world to be a fan of asian people.
I never thought it would happened to me.
But there was this music channel on tv and every week it would have this “ichiban interference” which would show asian music, kpop, cpop, jpop and jrock.

I missed my friend, and i felt distanced from her. So i started to watch that program to see if i could like kpop. And…….. I kind of did. I was just so excited to get back to having something in common with her and i just wrote the names of the groups i have liked while watching the program so i could search it later on.

*funny fact tho, somehow i already new shinee 2 years before i enter the kpop world for real, and even thought i didnt listen to them i would mantain this crush on choi minho and even like his pages on facebook.

The first group i got into was, of course, Shinee, because i already new them and already loved Minho. So until this day they are my babies and my ultimate group.

She was all into Exo and i just didnt really cared for them. But because it was important to her, i gave it a shot.
I entered the Exo fandom right after Kris left. I didnt had any problems to know who was who. Althought at the beggining i had a problem with sehun and luhan and for a while i thought they were the same person lol but that passed.
I also made an fc on twitter to be close with my friend again, which made me later on go very deep in the exo world. And because of all the problems they had, I also suffered a fucking lot being a part of their world.
As i said before, i was always against pop music because it was purely commercial. The thing that made me accept kpop was when i read about the trainee thing, and how they would work really hard for years and just really dedicate themselves to the maximum to acomplish their dreams. I thought that was very admirable. So i felt like it was okay for me to like kpop, because it was different and they were all very admirable people.
I thought it was a dream land you know? Get accepted in a company, be a trainee for a few years and then debut and become pretty and famous and rich.
But as soon, as me being an exo-l, exo started to fall apart, all of these delusional ideas i had about that lifestyle and this industry, began to crash.

When Luhan left I spend like, 4 weeks crying. No joke, i would start crying in the middle of the night and go running into my dads room so he could confort me.

I dont know how and why but Exo really took the best out of me. I would cry for anything they did. it was insane. But also im very sensible and i do cry a lot so idk.

The thing is, after that i got really hurt you know? Because i thought SM after kris leaving would be more rational about things and would treat the boys better. But no.
And now its Tao’s turn and this one… This one is just extremely fucked up. Because i know, i know very deep in my heart how Tao loves Exo and loves us fans. He was always the one who would try to make us feel better and confort us, and he always promised he would never leave. And now to be where we are now, i mean… It makes me realize how fucked up this industry is behind the scenes.
(As i am young to this fandom you’ll probably say i dont have the right to be this sad and blablabla. But I did watched showtime and i think once you watch that there’s no turning back, you’ll love each boy and cherish them to the maximum. Because i entered the fandom right when kris left, i didnt really cared for him, but after showtime i was like… really sad, and even thought i became a fan when they were ot11, i am ot12 in my heart. You might think i dont have the right to it but i dont care, i know my feelings towards it and i know how much i care about them)

So after that, and also that whole baekyeon scandal (it shocked me that baek and tae lost fans just because they fell in love. I do understand that they didnt handle things how it should’ve been handle but damn, have the fans never experienced falling in love with someone and wanting to share their love with others and show it to people, and how exciting everything is? not to mention baek is young and he always liked tae. I dont like her, and she is older, so i do think she as someone more responsible, should’ve known better), and honestly it really pisses me off how the fandom said it was marketing, BECAUSE GOD FORBIT THAT BAEKHYUN IS ACTUALLY STRAIGHT AND DOES NOT DATE CHANYEOL IN REAL LIFE!!!!!! That is one thing i dont have the patience. Im all up for homossexuality, but to see how hardcore these shippers can be and how the fans suddenly feel like they have the right to dictate the sexuality of their idol and anyone who says “no, he’s straight” is wrong and delusional… I mean… Come on.. Get off your high horse honey. (i dont know if it was markenting or not, i do not care either, i just hated how the fans reacted)
And seeing the korean media and how the netizens criticize everything the idols do that dont go acording to what they belive. And seeing how they are always making big drama out of nothing ( ex taehyung x bigbang). Seeing how the fans deal with all of this, where their idols cant even be themselves that they’ll instantly get criticized (ex: sehun and his comments on ig) …. I really hate that, the fact that the idols (not all idols) cant be themselves completely, they have to follow some rules (probably) to what they can or cant say, and they cant even be free on the internet either as the fans will judge them and the media as well. So I mean, how can I love someone and be fan of someone, that it isnt true? You know what I mean? How can I relate to you? I cant.
I just got so tired, Im exausted to say the least.

I wont say kpop ruined my life, because honestly shinee is still one of the few things that makes me happy and whenever im sad i listen to them and feel better. And Im really happy because Shinee is one group that remains intact, they never have any dramas with their name on it. Its just so peaceful for me to be a shawol. Also being a xiumin, lay and tao biased, they never failed to make me happy, and every time i see them i instantly gain a smile in my face. Also my parents support me much more with me liking kpop than with me liking, as they call it “noises and screams and dirty people who look dead”. Anddd my mom also likes choi minho so its pretty awesome when we talk about him and fight for him as in who he belongs to. (HE IS MINE MOM)

But i entered the kpop world thinking it would be magical and it would only bring joy in my life. But now im at a point where everything is just slowly being destroyed and the land i once thought it was bright and colorful is now all black and white and broken.
Not to mention how kpop took my life completely, i was never into going out (as i have social anxiety and panic attacks) but the fact that i would spend ALL of my daily hours on my fc just talking about koreans and chineses and saving their pictures religiously and spending hours organizing their albuns and stuff (my exo paste have 14 thousand pictures and this is just the pictures i would save while i was on twitter, without downloading any pack or anything)
I just…. this was a really long rant and im still keeping out a lot of other thoughts, this is just a resume basically.
I just wanted to say that im disapointed. There’s no better word than that. I felt like i was promised so many things while entering this world, but as things kept progressing a lot of things happened and my positive thoughts about it were slowly dying, and i compromized so much of myself and my life to it, to now being here, sad and all fucked up thanks to it.
Lately i dont stay on my twitter so much, i rarely enter it tbh. And i just spend my days reading or watching a serie or anything that its not related to asians and kpop because honestly i just need a break from it, a break to digest all of the things that happened in 2014, a break from this drastic change of (my) taste and just trying to deal with the true that it is: kpop is not what i looks like, yes the music is good, yes they look good and happy but we dont know what happens when no one’s around, we only know what we are showed and therefore, due to all the dramas that happened, i myself am incapable of trusting kpop again.
(I even started to listen to my emo bands again, so i could forget kpop for a while. This is what is helping me ‘keeping it real’)
I will always love my groups and will always support them, but I dont wanna go back to the place i was (dedicating my life to it). And now i definitely am more aware of everything, and if anything, one positive thing that kpop did was making me more smart and careful towards my trusting hability.
Thats it, thats my confession, it was really long im sorry. I started writing this at 3am and now is 4am.
*I have a question tho, it was only with me that after kpop i just dont feel atraction to ocidental guys like i used too? I was never really picky when it comes to men but after kpop now i do want them to be someone who take care of themselves, and have a nice skin, and dress nicely. Also i get crazy everytime i see an asian on the street, and i just find them much more atractive than the ocidental person.
*im brazilian so sorry for any mistakes, as english is not my first language.
*please be kind and try not to call me names. I know that for some people i’ll appear like a retarted girl, and maybe i am, but i just really needed to get this out of me. And if you want to know, im 16 and started to like kpop in the end of 2013 when i was still 14.

So. I’ve been asked to say something about this, and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it, because I’m somehow dead inside, but here we go ha. 

First of all, because this is probably going to get long as it always does when it comes to me ad you might not finish the whole thing, I want to say that your safety and health comes first. I want to put emphasizes on this, because I’ve been in the fandom for years and I know this is the worst that they’ve thrown at us and I know it is stressful as fuck. It’s manipulative and gross and I encourage you to take a break if you feel like that’s what you need to do, alright? That’s the most important thing. This stuff will blow off eventually, and you need to do what is best for you. That should be your priority now. I, personally, am not going anywhere you can count on me not giving them what they want right now, but there still might come the time when I need to take a break. And that wwould be alright, because everyone deals with things differently. You need to make sure you are alright. 

Being said that, I am really uncomfortable now. The whole thing crossed the line for me when TMZ posted the picture of different baby, though I know this might be intentional, it just made me very uncomfortable about the whole situation, because they got another innocent human being involved. And that is why I am beyond grossed out right now. They actually got another innocent human being involved right now, whether you think the photo of Louis is photoshopped, or it is old photo of him with one of the twins or whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me, because what really matters is the fact that they want us to think it is Louis with Freddie, whether it is him or not, they are manipulating w people and they are doing all this to Louis, the boys and their families, and they are doing this to us and I am tired and I don’t like this at all. 

Being said that, theres so much violence and bullying being spread around the internet right now that I can’t believe my own eyes. I can’t believe there are people capable of treating larries this way, without larries actually hurting them (and I know that for a fact as I have never ever attacked an anti and I simply delete/block their messages and I am being continuously attacked without a reason) and I encourage you to block hateful messages. In fact, blok posts, unfolloww people, block people. Do whatever you need to fo in order for you to feel alright. Please know that you will be alright, please know that there is nothing wrong with believeing your own intelligence and critical thinking, there is nothing wrong with believing in Harry and Louis. You are NOT ruining their lives, you have NOT driven them apart, you are NOT the one to blame for all the mess that is happening. Remember that we talked about it. That the photo was posted when there were starting to pop up paternity test articles, as small outlests as those were. As I said, if you start believing this now, well good for you, if you have the ability to do that then just do it, I get that it can be easier and I won’t be stopping anyone. But I stand firm in my belief. Noww more than ever and I just can’t ignore the facts. I can’t ignore the fact that Louis never spoke publicly about it and suddenly his Twitter was so happy, when only pap photos where he smiled were the ones on the phone from 26th, without the baby and B. I can’t ignore the fact that Oli went with them to ‘doctors appointment’, that she never looked like she actually gave birth, that Louis was not seen interacting with her after the scandal broke, that Jay didn’t pay any attention until now, that the boys and Louis’ real friends are not paying attention. 

I can’t ignore the fact that this comes in time with the boys leaving modest and Syco, I can’t ignore the fact that Louis has always been the one that Simon really fears, I can’t ignore the fact that the smear campaiggn has been happening for months. I would like to do so. But I can’t. Larry aside, this doesn’t add up, larry aside, this is really fucking wrong. 

I still believe Harry and Louis are together and strong and they are going to win. Because this is nothing more than the final battle of the war that’s been on for five years now, and I know that they are going to get through this. I hope, from the bottom of my heart that Louis is okay. I hope they both are okay, because i believe in them. I hope they kow wwe are rooting for them. And I can’t unsee last five years either. I know enough to put the pieces together, I can’t ignore the tattoos, I can’t ignore the body language  I can’t ignore how they shut down their friendship for public, I can’t ignore the fact that I now enough to say that Harry and Louis are together and actually believe it. Still I need to say, DO NOT OUT THEM OUT Of YOUR FRUSTRATION. They deserve to come out on their own terms. 

And again, larry aside, this doesn’t go with what I knw about Louis at all either. I have seen enough over the past years to know that this is not how he would treat the mother of his child even if they weren’t together, this is not how he would treat his chid even if it was an accident. This is not Louis we know, and this is them trying to ruin Louis, this is nothing more than revenge. 

I still believe in them, and I hope they know that. I know they are going to make it. But I want to say that you are going to make it as well. I don’t know what to expect right now, so I am trying to not expect anything, I think this was the last huge thing, but there could be more, it is possible. It is possible they drag it out for longer than we tought. I don’t seriously know what’s going to come. They might deny it now when public’s eye is on it and they might not. But I am not going to speculate, because I am not in that position. Just brace yourselves, please. I still stand where I said the last time, I can’t bring myself to answer messages doubting larry, it offends me right now, and I will not stand for any mmessages saying Louis l/Harry let you down, owe you something etc .They don’t. 

here is a masterpost i made when zayn left for people being sad/anxious etc
here is a larry masterpost of masterposts and proofs 
louis masterpost for when sad

Please be safe. All the love. x 

anonymous asked:

You know what it bothers me of all this mess is that ET talked positive about bellarke in the past,what she said last weak about romantic right now(there's a future)and now what,i cant understand how people get dismised a relationship like bellarke really at least Bob understand and its nice to us,and the other hand that gives the antis strenght to feed it and grow attacking saying that all the cast writers hate bellarke,when we saw that its not true,what i dont understand is why we still here.

I hear you, nonny. What Eliza said was disrespectful and unprofessional - there’s no way around that. (Please don’t send her hate, though, guys! Hate is never okay!) And you’re right - Eliza has talked positive of Bellarke in the past, and just because she hasn’t said the nicest things about it lately, I don’t think it’s necessary to put too much stock into it. And a few negatively interpreted comments from one person shouldn’t be what makes you quit this show, just when we’re getting everything that we’ve waited for.

I still have hope and faith in my ship - do you?

My personal interpretation of what Eliza said is this: she’s not just sick of Bellarke, she’s sick of being just a love interest and nothing more. Like you said, she used to say positive things about it, but I think she’s just tired now. The difference with Bellarke and C/exa is that she was not afforded the liberty of saying whatever she wants about C/exa, because she has to appear positive about everything the writers have chosen to do on the show. Bellarke hasn’t happened (yet!) and, of course, there isn’t a huge mob of crazy shippers that have chased her colleagues off of Twitter in the Bellarke fandom, so she doesn’t have to be quite as careful about her feelings coming out about ships when she is talking about Bellarke as she has to be about C/exa. Remember that gifset where she rolled her eyes and said she was sick of staring at that stupid chip every episode? That’s about as shady as Eliza is allowed to get about C/exa right now (and probably ever). 

And, let’s face it: Eliza seems to have enjoyed C/exa while it lasted. She’s a shipper. I would say that it’s probably better (and more professional) to remain neutral as an actor when it comes to shipping, but in this case I believe Eliza DOES have a preference. It’s unfortunate that she’s been so blatant about it - both for her, the show, and it’s fans - and, generally, actors really aren’t supposed to, but she IS entitled to her own opinion. 

The problem is, actors usually are supposed to keep opinions like that to themselves instead of revealing them in interviews. That’s where I believe Eliza went wrong. She was unable to hold up her neutral facade, and that was her mistake. She came off as being rude and mocking towards the fans, while also invalidating our ship at the same time. Was that her intention? Probably not, but she still made a mistake. 

It’s important to remember that Eliza has been wrong about things she has said in regards the the show, and ships, in the past. This time last year, she said she didn’t think Clarke would be able to forgive L.exa and if they did, she didn’t think they could pursue a romance after her betrayal - she was wrong. For the past months she’s been saying that she doesn’t think Clarke will be able to find love again - she owned up to that mistake yesterday and corrected herself (as did Jason). She was wrong then, too. I wonder why she would make a mistake like that? Because it’s her opinion, and she had next to no prior knowledge on Season 4 at that point. I bet you anything that someone higher up told her she needs to stop saying that, because it’s just not true. Clarke will love again.

Eliza even admitted that she knows barely anything about Season 4. She hasn’t even read the premiere yet. Jason doesn’t seem to be giving the cast much information, most likely because he didn’t want there to be many spoilers at the cons. He hasn’t told the actors much yet because he doesn’t need to. They still haven’t started filming - best to wait until he doesn’t have to worry about accidental spoilers, anyway. Eliza probably doesn’t know anything about her character’s romance yet, because they just haven’t told her and I don’t get the feeling that she really cares all that much about that aspect of her character so it’s not like she’s asking about it. And we already know that Eliza only talks about what has happened or is happening currently in the text. Bellarke is subtext right now - therefore, she will not talk about it.

Literally everything Eliza has said about Bellarke has been opinion, not fact. Nothing in the narrative matches up with her opinions. Bob’s interviews don’t even match up with her opinions. Many of the cast is positive towards Bellarke (MANY - someone has a masterpost). Literally no one, not even Jason, except Eliza has done anything even close to shutting down Bellarke. Jason even went so far as to make it clear that Clarke is bisexual, therefore she can be with either a man or a woman (and she WILL, according to him). Eliza is entitled to her opinion, yes, but that doesn’t make it fact and, at the end of the day, she has zero control over the story. This is Jason’s story, and it’s evident that his story in the past three seasons include Bellarke. 

Because some people have brought it up, it’s true that the question wasn’t about romantic Bellarke, but Eliza chose to bring up the romantic aspect anyway. Don’t put too much stock into that, either. I think it’s gotten to the point that she assumes all questions regarding Bellamy and Clarke have to do with romance. It was a wrong assumption of her, one that I hope she realizes now, but that’s my interpretation of what happened. I don’t think she was looking for every opportunity to slam us. 

There’s still lots of reasons to continue to ship Bellarke. As I said, the narrative backs it up, Jason still backs it up, Bob backs it up. Eliza is the only one who doesn’t. But one person out of many doesn’t mean anything, not when they have no control over the script. This interview doesn’t change anything - it isn’t anything we haven’t heard before. She’s been saying these things since even before Season 3, and we still got a shitload of more reasons to suggest that Bellarke is happening in 3B. Her opinion didn’t change the narrative then - it doesn’t now, either. 

If you ask me, I think it says a fair bit that The 100 writers almost immediately followed up that video of her saying “Bellarke shit” with “she said ship”. Obviously she didn’t say “ship” but clearly the writers weren’t particular happy with that particular quote. Which means that they do still care about our fandom. Hmmm … I wonder why? 

In any case, I hope that this was a learning experience for both Eliza as well as the rest of the cast and crew. It’s always best to remain neutral on sensitive fandom matters to remain professional. 

Eliza was unable to do that yesterday, and it’s a shame. But it doesn’t mean that Bellarke’s future is gone - it’s just beginning. So don’t give up now!

Bellarke is coming. Believe it.

You know what?

You klainers want to talk trash about me and make up lies yet can not even @ me? @fyiklainesuckeachotheroff everettscolfer vegetableblaine 

I am sick and tired of the lies you Klainers want to spread about me and other Chris stans just because we don’t not worship your sloppy OTP. 

You want to claim that WE are an embarrassment to Chris? What about YOU? Klainers who never tell Crisscolfer shippers to stop attacking Chris because half of you are tinhater Criscolfer shippers your damn self! 

How about YOU Klainers who can easily say you love your boys both equally yet is quick to talk mack about Chris because of his ‘hater fans’ yet you guys are the ones tweeting hate at Glee people, Chris himself, and anyone else you think will care about your whining all over twitter, FB, and instagram!

I can easily list off the top of my head top ten awful things Klainers have done that Chris stans never did!

  1. Tweeted hate and death threats to the actors on Glee who was 'in the way of Klaine’
  2. Claim to be allies and care for LGBT people just because you payed money to TBSP for Glee for so called 'Charity’ that is not really charity at all since that money you gave came with expectations for things in return. Real charity work is not bragged about and you do not get anything in return if you actually gave to charity you Klainers PAYED for Glee shit related to Klaine, you did not give a fuck about Charity.
  3. Hate other LGBT ships on Glee. And Brittana is the ONLY other LGBT ship and a lot of you Klainers hate Brittana. Also you guys hate the other gay characters on Glee and never gave any of them a chance. Funny how you claim Chris fans is hateful and homophobic and want Kurt with any guy with a dick yet why is Kurt and Chris fans and other sane people of the Glee fandom have no problem with shipping other gay ships and people on Glee but you Klainers?  
  4. Klainers attack people who do not ship Klaine, even if you are not in the Glee fandom, Klainers will atttack you if you do not like or care about their OTP. Kurt and Chris fans do not all ship the same thing, yet we never send each other hate about each others OTP Glee preference.  But with Klainers we got harassed in our OTP tags for YEARS and many Kurt stans who did not ship Klaine got bullied off tumblr, there was so many people who were mocked and laughed at, who fanfics were mocked and copy and shared among Klainers just because it was not about Klaine. We are bullies yet you guys stoop so low to chase non Klainers who was not even as vocal as I am off tumblr simply cause they did not ship Klaine. Also what kind of people are cruel enough to mock  someones fanfiction? Never have I ever blogged a Klainers work and mocked their writing. You do not do shit like that!
  5. Klainers have had every single fandom Glee cast stan turn against them at least once. Glee is very divided now, but that is because a lot of Klainers have attacked people in the Glee fandom. How come Chris stans like myself easily can get and follow and be followed by every part of the Glee fandom? How come Chris and Kurt fans can manage to be allies and at peace with the rest of the Glee fandom but Klainers cant? It is not just Chris fans who can not stand Klaine and Klainers, and it has nothing to do with us being 'haters’ Klainers are nasty bullies who have mocked other Glee fans, Glee ships and characters just because you Klainers are entitled and think Klaine deserves everything and Klainers should have everything. Klainers are the worst people in the Glee fandom because you guys do not care about the  other characters, ships, actors, or fans. I am a hater yet I can get a long with my fellow Gle fandom yet you Klainers can’t? Mhm…..
  6. Klainers attack actually LGBT Glee fans all the time, if you do not ship Klaine you get called a dyke! If you ship Kum, Kurtbastian, Kurtofsky, Kadam, and any other Glee ship and you are actually gay, then you are a hater and only want Kurt to fuck every guy he see! And you are a homophobe cause according to Klainers, Klaine is the best LGBT representation, despite the many male Chris stans who identify in the LGBT area, says other wise and the actual female Chris  stans  who identify as lesbian, bi, and pansexual, such as myself, get called dykes. Klainers are the REAL homophobes. The ALWAYS call female queer Glee fans dykes and other offenseive words if they dont ship Klaine.
  7. Klainers have a lot of tinhaters in their fandom. Crisscolfer is not real and a lot of Crisscolfer shippers sends hate to Chris and Will and Mia and all of their friends who tweets about or posts pics of Chris and Will together. Chris fans do not have tin haters in our fandom, we do not tweet hatred to Chris, Will, or their friends like Klainer/Crisscolfer shippers do.
  8. Even though you guys have gotten more screen time than any other OTP and more duets, it is never enough. You guys bully RIB and bully Chris because you do not think he acts 'loving’ enough. Then you make comments harshly bitching and criticizing Chris in CHRIS TAGS about him not being more loving in his acting towards Blaine (And yet get mad when Chris fans see your post in Chris tags and call you out) PLUS you are a Crisscolfer blog so it is basically stating you are angry that Chris is not giving you masturbating material.  Klainers manage to ruin things for not only Chris fans, but to the rare Klainers who never go around threatening and whining all day to RIB. You Klainers are the reason why your OTP sucks. You harass and threat RIB all day long, what did you expect?
  9. Klainers have defended a lot of Darren’s rude and bad behavior yet is quick to criticize Chris and other Glee cast for every tiny thing yet gets angry when Chris stans and other Glee fans mentions Darren’s fuck ups. That is the thing with Klainers, when it comes to Darren, he can do no wrong and you guys fill u Chris tags talking about how much you love Darren and how Chris stans need to stop hating him and how Darren’s comments were 'just jokes’ yet can write in CHRIS TAGS  bullshit about how 'cold’ he is and how he 'ignores the fans’ ignoring all the times that Klainers and Crisscolfer shippers tweeted hate to Chris coworkers and friends and Chris himself and RIB over Klaine. Ignored the times you Klainers and Crisscolfer shippers made Chris so uncomfortable on instagram by being cruel about a picture Chris posted of his boyfriend on his boyfriend birthday that he deleted the pic, then bragged about it. Chris blocked a very rude and harasing Klainer yet that Klainer stalk him on his  book tour and whinnied at him and played victim for Chris blocking them when they were assholes to Chris then bragged about forcing Chris to unblock you. You guys wonder WHY Chris is silent, look how much you guys harass them, and before a Klainer step in to say 'not all Klainers’ guess what? There was ENOUGH Klainers to do this repeatedly and constantly that it had an obvious effect on Chris and how he responds to Klainers now a days./ Also Chris NEVER once said anything negative about his Chis and Kurt fans because we do not tweet him hatred. Chris fans do tweet him love about Kurt and his books and Noel. We do not tweet him 25/7 about Klaine. We do not even tweet him about Klainers or how much we dislike Klaine. We literally talk to Chris about respecting his work and  books and Kurt Hummel. 
  10. You guys threaten to harm, kill or RIB or kill yourself to RIB and Chris Colfer to try to emotionally manipulate them and none of you Klainers call out Klainers for saying and doing stuff like that. Not once have a Chris stan did anything like that. There has been several Chris stans on my posts who called out other Chris stans if they ever said something that went too far. lainers on the other hand is always going and with the 'not all klainers’ bull and then accuse the more tamer and nicer Chris stans of being haters. The Chris stans who actually was very nice and called out other Chris stans if they went to far. You made these Chris stans not even like or respect you because you called them haters on and off anon and told them to kill themselves just because they were Chris stans and not Klainers. Now guess what? Those Chris stans are tired of your bullshit and call you guys out and you do not like it so you know want to play victim and claim we are bullies!

There is so much more awful cray you Klainers do but that was just 1 of them! 

Sure you think I run a hate blog but guess what? even if I was this is a BLOG my personal blog that I post what I want on. Never have I ever sent rude crap to Darren, RIB, Chris, or anyone else on twitter and other social media. I do not tweet hate at Klainers, I do not even send hate  in Klainers inbo on tumblr, but sure. I am such the horrible one. Well guess what, I can live with that because it is much better than being in a hateful Klainer cult.

Chris fans tweets is never the deranged and sad crap that bullies Chris and people who are associated with him like you people do! How come you guys claim that myself and other Chris fans are an embarrassment to Chris Colfer yet Klainers is always the people who gets blocked on twitter by actors an show runners? Why is Chris fans the embarrassment of Chris when Klainers tweet people who will ask the Glee Cast questions if they will ask very uncomfortable questions like did Chis and Darren enjoy kissing each other and think that Darren is really gay when he say time and time again he is straight!

How is Chris fans an embarrassment when all we ask is if you people can just stay in your own tags and not sen hate to Chris and people associated with him! 

I can go in Darren’s tag and it is legit 80% Darren and that is perfectly fine, it is Darren’s tag so it of course should be mainly about him. But WHY do Chris tag have to be cluttered with Crisscolfer and Klaine and Darren all day long? Why do you respect Darren’s tags yet not Chris?

Chris is a part of Klaine, but guess what? Their is a Klaine tag. The ONLY time Klaine should be in Chris tag is when posts from Glee news is concerned and not just cluttered old pics of Klaine splattered all over his tags. It is inconsiderate of people who is Chris fans outside of Glee as well as Chris fans who do not care for Klaine.

I know I am not a a little bitch who is gonna let you Klainers walk all over me and I speak my mind and stan up for myself. I have no problems with defending myself and I have no problems from not going in you Klainers inbox on and off anon sending you hate yet you guys do it all the time to us. 

I follow many blogs who love Chris, not all the blogs are even anti Klaine and Anti Darren like I am but guess what? They DO NOT post about Klaine or Darren, they are fans of Chris work and people like them as well as Chris fans and other people who are just now joining the Chris fandom deserve to have his tags about CHRIS COLFER. 

You have Klainer tags, you have Kurt and Blaine tags, those are TWO tags you can use to talk about Klaine. If you a Crisscolfer shipper, then it is THREE tags you can use! And if you want a fourth or fifth tag for Klaine, make one up!

WE Chris fans use the lol tags for a very long time and we stayed in our lane when ever we posted about our disliked but then you Klainers started getting obnoxious and rude and spamming Chris tags and Chris fans could not even go in their without being bombarded with posts after post with Klaine/Darren Criss/Crisscolfer, posts whining about Klaine and saying how much you love Darren in CHRIS TAGS!

I am tired. If I am gonna be lied about and tried to be made out to be some bully just because I speak the truth and is sick of Klainers trying to play victims when they clearly aren’t.

From this day forward, unless it is lol Glee, I am DONE with the lol tags!

 Darren Criss, Crisscolfer, Klaine, and tags like that seems pretty empty lately since you guys love to spout your bull shit all over Chris Colfers tags, I am now gonna post how I feel in there. There is no tumblr law that I have to stay in the lol tags, it was an agreement to try to keep the peace but I am done and tired.

Hate me all you want, I’m staying and I will never be as hateful as you nor a hypocrite. I am a Chris Colfer stan and I am proud. I am an ex Klainer who woke up to reality and left that toxic fandom 2 years ago and I am Proud. Say what you want about Chris fans, the only people that seem to hate us is Klainers, which says something about YOU. Klainers hate Chris fans and ship Klaine while actually Chris stans don’t…. LOL. Classic. 

anonymous asked:

I have a feeling Jason is meaning to try and piss clexa fans off and I don't know why it's quite upsetting as we have had his back most if not all of the time

Real talk guys. I am really sick and tired of all of this and have been trying to avoid getting involved. But, I feel like I do at this point.  Stop reading so much into Jason’s tweets. Or what he says in articles OR what he decides to focus on.

Additionally, please think logically and with your business caps on when it comes to things Jason says or talks about. He is a show runner that is trying to retain the Be|larke audience from Bellamy going all Bellanakin Blakewalker and pissing people off. Jason is not going to add fuel to the flame by constantly talking about how much he loves Clexa. Jason, the writers and practically everyone involved with this show loves Clexa. They love the romantic relationship that Clarke and Lexa has and the platonic friendship that Clarke and Bellamy have. Well…had…had that is hopefully going to repair itself by the end of the season. THIS is the story they are telling. They have already shot this season and everything is set in stone.

I don’t know Jason personally, but he seems like a person that won’t let people influence or change the story he wants to tell. This show is his baby and he is going to stick with the story that is in his head. The only people that might be able to change his mind is his wife, Kim, or the network executives. If Clexa people are pissing him off due to them being entitled and ‘bragging’ about their ship and being rude (even if the rudeness was spurred by hatred coming out of the be|larke fandom) he won’t let that persuade his storytelling. He won’t let the Be|larke fandom bully him into anything either. 

I have avoided answering the question about Jason ‘calling the Clexa fandom obnoxious’ for a few days now. I want everyone to listen to what I am about to say: look at things in context with the ENTIRE article written AND from the primary source.  I see many people jumping to conclusions saying “Jason hates the clexa fandom! he called us obnoxious! he hates us and that means Be|larke will be endgame!” Guys….wtf. NO! This is why in school they tell you to look at primary sources and not secondary sources…. This is the excerpt from the article where he talked about social media and mentioned ‘shippers’:

EW: How about the fans? You’re active on Twitter, and you’ve seen people arguing about ships. Does that affect how you write the show?

Jason: Not at all, actually. I never think about, “Well, I really need to service people that want to see these two people together.” That’s just not the way my mind works. We’re telling the story that we think is the best story, and that said, we’re aware that we’re going to piss certain people off once we make certain decisions for sure. Unfortunately, the shipping phenomenon is kind of a double-edged sword in that people are really passionate, and it drives them to watch the show, [but] I don’t like what it does when it pits various groups against each other. I find that to be difficult to listen to and watch. Frankly, it’s lame when people are arguing and saying negative things to people about whether or not a ship has sailed, you know?

And by the way, the people who are getting what they want are obnoxious to the people who aren’t getting what they want, so I’m not faulting any one side. I just think the whole phenomenon, it’s unusual. It’s a new thing for me to be observing. … [As a midseason show], if anybody doesn’t like the story, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway, [because] we wrote and shot the whole thing before anybody saw anything. On a production level, we’re not racing against an air date.

Do you understand what he is saying? He is saying that people shouldn’t say “Be|larke will never happen you are delusional” because they have no why of knowing this. They aren’t the writers of the show or know what is going to happen. He is saying that the Clexa fandom shouldn’t say make little side remarks bragging about how their ship is ‘canon’ while Be|larke is not. If Be|larkers are calling Clexa toxic, are rude to the writers and claim OOC when they don’t get their way…just ignore these people. You shouldn’t value these people’s opinion and shouldn’t even waste your time on them. There is nothing you can say to change their mind. If you are attacked by a Be|larker just remember that them attacking you is a refection of their own personality and the type of shitty person they are. People that tear down you are already beneath you…they are trying to drag you down to their level. Don’t let them. Don’t let them turn you into into something you hate…something that when you look in the mirror you are ashamed of. So, don’t value these people’s opinions and don’t engage. You should only value the opinions of people that are kind, respectful and are willing to be receptive to what you have to say. 

Do you see how everything needs context? Jason in this article is saying that we should focus on the SHOW and not the SHIPS. He is saying that this shipping war is taking away from people enjoying and watching the show. It is turning people in the fandom against each other over such petty things. This stupid ship war, and people wanting to get “the last word”, will end up killing the show. To quote from this episode:

Indra: Blood must have blood. [Be|larkers and Clexa shippers attacking each other]
Clarke: Really? Because from where I stand, the only way that ends is with everyone dead. [from where i stand…this will end up killing the show and there will be no more characters to fight about]

Jason mad sure he talked about the Clexa fandom in this article too, because it is KNOWN that the be|larke shippers have attacked him and others. He is trying to say that BOTH SIDES are being petty and disrespectful to each other. The side that is getting what they want (Clexa Fandom) is rubbing it in the one that aren’t getting what they want faces. And the people that aren’t getting what they want (Bel|larkers) are attacking the people that are getting what they want. IT IS JUST A VICIOUS STUPID CYCLE!! This show is so much more than Be|larke and Clexa…if you follow my blog you will know about the grander messages that this show has about humanity, war, justice, etc. This show has romance in it… but it isn’t solely about that. Don’t fight over such stupid petty things and lose sight of THE SHOW. The show needs to survive in order for these important grander messages to be heard. I want the Clexa fandom to rise above the hatred and just don’t engage…someone has to stop the cycle…

When people send hate to you, they are just looking for a reaction. I am asking you to not respond, just block them and move on with your life. Focus on the show and engage in conversation with the people that love the show and respect it. I hope that the Clexa fandom will not become entitled. I hope that people will respect the story that the writers are telling and will be respectful, not matter what happens. This is THEIR story and we are just observers to the art that they are creating. The artist’s vision is the TRUE vision. We are open to interpret the art, but you should be respectful of that artists vision and realize that your interpretation is just that; an interpretation. If the artist vision doesn’t match up with your interpretation you should still be respectful and acknowledge all the hard work they put into making the ‘artwork’. In conclusion, be kind to one another and rise above the hate. Be the bigger person. Plus, please look at the sources of information and DON’T jump to conclusions.[gif]

anonymous asked:

Thanks a lot. I wanted to be an admin and I've put an application in six freaking times. Now I'm done. I was hoping I would have something to live for and this was my shot to keep me alive. No more. Bye

Being an admin should not be the reason you stay alive. There are so many reasons to stay alive. I am sorry, we can’t pick everyone as admins. We just can’t. However, if you’d like, you could join my blog wedonthealinisolation as an admin. Being an admin here isn’t the only way to help people, and it won’t solve any problems you have. 

read these, here are some reasons to live:


  1. Smiles
  2. People who love other people
  3. Animals. (Unless you’re not an animal person, in which case, never mind.)
  4. Baby animals. (See above.) 
  5. The days you feel like you could take on the world and win.
  6. Tea (Or coffee.)
  7. Friends
  8. Wonderful others of significance to you
  9. Colors
  10. Rain
  11. Music
  12. Yarn (Or crafting material of your choice) 
  13. 1B. Good books. (And occasionally bad ones) 
  14. Fandoms
  15. Tumblr (Well, ya know.)
  16. Board games (unless you don’t like them, in which case please refer to number 3.)
  17. People who care.
  18. People you care about.
  19. Doing things for the very first time.
  20. Going new places
  21. The smell of spring after it rains
  22. Drinking hot cocoa and watching snow fall
  23. Laughing so hard your sides hurt
  24. Staying in your warm bed just because
  25. Reading a new book for the first time
  26. Reading a book at a park in the grass 
  27. Staying up late talking to your best friend
  28. Your future kids
  29. Eating breakfast foods for dinner
  30. Having movie marathons with lots of popcorn 
  31. Cutting out paper snowflakes when it’s snowy out
  32. Being at your best friends wedding
  33. Meeting new people
  34. Watching the stars 
  35. Road trips 
  36. Having kids
  37. Getting Married
  38. Getting your dream job
  39. Summer
  40. Dating
  41. Proving everyone wrong
  42. Graduating high school
  43. Graduating college
  44. Getting a pet
  45. Meeting a tumblr friend
  46. The sunrise at 5 am
  47. The first snowfall of the winter
  48. Snowmen
  49. Christmas
  50. Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend
  51. Making blanket forts
  52. Pie
  53. Favorite TV shows
  54. New Movies (ahem Finding Dory)
  55. Watching your ship finally happen
  56. Burning your first turkey for thanksgiving
  57. Future Boyfriends/girlfriends
  58. Finding that perfect pair of jeans
  59. Eating your favorite food 
  60. The smell of rain (just in general)
  61. The heat of the sun on your back
  62. Decorating a christmas tree
  63. Sleeping in late
  64. Coffee
  65. Going on an adventure in an unknown place
  66. Shopping with someone that boosts your self-esteem
  67. All the people you could help
  68. All the smiles and laughs you could create
  69. Your favorite band/artist coming out with a new song 
  70. The Fair
  71. Spring Break
  72. Playing with a pet
  73. Making gingerbread houses
  74. Going to a bonfire
  75. Making art
  76. Cuddling
  77. Swimming
  78. Going on swings
  79. Cookies
  80. Photoshoots
  81. Finding clothes that make you feel sexy
  82. Candy corn
  83. Dressing up at halloween
  84. Kissing in the rain
  85. Making it to your 21st birthday
  86. Presents
  87. Wearing your significant other’s clothes
  88. Pizza
  89. Talking with someone who gets you
  90. Watching the leaves change colors
  91. Big bear hugs
  92. Flying in an airplane
  93. Going in a boat somewhere 
  94. Cruises
  95. When your dog knows you are sad and goes and cuddles with you
  96. Funny pictures 
  97. Going to plays
  98. Going to concerts
  99. Assorted chocolates
  100.  Buying yourself something you have wanted for a long time
  101. Tire swings
  102.  Baking 
  103.  Suntanning
  104.  Smelling flowers
  105. Visiting different places
  106. Trying new things
  107.  Nutella
  108.  Buttons!
  109.  Puffins
  110.  Because you’re never as alone as you think or feel
  111.  If you stop now, you’ll never see how far you came
  112.  Sunsets
  113.  The first flower after the winter
  114.  Snowball fights
  115. Swimming on a hot summer day
  116.  Water fights
  117.  Roller Coasters
  118.  Having amazing sleepovers with your friends
  119.  Having a great time with your friends
  120.  Having a great time with your family
  121.  Seeing old people still enjoying their lives
  122.  Seeing little kids laughing
  123.  Cute kids
  124.  Cute cats
  125.  And cute dogs 
  126.  Cute animals in general 
  127.  The beauty of this nature 
  128.  Listening to a good song 
  129.  Waiting for the next season of your favorite tv show 
  130.  Birthdays 
  131.  Growing up 
  132.  Having a family in the future 
  133.  Trying to follow your dreams 
  134.  Dancing around your room 
  135.  Watching movies 
  136.  Tea 
  137.  Meeting new cultures 
  138.  Traveling around 
  139.  Singing 
  140.  Having laugh attacks 
  141.  Making new experiences 
  142.  Learning new languages 
  143.  Pizza
  144.  Stuffed animals
  145.  Twitter
  146.  Remembering an awesome dream
  147.  Fireworks
  148.  Coconuts, they are cool
  149.  Getting nice messages
  150.  Helping other people
  151.  Your pets
  152.  Whatever obsession you may have for a tv show/movie/book/video game/etc.
  153.  Sir Patrick Stewart
  154.  Fuzzy slippers
  155.  Dressing up
  156.  Moving
  157.  New houses
  158.  Decorating
  159.  Going to the zoo/aquarium
  160.  Snowcones
  161.  Musicals
  162.  Disney movies
  163.  Horseback riding
  164.  Bowling
  165.  Getting 100% on a test/paper
  166.  Getting the right answer in class
  167.  Movie days in class
  168.  Parties
  169.  4th of July
  170.  Ice cream trucks
  171.  Having your favorite meal
  172.  Manicures/Pedicures
  173.  Dying your hair
  174.  Camping
  175.  Candles
  176.  Baths
  177.  Jewelry
  178.  Last Day Of School
  179.  Taking pictures
  180.  Mastering something you have worked hard on
  181.  Decorating Easter eggs
  182.  Finding the perfect gift for someone
  183.  Being held
  184.  Kissing
  185.  Making out
  186.  Funny videos
  187.  Standing up for yourself
  188.  Going to movie theaters
  189.  Cotton candy
  190.  Getting a tattoo
  191.  Getting proposed to
  192.  Volunteering
  193.  Making someone’s day
  194.  Making someone smile
  195.  Giving someone something they want (In a good way.)
  196.  Meeting your favorite author/actor
  197.  Water balloon fights
  198.  Holding hands
  199.  Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time
  200. Showing someone else something you like (tv shows, music, stuffed animals)
  201.  Hiking
  202.  Drawing with chalk
  203.  Babysitting
  204.  Helping someone
  205.  Getting a new phone
  206.  Waterslides
  207.  Reminiscing about good memories
  208.  Picnics
  209.  Eating cookie dough
  210.  Breakfast in bed
  211.  Late nights
  212.  Carving pumpkins
  213.  Bookstores
  214.  Field Trips
  215.  Candy stores
  216.  Late night drives
  217.  Piggy Back Rides
  218.  Pinky Promises
  219.  Finding wifi in unexpected places
  220.  Treehouses
  221.  Trampolines
  222.  Untouched snow
  223.  Floating down a river
  224.  Hammocks
  225.  Reading
  226.  Getting a book you have wanted
  227.  Balloons
  228.  Going on a train
  229.  Fountains
  230.  Fresh fruit
  231.  Berry picking
  232.  Bubbles
  233.  Old photographs
  234.  Compliments
  235.  Waking up to sweet messages
  236.  Disneyland
  237.  Waking up on Christmas morning
  238.  Daydreaming
  239.  Cloud watching
  240.  Writing stories
  241.  Reading fan fiction
  242.  Warm towels
  243.  Forehead kisses
  244.  Amusement parks
  245.  Sound of the ocean
  246.  Valentines day
  247.  Sports games
  248.  Finding pictures of things you like
  249.  Being heard/listened to
  250.  Wrapping presents
  251.  Shopping online
  252.  Finding a good deal
  253.  When your parents/friends/etc say yes
  254.  Being validated
  255.  Bows
  256. Having makeup turn out great
  257.  Family gatherings
  258.  People who accept you for you
  259.  Singing along to the radio
  260.  Bonding over a common interest
  261.  Finding people to sit with at the lunch table
  262.  Fridays
  263.  Raves
  264.  Blogging
  265.  Having the house to yourself
  266.  Dancing in your underwear
  267.  Finding cute underwear
  268.  Being loved for you
  269.  Someone knowing you so well they know when you aren’t okay
  270.  Performing
  271.  The feeling of air blowing through your hair
  272.  The feeling of water on your hands
  273.  Breathing
  274.  The feeling of love
  275.  Jesus
  276.  Doing dorky things with friends
  277.  When the leaves change color and fall off the trees in autumn
  278.  When new young leaves cover the trees in spring
  279.  When the fully grown leaves offer shade in the summer.
  280.  Sunrises and sunsets reminding us that life goes on.
  281.  The first warm day after a cold winter.
  282.  The first cool day after a blazing summer.
  283.  The extra hours of light in the summer to spend with friends
  284.  The extra hours of darkness in winter to spend with a book or movie.
  285.  New albums
  286.  Crunch of fall leaves
  287.  Watching your future kids grow
  288.  All nighters
  289.  Cute boys
  290.  Cute girls
  291.  Cute people in general
  292.  Silly jokes
  293.  Sunshine through the blinds
  294.  Bubble baths
  295.  Best friends
  296.  Puddles
  297.  Trips to Disney
  298.  Hugging Mickey Mouse
  299.  Watching the sunrise from the balcony of a hotel on the beach
  300.  Sitting on the dock of a different hotel and watching dolphins swim by
  301.  Exploring and learning the history of one of the oldest cities in the western world
  302.  Running in your first mud obstacle and finishing (never-mind winning, just finishing)
  303.  Goofing off
  304.  You only live once
  305.  Falling in Love
  306.  You won’t always be sad.
  307.  You deserve to live.
  308.  Recovery
  309.  Stepping on crunchy leaves
  310.  Meeting new friends
  311.  Honey
  312.  Chocolate in general
  313.  Small rain showers
  314.  Thunder
  315.  Lightning
  316.  The sound of the waves at the beach
  317.  Soft fur
  318.  Scented candles
  319.  Pride.
  320. because you never know what the future holds. All of your dreams could come true and you’ll never know if you end it now.
  321. to become strong. If I survive all my pain and hardship I will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and have more strength and wisdom than those who had it easier than me. If I survive this, anything else life throws at me will feel like a mosquito bite compared to the turmoil I’ve experienced. I’ll endure this so I can live to see the day where my future is nothing but smooth sailing.
  322.  leaving your clothes on the radiator and getting into them all snuggly and warm
  323.  snuggles
  324.  Cloudy skies at night that seem like one huge nightlight.
  325.  Just watching the nightlight skies with a blanket and the fragile world around you.
  326.  That moment when you stare at the results paper and realize that you’ve passed that important exam!
  327.  Seeing an amazing movie for the first time and feeling surprised
  328.  Clothing that makes you feel attractive
  329.  Thigh highs (See above)
  330.  Your future pets imprinting on you and growing to love you more than anything in the world
  331. Taking a wrong turn/getting lost while driving but finding someplace really cool because of it
  332.  Drawing a little doodle and thinking “Wow, this actually looks nice!”
  333.  Finally getting into bed when you’re really tired


WTF happened with The 100?!

I just couldn’t hold it in anymore, I expect nothing and I’m still let down by this show every week since S3 started. Read it or don’t( I’m not expecting anyone to read it tbh) but this is me just trying to figure out what happened with The 100 and it’s characters? I don’t even know anymore with all the basic writing and rushed decisions I just can’t.

It has some sort of evidence & I tried to put some gifs to light out my anger lmao but yeah so here I go. It’s long but i’m trying to make a point here okay. Bear with me.

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the steven universe fandom should be ashamed of what they caused lauren zuke to do.

you guys drove a wonderful crew member off of twitter for what may be the stupidest thing i have ever heard. 

QUEERBAITING??? in a show with a CANON LESBIAN COUPLE??? and thats not even considering the fact that lauren herself is a lesbian. jesus christ.

the crew is NOT obliged to confirm that any of the ships are canon. this is THEIR creation, they get to decide what becomes canon, not their rabid fans.

i understand just how important representation is in media, but when you pin all these expectations on a single show, then attack the ones who work on it because it didnt meet your expectations, then you’re just setting the bar impossibly high. nothing they can do will ever be enough for you, and you’ll never be happy with it.

the fandom has created an environment where the creators of the show are now distancing themselves away from fandom bc their behavior is horrible. are you proud of yourselves? are you happy that these creators cant even take pride in their work without being attacked?

and before you say, “well, ALL fandoms have problems like this, why attack steven universe about it?”, thats because fandoms SHOULDNT BE LIKE THIS. people shouldnt be afraid to contribute. creators shouldnt have to distance themselves from their work. this is a HUGE problem with fandoms nowadays and it needs to be addressed as such.

Twitter? Why would I want to join, Bellarke fandom?

Usually, I don’t care about what happens on twitter. For me, I think twitter is a cesspool for bullies and cowards, and with its post limit of 140 characters, it is also the killer of any real intelligent discourse (by its nature, it allows for a discourse of emotion, not logic, which is f*cking terrifying). I can see the potential twitter has for being a source of good, but I so often see that potential wasted for nothing but petty drama, miscommunication, and hate. 

I heard about this today, Bellarke fam:

I investigated because I wanted to see just how low some people, who claim they’re a part of the Bellarke fandom, really get. Good lord, I am so disappointed in many of you. Now you’ve convinced a good, intelligent man from The 100 cast that Bellarkers are a bunch of whiny, close-minded babies. (slow sarcastic clap) Good for you! This was me after reading those tweets: 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

You want to regain your dignity, Baby Bellarkers? Go apologize and DO NOT make excuses for your behavior or put a “but the CLers always get the attention and we don’t *whine* *whine* *whine*”! You should genuinely apologize and humbly acknowledge that you were in the wrong for treating a real person like that. Don’t add any “but’s” or excuses. 

Don’t you realize how petty you look and sound when you do something like that? Did you once maybe take a second and think that maybe it didn’t have anything to do with Cl.exa and had to do with the fact that Michael Beach is a grown ass man and isn’t going to vote for a TEEN awards show?! Come on, people! Basically, we don’t know why he said that and it was his right to respond … however, it was NOT your right to attack him for it. The idea that you think you have some righteous reason to attack a real person is so disheartening to me. Like, it almost made me want to stop supporting my own fandom. I took a good half hour being like “wow, why would I want to be here and watch this kind of drama in my dashboard whenever I turn on my computer? Is all this drama really worth being a part of this fandom?”

Listen, as a person with principles, I can’t sit and watch this shit. If a huge part of my fandom continues to act this way, I may bail … so stop it! You’re going to destroy all the good people working behind the @bcrevolution is working to create. Every time you whine, complain, and attack actors, you do 10 times more harm than you do good. This twitter fiasco with Michael Beach proved it. It’s so depressing to see. 

I understand that not everyone in the fandom attacked Michael Beach. There are more good Bellarkers than bad ones, and the people I follow are mostly older and care more about being positive and having an intelligent discussion than whining about recognition for a fictional ship. These are the people I’m staying for, but we all need to speak up about those in our fandom who are problematic too. I’m not huge about policing, so I won’t do that, but I am writing this post and I hope some of the disappointing Bellarkers see it and reflect on their behavior. 

Please, problematic-side-of-the-family, don’t do this again, and please (those who have twitter accounts) go send Michael Beach love and understanding. It’s going to take ten times more love to erase this problem now. *sigh*

p.s. People, stop lumping Cl.exa stans into one group, too. I’m so tired of seeing that. A lot of big CL blogs call us Blorkers (or whatever), which is totally disrespectful and petty b/c it’s meant to be demeaning and it lumps all Bellarke stans together without considering that some of us DO NOT agree with the way other Bellarkers behave. I think we can be better than the big CL blogs that call us Blorkers, don’t you? When you talk about people who hate on Bellarke and the show, please call them antis or something that doesn’t lump them with all Cl.exa fans because not all Cl.exa fans hate Bellarke or hate the show. So …just stop, please. It’s so depressing to see all the hate and petty drama happening. Be better, fam! 

p.p.s. I know, drama will never stop and assholes will to continue to exist in this fandom on both sides. I’m not naive about human nature, but if even one person reads this and reconsiders their actions, then it was worth it. 

p.p.p.s. I’m getting off my soapbox and going to sit in my yard, drink a nice micro-beer, and become depressed over humanity’s future. Then, I’m going to think of @bcrevolution and their work and realize that maybe there is hope for humanity after all … 

p.p.p.p.s. (Too many p.s’s) My involvement in this drama will stop with this post. So anons, be warned about messaging me about it. 

Rant done. 

I just posted a rant on Twitter.

 So I’m going to copy it here.

I find it incredibly fitting that, in a week when we are discussing sexual assault and victims, I see a sharp and misogynistic attack in fandom.  Victims are never to blame. They are never “old enough to know better” or “should have been more careful.” Victims are victims, end of. Making an excuse for an old misogynist who tells his disgusting followers to bully people is disgusting. Ignoring it is abhorrent. But to place blame all around? To say all involved are at fault? That is downright inhumane and missing the point.

When women’s desires are mocked, we continue to perpetuate the system that tells women they are not important. Sexism is SYSTEMATIC. It is part of a system that holds women down. It is part of a system that holds women as objects instead of people. Women go to fandom to express desires and fantasies safely. They are not judged there, they are able to speak up in a world where their voices are often silenced. When the system comes down on them and tries to silence them, they are allowed to fight back. It is not bullying when a woman tries to take back her agency. The misogynist who took her agency does not get to cry over her fight.

Two nights ago, women were called cunts, bitches, misandrists because a misogynist tried to take away their agency. Those women tried to fight back and were told to kill themselves. THAT is an attack. It is pushing forward a systemic silencing of women. And if ANYONE should have known better, it was the misogynist who started it in the first place. NOT the victims who fought back. 

 I am SICK AND TIRED of men expecting women to just shut up and take abuse. Because “boys will be boys”. A man’s opinion is NOT more important than mine. Or my agency. I will fight back against it and I expect men who say they care about women to stand with me in that fight, not to tell me I should have known better.

We have to start expecting the men who abuse women to take responsibility for their actions, instead of asking women to take it. Any man who disagrees is not a friend of women. I won’t say imagine if it was your daughter, wife, niece, sister, etc. Women are PEOPLE and as such should be afforded the same rights as men. That means being able to express opinions and desires w/out attack. UNTIL that happens, I will not be silent. I will not take abuse. I will not take threats or be told I am overly sensitive.

Rape culture is not just rape. It’s the culture that tells women to be okay with being victimized. To not fight that probability. And if you think you didn’t just watch women be victimized in the Outlander fandom, you are WRONG. It was brutal and calculated. For a feminist show, this fandom sure makes sure to remind women to stay silent and in their place. And that, that is not acceptable.

Ladies, never accept that this is a world that expects you to be a complacent victim. Fight back, take back your agency.  And if someone tells you that you’re overreacting or overly sensitive, you do not back down. No one has made men back down. You are a woman. You are a strong, vibrant woman with thoughts and feelings and opinions. Force the world to become used to your roar.

And men, to be advocates for women, you need to use your voice. You need to stop pretending it isn’t a problem. Listen to the women in your lives when they talk about their victimhood. Listen when they discuss the loss of agency. No, you will not ever know what our experiences are like. You can’t know. But you can listen and acknowledge. And you can make a mark by standing with us and fighting back when men try to take away our agency. We cannot do this on our own. We need your help. And when you deny us that help, you deny us the respect you claim you have. To end a culture where women are told how to protect themselves but men aren’t taught to respect those women, you need to stand with us. You need to step forward when you see or hear attacks against women. Don’t do it for your mother or sister or daughter or wife…do it because you believe people deserve love and respect. THAT is how you fight back against the men who attack and threaten women. That is how we change the culture. 

anonymous asked:

So like, idk how serious these people were, but some people were talking shit on twitter, and idk how many of their tumblr followers follow them on twitter, but one of them said they hoped you were sent lots of skittles porn because you refused to write sciles and they were upset with the way you responded, so I just wanted to give you a heads up in case some people actually followed through with that. I don't think you deserve any of it, or any of the hate people give you for not writing what

they want you to write, even after you have stated so many times before that you don’t write it. You’re never rude about letting people know, and I even remember months and months ago when I sent you a scott/stiles friendship prompt, you mistook it for a more shippy prompt and said “I only write sterek, sorry :(” and every other time someone has asked for a non-sterek prompt (usually if it involves stiles or derek with someone else), you’ve said “sorry, I only write sterek.” You’ve been polite–

about it each time someone requested a sciles prompt and you’ve said no. You even used to have it on your faq/ask that you didn’t write prompts for non-sterek ships, and people still sent in requests. And for those of you who see these asks, no fanfic author is obligated to write anything for you. They reserve the right at any time to say “no” to ANY of your requests. And if they have explicitly said before that there are things they do not write, and you ignore what they’ve said, you do not–

have the right to get angry when the author you have asked says “no, I don’t write that, sorry.” “But I like their writing, they should grateful that I asked them to write for the thing they don’t like/ship!” I don’t care. If the author has stated before they don’t write it, they’re not going to write, and they are not under any obligation to. There are plenty of fic writers in this fandom, as I’m sure you know, and there are plenty that would be more than happy to write your request for you.

Don’t go to the writers in the fandom that you know won’t write what you’re asking for. Don’t get angry and upset when they end up responding a tad rudely or turning your prompt into something they like to write, because they’re tired of being nice and saying “Sorry, that’s not something I write!” and yet they continue to receive prompts for that thing because some of you are rude and continue to ignore what the author has said.

this was a hella long message, bless u anon

i deleted all of my faq bar to the bare bones because i decided i just wanted no personal info at all here, which means it doesn’t say anything like “i don’t write anything but sterek” anymore, so i can respect somebody that hasn’t followed me for very long asking for sciles, and then by me saying no, hopefully them saying “okay fair shout” because i don’t have anything listed there about it. 

that being said, i did actually say in the first ask “i don’t write anything but sterek, sorry!” and when they continued to request sciles i played along, like i was just trying to have a bit of fun!

i’m not offended, and it happens all the time when people ask for ficlets with their ship pairings and i have to say “oops, sorry, i’m one of those single pairing fic writers, sorry!” and that’s my call, just as it is anyone who multi ships, like gosh, i’ve always been really surprised by the amount of multi shippers that follow me, considering from the moment this blog began being about teen wolf, it’s only ever had sterek as opposed to sciles or stydia, or any of the newer ships. that’s just always been my choice, and it’s always amazed me that multi shippers, or even sciles only or stydia only shippers follow me, because i don’t know how they have the patience (shout out to you guys, hey thanks!)

in the past, i have often ended up deleting a lot of asks (anon ones, i always try and reply privately to those that send personal ones), or i’ve said “pls stop” or “quit it” and often, it’s respected. yesterday it wasn’t, but, that seems to be the shape of the fandom and i’m sure they’ve got their popcorn out hoping for my angry response or whatever, but i did that, and it got me no-where healthy mentally so, idk i guess i just don’t care if some sciles fans are throwing shade

 tbh, it doesn’t bother me if people have been talking shit about me on twitter, i won’t see it there, and i guess if it bothers them so much, it’s good they have a place to vent.

i probably still won’t ever write sciles porn, but i hope nobody will feel personally attacked by that.

Just for your information, this Teen article was the biggest lie when it comes to our fandom.

Raura fandom already informed to the website what REALLY happened.


NONE of Raura fandom people sent hate about the music video, on the contrary, WE LOVE Laura and ALWAYS supported her and we got completely proud and happy for her .THE ONES WHO SENT HATE TO LAURA WAS ACTUALLY THE VAMPS FANDOM. SOME *bc there are adorable people there!:)* of their fans got so upset to see Laura *and all the other gorgeous girls* in the vid, they sent all hate was possible, even mentioning Laura should keep it and come back to Ross *or Austin, since she is ‘the girl from Austin and Ally’* and leave their guys alone. It wasn’t us! *yes there was few shippers that got :(/down but still never sent any hate, - some even jumpped ships ¬¬ icu-  we were there to support Laura, who was totes gorgeous, by the way. And even if there was 1 person that was also involved, it’s ridiculous blame the others 99%*


That’s why James wrote those tweets, saying to HIS fandom to calm down. But Teen.com was too lazy to actually separate and indentify the fandoms and just assumed was the raura fandom who did all this. Lame.

It’s funny how is so easy to everybody think all the wrong things on world is raura fandom’s fault. WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS DRAMA, we actually defended Laura, R5, The Vamps from all this from some of The Vamps/Demi fandom *which I love, but got super sad to see the harsh comments they were directing to all the girls on the vid*.

The website got everything wrong *and even made WTF things like say The Vamps wanted to copy R5 getting Laura - like hello, when R5 used Laura in a music vid for begining of story??? lots of bs on this. I can’t even* and we felt really insulted, so please don’t spread that article full of lies when it comes to us.


Raura fandom is really tired to receive all this hate all the time, specially in this case when we did NOTHING, on the contrary, to deserve it. *and believe I’m the one always lecturing when I see part of the fandom getting to hard on the crazyness, what was totally NOT what happened in this case* Unfortunately, many people will believe this, but if you make a better job than Teen, you’ll see most of raura accounts on twitter were defending Laura, Ross, R5 and The Vamps from the other fandoms attack.

I really like Teen.com, but got really disappointed on how they totally inverted a situation.

anonymous asked:

wait what happened with cassie,?

This is a long story. But I have to give background or it won’t make sense. If you guys already know what happened between me, my friends, and Fangirlish/TMI Source the other day, scroll past this first part until you see “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fangirlish has a copy of an early draft of the script, as does TMI Source. They posted about things that they saw in the scripts, but didn’t post them with disclaimers. So everyone got all upset about things that aren’t even in the final script, and both blogs kept posting things that aren’t true. For example, just the other day, one blog tweeted that Dot (an original character for the show) is Clary’s best friend, not Simon. This completely goes against what ABC Family said, that Simon is Clary’s best friend. But which ever blog that posted this obvious lie didn’t fact check and tweeted this anyway, even though they were basing this information on a draft that they got at least a month ago, before Alberto was cast because in his casting reveal, ABC Family gave a description of the character (Clary’s best friend). So anyway: obvious lying/ignoring facts. 

They’ve done this many times before and have been called out by many fans for it. So the other day, I reblogged the screenshots of their tweet about Dot and some other useless tweet, and I said (paraphrasing) “Stop lying/getting the fans riled up. You don’t know what’s actually going on you ‘ignorant ducks’”. I did call them ignorant ducks because they were being ignorant and ducks because idk I just think ducks are a non-offensive quasi-insult. Also they didn’t misread the “ignorant ducks” part because Fangirlish reblogged the post and said “I AM NOT AN IGNORANT DUCK!” So then my friend reblogged me and was basically like “Fangirlish and TMI Source need to stop acting like they know everything.” That’s all she said. There was nothing rude or mean from her side of the post. 

So sometime just after that, I - taking a cue from Fangirlish and their “open letter” attacks on the writer of Shadowhunters - posted an open letter to Fangirlish and TMI Source, basically saying “stop lying/posting rumors/getting fans riled up just because you want attention. it’s not fair to the fans and we’re tired of this bullshit”. “Bullshit” is the only word I can think of that may have been offensive. 

Then Fangirlish tweeted (and TMI Source retweeted) a tweet like “just because you post to tumblr doesn’t mean I don’t see the bullying” and she linked my friend’s post, which had my “ignorant ducks” comment CLEARLY being said by ME, but the post she linked was my friend’s reblog that I talked about above. So, since my friend’s blog was linked, SHE was the one who was attacked by tens of thousands of people that follow Fangirlish and/or TMI Source. So then my friend came to me, extremely sad saying “I didn’t even say anything and they sent their followers after me, calling me a bully. I didn’t even do anything bad.” and she DIDN’T. She had to go ask everyone who’d reblogged her post to delete her parts because she didn’t want to deal with people coming at her, harassing her - something that started with Fangirlish. 

Then, after seeing how poorly my friend was being treated for something I did, I went to tweet Fangirlish. I have the screenshots of our conversation but that’d make the post even longer. Basically it was:

L: people tell you to stop lying and so you call them bullies? you can’t get mad when fans tell you to stop lying. you haven’t seen a final script and you’re not writing the show. stop lying to us. 

F: I’m not lying

L: yes you are, as you’ve done before

F: I haven’t lied

L: *links post from a few months ago debunking everything Fangirlish lied about with the Shadowhunters show* uh, yeah you did

F: *blocks Leigh*

Also, though I never even tweeted them, TMI Source blocked me.

THEN I found a tweet from Fangirlish to my friend, saying “don’t call me names, you don’t know me” but this is the friend who DID NOT CALL THEM ANY NAMES. Reminder: this is all public so tens of thousands of people are seeing this girl calling my friend a bully and attacking my friend. If it were just the link to her tumblr post, that was bad enough, but then she had to call out my friend THROUGH TWITTER, so twitter AND tumblr users could go after her. 

So then I was like “hmmm, maybe what I said was too mean and they got offended and they thought ___ was the person who had insulted them so they’re calling her a bully.” I thought that’s what was going on and I felt extremely bad because if I’d been the only person who they were attacking, whatever. I’m a tough girl, I can handle some people on the internet. But they were not only attacking an innocent person (and I have screenshots of her SEVERAL apologies, though she never actually did any wrong), but after I posted to tumblr about what had happened that night, many other people came to me with the same story. “I got tired of Fangirlish posting lies, I told them to stop, they harassed me and my friends, blocked us, and continued to blog their lies.” This is showing that the person (or people) running Fangirlish is a bully. This wasn’t a one time thing or a misunderstanding. This was straight up bullying, harassment, and playing the victim. There’s no excuse for what she’s done. 


So Cassandra Clare follows both TMI Source and Fangirlish since they are very big blogs in the fandom. There’s about a 3% chance that she did NOT see what was happening the other day. And even if she hasn’t seen what happened, she has DOUBTLESSLY gotten messages/emails/questions about it. She knows what was going on and what Fangirlish was doing. And yet she’s still supporting these blogs, even after they sent thousands of people to attack an innocent girl. She defends their lying with “they can have their opinions” but first of all, they were not posting “opinions”, they were “reporting facts”. And second, opinions are not okay when they result in people being bullied. There’s a big difference between “this is my opinion” and “this is a lie but don’t call me out or I’ll tell thousands of people that you’re a bully”. But in Cassie-logic, “opinions” can excuse bullying?? 

What’s really fucked up about this is that Cassie has a history of bullying people online, though she has moved past that. But by supporting blogs who the fandom witnessed bully someone who was completely innocent, who fans have been attacked by several times in the past, who have harassed and written rude things to the show runner, she’s being no better than them. If you support bullies, you are just as bad as that bully. The thing that pisses me (and other fans I’ve talked to) off is that she’s the author of our favorite series and yet we have to sit here and witness her defend people who have bullied us and the people in charge of our show? What the hell kind of shit is that?

I love Cassie’s books, I think they’re great. I think it’s awesome that she has such a cool story and diverse cast of characters. But when you support people who treat your readers like shit, there’s a problem. I’m not about to support an author who thinks that’s an okay thing to do. I’m still going to watch the show, and I’ll read the books IF FANS GET AN APOLOGY FOR HER DOING THIS. But other than that, Cassandra Clare doesn’t exist to me.