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Ghost World (2001) - Terry Zwigoff

5 bullets on this film:

  • Let me start this by saying that Ghost World is technically a comedy movie, but it was probably one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. Not that it wasn’t good, but it left feeling kind of empty and sad.  Of course there are some ‘funny’ scenes, but the plot is really dark and real. 
  • Steve Buscemi freaks me out but I really liked him in this. Scarlett Johansson is also great, but Thora Birch is like incredible. By the way, where are you, Thora Birch? 
  • It’s one of those films you can watch over and over again and you’ll never get tired of it, because the soundtrack is good, the cinematography is VERY appealing, and you always end up noticing a new detail. 
  • Let’s take a moment to talk about the character development of this movie. All of the characters have a defined personality and a backstory, so they feel very real. You don’t really like them, because they’re imperfect, but then you end up identifying to them, and that’s one of the reasons this movie is so nice.
  • One of the movie’s main ‘targets’ is to show the two sides of growing up: you can be yourself, or you can change your personality in order to fit in, and that’s reality, that’s why this is one of the best coming of age films. The two main protagonists represent different ways of dealing with adulthood, so if you’re about to ‘start your life and become an active member of society’ (like me), watch this movie because it can help you decide what to do with your life. 

More Public Au: So I didn’t really have a story for this Au I just liked to thinking up scenes to draw but while biking I got the idea that in this Au nations have never married, dated, done anything really romantically that didn’t have to deal with treaties, or royal families.

 So when the rumor mill gets started up about that America and England could be dating just because. Citizens from both nations try to encourage it to happen to make history with actions like buying each other goods, vacationing in each other’s nations, talking over social media. Though there are those who don’t like the idea of nations dating (isolationists , homophobs, people who think see the personifications as people and think the public should leave them alone and so on.) 

Though no one knows if the citizens efforts have any effect on the personifications since this is the first time it’s be tired on a significant scale. 


Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped this century, and I need you to do it one more time. Society is at a tipping point between order and chaos. Tomorrow morning we’re gonna give it a push. But if you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine, and HYDRA can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.

I thought [River’s story] was properly over with The Name of the Doctor. I mean, I wasn’t sure, but I thought she had to have a farewell scene with Matt Smith, because they’ve had so many stories together, so I wrote that big ending for the two of them. But I knew we hadn’t done River’s real ending. It didn’t even bother me that we might never see it. There’s a whole load of stuff that the Doctor and River get up to that we never, ever see and never, ever should. There are adventures we’ve never seen, and there are rows in restaurants. They’re probably king and queen of some island somewhere. We’re not going to join all the dots, because it loses all the fun if you do. You’ve got to think, ‘That stuff’s been going on, but that’s their business.’ The Doctor hasn’t deigned to tell his BBC biographers any of that story because I think he’s faintly embarrassed by it.
—  Steven Moffat on River and the Doctor (DWM 494)
‘I got her, the idea she was an American in England, that she left her home for love, that she was a mother of daughters .  .  . and that she was married to Hugh Bonneville.’ She smiles.
—  Elizabeth McGovern (x)

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I love wolfs! The are my favorite animal since l can remember. So l see your post/reblog/ of this cutie playing in the snow(with a glove? Is it?) and then all casually go to your tags... Did you HAVE TO? DID YOU? why must you? Remind me of the pain and all?

ME TOO! The area in Sweden I am from is known for it’s huge wolf tribes, it’s basically called Wolf Land. My dad lived in this house waaaaaaay out in the forest and I could always hear howling from outside and some nights I could even see the wolves from my bedroom window! I was entranced. 

I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE TAGS (but you should know the tags is where I do all my emotional yelling). Trass and Matthias killed me, though. It was such a small part of the books but still so huge for me. My heart could never get over Matthias very first scene, when he cried into the fur of those wolves as he stabbed them in that fighting pit. It really set you up for ALL THE PAIN. 

But let’s end this on a happy note, yes? LOOK AT HAPPY WOLF PUP KISSES. 

A friend told me they fired themselves from comics & illustration work ....

A friend of mine stopped doing the small press comics circuit in 2015, and it’s made me think a lot about how we need to be more careful about ‘encouragement posts online’. You might say something that would kick yourself into action, but there’s actually people out there who don’t respond in the same way, and it can actively discourage them. So yeah, I think it’s important to tell you about what happened (because other wise you’d just never find out about this stuff, right?) ….

So it started with arguments over fan art which caused the scene to get sour and hostile to new people. To me it highlighted a divide in attitudes. Relaxed ‘zinesters’ who believe in using self publishing to make whatever you want, whatever the quality VS. those pursuing a professional career, striving for the very best they can achieve and ultimately trying to use self publishing as a stepping stone to greater things. 

At that time people would say things along the lines of ‘if you can’t afford to table at a convention without the fanart, then your work isn’t good enough to be here.’ … I think the thought behind this was to encourage people to ‘STEP UP YOUR SMALL PRESS GAME.’ but it’s completely without context right? You know if you’re not trying your best and it’s ok to tell yourself to up your own game. But we’re all coming from wildly different backgrounds! You don’t necessarily know who is working full time with 3 kids and drawing comics whenever they possibly can, and who is working part time with no responsibilities to anyone. What if I’m already regularly crashing from the work load and I can’t work any harder? my comics could technically be at a high standard, but the ideas aren’t mainstream enough (we are self publishing them in the small press after all.)  (this is also ignoring that both comics and illustration industries have fashion styles which change over time - you could just be unlucky with how you prefer to draw)

My friend responded to the situation with ‘well if I’m not good enough, I guess I’ll stop self publishing comics and zines then. I’d be making a loss without the fanart anyway.’ … my heart broke a little bit.

And this unhealthy ‘STEP UP YOUR GAME’ attitude towards work seems to pop all all the time online. People beating themselves up over not working hard enough. Kicking themselves loudly in public (online) and everyone agreeing with them. Reinforcing this weird idea that we could all always be doing more and that we definitely have to become some sort of crazy obsessed comics machine that does nothing else. Sell your soul to the comics gods or GTFO.

I’m actually guilty of doing this myself. I’ve mellowed out over the years though. When I was being treated for an unrelated anxiety disorder, my therapist pointed out that I was regularly working myself up if I thought any amount of time had been wasted rather than used efficiently. We’re people, not machines and we don’t have to work all day every day, it’s perfectly ok to take breaks. In fact it’s probably healthier to regularly take scheduled breaks than to work until you burn out.

My friend read some more posts recently which have lead them to quitting freelance comics and illustration work altogether. Which is just crazy because they’re very skilled at drawing (better than I can draw). I think we need to remember that you can’t just write something like ‘be prepared to give every ounce of your being to your comic project or you may as well just give up right now’ without considering that someone with a different disposition to you might read the same thing and think ‘Welp. OK. Bye.’

Keep kicking yourself into action if it works for you, but consider whether or not you need to air it publicly? And choose words carefully if you do decide it’s important to you to share it.

I really hope that my friend ends up coming back to the small press world some time in the future. But until then - please be kind to each other - AND TAKE BREAKS <3

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I think luffy was too weak to admit anything since he hasn't ate anything in a while, like not even water. think about the whole manga, luffy is constantly eating am absurd amount of food because he is always fighting with 100% of his power. So that is why sanji couldn't find luffy as easily, i mean common, how could you miss your captain who literally went head over heels to get you back on his ship. This manga shows the true meaning of friendship what it means to never give up.

I’ve been pondering over last week’s dramatic Sanji-Luffy reunion scene and frankly speaking, I think Oda stretched himself a little bit for the sake of drama. I mean I get that Luffy was extremely hungry with all the fighting he’d done, but from my understanding not even a day (well maaybe two but that’s not much of a difference) has passed since he munched down all those crackers and all of a sudden he looks like he’s been starving for weeks to say the least! And there’s no need to say that Sanji was desperate to find Luffy and feed him immediately, but he couldn’t think about using kenbunshoku with that clever head of his? Really? Well let’s assume that Luffy really was too weak for Sanji to detect like you said, but kenbunshoku is supposed to be his specialty right? No matter how much I try to understand things aren’t entirely smooth for me, which is annoying because I wanted to revel over their reunion wholeheartedly… but meh :/ 

Don’t get me wrong - I usually have strong faith in Oda but I can’t help but admit that his writing seems to be a bit sloppy nowadays - especially with Bropper’s side because random stuff (frog, skeleton, etc.) keep popping out of nowhere to help them out and I don’t. like. it. Maybe I’m being overly picky with him but this is Sanji’s arc and I want it to turn out as magnificent as Enies Lobby! That’s just how much expectation I have for this arc and OP as a whole, I guess. 

Closed - Shadow of a Doubt


     Two days had come and gone since the strange teen known as Edward Erwick explosively arrived on a certain half-ghost’s radar. After that day, he had simply vanished… The hidden crack in the Fentons’ lab floor lingering as the only sign he had been there at all.

     And then, just as suddenly as he had appeared before…

     Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.

     A familiar cloaked figure was not far outside the school, walking down the street with an odd device… It could have been a ghost detector if it didn’t look drastically lower tech. It was beeping repeatedly in a rather annoying fashion, getting louder and louder, while a black and white screen displayed a flashing radar… Clearly it was tracking something.

    It didn’t seem like he had noticed Danny yet– though it likely wouldn’t have made much difference anyway, considering he’d only met the teen while he was in ghost form.

     Erwick’s free hand was stuffed in his pocket, and he looked incredibly irritated. This irritation increased ten-fold when, not bothering to look where he was going, he turned and smacked right into the schoolyard fence and fell over with an indignant yelp.

     Smooth, Erwick. Smooth.

Why NaruHina are not adding up

Look here, look here… 

It seems to be a lake of fire going on. It’s not like I receive many hatetred  to me like NaruSaku. NaruHina has never had as many moments like his supposed other childhood friends. Let me get this off before this goes on. Hinata Hyuga seems like a pretty good character to me, hailing from the famous Hyuga clan. Her personality reminds me of a younger version of me. At the same time, I have the intelligence of Sakura Haruno. Hinata is known throughout the Narutoverse history… the quiet and shy one, occasionally watches over Naruto Uzumaki. She really like him. But he barely has acknowledged her. That’s what bothers me. No sort of any deep conversation. And those filler scenes lately are not moving at all. More a damsel in distress than Sakura. Where was she at the worst times? Through the most awful? Seems to pop up at the most bright. She is a good fight, but not popping that good stuff in reality. If your cousin Neji, yet getting your ass whooped by your LITTLE SISTER, even still after your butt is grown, something is wrong with that. A most high and privileged heir that is only valued by fanboys for her tits and sexual reasons. Highly regarded, lack of strength. It’s never a story to marry your stalker. Still, we are trapped into a Genjustsu… Naruto would never love he without feeling guilty. Looking at his kids, kids are kids and also badasses- but Naruto is depressed like his life is so over, so he is not happy. Why the hell is he sleeping on the couch? I know it from experience. Either you two got into a huge argument or he doesn’t love you like that, just for a blow, f***k and leave you alone, going to sleep so when he wakes up and that’s one short trip trip to the shower and brush, eat and get the f**k out. This observation tells others, she’s your sex doll. Hinata is a perfect fit! She’s stunningly cunning in executing her moves. Take time to read her character in Road to Ninja… I will leave it at that part. For another title. I almost said it, but it ran through. NaruHina fans may look today and threaten to show evidence. Chill out people… It will come in time. But you know who will win. The numbers don’t lie. They add up and combine. I guess everyone fell under the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Stay tuned folks.

OK those…Arkham Knight GAME OVER scenes… kind of make me laugh because imagine how many fucking takes it took for Jason to get it right. 

Imagine Jason As Written by Grant Morrison, filming them OVER AND OVER, stressing over the wording & delivery, the timing of his dramatic exits and whether or not he should turn around before or after he says “I didn’t want it to end like this Batman.”

“You’re old..predictable..and I never stood a ch..no…YOU never stood a chance. fuck. ”

“Can we put the camera angle a little lower so that I look more intimidating.”



And you know what, I have to give this moment to Crystal over the original anime.

I don’t remember anything quite like this in the original (could be wrong, and correct me if I am) - we have a few ‘wow, Usagi and Chibiusa sure are alike’ and a couple of 'aw, look, Chibiusa really does love/look up to Usagi after all’, but it’s so overshadowed with the over the top bickering and squabbling that’s played up for laughs, that those few moments don’t really do a lot for me.

I love this. I love Chibiusa who’s clearly going through her own little thing here of feeling insecure and like she’s never going to live up to her mother’s greatness, having this little scene of seeing her mother’s younger self and realising that she wasn’t always a great and powerful queen - that she was immature, a crybaby and always getting into trouble….it’s nice. It’s nice for Chibiusa, and it’s nice for their relationship.

Really loving the Crystal version of Chibiusa. I’m still very fond of the original version, and I’ll never understand the hate she gets (god, the anti-Chibiusa websites. Remember those?), but I’ve got to say that this one here is my favourite little pink-haired future princess.

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I feel like they publish too many teasers before the peisode airs!! We get the promo and extended promo after the previous ep, then over the 2 days prior to airing we usually get 2 scenes as teasers, and the producers preview which includes new clips as well. Plus what we've seen in the season trailer. They don't give the best parts away, but I still feel like it's too much. Especially with these first few epsiodes because we have those who saw the screeners giving out quotes and hints too.

You’re right! If I had it my way, we’d get a promo and then a producer’s preview. I’ve never been too crazy about clips. Can I talk about how mad I was when they released the stills and video of the Bellarke hug in 205 before the episode?

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? I have literally never been able to find it funny or watchable, and when I told someone this, they showed me a scene that was a 7-minute-long rape joke (google “The Implication” in conjunction with the show’s name, if you won’t be triggered by it, and you’ll see what I saw).

Between rape jokes, unfunny jokes about racism, and genuinely unlikeable characters with mediocre cinematography and a complete lack of humor all over the place, I just don’t get it.

So yeah - what’s the appeal, for those of you that like it? 

Things I'll never get as an ace

#1 - Clothing destruction in sex scenes

You know those movie sex scenes where characters literally just rip each others clothes off in the heat of the moment? Like, they actually destroy perfectly decent, new-looking clothes with their bare hands?

It’s like, “You had buttons on your shirt? Whoops! Now they’re popping off all over the place and shit. Joke’s on us though - gonna be a bitch to pick them all up later! HA!” And, “Oh, you were in a nice and, might I add, really expensive dress (that you saved up for ages to buy)? Welp now it’s got a huge ugly tear down the side and you can kiss it goodbye cos I couldn’t be bothered to use the zip at the back lololol!!!”

Honestly, if someone were to even try and rip my clothes in the process of making out I’d be like “Da Faq you doin homie??!?” and slap their hands the hell away. Like, yeah enthusiasm and all that but how can you just assume you have permission to destroy my fave cat shirt?? BRUH.

Whenever I’ve had to sit through these scenes in movies, everyone else around me is so entirely fixated on the passion between the characters. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there stressing and internally screaming about the poor clothes. Guess it makes sense that I’m ace, huh ._.


No but I really love the way her expression changes, from cheeky-with-a-side-of-reckless as she sidles up to him, to this surprisingly serious face right before she makes to grab his chin. I imagine she didn’t just get from “it’s a nice Fade for an evening” to kissing with tongue just from his “I felt the whole world change” comment. Maybe she’s imagined how the scene would play out; turned the thought over in her mind this way and that, wondering who would take the first step (hoping it would be him), and how she’d react (hopefully with that seamless meeting of lips (battling of tongues) that you find in all those raunchy romance serials from Orlais). She thinks she might pretend to be surprised, that she never saw it coming, so as not to let on just how much she’s been thinking about it (about him, and in a capacity that is anything but academic).

He doesn’t move to kiss her, though. He’s probably thought about it, and how could he not? The stolen glances in passing, the hand bumping against his (seemingly accidental but for the fact that it’s not), and her habit of chewing on her bottom lip. Of course he’s imagined kissing her, but in far less detail. His mind is calmer, a quieter place, and where hers is a cacophony of impressions (hands on her back or her hips? where does she put hers? will it be cold, snowflakes in her hair, morning or night, quick or languid?), his are simpler (soft smile, softer skin. maybe tongue), though no less insistent. But he resolves not to act on the thought (nothing good can come of it, not for him, not for her, even if good is all she is, body and fierce, indomitable spirit), and she waits, teetering, heels rocking with her anticipation. Maybe, maybe.

Then he looks at her like that, and she remembers she’s not this fawn-like young thing lurking behind the aravels to watch the hunters laugh around the fire, waiting for one of them to invite her over. The Breach could open up again and she’d still be waiting, and Fen’Harel take her coward’s heart if that were the case. And so she stops pretending at modesty, and finds instead something bold, but right before she leaps there’s a second where she thinks this might be a mistake; that he’ll push her away, and would she be quite so bold then, if all she got for her daring was a polite rejection? (because he would be polite, of course he would, and she can’t imagine anything worse).

But she kisses him, and he returns it. There are hands on her hips and snowflakes in her hair (but whether or not there’s tongue involved is apparently up for debate). She’ll question the wisdom of her decision later, missing one arm and one whole heart, but one hundred hard questions, and she still can’t make herself regret it.

i just can’t get over the fact that shu takumi said phoenix was on track to become a shakespearean actor like this is the same guy who had such art critiques as

“i never had time to stop and appreciate art. i have time now. ok. let’s appreciate. …… actually, it’s pretty lame.”

“a still-scene painting. wait, should that be ‘still life’? whatever. one of those is hanging on the wall.”

“i guess you’d call this ‘modern art’. i, on the other hand, call it a mistake.”

phoenix wright: ace art critic he is not

i can’t help but imagine him just forgetting a line and then just bluffing his way through it like he always does and the audience is totally fooled into thinking it’s on purpose but his fellow actors are just like “wright what the fuck are you doing calling juliet on the cell phone they didn’t have cell phones stop bluffing

An 8/Rose Drabble

I wrote a thing! And it’s a drabble! I never write those!  But I’ve been holed up all weekend writing smut (three different scenes for three different stories - still putting on the finishing touches) and I wanted to get something published for today.  So, here’s a little 8/Rose Timey-Wimey-ness.  

“Ohhhhh,” he said, sitting bolt upright in bed, looking over at her in surprise.  “Oh, this is bad.  Very bad.”

“What?” she asked, shaking off sleep to frown at him.  “What’s bad?”

“I know you!” he said, eyes wide.  He scrambled up and Rose took a moment to admire his naked form.

“Duh,” Rose answered, rolling her eyes.  “In fact, if I remember correctly, you’ve known me five times since we met yesterday.”

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