i will never get over those scenes

So here is a tiny thing I noticed in UTRH a little while ago that I was just reminded of

Do you all remember that scene in Under the Red Hood where Jason steals the helicopter?

You know, this helicopter with a shipment for Black Mask lands among a bunch of guys there to meet them…

And then the lead guy gets into the helicopter and the following exchange happens-

Helicopter Pilot: Hey, protocol says I’m only supposed to be on the ground for six minutes!

Lead Guy: *pulls back hood to reveal he is in fact the Red Hood*

Jason: It’s okay, I won’t be staying that long!

Anyway, Jason being a dramatic and entertaining little shit here is a great scene, but I was always so distracted by it that I never really paid attention to the guys he had in the background. I’d just quietly assumed they were actually Jason’s men or mannequins or something.

Except then they sort of… get the pilots thrown into them and don’t do anything? So I took a closer look and-

See how those sleeves are hanging empty with the guns hung over the shoulders?

That’s because these guys are tied up

And now I just can’t stop laughing at this? Like. These guys are conscious and everything, you can see them moving. Heck, if you look back at the opening to this scene again, you can even see the sleeves hanging suspiciously empty-

So Jason fucking jumped all of the guys who were supposed to meet Black Mask’s arms shipment, tied them up and probably gagged them under the mask, presumably threatened them into cooperating, hung jackets and guns over them, and then just stood them up as props for the scene

Never let it be said that Jason Todd does not fucking commit to his theatrics.

(Bonus points:

Thank you animators for this handily labeled crate so we know that this is in fact supposed to be a shipment of guns.)

Steven Universe Sentence Starters !

Most of these are songs, but some are quotes. You’re welcome to change the pronouns as you see fit!

  • “If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs.”
  • “Love at first sight doesn’t exist, love takes time and love takes work.”
  • “All comedy is derived from fear.”
  • “Who cares how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.”
  • “I never asked to be made!”
  • “I love cookie cat!”
  • “All I wanna be is someone who’s seen a giant woman.”
  • “Why do you have to look up to her?”
  • “I’m telling you for your own good and not because I’m-… jealous.”
  • “I can show you how to be strong in the real way.”
  • “I didn’t even get to know my Mom!”
  • “Squared pizza?! This place is evil!”
  • “I’m not like the other guys.”
  • “In this whole wide world there’s no one like you.”
  • “Could this night get any better?!”
  • “Isn’t it such a beautiful night?”
  • “Let yourself just be whoever you are.”
  • “We’re on the run.”
  • “Wish that I could see that there’s no better place than home…”
  • “I don’t care about what all the others say!”
  • “You people have too much money.”
  • “Well she’s a rip tide queen and she’s super mean.”
  • “I just showed them I don’t got the stuff.”
  • “I tried so hard to fly but I was thrown.”
  • “Have a little faith in me!”
  • “I just wanted to help…”
  • “Some… say I have no direction. That I’m a light speed distraction…”
  • “This is the final frontier.”
  • “Life in the stars is all I’ve ever known.”
  • “I know in my heart it’s been worth it all of the while.”
  • “They’re playing sword. Oh sorry, they’re playing with swords. Oh no they’re bleeding. And they’re dead. Don’t call again.”
  • “Oh! Um… I don’t exactly… eat.”
  • “Is that a weapon?”
  • “Welcome to earth.”
  • “Do you believe in destiny?”
  • “Close your eyes and leave the rest to me.”
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “What are you doing to me?”
  • “You’re wearing that tee shirt!”
  • “What can I do for you?”
  • “What can I do that no one else can do?”
  • “You are so much fun~”
  • “I hadn’t planned on finding you… quite this entertaining~
  • “I like playing along~”
  • “I can’t believe I just got that on video!”
  • “Quit embarrassing yourself!”
  • “I’ve seen who you really are…”
  • “I ain’t gonna follow your rules.”
  • “Let’s go, just me and you.”
  • “Go ahead and try to hit me if you’re able.”
  • “I think you’re just mad cause you’re single~”
  • “I am made of love.”
  • “I’m stronger than you.”
  • “I won’t let you hurt my friends!”
  • “This is who I am.”
  • “I don’t want that for you…”
  • “What if somehow you get hurt?!”
  • “I have to protect you…”
  • “You’re better not knowing the trouble I’m in.”
  • “You don’t have to be a part of this; I don’t think I want you to be.”
  • “I don’t want you to worry about where I just was or what I just saw.”
  • “You don’t need this… You don’t need me.
  • “C’mon and share this jam with me!”
  • “I’d do it for you.”
  • “I’d do it for him/her.”
  • “Balance is the key.”
  • “Keep your eyes on me.”
  • “Concentrate! Don’t you want him/her to live?!”
  • “Just try and think about the life you’ll have… together after the war!”
  • “When you live for someone you’re prepared to die.”
  • “Maybe you’re better off with him/her…”
  • “I think he’s/she’s better for you.”
  • “I guess I got carried away…”
  • “Is there something I can do to make it up to you?”
  • “I see a tower built out of my mistakes and it all comes crashing down…”
  • “I don’t wanna do this!”
  • “I can’t help it if I make a scene~”
  • “I’ve got a pair of eyes that they’re getting lost in~”
  • “Everybody needs a friend and I’ve got you and you and you! So many I can’t even name them, can you blame me? I’m too famous~”
  • “Haven’t you noticed I’m a star?”
  • “What do I do with all this money, when all I want is you?”
  • “How do I spend all this money? I’d rather just spend time with you.”
  • “Let’s go to _____!!! And let’s bring _____!!!!”
  • “100 bucks? Gee thanks!”
  • “Dance with me!”
  • “NO!!!”
  • “After all those years I never thought I’d lose…”
  • “It’s over, isn’t it?”
  • “You won and he/she chose you…”
  • “Now they’re gone…”
  • “Who am I now in this world without him/her?!”
  • “What does it matter?! It’s already done!”
  • “Why don’t you talk to each other?”
  • “I know you’re trying to avoid it, but I don’t know why.”
  • “You might not believe it, but you’ve got a lot in common. You really do.”
  • “You both love me and I love both of you.”
  • “If I were you, I’d hate me too.”
  • “I don’t hate you…”
  • “I now you both need it, someone who knows what you’re going through.”
  • “_____ don’t cost nothing.”
  • “Don’t tell me, sing me!”
  • “Look at everything you do. Look at everything you are. It’s incredible, as incredible as you.”
  • “It’s a full time job admiring all the ways that you’re inspiring.”
  • “I think I need a little change.”
  • “I always did believe that love is all you need to be a happy man/woman.”
  • “Here comes a thought.”
  • “If I could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love.”
  • “I’d like to learn how to love like you.”
  • “I always thought I might be bad now I’m sure that it’s true; Cause I think you’re so good, but I’m nothing like you.”
  • “Look at you go! I just adore you! I wish that I knew what makes you think I’m so special…”
Interview: Abby Ramsay

Today we’re joined by Abby Ramsay. Abby is a phenomenal model and actress in LA. She uses her art to raise awareness of issues close to her heart. Her Instagram has recently blown up a bit after she gave an interview about social media. Abby is a fellow ace feminist, which is always awesome to see. She’s incredibly passionate, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

Well, I am an actress and model out in LA. I show off my work mostly through Instagram. Just creating these images and stories, whether they be moving or still, really gives me this outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and ideals that I can’t always put into words.  

I like to use my art to bring attention to topics like asexuality, body positivity, feminism, and mental illness as those are all things that are close to me.

I also like combining them. Everything I do is done with the mindset of “just because I am asexual does not mean I am not sexy or desirable.” but also “Just because I am viewed as sexy or desirable does not mean I can’t be asexual.”

What inspires you?

Just the idea that I can use what I love to help people. The industry that I am in has the potential to have your voice be heard by many people all over the world. If I have the opportunity to use my platform to change it for the better then I want to do it.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I have been acting since I was about 5 years old. Granted at the time the only reason I was in these musicals was because I was a really good singer at a young age, but they fed my love of storytelling. I would create plays at home and act them out for my parents, and it really blossomed into a passion by middle school. I fought long and hard with my parents (especially my mom) to let me try to get an agent, and they eventually gave in. I was a freshman in High School (2012 I believe) when I was signed with a small agency, and they sent me on my first few jobs. I was in love!

The agency also dealt with modeling, so the first photoshoot I ever did was with them. I was really shy in front of the camera at first. I had dealt with a lot of body positivity issues in the past, but the longer I was in front of the camera the more I enjoyed it. I actually felt really comfortable with myself.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Hmmmm. I guess I like to keep things natural. I have never been an over the top character actor (I mean it’s fun, but I have my preferences) so I usually try to take scenes to a more organic place. I do the same thing with my modeling. I always try to get a few pictures that represent me. There’s this idea that when you are modeling you can never smile and you always have to be sultry, but when I am working and talking to the photographer I like to smile and laugh and just be myself. Those end up being some of the best pictures.

I also do this hand on head leaning back pose a LOT. My friends give me a hard time about it haha. But it’s like my signature pose now I guess.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

It is not going to be easy, but with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck you can make your art your life.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I usually just say I am asexual, but for me that means that I don’t find people sexually attractive, and I am just not interested in sex. I’m not sex repulsed and I am aesthetically and romantically attracted to people, but I would much rather kiss and cuddle than have sex.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

There have been a couple instances. When you have your work online, you usually get some not so pleasant remarks from people. You get people who want to “fix you” you which is the one that bothers me the most.

But even outside the internet, I have had some encounters that have been less than ideal. I had a teacher at my college basically say that I was too pretty to be asexual and that it would be a waste. I know she didn’t mean it the way it came out, but it’s one of the reasons we need more visibility.

I also had a fellow acting student come to the conclusion that she did not like me because she thought asexuality was stupid. I never quite understood the logic behind that.

And it’s also hard, especially in acting, because Hollywood is so sexed up that there is just this assumption that every character interaction is because they want to bone.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

OK, the idea that “you just haven’t found the right person yet” or “you won’t know unless you try” pisses me off. I have gotten both and my general response to that is “you could give me a cheap piece of raw fish or a $200 piece of raw fish, it doesn’t chance that fact that I don’t like raw fish.” and “I have never been shot before, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy that either.”

There is also the idea that if you have a mental illness or if you have been in an abusive relationship or raped that your asexuality is just a byproduct. You know, whether it is or isn’t that shouldn’t make their identity any less legitimate.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

You are not broken. I promise you. Your feelings are completely normal. You are a valid part of the LGBTQIA community, and though we may be a smaller group, we are full of love, no matter where we fall on the spectrum. Just be yourself.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Instagram is abbysworldsastage.

Thank you, Abby, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.


Ao3 Link

Summary:  After discovering the wonders of Ladynoir fanfiction, Adrien sets out to start his own with his classmate Marinette helping him along the way. But when does fiction start becoming reality?

This story is also beta’d by the wonderful @serendipitousReckonings here on archive, @dickerdoodlez on tumblr.

Chapter 1

Adrien was never the writing type. He did write well - written papers and essays – at least according to his teachers – and was even occasionally asked by a few of his classmates for some writing tips. But, it was for educational purposes only. He‘d never had any sort of passion to write an actual story and he never thought of himself as the imaginative kind anyway. His mind was almost always focused on school, his responsibilities set by his father, and his masked identity. He never really had that luxury of being able to think about anything else. Well, except for his Lady, but that was something entirely different.

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All reasons Jon3rys will not be endgame ( Jonsa will)


Thanks for the ask! Sorry it took me so long to give you an answer! I know its been at least a week, but I did not forget you! Honestly, when I started writing this I did not expect it to end up as long as it did… I guess I just got a little too passionate about the endgame possibilities for GOT/ASOIAF.

So to actually answer your question : long story short, regardless of any romance I think Jon will betray Daenerys- Jon will be Dany’s last treason. And her death (result of the betrayal) will be fundamental in ending the long night- this is why Jon will betray her, to save everyone, including those he loves (especially Sansa) form the WW. Thus Jon will be free to end up with his love Sansa - and he will!

That was the short answer! Here is the longer answer as to why I am 100% sure why Jon/Daenerys will not be endgame, and that he will betray her during the long night. And to make it easier to follow I have divided it up into sections:

1. The Jon/Dany romance did not make any sense in the show
      a) Why Jon and Dany did not have the proper build up/execution for Jonerys to be a believable romance
      b) Comparing Jon/Dany romance to all other important romantic pairings we’ve seen develop on the show
      c) How it makes no narrative sense for Jon to “choose love over duty” and give the North to Daenerys
2.  Dany and Jon living happily ever after sitting on the Iron throne in the end makes NO NARRATIVE sense
      a) Jon/Dany “falling in love” and sitting on the iron throne together is too predictable
      b) The show (and books) have set Dany up to slowly become an antagonist by the end of the series and have slowly set up Sansa to become a queen, and Jon a king.
       c) The show (and books) have have slowly set up Sansa to become a queen, and Jon a king.
  3. And finally: JON AND DANY ARE NOT THE SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. JON is Ice AND Fire; Dany is PURE FIRE and the WW are PURE ICE

Okay! So! Let’s  Let’s start off with why the Jon/Dany romance did not make any sense:

Okay, so the first thing I am going to say, is that before being a Jonsa shipper, I am a die hard fan of Game of Thrones and the novels of ASOIAF because I believe it to be one of the most incredible, complex and intriguing series out there. And before ANYTHING else, I want the series to have an amazing well executed ending that will do the series justice, regardless if the ship I love becomes cannon or not. My true OTP is GOT/ASOIAF X Strong-Plot-Points-And-An-Ending-That-Makes-Sense.
That being said, I’m 100% sure Dany has fallen for Jon, but I’m not convinced Jon is 100% in love with Daenerys. It’s really confusing for me tbh… the only scene that Jon showed any kind of affection towards Dany IMO was in their last scene in 7x06…in the rest of their scenes they didn’t really seem to have a true connection and their chemistry was lukewarm. I’m not just saying this because I ship Jonsa, I’m open to the idea of Jonerys and I think I wouldn’t even mind seeing a romance there, just as long as it was properly executed and made sense.  Which I really don’t think it was at all! And I will explain why I don’t think the Jon/Dany romance made sense…But regardless of if Jon is in love with Dany or not, I believe the ending will be roughly the same and I will explain my thoughts on that as well in as much detail as I can without being too long lol.

a)- Why Jon and Dany did not have the proper build up/execution for Jonerys to be a believable romance

Okay, so the whole Jon3rys romance has truly failed to convince me for a number of reasons. I’m not the only one who didn’t feel the magic in their romance…  a lot of people and critics have picked up on this too. I don’t think timing or the pace of the season had anything to do with it. D&D are perfectly capable of writing a believable romance with limited amount of screen time. Just look at Robb and Tailsa, they met, fell in love and had sex in under 18 minutes of screen time and it all felt natural and convincing!

^^^ No one doubted this for a second,

The thing is, we never got to see a true bond form between Jon and Dany or honestly see any reason/justification as to why Jon would fall in love with Dany… like okay she saved his life, but that’s not a good enough reason to explain Jon suddenly falling head over heels in love with her and giving her the North!

Like in the previous episodes:
1. Dany kept refusing to help him fight the WW and save thousands of lives because of her obsession with ruling all seven kingdoms was more important to her;
2. She used her dragons to burn people alive -despite Jon stating that he is morally against this (and one of them was his best friend’s beloved brother);
3. And Jon didn’t even care to look back at her when he left dragon stone, while Jorah -the man who truly loves her-did

^^^This is what it looked like Jon was thinking

And most importantly: while Dany did open up to Jon (about her family, the dragons being her only children, etc) Jon did not open up to her about personal matters AT ALL. They do not have a basis for a true emotional connection. This is perfectly reflected in their sex scene - we never got to see them undress each other which symbolizes taking each other’s walls down and becoming physically and emotionally naked. We never even got to see their first kiss! Like their sex scene lated 20 seconds, with absolutely no buildup or first kiss but had Dany looking at Jon with heart eyes and Jon looking back at her all weird and while creepily breathing AND IT HAD A VOICEOVER THAT CREEPILY AND MONOTONELY EXPLAINED HOW THEY ARE AUNT AND NEPHEW…. This is how NOT to write a convincing romance 101. Why would the show do this to the most anticipated and arguably the most important pairing in the series?!?!! I REFUSE to believe D&D would fuck up this bad. This has to be intentional-that makes the most sense.

b)- Comparing Jon/Dany romance to all other important romantic pairings we’ve seen develop on the show

Let’s compare Jon3rys to all other loving couples on the show, shall we? In each end every one of them we got to see them open up to each other about personal matters - forming a true emotional connection- and we got to see them have their first/passionate kiss before making love. Think of all the important romances we got to see develop in GOT and how their sex scenes went down:

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No matter how many times I watch it, this face always breaks my heart.

Look how fucking vulnerable he is. She’s just told him she’s avoiding him and his face looks so hurt and unable to comprehend. “Why, Swan? What did I do? We were fine last night. What happened?” and there’s half of him that’s probably. “This is it. This is where she tells me i’m not good enough. I knew it was too good to be true.”

His ‘scared little boy eyes’ wide open, his wifi brow at maximum angst signal.

But then I also fucking hurt for this bit right after.

Cos those defences are straight up and he’s all shielding himself. 

Mouth firmly shut, eyes are duller, Wifi signal gone- Emma’s not allowed the password for his feelings anymore.

But it’s what he says and the way he schools himself that kills me. “There’s more to this than just Regina, isn’t there?”

He fucking knows she’s lying but i always wonder just what he thinks she’s truly avoiding him for?

Does he think she regrets it? Is it because of what he is? Is it because her parents don’t approve of him? 

I swear it’s like you can see all those insecurities swimming around in his head and he’s just confronting her there and then, wanting to hear from her mouth just which one is it that’s making her run from him. Because i’m sure in his mind it’s one of them and it’s best to get this over with now rather than have to go another week of Emma politely brushing him off or avoiding him at every cost. 

His expressions in this scene just really destroy me every damn time and i’ll never be over talking about them.


Okay. I just want to say what i think about this. I’ve seeing a lot of people hating on hannah because she “ ruined clay’s and Alex, Zach, etc…lifes.”

Clay didn’t deserve to be on the tapes but he MUST be because as Hannah said was her story and if she was going to tell it Clay couldn’t stay outside.
Tony did not deserve the burden that Hannah left him but I also understand Hannah a lot and because she did the things she did. 
Also, we have only some of the reasons. Not all. For which Hannah killed herself, because the list said more.
Besides that, is true that Clay suffered a lot and if Hannah had been clearer with him surely she would have saved.
But Hannah was very hurted and got tired of asking for help from the wrong people and Clay really liked her so I understand why she felt afraid and was embarrassed to tell Clay what was wrong. (Removing the fact that she thought it was only going to ruin him, I think it went beyond that)
She didn’t want to lose him but she losed him anyway because he ended up going.

The point here is not Hannah.
Unfortunately, the point here is Clay. And Tony. And all who could do something but did not.
The point of the story is that, it makes everyone stand up and think ‘I should have listened, I should have said this, I should have insisted’
When Tony said he ignored the tapes until half an hour later because he thought Hannah was a bit dramatic. When Clay got scared and left the room because he did not know how to react. All those are things that they know were wrong. They could have changed everything from having been a bit braver or not to have judged.
So I’m not judging Hannah or thinking that she was wrong for put Clay in the tapes, Clay already suffered from panic and anxiety before the tapes.
This just hit him more and did all that because he suffered those things and Hannah didn’t knew but still, Clay needed to know the truth.
And Tony told to him this several times.
If Clay did not listen to the tapes, there would be no story.
Besides, was needed that clay to be brave to make everyone recognize their mistakes and do justice. If Hannah never made the tapes, what happened to her was going to keep happening.
And that’s what the show want to teach and that’s what Clay tries to prevent.

Yesterday I read that a girl put “I hate Hannah because of her Clay’s going to spend his whole life trying to save everyone”
I think not just Clay, everyone on the tapes are going to think twice before doing things and I think that’s not bad.
Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes people prefer to ignore things to do something because it’s very painful to face it or take justice. But sometimes ignoring it is worse. And that’s what Clay learns. That it is necessary to speak when one has to speak and do something, that one has to be courageous.
That’s why Clay also continues passing the tapes at the end to Porter because everyone needs to take responsibility for what they did. ( also that jessica asked him for do it) And if you can not live with it, you try to live to repair it. And If what you did has no way of being fixed you have to live with it in the way you can.
But you can’t live like nothing if you made someone kill himself.
No matter how few intentions you had or how little you did compared to others, you did it, and anyway, none of those who did Hannah things had good intentions.
Not even Zach.
Just Clay.
That’s why, although for clay it was very painful to listen to the tapes and this almost did killed himself ( i cried a lot in that part) I think he had to listen to them and it’s like Tony said “you’re not God, you can’t stop everything”
Clay only feels guilty because he couldn’t save Hannah but none of they could, they all failed even if Clay loved her.
Tony is very sensible about what he said to Clay, because he needed to know about the tapes but he also had to know that he should not be there, that he didn’t do anything wrong, and that he was the only reason Hannah could have had to stay.
But I think guilt sometimes causes people to react.
And even if to Alex made him kill himself, if the tapes did not exist they would all have continued to live their lives quiet while Hannah killed herself.
And Bryce and all those who fucked up his life would never stop hurting others.
What is being said behind the scenes “if Bryce or any of them don’t get a cost for what they did, they will keep doing it over and over again.”
So I think everything had to be in that way. If Clay wasn’t on the tapes, nothing would have happened and no one would have done justice. Jessica would have believed Justin just as long as who knows and when she knew, she would not have the courage to talk about it or face anyone. Justin would never have considered the things he did or would never have had to tell Jessica the truth or face Bryce and break their false friendship. Bryce would never have confessed and would continue raping girls because no one of who are in the tapes faced bryce. They just left it that way. They kept their mouths shut for their own protection.
The only one who did something is Clay. And Alex would have continued to do things to be part of the bryce group and the idiots. Alex would have continued to do lists or who knows other things.
Marcus would have continued to play girls whenever he felt like it.
(And although many believe that zach is innocent and what he did was minimal or not important, I do not think so) maybe what Zach did was minimal compared to others in the tapes. But it matters. In the end, everything matters.
As hannah said is a snowball that is getting bigger.
So Zach stole the only source of happiness that Hannah had at that time (besides he being very childish making this lmao) and not only that, Hannah wrote to him a letter telling him how much she was suffering and that she needed those compliments.
And Zach ignored the letter. Maybe he did not throw it. Maybe he saved it. A point for Zach.
But he ignored her. He did not do anything. And sometimes don’t do anything is worse than doing it. That’s what the series is all about.
Maybe Zach was scared but I refuse to have compassion on him and minimize what he did, because minimizing what Zach did would be minimize the pain of hannah, and I think we’ve all learned that’s a BIG mistake. Minimizing the pain of others is not good. Zach might have a good heart … or not.
I’ve seen the series already three times and I could not help think: why do y'all overlook the scenes where Zach is a bully? LITERALLY. Zach laughs and encourages Bryce to send the picture of hannah from Justin’s phone, Zach makes obscene gestures along with marcus and the others to Hannah in the hallways after Alex’s list, Zach pushes Clay down the hallway and mocks on him. Zach stoled clay’s bike with Alex and Justin. ZACH AS THE OTHERS KEEP SILENCE ON A RAPIST. Zach continued to be friends with this rapist. Was Zach scared to help Hannah? But not scared enough to bullied others?
Maybe Zach wanted to be a marine biologist and maybe he’s allergic to strawberries. But I’m not interested. Because Zach is no different from the rest. And if Clay had not scratched his car, and if he had not faced Zach, maybe Zach would have done worse things in the future, he would have never felt guilty at all.
If Hannah did not make the tapes or did not include Clay in them, maybe Mr. Porter would never know the truth and ignore other people asking for help or advised them wrong again, and Hannah’s story would be repeated.
Maybe Courtney would continue to pretend to be friends with everyone and use people to cover her homosexuality. And Tyler would continue to spy on people and stalking people through his windows and would continue to take photos and violating the privacy of others if Clay had not faced him and the tapes did not exist, because he would never understand what hannah felt if clay did not make him feels it too.
And Ryan would continue stealing things that do not belong to him and leaving others in ridicule for his own arrogance.
And Clay would never know that it is better to say things when you should and when you have the opportunity because you could save a life.
And nobody would know the importance of what they did and said. And sheri would continue to do bad things and leave them that way that could lead to the death of more people and not just Jeff. And there would be more than one Jeff.
The only one different on the tapes is Clay. So clay had to be in the tapes because otherwise, they would all have continued to live and who knows if the tapes had kept going, maybe Bryce would have burned them and no one would ever know the truth more than they. And maybe he would have even looked for Tony to get rid of the copies or who knows.
Because not even Tony was encouraged to do something when he knew the whole truth Even Tony did not know what to do, just Clay.  
Because it’s easy to stand up and say “Hannah is a bitch she ruined everyone’s life with the tapes”
But what about her life? Who would pay anything for ruined Hannah’s life?
Were all the others supposed to keep living peacefully because Hannah was dramatic and crazy according to them? No.
 Hannah and Clay are the ones who didn’t deserve so much pain throughout history. Then maybe a little bit Alex and Jessica.
But everyone else deserved to be on the tapes and deserved to take responsibility for what they did. And I think Hannah was not dramatic. That’s all. Thank you if you read this mess until the end.

Why I want to stop watching the Blacklist (a.k.a., A Rant by Me)

This used to be my favorite show. Hands down. I would legitimately schedule things around it; I would leave events early to make sure I could watch it live; I would post about it on Tumblr and read other people’s posts the rest of the evening; I would search through multiple review site’s posts the next day.

I loved the dynamic between Red and Liz. I loved the mysteries and the little morsels of answers that we would get. I loved how, in the S1 finale, it felt like no one was safe: Meera got killed; Harold got attacked and nearly killed; Tom was shot and left for dead.

But, over the past few seasons, this show has become the bane of my TV-watching experience.

I would watch it, sure. But that was because I didn’t want the folks on Tumblr spoiling it for me. It was because I thought we were finally getting answers – which is what they teased us with every other week – only to feel so disappointed.

This last year, I made reaction videos for a friend of mine for every single episode. You know what one of the most commonly said things in those videos is? “Well, at least next week’s preview looks good.” Only to be disappointed in that episode, and to say the same thing about next week’s preview, and the cycle repeated itself until we actually got a half-way decent episode (which was usually some kind of finale or premiere, because that’s the only time actual shit can happen – during Sweeps Week).

Over and over again, both online and in person, I compared this to those scenes in cartoons where someone puts a carrot on a fishing pole in front of a donkey, and the donkey runs so hard to reach the carrot, only to never get there.

That’s how this show has felt the past season or two.

It’s only a shadow of what it once was, and I’m tired of it. I wish I could stop watching it.

So many other people I follow on Tumblr have said they’ve either stopped or thought about stopping. By comparison, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead seemingly increase their viewership every season; the Blacklist has been NBC’s lowest-rated show in the demo for the last year, IIRC. The ratings for the Redemption spin-off were so low, the showrunners tried to pass it off as a one-off miniseries, when it was ALWAYS intended to be its own full-length show.

I understand that the show does well in DVR viewership numbers, and it was the most expensive TV show that Netflix had purchased when Season 1 was released.

But, this show continues to disappoint me. There’s hardly anything I like about it anymore. Hell, even James Spader, who’s a master at his craft, seems to be bored with it. His monologues are becoming more and more cliche, and even his amazing performances can’t save this dumpster-fire.

Its protagonist, Liz, is all over the fucking place in terms of characterization. First, she was naive and learned her “husband” had used and abused her. Then, she went to the dark side, chained him up on a boat and said she’d never forgive him for what he’d done. Then, she apparently forgave him, slept with him, had his kid, tried to remarry the guy, and then faked her death to get away with him and is now living her happy dream life with her little girl and her ‘perfect’ husband.

What happened to the dark, morally questionable, grungy Liz? What happened to the Liz who was jaded and afraid after being on the run for several weeks, or months?

She just settled down with a guy who she used to hate and she’s living the dream.

What in the literal fuck?

And, for all the time that has been invested in Liz, she has made little to no progress in her characterization these past few seasons. In fact, she’s done more of a 360. She’s right back where she started, more or less.

Why should the audience give a shit about her journey if she’s not making any progress? Why should we care that, halfway through this show, she has everything she’s ever wanted?

The side characters, like Aram, Samar, Ressler, Cooper and others are there just to serve the plot. Any time there’s a semblance of some character development or plot progression, the showrunners regress everyone back to Stage One so we can do it all over again. Aram and Samar look like they’re making progress in their possible romantic relationship? Fuck that, we’ve got to make sure Aram runs back to his abusive girlfriend and string this thing along another season! Remember when Ressler got shot, had prescription drug problems, and was in Narcotics Anonymous? Yeah, me neither.

Mr. Kaplan, who was best when she was on-screen to sass and help Reddington once every few episodes, gets pushed into the spotlight for some made-up bullshit reason that had never been discussed or hinted at previous to the “Mr. Kaplan used to work for Katarina Rostova” storyline. And while Susan Bloomaert is a fantastic and underrated actress and did her absolute best to make those scenes between her and Liz feel emotional, I didn’t really care about their dynamic at all because it felt so forced, underdeveloped, and out-of-nowhere.

Whereas the relationship that I care the MOST about – that between Red and Liz – that has been the most built-up and developed over the course of the show keeps getting thrown under the bus as Liz does the whole “love Red, hate Red, forgive Red” song-and-dance routine. She claims she agrees with Red when he tells her not to go back to Tom in Season 2… only to go back to Tom later in Season 2. She’s totally down with asking Red to help her whenever she’s a criminal on the run… but the minute her wedding gets shot up, she yells at him and says it’s his fault.

And now, as far as the Lizzington fans go, which I count myself as one of them, the show has written itself into a corner. Because all the amazing chemistry and romantic tropes throughout the show feel incredibly creepy now that Liz believes Red is her dad, regardless of whether he actually is or not. I don’t care how they try to pull themselves out of the ginormous hole they’ve dug for themselves on that one – why the hell would a woman ever end up with a guy that she once thought was her dad, even if it turned out he actually wasn’t?

And the only real way out of it is the Impostor Theory – a well-written and well-researched theory, but one that makes people have to do fucking mental gymnastics for it to work. You have to assume a lot of people like Naomi and Reddington’s former roommate from the Naval Academy who’s now an admiral, are in on it. Whereas dudes like Finch or the Director aren’t…

Don’t get me wrong; I think it’s a wonderful theory and it explains a lot. But, if it ends up being true, it means one of two things:

1) The writers didn’t plan this from the beginning and lucked their way into it


2) The writers DID plan this from the beginning, which means they have the ability to be really good writers, but then they fell into all this other bullshit – like Liz’s weird arc and other things – which really means that they’re not that good of writers; they just had the one good idea.

And if the Impostor Theory DOESN’T end up being true, in some form or fashion, that means that Red really IS Liz’s dad, and this whole fucking show – Red’s entire characterization, his relationship and dynamic with her – has been a lie. Canon can be throw out the window to rot in the sewer and fuck itself in the interim, because the writers don’t even care any more.

Which, I realize is unfair, because I know there are hundreds of people who work really hard to make this show happen, and while it’s not, like, the worst show of all time, the fact that it had such potential and has fallen so far, almost makes it seem worse than a show that was so bad from the beginning I never invested time in it.

And what makes it even WORSE is that the showrunners continue to act like this is the most groundbreaking show on television, and put it on a pedestal On High, along with the likes of Game of Thrones, The Americans, and The Sopranos… you know, actually good shows.

That would be the equivalent of the Taken director demanding that his movie should’ve gotten an Oscar. It’s like, you know it was a fine movie, and I had a good time watching it, but like, bring yourself back down to earth. Taken is okay, but it is NOT Oscar-worthy material, so get off your high horse, dude.

I guess, if nothing else, it shows that the showrunners, writers and actors are so talented that they got me to invest in the show to the point where I can’t not watch it, even though it’s fallen so far and I feel like it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be. They hooked me and got me to care about these characters and their dynamics so much that, even though it frustrates me week in and week out, I will still keep watching it.

It’s just that, now, I might be doing it with a bottle of vodka, taking shots every time:

  • Red has a monologue that proves James Spader is too damn good for this show;
  • Liz is bitchy to Red for little to no reason, while continuing to be lovey-dovey with Tom;
  • Ressler survives a fight or car accident or some other action sequence with no injuries whatsoever;
  • Harry Lennix is completely underused as Harold Cooper in an episode, because he only tells his employees to do the obvious… and literally nothing else;
  • Samar and/or Aram take a step back from getting together, despite hints that they’ve liked each other since Season 2.

So, bottoms up, Blacklist fans!

Balls and Baddies #3

Anonymous said:Oh !! Pretty please, can we have ‘balls and baddies’ part three? I’m terrible but I really want to see the hero get humiliated ahahahaha–

Hello you’re blog is amazing. I just recently found it and was scrolling through everything when I saw the “balls and baddies” prompts and drabble. Can you maybe write more? Please? If you have time of course

See here for the previous.

The hero woke up an indeterminable time later and was promptly convinced that staying unconscious would have been a much better option all round. 

“Ah,” the villain said. “Sleeping beauty rejoins me at last.” 

In the end, they’d begged. It was strange. They could have stomached the pain; but the humiliation, the public spectacle of it, was more than they could bear. They could hardly stand to look at the villain now so it was just as well that their limbs were as useless as wet paper. 

They could taste dirt and grit and champagne in their mouth from where they’d bent over to kiss the villain’s shoe - as if saying please wasn’t bad enough. 

Their stomach heaved and they closed their eyes again. 

“You should have just said please when I first asked,” the villain said, unsympathetic to the hero’s shudder. “Or not come to a party uninvited. You’ve really only got yourself to blame for this one.” 

The villain stretched out a foot, lazily, from the armchair they’d pulled up by the bed and tapped beneath the hero’s chin with their shoe to turn their head in the right direction. 

The hero’s stomach cramped again. Their fingers twitched, to draw a blanket over their exposed skin - anything to not feel quite so vulnerable. Unfortunately, sluggish twitching was all that they could currently manage. They gave the villain a look, somewhere between desperately hateful and desperately pleading again. 

The villain shrugged. “Are you telling me you wouldn’t jump straight out of bed onto your bad knee if you had the chance? You should be thanking me, some of the others wanted to keep going.”

“I’m sure you didn’t stop them for my benefit. Blanket, do you mind?” 

“Not particularly,” the villain said. 

The hero’s teeth gritted. 

“Perhaps,” the villain flashed them a smile. “You should try asking more nicely.” 

God, it was too much to even have some basic human dignity here, wasn’t it? And yet, it was better without an audience. If fractionally. “Please,” the hero bit out, exhausted already. “Can I have a blanket? It’s fucking cold in here.”

The villain raised their brows but tossed one over them, entirely too self-satisfied. “See, I knew you’d be good at this with some practice. Still a bit to go, of course, but I’m sure we’ll have your pride thoroughly shattered soon enough. Just like you suggested.”

Just like you suggested - as if that didn’t make it a bigger smack in the face. 

“If you think embarrassment will stop me fighting you, you’re wrong.”

“Oh, I don’t,” the villain said. “But I want you to have a good, long think about your arrogance.” 

“My arrogance.”

“What kind of idiot comes to an enemy party without back up? Without, it seems, a back up plan? Your pride is off the charts. You would literally rather be beat up at the mercy of those who mean you harm than quietly bend the knee and avoid a scene. Heroes always seem to want scenes and public spectacles. It’s a real character flaw, you should work on it.”

“I don’t think you get to lecture me about character flaws,” the hero snapped. “Just because you’re a slimy snake who’s never spent a day operating out of the shadows.”

“Lecturing you seems only fair when you keep imposing yourself on my business over and over and over again - I don’t remember asking for your opinion on the matter, either.” The villain sighed, and shook their head. They swung their shoe down and leaned in instead, hands planting on either side of the hero’s head. “Pride is hopelessly easy to take away from someone, and your pride is a game I’ll win every time. Rest up, hero,” their lip curled mocking at the epithet. “We’ve got your beloved city to give a show to next.” 

Oh, god. 

theories (tinfoil hat time)

all the girls are gonna die/leave the boys in some way or another to allow for self-growth, thus fulfilling the love yourself concept

→ (this is assuming “love yourself” era is pre-INU, which is a song talking about getting over a lost love)

Seokjin’s girl: The video speaks for itself

Jungkook’s girl: Girl probably died/discharged and never to be seen again (think kimi no na wa vibes)

Hoseok+Jimin’s girl: Idk how the fuck jimin got so much blood after just falling down, so i’m assuming SOMETHING MAJOR happened in between those scenes to cause Jimin and the girl to get severely hurt. The girl might die in the hospital (which is why Jimin stops in his chase midway? BECAUSE HE ALREADY KNEW SHE DIED? rip cake girl i loved you)

Taehyung’s girl: Idk if she dies or nah, but Taehyung definitely dies so either way, they are separated (if the alternate universe theory applies + murphy’s law, then one of them will die in this timeline [maybe even both of them after getting caught up in the law])

Namjoon’s girl: OK time to get your tinfoil hats. The girl previously had a yellow hair tie, and yellow ribbons irl can symbolize suicide prevention. BUT THEN Namjoon hands her a black hair tie, which symbolizes mourning. So. Connect the dots and we got → ya girl just died

Yoongi’s girl: ok idk if she dies either. but maybe, the lighter is a foreshadowing of the arson that Yoongi is about to commit to his apartment (REMEMBER HOW I SAID IF THIS WAS PRE-INU ERA??? THAT MEANS THAT SCENE WHERE YOONGI LIGHTS THE APARTMENT ON FIRE? Ya girl dies in that fire, probably after chasing after him. Yeah. Sad reax only)

Some things abt the flashback scene:

-eren defending armin even tho armin doesn’t care that much

-those bullies stole armins bread :((

-bread that would have fed his family for 3 days?? And eren gets particularly upset over this, as if armin’s family isn’t well off

- we never learn much about armin’s family, but is this flashback from before or after his parents die? Is that why they have fallen in hard times?

-mikasa shoves the food she bought into armin’s hands. I wonder if she was giving it to him after hearing about armin’s bread loss.

-eren shoving armin in the face. Lol

More Public Au: So I didn’t really have a story for this Au I just liked to thinking up scenes to draw but while biking I got the idea that in this Au nations have never married, dated, done anything really romantically that didn’t have to deal with treaties, or royal families.

 So when the rumor mill gets started up about that America and England could be dating just because. Citizens from both nations try to encourage it to happen to make history with actions like buying each other goods, vacationing in each other’s nations, talking over social media. Though there are those who don’t like the idea of nations dating (isolationists , homophobs, people who think see the personifications as people and think the public should leave them alone and so on.) 

Though no one knows if the citizens efforts have any effect on the personifications since this is the first time it’s be tired on a significant scale. 

“they’re all liars here”

I know this is old, OLD news, but it turns out I’m actually never going to get over The Show giving Sandor Clegane’s backstory explanation & “they’re all liars here” line to Littlefinger. I mean … bad enough that you deprive a character of a scene so staggeringly significant to his characterization that you literally auditioned the actor by that scene … but of ALL the characters to then transfer those lines to … Why. WHY.

Because, okay. This is just a rough and unedited spilling of thoughts, so forgive me for not being terribly academic and thorough here, but look: the themes of truth and lies are central to Sansa’s character arc in the books. (Unless otherwise specified, everything I discuss here is from book-canon, btw.) Sandor and LF likewise both play significant roles in her storyline and are both involved in the truth/lies theme, but in rather different ways. When the Hound says that line about liars, it’s coming from the established context that he’s a guy who supposedly abhors lies and liars; a guy who — when alone with her, at least — often tries to break through Sansa’s armor of courtesy and elicit truthful reactions, even if they’re unpleasant ones. And yet, despite the famous “a hound will die for you but never lie to you” line … Sandor actually lies a lot. Especially in public. Regardless of whether he completely buys his own cynicism when he says shit like “killing is the sweetest thing there is,” he definitely lies more than once in service of protecting Sansa. And so here, as he calls Sansa out on being a bad liar, it’s hypocritical but also extremely reflective of the fact that Sandor is a deeply broken former romantic: he disdains lying because he was made to feel that the honest, honorable world he once believed in was itself a lie, but he feels that lying is necessary because the world’s terrible, so you have to be terrible to survive in it, so better get good at being terrible. It’s a worldview directly opposed to Sansa’s own idealism / romanticism and her tendency to show humanity even to those who frighten her or have harmed her … And ultimately, I think Sansa — and the narrative — pretty definitively prove Sandor’s cynicism wrong. 

Whatever The Show may be, I think that ASoIaF is not a grimdark, cynical work on the whole. There’s a lot of awful, terrible things in it, yes, but I think we’ll see a triumph of kinder values in the end. After all, “The North Remembers” is not a statement just about revenge, but about honor and loyalty. Ned was merciful and honorable and he died an unjust death for it, and in the short term, that seems to make a good case for being cynical and ruthless … but in the long term, we see that House Stark and its silly honor have inspired a loyalty that unites and motivates and endures. Likewise, the promise of healing/renewal trumps cynicism/destruction with the “death” of the Hound persona and the claim that Sandor Clegane has found peace. “The Hound,” now an identity currently being shuffled around between some pretty bad dudes, proved to be 1) a persona false enough that Sandor was able to shed it and survive without it, and 2) far worse than the actual man underneath.

The way Sandor uses falsehoods is actually not unlike Sansa’s porcelain / ivory / steel sentiment or her aloof, self-effacing “armor of courtesy.” Both are means of protecting oneself against the dangers (both physical and emotional) of a world that has proven itself to be far crueler than Sansa believed it to be before Ned’s death or that Sandor believed when he was just a kid who wanted so badly to be a knight. I do think it’s possible LF started out with something of the same mindset; there’s some indication he too might’ve been a romantic as a child, the underdog dueling for the sake of true love and all. If Sandor wields lies as a shield, however — a means of protecting Sansa from physical threats and himself from emotional ones — then to Littlefinger, lies are a dagger hidden in his sleeve. Far from viewing it as a necessary evil, he’s weaponized mendacity and made manipulation into an art. And, of course, he too has the duality of a “true face” and a persona … but which is which?

“Littlefinger was only a mask he had to wear. Only sometimes Sansa found it hard to tell where the man ended and the mask began. Littlefinger and Lord Petyr looked so very much alike. She would have fled them both, perhaps, but there was nowhere for her to go.” Sansa doesn’t know which identity is LF’s true face (if indeed either is), nor whether EITHER face can be trusted. It’s a pretty big difference compared to the way she always managed to get under the Hound’s skin and, even without seeming to know that she was doing it sometimes, connect with his true self (see: “he was no true knight,” the Mother’s Hymn, etc.). And it’s under LF’s tutelage, of course, that she (necessarily) develops her own persona of Alayne the bastard girl — an ability which grows out of the skills she developed in King’s Landing, where she improved her armor of courtesy and her ability to remain impassive and seemingly docile for the sake of survival. LF, however, encourages her to take a more proactive role in plotting and scheming, to be on the offense rather than the defense, treating her as something of a protege — a protege he still controls for now, though of course it’s widely speculated that she may prove his undoing in the end.

Truth and lies, questions of identity, etc … It’s all very tangled. And maybe on the surface it seems like there’s not much difference in having Sandor say “they’re all liars here” versus Petyr saying “we’re all liars here.” But they’re just such different characters that I think the line carries a very different weight depending on who the speaker is, what his attitude about lying is, and why (or whether) he wants Sansa to improve at it. It’s just kind of wild to me that The Show gave that line to a character who plays such an opposite role in that thematic aspect of Sansa’s arc. Not to mention that it’s one of those lines that, even fairly early on, hints at the fact that Sandor is much smarter than most other characters give him credit for. Pity the show stripped him of moments that show his insight and complexity like that.

And, I mean, goes without saying that giving Sandor’s backstory monologue to LF 1) made no sense, how does LF even know any of that, has he been gossiping with Gregor, god knows Sandor wouldn’t tell, and 2) erased the foundation of Sandor having any particular bond with Sansa, making their season 2 scenes kind of baffling, but whatever, the show didn’t adapt half their ACoK scenes anyway and also seems to have forgotten that they ever knew one another, so I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. 


Ghost World (2001) - Terry Zwigoff

5 bullets on this film:

  • Let me start this by saying that Ghost World is technically a comedy movie, but it was probably one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. Not that it wasn’t good, but it left feeling kind of empty and sad.  Of course there are some ‘funny’ scenes, but the plot is really dark and real. 
  • Steve Buscemi freaks me out but I really liked him in this. Scarlett Johansson is also great, but Thora Birch is like incredible. By the way, where are you, Thora Birch? 
  • It’s one of those films you can watch over and over again and you’ll never get tired of it, because the soundtrack is good, the cinematography is VERY appealing, and you always end up noticing a new detail. 
  • Let’s take a moment to talk about the character development of this movie. All of the characters have a defined personality and a backstory, so they feel very real. You don’t really like them, because they’re imperfect, but then you end up identifying to them, and that’s one of the reasons this movie is so nice.
  • One of the movie’s main ‘targets’ is to show the two sides of growing up: you can be yourself, or you can change your personality in order to fit in, and that’s reality, that’s why this is one of the best coming of age films. The two main protagonists represent different ways of dealing with adulthood, so if you’re about to ‘start your life and become an active member of society’ (like me), watch this movie because it can help you decide what to do with your life. 

anonymous asked:

Oh no manders, those sex scenes just make me want to puke also don't give more ammunition for that people hating on Claire because she enjoyed sex with Frank quite a lot... while Jamie literally cried before getting laid with Mary, in some way as non book reader like me, I felt kinda betrayed by Claire, she didn't think about Jamie anymore, not even when she gave birth Bree.

You’re perfectly entitled to your perspective, but I can think of several times she thought of Jamie:


  • When she cooked dinner over the fireplace and the neighbor said, “you’ll never find a man like Frank again.” She shut her eyes because that wasn’t true.
  • When she stared at the bird and wished she was in Scotland with Jamie.
  • When she flinched when Frank tried to place his hand on the belly containing Jamie’s child.
  • When Frank mentions the Stuarts in the list of things he fought for in WWII.
  • When she reveals the miscarriage to Frank and the Doctor, meaning she almost had TWO children with the love of her life.
  • When she woke up and was scared she almost lost the last physical tether to the man she was tragically separated from.
  • When she realized the baby lived.
  • When she held her daughter for the first time.
  • When the nurse asked where the baby got her red hair.


  • When she masturbated to his memory, picturing him there with her, recalling a time when they were happy and together at Lallybroch.
  • When Frank said, “come to daddy,” to her daughter, but her expression clearly showed she wished it was Jamie who was there to say that to her.
  • When she said “I miss my husband,” and we ALL know who she really meant.
  • When Frank told her he knew when they were together, she was with Jamie.
  • When she pushed her red-headed daughter in the pram and she smiled up at her.
  • When she LITERALLY says in voiceover, “But the man I had loved was Jamie…”
  • When she walked past a bagpipe player SIX YEARS after she returned to the future and still teared up at the reminder of Jamie and her time in the past.

Claire can’t talk about Jamie. That was the bargain she made with Frank and she kept it. She also believes he is dead. She’s not betraying anyone. But we’ve seen her struggle to forget these past two episodes, so don’t tell me she hasn’t thought about Jamie, because it just isn’t true.

'Outlander' Season 3 Teaser Leaks Online: A Deep-Dive Analysis
The show is set to return in September

“I have lied, killed and broken trust, but when I stand before God I’ll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest…”

With that one simple but oh-so-passionate line of dialogue, the ongoing Droughtlander became a little less painful Sunday after Starz dropped its first official tease for season 3 of Outlander that was almost immediately leaked online for all those non-Starz subscribers. So much for trying to get folks to tune into the premiere of The White Princess on the west coast!

Was the teaser effective? You bet. Anytime you have a man saying, “Lord, you gave me a rare woman,” you’re going to have the female fans swooning. But there was so much more to whet our appetites, Sassenachs, which is why I’ve decided to take a deep dive into the teaser — because it may be all we’ll get for quite some time. (Can September seem ANY further away?)

How is it possible that one look from Claire can convey anguish, longing, and the sobering realization that she may never see her beloved Jamie (Sam Heughan) ever again? Caitriona Balfe does it magnificently, as she prepares to return through the stones at Craigh na Dun to resume her old life with first husband Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) in the 20th century.

Hey, this moment should look familiar to EW Readers! In our exclusive first look cover from September, executive producer Ronald D. Moore talks about his plan to re-enact the Battle of Culloden in the opening episode. Our issue also included a first look of Claire walking through the battlefield during an eerie dream sequence. “It just felt like for the TV show, we’ve been promising this for a while and it just felt like we should have something,” Moore told EW of the conflict that was first teased in the season 2 finale between the French-backed highlanders and the British army. “We should give the audience some sense of what happened on that moor.”

Someone’s looking pretty good for her age here! I’ve got a little scoop for you, Outlander fans: Don’t expect Claire or Jamie to look like they’ve aged much in season 3, even though 20 years will have gone by since the lovers last saw each other. “I think they really wanted to not have us change too much,” Balfe tells me exclusively while shooting in South Africa. “The aging has been really subtle. There’s a bit of weathering and stuff that we’ve done, but it’s been very subtle.”

Oh, Sophie Skelton! So great to see you reprise the role of Brianna, Claire and Jamie’s daughter, at the start of season 3. But I fear her appearance in these 20th century scenes with mommy and her adopted dad Frank (Tobias Menzies) will be the extent of her work in the new season. Catch you more in season 4, girlfriend?

Ah, an old movie trope that never gets old — the shot of a hand dragging over the gorgeous flora as a sentimental shout-out to home. The last hot guy to do this so well was Maximus (aka Russell Crowe), as he prepares for death in the final scene of Gladiator.

Okay, so maybe this sight of 20th century Claire rushing through her Boston hospital in scrubs means nothing to the story. But I ask you, Outlander fans, is there anything more exhilarating than the sight of gorgeous medical personnel rushing to an emergency? Look no further than those swell nurses from the title sequence of M*A*S*H*.

Dang, that was quick! After stopping and starting the video at least 15 times, I surmised that it’s probably the moment when Jamie shoots the Earl of Ellesmere after he threatens to hurt a certain child. Out of respect for the non-book readers, I’ll refrain from any further details.

“I’ll find you. I promise.”

Okay, the images threw me for a bit; was Voyager so long that I simply can’t remember this particular scene? Fortunately, a key source who shall go unnamed hinted that it’s most likely a depiction of the Silkies Island, home of the hidden treasure. Apparently, author Diana Gabaldon didn’t explicitly describe the island in her books so it appears this is all from the great minds of Moore and production designer Jon Gary Steele. Whatever; I just liked this part the most because it made me think of Daniel Day-Lewis telling Madeleine Stowe that he will find her, “no matter how long it takes, no matter how far” in The Last of the Mohicans. Be still my heart!

Any other observations from the 30-second trailer? Sound off below!

Outlander returns to Starz in September.

“Smile” thoughts:

  • What a beautiful, gentle episode. The Return of Doctor Mysterio seems like an increasingly apt introduction to the series. And this post, on The Pilot, seems to hold true for now.
  • “Keep smiling” was a grotesque concept, but they never veered off into the full horror of that scenario. It never got close to becoming the “don’t blink” or “don’t breathe” equivalent. If this were a series 8 episode, we’d get close-ups of Clara’s eyes and mouth, as she desperately tried to keep control over herself. But this is series 10 and this is Bill Potts, and for the most part, it serves to underline her happiness, her joy, her excitement.
  • The police box scenes were simple and effective. By chance, my dad picked the BBC Audio (I know basically no one listens to those) “The Gods of Winter” to listen while driving on Friday, and it makes the same observation. In Smile, we can see just how poignant it can get when handled by a much better writer.
  • To have a Doctor resolve 98% of the plot, including parts which Bill could easily have figured out herself (e.g. what was in the pods) was a puzzling choice after the second episode became such a triumphant moment with both Amy and Clara. But since this is Moffat breaking his own formula (through the extension of Frank Cottrell-Boyce), I cannot help but find that is very deliberate.
  • Instead, the Doctor is placed into the role of the tutor and the position of a lecturer, while Bill continues to be his student, reinforcing their dynamic from the Pilot. It works because we see how much Bill loves this and because I know this is still going places…
  • I’m very slowly actually becoming interested in what is in the Vault and Nardole’s story till here.

I didn’t like Red until…

Red came out when I was pretty young and I remember that I was never a huge fan of it because I thought it was too slow and it was so different from Fearless and Speak Now. But the problem wasn’t that, it was that I was too young to fully understand it. I didn’t realize how beautifully written the songs were and how meaningful each song was. These songs came straight from her heart and I believe this album deserves so much better. I am so in love with Red because it all makes sense to me now.

State of Grace tells a story about how the most unexpected loves can be some of the best. It talks about somebody suddenly coming into her life and changing everything and she jumps into it all without looking, without overthinking everything like girls like to do.

“So you were never a saint and I loved in shades of wrong. We learn to live with the pain, mosaic broken hearts. But this love is great and wild…”

Red tells a story about losing somebody and all the emotions she felt in the aftermath of it all. She so cleverly categorizes different emotions into colors. Blue representing sadness and heartbreak, dark gray representing loneliness, red representing all the beautiful emotions that come with love — passion, excitement, romance, intense feelings of happiness and infatuation, even the bad stuff like anger and pain.

“Remembering him comes in flashbacks and echoes. Tell myself, it’s time now, gotta let go. But moving on from him is impossible when I still see it all in my head burning red.”

Treacherous tells a story about falling for someone she knows isn’t right for her… wanting something she knows won’t work out in the end. It’s about walking on treacherous grounds in a relationship. She knows it’s a bad idea but, for some reason, she keeps getting drawn to him.

“Your name has echoed through my mind and I just think you should know that nothing safe is worth the drive and I will follow you home.”

I Knew You Were Trouble tells a story about falling too quickly for someone who was never planning on returning that kind of love she was feeling for him. She knew from the beginning that he was bad news but she fell anyway because he made her feel alive. He made her feel things she had never felt before. Too bad she was just another girl to him.

“I guess you didn’t care and I guess I liked that, but when I fell hard, you took a step back without me.”

All Too Well tells a story about the huge impact a special love had on her. This love was incredibly rare and magical. She talks about remembering all the little things and how they made her feel and finally coming to terms with the fact that it’s over and she’ll never be able to go back. She channels all the heartbreak and anger into this song and these lyrics. We get to see how this love that was so strong completely broke her. Truly one of the most beautifully written songs I have ever heard.

“Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but maybe this thing was a masterpiece til you tore it all up. Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well.”

22 tells a story about having the time of her life with the people who mean the most to her in this world and letting go of all of life’s worries.

“It seems like one of those nights we ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming instead of sleeping.”

I Almost Do tells a story about having to deal with the lingering emotions after losing a love. In order to get over someone, you have to be strong and fight the urge to run back. You’re not going to get anywhere if you keep running backwards.

“I bet it never ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you and risk another goodbye.”

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together tells a story about finally being able to see through him. It’s about finally letting go of a toxic relationship and of someone who isn’t gonna change.

“I used to think that we were forever-ever and I used to say, never say never.”

Stay Stay Stay tells a story about finding true love. It’s about finding someone who accepts her and all her flaws and stays by her side through the good and the bad. It’s about that kind of love that you know is going to last, that kind of love we all hope to find someday.

“All those times that you didn’t leave, it’s been occurring to me, I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life. Stay, and I’ll be loving you for quite some time.”

The Last Time tells a story about a love that she knows is coming to an end. It’s about a love that is destroying her and the struggle to get that person to make her a priority. It’s about coming close to giving up on someone because they won’t ever put her first.

“All the times I let you in, just for you to go again and disappear, when you come back, everything is better. And right before your eyes, I’m breaking…”

Holy Ground tells a story about a love that brings back happy memories. It’s a story about young love and all the happy moments that come along with that.

“But I guess we fell apart in the usual way, and the story’s got dust on every page. But sometimes I wonder how you think about it now and I see your face in every crowd. And darling, it was good…”

Sad Beautiful Tragic tells a story about a beautiful love that tragically came to an end. It’s about giving up on something she tried so hard to save, which shatters her, but it needs to be done.

“Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting, silence, train runs off its tracks. Kiss me, try to fix it. Could you just try to listen? Hang up, give up, for the life of us we can’t get back.”

The Lucky One tells a story about the effects fame has on stars. It tells a story about someone who so desperately wants that perfect Hollywood life, but in reality, there’s no such thing as a perfect Hollywood life. There is a dark side to fame and she got to discover that firsthand.

“And they tell you that you’re lucky, but you’re so confused cause you don’t feel pretty, you just feel used.”

Everything Has Changed tells a story about somebody coming into her life and changing everything. It’s about someone who gives a whole new meaning to her understanding of love. It’s about new love — that kind of love that gives you butterflies.

“All I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, making up for lost time, taking flight, making me feel like I just wanna know you better.”

Starlight tells a story about the kind of love that makes you feel alive. It’s about that old-fashioned, innocent kind of love where anything is possible if you have that special someone by your side. That kind of love story that makes us all feel happy.

“Don’t you see the starlight? Don’t you dream impossible things?”

Begin Again tells a story about finding someone who made her feel beautiful and took away the insecurities and all the damage that her last boyfriend left behind. It’s about finding someone who picks up all the broken pieces of a past relationship and puts them back together.

“I’ve been spending the last eight months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end. But on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.”

So, thank you, @taylorswift for creating such a beautiful masterpiece. These songs will forever hold such a special place in my heart.

Richonniversary thoughts

Remember way back in season 3, when people would laugh at the suggestion that Rick and Michonne might become a couple?

When Michonne bonded with Carl and Judith, she was called a Mammy because it was unfathomable that it was part of a developing love story? 

Remember the romantic piano score played over early Richonne scenes at the prison and how people tried to say it wasn’t romantic lol

I remember talking to @psmith73 about Michonne ships when it seemed like a fantasy that Michonne would actually get a love story in canon but it was fun to think about.

I remember the “oh shit this is really canon” feeling after Clear. I remember the richonne tag celebrating. 

The vindication when some online publication did an article after Clear that was like “OMG maybe those crazy Rick and Michonne shippers are right!” Most of the comments were positive, POSITIVE it would never be anything. 

Remember when it looked like Dixonne might become canon? Remember their runs together and (mostly offscreen) bonding and the jasper and all that? I think Dixonne was bigger than Richonne at one point. I worried about how Daryl fans would react if it happened (I’d been to TWD panels at Wizard World and Daryl stans were the wooorst, the most entitled – sorry, that’s another story). I always rooted for Richonne.

When they started to become a family, and the fandom started seeing them as badass siblings. <eyeroll>

When Rick ripped that Claimer’s throat out with his teeth protecting Carl and it was everything Michonne ever wanted.

When the Grimes family reunited with Judith and the shot included Michonne.

When Rick started looking to Michonne for decisions. When she was the only one he listened to.

More romantic background music.

That dark time we won’t talk about. <Eyeroll> fine, I’ll pretend it was necessary to give Rick closure so he could open himself up to Michonne. Even though it wasn’t. But whatever. At least the whole thing left racists confused and upset.

And then – finally, undeniably canon.

Followed by months of speculation that Michonne was dead (because she had sex with Rick, obvs).

And now, look at them. LOOK AT THEM! Iconic.

Happy Anniversary! <3