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BP Appreciation Week, Day Four: Favorite Outfit(s)

Penny Dreadful, Lily Frankenstein, Glorious Horrors and And Hell Itself My Only Foe

How do I love the Penny Dreadful costuming department? Let me count the ways.

I will never get over their use of light and dark colors to symbolize Lily in the “stages” of her life, so to speak. In the early episodes she wears light, happy colors (pointedly, colors picked out by Victor Frankenstein), and after she reveals her true colors (so to speak) in episode eight, we see her instantly switch to wearing dark colors. It is gorgeous. And the contrast is amazing. 10/10 to the people who dressed Billie in this show.

im just so thankful for Connor Kenway. I’m so thankful for the character we got and the character we didn’t get. I’m thankful he wasn’t a smooth talking ladies man. I’m thankful he wasn’t a racist stereotype. I’m thankful he wasn’t an angsty anti-hero. I’m thankful that there was inner turmoil over where he belonged because of his white father and native mother, but that it never turned into a pity party or took all the focus of the story. I’m thankful that he’s very unlike any male action hero I’ve ever come across. I thankful for his costume. I’m thankful for his desire to help, sometimes almost stumbling into situations because he just wanted to lend a hand. I’m grateful he never let people push him around. I’m thankful for his hair. I’m grateful for how deeply he loved his mother and that we got to see that her death wasn’t just glanced over - even though he was so young, we see it still affecting him well into his adult life. I’m grateful for his relationship with his father and how, despite Connor being such a selfless character, he messed up big time because of his selfish want to sway his father to the good cause. Im grateful for how well he fit into the community he created at Davenport. I’m thankful for his real name - Ratonhnhaké:ton, what a beautiful, musical word with such foreboding meaning. I’m thankful for the rocky an yet devoted teacher-student-father-son relationship he had with Achilles. I’m thankful that we got to see him as a kid. As a rebellious teenager. I’m thankful for his snark that was always there but never overdone or used unnecessarily or with cruel intention. I’m thankful that he was so humble and yet sometimes beyond cocky. I’m grateful that he took no shit from anyone. I’m thankful for his slightly awkward english because it wasn’t his first language. I’m thankful for the fact that he has extremely neat handwriting despite his big, warrior hands. I’m thankful for the fact that when he fights, it’s with such power and anger it’s almost ruthless. I’m thankful that, despite being a huge mountain of a man, he never seems threatening unless he knows you’re an enemy. I’m thankful that he was always respectful towards the women he knew, and treated them as equals.

I know Ubisoft has done next to nothing good for this character since his game was released, but I still want to say that I’m thankful that they created him to begin with. We aren’t getting a sequel, but we got a long, heartbreaking, beautiful game to being with. And I’m grateful.


Keith ‘I’ll try pot’ Kogane and Takashi ‘I’ve never done drugs’ Shirogane. 

Sorry this is so sketchy but that’s all i had time for lol. I want to color this but by the time i get around to it, Halloween will probably already be over. I might still color it later anyway. 

Shiro is Clark Kent/Superman. Keith is Where’s Waldo. And Lance is the Arthur meme. It’s v hard to tell w/o color lol 

Performing Arts AUs Part II
  • We are co-directors with very different artistic visions for this play.
  • I’m the makeup artist and you’re the hair stylist, and we’ve got a bit of a break…I’ll do yours if you do mine? 
  • I work in a coffee shop, and you’re always fetching coffees for your demanding director.
  • I’m writing the script, and you’re writing the songs, so I guess we’ll have to spend a lot of time together huh.
  • You’re the over-ambitious set-designer, and I’m the technician who’s supposed to make your crazy ideas a reality. 
  • I work the lights, you work the sound, and we have to work real close over these switchboards. 
  • I’m a casting director and you’ve turned up to every single one of my auditions- should I say something? 
  • We’re both exhausted stage-hands, but we never get a chance to stop and chat- do you want to get a drink when this is all over? 
  • I make the costumes, and your requests are getting really, really bizarre- what sort of play requires a regency gown and a spacesuit? 
  • I need to focus this spotlight- can you hold the ladder steady for me? 
  • I’m trying to lock up this theater, but you’re stubbornly refusing to leave until you get the lighting just right.  
  • The director’s a dick, and as assistant director and lead actor we get the worst of it. ADD: we’re plotting to overthrow him.
  • I have to paint this entire backdrop before opening night- grab a brush, you’re helping me. ADD: it’s 3am and we’re still painting.
  • We’re both drunk at the after-party OR we’re the only ones not drunk at the after-party.
  • We’re both musicians in the orchestra pit, and isn’t this the fifth time you’ve lost your sheet music? 
  • I came up to moan at you about my sound cues coming in late, but, um, you’re actually kind of cute. 
  • Free for all: it’s HELL WEEK 

credit to @from-backstage-to-the-morgue whose tag and ideas inspired part two. 

part i

Favorite Lines Challenge

I’m always so far behind (working 2nd shift really bites sometimes).  I was tagged by several people (omg, I can almost not believe that!).  Anyway, here goes:

“Alright, Missy.  Sleepy time is over.  Let’s get the lead out.  You got me here in London, now let’s go have some fun.  Of course we’re going to have to call Nikki before we go anywhere ‘cause, damn girl, you need some serious make-up to cover up that much purple.  No, it’s not like trying to cover a hickey.  I swear I’ve never seen anything like it.  And those very attractive stitches, sweetie you know Halloween’s over, right?  There really aren’t any costume parties where you can play Bride of Frankenstein coming up soon.  Yes, I know your block headed boyfriend would be perfect to play ol’ Frankie but still.  Maybe Beauty and the Beast—he’s got the hair for it.  But it might be too much for even Nikki to overcome on that face.”  Laura continued a sarcastic monologue as Harry just gaped open-mouthed at her.   (Soml Chapter 16)

Kind of a preview I guess.

I wanted to spread some love to all my writer friends.  Post one of your favorite lines that you’ve written and then tag some of your favorite writers to do the same! Let’s make each other feel lovely and maybe gain a few readers along the way.

So many of my friends have been tagged already.  I tag @fayestardust, @melissas173, @adultfansofonedirection and anyone else who would like to participate! I wanna read your stuff.

Batbrothers' Never Have I Ever
  • Tim: Never have I ever died.
  • Jason: *sighs*
  • Damian: *fumes*
  • Dick: Never have I ever tried to kill Tim.
  • Jason: *growls*
  • Damian: stfu
  • Damian: Never have I ever tried to get Batman to shoot the Joker.
  • Jason: *pissed off noises*
  • Jason: Well, never have I ever used disco as inspiration for my costume. The 70s called, Dick, it says you can keep the suit.
  • Dick: Fair enough.
  • Tim: Never have I ever tried to take over Gotham's drug trade.
  • Jason: Oh ffs, this game is rigged!
  • Dick: Well. Never have I ever used lethal force on purpose.
  • Tim, Damian, Jason: Dick.



Since it’s a great movie to watch this time of year … with a Fall/Halloween timeframe … I thought I’d write a short review of this Bat-flim.

I know Joel Schumacher gets a lot of flak about killing the Batman movie franchise in the mid 90s with his Batman & Robin film, but he did a lot right in Batman Forever. 

Yes, there were the bat-nipples (and robin-nipples too), but the costumes were amazing! In my mind at least, Robin’s costume has never looked so good. Jim Carrey was the perfect pick for the Riddler and he made the most of subpar script. Val did a great job of taking over for Keaton, bringing to the table a more physical presence as the Dark Knight. Additionally, I really enjoyed Chris O’Donnell as Dick Grayson/Robin and Nicole Kidman made a great love interest for Bruce Wayne. Also, bringing back Michael Gough and Pat Hingle to reprise their roles was a nice touch to link this film with the previous two Batman movies. 

However there were some miscasting too. Tommy Lee Jones is a fine actor, but his portrayal of Two-Face was flat out awful! His character seemed like a bad rip off of Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Did anyone associated with this film research the history of Harvey Dent/Two-face? Batman Forever should have stuck to one major villain, The Riddler.

Other random things to note that I liked: 

🔴  Elliot Goldenthal’s score 

🔴  the comic book look (lots of eye candy) … from the color, to the architecture of Gotham City 

🔴  both the movie posters and marketing for this movie were outstanding 

🔴  using the iconic image of Batman & Robin running in front of the Bat-signal (photo above) as the last shot of the film was classic! 


Get Batman Forever movie & collectibles here 🎬.

Okay, time to sit back and enjoy Batman Forever again!

It’s been Alison all along.

Alison is A.D. And she has been A since the beginning, above Mona and above Charlotte. This has been her game all along.

First we’re going all the way back to 2x13. While getting ready for Noel’s party, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna all notice someone in a baby burlap costume standing outside in the yard. By the time Ali goes over to the window to look, they’re gone.

But later in the episode, when she’s telling them about the person who “kidnapped” her, she says, “I’m telling you, it was that guy who was watching us at Spencer’s. He was wearing the same costume.” How would she know the costume of the person at Spencer’s if she never saw them? This is a clue that she was doing more than just testing their loyalty that night. She was already messing with them.

In 2x12, Alison pulls Emily out of the barn, saving her life. A nice gesture, but something she said during their conversation is alarming, according to her story that she dedicated herself to keeping the girls safe during that time. “Do you know who A is?” Emily asks, to which Ali replies, “Of course I do.”

If Alison knew that Mona was the one tormenting the girls, why wouldn’t she tell them and end it? Keeping that secret wasn’t going to help them end the game…unless she didn’t want the game to end.

Next, the masks. When the girls visit Hector the mask maker in early season four to ask about the Alison masks, he explains, “She asked me to make them. She said she wanted masks for all her friends so they could look like her.”

What? First of all, why would Ali want masks for her friends? What was the point of that? And as far as we know, the Liars never got any sort of mask from her. But who are the only people who have been seen with Alison masks that she was supposedly making for her “friends”?

Members of the A team.

The entirety of “Grave New World” implies that Ali is still playing games with the Liars. They spend the entire episode chasing her around Ravenswood, only to end up back in Spencer’s backyard. Why would she make them come to that party and follow her around the graveyard and creepy house, when she could have revealed herself to them anytime she wanted? At this point, she was clearly still playing games, and enjoying making the Liars do her bidding.

A pivotal example of this is when she appears to Hanna through the foggy phone booth window. Almost immediately, someone grabs her and yanks her away, and the man, possibly Ezra but possibly someone else, peers in through the window as well. Only moments later, Miranda opens the door, and no one else is around. If A had really gotten a hold of Ali so roughly, why would they immediately let her run away? I think this was a repeat of the set up in 2x13. Alison wanted it to look like she was being chased and attacked, so she orchestrated a scene for Hanna to see.

In 5x03, Alison goes to visit Ezra. She demands to know where the rest of the research from his book is, that she needs to see it so she can “stay alive.” At this point, the girls all thought that A was Shana, and Shana was dead. Why would Ali be so afraid of staying alive if they all believed that A was gone? And this was after she figured out the truth behind the “New York minute” text as well.

Did Ali really want all of Ezra’s research and information for her own safety? Or was she afraid that he had some kind of proof that she herself was behind it all?

Somewhere around this same time, Ali nearly sends Emily a very interesting text:

Several episodes later, in 5x07, Spencer spots Ali sneaking around in her yard on the security camera meant to spy on Melissa. What was Ali doing, running around at night dressed suspiciously similar to A? The girls never asked her, and we never got an answer.

Ali’s attitude toward Cyrus is also indicative that she’s lying about their time together. She spent much of 5A acting afraid of him, discussing her scar and the man who gave it to her with fear and intimidation. But when they have their meeting in the woods at the end of 5x10, she’s singing a very different tune: “I should have left you for dead when I found you.” Her attitude of condescension and power toward him implies that she’s still lying about the origins of that mysterious scar.

And in that same scene, why was she dressed as Vivian Darkbloom? He knew her as Ali when she was on the run, and even refers to her by that name: “The way you’ve used it, Ali?” There was no reason for her to be in disguise during that scene, unless perhaps she was on her way to do something more nefarious.

Finally, Alison has referred to herself as A.D. several times throughout the show. In season two, the girls discover newspaper correspondence between Alison and A, in which Ali signed her messages with “A.D.” Also, in season four, Emily sends money to her using an address to “A.D. Incorporated.”

Those are only some examples of Alison’s suspicious behavior throughout the show. I believe that she’s been orchestrated the A game since the beginning, and is going to be our final, Uber A.

(  three’s a party! |  si,cole,grace )

          @coltonklynn “I gotta tell ya man, I outta pay you for getting me to do this,” he shouts over the booming speakers, as they enter the after party. Silas had spent most of his mardi gras nights with a select few at a bar, never the type to truly party it out. Though, he had promised himself that this year, he’d be different— he’d try. So, with his hair slicked back with a mustard colored polo, he walked alongside his cousin, similarly dressed. “I know we picked the same costume, but I’d be fuckin’ embarrassed if we turned up in the same exact outfit.” He turns to Cole, patting his back. “I almost went with a leather jacket— I really did.”

@darthster replied to your post: darthster replied to…

Oh Obi-Wan is 100% of Anakin’s Love of Drama. Padme is making sure he keeps it sharp and fancy. I mean, the woman even puts up with the fact that he only has *one outfit* so she had to do what she can.

Hahahaha, yes! Seeing him showing up in that same black outfit every single time they saw each other must have made her twitchy. She probably had all kinds of outfits for him on hand at her house, though. You know she did. This is a woman who canonically has a robot that projects holograms of her costume collection to help her get dressed. There is no way she wasn’t dressing up her Jedi arm candy in secret. 

I mean, you know that Anakin’s Episode 3 nighttime attire was not Standard Jedi Issue, and God bless Padme for buying it for him so that we could all appreciate it. I’ll never get over them in that scene. THEY ARE THE FANCIEST PEOPLE GOING TO BED IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF EVER. She’s wearing pearls! And has a hairdo! She’s supposed to be pregnant with twins and she’s STILL bringing it. And Anakin is just stupidly good-looking. There is zero reason for anyone to be that handsome especially at like 3AM while in the middle of an existential crisis. 

That entire scene looks like an ad for cologne (”Desperation” by Anakin Skywalker). 


SuperNoobs/Gravity Falls crossover :3

Okay, this kind of jumped into my head the other day when I was drawing the cow costume, (Which I am probably never getting over, btw. XD) so I figured “why not?”

I’ll be drawing Shope and Kevin with Gravity Falls characters as well, but each drawing takes me 3 hours and it’s late, plus I have school this week so there won’t be a lot of updating. :/

I just wanted to post these guys real quick, also I have no intention of continuing this crossover, just thought it would be fun to draw, but I might do it again. :)

Some girl tapped me on the shoulder on the bus and asked “So were you Harley Quinn for Halloween or are you her like 24/7?” Immediately I thought, oh shit here we go, I’m gonna get abuse…Then she just beamed at me and said, “Because your hair is to die for!" 

And that people is how I spent my bus journey gushing over the infamous Harley Quinn with a complete stranger. I’m really happy cause I’ve never experienced anything like that before and it’s also awesome that my hair attracted another fan.

A Weekend Jaunt.

I went venturing around various yard sales with my mom today.

Upon discussing this fact with @intheshadowofsignificance, uh … this happened.

The fact that he was wearing more layers than usual only fooled the folks at the first couple of houses. The simple fact was: in Domino City, everyone knew Seto Kaiba’s face, even when that face was obscured by a thick scarf and sunglasses.

So, while Natsumi and Sugoroku pored over kerosene lamps and placemats — and Yugi sought out knickknacks and costume jewelry — Seto would invariably only spend about two minutes glancing through the books and magazines before someone came up to him, asking him if he was who they thought he was.

For some, his voice was enough. For others, he had to show off his locket.

It never took long to convince them.

“I’m surprised you don’t just write them off,” Yugi said, as he ticked another yard sale off of his mother’s pre-determined route for the afternoon. “Just tell them you get that a lot, but you’re not him.”

“That never works,” Seto offered by way of an explanation. “And by the way: that last scrap heap was not an estate sale. It barely counted as an afterthought. A package of paper plates? Seriously?”

“It was a quarter,” Yugi said.

“It was ridiculous. I can’t believe you bought into that. Don’t encourage people like that.”

“Listen, rich boy. Some of us don’t have the capital to buy based on principle.”

“Oh, don’t try that with me. I’ll buy your paper plates for you. They weren’t even high-quality paper plates, and just saying those four words is enough to make me want to vomit. You shame me.”

Yugi stuck out his tongue, and nearly bit through it when Seto pulled his Veyron into a sudden stop; they’d arrived at their next destination.

As expected, Seto was recognized almost immediately. A girl — a year or two younger than Mokuba — went white in the face and squealed as soon as she saw them; indeed, it was the first time in about six yard sales that someone had recognized Yugi.

Yugi smiled. “Hello,” he said. “Hope you don’t mind if we take a look around.”

“Dah-huh?” the girl offered.

Yugi elbowed Seto in the ribs. “She’s ogling you, Kaiba-shachou. Say hello.”

Seto offered a regal sort of wave. “Good afternoon.”

The sound the girl made was in no way human.

“What’s your name?” Seto asked, in a surprisingly gentle voice.

Surprising for anyone who didn’t actually know him, anyway. Seto Kaiba may have been a human thunderstorm with adults, but he was the softest touch on earth whenever he dealt with children.

Eventually, they learned that the girl’s name was Hannah.

Soon after offering up this information, Hannah disappeared into her home, leaving the two duelists to peruse the various odds and ends. Seto was glancing through a cardboard box filled with comic books — the one thing Mokuba had requested he keep an eye out for — when she came back out, with something large and unwieldy tucked under her arm.

It was a poster.

“Um … uh-um … do you think … y-you could … sign this?” Hannah asked.

Seto flipped a marker out of a jacket pocket and into his hand. “Naturally.”

It turned out to be a promotional poster for an exhibition match he and Yugi had had before a regional Magic & Wizards tournament. The poster was simple enough; both of them, standing tall and regal — well, Seto was tall — before a sunburst design with ridiculous lettering proclaiming the match of the millennium.

Seto’s signature was deft, practiced, as dramatic as one would expect from a professional performer. Yugi’s, by contrast, was almost pitiful. Still, Hannah seemed thrilled, and she didn’t stop giggling for ten minutes.

“Is this yours?” Seto asked eventually, gesturing to the box of comics.

Hannah nodded. “Yeah. I … my mom and dad say I have to get rid of them.”

“Mm.” Seto crouched down, and rubbed his chin. “Quite a few of these would fill out some gaps in my brother’s collection,” he mused. “How much for the lot?”

Hannah squeaked. She started to stammer her way into offering them for free, but Yugi cut in. “That won’t do,” he said. “We have to give you something. And if he gets them for free, what if I pony up twenty?”

“Thirty,” Seto said.

“Thirty-five,” Yugi snapped.


Hannah’s eyes were as wide as soup plates, and looked like they were about to fall out of her skull. “I-It … it’s just … i-i-it …”

“Y’know what? I can see three books just from glancing at them that are worth that much each.” Yugi looked suddenly triumphant. He turned. “I should talk to Grandpa. This could be an investment for the shop.”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Seto hissed. “Don’t think your pitiful little shop can compete with me. I won’t have it.”

Yugi smirked over his shoulder. “Oh-ho. Is that a challenge I hear?”

Seto’s own smirk settled naturally onto his face like an old jacket. “Duel Disks are in my car.”

“Cards are in my pocket.”

“Winner makes the final offer.”

“You’re on, Kaiba.”

When, not five minutes later, Seto and Yugi slammed their respective decks into the Duel Disks that fit so naturally on their arms and shouted “DUEL!!” for the first time in six months, Hannah screamed with glee and forgot all about her signed poster.

So every time I have been to Lasertown, and now it’s been for a little over a year (honeys, getting to the point of Real Me takes time, but do not despair) I get really insecure and dysphoric. The dead hairs show more because of, you know, their deadness, and even though my face in its current state isn’t even remotely what it used to be pre-transition, it’s like an echo of that costume self I used to wear and never seemed to find the zipper to. Especially when looking at myself through the eyes of those others, which happens automatically, and is easily corrected by selfie cam 😜So, here’s to never having to put up with that lie again, for being able to breath, and trying to remember that every time I feel haunted, at least it’s just by ghosts, and not my flesh. Count the steps. They are beautiful.


I was going through some old iPhone photos this afternoon and realized that I never posted anything about the sheer grossness that was the prosthetic I made for my leg when I did my Jean-Paul Marat costume back in early 2013. Unfortunately, my breeches cover it in most shots but we did get one that shows it to decent effect. Stoked to queue up some more intense makeup jobs over the winter!

Party Favors 💀

Requested by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
Pairing: Young!Jensen x Reader
Prompt: “Hand over the girl.” – “Not going to happen.” 
A/N: An unedited and unexpected short shot & part of 2k Celeb. Enjoy 🎃!
Words: 700+

Halloween have always been one of my favorite holiday. Everything was pre-planned for tonight, from costume to avenue. Plans were going perfectly until Jensen and I decided to put up an argument the same weekend. He’s the one hosting the party. Dating him have never been easy. We fight like a married couple and love each other the same way. It took time to get used to his celebrity life. When all the news popped out of Jensen Ackles dating a non famous girl, just a writer to be exact. I didn’t know what to do or how to handle it. I learned that if I wanted to be happy with him I had to ignore everything that comes from blogs. Tonight wasn’t one of the nights I followed my own advices.

“Check this one,” I spoke bitterly. “Breaking News: Musician Jensen Ackles spotted with a beautiful redhead. What happened to his girlfriend or should we call ex-girlfriend, Y/N?” I rolled my eyes. Zooming into the photo I see the blonde stupid TMZ is talking about. My friends who are getting their makeup done in my place looked at me.

“She’s not a groupie,” I stated, “just his manager assistant.”

“Is she going to the party?” Lila cocked an eyebrow.

I met her eyes, “Yes and so I am.”

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