i will never get over that costume

Theatre Kid Problems

-Actor: “have you even looked at the script?”
Other Actor: “I’ll look at it later”
Actor:“were four weeks into rehearsal”

-Whoever measures for costumes need to learn how to Do their JOB

-costumes never fit

-fat kids Dont Get Costumes

-“make sure to dress up on opening night!”

-learn your l i n e s

-“we’re missing seven people”
“Theres nine people in the cast”

-“hey does the spotlight work yet?”
“It hasnt worked for three years”

-Learn your goddamn lines

“He painted over them. He didnt like them”

-Wheres the set? N o i d e a

-“just pull from the budget”


-what budget?

-hell week earns its name

-h e ll

-“hey learn act two lines by next week”
“Um, i don’t even have scene one lines learnt”

-“im going to cancel the fucking show”


-“okay, no, go back and do it again, theres no way you could’ve recovered from that”

-LeArN yOuR fUcKiNg LiNeS

y’all we really need to discuss just how far this series has gone and how much the characters have developed at this point because


first off, i will never get over how amazing thomas’ acting really is. being honest, the sides’ costumes are relatively simple, but thomas brings them to life so much to the point i sometimes i forget they are the same person. thomas gives all of them such defining features such as their postures, mannerisms, expressions and most importantly, voices. i can easily open another tab in my browser and not be able to see the video at all, and still be able to pin-point exactly who is speaking. that’s amazing.

the journey each of these characters has been amazing and they are pretty much their own people at this point, despite individually, being single aspects of personality. 

roman is creativity; but he’s also the ego, the dreamer; and the further we look we can see there’s even more under all of that as despite his self-absorbed personality, roman seems to have trouble with self-esteem and self-worth unless he feels like he’s helping. his confident act is likely a defense mechanism but he will slip up, and needs to ask people if he looks okay or did something correctly. he fears failure because he’s a dreamer.

logan is logic and yet, despite his cold and somewhat ‘emotionless’ nature, it’s clear that’s not all. we know he’s not truly lacking in emotions, it’s rather he prefers not to delve into them. he’s incredibly smart but hates making mistakes and feeling wrong because he knows his purpose and wants to do it right. he likes challenges and puzzles and probably has his weird own sense of humour (cough, the dab, cough). he can seem insensitive and cold but isn’t completely oblivious as he noticed thomas’ unhappiness in the growing up video. he cares, just differently.

patton is more than some happy go lucky airhead. emotions are so complex, and him being morality and deep emotions, there is more than meets the eye with him, for sure. he cares for every single one of the sides and thomas, no matter how much they shut him down at times and will stand up for himself when need be. he can be serious, rarely, but he can be (as shown when he told thomas to put his pants back on in the accepting anxiety p1 video.) he can be parent-like and serious, but just prefers the loving approach because it’s part of who he is. that doesn’t make him foolish or completely naive.

finally. virgil, my boy. his very first appearance introduced him as an antagonist. he was unfriendly and was almost borderline spiteful towards thomas at times and smug. he pointed at thomas’ mistakes and just general tried to make him feel anxious for no apparent reason (which is in his job description obviously) but as videos went by he developed so much. being seen as and treated as the bad guy for doing his job and pretty much, existing, showed how much deeper his character went. he’s learned to deal with being unwelcome, developing a self-hatred for himself and just a lot of self-esteem issues and of course, anxiety. but you can tell no matter how aloof he seemed, he wanted to be a part of the team, seeing as how crushed he seemed when logan didn’t take his side anymore in the am i original video. all of the sides are flawed but virgil was the easiest to pick out and consider a nuisance (kinda like sadness in inside out, if you think about it).

i could go on forever about how much i love this series and these characters just aaaahhhh !!! thank you thomas for creating something so awesome for everyone to enjoy, we appreciate you and your friends’ hard work so much, you don’t even know.


Yuri has always wondered how Victor was like before performances.

It’s his first time seeing Victor warm up before a major competition, and by first time, Yuri means up close, a red and white RU jacket folded over his arm, and not from a painful distance shyly looking over Celestino’s shoulder. 

Just say hi already, Celestino would say in mild irritation, and to which Yuri would answer in a pained groan, over my cold dead body, thank you very much.

“Darling, do you mind?” Victor asks in a gentle, soft tone that is new to Yuri, and that pet name, darling, he’s never been called that before. Victor sits on the matted floor, legs spread almost into a side split, and he’s beckoning Yuri to help him into a stretch.

“Yeah, of course.” Yuri miraculously answers in time because his chest is still feeling as tight as a heart attack at being called darling. He settles in front of Victor and adopts a smaller angle side split. He supports Victor’s position by planting his heels against his ankles and offers his hands forward. Victor slips his hands into Yuri’s wordlessly.

Everything stills for a moment, a mutedness wrapping itself around the two of them, and all that exists and all that matters at that second is the trembling hands Yuri is holding. The quake he is feeling is invisible to the eye but volcanic to the touch–confident outwardly, but scared inwardly. Yuri looks up at Victor, a calm ocean with a destructive undertow.

Are you alright? What can I do? How can I make this better? Yuri’s mouth won’t work, but it seems his eyes do, because Victor’s lips upturns to a small smile.

“Don’t be afraid that I’m afraid, zvyozdochka.” he speaks to him softly, looks at him softly, touches him softly, as if it is Yuri who’s fighting a battle and needs to  be placated. “I feel scared all the time. Just doesn’t look like it.”

Zvyozdochka, little star, that Yuri’s been called often. He softens at the words and lets a wall down, thumbs skating circles onto Victor’s hands. “I never knew that about you.”

“You’re the only one who does.” Victor smiles, “I don’t hold hands with just anybody before going into the ice.”

Yuri chuckles under his breath, pulling Victor forward into the stretch, helping him until his upper body is flush against the floor. Yuri drapes himself over Victor’s back, palms gently running across the fabric of his costume.

“You’ll be great, Vitya.”

Cosplaying with your parents around - starting the hobby

Cosplay is a wonderful expression of creativity, but if you’re a minor still living at home, having a parent around can a tad trying. 

For some, getting their parents on board can be difficult. You may feel like your parents are giving you the “weird eye” and being generally unsupportive. If that’s the case, you might want to have a talk with them: 

Let them know what this is

Parents (or friends) may see cosplay as a childish activity that involves making Halloween a year-round event. You can help make them understand cosplay is more than that. Cosplay can be casual, it can be competitive, it can be fun, but it can also be serious. Regardless, cosplayers are passionate doing what they do and helping your parents see your passion will go a long way. 

You may also want to introduce them to the fandom that you’re cosplaying from. I know that my sister and I spent a while explaining the oddities of anime when we were starting on our first cosplays (e.g. yes, I know he’s got bright blonde hair and wears a neon-orange jumpsuit, but I swear he’s a ninja….) 

Explain the benefits of cosplay

  • Whether you are buying or making your cosplay, it forces you to use skills that will be useful in real life: working a budget, time management, negotiating/bargaining (if doing commissions), setting goals, and delivering results by a certain deadline.
  • Think of all the useless things you could be doing with your time rather than cosplaying: texting/tweeting, mindlessly surfing the Internet, lazing around the house etc. 

  • Cosplay has a thriving community with many friendly people - there are thousands of chances to meet new people, both online and in real life. Emphasize the networking possibilities. 

Make it clear that you have your priorities straight

Parents may be worried that you’ll go for cosplay over studying, chores, work etc. This cannot be the case - real world responsibilities come first. Let you parents know this and then follow through! I cannot stress enough that you need to prioritize smartly.

Get them involved

You might be surprised at how interested they get - also, you never know what tricks they have up their sleeves. For example, my dad loves taking photos, so now I go to him whenever I want some high-quality basic shots of my costumes. 

ok so our school has a running joke that you can get “high” on correctly solving math problems. This is cuz the geometry teacher always asks “are you ready to get high on math” like all the time. The other day there was a costume day and she had a homemade cape that said “dont do drugs, do math for a natural high” and our class just fucking lost it. Even the kids who arent in geometry know about the math high and it like a school wide joke now. The teacher wanted to sell “Math High” T shirts as a fundraiser but never got around to but i woulda bought that shirt three times over

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Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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wellirving, In light of this STUNNING revelation (not kidding or over-exaggerating), I would just like to remind the world exactly what we’re talking about here:

It’s THIS guy’s pants we’re talking.  Not Thor-Loki, not TTDW-Loki, AVENGERS-Loki. Who has the best costume out of the three because of…

…those GOD DAMNED STRAPPY STRAPS.  You know what they do to me.  Also, look how those straps rest upon that beautifully leathered-up thigh.  If I look at this one too long today I won’t be able to leave the house today.  I have to leave the house today.

Look, here’s Action Tom walking around in his Loki pants in natural lighting.  You can see the detailing on the inside of the left thigh as well as the boots in all their glorious purpose.  Plus, check out the texture on the exterior of the lower half of his jacket.  And how that tunic drapes over the left thigh…..  WAIT, this is supposed to be about the pants.  That he STOLE.  THAT ARE LIKELY IN HIS CLOSET AS WE SPEAK.  *ahem* Moving on….

Guess what we never get to see?  The Loki costume from a ¾ turn rear view.  The metal grommet work on the outside of the thigh ALONE makes me want to do bad things.  A rear shot of those boots!  The detailing on all edges of the jacket…..  FUCK – pants, focus on the pants!

Peek-a-boo!  It’s the OTHER leg from a side shot.  Good to know they’re identical (they didn’t have to be).  I included this shot for the conformation.  ALSO FOR REASONS. And to call attention to the gold leather insert on the jacket.   And how the fabric on the biceps match the overlap pattern of the leather on his tunic/chest plate.  The detail work of the forearm armor…..I bet those are cold if they’re pressed to one’s bare flesh….. FOCUS, DAMNIT!

Now we come full circle and see those pants, from mostly the front, in a real-life scenario (you know how this kills me).  Now we know that the grommet work on the lower right side of his tunic matches the outside of both pant legs.  Look how soft and pliant that leather looks.  AND WAIT, are we seeing a little peep-show that involves both inner thighs and a bit of the crotch…? And that smile  AND THOSE HANDS. You know I can go on and on and on about that jacket, tunic, and breastplate (ohhhhhh that breastplate) but I’ll leave it all here for your perusal.

Just know, that when this shot was initially shared, these pants deserved, no NEEDED to be deconstructed more than they were.  This photo does bring to the table that the leather pattern below the knee matches both the fabric work on the jacket bicep as well as the pattern on the torso/low chest of the tunic.  


I just included this one because he’s touching his own leather and calling attention to the slightness of his waist.  Just gratuitous hotness.  Sorry, not sorry.

P-to-the-S, I think this post is far more deserving than Meh-g’s Doctorate.  I know it’s sure as fuck more useful….

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Can you do a drabble for Jily with number 23 or 29 I can't pick? Thank you!

“at it like bunnies”

#23: “The skirt is supposed to be short.”

modern muggle au <3

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Lily says, indignant.

Marlene just sniggers. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Your eyebrows did.” Lily inspects herself in the mirror one more time and then turns to face her friend and housemate.

“You look great, can we go now?” Marlene asks, finishing off the bottle of wine in her hand in one take.

“Is she ready?” Mary pops her head around the door, looking hopeful. Lily frowns at both of them. “Aw, don’t be like that Lils, you’ve been an hour.”

“We’re prinking!”

“No, you’re primping.” Marlene just manages to dodge the cushion Lily throws at her.

“Fine then, let’s go.” Lily grabs her bag and pulls Marlene up from the bed.

“She’s ready!” Mary yells as they head downstairs, and the responding cheer from the kitchen makes Lily frown again.

Marlene slings a comforting arm around her shoulder. “We love you really.”

If this was a normal night, Lily would have been ready a long time ago. As it stands though, it’s a fancy dress night and she has a plan. So she accepts the teasing from her friends as they do one last shot and then leave, heading towards the pub, because she knows it will all be worth it.

Except it’s not, not immediately anyway. The first pub, their usual, is packed full of other uni students in fancy dress, all in varying degrees of effort. A pack of boys have stretched their student budget to buy banana outfits whilst, next to them, two girls are wearing black dresses with wooden placards around their next, informing Lily they’ve been arrested for public disturbance. Tegan scowls when she sees them, because she too has opted for the jailbird look but, unlike them, has gone full out.

Mary, barely a ladybug with a red dress and some wings, orders the first round. It helps Lily ignore the fact that the reason she’s wearing her ridiculous get up isn’t in the pub. It does not help her ignore the two leering freshers, Thing 1 and Thing 2, who are clearly making bets about which one of them can get her number. Leering was to be expected though and, like the teasing, Lily takes it because it will be worth it, no one’s got the guts up yet to actually approach her and because in an outfit like hers, she can’t say she wouldn’t stare either.

It had been Marlene’s idea, and Lily had agreed both because she was desperate and because she’d known she’d look good. And she does. The skirt, as short as humanely possible without showing her arse, and the heels, too high for her own good, make her legs look endless. It’s a look that could kill.

It’s also a look, apparently, which boosts her alcohol tolerance and self assurance. So, by the time they reach a club, despite the several rounds of shots and jaeger bombs, she manages to get passed the bouncers without stumbling once. They dance for what feels like hours, Lily spinning with Mary and Tegan and almost breaking her ankle when she drops to the floor during Low with Gemma. Marlene vanishes and returns with a boy, yelling to the girls that he’s got a party at his house.

They go and Lily has almost forgotten why she is wearing what she’s wearing. Then she steps into the boy’s living room and she remembers.

He’s dancing on the other side of the room, with Sirius, of course, and he looks beautiful. Maybe it’s the disco lighting. Maybe it’s the leather jacket he’s wearing. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s in love with him. Whatever it is, he’s never looked fitter and Lily almost runs out of the room before he can get a chance to see her.

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📱 TFLN Starters – 7/?? 📱

  • [text]: I was speaking french the whole night. Until i got arrested. Then I decided I should probably start speaking English.
  • [text]: He dreamed I was a serial killer and now he won’t let me touch knives
  • [text]: I asked her if she could eat some Doritos so when we made out it would taste awesome
  • [text]: I spy something regrettable…
  • [text]: I hate it when the guy who runs the chicken and waffles truck is convinced that I run a cult.
  • [text]: The night is not complete until I am drnk and speaking to inanimate objects
  • [text]: all i wanted to do was something grown up. like go to applebees and drink.
  • [text]: she makes me feel like im THAT guy in a the taylor swift song
  • [text]: Sometimes you have a glimmer of a heart and then I immediately remember you are dead inside.
  • [text]: No, I stopped taking my meds because I like crazy me better
  • [text]: Let’s play a little game called “Chill the Fuck Out”–you’re our first contestant
  • [text]: I found your bra. How you get it off the satellite dish is your problem.
  • [text]: I’ll have you know my trust issues and my daddy issues are two COMPLETELY different topics of conversation.
  • [text]: I wish I had some fucking Fairy God Parents, I want a kit kat so bad.
  • [text]: I’m trying to bond with my sister…Its like getting to know a person I never met that I don’t like
  • [text]: Simple revenge plan: break into his house and steal one shoe of every pair
  • [text]: I’m slightly possessive over the guacamole when i’m stoned.
  • [text]: I just ran into the woods like an idiot because ADVENTURE.
  • [text]: If we went to a costume party as Batman and Robin I would go as Robin, that’s how much you mean to me
  • [text]: Pounding your chest saying “me Tarzan” is not flirting or even talking
  • [text]: Dude, you just left me a 3 minute voicemail of pop rocks in your mouth. Im sitting right next to you
  • [text]: You need southern Jesus.
  • [text]: Peanut butter fills the cracks of my heart
  • [text]: FYI… At my funeral, it will be your job to throw yourself dramatically onto my casket.
With A Little Bit Of Sugar

Request by: @toasterstrutle 

“Yo, I’m a huge sucker for soulmates au’s, same with coffee shop au’s, and any story where characters A and B (in this case Draco and Harry) get stuck in the same room for a long time.” 

°One Shot

°Pairing: Drarry (Draco x Harry)

°Warnings: Slight NSFW??? Idk??? Harsh Language

                                 ~With A Little Bit Of Sugar~

“Only one more hour to go.”

With a heavy sigh Ron leaned against the little open doorway that leads to the kitchen, whitch is seperated from the rest of the Cafe’.

“Yeah. I miss my bed.”

Harry, his best friend and workmate, chuckled and threw the piece of cloth he used to clean up some of the already empty tables over his shoulder.

“I miss my girl, Hermione.”

It’s been about two years now and Harry still didn’t get used to the sight of his two best friends being all lovey dovey with each other.

Ron and Harry have been besties since they were little kids. They met in school and never left each others side until this very day.

And Hermione?

Well, she was a new kid when they were in second grade. She used to live far away, but due to her dad’s promotion (he’s a dentist) they had to move and that’s basically how the trio found each other.

As time grew by, Ron and Hermione got together and as soon as they could call themselves adults the two of them moved into a nice flat together.

Harry, too, had a flat of his own, but unlike Ron his lover was his bed.

Why I said lover and not girlfriend?

Well, our little Harry is gay.

He discovered that during fifth year in his school. At that time, he also had his first actual crush.

Sure, he found some girls pretty before that. There was this girl called Cho Chang, he fancied her but he never told her. Not because he was too afraid, more likely because the thought of being with her, kissing her and…doing certain things with her seemed so absurd to him.

In other words, he quickly got over that ‘crush’.

There was a short period of time where he found Ginny Weasley, Ron’s sister; cute and he even considered going on a date with her, even tho he was scared of Ron’s reaction, but he just couldn’t.

Even after she told him that she liked him he rejected her and moved on fast.

Luckily, she found someone that could make her happy.

It was until he walked into class that Harry told himself he just wasn’t intrested in those two specific girls.

It all started with this one french class.

Harry was forced to choose between spanish, latin and french.

Latin didn’t even cross Harry’s mind once-like who the fuck speaks latin anymore?

And spanish and french were his least favourite languages, but since he had to choose one, he decided to give the french class a try.

Ron, that idiot he is, lost his sheet, so the teachers said he had to go to spanish, while Hermione volunteery joined the latin class (WHO THE FUCK SPEAKS THAT ANYMORE).

The dork he is, he ended up being late on his first day at french class and had to sit next to a girl that wouldn’t stop talking.

He remembers her name was Pansy something. She had black hair and always wore black, white and green clothes. For example her favourite green skirt, combined with white high socks, black shoes, a white blouse and a green, sometimes black tie around her neck.

But the most remarkable thing about her probably was her red lipstick.

Pansy however doesn’t even matter that much in this story.

Who mattered much more was who she was friends with-Draco Malfoy, the boy that everyone would tell you to stay away from if they were in one of those cliche’ teeny movies.

The thing was, Harry had just discovered who he was as a person, and then someone like Draco Malfoy steps into his life, just like this, and messes up everything.

He used to play Basketball back then, and just because of Malfoy messing with his head and his heart, Harry never showed up at practice anymore.

Harry had never been less interested in Basketball; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.

In other words, Harry had the hugest crush ever on Draco Malfoy himself, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Nothing other than masturbate every chance he got to the thought of Draco and him getting it on.

There was a little party in their school and everyone was there. Of course, some alcohol was involved, which is why Harry believes that this was the reason for what Malfoy did, but when they were outside the school and talked about deep stuff, Draco kissed him.

It was Harry’s first kiss and he felt his heart burst with joy. But that heart got torn apart the next day, when Draco told him it was a big mistake and that he was disgusted by what they did and that, if he sees Harry anywhere near him or his friends again, he would beat the shit out of him.

The next day, Draco was hanging on Pansy’s lips and when Harry wanted to confront them, Malfoy turned his words into reality.

The poor boy didn’t know what hurt more; his heart or the bruises his classmate caused that day.

Whatever it was, Harry decided to ignore the pain and Malfoy for the rest of his life, which was hard because he left quite a weird looking scar on his forehead.

But, the years passed and they all finished school and went on with their lifes.

And they never saw each other again.

A little ring was heard from the bell hanging over the door, signaling Ron and Harry that someone just entered.

“I’ll take this one. You can go and get to your girl.”


“Yeah, go. See you tomorrow. And tell Hermione I said hey.”

They said farewell and as Ron left through the backdoor, Harry grabbed his little notebook and walked towards the costumer, that sat with his back to him.

Strange, he thought. No one else seems to be here anymore. And it’s oddly dark for this hour of the day.

But since he wanted to be a professional, he just shook his head and put a smile at his tired face.

“Good evening, sir, what can I bring yo-”

There was a small sound heard of something colliding with the floor, and Harry’s face looked like death itself.

No way…




“Wha…what are you doing here?!”

“Obviously, I wanted some coffee.”

Harry’s jaw dropped. After all this time, and all he said was that he wanted some goddamn coffee?!

Who the fuck gives two shits about a coffee in this situation?!


“Didn’t you hear me? I mean, I get that I damaged your stupid face, but did you get deaf or something? I said I wanted a coffee. With a little bit of sugar, if you can tell what sugar and what salt is.”

Harry was mad; no he was furious.

“Is that everything?”, Harry growled, his fake smile obviously covering up the storm inside the young male.

“No, that would be it.”

Draco grinned at Harry’s misery, but as he watched him walk away into another part of the building, Draco’s mask fell.

His eyes became teary and he had to bite his lip in order to keep the sobs from coming out.

What has he done?

It was at the time to apologize.

He whiped away the tears quickly, shut the front door with a switch of his hand on the lock and walked to where Harry has disappeared.


Draco entered the room and slammed the open door shut behind him…only to find horror on the others face.



Instead of answering, Harry just yanked at the door, which won’t open.

“You idiot, Malfoy! This door needs a key to be opened, and my key IS NOT in THIS ROOM!!!!”


“Yeah, right.”

The boy sighed and sat on a little two seat sofa.

Draco sat next to him and looked through the tiny room.

It seemed like a storing room for small things, like flour and sugar and all that kind of stuff.

And, to his surprise, there were an open salt and an open sugar package on the little cupboard.

Okay so, either he was trying to poisen him with that salt, or he actually was checking which one is which. Did he take his nasty comment seriously?

“Look, Potter, I actually came to talk to you.”

Mentioned one turned his head to Draco, and suddenly their faces were way closer than they should be.

It took him back to the party…and the day after.

“You see…ugh, I’m not good at this, okay?”

Draco took a deep breath and felt relieved that Harry now didn’t seem as angry anymore; he actually seemed very interested in what Malfoy had to say.

“First of all, I’d like to say that you still have not aged up one bit. I mean, oh god, sorry I…”

And there was it-a small chuckle, almost unnoticed, but Draco heard it clearly, and his heart jumped.

And suddenly it felt so much easier.

“Harry, I am sorry. For everything. You see, back then, when we were in school, Pansy always told me about you and how good you would be for me. In this state of my life, my father was sent to prison, because he robbed a building and hurt people in the act, He was getting blackmailed and saw no other way out than to do what they said. The one that made my father do it-ugh that fucking asshole, he broke my whole family apart.

He’s in prison too, forever, while my father was supposed to get out after five years, but…he died in his cell. He slipped in the small bathtub und hurt his head, and the staff didn’t give two shits so he died due to the bleeding.

My mother never was the same anymore and I had only myself, Blaise and Pansy. So when she told me about you, I wanted to get to know you so badly.

Harry, after a while, I had these thoughts about you, and they scared me because I never thought about someone like this, let alone a boy I just met a few weeks ago.

I kissed you that night because I wanted it, I didn’t drink one bit alcohol. And I was aware of how it felt and I was aware of the way I couldn’t sleep the whole night cause you kept creeping into my mind and god, I was aware that I was no good for you.

So I hurt you to stay away. to make you walk away from me because you deserve so much better. I’m selfish, but this time I had to think about you. When I kissed Pansy, I felt like throwing up, cause that cheep lipstick felt so wrong, and your lips felt so right, and when I hit you I felt like I was dying.”

There were tears in both boy’s eyes and Draco raised his hand to slightly brush his fingers over the scar he made.

“I bet I left even worse scars in your heart, didn’t ?”

Harry nodded, but then took Draco’s hand in his.

A sob escaped his lips and Harry finally pulled him into a tight embrace.

“Draco, we both made mistakes. Let’s forget what happened, okay? Fuck, I’m so happy to see you again.”

They both laughed a bit before they looked into each others eyes, and then, finally finally finally, they leaned in and their lips locked together.

Neither could hide their smile anymore when their lips met, and when they pulled away, they were grinning like idiots.

Draco cupped Harry’s face with his hands and leaned his forehead against his.

“I missed that.”

Harry smiled.

“I missed you.”


The next day, Ron and Hermione walked into the Cafe’ and were confused when they saw Harry’s jacket and keys on the counter.


Since they got no answer they opened the little door to the store room.

“Oh my god!!”

Shocked the couple stared at a sleeping Harry on the couch, a sleeping Draco in his arms.

Hermione pointed to the cupboard.

“What did they need the sugar for?”

Hope you liked it, sorry if I got anything wrong. Lots of love!<3


zor-el-schott  asked:

Hii!!! I absolutely love your blog. Is my favorite one of Riverdale. If you're still taking prompts, I thought of a great one. Betty and Jug are best friends but both have it bad for each other but they don't know how the other feels. So one night they have a halloween party and Betty goes as she was in 1.03 and Jug (however you want but shirtless) and they're both shocked, especially Jug. They start flirting with each other until they realize they are more than friends.

Yes yes yes! I love this one.

It came as no surprise to anyone that Halloween was Jughead Jones favorite holiday, the one day a year he could be as dark and mysterious as he wanted and it was deemed socially acceptable, not that he cared what his peers thought of him, but sometimes it was easier to fly under the radar.

Speaking of Halloween, his redheaded best friend was currently trying his absolute hardest to convince Jughead to go to some Halloween party at the blossom mansion.

“Come on dude, it’ll be awesome. You love all that spooky stuff, I’m sure you can find something to creep on in that huge mansion! You’ve gotta come dude, it’s like.. a right of passage.” Archie pleaded, playfully punching Jugheads shoulder.
Jughead just rolled his eyes at his friend
“I see no appeal in hanging around a bunch of drunk and rowdy football players and half naked cheerleaders.”

“Did someone mention drunk cheerleaders?” Veronica said as she, Betty and Kevin dropped their trays at the lunch table, Betty taking her usual spot next to Jughead and shooting him her most excited smile.
“Are you guys talking about the blossoms Halloween party tonight? I can’t wait! What are you going as juggie? Just wait til you see my costume it’s a little crazy!”

He caught Archie’s eyes from across the table and he was actually smirking, he knew exactly what was about to happen
“Well actually Jughead has decided not too….”
Archie was abruptly cut off when Jughead kicked him from under the table finishing off the sentence
“Tell anyone what I’m going as, I decided I’m gonna keep it a surprise, ya know ‘tis the season of mystery and all that.” He finished lamely.
Archie snorted and jughead shot him a glare.
It was physically impossible for Jughead to say no to Betty and he sure as hell wasn’t about to disappoint her or let her down. She was his best friend after all, well after Archie of course.

Betty nodded understandingly
“I get that, well in that case I can’t tell you what I’m being! It’ll be a suprise for both of us!”

Kevin was staring at Jughead with a knowing smile and it made Jugheads skin tingle “what is it Keller?”

He just shrugged his shoulders still smiling
“Oh nothing. I just can’t wait for you to see Betty’s costume is all.”

Jughead felt the dark presence before he saw her. Cheryl blossom. How she had become part of this group was beyond him, but everyone else tolerated her so he just sucked it up.
She squeezed her ridiculously skinny self in between Kevin and Veronica and flipped her red hair directly into Kevin’s face.
“I’m sure Betty will look absolutely… darling, but wait until you guys see my costume. Veronica tell them how amazing my devil costume is.”
Jughead snorted and mumbled “how appropriate” under his breath, smiling when he heard the blonde beside him giggle.

Veronica rolled her eyes, “it’s a pretty banging costume, but it’s nothing compared to my cat woman costume, Josie actually helped me get it together. I told her I have to become an official member of the pussycats now.”

They went on to argue about who was going to look better before the final bell rang, pulling everyone apart and setting them off in separate directions. Jughead and Betty were headed the same way and she poked his side

“I didn’t take you for a Halloween party guy, don’t get my wrong I’m totally excited that you’re going, I would pretty much die without you but I figured you would rather be at home watching all the remakes of Friday the 13”
Actually he had planned on watching the Blair witch project first, but she knew him too well.

“It’s good to expand your horizons, figure one party won’t kill me, plus I get to see you in whatever silly costume you decide to wear.” He shoved her gently as she giggled
“Oh it’s silly alright.”

The rest of the day went by far too quick, Jughead was nervous about going to the blossoms, he had never been to a party let alone dressed the way he was. He stared into the mirror in Archie’s room. Said boy standing beside him dressed in army pants and some face paint, dog tags hanging over his bare chest. Archie had insisted they both go shirtless, it had been funny at the time but now? Not so much.

Staring into the mirror he sighed

He had on bright red suspenders pulled around his naked torso, connected to pretty low slung jeans, the bright yellow construction hat was placed on top of his head in place of his crown beanie and he was holding a hammer. He knew his body wasn’t In horrible shape, working at Fred’s construction over the summer had bulked him up and Betty was always squeezing his arms appreciatively underneath his tshirts. He knew Betty would love this costume, she would appreciate the irony of the wholesome facade. So maybe that’s why he agreed to wear this dumb outfit, Betty was always there in the back of his mind, why? Well he had no clue about that one.

“Ready to go?” Archie said from the door swinging his car keys.

Taking one final look into the mirror, Jughead shook his head, following the soldier to battle.

The party was loud and it was crowded, girls in lingerie were clinging to boys in basketball jerseys and boys in just underwear. He didn’t feel so bad about his toplessness now.

“Yo! Jug! Do you see the girls anywhere? I promised Ronnie the first dance!” Archie shouted over the thumping music and screaming guests.

Jughead just shook his head, wincing as someone dropped a red solo cup at his feet.

Kevin was the first to find them, he was already a little tipsy as he clung to Jughead
“Have you seen her yet?! Total smoke show am I right?!”
Jughead looked down at him confused
“What are you talking about?”
Kevin looked to his side and his smile got even dopier as he pointed a finger

Following his hand, Jughead nearly dropped the boy to the ground.

Walking towards them, almost in slow motion was Betty and Veronica. Veronica was dressed in a ridiculously tight black latex suit and cat ears but she could have been wearing a full transformers suit and he wouldn’t have noticed his eyes were drawn to the girl standing beside her.

Betty Cooper was not Betty Cooper, she was something else entirely. Her long blonde hair was tucked away into a short black bob that accentuated her high cheek bones and rosy pink cheeks, she was wearing no top at all just a black lacy bra and a tiny little black skirt, her long tan legs were bare only lacy garters topping her thighs, the sky high black stilettos made her ankles look even tinier and her lips were covered in ruby red lipstick while her bright green eyes were lined with black, her long eyelashes heavy.
As she approached the three boys she bared her teeth, revealing realistic looking plastic fangs.

Veronica instantly grabbed onto Archie’s hand and pulled him away “first dance! You promised.” He was only happy to oblige following her leather clad booty.

Betty wasn’t speaking, her fiery green eyes trained on his bare chest occasionally alternating to his exposed arms. He couldnt say anything he wasn’t speaking either, having her this close he had a much better look at her ample chest in her barely their bra.

“Earth to bughead? As fun as it is to see you two ogle each other you might wanna move out of the middle of the floor!” Kevin shook them both out of their staring contest, Betty blushing bright pink as Jughead rubbed the back of his neck.

Putting his hand on her lower back he brought his lips to her ear so she could hear him over the music “wanna get a drink?” He asked
She nodded a little dazed by his proximity

As soon as they reached the kitchen and he handed her a beer, she was grinning
“I love your costume, who are you supposed to be Archie Andrews?”

He laughed out loud “well who wouldn’t want to be Archie Andrews? Americas golden boy, football captain, every girl in the world wants him. I could only dream of being such a guy.” He put his hand over his heart, fake swooning.

Betty laughed before looking down and playing with the top of her beer bottle
“Well just for the record. I would take Jughead jones over Archie Andrews any day.” She smiled at him.

He felt his cheeks heat and he couldn’t keep the smile off of his face. “So a vampire huh? What inspired this little number?” He reached a hand out to tug on her wig.
She shrugged smiling

“I like it, it’s dark and mysterious and fun! It’s what I wish I could be, ya know minus the black hair. I kinda like my blonde hair!” She giggled

Jughead tugged on her hand, pulling her closer to him “well for the record.” He smiled imitating her previous declaration “you are fun. and you’ve always been a mystery to me Betty cooper.” They both vaguely realized how close they had gotten. And Betty whispered inches away from his lips, smirking
“So you don’t like the costume?”
He laughed out loud and brought his lips to hers
“Oh no I love the costume.”

Then they were kissing. It was everything he never knew he needed. Her body fit perfectly into his and the way she nibbled on his bottom lip, sent him into another world. She tasted like strawberries and beer. His new favorite combination. Pulling away he smiled at the sound of her whimper.

Finally opening her eyes she raised a perfect brow
“I thought we were just friends Jughead Jones?” She grinned evilly.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her into his side
“Oh bets, I don’t think we were ever “just friends”

She nodded against his side before turning to him and smiling, holding out her hand
“Okay than on the topic of firsts, how would you like to dance with me?” She was grinning mischievously and he sighed, smiling goofily

He could never say no to Betty Cooper.

Far From Boring

Requested.  @clarissarae13
Who: Chris Evans
Quote: I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned. 

[Y/N] loved her job, it was what made her get up in the mornings. Although, her job wasn’t the only thing that put an extra pep in her step, it was the fact that she got to see Chris as well. Now, she knew that it was extremely unprofessional to fall for the actors but she fell prey to his charm and got swept away. 

She sat in the costumes department trailer, a pencil behind her ear while another laid in her hand. Tilting her head to the side, she sketched a few more lines and sat back to criticize her work. Frowning, she dug around in her pencil box and snatched an eraser and took away more lines than she had added. 

She looked up at the sound of knocking and Chris walking inside. A smile was instantly plastered on her face because let’s be honest, she could never not smile when he was around. “Hey you.” 

Chris mimicked her smile, “Hey.” He always sounded so calm and collected, it drove her crazy. For once she wanted to hear him get tongue tied but she felt like she’d never see the day. 

Waltzing over towards her, he passed by dozens of outfits that she had put together for the movie. Peering over her table, he nodded in approval. “I’m liking the new suit.” 

Throwing her hands over the sketch, her brows knitted together. “Now Chris,” she scolded, “You aren’t allowed to peek, we talked about this.” 

Shrugging, “Yeah but,” moving closer, his hand moved towards the middle of her back, “I’m kind in with the head of the costume department and I don’t think she’d mind at all.” 

Quirking a brow, she scoffed. “I think we might have a disagreement on that one, buddy.” 

He chuckled, moving so close to her that all he had to do was lean down and kiss her lips. “I bet you that she wouldn’t.” 

Closing her eyes, she brushed her lips against his, “Mm, well you might be right but her boss will kill her if she lets you see it before him.” Pecking him real quick, she pulled away and motioned towards the door. “You may have a free day but this gal doesn’t so, shoo shoo.” 

Chris faked a frown, “But I’ve missed you. Can’t I spend my free day with my favorite girl?” Looking around, he snatched a random feather boa that was just laying on a mannequin, “I can be your assistant.” Wrapping it around him, he laughed alongside her. 

Shading a part on the sketch, she giggled, “Absolutely not. You’d be very distracting and,” focusing more on the drawing, she pulled the pencil from behind her ear, “they still don’t know about us. What would they think if our bosses found you in my trailer?” 

Chris huffed, “Can’t I be ‘friends’ with the people who help make the magic happen? I’m a very friendly, fun loving guy, [Y/N]. I befriend a lot of people.” 

“Don’t pout, that’s how wrinkles form.” She instructed, laughing at his expression.

Standing in front of her again, he forced her to look at him. “How about you and I hit up that vintage French restaurant tonight for dinner.” 

“Chris,” [Y/N] warned, she didn’t care to go to dinner with him but she didn’t want to jeopardize the professionalism on his part. 

Shaking his head, Chris’s hands reached up and cradled her face. “I don’t care what they say, [Y/N]. If anything it’ll be a nice story of how I’ve found the person I can spend the rest of my life with.” Pressing a warm and tender kiss against her, he smiled. “When we first met back on Winter Soldier, I thought to myself how much I was going to like you.” Kissing her again, he looked at her with a heartfelt look, “Its just  I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.” 

Sighing, “I don’t want this to affect your career. Dating the costume designer sounds a bit boring than a beautiful actress or model.” 

“I’d take boring any day and [Y/N]?” His brows furrowed, “You are far from boring and absolutely beautiful, breathtaking.” Pressing his lips against her forehead, he asked again, “So that restaurant?” 

“Eight o’clock.” She said firmly. “And Chris?” 


“Get out before I throw you out.” She gave him a cheeky grin as he shook his head and chuckled. 

Once in a while at work I get questions regarding the tattoo I have on my right forearm; it’s a yellow suicide awareness ribbon that says “your fight is over” on it. And today, as I was telling a woman her total, she asked what it said, so I told her. Unlike most costumers that ask about it, she never asked anything else. When I gave her back her change, she glanced at my left arm, the one I handed the change back to her with, seen my scars there, and accepted the change and put it away quietly still not saying anything. I gave her the receipt and told her to have a nice day. She took the receipt and told me “keep fighting” and left the store wishing me a happy holidays.

Most customers only ever ask what it means and/or who I got it for. Not realizing that it’s a reminder to myself to keep fighting. It’s a reminder for me of all the times I’ve tried to kill myself. And it’s in memorial of all lives lost to suicide. Telling customers that (I only ever tell them the last part of that) usually involve in some sort of comment saying it’s stupid to have a tattoo like that or it sets the wrong example for the business. No one has ever said anything like that to me. It truly moved me to know that a random stranger seemed to understand that. I think more people need to have that kind of understanding about it. A little kindness can go a long way

Robin’s Nest: Part 14

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1120

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13

You’ve had countless conversations over the past week. You’ve done your best to give the boys, who look so much like your own, some sort of closure or help. At the very least they’ve talked to you, that’s about all you can ask for, but him; he’s different.

He’s very different from the man you know. There’s very little softness left, and all that seems to remain is a bitter old man, who’s been left behind too many times to count, and is ready to die. You imagine you would be too, if everyone you had ever loved had left you.

    You had managed to hold a conversation with every single one of your sons’ doppelgängers. You’d even manage to hold a conversation with your husband’s, going as far as to mistake them for him. Not that they had seemed to mind a kiss or two. Your Bruce however, was not as thrilled.

    And out of all of them, this man had managed to evade you. Whenever you entered a room, he left. When you tried to speak to him, he would start talking to one of the boys. His younger self didn’t avoid you this much and you couldn’t help but wonder; why did he seem to hate you?

    The nagging little question had led you here. While your boys, in their many forms, held a water fight upstairs, you were down here in the cave, trying to figure out what to say to the man as you stared at him from the bottom of the steps.

    “I may be old, but I still know when I’m being watched.” You visibly pout as he turns to stare at you. His eyes are narrowed, and he’s scowling. “Well, what do you want? You’ve been trying to pin me down for days.”

    You cross your arms against your chest, “Why have you been avoiding me for days?”

    The old many shrugs and turns back around to face the screen, “Didn’t feel like a heart to heart.”

    You pucker your lips for a moment before walking forward, “And who says I want a heart to heart?”

    “That glint in your eye. Every woman who ever tried to fix me had it. The one that said ‘I can make the entire world better if you’ll just let me in’.”

    His answer takes you by surprise, and then you start to laugh. It’s a long and hard laugh, the kind that leaves you gasping for air while your sides hurt. You have just a hint of tears in your eyes when it finally dies down. You swipe them away before taking a seat on the floor.

    He’s staring at you, and you’re sure he must think you’re nuts. Taking a deep breath, you look up at him, “Thanks for that. I needed the laugh.”

    “Glad I could provide some entertainment.”

    You shake your head, “For the world’s greatest detective, you sure are dumb.”

    His neck turns so quick to face you, you’re surprised he doesn’t snap his neck, “Excuse me?”

    “You can’t fix somebody. You can help and assist, but you can’t do it for somebody. They have to want to get better, have to be willing to admit something’s wrong, that they need the help. And to be honest, that’s one of the hardest things a person can do. I mean look at the numbers, there’s like five of you here, and one of you grew up to have a somewhat normal life.”


    “I love my husband dearly, but I’m not delusional. Leaving civilization behind to master martial arts, only to return, don a bat costume, and dish out vigilante justice is not society’s definition of normal.”


    You shrug, “For us it’s normal. Hell, my boys are starting to get into it now. Making sure there are boundaries and rules in place, makes it just a tad bit more sane. But I’ve got to tell you the truth; I never wanted them to know, but it would have been too difficult to hide it.”

    “Even you admit it runs your family.”

    “Nope. Like I said, there are rules in place. The kids take part in after-school activities, sleep overs, and all that normal stuff. We make sure to have family game nights, and Bruce doesn’t leave until the younger ones have gone to bed. He and I have a date night at least once a week, and if a mission is going to take longer than a week, we talk about the pros and cons before he agrees to go.”

You stand up and brush your pants off, “In the end Mr. Wayne, it’s all about balance.”

“So, what is that look in your eye then?”

    You stare at him for a moment before finally admitting, “Pity, Mr. Wayne. It’s pity, because it is a damn shame that you wouldn’t let those boys in because you were so scared of getting hurt. Even now, you push Terry away.”

    He growls at you, “And the others? Where’s their pity stare?”

    “I think they’re slowly realizing what they could have, Mr. Wayne. In the past week, I’ve watched Richard cry over his lost Wally, Damian cry over his lost mother, Jason come to terms with the fact that his past does not define his future, and the younger version of you in your dimension realize that maybe he could be happy, and I think maybe that will change it, maybe not. But as I look at you, down here and alone, while those who care about you run around and laugh upstairs, I can’t help but feel that if you don’t find your balance soon, you never will.”

    Without another word you make your way towards the stairs. His voice stops you when you’re about halfway up. “I met a woman with your name once. She was a tech on the Justice League’s space station. Looked just like you. She was very kind. Married, with two kids, and always said hello, even when no one else would. She was a good woman. I think it might be a universal thing.”

    You smile to yourself and keep climbing. You’re just stepping out of the clock when Terry nearly knocks you down. He catches you, steadies you with a grin, and simply says, “Sorry, the old man called, said he needs to talk.”

    You smile as you watch him go, dripping water as he goes. You smile and go to grab a towel. When you go back the water is gone, and your kids come running. They’re all talking over one another, before you make eye contact with Bruce, and he simply says, “They’re gone.”

    You smile, “It was time for them to go home.”

How I long to see her face now
Her starry moonlit gaze now
I know she’s never late, still anxiously I wait

…Goodbye, Beatrice.
Goodbye, Wirt.

every halloween wirt wears the same costume and visits beatrice’s grave, but he can’t see her


Top 10 Females from Winter 2017!

10. “Akko” Atsuko Kagari(Little Witch Academy) Akko is a pretty cool chick. It’s still not explained how or why she was allowed into this school of magic, but the fact that she strives to be a great witch like Chariot is actually inspiring. She tries really hard and never gives up because she believes she can accomplish her dream, and I give her mad respect for that.

9. Chiya (Urara Meichorou) Aww man Chiya made me laugh constantly in Urara. Just look at her in that picture and tell me that isn’t funny. Aside from being funny I felt Chiya was the voice of reason in a lit of episodes. Granted she wasn’t the most modern person but I felt her free spirit made things a lot better amongst the girls while learning to become Urara.

8. Raphiel Shiraha Ainsworth (Gabriel Dropout) Raphi…my lord what can I say about her. She constantly had me laughing. Her team up’s with Gab were pretty good but anytime she was around Satania, you knew something was about to go down.

7. Satania Kurumizawa McDowell (Gabriel Dropout) Honestly the funniest characters in this anime, and quite frankly made the show a lot better then what I thought it would have been. Satania’s airheadedness turned out to be pretty damn cute and lovable.

6. Yuki Kasukabe (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) I honestly thought I was going to hate Yuki after her debut episode. After she opened up to Takahashi and became more active among the Demi’s and really everyone, she became more likable in my eyes. Her interactions with Saki we’re hilarious, especially that exchange of “goods” lol.

5. Hikari Takanashi (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) What a trouble maker Hikari was, but her free spirit is what made her such an awesome character. I honestly fell in love with her when she suggested Machi getting an actual backpack. I thought that was really awesome and showed how much of a caring person she is….even though sometimes her antics got a little too personal. (Like poking Machi in the breasts!)

4. Tooru Miyamae (Seiren) In my opinion the best female in Seiren so far. Plain and simple Tooru is hot, she plays video games (and is good), and just doesn’t even mind hanging out with you and your boys whenever. She’s basically perfect wife material.

3. Vigne Tsukinose April (Gabriel Dropout) My Angel! Well Demon who was basically an Angel this entire series. Vigne went over the top in my eyes when she was counting the Gabs to try to get to sleep. I also thought she was really cute especially in her cute little Devil and With costumes!

2. Miss Kobayashi (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon) I waited until Episode 13 aired so I can post this list, just because I always think “Well you never know who could rise or sink on the list.” While I had Kobayashi at number two this whole time…I really considered putting her number one after episode 13. Her stepping up for Tohru was fucking awesome! I liked her a lot already just because she was pretty funny, and her antics were great, but my god when she stepped up to Tohru’s dad, after getting the fear ut in her by him, I was like “Fuck yes Kobayashi!!!!”

1. Satou Sakie (Demi-Chan wa Kataritai) Sakie sensei…the fact that she is a succubus does make her more appealing, however her personality is pretty amazing as well. She genuinely cares about her students whether they are Demi’s or humans, but also has to watch out for herself as well. Her development with Takahashi was fantastic throughout the entire series, it’s just a shame nothing could happen at the end. The track suit, glasses and Pony tail made her so much hotter then I could imagine, but when the layers came off…Hello Nurse…er Succubus!

I will get around to sharing my WonderCon pictures eventually, but LOOK AT THIS AMAZING SABINE WREN COSTUME.

I was so pleased to get to see this cosplayer again (we had met previously, but she has updated the Sabine costume since then to account for season three), and I am just SO IMPRESSED. She also has a jetpack. The colours are so vivid, and the paint and machining of the armour pieces are just perfect, and I will never be over the darksaber.