i will never get bored of these pictures

“Tony and the White Rabbit” - Digital Oil Painting

“No, Tim belongs to Pep. I should never be responsible for anything that requires actual food to live. But she got him because it’s important for my ‘therapy’ or something. Said it needed to be a ‘quiet’ animal. I asked for a snake. We got Tim the Bunny here instead. What did Bruce bring? Please tell me he has a snake. …A cat? Ugh, boring. I’m getting him a snake. …Don’t tell Pep.”

I think Tony said all the description I needed, LOL. Can you picture Pepper putting the rabbit in his hands when she decides he’s worked long enough and it’s time for a break? He has a love/hate relationship with Tim the Bunny.

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Preference #6 - The Other Boys Don't Like You-Harry

A/N: picture not mine.

Warning: a tiny amount of cursing, angry Harry. 

“Harry, I was wondering….Oh, hi, Niall, Louis, Liam,” You murmured, your cheeks heating up. “Never mind, Harry, I’ll ask you later.”

You turned and left the room, not wanting to be around the rest of the band. You knew that they were no fans of yours; you just didn’t know why. You went back to the living room, taking a seat on the couch and pulling out your phone. You scrolled through Twitter, quickly getting bored and tossing your phone to the side. You stood, walking down the hall to your room, passing the room that they were in.

“I don’t know why she always has to interrupt,” Niall said, his tone harsh. “She’s so annoying.”

“She’s definitely not good enough for Harry. She’s a spoiled brat,” Liam murmured.

“I don’t know why he’s even with her. What could he possibly see in her?” Louis said. You heard the other two making noises of agreement, and you felt tears well in your eyes. Looking up, you saw Harry coming towards you, bottles of water in his hands. He paused when he saw you, taking in the sadness on your face and the tears in your eyes.

“(Y/N)….” Harry started to stay, but you turned and left before he could say anything more. You went into your room, shutting the door and locking it before collapsing on the bed. You stifled your sobs, not wanting the them to know that they’d gotten to you.


“What did you say about her?” Harry snapped, narrowing his eyes in anger.

“We….I’m sorry, Harry,” Niall murmured, his gaze focused on the ground.

“It’s not me that you need to be apologizing to! She has done nothing but support me, make me happy and accept that I will be gone for months at a time, and you three made her cry! What the hell is wrong with you?” Harry angrily said.

“We’re sorry, Harry.” Liam quietly said, shame evident on his face.

“Just….go. We’ll finish this later.” Harry murmured. The three of them left, and Harry walked towards your room. He tried the knob, and finding it locked, he raised a hand and knocked.

“(Y/N), please let me in.” Harry quietly said. You slowly stood, shuffling towards the door, and unlocking it. Walking back to the bed, you lay back down, curling up. Harry came in, and sat next to you.

“(Y/N), love, please look at me,” Harry murmured, gently rubbing your back. You turned to face him, your eyes rimmed with red.

“Why did they say those things, Harry?” You quietly asked.

“I don’t know, sweetheart. But those things aren’t true. You’re a wonderful, beautiful person, and I am so happy that you’re in my life.” Harry replied.

“I love you, Harry.” You murmured, moving closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead.

“I love you too, sweetheart.” Harry said.

Written by Angel xx

brendon urie responding to annoying comments ask meme.

“ your friends are cool, not fuck you, alright cool. “

“ who are you to call dominos shitty ? do you own a pizzaria ? nah so shut up. ”

“ i don’t even like domnios pizza. ”

“ you’re ruining your education, get the fuck off. ”

“ go fuckin’ pee, alright ? go pee. ”

“ prove it, and then send pictures. ”  

 “ you guys are clever. ”

“ what a stupid, unnecessarily offensive thing to say. i’m bored. ”

“ take that. sneezed on ya. ”

“ don’t be a bitch ? guess what ? i’m not a bitch. ” 

“ you’re a dumba. ”

“ if you’re raising your kid to wait at the traffic light until it turns yellow and then red and then make their turn, you should’ve never have had that kid. ”

“ you idiot ! hey, remember when i called you an idiot ? sorry about that. ”

“ you sound like a fucking boy. ”

“ sorry, sorry – i got real heated for a second. ”

“ tell your family they can fuck off. ”

 “ i don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me. ”

“ i respect your brother’s opinion. ”

“ i need to make a shirt that says ‘ hated by families everywhere. ’ “

“ fuck your bacon. i love bacon. ”

“ yo, if you eat ranch, what the fuck is wrong with you ?

“ if you’re gonna get wings, go bleu cheese. ”

“ lemme say my piece. ”

 “ why’d you make it about you ? i’m trying to make it about the sauce. ”

“ i’m trying to fuck their game up, babe. ”

“ don’t take this personally. ”

“ he’s a fuck boy. ”

“ you kids and your fuck boy comments. ”

“ well then get out and give somebody else a chance. ”

“ … fuck boy. ”

“ if you scrunch toilet paper you are a disgrace, and you are sloppy, and you need to fold your toilet paper. ”

“ that’s gross. ”

“ i sound like a minion ?

“ you sound like a minion. ”

 “ shots fired. ”

“ that’s a sideways fuck you. ”

“ alright, don’t get it twisted. ”

“ ninety percent of these are ‘fuck my ass.’ “

“ hey, these are very intelligent comments, sir. ”

“ i’m not a bitch but thank you for acknowledging that i’m not trash. ”

“ i call everybody dumb-dumb. ”

“ watch your fucking language. fuck you. ”

“ why you calling me a magg- oh, that’s not that word. ”

“ i’m egotistical ? that’s sweet. ”

“ stop being an emo fuck boy. ”

“ no, they get in the way of you being a fucking idiot, though. ”

“ i am a fuck boy. ”

 “ oh, that’s very sweet of you. ”

“ what are you guys doing ? ”

“ what the fuck happened to discretion ? ”

“ that sentence just made me so mad right now. ”

“ quit asking me if i have fuckin’ hairy balls, jesus christ. ”

“ i eat like an annoying white girl ? this from an annoying white girl. come on. ”

“ no, you ding dong. ”

“ i can’t disagree with that. ”

“ hey, woah, i am not gay. but i will suck a dick. ”

“ get the fuck outta here. ”

“ woah. take it easy. ”

“ stop being so boring. ”

“ go to bed, you dumb ass. ”

“ that was mean. ”

Let me paint you a picture.
It was early Friday morning. I was out of camp, scouting the goings on in town when our faction came under a potential siege, aka, a bunch of people from another camp walking up to our gates who may or may not have been a threat. Most likely they were just bored… Either way!, the gates to my camp were shut and I couldn’t get back in. So, armed with my dagger and pistol (all three shots!) I told them I could defeat them all!

And you know what? We never got sieged so I guess it must have worked!
(Not pictured, the entirety of Dragon Corps also standing protectively in front of our gates). But I dunno, I’m pretty sure it was my terrifying happiness that prevented the attack. I’ll let you decide. 

Thanks a million to @theprohobby for this perfectly captured photo!

Swordcraft, Spring Quest. Victoria, Australia. 


Broke my fast with my first probiotic juice. It wasn’t bad once I added some Splenda. Haha

I had that while I prepared my tacos, which you’ve all seen before. 🙂 I went to the store first so I didn’t end up getting that first meal until noon.

I had two of the pieces of toast pictured before I did a little more shoulder work. Tried to make zucchini chips, which just stayed soggy and burned. Lol My veggie chips never look like the ones on fb.

Now I’m having a protein shake and am taking a hot salt bath.

I feel like I’ve eaten more than that today, but I can’t remember what…
Oh yogurt with nuts. That was one.

Still have some halo top for the night and then I’ll be done. Food is prepped for work this weekend (a 12 Saturday and Sunday).


So I work at an art museum, they have these little books where guests can sign, draw a picture, or say what they liked about the exhibit. When I get bored I tend to doodle in those books from time to time. Never realized how often  I did it until I actually went through and looked at them all. 

I think I might be trash. C:

Yes I I made Naj!Listen(list) and he is a loner he is mostly good at math getting As and a few Bs cuz we’re not perfect and he doesn’t talk to anyone or talk to anyone except dust his uh… bro I guess in this universe idk… he loves to play bored games and card games. If he ever sees 2 others fucking each other he will just smile and take a picture and walk away when ever someone talks to him he would be really rude and mean he had never had any friends so he doesn’t know what it feels like to have a friend…. sorry for waisting your time!!!

Listen belongs to- me (and the design as well)

Naj belongs to- @blogthegreatrouge

I’m sorry

Actual Disney Prince Sebastian Vael

Fandom: Dragon Age
Character: Sebastian Vael
Medium: Digital Painting

🌟 [find out, how to earn gift-art] 🌟 [I’m raffling collabs for #cbsOTPMarch2017] 🌟

Artist’s notes: Because I was bored and since there can never be too much love for this presh pretty boy, I decided to recreate an old meme of mine and turning it into an actual painting. The picture is acutally transparent, so you can use it on your blogs for your designs. Just don’t edit my signature out of this and make sure to credit me somewhere visible on your blog. Anything else is legally considered theft in most countries and you don’t wont to get in legal trouble for something so silly, right? ;)


 ♥ Amal is IN LABOR!

Hey, Safaa here. Amal’s sister! She can’t blog right now as she is in labour haha…obviously. 


So I have appointed myself to take pictures for her to look back on when she has recovered and is in baby bliss. 

Right now she is in pain moaning and groaning and can’t sit still anywhere while my mother and Hassan try to calm her. Since she never logs out of anything I shall be updating the blog with her labour pictures this will be a nice suprise for her.

SO far, Amal went into labor at 7:00am. She was sleeping and her waters broke. Since contractions from then were real far apart she has been bored and tired laboring for pretty much the whole day.

It is now 6:15pm and her contractions are getting worse. As seen in the pictures above. She is refusing to move from the table. Hassan called the midwife and she says to bring her in!

I’ll update once She’s there!

Safaa xxx


Janeway x Coffee, Season 5

I didn’t know there was a picture limit for photosets until now!! I’ve never tried to put more than ten pictures in one set. Ugh.

This was a good season for coffee.

Sorry for the long post, but coffee spam is okay, isn’t it? I like doing this.

omg there is this woman I’m literally not even friends with like I have never met her but she added me on snapchat cause she’s a friend of friends and oh my god!!!

she always direct snaps me things that are on her story which is like, okay I guess but fucken

bitch I don’t know you!!!! AND snapchat is my vehicle for talking to the drummer like I get all excited that he’s sent me something and instead it’s this girls boring ass fucken lunch or a picture of her desk like!!!! just stop!!!! you suck so much!!!!!!


every word has / is a bad memory

so i have to be mute

i will draw you a picture with a line you have never seen before

that was the originality of falling in love:

wanting to rewrite everything

it makes all the tongues come out to try

but each word gets infected

and to quell the contamination

you must cut out the tongues

draw me a picture with a line i have never seen,

get born at moments of seasonal change

what happens to those whose names you can’t bear?

what happens to the cities they live in?

soon the world shrinks because you think

sensitivity is gentle

but that is the slowest chokehold.

you sink into it as comfort

hard off the oxygen drain

then wonder why you’re dying or like it

and wonder why you walk around feeling like you’re dying

and then wondering if that is a feeling at all

and being so bored again

that you swing around to victory and notice all the red things say (her coat, the first geranium coming, that girl’s lips), or that anxiety is partly a symptom of time and that there are two kinds of chronically late people - the genuinely louche and then the rest of us fuck ups still getting changed by it

and then things widen

and you want to have a baby

mostly because you need to see language starting

because yours is ending sometimes

caging everyone you love till they are wild in the corner screaming from white lips.

where is the thirst of tongues cut out?

Never Again *Sammy Wilk Imagine*

Base off of this Text AU- You & Sam fight over a picture you saw

A/N: I think this sucks but hopefully you still enjoy it.

You get annoyed when your doorbell rings; you were having a nice time alone watching boring Christmas movies, its Christmas Eve who could possibly be at your door right now anyways?


You opened the front door and you see Sam and your speechless.


“Surprise…?” he says snapping you out of your daze “Sammy, What are you doing here?” “We’ve never spend a holiday apart…” you sigh “um come in” you move and let him in and shut the door.


“I thought you were mad at me?” you say to him leading him to respond with “Oh I am, which is another reason why I’m here, we need to talk” “Yeah, I guess we do” you agree.


“What happened the other day was stupid and-” Sam starts but you stop him “That was all on me, I know it and I’m sorry” you confess “Why don’t you ever believe me when I say none of that stuff ever means anything to me in the way you do?” you shrug “I don’t know I guess you’re right I’m just…insecure”


“You shouldn’t be though, 4 years y/n and you don’t know by now that you’re number one and you always will be no matter what or where I am in the world?” His tells you and hose words hit you pretty hard.


You walk around him and sit on your couch “I’m sorry okay, so much has changed in the matter of months it’s all still new to me, I don’t know how to handle it” you say honestly, so much has been changing and you haven’t had much of a say in any of it.


“I know it is and I hate that it hurts you but in order for this to work we need to compromise, so tell me what you want and I’ll try my best to make it happen” he’s sitting next you now.


You shake your head “You can’t give me what I want” “What is it? You want me to come back?” “Yes” you say quietly because you feel guilty even saying it at all.


After a few minutes on not say anything on both of your parts, you decide to break the silence.


“So what do we do now?”


“You love me, right?” he asks, looking at you “Yeah” “Then why don’t you finish out the tour with me, and then you come out to LA with me” he suggests and you look at him like he’s crazy “You’re serious?” “Very, I love you I want this to work…I don’t want anyone else” “Me either” “So what do you say?” he asks you hopefully.


You hesitate but finally say “Okay…” “Okay?” you nod “Yes, you said we had to compromise right? And honestly I’m not leaving much behind” it’s true, you had been spending he holiday alone too, your mom had a new boyfriend this week so she was following him around like a dog and your dad well you don’t even know him.


That night you go find Sam in his parent’s basement after you had been helping his mom clean up.


After you agreed to go with him to LA he convinced you to come back here with him and you agreed because well it beat being alone.


“Are you done finally?” Sam complains from his place on the couch making you laugh “Yes I am, my god Sammy you’re so impatient” “Shhh it’s been awhile, come here” he tells you and you then make yourself comfortable in his lap.


“I’m guessing you missed me” you tease “What do you think?” he teases you right back and pushes you down onto your back now hovering over you “Well you don’t have to miss me anymore”  you kiss him, which given the last time either one of you has gotten some was months ago it quickly got heated.


“Not here” you say stopping him “Y/n” he whines “Hey, I feel your pain but we can’t…not in your parents basement with your whole family upstairs” “Fine” he gives in and kisses you once more before getting off of you.


“I cannot wait till it’s just me and you” Sam tells you, clearly all the sexual frustration was getting to him “Did you ask me to come with you just for sex?” you joke “No put it’s definitely a plus” he winks at you and you shake your head.


You make yourself comfortable in his lap again and hug him “I love you” you hear him laugh before he kisses your cheek “Love you”  


You lean back to look at him and say “You’ve never gotten mad at me like that before, I don’t like it”  “Me either so hopefully it never happens again” he kisses you “Yeah, I’m sorry” “I know me too but next week we’re gonna leave and we’re gonna leave all this behind us, it’ll just be me, you and…Kenny” you laugh “Sounds great”


“You two better not be making grandchildren in my basement! You’re too young!” you hear his mom yell from upstairs making you laugh and him turn bright red.


“You know you’re right, I can’t wait till it’s just us either” you tell him and he laughs “You have no idea”

The Signs Celebrating New Year’s Eve

Aries: Drinks four glasses of champagne; breaks Gemini’s noisemaker in half and gives it back

Taurus: Has seconds and thirds from almost every tray of hors d’oeuvres

Gemini: Obnoxiously blowing the noisemaker in everyone’s ears; gets into a fight with Aries after they break it because wtf am I supposed to do now??

Cancer: Sees Libra’s hat and wants to copy them, so they go out to buy one, then cry when they get back because the party’s already over

Leo: The host of the party; tells everyone to look at the TV when they see Aquarius and Sagittarius waving

Virgo: Gives Pisces apple cider because they should never come into contact with alcohol…ever

Libra: Is wearing a flickering New Year’s Eve hat; attracts a significant amount of attention, especially from Pisces

Scorpio: Secretly takes pictures of Pisces and Libra and stores them in a safe place

Sagittarius: Got bored of the party; took Aquarius and went to celebrate in Times Square instead

Capricorn: Temporarily wonders where Sagittarius and Aquarius went; ends up having to break up the fight between Aries and Gemini

Aquarius: Is in Times Square with Sagittarius, jumping up and down wildly while waving to the signs through the camera

Pisces: Somehow manages to get drunk off of apple cider; kisses Libra once the countdown finishes


my dream. picture this: me and my tall, muscular, beefy soulmate with brown eyes and good intentions are engaged. He comes home from the gym to find me in one of his tshirts only with pretty underwear underneath. I’m effortlessly beautiful and glowing to him and he falls in love with me over and over again. then he makes me breakfast in our huge kitchen before I dash off to my yoga class. we have our healthy distance, careers and separate lives although communication is strong and the love never fades because we spend nighttime together and never get bored of each other. we also have a French bulldog and fancy European chocolates up in the cupboard

I had to delete the original post because it was getting weird reblogs that looked like bizarre spam all day and it was starting to piss me off. I’m not sure if they wanted to sell me bullshit or what on Earth’s crotch they wanted me to see.

Has anyone else had a vagillion reblogs from accounts that appear to be actively sharing pictures of all sorts (but no hint of personality found whatsoever) and they all put a link in the comment like genericuninspiredstyle.com or bullcrap like that? It’s never the same link, but the wording in all URLs is very similar o_____O It was very weird. Is this a thing? Do people promote their incredibly boring sounding sites using the first random picture they see and displaying an unnerving monkey see monkey do behavior? Have I been used to spread cybernetic ebola? That’d be freaking hilarious, to be honest. 

Still annoying as a bag full of shit smeared fucks. 

If it happens again, then no Fidds filling his lungs with cancer for you, fellows.